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Alan Herdman returns to Pilates Anytime with his wonderful humor and creative exercises! His Mat workout is not a regular Pilates class, but it will definitely give you more awareness of your body. Alan teaches a mixture of many things, including Teaser with a partner, to make sure you are engaging all of the correct muscles. Enjoy!
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Aug 26, 2014
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Okay. Does anyone have anything they need to tell me about physically, your knee pain? See if there's anything that doesn't suit, don't do it. Just, just sit out. OK. Um, and if there's any questions, please ask, because there's not going to be a regular platas class. It's going to be a bit of a mixture of everything. Okay. So if you'd like to lie down in semi supine position please with your feet on the floor. So your tailbone is at the end of your mat, so come down. So your, yeah, have your feet.

Show a hip with the part and make sure to a 90 degree angle, not too tight on that sizzle. Okay. And think of the outside of your feet in line. So just, there we go. Now think of your foot as a triangle. I want the front of the heel just below the ankle joint to be the apex of the triangle and across the Metta Tassels, it's the base of field.

That whole the weight evenly distributed on the feet. Go up to your pelvis and think of the Cox's of B being the apex and across the top of the hips, top of the pelvis, the base. So you've got that triangle in place to get the lumbar spine and go to your rib cage and just feel the rib cage is slightly widening on the mat so it's opening out onto the mat. Take hold of your head very gently and just give yourself a nice elongation, the upper spine, and then bring your arms back by your sides. Now think of your lumbar spine.

Just imagine the weight of your organs is finding its own level, the spine, so it doesn't have to be positioned. It's a softer position on the back. Then the pelvis and the rib cage. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath in through your nose. And without thinking of anything, just breathe out slowly. Exhale through the mouth. Don't think pulling anything in.

Just feel that you're on a very comfortable mattress. So breathe in through the nose and breathe out. There's enough and breathe in. Uh, okay. One more time in through the nose and at the mouth.

Now this time I want you to think about your sit bones, your hipbones, and the floating rib, the bottom ribs, and as you breathe out this time, you're going to think of those three areas pulling in towards each other as if you're wearing a very tight belt. So take a breath in and as you breathe out, just feel sick, burns, hip burns and flirting. Rip, pulling in. Just imagine you're tightening that belt. One more notch here. The waistline come in and between the hip burns, narrow and relaxed. Breathing in and breathe out. Try not to move the pelvis, it's just a lateral squeeze. And as you're doing this, think of what's happening with the rest of your body, being aware of where your shoulders are, arms and your head.

So breathe in and breathe out and pull in. This time let's take into a very small pelvic tilt. So take a breath in and as you breathe out, squeeze together and tip just a little tip, not too high, just a little bit and relaxed. Back Down into the floor. Breathing in and breathe out. Focus by pulling everything together and pull and breathe in and alert on the shoulders just on that, Reid n and breathe out and draw together and millimolar. [inaudible]. That's it. And [inaudible] when you take the pelvis back down, don't release it then relax too much.

It's almost a preparation for starting again. So breathe in and breathe out. Yeah, that's it. You brought us good. And uh, okay. This time take the, the curl keeper curl. It's inflection. Take it up onto the lower rib cage. Okay.

So breathe in and as you breathe out, draw in. So you're stabilizing first and curl up. So it goes up to the rib cage. Come up higher. I, I just come on lift, lift, lift, lift, lift Coco, hold the breathing in and slowly breathe out and use your abdominal wall to take it down. Don't think of your spine. So breathe out and call up. Go a little higher this time. So curl up and breathe in. Then out to go down one more time.

Try and keep the flection. Breathe out and stabilized first and curl read. And when you're up there and slowly breathe out, you go down. Okay, this time go higher. What you're going to do is from that position, you curl up, keeping this cauldron. Don't push into a straight back. You bring your arms up to the ceiling, breathing in.

Then as you reel the spine down, you roll your back. Daniel, reach your fingertips to the ceiling and then bring your arms back by your sides. Breathing in and I said, rotating your spine down. I don't want you to think of your spine. I want you to think of the front of the torso, so that's going to take you down. So breathe in. Wait, wait, wait. Let's do it together. Let's have unity here. Take a breath in. Breathe out, stabilize, and curl the weight into the feet.

