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Mat - Additional Balancing

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Use a Magic Circle or small pillow as a tool to help direct your mind toward the center line of your body. In just a few minutes you can reconnect to your powerhouse, challenge your balance and improve your posture for the day.
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

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Let's stand up. Let's begin. Okay. So we're going to use the magic circles for just a little while at least. Um, I'm gonna use a ball cause we're on a magic circles. So you, this is what you get to do when you, I'm one of those people that just sort of doesn't really futz with equipment, right? So find something you can even fake it, right? Debra's got the heavy one tonight. You notice I gave you that instead of the alternative. Alright. I suggest standing just behind your mat. So or um, yeah, just behind your mat taking the ring. So if um, I could show with yours you've got it. Like, so heel of the hand is typically what's going to be in the ring.

Elbows are wide. And the idea here is that you draw the shoulders down. Okay? Do not squeeze the ring hard. Rather let's go into a plotty stance. So we just bring the heels together. All right? Feel the heels just above the knees, the upper inner thighs together. And everybody do one of these. Just do a little gentle arch of the back.

We'll let the train go by. Bring it back underneath. So it's a sense of lengthening hopefully rather than a big tuck, it's a lengthening from their shoulders are down. And let's just gently press in. Okay, so just a little pressure on that ring and I'm going to suggest again that as you gently press the shoulders down, you have a subtle sense of the chest rising. Okay, not to change the spine, just to bring you into the room to bring you into the day. I need a few of these. I'm not going cube breath just so much. Now rather take a deeper one then you have been perhaps all day.

Let's go for five. Hold on. Let the ring mimic the rest of your trunk. Two and three. Four on this one. Direct the arms out. Yeah, a little bit of resistance. So you might fail your pecs. Hopefully a little bit of, let's just raise the ring up a bit. Inhale, exhale to bring it back down. Long Spine. Inhale, bring it up. So there's not a lot of pressure on the ring, but some underneath the arms and alongside your body. And as the arms come down, the chest rises ever so slightly. Inhale. Oh and exhaling Dan.

Just one more. Inhale up and hi everybody. He look very serious. Does that mean that started that? Hold it here. Keeping your hips still rotate. Kind of slow to the right. Let's make that an inhale. XL. You can apply a little pressure on the ring, but I wouldn't do much to come back to center. Other side. Inhale, imagine growing tall or keeping your uh, the center of your ring right in between your chest, back to center. Let's do it again. Inhale, you're lifting up off the hips. The hips don't move.

Exhale. Again. Inhale. It's still good and exhale. So try to, if I'm going to do two more, try to feel the rib cage moving right and center. One more time. Her Rib cage and center. And from there, just take your left foot out in front. The whole idea with the ring at the moment is just to help you tap into your center line. Imaginary line, up and down the body. Right now, inner thighs, strongly together. I know there are ones in front, but think together, elevate that leg a bit and then lift off yourself.

What I mean is just kind of get taller, lighter, and now we do little pulses of the ring. Again, it's not for strength, it's just kind of throw you off a little actual aid to keep you centered and I don't know. Let's go. Five, four, three, two, one. Bring the ball. I mean ring in closer. Bend the knee. Oh, here we are. First option. As you squeeze in, extend your arms. You're going to reach the toe to the floor and just lightly touch. Inhale, bend and pull and back. Exhale. It has little to do with the knee. I know it's bending and straightening, but try to pull the thigh bone up from deep in the trunk. Yeah, focused. Lovely.

Again, I'm really not doing a lot with the ring. Just using it for spacing. One more time. Bring the knee back up. You can continue with what we've been doing or extend the leg out. Oh, and in here, right? You can tap that floor too. Or You could forget about the leg altogether and focus in one spot. Three. Oh yes. Four. One more time.

Hold five. Lower the leg a little. If it's up, take it to the side. Try not to move the hips. Take to front and bring him back to body stance. Let the rain come down just for the moment. Yeah, me too. Me Too. All right, bring the ring up, elbows wide. Take a moment and just notice where I like it. Everyone's already stripping down a little balance. Um, take a moment and notice where is your weight centered.

I just caught myself sort of displacing my hips forward. So I'm going to ask you to check in with yourself probably a little bit more weight forward, meaning the whole body, but not enough to grip. All right from here, press out, pull it back. Press. Pull it back. As you reach forward, imagine pulling the ribs back and I don't mean change the spine or even round, it's just where is the energy right there. One more time. Press forward, hold it forward. See what you can do to bring the arms up.

