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Reformer Workout

50 min - Class


It's all about the details in this Reformer workout with Alan Herdman. He teaches a very thorough class that works your entire body from head to toe. You will love his variations of Short Spine Stretch, Double Leg Stretch, and much more!
What You'll Need: Reformer, Pilates Pole

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We're going to start with the footwork and we've set up the reformer with two reds and the blue and the foot bar is in the middle section of the, um, of the setup. So you don't always ...


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Less eyebrow! Love it!! what a gorgeous class. Thanks Alan x
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Thank you Alan! Very lovely class with such precise cueing. I will definately introduce the hamstring work with one strap to some of my clients.
I love the light spring for footwork! But one thing I can't catch (and I've watched 3 times to try to figure it out) when you transition to arm work, are you on a blue spring only or did you add a blue spring to what was already there?
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Perfect pace and class. Thank you very much I would be very happy to see more from Alan.
Great cues! I felt very stretched & flexible after the workout. Loved the class & pace!
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Lovely class. Nice deep work with concentration and cues to ago beyond. Perfect class for me today. Thank you!!
Lovely cues. Very simple & precise. Thankyou.
I have greatly missed being able to attend your Seymour Street studio, Alan - so this is the next best thing! It is great to have access to your teaching style and expertise again. Thank you from Germany!
Truly awesome work! Thank you
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What a refreshing man! I think the accent helps my performance! Cant wait to teach this! Thank you Alan!
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