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Kristi spends the first few minutes of class releasing tension in the body then heads right into standing foot and leg work, standing balance work, and progressing to the floor for some challenging variations on the intermediate Mat work.
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Jun 26, 2010
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Okay, let's look out the window. Shall we on or off the map? Let's go off the mat. Thank you Deborah. And one thought. I'm gonna have you just step in just a little bit. Give Aaron A. Little space. Chin, little space. Mary. Okay. Oh, I like it. So here we are. Find your feet, find your feet, find your feet on the floor.

I'm going to ask from separated just for now and feel big toe, little toe. If you guys feel crowded, feel free to move about and shift your weight forward a little and just sort of, I want to kind of get a little bit of a swaying action just so you can find your center. So it doesn't have to be anything real specific at the moment. Just sort of find where you feel you can start to stack or organize yourself over your feet, over your knees, over your pelvis, carrying on ribs over hips, shoulders are down and heavy. And then find, find what you feel is center. Maybe slightly forward. I'm going to ask for just a tiny bit. And from here just inhale, filling up. Exhale, let go. And just sort of shake anything out.

I mean really just loosen up. Nothing specific, just what do you need? Inhale at the arms, move away a bit. Exhale, let go of any unnecessary tension. Yeah, and again, inhale, just a little puff of air to fill up. Exhale, letting go of the day or whatever you need to. I'm feeling a little muscular tension from the weekend. Yeah, the, the view kind of helps. Go ahead. I'm going to imagine it and Ellis, take the arms up. Inhale, and as your arms continued to go up, notice a little bit of resistance. You can pull into the abdominal so that you don't flare and exhale.

Let it come down. Soften the knees as you do. Inhale coming up, keeping the front of the body ever so lightly engaged in exhale. Just let go and inhale filling up and exhale. Two more just to kind of bring your mind into the room, but more importantly to let go of anything you need to, particularly if you're something aware of something in your body. Let's leave it down and then just let the arms hang. Inhale for standing, roll down. Exhale. We let our heads fall forward, our upper backs, our middle backs rounding forward, trying not to shift your weight back, but allowing the arms to be heavy. Yes. Inhale and exhale to recommit to rolling back up. Exhaling up, trying to come right back into the place we started in Oak.

Or perhaps a little taller. Inhale, feel the length through the front of the body and exhale down one just a little faster. You don't have to go to the ground if you can feel free. So did you decide what you need? Inhale and exhale redrawing the abdominals in Touro and let's take the arms up just like we did earlier in here. Exhale, let your arms get to about shoulder height. Then let your head fall. Your knees can soften, no problem.

We'd rather you be easy than rigid right from the start because you're fighting a tight hamstring or back. And inhale, exhale, we roll up one more of those to let the arms come up. Inhale, filling up. Let the arms come down. Imagine your spine getting taller first so that you go up to go down. Rounding this time. If you can get the hands to the floor. Do everybody bend your knees as you start to straighten them. First, pull the abdominals off the thighs, allowing your head to be heavy and go towards straight. Doesn't have to be straight it just in that direction. Inhale, release the knees, drop your hips low and exhale to restraint. One more time. I'm coming up and just sec. Jim, you go ahead. Go ahead. Off, I'll catch you. I'll catch you and yell Ben, knees and everybody stirred to straighten the legs.

Roll the abdominals in and up in the spine. Back to that upright position. From here, back to our alignment, right? So just think of it. It's easy. It's nothing too straining. We inhale, we're just going to rise up on the heels on our exhale. Here it comes. Exhale rising up and inhale as we come down to add the arms back in. Inhale, reaching up all the way. High point on the toes, high point on the fingers. Exhale, keep the timing the same.

Here come the dolphin and inhale, rising up. Got To love that at the end of the day and exhale immediately. Find ease here. It's not that we're not going to work intensely cause we will, we have that option always. But let's find ease where we can. One more like that up and exhale, putting weight in a little more into your heels. Bend the knees, inhale, sitting back into the heels. Find the glute contraction and exhaling and inhale and exhale.

So what has to happen here is I'm just kicked us right into some foot and leg work. So I'm trying to get the glutes a little bit. Everyone's a little different here so you can expect to have to pitch forward a little bit with your body. If a, if you feel that a lot in the front of your shins, you might have to pitch forward more. You may not have to pitch forward at all. What we're looking for is back staying pretty neutral. Glutes engaged. What there they are? Where I swear Karen, it's kind of not bad. It's not really fair though. We can't see, Oh yes, look slapped up. No, no one's going to believe it. I'll get out of the way just in just in case. Just in case I'm miss.

Next one. Come all the way. Lean forward enough that you can float the heels off the ground and by float I do mean float, not real high. Here we go. Same thing in here. Can we work? See Dolphin and steak contracted and inhale and exhale. So the point with the arms is two fold. One, you can find some release with it. Maybe even threefold too. You can help balance yourself.