Now at a certain point you made, you might start to get neck tension rather. Um, let me do this. Everybody take their thumbs inside the handles so you can pull apart just a little. I think that's going to be better. Yeah, everyone looks good here. If it's a lot of tension in your neck, bend your elbows and drop the shoulders. That would be fine. Otherwise, my balls a little small summit. Pretend it's ring. We are to the left this time.

Keep the hips where they are in help to rotate spiral. Check out those hips. They don't move. Exhale, come back in. Herald going up. It's like you're reaching up to the ceiling. The arms stay in place and inhale and by in place, of course, I mean in relationship to your head. Feeling that separation that we can have. Let's see if you can take your ring.

A little higher gym for the last two overhead. I mean, good one more time. Right? And come back. Lower the ring down. It's in front of you. Check your shoulders. There's a tendency you don't want to do that. Don't do that. All right, should we take the left leg out? All right. From here we just bent the elbows, pulled the knee up and we put it down and we pulled it up as if the leg were being drawn deeper into the body from somewhere internal, not, not right at the hip joint. Good.

In terms of the mindfulness, this is it that we a actually you'll come back up with the name in terms of mindfulness, keep your eyes as still as possible. It will help bring the knee up, hold it up and either we go back to touching the floor or extend one and if this doesn't need to be high, it's just sort of a slightly different action too. [inaudible] one more time. When you get there, hold the leg straight. You can lower it down so it's almost touching the floor. Take it out to the side. Well, lovely and forward again and back in place.

Excellent. Okay. Stepping wide. You know this one I just want to loosen up the side of the body. Helen, I'm going to ask you just to step just away from the thing that's right above your head. Fabulous. Yeah. Perfect. Perfect. All right. And still [inaudible] you're tall. All right. So here you are. Um, soften your knees just for a moment. That's not a good too. That's not really what I mean. So I'm not going to say that. I don't mean lock or drop into them either.

What we really need to do is engage the back of the leg as if you're about to bend your knee. So it's as if you're about to do a hamstring curl with energy. Okay, good. Yeah. Slightly Tuck Deborah. Perfect to your right. Go slow email you lifting up. So again, we're kind of isolating the ribs from the hips. Start to exhale and come back up. Inhale. Up and over.

At this point you can either be pulling some out, not pulling, but resting to some on the inside of the handle or just the whole handout. It's up to you. If you're finding the net getting tense, it's worth either taking the elbows to a small band or even bringing the ring out of it all together. And you can put your hands behind your head. Yeah. [inaudible] good. Stir stretch, stretch and up and over to come up. That's gonna do it. All right. Bring the ring down. Bring your feet together one more time. At this point, again, a ring is almost there for stability.

I'm going to turn just so you can see what we're doing. Take your right foot, uh, or leave your right foot. The left leg is gone behind you before. Anything else before you get into leaning. Uh, what do I want to say? Just make sure you can feel the back of your left leg so you're, it's straight. It's long and it's already engaged. Yeah, exactly. Gym. Shoulders are down, arms are extended in front of you. Start to tilt forward. But however far forward you take the trunk, the leg has to come up just as high behind you. I think that's for now.

Keep it there. Then take a big inhale. Only if you want to. Would you raise the back leg and let your body go forward a little more. At this point, I would suggest taking the arms right below your chest. Back leg is straight. You got to energize it, maybe flex it. Sometimes that helps.

If you flex the foot and imagine you're reaching or being pulled backwards. Bend the leg you're standing on. You can always touch the floor. Xcel straighten it. Then the leg you're standing, exhale, straighten it. So if you want more you would take it here. But I think it's a little early. I think keep it down and let's say that that'll be it. Point the toe, bring everything back up at once, but the arms will drop down right on other side. Here we are, so if you don't want to start with the arms here, you can just get to where you're going now. That's absolutely fine.

Reach the leg. I think flexing it kind of helps start to hinge forward. Hips are square. Being mindful of that lower knee that you're not a out for a second. Then in here, if you want to go further, you do. Being mindful that you don't lock out on the knee. In fact, let's bend it.

Inhale as you bend the knee, you're standing on reach the back leg a little. Exhaling. We did about three. Let's go. Inhale, reach and minimize tension in the feet and hands. And if you can point the toe, bring it back down and.


Gorgeous class, feels great. I'm currently patching together 2 or 3 standing classes (or parts thereof) to make an hour workout, and am always alert to see if you have put a lengthy standing class on the site. KCW, magic circle, any level, an hour or more would be the greatest --
Love this!

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