Not yet with your hands up. Higher. Command, higher, higher, higher arms up to the ceiling. Breathing in. Reach your fingertips to the ceiling and now sink into the floor from the abdominals. Turn the hands this way, so hollow out the abdominals to go down. And when your tailbone touches, bring your arms by your sides. Breathing in and breathe out and curl fill your and your spine into a ball to get the spine up first. Now I bring your arms up, breathing in, and a hollow out the front of the torso, reaching your fingertips to the ceiling, feeling the stretch in your thoracic spine as you stretch up, and then bring your arms, dad.

Breathe in and breathe out. And Curl. Imagine your tailbone curling between your legs and curling up towards the sternum. Arms Up, breathing in. Now lengthen your arms to the ceiling as you roll down so you can feel a stretch in your thoracic spine, hollow out the stomach muscles, and bring your arms down. Good. So I want you to think as you go down is not to think of the spine if think of what's happening in the front of the torso, okay? Okay. Stabilize your position again. Take a breath in.

Now as you breathe out, slowly slide your right leg along the floor until it's straight without moving your pelvis, keeping the heel on the ground and slowly bring it back up using the abdominals as you do it. It's not where the leg is, it's what's happening in the [inaudible] stomach muscles and slide the other away. Ultimate. That's it. And come back and again, breathe out and slide and breathe in to come back. Last one and slight. Feel a pull in the opposite direction. And then back change the breath. You're going to breathe in this time, but as you take the leg away, you're going to take the same arm back behind you.

So let's start it altogether. So right leg, breathe in and stretch it away and take a right arm back, feel a stretch through the armpit and then breathe in. Come back and other side and breathe and keep stabilizing the center. Don't let the pelvis move and back and right side, right and back and left side. [inaudible] that no, I dug Billy right leg, left arm and stretch to feel the sling. Like pull across the torso and I'm making sure your lumbar spine stays absolutely still okay.

And stretch and um, and stretch. One more time on the other side and then done and stretch. And uh, very good. I think grid line for chorus line, everyone's in the same way. Placed your hands on your hips. Okay, now lengthen your waistline with the hands who really pressed on onto the hips and keep your hands there as you bridge. You're not going to call. You're going to lift the pelvis straight up to the ceiling. Breathing out. So breathe out and lift.

Now hold the place your arms back on the floor. Press into your right foot and lift your left foot up towards the ceiling. Now slowly lower it down, low the pelvis down with your leg up. Lower the pelvis, Dan, and then bend the knee and go down. Breathing in and breathe out and lift hands on the hips first and lengthen and lift up. Press into the right foot, put your arms by your sides and take your left leg to the ceiling.

Hold the leg up there and slowly lower the body down in one piece. And Dan and lift precedent your left foot. Lift the right leg up. Hold it very straight and now slowly stretch it straight down towards the floor, keeping the pelvis up and lifted. And again and done. Keep the knees straight and on.

Hold it there and low the pelvis to the ground. Using your style at master's a little more and take the leg down and other side. Hands on the hips and lengthen and lift. Um, it's bio side. Press into the right and lift the left leg up and breathe out and reach it away.

But keep the pelvis in the place. Keep the abdominal wall lifted towards the rib cage lifted up and slowly loaded. And you've never done arms by your sides. Okay. Hands behind your head. I want you to feel that your head is in a sling.

So just let me show you very quickly what I want is from here. You have your hands at the base of the skull with your thumbs going down towards the shoulder. So you have showed us a done. You take a breath in, you stabilize by pulling together as we've talked about, and then lift the sternum forward. But keep the head absolutely still and then slowly go back down. Breathing in so there's no pull with your hands. It's a lift forward towards your knees. With your sternum.

So let's get into the position. Think of your elbows up. I want you to see your elbows in the periphery. Vision one cin per person and soft elbows. Bring your elbows up just a little. That's it. Take a breath in. Stabilize first. Now as you brew that, lift your sternum forward. Let your head be loose into your hands. Keep lifting, keep lifting, keep lifting, keep lifting, and then relax. Back Down. Breathing in.

