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Magic Circle Variations

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This Magic Circle workout takes you through a high-intermediate workout. Let the ring both assist and challenge you with exercises like Roll up, Hundreds, Spine Stretch, and Swan on the floor. The class also includes variations on Leg Pull Front and Hip Circles Prep.
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

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Jun 09, 2010
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Let's have a seat on the mat. Just keep the ring nearby please. Good, good. Alright, starting. Go ahead. [inaudible] keep it nearby. Sitting up tall, feet apart. So sits bones, distance. If you can keep your feet flat. Do otherwise collect yourself. We'll lift up underneath so you're holding the back of your legs to find the spine. And I'm gonna. Let's do this for just a second.

Take your feet further away than you normally do. Even if the toes don't go flat. Pay attention to this lowest part of your back rather than rolling it forward, which most of us liked thing to do. Let's think. Oh, put your hands down. I got it. I got it. Hands by your side. Pushed straight up so you feel yourself almost lifting off.

Don't lift fully off the ground, but you're just lightening up on yourself. Engage your abdominals and inner thighs now. Shoulders down if they're not, and then light and ugly. Slowly take your hands off and put them in front of you and you're just as tall as you are. So keep it. Make it vertical. So it wasn't, that looks great. Awesome. All right. Here we go. Inhale. Exhale. Pull the hipbones deeper into the body. We're rolling halfway down.

Feel free to bring the legs to a comfortable place. At this point, they're too far away. Eyes are forward. Maybe somewhere around the knees. Take one arm up. Inhale. Do not change your eyes. Exhale, press it back down. If anything, you'd look down, not up. Inhale, the other arms coming up. Exhale, both arms up. Inhale, exhale, hold. You can hold your legs if you want. Email will come and back up. Exhaling up and sit to good. If you feel like you can't get that low back, move the feet out in him trying to get all the way down to the mid back. Go ahead. Exhaling down. Yes, rolling. Tucking.

When you get there, inhale, one arm up. Body doesn't move. Exhale, bring it to him. That's it. I love it. Inhale and exhale. Whole or both arms. Sorry. Inhale. Exhale, press and inhale. No movement. Start exhaling and then roll back up. You can finish all at the top. I'm just going to put this right behind your low back. When you feel it, push into it. Inhale, and if it feels like I put it funny, let me know. Or I'll see it. Exhale down we go. Good. Good. Press into it.

Tuck into it. Yep. Keep pushing. Keep pushing. Keep pushing. I think I got a too high. Inhale. One arm up. Yeah. Just move it down. A tiny actually lower to your hips is where I want it. Other arm up? Yeah. Oh, that's going to be again, both arms. Is that okay? I love it. Actually. No, this is good. Inhale and now just exhale. Push into the towel to come up. I love it. Let's do one more.

Let's do one more is okay. And your back. Inhale. Exhaling down. When you feel that towel pushing into it just gives you that extra little tactile Tuck. Good. Inhale on arm. Feel like the arm is coming from the belly. Exhale down. Nice email. Exhale. That's it. Good job. Both arms if you want, if you want. What was that? Hold for an inhale and exhale. Come on. Home work.

Okay, good. Let's continue with that. Put your feet together. I'll tell you what, since we have the rings, just put the ring right between your feet. Just like the heel of the ring will be down on the ground. Yep. And do straighten your legs. A tip is to not let the handles be able to hook up on your mat.

So I think you guys would be good. Good. It'll work on this one too. All right. It's the roll up so you're just hugging the ball or a towel for the moment you were upright. Inhale. Let the pelvis lead the way. Exhale, we go down one. Let's get there by four to three. Reach the arms back by four and right away. Inhale, lift up. Exhale forward. Keep the curve. Now push into that towel when you come up. Hold. Inhale and exhale down.

Wonderful. And inhale. Exhale to rule. Ah, it. Okay. Muffy if it feels like too much, don't, don't do it. Just cause I said too. Okay. All right. And down we go and back and lifting. Feeling like you're just placing the spine into the ground and then picking it right back up. One more down. One more up.