But what I'm hoping for too is that when you bring the arms back, there is a little bit of resistance through your upper back so that it's as if you're water and go ahead and work the legs. Aim your knees, slide right over the toes. That's right Amy. The knees right over the toes. Good. Now if your knees don't like to bend, you guys keep going. You don't have to bend the knees over and over again. You can just keep the same knee angle and pitch forward a little bit more from the hip joint. So long as you kick in the glutes. Yeah, whatever you do, don't let, don't send the knees way over the ankles at most over that first and second toe on this next one will come all the way up. Lower the heels for a moment. Then just swivel the heels so they touch each other and find a sense of wraps.

You can work strongly through the legs hovering up again. Whoa. Interesting. Good. I went to high. Now, same thing. Reaching forward. Squeeze the glutes, squeeze the inner thighs are wrap around in a hold. This one at the top, an inhale, reach and up. I'm gonna add on a little balance. Keep your balance. Just take the arms up. Nothing else changed. We'd come all the way around and back to the bent knee. Real lean forward in here. Exhale. Here's another inhale.

As you reach up and around, things that matter. When you head into balance her, where are you looking? I'll try to be clear here. You just keep the legs straight. You inhale, allow the arms to float circle and giving you two breath cycles. Inhale, arms up and just keeping the heels hovered the whole time. Here's an exhale somewhere in there. And inhale, reach, exhale, stand. Inhale, lengthen the spine. Exhale. It's a lot of footwork, isn't it?

Last time in here, try to relax your feet, but they are going to work and up. Ooh. And I saved gym. Inhale up and down. We go with the heels as well. Step wide and by wide I guess I just mean just outside your hips. Okay. Uh, notice whether or not you roll forward or back on your heels and try to keep it level. Here we go. Let's go. Inhale and exhale. Keep your head kind of still. So there isn't much change too down enough, right? It May, you may end up looking down that you can hinge forward a little, Jen. There you go. Yeah, you go and let's go a little quicker.

Now let's go down and pull down and pull it. Can you imagine that you're dragging your feet inward so you get a little more inner thigh too. And the spine of course isn't always long. At any point you could just stand and work the upper back if you've had enough for the legs or you can hold it down. Yeah. And you could open your chest and you could just push into the ground to lift up a little and release and you could push into the ground with up cause I don't release it. Push release. Little smaller push release. You can go a little wider gym. That'll feel better on your ankles I think.

I think we'll see. We'll see. Good. I like the position. I really liked the position. Whichever a little more chest up. Uh Huh. Huh. How are we doing? Hold it down. Lift your left heel. Just your left one. Put it down. No. Right and down on the left.

And then that right. And both whole and down and both ice and down. Abs in, yes. Upper back helping. One more time. Lift up. Stand up. Still heels up. Lower heels down and heels lift.

And um, let's do the, the heel lift a little slower so that you know you're not rolling out. Arm. Squeeze and pull. They send bend. Yes, it's true. I kind of came a little more upright cause I can, Jim can, some of you may not be able to. You may have to be slightly pitch forward up to on as you're still keeping it easy on the back. All right. Keep the straight legs when you get there. No big deal. Rise up on the toes. Bend heels flat.

Bush up. Yes. Rise up on the toes. Bend, he'll slap and a big squeeze. Two, three, Marla, Mandan reach. You can decide at this point if you want to stay vertical, it's just slightly different. Action. I'm going to suggest a little bit of a lean and up, right? Darn it. Just now feel it. Should we do like a whole bunch more? That's good. He says, did I say three? I said three. OK. Walk the feet in. Nice. Work totally together through your feet.

So if you can get the ankle bones together and it doesn't bother you, do that. If it does bother you, keep them slightly apart. That's how we work. We're here. Most important, I said say knees. So if your feet don't touch, make the knees get as close as possible. All right. From here you've got your lean, uh, arms or back. So you're reaching down and just be mindful of the tendency to pop. You won't do that. So you're reaching, do you feel your back or your arms or both? Try for the arms.

It's like you're pushing against a wall. Rise up on the toes. I've got both heels up and down, so I'm literally just reaching down as all for now. And now as you rise up on the toes, squeeze the upper arms together and, and squeeze together so you've got a little back action. Didn't change the ribs though, so there's no excuse to do that. You're just doing the best you can. I swear. That was cool.

And so you don't really let go much. So I've got my tricep back of there. I'm pretty strong pressing together. Slight release, pressing together. Slight release. Find your back. Find your butt while you're there. Bigger. Yes. How are we doing? Okay. Now the next one is going to be running or prancing where it's one one and I'm alternating arms to two and one, one and two. Now that lot going on here, really tempting to pop the hip side to side.

You're not going to let that happen. You're letting the knee really almost buckle in front, right? And lifting tall, soft landing. You do touch the heels down, but keep itself stronger. Arms make the arms almost crossed at the upper arm. Not the wrist. I'm sort of kidding. Sort of give it a shot.

Alright and now we'll go up high. We'll feed up and down and then take the arms up if you can. I'm going to leave one out because I should actually, I'm going to hold one. That's what I'm gonna do. You're gonna go either laced or prayer like position, then the elbows. Yeah, I'm not going to do that one. I had a little situation. So you're basically stretching your triceps just like this and you can really stretch them and really pull the ribs in. There you go.