Remember to stabilize first pulling everything together. That strong belt, that wide belt. Breathe out and lift. Draw the scapula down gently and be ready. I'm going to change. Breathe out and curl forward. No. As you breathe in, slide your hands off your head and reach your hands to your knees and reach up a little higher. Come up, up, up, up, up, up. Hold it hands behind your head and then slowly go down and breathe out and curve.

Sure. Come on and watch the next slide. Your hands off and lift. Lift, lift, lift, lift, lift, lift. Don't use your hands. Use Your Tummy and Dab. Okay. What I'm getting is when you come forward, there's a lot of [inaudible] movements with the hands, which looks great, but it's not what I want. Okay? What you need to do. You curl forward and then your hands slide off in the same direction as your body. Cause if you do that, you're taking the body back. Okay?

So we'll do it cause we've got to change it. We're going to go into the single leg stretch. So take a breath in and breathe out and lift the sternum. Slide your hands off. Breathing in, reach out and lift. Now hold it there. Lift your right knee up and take hold of your right ankle.

Lift your left knee up and take hold of your left hand and call. Elbows up, shoulders down, and single leg stretch and stretch one and two. Keep your upper torso afford three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 stop. Stay there. Stretch your arms up to the ceiling and reach. One, two, three, four. Keep four coming. Five, six forward, seven, eight, nine, smile nine, 10 and relax, bro. Level on shore front on just on luck. But our feet into the center. Yes. Ah, relax your feet. Just let them go. Easy. Have your feet in line with the hip joints. Rest your head down onto your hands.

Okay. Take a breath in and a, as you breathe out, just gently squeeze the sip burns together. It's the same thing that you were doing earlier with pulling everything together except you're just working a little more onto the sit bones here and relax. Breathing in and breathe out and squeeze and breathe in to relax. Um, squeeze. Relax the shoulders just a little more.

As you squeeze, squeeze. Feel a lift of the abdominal wall towards your rib cage, towards your sternum. Just relax. We're here tomorrow. Okay, hold it. The soft squeeze. Not as much. Now as you breathe out, bend your right knee, so the thigh and [inaudible] [inaudible] is it right as it right angles and breathe in and load on keeping the left leg turn parallel as you do it and breathe out and bend.

And then don, so Ben slowly and learn slowly. So it's really, you're working against gravity. Do six on one side and then six on the other. Think of it, a concentric movement and the East Centrix. It's not just flopping back and forward. Just straighten you up slightly. That's good. That's keep, keep your foot soft. Don't bother to flex when you bend. Just easy foot.

Okay, that's to me a little more when you've done the six on birth side, stretch your legs and arms out so your arms are straight out in front palms, Don. [inaudible] no, reach out. Gen Z. Draw the scapular dod, but don't force it down. Squeeze the sit burns together. Now as you breathe out, just gently float your right arm, left leg off the floor, down. Stretch. You're already stretched and then breathe in. So you go down and lift the other Diago. Lift up. [inaudible] focusing on where the work is in the back and then don and lift and uh, yeah, not quite so high. I want your pelvis to stay in one place. Okay. And lift and Dan and lift and and lift and down. Good lift.

This ums and both legs. The ground, not too high, just about the same height. Now keep the elevation. Now lower your right arm and left leg, but keep the other one up. So you're doing it in reverse. And lift it. [inaudible] and lift and [inaudible] lift. Keep the breath going. Not too fast. Lift and lift and lower and lower down. [inaudible] okay. Sit up on your hands and knees and stretch your back out and roll over onto your back. [inaudible] place your hands behind. Just watch for a second.

Place your hands behind your head like this and your feet roughly in line with your elbows. And now from there we'll drop the right leg to the side and then slowly stretch the left knee towards your right foot. So you're reaching to a diagonal, so you're pulling through the obliques in, in towards the ribs and turn your head in the opposite opposite direction. You pause here, breathing in. Then as you breathe out, you're going to lift up through the center and on the left side to pull yourself back into the center. And then to the other side. So it's width resistance. It's not just gonna flop open. So let's start all together.

So ups up with the legs. We'll go over. Let's go to the right first. So let the right leg go across the right load. Yes, right there. And now the left leg stretches diagonally across the body. Keeping [inaudible] the left shoulder blade down. Lengthen the leg away as much as you can and pull up through the obliques. Pause their breathing in. Then as you breathe out, pull up through the center, pull more in on the left side to come through center, and then go to the other side.