Great. Okay. Muffy you'll move the towel, everybody. Let's get closer to this forward edge of your mat. We're going into a rolling like a ball and let's put the ring between the knees. Okay. There's another option if you don't like that feeling because it would be this position here where your feet are touching knees apart.

If you don't like that feeling, you can keep the knees together and the ring just above you. That's absolutely fine. Alright, whichever it is. Let's see what I say. Holding either ankles or even shins is be fine. Float the feet up, feel that low c curve and we go. Inhale, roll back. Exhale up. Hold at the top. Good. Keep it going. Now it's a different action than we sometimes do. Well, not the action, but just the sensation. Probably part of the reason for carry on. Inhale back.

Part of the reason for doing it is to bring your awareness to your innercise, to space you out a little bit so it can be nice and open. Can good. I need two more. It looks great. Helen. Eyes down. Jennifer. Yep. Look at that ring the whole time. Last one. Great. Nice, Wendy. All right, take the ring out. Keep your feet up, close the knees, slowly lower yourself down. You're just having the ring. Just like Deborah has it. Sort of flat pizza like over the ost of someone's, a pizza over your shins and it's double leg stretch. Inhale, open, hangout, Chegg it out. Exhale. Just bring it right back. Notice the pressure or the ease in your low back. Inhale and exhale.

And if when you straighten your legs, you feel a space or even less pressure at the low back, you probably need to take your legs higher and inhale and exhale, bring it back. Let's go forward more a little quicker. Go and pull in. Inhale, open and in. One more time from here, keep the arms in front of you as straight as possible. One knee draws in, doesn't matter which single leg stretch we go on one and exhale, two. Inhale. Inhale, inhale, and exhale, exhale and inhale. Inhale, exhale, exhale, and in, in and out. Can you get one more breath cycle please? In, in, out, out. Well done. Bring both knees and rest your head. Good. At this point. My fear, I'm thinking take the towel away. Yup. That's going to be a lot. Good.

You have an option here. I'm here. You can use your ring for one sec to support your head by taking the ring and placing it right at the where you'll feel that little shelf of the skull, the Occipital Ridge, definitely not down onto the neck. Your elbows will be just out to the side, but you'll be able to see them. Yeah. Head down when you there. Okay. Now to get into it. Inhale, just get into the way you normally do. Pick yourself up with your abs. Legs are up, sorry. Legs are up and crisscross, so we'll go to the back of the room first.

So exhale as you twist or war and XL to to inhale, press, press, curl. Putin, you bit everybody just about and good, good, good. Hopefully the ring will kind of give you an idea of whether or not you're turning your head without your body. You want them all to go together. Let's get one more pass and come back to center. Bend your knees. Rest, take the ring out from behind you. Great. Put the ring between your knees. Leave the knees down. Yeah. Great. As far as your feet placement, because the ring's a little wide, you're probably going to be slightly wider than you normally are, but still bring them in a bit so it's not quite as close as you normally are, but say a little wider than sits bone distance, so tiny bit wider if you can. I know you have that heavy one. Okay. From there, reach your arm. Narrow, or did I say wider? I met narrower. I met narrower.

So wider than sit bones narrow than you were. How's that? Reach the shoulders. Way down. We're doing one pelvic curl. Inhale. There'll be pressure on that ring. Exhale to peel up. Good Tucking, rolling, finding it. Look for the long line down your body. Hang out there. Inhale and on your exhale for five little pulses, squeeze through the inner thighs. That's pretty small. Movie may not see much. Try to feel the ABS. There's two. Inhale XL, three less movement. Jim.

Four hold five. Inhale, keep a little S. Keep the resistance. Exhale as you roll down upper back, middle back, deep Bleecker being the lumbar spine so you feel it before you feel your butt. Touch the mat. Hopefully inhale, exhale in a roll up. Again, deep, deep. You might need to adjust the arms and that they're reaching all parts. Stay here. Inhale, same thing. It's a gentle press in one.