Has that great. Next week you won't be [inaudible] I'm just kidding. So you're just stretching your arm, let it out, and then do it again. Stretching it and you're doing both arms from there. Let's do a little bit of balance. Let your arms come down and take your right leg behind you.

And as you take that right, like behind you. Yeah, make it straight. Yeah. Make it really straight. And if I keep saying it, which I am, good. Now, hinge forward just a little bit at the hip. All right. Arms are kind of reaching in a moment. You can change them if you want or you can. Now, if you want to reach the leg as you tip forward so it's not just tip forward, there's a huge difference in that. It's energy reaching back. That's enough. There's leave it there for now and find the middle of your body as if some, if I came by and pulled on your ankle, you'd have to kind of hold somewhere.

Where's your anchor point? Now you can let the arms drop if you want. I'm going to suggest not overhead yet. Hips are level. If you want to go further, you go further, but that means you're reaching that straight like from out of the hip. From there we'll bend the leg you're standing on or just keep it straight. You can even leave it on the ground, right and straightened.

That's absolutely fine. Inhale, bend. So I'm going to keep my down for a second just to show that Ana. One more time and and right. Come back to upright. Put that foot down. You're going to roll down please. Finding the floor best you can. You leave the leg straight however, do what you need to do. You can even take your hands above your knees.

Start with bending your left knee carefully right towards your nose. And by the way, both heels remain on the floor. Should I have said that first? So both heels are down. Both heels are down. Both heels down. Good. Now bend though. Which one did I say? Left knee. Right? And pop that right hip out to the side and enjoy a little stretch down the right tie. Yeah. And then go ahead and switch carefully. I don't need it.

Probably quite as much on this side yet or maybe you do and then notice what happens with your foot. Are you rolling out on that left foot? Now try to keep the inner arch kinda rolling down [inaudible]. All right, come back to center. Soft knees, maybe hands above the knees and roll up or just roll up with support from your abs. Okay. Left leg back. Straight strong like so you feel where the back of the leg meets the glute.

That's important. All right. Reaching the shoulders down. All those same rules apply. I almost act like the reason I'm hanging as someone came by my leg and picked it up and so I had to go. That's what I think of at least tonight and things that help if you just focus on the front of your body, if you think this is just abs and balance, it's not going to help you. I promise you. If you think a little tiny, tiny bit of your upper back or shoulder blades, perhaps it'll help counterbalance yourself. Focus your eyes to a lot of looking around going over here. Good.

When you feel comfortable and it looks quite good to me. Good. Anyhow, bend the knee. Exhale, straighten. Good email, Ben getting quiet and straight. Lovely email fan Islay line. And then when bringing it back back up, your body lifts you up, your leg comes back into place and we go down for that straight. Same stretch again. So roll down and being free and easy again. Feel free to bend the knees a little bit.

That would be fine. It might be even appropriate. Letting the right knee first go to your nose, heels, or on the ground. Let the hip come out of alignment and joy and then carefully switch to the other side. Okay. Worrying yourself back up please. [inaudible] AH, okay.

Let's go left leg out to this side and just lifted up a little and take your body with, so the right leg is going to be a little more perpendicular or straight anyway, and you're tilting. Take your head with you. Okay. So if you're going to go any further, the legs got to come higher. Huh? It is a weird religion and we're okay. We're okay. We can even lift the leg. Only one, two, three, chicken with your back that you're not arching. Hold it there.

Circle back one to slope. Three. You don't have to work hard. No one said anything about working hard. Just do and change sides. Circle back one. I didn't mean sides in many directions to, sorry there Marie. Five.

I'm doing six and six and just when you thought it was over Ben than me and as you come to upright, pull it up. Now you can put foot down any time, right? Try for level hips. We're just going to raise the leg up. Exhale and press forward. Bend again. Michael did this, did something like this. I don't know. Somebody did something like this. Michael or Kathy, completely borrowed or Solon, however you look at it.

And then with that bring it back down. Sporting like you should've worked pretty hard. The supporting like borderline cramp. Yep. I know the feeling well Aaron. I know the feeling really well. So first things first we are going to lean. It's true. See about keeping the like relatively straight first just to get you going now and if you need to turn the foot out, it's okay. The bottom line, it's okay, don't go crazy, but it's all right now as the leg lifts, check ribs, it's hard and you want to keep that initial alignment, which was upright and stack and if you're going to go with that, that's great.

Gym Looks Great. You don't even need to go any further. Yeah, the leg in the air is come soft and then from there we could lift one and as you lift you're lifting to reach, right is that we're not so interested in the app. It's out there. This long low backs hold the next one up doesn't have to be big just to around one fluid and consistent ferry for pressure hips to the windows five six change and one now it'd be good time to relax the toes, the three, four, five and six. Then we came in, we brought it up. If you need a break ticket, otherwise stack your hips and we brought it up and first of all over. Now if you didn't want to touch the um, extend the leg, you can just touch down, right? Same thing. Yes. If you're, if you're, the balance becomes frustrating. Just lower the kneel at all. One more time only though. Well good.