Keep your feet slightly further apart on that. So you've got over and elongate there. So you get this stretch through here. Okay. Pause there. Breathing in now. Breathe out and lift. Lift. That's it. Now pull back the hip. Put back where it belongs. So you have to come back again. Yeah. Okay.

Draw up through here just a little bit more. That's it. Two by two to eight side. Two more. Yeah, that's better. Yeah. Good. Can you breathe a little quieter? Yeah, it is. You know it's interfering, isn't it? Witness? Yeah. Yeah. He wants to think. Consider that as your time will come.

And relax. Good. Bring your legs together, lift your knees up into tabletop, stretch your arms out to the side, palms down. No table top. I don't like tabletop very much. I like a tabletop with a slight slant of the top, so you drop your heels below your level of your knees so you don't overuse the hip flexors. Okay. Now keeping your knees together. Don't let them slide apart. Go from side to side. Hip rose again, but under control, keeping the knees together. Show the blade, Dan, pause here, breathing in and then breathe out.

Come through center and continue breathing out to the other side. Do about five to each side and then rest with your feet down on the floor. Really reach out your arms as much as you can. Quietened down heaven tree. Keep the knees together. That's it. It's, there you go.

Try and keep your shoulder blades down as much as you can. See have had this down here. Yeah, that's it. Okay. The thighs stay at right angles to the torso, but the heels are dropped down and really work the stomach muscles to bring you back into the center. Good, good, good. And come to center and place your feet, dad.

Bring your arms by your sides. Okay. Um, actually before we do this, stretch your arms up to the ceiling. Palms facing your arms are at right angles to the spine. I don't care how you breathe on this, as long as you do. Breathe from the, just very gently, draw your elbows down and turn the palms to face soon. And then take the bus up and turn the palms.

Said it's Ben n****r elbows and coming down. Really focusing while happening around the scapular. And then, yeah. Oh, just very soft and easy. Keeping your lower arm at right angles to the, uh, to the Florida and better the hand come towards [inaudible]. It's not a bicep movement.

Just feel the error around the scapular, into the shoulder, uh, the upper torso. And it's just as if there's a gentle weight on your elbow. Just a really gentle weight. One more undressed. Good. Now, same session, but this time your hands are biocides and you've got a, uh, a fist.

You take a breath in and it's like the chest lift you did earlier. You take a breath in now as you breathe out, stabilize correct Ford and rich Ford and rich. One leg away from you and then breathe in and lift your arms up. Pull your arms down with art and go back down. So other leg and curl forward. Rich Ford, flex the foot hard so the energy goes through the heel. Lift your arms up, but no higher than your nose.

Pull in the stomach muscles more and arms down as you bend your leg up and down and stabilize and rich. Quite a strong movement. Learn pulling the stomach muscles as you lift your arms, low arms. Bend your knees and and reach forward. Reach. Slide that leg out. Flex into the heel and arms up, pulling in the start muscles more as you lift your arms, lower your arms, bend in the and then done and changing it and breathe out and curve forward. Arms Up, breathing in. Hold your arms. Then as you breathe out, bend the knee up and use your stomach muscles. No sorry. Bender heals up. Slido. He lapped to there. Take your arms down and flat.

Sorry my fault. Keep the foot down on the ground. So you slide it back to the position. Stretch away, rich ums up. Now slide your left heel up the floor and place it down and low and rich. Poor back through the stomach muscles as you reach arms up. Now really work the ABS to get your knee up.

And one more time and really sure, um, up, um, it's dog add back. Good lying on your right side, facing this way. Stretch your arm out, stretch his legs. Turn the right palm over. Place your left hand in front of the sternum with just fingertips on the floor.

Just a little high with his hand. Yeah. Now check that the hips are stacked on top of each other and the shoulders are stacked and that the lower back is supported. Your legs are either completely straight or they can be slightly in front, but not behind. Take a breath in. As you breathe. Ignore the top leg and slowly lift the bottom leg off the ground so it takes the top leg with it and breathe in and lower down length and the body lengthen the legs away. And a bottom leg lifted.