You've already got it squeezed. Two, three, four, squeeze, hold five. Inhale and exhale. Stretch your spine back to the mat. Good, good, good. And inhale. Exhale. Hollowing the abdominals to rule yourself. Checking your collarbones. They may want to creep up around your ears. Flatten them out. Inhale, exhale and squeeze. One and two, three, four, hold five. Inhale, exhale. We come down. Yeah, right.

You have options here. You can leave your knees down or drag your feet and closer to you to bring them up to the tip toes. Deepen your abs and take your legs up to tabletop. Okay. Starting here. Neutral spine, heavy ribs. Just 10 little squeezes. Exhale on your, we're more interested to more interested in feeling the abdominals, that whole center portion of your body contracting than we are the legs. If you've got the trunk, the ABS, then you can also squeeze hard on the legs.

I need two more. Here's the last one right there. Curl up. Just bring your head, neck and shoulders up. Take that ring and place it either at your knees, if you had your feet on the floor and just hang out there or move it up to the ankles and support your head with your hands so the fingers are laced together. You're looking somewhere. Inner thigh, your back is down. Okay. If your hamstrings don't like it, bend it right here. Little squeeze one, squeeze two. So it's an inward squeeze of the ring. It does not need to be powerful. Rather look at your abdominals and see that on the XLU.

You see a little more compression, a little more energy there. You can get the glutes to work too. Looks Great. All right, from here, bend the knees from Mama. Just draw them in close to you. Set your heads down for a second. Inhale, we are going back up. Exhale, Chin toward chest. Stretch the legs out. Reach the arms forward or you can keep them or they were, but I'm going to ask for forward. It's inhale, two, three, four, five.

Now exhale, squeeze the ball to our the whatever. You know what it is, and inhale Elise a little. I'm, I wouldn't even pump fire you, but you go right ahead and inhale. Ring is open. The little two, three, four, five. Now squeeze two, three, four, five and inhale, three, four, five. Sort of sustain that contraction rather than it five and inhale, two, three, four, five and squeeze. Two, three, four, five and India. You guys are more coordinated in me and exhale and good. It looks great. And accidentally, if you're doing the pumping, you don't get to widen the arms when the legs widen and out. Okay. I'm only going for one more. Okay. No, that was it. Andy said, so bend your knees. Thank God Andy's here. You would've done 110 take the ring out and just hug your knees to your chest.

Great, great. Yeah. Yeah, you earned that one. Why don't you stretch out the leg closest to the window up here onto the mat and cross the other knee over. Just sort of assisting yourself comfortably. It should be comfortable that opposite arm can really reach, give you a little opening of the chest. Okay.

Noticing your ability, hopefully to take deeper breaths now and utilize them while we can and help yourself back to the center to change sites. Center your body out. Pull that knee up, and then cross it over. Let it feel good, and it's, you know, a good time to check in. How are we feeling? Are we feeling connected? What do we need to do? Are we overthinking or are we not thinking enough? I don't know.

I need to just hear me shush for a second. All right, bring it on home please. Stretching yourself out. The rings are off to the side. I think so just coming into a roll up. Take your arms right above your chest, just there and look forward. Here's what I want to do. Just reach forward to your arms are down by your legs and your head comes up.

Sorry. Head comes up looking right at your feet. Now Front of your hips are pretty relaxed, I hope. Okay? Good idea in front of you. Hips are relaxed from right under your chest. You're just going to exhale and slow. Act like a getting up. You know the cue now like you're going to get, but you change your mind.

You change your mind. Good and breathing too. What I want you to watch for is that your thighs don't start pulling up towards you. I'm not asking for that much. You can support your head. That's absolutely fine. I need two more, almost a downward action of the ribs. Then anything else from there? Come up just two inches. You can bend your knees if you know your back is tight, just bend your knees back. Everybody. Bend your knees, not gonna hurt anybody.

Boom. Inner thighs. Two more inches. One, two, check shoulders here. This is where they want to come up. Two more. One. Oh no man's land to keep coming. Now I just did a slow controlled pace all the way. All right. Sitting tall. You can take your ring, separate your feet to the width of your mat or an a v shape wider than your hips. Take your ring and place it on its end. Exactly. So you're like, so. Exactly. Um, if you have the room, try it with hand side by side.

