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Need a little extra arms? Attach this supplementary class to your favorite workout for a little extra push. Kristi builds into the push up offering several sets, followed by triceps dips, some deltoid work and shoulder stabilization work.
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Jun 16, 2010
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I'm going to start with the pushup. Inhale. So what we're doing here is you've got the shoulders down and just exhale and I'm going to build on this pushup. Okay, so we're not going right into it. We're just gonna warm up the spine a little bit more. Coming down about halfway. Hang your heads. Inhale, exhale and feel the shoulder blades gently sliding down your back even as you are in this upside down position. Roll up, roll up, roll up. I'm doing that just cause I want you to have the full control over it and as we now go out into a plank, here it comes. Inhale, exhale.

I'm going to move this a little bit faster. Now we go down without looking forward. You're going to place one hand down. If you need to look forward, you do, but try and break that habit step out and by three you're in a plank. That's all we're doing for now. Take a second. Your feet are flexed. Your body's long. You're pressing through the heels. From here we are going to release the elbows and the body not to move.

Elbow let's go. Body is not. I'm not kidding. Not at all. And straight elbow releases. I'm not kidding. And straightens. Just like almost let go. Don't even drop that. Just undo the elbow and back. That's all I'm talking about. You should be able to do that now. I know you're stable. I knew you were. You couldn't be that.

I needed you to understand that too. Yup. Just don't turn them. No, just bend them. Just release and straight. Yup. That means I know, but see if you collapse it all. I know they're not stable and they are. How you doing? Okay, so now walk back, walk back, walk back and roll up. It matters. I mean that's everything. If you lose it on that very first release of the elbow, we're in trouble. So if that's all you do right now, that's great. Here we go. I'm not, I'm going to add to that, but listen to your body down we go and we walk out.

One, you're there by three to set up by three. Now everybody slowly released first and then if you want to go further you do. And it's the sense of drawing this shoulders or elbows towards waist and exhale up. One out of five and two. These can be done on your knees and I suggest you do Daria. Very good. Four excellent. Five head down. Start walking back.

Now let's make that an ad next time, so I'm going to let you round out of that. When you get up, you can just check out what I mean when you get to the top. You've just done your last one. Instead of this, let's go. I'm going right into the chest and then boom, boom, we go. Four exhale down. Walk One, two. At any point you drop out and don't do all the pushups.

Inhale down. Exhale up one. You don't have to go full range to disperse energy. Three through the feet. Four head down, ribs up, walk one, two, hands up. Pull the ABS into Rola and inhale three but you're flexible and down we go and we walk on one, two, three. If you've had enough, be done with it. Protect yourself, wanting to, if anything, your hips are higher. Walk back one meeting on that. Don't let your back Sab.

That's just not even close to being worth it and to getting tall here. Taking it down. We go there by three and go for it and he'll Xcel one. Lovely. And just checking two good. Walk back. [inaudible] last one. So dark guy on this last one. Barely move your elbows. I mean just, no, you just get to a certain point in your letting go. I'd rather you got a massage career. Take care of. Here we go. Down we go.

At least for me, I've got Monday night. I got Monday night. Your protect. All right, that's it already game. Bring it back. Oh all the way up. Walk forward on your mat. Have a seat. Cross the arms. Lift up on the power house and have yourselves a seat.

I'm about to put more weight on your arms. Does anyone rather have a theraband? Okay, you're welcome. Who said it? He said okay. So what you'll do instead is over. Okay, so you can sit and you're going to be just pulling straight up. All right, and we've got more coming. Hands are back. Give me two minutes. Hands are back, feet are forward, lifting up, tuck under, just so that your hips are out of your way and it's pure, pure Elba been. I don't, you don't want to feel this hugging around your shoulders, right? You're up. And I just bend and straighten. One and two and three.

Be a little more gentle on the full, straighter the arm. Aaron a do go as straight as you are. Just don't snap. Will you help me with county? She'll tell me eight, nine and then we can pick a leg up if you want. One, two, three, four, five. Take your hips back a little further. Change like less 10 oh one huh? G. Oh that's going to get heavy for quick three. No Way. Not for Erin. Oh.

Oh look at you though, Daria. That's what I'm talking about. Almost pushups. Someone will tell us when we're done at 30 that's it. Put it down, right. Have a seat. All you think that was enough, right? This could work with the theraband, but let's, let's just this, what does that palms together and then ribs are, and if this isn't comfortable, you can do whatever you want with your legs. Just get a straight spine, hug the elbows to your head, try to point them straight up. Check ribs again. Just try. That's all I said. And then straighten one and back.

And to try to hug your head, try to keep hugging your head. Now you may not right there may come out and I'm just like, yeah, try. And of course, of course. Now if that's just ridiculous, just let him come apart at the top right when you're almost straight. Let him compart. That's right. Yeah. And then take the arms out to the side.

Watch your neighbor. And just, the temptation would be to tighten, but don't just let them go. Yeah. And just turn them. Just turn them. Yup. Yeah, no big deal. Yeah. So here you're getting further, further, longer, change directions. Lift your chest a little if, if you, nevermind. You guys look good. I take that back. I'm just talking.

Nope. Imagine drawing the circle with the actual shoulder. Good. And then turn the palms up. [inaudible] come forward without squeezing your back. Just take them apart with as little resistance as possible. I'm actually stay here and let the shoulders fall as the arms extend weightless elongated. Maybe you'll get two straight. Maybe you'll need to go a little wider, but the shoulder blades are heavy.

Your spine is long. He feels the levity in your body. Hopefully some levity in your mind. Inhale. And with that, just exhale round forward and you are officially done. Good work. Good work. Little little burst there.


Where can I find those balls?
Hi Jodie ~ There are lots of different kinds/brands of these balls. The ones in this class were bought on Amazon. Here is the link to them. They are called
Love your enthusiasm, lightness and pace Kristi...always a pleasurable experience working out with you! Thank you
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"Draw the circles with your shoulders"....arm circles will never be the same. Thank you Kristi for caring so much!!
I DO care! Thanks Joni!
10 it lasted barely 8, with very few exercises ??

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