So the top leg is being lifted up. It's not doing much work. And then done and rich and lift. Oh, what's this you said, ah, stay there now. The scissors and stretch and change two, four and shades. Keep that the length as you do it and stretch. Make sure the back leg is equal to the front leg and change and change and change and change and come to the center and lower done other side.

Try and support the pelvis a little bit more with this [inaudible]. Uh, when you have your fingers in line with the sternum, but just the thing of tip so you can use the shoulders to balance a little more. Stretch out. Now it's the bottom leg that lifts rich away and the lifting of elongation first before you lift. And then don do five and then five scissors in each direction.

Well done. That's it. Keep the waistline up as much as you can. Okay. Yeah. Can we get into this position will no you as well. No Sir. Really stretched. Don't just think of swinging your legs.

Push through the end of the leg and thinking, reaching it away from you. As you do it, your legs are longer by two or three centimeters. Pull up the abs so you do it. Lot bigger movements, bigger movements. That's it. Yes. And rest good. Back to your first side. Um, just watch first the same position.

Have the sh the elbow underneath your shoulder as much as possible. So you're really stabilizing with the scapula and with the the side you're lying on. And this hand on your thigh. Take a breath in. Now as you breathe out, lift from the waist and reach our arm up to there and hold four counts and then slowly go back down. Okay. Quite a small movement, but it's bay elongated. So make a fist with your hand so you, this is quite a strong movement, strong position and the other hand on your thigh. Now slowly lift the waist off the ground and hold one, two, three, four and slowly lower down. Slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly and breathe out and lift.

Hold two, three, four and [inaudible] and breathe out and lift this time. Take your head over your head and read. Sure. Two, three, four and done. And Liz and rich over one, two, three, four and done. Change over. Very good. [inaudible] make sure you're in a straight line.

Just look over your shoulder to see where the legs are so you can check. Flex the feet and feel the energy going through your heels to help to hold the position and read out to lift. Lift from the waist, hold and low dad and lift. Feel the spine elongating through the movement, top of the head pulled away and low and leaf and arm over the head and rich and then come back. And then don lost one and lift.

Come up and lovely onto your backs. Take hold of your knees and pull your knees to the chest. Okay. Now imagine your thighs are stuck to your rib cage and you're going to move the legs away, which is going to bring you into a position where you feel you're on your lumbar spine. So really feel that firmly down onto the ground. Now as you breathe in, you're going to stretch your arms and legs to 60 degrees.

Flex and turnout. Breathe out. Turn the palms outwards and take your arms all the way back, drawing the ABS in. Breathe in and reach up. Point your feet, breathe out and take hold of your ankles and breathe in and reach. Flex and turnout arms way back. Breathing out. Breathe in and reach up. Point.

Bend your knees and take hold of your ankles and one arms back. Two arms around three and bend your knees four and stretch up one, two with your arms. Three with your arms. Bend your knees and relax. Good. No, you're going to add two more movements to that. What you're going to do is as you stretch out your breathing and stretch out, arms back, arms around, and now lower your legs to the floor, lift them up, and then bend without any movement in the lower back or in the abdominals.

What the fit is. Sorry. Okay, so are we ready? Hold onto your ankles. Let's get into that position. Nice. Why? As wide as the shoulders. Now as you go out, really press your heels together and rotate as you go out. So breathe in and reach, flex and turnout.

Breathe out and take your arms way back, arms up to 90 degrees, legs slowly down, breathing out. Point and stretch. Lift. Bend your knees and take hold. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in and breathe out in and then addressed right? Not Promise you, behave yourselves on this. Get with a partner and you're not you two together. No, I'm joking. Okay. We're the partner. Does everyone have a partner? Yeah. Yes, Yup.

Okay. One of you. Is there any two guys in this student you will demonstrate which lie down. One of you lie flat. The other one places the a new place your heels on your partner's waist. What? Let me start with stretching is right from the partners.

Neil's up very straight and hold on. Take. Keep [inaudible] take a breath in. Now as you breathe out, squeeze my waist with your inner thighs and put your standup muscles in. That's it. And relaxed. Breathing and do that twice. Head done, head done. That's it. And then this time as you squeeze, you squeeze hard. Then you go forward, go forward squeezing, go on, squeeze stops up. Stay there. Hold it, polio, it, muscles in and then down. You do that twice.