Taking it down. Sit a step wide with your feet. Please come down. All I'm doing is basically sliding my hands just to the inside of the knees. I am going to have straight arms and push the knees back. Now what we try not to do is just sink into the shoulders, kind of keep yourself up as you can press back on the knees and it may be Jim, if you went a little tiny bit wider with your feet.

We'll get into a pretty decent inner thigh stretch and maybe even the outer taking. I like to switch my hands. It's up to you. I'm going to take the left hand and just turn it inward and push or rotate my spine away from that hand is really a better way of saying it. If you need more, lower the hips down to the floor a little more looking for that rotation. Then draw the abs into round your back a little just to lift up out of it. We'll go the other way. I switched my hands, I don't know. Just for comfort. And then all you're doing is turning your spine. Yeah.

And this is just your leverage. That's right. You can twist more. Go ahead. Use this drink here. Yeah, it's okay. Is it? Does it feel right though? It looks good. Yep. Good. Oh, all sorts of wildlife out there. There's a rabbit on my car, right? Ben? The knee. I'm sorry. Round the spine and come on up. Okay. Walk the feet in. One more balance for you. I'm gonna turn sideways just to show it to you. It's a quadricep balance.

So the first, the modification would be if you don't want to do any more balance, although it's some, you would tuck your pelvis, the foot's behind, and you would just sink down a little to get hip and thigh. Okay. I'd rather get this than the balance tonight. If you think you can do both, you pick up the foot or the ankle before cranking on it. In fact, we're not going to crank on it. We're going to simply guide the knees so that they line up side by side. Pulled that, come with me. If you feel like you want to try this, then there is a little bit of a posterior tip or a lengthening of the low back or drawing up of the hips.

From there you can draw the hips and just don't let the knee come forward. If it's too tight on the leg, go to this one. Arm Up. Opposite. Opposite arm is up, right? He's pretty close together. Can you tuck any more pupil bonus terms? Good, good, good, good. From their option. Just stay here if you want or you can start to pitch forward. I, I'm putting a little pressure of the top of the foot into that hand and we don't have to get too far forward here.

You could lift the leg all you want. Keep the hips as level as possible. This is just for fun. I'd rather get the stretch though. So don't go for fancy without the stretch and then come on in and we'll change sides so the leg comes up and it might be different. You may on the side want to keep the foot on the ground. Yeah, good. Let me sort of lined up. It's fine to bend the support leg. Not a big deal at all. In fact, it might be a good idea to take that other arm up and so ask yourself, a lot of times you just have to check in with your own self because you'll know better than what I'm seeing and you you're hoping for a little bit of stretch in the front of the hip too.

So we might need to keep the foot away from the butt a bit first to get that. And if you've got it then you can draw the heel and close. If you want to add more. Now as the time to hinge forward. And again, once as I go forward, I'm start to really push or lift into my hand, the one that's holding the foot. Yeah. Excellent. And then slowly with control, bringing it back, right?

Let it out. Find the edge of your mat to have a seat crossing one leg over the other, uh, facing inward, facing inward. You don't have to be right at the edge. We're just going to sit down and go into it. Have a seat, right? Rolling yourselves all the way down. And what we're going for here, a couple of things. Bring, bring. Um, first of all, how do I want to do it? I want you to bring both knees up to tabletop please and take a minute and with your abdominals, try to lengthen your back enough to feel all the Vergara and the Mat, okay? If you can't do just by contracting, I actually want you to do a little tuck.

You may need to bring the knees slightly closer to you, but we want the low back. Are All the bones of the back into the mat right now. Okay? From there, take one leg. Inhale. Exhale. One leg goes maybe to the ground, but you're going to stop it before the back comes up. So you are literally pressing the low back in and bring it back to tabletop and change side. So whether you've done the a hundred a million times, just check in. Can you do this with a really soft leg and slower is going to be a little more intense. So I'm going to ask for that out of this group. It's down to come up, didn't really give you a breath pattern cause it's up to you.

Theoretically it'd be a slight bit easier exhaling as you lower that leg. But we're going to change things in a minute and you may not get all the way down. One more per side prs rather stop before you feel the pressure come up away from the mat so you know you're working at this time. Try both legs first. Keep them together as they go down. Do not go for further than where you can maintain the same exact pressure the whole time. Okay? If you do, you're just working your back and that's not the point.

Maybe you put your fingers into your belly and feel that, and maybe you would be surprised by how heavy the legs are when they're not really working. That's great. It had, let's do one more time. Bring them up. Keep them up. Arms are by your side. If they're not are they're already curl head, neck and shoulders up. So this ought to make it easier, right? One leg down, arms are just floating. And Go ahead and switch cause I think you'll find this a slight bit easier because their heads are up. Press [inaudible]. Alright, just a couple more, but the same rules, right? Maybe you can open up the knee a little bit.

In other words, make a longer lever, longer leg to challenge it. All right. Both legs will come together for a moment. Again, if tabletop is here, let the legs drift up a little and away. A little squeeze. Inner thighs and now both legs. Maybe we'll go to the floor. Maybe they won't. Exhale to scoop or inhale up tonight. Inhale up. [inaudible] check your backs, check your backs. No wavering.

