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Mat Workout

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Alan Herdman returns to Pilates Anytime with his wonderful humor and creative exercises! His Mat workout is not a regular Pilates class, but it will definitely give you more awareness of your body. Alan teaches a mixture of many things, including Teaser with a partner, to make sure you are engaging all of the correct muscles. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Mat

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Okay. Does anyone have anything they need to tell me about physically, your knee pain? See if there's anything that doesn't suit, don't do it. Just, just sit out. OK. Um, and if there'...


Lovely class! Can't believe how fast it went! I've never done a class with you, hope to see more! Thank you
Nice approach : )
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Lovely to find a class from my teacher. And a good refresher. More please.
Thank you very much Alan Herdman, I loved this class!
Watching and learning from South Africa - I am English so love your voice and humour! Thank you for a wonderful and illuminating class!
Refining the details, of our precise Pilates movement, is much appreciated Alan, Thank you.
Fantastic class, really liked the attention to detail.
Lovely, flowing class.
Thank you, Alan! Love your teachings-10 years on from training with you your work is as fantastic as always! Thank you!
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Favorite cue: One chin per person. Love it! Stealing it!
Also great flow overall. Will be pulling from this for future classes. Thank you!
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