Class #1840

Mat Workout

40 min - Class


Energize yourself with this fundamental Mat workout by Jillian Hessel. She designed this class to work by itself or as a preparation to an advanced Reformer workout. Jillian incorporates techniques she learned from her teachers like Percussive breathing, Carola Trier's Rolling like a Ball, and more. This class will definitely make you feel great!
What You'll Need: Mat, Towel

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Hi, I'm Jillian Hasso and we're here today to do a fundamentals mat. And the fundamentals for me involve breathing. If we breathe well, we become energized, we work in good alignment, and then we move...


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Nice warm-up class to do before the Apparatus workout or just to find your body after a tiring day. Thanks!
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Great warm up for the body. Thanks Jillian.
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Lovely, calming workout. Thank you.
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Loved this workout after 2 weeks rest. Found it really centering as I get ready to return to a full schedule of teaching. Thank you!
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I love this class! The cues are so clear and smooth. The movements are a wonderful pace and I feel great after the session!
Great to stretch...especially if you are suffering from an injury and need to free up the body. Easy to understand and instructor goes at a very good pace that is easy to follow
Thanks everyone, for the positive comments! In case you haven't seen it yet, the Reformer Workout/sequel to my Mat class, which I considered a warm up, is no up and running on PA. Here's the link:
// w/1841/video/Jillian-Hessel-Pilates-Pila tes-Class-by-Jillian-Hessel
delish! Now if only I had a reformer
Your class is absolutely fabulous for my hips! I am scheduled for a hip replacement this December. ( too much classical dance and running in my early life, I guess) I have put it off for a year and a half and because of traveling commitments this Fall, I had hoped to get to December. But I have been in quite a bit of pain for some months. But after doing your class two days in a row, I am pain free! I am so happy! That class, plus using a stationary bike...I can get to December now.
I am SO delighted to hear this, Maria! I am also an aging former ballerina, and my aim was to make this Mat workout a thorough prep for hopping onto the Reformer, but also that it could be a short, stand-alone, therapeutic and centering workout. I'm glad it served you well, and thanks for taking the time to give me the feedback!
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