Hold it up. Split the legs. They're kind of long here. You can support your head and back. Let's do, let's support the head. It's going to just make you heavier and change. So there I just moved bigger. I'm, I'm heading towards Hamstring Pole, so don't straighten one ne, not the other key from the same. K is your back still down? If it's not, not worth it. Keep it smaller. In fact, let's go a little quicker and da Da. You can pull the top leg in a little closer. But don't bend the knee anymore.

Aaron, I think you can go a little straighter, but I might be wrong. I don't know. You tell me. No. Okay. I must you, I'm with you. Good. Go back to what you're doing. Four, three, two. Bring both legs up. Bend the knees, such feet on the ground. Reach your arms overhead. And with the feet slightly apart, we're going into a pelvic curl. So inhale, exhale, roll through that low back so you lose any space that's there.

Just leave your arms overhead. I'm only gonna do one to protect the shoulder that I sorta fell on and inhale. So the arms are over by your ears. How bout, and then exhale is your upper back, comes down your middle back, inner thigh, lumbar spine and down. And do it again. Inhale, allow yourself to really feel the stretch to the low back as you push the low back into the mat. Then peel yourself off and hold. Inhale, find your inner thighs here. And all I mean by that is there's a little inward contraction.

Exhale to come down. Upper back, middle back. Good. Can you state in your elbows, Jim, just like going to reach the wall. They're just bent. That's all good. That's great. Just like that. It's good for your lats and up we go. And by that I mean it's just a good stretch. Okay, keep what you're almost at.

Oh God, that looks great. From there, just take your arms so then they'll point to the ceiling or you're welcome to put them on the floor. From there all we want to do is exhale to lift one heel. Lets just lift one heel. That's all I stilled the toes down. You can imagine you're gonna take it off cause you will in a minute put it back down and alternate to the other side. So no big deal. But what you do want to make sure is that you haven't deviated in the spine, right? The goal is to keep it all still. Okay. If that's fine, you can then take it up a little bit more. But let's go slower now for, for us that are, that are doing it. Go ahead and lift the knee and slowly down.

I'm gonna stay on this side. I'm gonna stay on the side. Keep those hips level and reaching. And so those hips didn't drop at all. Lovely. We go on one more time, up and down, changing sides, but take your time, make sure it's still control. Anticipate. This is one of the few times I say we should anticipate and the arms are still good. You're welcome to bring the knee closer to your chest.

If you can keep the position one more time and now we will alternate. Take your time. There's a subtle little bit. So one leg up and, and then transition effortlessly. Not really, but make it look like it. One more. Perseid. Good. Your work in both the back extensors and the ABS. Last one here. And with that inhale, as we roll down, let's take the arms back over. Head by our ears, rolling the spine down, stretching the legs out. Zip 'em up. Inhale for the roll up. Again, just assume I'm using both arms and I will. When I get down, exhale up.

We count keeping your curve, keeping your curve, keeping your curve. Excellent. Sitting up tall. Rotate up here towards the front. I'm going to come to you. You come to me, I'll come to you. And now come down one side. Yes. Just to the shoulder. Lift the arms over to the other side. You'll go up that side of the spine.

Come back to the middle and in straighten up. We'll go to the back. You'll go to the back. I'll go to the front. Inhale, rotate, exhale and come down. Inhale to pass the arms and the chest over. Exhale to come up. Okay, so that's the basics of it. But now we'll just, we'll actually go almost all the way to the dead ground with our heads. So towards me. Inhale, exhale. Down we go. You pretty much go all the way.

I take the arms around and up, up, up and sit tall only at the last moment. Other way to the back and now allow the arms to go up by the ears and are off center slightly. Let's do it again. Inhale, rotate it down. Me and Anna spin around up and center. Last set of these to go, oh I need that little rotation there to come up and center. Next thing we're going to roll back and bring up the like closest to me roll back and just bring it up and they come up and set it back down. Other side, you're rolling back, drag the left knee or the back knee up and then set it back down. They can kind of sense it says it's a knee and the chest where somehow attached the knee doesn't happen right away.

It kind of is a half second lag and one more time sort of full like it's going to end up almost in that tabletop and then back up. Here's the change. As you lift the f, the leg closest to the front, you're going to rotate and touchdown the pull the elbow in. Maybe it'll touch and then come back. Other side rotate as you pull down and tap the elbow or you don't have to touch that, but you can just get it out of the way. I just want that rotation primarily rotate around to touch and you can decide how far down you go. It doesn't have to be way down there.

It can just be like a little boom, right? You don't have to go solo either. Keep that or we'll change it. We roll back, then extend the leg to come back up and center and Aaron, if you don't want to do these because you've been so many teasers recently, rotate, extend the leg in a way it kind of helps you back up and rotate the upper body or sorry, don't rotate through there. As you roll down, you're rotating. Extend that leg. Come right back up. This will be your last one and roll down as you bend the knee, getting that little upper body rotation. Extend the leg. If you're going to and up. We come from there. Slide the feet in.

