Class #187

Ball Workout

40 min - Class


Layla challenges you to apply your Pilates skills on an unstable surface that makes for a tough but fun class.
What You'll Need: Mat, Fitness Ball

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Jun 13, 2010
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Another great class from Layla.....all are great instructors but if u can post more workouts w Layla, would be superb! Thank you!
I just love to work out with Layla. Hope you can post more workouts with her! Every morning look forward to my pilates workout. Love your web site so glad I joined!
Hi Darina-
Love your profile picture! I'm delighted you like the classes. I hope to be able to tape a few new classes this fall... I'm working on some fun and challenging ones
Hello Elaine! I love working out with you, too! Isn't Pilates Anytime the BEST? Dedicated members like you make this really work well. Keep up the comments and input. We all benefit.
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I'm sore... thanks :)
Good sore usually means good, deep work on your part, so cheers to you for giving a great effort, Lisa! Let's do it all over again soon
THANK YOU LAYLA, LOVE THIS CLASS W BALLS, FUN & CHALLENGE. JUST ONE THING, WHEN WE DO THE side work in T position, all it goes to my QL so obviously I do something wrong. Any suggestions? more posterior tilt?
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Hello ShapeUp!
Sorry not to have responded sooner... yes, more posterior tilt, but watch that the upper body does not hinge forward as a result. Also check for appropriate engagement of the glutes (especially focus on the glute contacting the ball... it will tend to be lazier as it has more support). This will keep the load more evenly distributed and avoid dumping into the lumbar and QL region. Also please check that ASIS (hip bones) are both in the the same plane, perpendicular to the ball, and ribs are contained. Phew! ... and don't forget to breathe!
Great question... and so glad you enjoy the class
Hi Layla,
That was an awesome ball class. My core was really challenged. I am excited to incorporate the use of the big ball into my class this wknd! Thanks for the inspiration.
Hi Jamie,
So glad you found something that you found challenging (in a good way) and that you want to share. Let me know how it goes
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