Yeah, head stays down. Then this third set, not so fast. Curve forward. Now slowly come up onto your lower back, stretching your arms up, still squeezing, still squeezing, not pulling us down. Muscles in and go down that just to the, and I'm going to remove myself. Put your legs together and stay. And now slowly roll down out of that. Yeah, we go. Okay. We're the part though. Very good.

Don't breathe. Come down a little close here. So one of you is kneeling up and no talking. All right, so getting the ITU legs turned out right. So the legs are straight and on your waist, just above the hip bones. Okay.

Take a breath in. Now as you breathe out, draw the ABS in and pull it a ductors together, keeping the tailbone down, holding for four counts and relaxed. Breathing with a rotation with a turnout and breathe out and squeeze and pull through here. That's it. And Yeah, getting the inner thighs working and relax. Breathing in and breathe out. Good. So it's a co connection between the abdominals and the abductors.

And now this time breathe out and come do a chest lift, but draw the styluses glasses back. Not too high, just a chest lift curve keeps squeezing. Keep squeezing, keep squeezing and relaxed. Breathing in and breathe out and squeeze and relaxed. Now the next to breathe out and curl forward and slowly roll up. I'm changing it slightly. Yeah, stretch up. Come on, right your partner. Take a breath in here and now slowly breathe out as you go down very slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly using the stomach muscles slow as you can until you're completely flat.

Arms by your sides and breathe out and co forward and reach up. Reach up, reach up now, road back just a little onto the lumbar spine. Stay there. Now your partner moves out of the way. You stay up, step and bring your legs together and you're in a very nice teaser and then your knees and relax. Okay. How are you feeling? Okay. Changeover. [inaudible] had the legs turned out.

[inaudible] you're kneeling down. Yeah. Okay. Arms by your sides. It's turned out the legs a little more. It's just the inner thighs first. Take a breath in now as you breathe out, inner thighs and lower abdominals, draw the Stein masters away from the inner thighs and relaxed. Breathing in and breathe out. And N now we'll do the cow forward.

Breathe out and co forward. Keep, oh that's nice. And Ah, and breathe out cardboard and pulled back label a little more. That's it and good and Dan and now come all the way up. Breathe out and slowly roll up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, breathe in and slowly go down. Breathing and last one, breathe out and yeah, partner moves out. Sorry I moved on just a little onto the low back. Partner moves away, bringing the legs together and reach retreats rich and relax.

[inaudible] good. [inaudible] it's nice one. It's a, it's a great way to get people to use for the teaser. [inaudible] okay. Lying on your side. Facing here says wanting to be on your right side, on your left side.

In this position again, had the hand in front. Just a balance. So the show does us stacked on top of each other. And just think of your ear as if you're listening to your arms so you're not pressing your head down. Just just slightly off the bend. Your and I keep breathing on this just I'm not going to tell you a breathing pattern cause there's too many movements. So from here, just slowly bend your knees so the foot goes onto the inside of your thigh. Now increase the turnout, point your foot.

Now lift the knee up. Then slowly extend the leg flex and lift higher and then stretch the leg away. So Ben, push down, turn out point, lift your knee up, extend the leg flex, lift higher and now Leora and bend you to a fired 10 [inaudible]. Now lift your knee up. Now extend the lower part of the leg. Flex and lift higher and then down.

Try and keep the pelvis straight as you do it. Last one. And then you push down, lift the knee up, extend pulling up the stomach muscles and lower. Nice other side. Try and keep the hips square as you do it so that your, when you get to this, don't. So do a hike. Do four times, take your time. So when you bend, you get his hold it and get this feeling of rotating both legs a little more.

So it'll help to establish your position. So bend up, push down the foot. Now just your knee. Just let the lower leg hang and then extend from the knee joint as you go up. And it'll work the muscles at the bottom of the quadriceps flex. Lift higher, higher, higher, higher. Now lengthen the legs. It goes down. Good. And Bend and lift the leg up. Extend. Pull up a little higher.