Turn them out for a moment to stretch forward. Tell me if this one gets your hips. Absolutely, absolutely. Thank you Deborah. Yeah, absolutely. Does this one get it Jim? The outer hip. I love it. Okay. You might get it more since one place we want to stretch on you if you went straight or in your back first.

And then almost like you're taking these hip bones forward and I am pull, I'm helping myself with my, my hands sort of like and then pressing down. Does that get it kind of sort of inner thigh too, but all right, got all right. Bring in the knees together if you need to scoot forward too. It looks like we're pretty good for um, rolling like a ball. So let's bring it, let's leave it a little open for the moment. So if you're used to really tiny, leave it just a little more open and um, let's let him be s apart. Or if you're used to doing it apart, you're, this isn't part, okay.

Just the knees. Yes. Just the knees. Thank you. Yep. And you've got a little space. Yeah. All right, here we go. Inhale, roll back. Smooth ride. Exhaling up and hold and inhale, roll back. Exhaling again. Okay.

Now, same thing. Make it a little tighter. [inaudible] I'm just pulling out the balls. Oh look, I forgot one for myself. Um, hold it up on this one. Take that ball please. And where should we put it? That's where I wanna put it to between your, oh, thanks Perry. Between your ankles and your butts or inner thighs. Gluteus maximus. Why thank you.

And you pick the smallest one. So helpful. I appreciate it. Oh God. Okay. Right. Okay. So did I say ankles? I just meant calves. All right, here we go. Inhale back. Keep it tight. Exhale up and checking resistance in your neck and shoulders.

And inhale. Exhale up. Keep it, keep it, keep it. Yes. And a windy. Good job. Back to go up. Trust it. Trust it. It's okay. One more. Keep it tight. Exhale. A little help. Okay. Close up Denise.

[inaudible] forehead on the ball. You can hold underneath. Let's do that. Hold underneath. It makes sense. Yep. So I just took my hands under my knees or you can keep it regular. I'm going to go underneath. Just don't kick the legs. Here we go. Inhale back. Keep it. Exhale. Keep it, keep it, keep it and watch the shoulders.

Inhale back. Exhale up. You can touch the feet on the floor. Don't worry. And again, so a little pillow would work or a big pillow would work easier. Last one up and good. Right? Keep it complete. The Circle. It's going both ways. It completes your getting by doing both ends of it or just by having it in either place.

[inaudible] yeah, yeah, yeah. Absolutely. Okay. Can You keep, can you keep the energetic circle with no toys? Sure. So lose the toys because you're absolutely right. And I don't mean put your knee on your forehead, but, but intention wise, so let's give it a shot. So she's Deborah's just pointing out that it finishes the circle and it absolutely does. So that's partly why we say stay where you start. Oh, let's go knees together. Here we go. Inhale back. Keep it.

Just pretend you have the ball in both places and get light on your hands and do it. Let go the hands if you want. I mean there's so many options. Last one though, you get out of the rolling action and then just sit yourselves up, slide yourselves back so you're more upright with the spine stretch. Nice and simple. Taking the arms forward, hugging that space. So you lift you all. You really kind of want to feel the glutes zip up or not as above a squeeze. Inhale, head first. Exhale. Imagine you're going up and over. If these balls were bigger that you were having to go over, staying here. Inhale, exhale.

Feel it from the low end of the body as you roll back up. Oh, and in [inaudible] exhale, you'll feel a sense of lift first. Get that part right. It's a truly like a, a growing before you go down, even though you're exhaling. Yup. Yup, Yup. Blow out all your air. If you haven't, inhale soften through the neck and shoulders. Exhale, come back up. Good. And inhale, exhaling down, squeezing it all in. Exhaling, still working. Almost like you're trying to lift up off your shoulder blades. I'm going to change things a little bit. Put your hands behind your head.

The good. You're good. So what we're doing is going first, um, first to the, to your right, to your right. Inhale up and okay. Now if I am going, good question. I am going, what am I doing? I'm going pretty much side, maybe a subtle diagonal and I am leaving my elbow in front of me a little bit on purpose. And I'd like you to to now, if I would've thought about it in time, I would've put the piece of paper under your opposite hip and you're holding that paper down. I could not come and pull a piece of paper out from underneath you.

Does that make sense? Good. Come back up. So to answer Debra's question, it's a subtle, very subtle, I think rather think directly to the side. But I suppose I am ever so slightly going forward. And then the paper test, if I were to combine, slide it out, it wouldn't happen and bring it back. Let's start that way again. Okay. Ahead now then from here, close up the top elbow. So you're, you're basically just closing it up. That's all I'm doing. I'm not really doing much else. Reopen it. Lift up other side, lengthening, lengthening. It's a long length in the paper. Test.

Imaginary pip tests. Close the top. Elbow forward, squeeze it. Oh, you're here and reopen to come up. The gaze is going to go wherever. Yes. Don't turn the whole bodies out. You're asking me? Yup. Yup. For now it's just boom there and up and up. I suppose mine is ever so slightly out on that. Like I said, if I'm rotating a little bit and okay, now it's going to change.