Otherwise you have to switch. Yeah. Cool. All right, so you're tall. Can you pretend you don't see me? You're tall. You inhale, apply pressure from the upper arm and lift your chest. That's great. Exhale. It's a vertical rolling down. So keeping your low back straight, you're gonna apply pressure on the to round down the ring. May get pushed forward a little. Just don't let it slip. Holding it there, stretching the lumbar spine or mid back. Inhale, good work. Exhale and roll back up as you roll back up. Spread out your back Cobra like, and then finally you're at the top again. Inhale, apply a little pressure.

Exhale. Now, it shouldn't be that the arms don't do anything. The abdominals are the fine rounds and that's what puts presser pressure on the ring. Hold it when you get there. Inhale, can you spread out the upper back anymore? I don't know. Looks pretty good from here. Exhale, roll back up. Alright, you with me and here we go. Inhale. I want you to press your spine into my back as you go down. Exhale, Chin to chest. Wow. Good. And another way of saying that whole for an inhale. Now you're not in contact with me anymore. Jennifer, you had so low back.

I want, there you go. Now rolling up. Go ahead. Roll Up. So I'm going to say one, just do one more. When you roll down that this is worth it. I can, I say I talked about going vertically down. Let's not use that as an excuse to back up your, the wall is there. So don't push backwards, but you, in your case, you would fill it like you went backwards a little. Here we go from the top. Go ahead. If you're there, exhale town. Headfirst. Headfirst. Good, good, good, good, good. Yeah, it's this part. Come back. Yeah, I know. I know.

You're good right there. Inhale. Exhale, roll back. Ah, yeah, that's, that's going to be good. Good. You're on your way with that one. Set The rings aside. Let's move to the one with the back extension. So pretending the ring is there. I did turn the arms to the palms, face each other. Inhale starts the same. Exhale to go down. Good. Then. Now Jennifer, you can roll the hips forward if you want.

As we go into back extension, letting the arms float up alongside the ears, reaching along the diagonal rather than just forward. Exhale, round and start to roll up. There's a lot going on on this one. I'll try to get it all the cues in. Inhale as your growing taller here, exhale to round, headfirst, upper back, middle back. The arms will naturally lower as you travel forward in the spine, but not so much the pelvis. Inhale into back extension. Exhale round and start rolling up on that same exhale and by all means, if you need another inhale. Good, lovely. Keep rising in the chest. Gorgeous Andi, and exhale down we go.

Inhale. You might feel like your tailbones reaching out from behind you. It's fine to get the hamstring stretch. Enjoy the hamstring stretch. Good. Exhale round to roll up. Yeah, in tall, tall. They're still working. Still working. Xcel down. You Go.

Inhale into your back extension. When you get there, please stay there. Exhale, lower the arms, but keep the spine so your hands are just going to fall onto your shins and rather than you might have to roll forward or pull forward a little bit. Most likely you're going to have to push down to get longer sensation. Then take the arms back up. Inhale here, staying here gently. Exhale and feel the shoulder blades slightly coming together, but also down and three little pulse. That's it for Gorgeous Land Lod five create space between the Vertebra seven even if you just hold it's good.

Nine hold 10 inhale, get long and round over. You can stay down there for a bit. Enjoy. Then put your hands where it's comfortable. I just want you to bend your knees in a little bit. So from the position you were in there, still apart, you just bent him a little and then grab again and encourage that back extension again.

So it's really coming from your hips as much as you can and then the upper back just sort of falls into place hopefully. Good, good. It looks very nice. Jennifer. Just look down a slight bit. Perfect. Okay, so always something, isn't it? All right. Keep what you have pulled the abs up more in more up, more something and the shoulders slightly down more just to feel that action press. Hmm. I'm thinking press heels into the mat slightly and then again with the arms up. [inaudible] Yup. Chin down slightly. Jim, rotate toward the w this thing appear there window.