That's it. And lower down. Watch your hip on that. And then when you've done for relax, flex and lift high, go and get the hamstring working. Get higher up and get higher up. And then done that. Turn out the leg, the turn. Turn it out first. So put that rooted and now you lift your knee up.

Now slowly extend the leg from the flex foot and lift a little higher. There you go. So you get to work into this part of your leg. Okay. And uh, but the main thing is to keep this held as much as possible. It's, it's more important than getting your leg up higher. Okay. And rest. So tense your first side. Actually I think it would look nice if this group faces that way. And this group faces this way.

So we're all using our same leg. So just watch for a minutes. Sorry, I've got you two photos after all that bend, same as you've done. Point the, take your leg back behind you like that and then stretch your arm and leg at the same time. Flex and reach and then come back to start again. Keeping again almost as if you've got a stake through your hips into the floor. So a bend, push down point, take the leg behind you.

Keep the knee open. Now extend the leg behind you, reach and stretch your arms, stretch your arms, stretch your arm and returned to the start. And then to gate and bend up. Keep the center working and lift your knee up and back. Pull up the stomach muscles. Jennifer, pull your stomach muscles at. Well that's nice. Flex the foot and push the heel away from you.

Push the heel away and keep that length as you bring the heel back and then push down. Turn out point, extend behind you. Take it behind. Rotate in the hip joint. That's it. And stretch back. Stretch back. Yeah. You go and then come back. Okay. How many was that? I've lost count three. One more and bend that it. Yeah. Okay. Okay.

And then other side, it's nice to feel a stretch through this part of your leg and also it gets, helps to get the buck working and get the rotation in your hip joints. Ready? Imagine you're standing, pulling up inner thighs, working shoulders down and bend. Push down point. Now rotate in the hip joint as you go back. Pull up the ABS to support. Stretch your arm out. You reach, flex the foot and push into your heel and back.

And then [inaudible] oh yeah, we should try it again. The rich, rich, rich, rich retreat. Pull up the time they pull up. That's nice. Yes. Good and back. What's your look back on that Juliana [inaudible] and Ben pushed on point.

Feel the lifting back as you do it. Rich, out gone rich. Push through your heel a little more. Get the front of the thigh and sort of the hips stretched out. Stretched out. Steps out. Yes. And come back. Last one I think. And then stomach muscles lifted as you take the leg back.

Really keep the lower back in place. Recharge, recharge. Reach out. Lengthen from your fingertips to your heel and come back. Excellent. Standing up. I actually have no waste. Go down again. Sorry.

Get onto your hands and knees. Kneeling up. Place one leg in front and stand. There. We good. Is that all right in your knee? Okay. Standing up. Very straight.

Come up as you get the inner thighs working. Just a small V on this so you can feel the back of the legs and the bat working. Now come up onto your toes. No, hold the head where it is and slowly lower your heels down and lift and the turn the legs parallel. Take your breath in. [inaudible] drop your head over and slowly go down.

Just to feel the weight of your head and your arms, taking you down. Bend your knees if you need to, if it hurt is not comfortable on your back. No. Take a breath in. As you breathe that, start pulling up the abdominals, stacking the spine, one vertebra on top of the other. As you come up, up straight, stretch your arms up and reach your right arm up and back. Literally left arm up and back.

Reach the right one up and take it over. [inaudible] your hand around. Stretch both arms out and reach. Come up, lift and over. Stretch the head out and then up. Take your arms back behind you. Take them down behind your hips and pull your hands back and go into thoracic extension and then come up straight and arms by your side.

Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen.


Lovely class! Can't believe how fast it went! I've never done a class with you, hope to see more! Thank you
Nice approach : )
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Lovely to find a class from my teacher. And a good refresher. More please.
Thank you very much Alan Herdman, I loved this class!
Watching and learning from South Africa - I am English so love your voice and humour! Thank you for a wonderful and illuminating class!
Refining the details, of our precise Pilates movement, is much appreciated Alan, Thank you.
Fantastic class, really liked the attention to detail.
Lovely, flowing class.
Thank you, Alan! Love your teachings-10 years on from training with you your work is as fantastic as always! Thank you!
Kim W
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Favorite cue: One chin per person. Love it! Stealing it!
Also great flow overall. Will be pulling from this for future classes. Thank you!
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