So I'll tell you about the head starts the same. Let's go over now turn the elbow a little bit, turn the whole body and your head just goes with you. So you're now looking about the knee reopen and come up. Okay. Starting with just the side reach or side bend. Turn. You can lift the elbow, come forward a little bit, take the other one behind you. Now reopen and, and lifting up to go over, rotate, reopen and and over last one like so pip test, taper, test, rotate, come back and okay, take your arms behind you.

Just make sure that feels okay. Just there. Right behind you and lifted. Okay. No big deal. One arm in front, it doesn't matter which rotate. Just feel what that stretch is going to be cause you're about to do it. Just rotate. Rotate. Um, yeah, as if I'm pulling on your arm. That way you keep rotating. Yeah. Just want you to feel that and then just switch this switch.

Okay. So now taking your leg closest to the front of the room, whichever one that is. So your right, your left and the other leg is still stretched out. Okay. Huh? All the way down. And just about outside your mat and you're going to sit up as straight as you can. You may have a little bit of a lean. That would be okay. I'm more interested in the straight back. All right from here, stretch the leg up and release it. Stretch the leg up and release it. One more time. Stretch it up.

Leave it up there. Walk up the leg. Okay, so it's out a little bit. So right. It's like wider than when we do climate tree in here. Okay. You can have a slightly bent knee. No problem. Take the free hand. So the same arm. His leg is holding it. Free arm is up. Lift the rib cage without flaring it.

Rotate and try to take that free hand outside the ankle or the toes. Yeah, grab on. If you can actually just come back, just come back and open it out. Here's where I was trying to give you that little teaser. You touched the ground behind you. Straight spine, same arm. Lift the rib cage. It's not just the arms, so I want you to feel like the low back. Lifting you up.

Come around, just do it again. Touch. And Kathy was here. This is one that she did that I loved. Yeah, and we'll lift that again. This time we'll actually grab, do you need a break for the leg? Hug it in. Let's just take it in quickly and right back up. So now I've grabbed either on the same side if you want to or if you could cross over. That's even better. Or just more of a stretch, I should say. Lengthen your low back. Free arm.

I'm not going to reach up so much with this one. You go ahead. I'm watching you Deborah. Straight up with that arm. Yep. And going back, I'm just going to keep my arm down, but yours is straight. And then touch, lifting and lengthening. Then again from under the rib cage, lifting up arms straight up. Overhead to come back and out side the leg or outside the big toe. Across. Over. Yup. Lift up again. Rotate, rotate. Did that get your head? No. Okay. Up you go. Just wondering and then read. Bend it.

Hugin turn that foot out. So I'm just taking it to the inside edge. If you're a real flexible and want to put it on top, you can. Okay. Is that about right? Oh, you're going into class that were you? That's what it was on the Cadillac. Yeah. We'll be done in about 10 minutes. Thank you.

I'm good. All right, I'll check. Unwind. Holding underneath your back is straight. You're welcome to lean back and engage the ads lightly. Here we go in one and we get down and do and down. Next time, hold it up. Walk yourself up. Just add a little stretch if you need it. So I have the same leg as arm holding it and then from there the arm comes.

We are rotating away from the leg in the air. Take that arm to the ground and hold yourself up with your back rather than just resting on that arm realist from underneath the rib cage or straight arm is up overhead and you touch outside that little toe or ankle relief. We do it again, spiraling around and if we go and hold it, hold it, hold it. Stir hatch and revenge. Pull it in. Add up again. This time we're going to change hands, so either the opposite hands, holding it from inside or you can take it from around the outside. Finding the long spy spiraling up to go around. That's it. That's it. Good, good. And let that hand go to the mat. That's right.

Then really lifted to come back, touching inside the big toe or that arch and up again to circle back and lift to bring it home. And then we just folded in first inside edge of the leg and hinge forward or just sit up right if you want. It's a lot of you are going to need to go forward to really get a big stretch out of and if we can. Okay. Moving right along. Let's come into a kneeling position please. Peter Flat. I'm going to um hmm. Hmm.

We have the balls, don't we? That's right. S from here. We were right over our knees. Give yourself a little posterior Tuck, a little lengthening of the low back inner thighs. Inhale, exhale. Start to hinge back. Basically keeping a straight spine. If anything, you're slightly flexed. I don't want eyes up at all. If anything there horizon or lower hold. Inhale work in the front of the thighs. Exhale, the entire position comes up exactly as it started. You can release it at the top for the moment.

Then inhale a little engagement of the glutes, a little tuck of the pelvis, hinge back. Take the pelvis with you. You want the hamstrings to move with you. Yeah. Inhale and exhale to come back up. Great. Inhale. Let's do this. Let's have the hands in the front just for now, just to make sure we have the position. Slide your hands and your upper body down a little bit. Yup, I know. And now go back. Keep that. Oh wait, don't come out of it.

Keep it and make the arm stay on your lives. Yeah, good. And backup. And then you can straighten up and look pretty and one more like that. A little sliding down. Keep them down. There are risks on the legs. If you can keep here, start to straightened. Don't move your hips at all. Just start to lengthen your upper back. Bring it right back where you were.