Oh, and as you do so that one arm is now lower than the other, but not because it changed cause your spine changed. Come back through and the other way, of course. Yeah. Yeah. Reaching, reaching, reaching. Gorgeous. Come on back. How are we doing? You want your hands down for a second. You want to hold on, but pull the ribs in so you get a little curve to the spine. So I did a tuck of the back or rounding of the back. Do that. Enjoy it cause I'm going right back. So just me. Here we go. Bring it back to your flat long spine and arms up.

ABS, engage. Take the arms behind you. So you're just making a circle to reach back and touch the ground. Watch that you don't thrust the ribs, especially if you're flexible there. You're going to have to hold back a little. Pick them up again, reaching them over and touch your shins or the floor or something. And right back up in here and back and pick them up.

Ribs and ribs and ribs in long, long. There you go. And then round all the way down. And as you're going down, close the feet. So you're just gonna lie down. Yeah. Good. Excellent. Okay. From here, picking up one knee, two tabletops. So you're going to hold on behind it. Pick up the other needs. A table top.

Do a little teaser prep here. So what that means for you is squeeze through inner thighs. Come into a chest lift where you curl your head, neck and shoulders up. So the first one I'm going to have you press the thighs further away so that you come into a little curve of the spine. Get a little rocking action going and I'm not expecting you to land it, so just keep the position the same. See if you can do it without a kick.

Kill the legs other than the first one. So it's just exhale. Inhale, let the hips come up. Yep. Just go at your own pace. I'm going to do about four more and then come to seated, checking in that the space between your thighs and your body doesn't change. Next one, come up and stay up. H okay, now raise the shins to parallel. Press the back of the legs into the hands as you roll slowly down to mid back or until the arms are about straight. We are trying to get a release to the back down there though.

So if you have to bring them in a little, that's okay. Then come right back up. Trying to leave the shins parallel. It's okay if you push him away a little. All right. If that's not, and keep that as where I'm gonna stay for another one. Otherwise you can let go see about squeezing the sit bones together, rolling yourself down and you can create opposition, isn't it? That's great. That's great. And then back up. Feel the ABS pulling deep in.

And I kinda like to do this every so often. Just as a reminder of where the shoulders want to come up. Let's go down again because I'll show you what I mean when we get there. We are coming back up as you start to come up, isn't it? Somewhere right about here where you want to shrug.

If you don't, it's actually easier. There's sort of a leap of faith you have to take. All right, let go. If you want to extend your legs, if you want to, I'm not going to now and down. We go back. Don't just leave them bent. We've got good stuff. Go all the way. Reaching the arms back, touch your head and then come up just as slow as you have been.

Feel free to grab the legs if you were watch those shoulders. Yes. Alright. Grab onto your ankles or shins. And if you, if you go to straight legs and open land rocker, do if you need to move forward and do yup. Bad Planning on my part. Sorry guys. And if you prefer bent knees, do that. We'd rather have a bit of a straight back. All right. Not much changes. Write it a little bit of chuck of the Pelvis to get you going. Inhale, very little. Inhale back.

Exhale up and grow long in your back and inhale back, right. This is where you sort of go into your own practice and take the judgment out. Kind of enjoy what you have. Again. Inhale, roll back, sending the out to come up and find some ease in it and giving us just one more. If it's too easy, you just grab hire of course. Last one. Alright. And then bring the feet together and set them down. Let's turn to face front please.

Starting With Mermaid, uh, we all together. Left, left, left, left, left, left hand is out. Right on. Thank you. Jennifer. Look down your body and just try to press the hips forward a little bit. I'm guess what I'm trying for is not so much of the knee being in front. It doesn't have to be behind you or even perfectly straight, but just so you're getting some length there. All right, it goes like this.

I can't remember the new one I did remember. Anyway. Inhale, just exhale. Turn into it. Inhale, reopen and let's lift out of it the old way. Inhale, find a soft landing. You can drift out a little if you need to or even walk out now from the rib cage, just like we started class right now, reopen and lift up. Good and inhale. Reach out doing for four. Find your landing. Exhale, turn the ribs down.

Hips stay as still as they can open again, inhale and last one. Enjoy it, milk it and turn open and up. We go. Holding on somewhere. I like the knee, the opposite knee. Reaching straight up as best you can. You can even shrug the shoulder. Yeah, I won't tell. I kind of want that lat stretch, especially for my fruit. Dear friend. Jim. At the shoulder go up. I know I never say that do I? But I'm going to say it. I like it. Yup. Yup.

And then let it go just for now. Just flip to the other side right away. Good. Debra, I like to think I taught you that, but I know I didn't. Here we go. Inhale as we take it out. That's a Liana for sure. It'll love it. Exhale, rotate and he'll open it up. So this is one of those exercises I think that can be kind of like, oh boy, here we are. Time. Time is going by. No, make it work.

Make it work. Ring out the spine. You know, if you just sort of, imagine you don't, you can't use your arm. The one that you're supporting yourself with. Open up again and it starts to take on new meaning. Inhale, reaching out, soft landing x. Say what I would do, Jim, is just spread your, that back leg out. Little thank you. If it's okay with the knee, just to give you more room and more balanced than open. Beautiful. Mufti and one more time. Here we go. We reach out, we find the land different, Huh? Different side. Okay. We'll see what we can do. Reopen and we'll, all right. Find your place to hold. Hold on. Let's see.

Is it tight in the front? No, it's more in the back. Okay. You might benefit more from this stretch actually right now if you want to do that instead or we'll do it later. Okay? Yup. Is this okay for it? Yeah. Okay. Or bring it forward on top of, bring it forward on the other, on top of that. Other like the knee, right on top. There we go. Is that any better? No, I can see it's not great. Okay. Okay. Don't do that. Let's do that. Okay. Um, let's come to hands and knees please. Hands and knees.

Shoulders down. We're going right into a plank. Okay. And I'm gonna play with what we do with the legs out of the leg. Pull Front. Um, and I think I can talk you through it. So stabilize, extending your feet, your long. So hang out here for a moment. Energized through the back of the legs. Okay. Lift through the belly without rounding your back. Pick up the leg closest to the window.

Keep it flexed for now and parallel from there. Take that leg. If you can go any higher. Do yes. Pull the ABS in. No, I don't want any lifting from the back. Take the leg toward the window. Keep it flexed in parallel. One as you come back to center, maybe you almost crossed the midline. Go again to absolute stillness. Linkedin through the crown of the head. Three out of five, right? Four reach and five point that toe.

You're going to lift up five a little quicker. It goes one and two, reach three, four, five but foot down. Bend your elbows to lower yourself all the way, slowly, slowly to the ground. Slowly, slowly down. You go right forearms on the floor basically right where you are. So just right next to you, draw the shoulders down to now. Pull the ABS up.

Push the entire form into the floor. You're lifting yourself up to round, back, [inaudible] to roll back up to hands and knees. You don't need that much of a back stretch yet. Do you back into your plank? Take your time. Energize inner thighs. Yup. Lay closest to the back of the room. Lifts up, flex it. Keep it parallel. Take it to the side one and bring it back and two and bring it back.

Imagine holding yourself up off your arms from the front of the body. One more time. It's stillness. When you get back. Point that toe lifting for five long body worn. I think about reaching through the crown of the head. Two and three and four and five foot goes down.

We go into that push up again. You can put your knees down at any time. You should if your go shoulder shrug all the way down. Yes. While we're here forms down, actually I let me transition differently. Short, press the shoulders down again. If they're not already down, pull the ABS ensue. Almost lifted. In fact, your abs will lift off first. Abs lift off, maybe faced to push into the forms to lift up. I'm getting at again. Same thing. [inaudible].

Okay, we're about to transition back into some arm work. It might be worth looking for. One second case you don't want to do at all. I'll bring you back to knees, then plank. Then we're going to transition. Okay? If you don't want to be on one arm like that, I'll let you know ahead of time.