Slide the arms down. Do it again. Open Up. Hips aren't moving and uh, and come on up. Fair enough. Can we do that one more time now? Now that you've been sort of warned. There we go. We slide down for you. Have a little bit of flection going into it. Make sure you don't roll the shoulders forward too though. They're just down. And here we go back. Then you keep your glutes tight, you start to elongate the back and then you let it round again.

Hips don't move. Elongate the backer right out the crown of the head and bring it back. Let the chest move one more time. Keep it straight and come up. Go to your hands and knees please. Right? Extending one leg back before you extend the other one.

Pull the abdominals in and up so that you start to feel like you're about to Tuck. Put the other foot back, right. And from here, picking up the uh, your right leg and lift up one. Imagine reaching it to three can touch the floor on the way down for five, that knee is going to bend and come across toward that opposite elbow. Perfect and straight back out. One for five full two didn't give you a breath pattern. You might want to XL coming in, but it really doesn't matter.

And Walla put it down. Bend your knees, come away for one second. Try to come right back into it. Both knees up at once. Other leg is up and lift up. One and two long looking for almost a stretch. Your back is absolutely still for, I think you're good.

I'm just checking right then. Bend the knee and come in. Now your low back will move a little bit. That's okay. And back one and two, three or five. And with that, lower the knees down. Release the feet. Come all the way down to your abdominals. Yup.

Taking your hands behind your back. Turn your faces to the front of the room. Lace or hold your fingers high on the back. Now we have a fall. So I'm actually gonna give, I'm actually gonna give you your balls to take that. Unleash your fingers. If you don't have a ball. Um, I'll get it. I'll get it. You're not even close. Um, yeah.

If you don't have a ball you can use a towel or you can just hold your hands. And if you do, just take it up the sides. You can't let the elbows drop to the ground carefully. Yeah. All right, from there, bend your knees. We're doing the double leg stretch. Anchor the front of the hip onto the mat. And now kicking your heels to your glutes. Three times. You kick one, two, three. Now straighten your legs, straighten your arms.

Maybe you can apply pressure on the ball. I kind of doubted what I've done is however you were holding it, just roll the palms inward on it. You may or may not even be able to hold it, but you can try and then bend the knees, turn the heads and go the other way. And elbows drop. Kick. One, two, three. If the ball's distracting, throw it. Get rid of it. I don't want to distract you. Good. Thank you. And okay everyone toss them. Okay.

Best laid plans and stir rich and stirring. If you do have a nice big ball, which yours isn't very big, but I'm gonna try this anyway. Okay. Press into it. Oh, that's awesome. And let's get two more out of the deal. So kick one, two, three and into it. If you've already done it, go ahead. This is your last one then. And then once you get to straight, come back down by bending and relaxing, free up the hands. Once you've done your, even even one, and then up to press back into a rest position either with the arms overhead or down [inaudible] okay. And then help yourself up to a kneeling or if you want your hands, that would be fine for now. But eventually come to kneeling. I saw that you all can. Um, we're going to just stand up with no help, which I know is not a big deal, but I have seen more and more people looking for something to hold on to and I think we should be able to get up without doing that. Okay.

And then go back down. You see whichever like you stood up with. If it was your right, go down with it. Go slow. You can use the back foot however you want. I'm not trying to balance your land. A knee just I did, I alternate. It doesn't matter. Just A, I'm, I'll, I'll say it better this time. Endo. So let's lead with our left foot. Left foot forward. Stand up. You can help with the back leg. Uh, left leg down first. Careful. Use your back foot to help you. Easy and right.

Like down, right. Like forward. Stand up. Right. Like down then seem like a big deal maybe. But look around. Watch how people get out of chairs. It's kind of shocking. And now you're up. Whew. How's that for trying to stay up to the backroom ad's facing out the window again. Sorry. The way we started, the way we started. Yeah.

Fabulous in here. Exhale. Just let go. Just exhale. And then inhale, take the arms up. Take them out to the side. Tilt to the that way like is that extend you're being pulled. Press the hips forward in between two sheets of glass. Rotating. Just rotating. Just rotating and extending your back. Just looking over there, reaching the leg.

Come back and down. I couldn't warn you cause I didn't know how I was going to say it, so I just didn't. Here we go. Let's just take 'em off. Leaning ahead. If you want more room, you can take it. You don't have to stay there. Then just start to turn your chest. If the leg moves, it moves. It's cool.

Extending your chest reaching. Is this someone that's pulling you by the leg and then we come back, maybe arms up and bring it down or roll down. Michael King. Inhale, exhale and inhale. Exhaling to restack to realign, finding the arms back on your back. We got the feet together for just two heel raises. Inhale, exhale, go slow and milk it up, up and down. Mom, trying to feel all sides of your body and not intensely. Just notice in aware and up keeping the height. Let the arms come up and exhale. Your feet are down. Good job. Well done. Thanks guys.


Some great balancing work in this class.
I really love this class...
What a brilliant class! thank you!!!!
Oh Malgosia M Thank you!!!! The early days of Pilates Anytime! 

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