Hopefully you're going to take the one knee down and you'll be turning away from it. So I will do my best on how to say that when we get there. Okay? And then we'll come back and go the other side. Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh. Oh Lalanne. You look excited. You think I can't see you way back there. Just taking a rest. All right, so here we go. Our shoulders are stable. We come into our plank. There's a tendency to stick the button up here.

Don't do it. If you feel tension in your low back, check for that. All right, we're going to be turning toward the window so that means the back knee would go down. If anything's gone down at all, start to lift the hand closest to the window up as you pivot away. Well, Woah, I trust your old with me and then bring it back. Well if it, if you need more space between the feet, take it now. Here we go. Other arm lifts up. Don't sink onto that shoulder looking to the back. Fantastic and bring it home. Excellent. Nice job, Alan. Let's do it again. Lifting up.

I encourage you to lift almost from the oblique more than just sort of dealing with it. The arm. Put weight in your feet. That's not cheating. It's a smart and last one. Lift. Fill those obliques a little bit. Helping you. They're not doing a lot, but I mean the whole trunk is doing it. Excellent. Bring it back. Lift your hips. Walk your feet in a little bit. Reaching the sit bones to the ceiling. It's fine to bend the knees. It's even okay to let the heels be up hanging your head.

Yeah. All right. Lift up to the toes again and just lower your knees down. We're going all the way down in front. Take your ring or if your rings not nearby, get it in nearby. Now before you lie down, we're going to want it right in front of you just to show you hands, just outside the handle. Most likely you can go side by side.

If you're real flexible, give it back in one. Um, and then it's going to be arising up and down. So the hands are just outside the handle with the handles on his end. Okay. This can be done actually really quite nicely without the ring too. In fact, I'll show it to you right afterwards. All right, so your heads are down, you're looking at the mat. Um, yeah, hands are side by side. Shoulders already, slightly down. Draw the abdominals up. Just so you know, your feet will remain. Um, the feet will remain uh, down. So we slide the shoulder blades down. Inhale, start to lift the back of your head.

Do what you can without using the ring at all. Lifting, lifting, lifting, and then exhale down. So now if you've done that and you feel like you had to bend your arms to make room, move the ring out a little further. There we go. And inhale as you rise up. Yup. Looking over that ring. Good, good. Look forward a tiny bit and reach your chest forward. But don't go any higher. [inaudible] exactly. And down you go articulated and inhale.

Feel the shoulders pulling towards the hips. That's it Jennifer. Nice. One day. Good. Oh it looks so pretty. And exhale down. Nice Jim. Nice. Jim, take your time. I didn't mean to rush you one more time please. Okay, sorry. Go back. Almost everybody. Almost everybody hovered with their head still down. I wanted to almost feel like you're, well it is your head leads the way. So you're going to feel the chin almost skim forward first.

Like you're literally peeling piece by piece. I'm over exaggerating the neck right now, but not by much. Okay. So here, go ahead and do that one and then we'll come back. So as you're pulling your shoulders down at t, that should tilt chin forward almost immediately. Okay, good. Put The rings aside. We're gonna do the exact same exercise, only you will not be lifting your arms. So if ever you don't want to use the ring, you're going to be in a wide v.

Not real wide. But pretty wide. Why didn't you just wear that? It was wide as if these maths here. Okay then, and in fact some of you may want to turn the hands of the thumbs or toward the ceiling. I kind of found myself doing that today. Right. That looks better. Actually. Same thing. You start to draw the shoulders down and let the chin tilt forward a little to pick up the back of your head, the chest, and just slide the, I believe the arms on the ground that, oh, I'm not that mean. Yeah, that's it. That's plenty of Deborah's. Plenty. Plenty now. That's great. That's great.

You can slide the arms back a little just because you're lifting so high. There you go. Now while you're there, can't you just gently think chest forward and get a lot of upper back? I almost like that better just because you don't have to deal with the shoulder tension in down we go. How about just one more? One more like the arms will travel just to the extent that your body is lifting. So yeah, they will a little, it's not a goal though. So they may or may not. Here we go. So the shoulders slid too in place. Yeah, they are. I think for most of you they much then and then while you're there, wherever that is, lightened up on the hands. Don't take them off, but just lighten up on them. Right then that had to do it.

ABS engaged and down we go. All right, that's enough of that. Bring your hands by your side to come into that rest position. And we just needed a little more rotation in our lives before we call it a day. So how are we going to deal with that is come back to seated in the center of your mat with your feet out in front of you. You have options here.

You can either do a bent knee version of this or a straight like I'm going out, I'm going to show you straight leg and then know that you can bend it at any time. Okay? So what we'll do is take your hands back behind you and I do have my hands, fingers turned away from my body. Yep. So it's like that. This can also be done on the forearms. If you do it on the forums, the legs are going to be higher. I'll say that again when we get to that part. But anyway, if you're on your hands every way back here, pretty far, get back there and they can be wider than your mat. You know, spread them out. Make a cozy right from there.

Pick up one knee and then get ready for the other ones so you don't have to round. Pick up the other kind of light on the arms. Extend if you can. If that doesn't feel right, you can come down here, down onto your farms. No big deal. Then we go inhale, tilt to the right. Exhale, circle all the way around. Back to center in hell. Tilt to the left circle all the way around, trying to keep the balance on your arms relatively even. And we're alternating. Exhale, round and inhale. Exhale, round. Inhale, exhale, round the back.

It's pretty still last time and around. Bend the knees if they're not already been too good, pull yourself towards them. Roll back a little bit. Hold onto the legs cause I'm going to come right back up. Just hold onto the legs a little and make it less work and more stretch and then come back up. If that doesn't work for you, you can stretch forward. In fact, everybody just stretched forward for a moment and then bring it up. Just when you thought it was over. Feed it again.

Stretch them away comfortably. Pull yourself back up tall. Hopefully it's easier than it was at the beginning of class. If your hip flexors have had enough, you can do this with the knees wide, not a big deal. Here we go. Rotate to the front. Exhale, come down to about shoulder blades. Come right back up and they just pass through. You don't have to be super straight and down.

Excellent. Come through and sort of surveying the land here, serving your body, knowing you're almost done despite or this one came into class, this exercise and and then find your way to the middle. Find a comfortable place to sit. It might mean you want to roll the Mat. You might what or however you want. Your legs is fine. I'm just going to have you take a couple of deep breaths here. Actually, one, one or two more stretches from upright. Inhale. Exhale, guide yourself forward.

Just whatever feels comfortable and then around over and hang out for a moment. Putting your arms where there's some place supportive. I like resting my elbows on my shins just for support and take a minute to let your head be heavy. We can take a couple of seconds and not hold ourselves up, right. Let gravity really take over. Let the muscles and drip off your bones, particularly in the face, the jaw.

Maybe you want to shake your head a little and then if you just take your right elbow or hand outside your right leg, you can start to rotate over. That way. The left arm will just be free and easy. Opening up the ribs, the shoulder, looking up toward the ceiling, keeping both hips basically down. Yeah, sorry, that was bad. King. Inhale, I'm just going back the same place I came from around over. I'm just going to transition to the other side so that left hand is on the ground. Both hips are on the ground and open it up. Whatever feels right for you. Big Inhale, somewhere in there. Exhale, bring it back down. Find your way to middle and to help yourself up. And with that, let's take two deep breaths and more. If you like. Inhale, exhale, letting go. One more time.

Thanks for playing today. That's funny. Let me be all over the place. Thanks.


didn't like this one--Instructor seems undecided.
Kristi appeared a little frustrated and talkative in this class. Exercises didn't flow as they normally do in her class. ):
i'd like the class to be more fluid, thanks!
Lorie H
yep, agreed w/first comments: disorganized and not as challenging as I thought it would be.
Susana B
I like it! she was explaining how to move the body and is fundamental to do proper alignment and then go with flow after more classes or different class levels. alway is good to review posture also. I think it was good class:)
Didn’t like her indecisive style either. Hardly any magic ring
I loved the challenge and the flow. 

Loved the ring class.
Barb R Thank you for taking class with me. I love the photo!

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