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This class is part of a beginner series that Kristi took this group through. Attention is placed on the fundamental skills that are required for all Pilates movements. Learn how to determine how high you should curl up in an abdominal exercise, how to use the inner thighs to help deepen your abdominal connections and begin to learn classic Pilates exercises like the Double Leg Stretch and Single Leg Stretch that occur in this class. There is a lot of information offered. It may be a class you want to work with over and over.
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Jul 08, 2010
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Alright guys, let's stand. Let's stand. Well, let's do it. Okay. I have little balls around. I'm not sure if we'll use them, but I think we'd like them. I think they're kind of helping us. So I'm going to have you say front for the moment. Yeah. And let's go just off your mats on the backside feeder together today. And what I want you to do is just sort of rock back and forth, nothing specific and just sort of notice where what I'm trying to get you to do is find your center. So if you lean forward a little and you lean back a little, try to find, feel your feet is the first part.

Feel the center of your feet and then sort of settle where you think this, the center of your feet are. And then with, I must, I'm going to say ever so slightly lean forward. If you haven't, I think I'm liking what I'm saying. Okay. Then organize herself. I mean, I don't have to give you a ton of cues. I want you to just feel like you're upright, right? Like your low back is somewhat long. For some of you that's going to feel like you've pulled the front of your body up. Your shoulders are low, are heavy. They're just heavy. They're not pressing. They're just heavy. Yeah. Good. And so I just lean forward a little bit. Yeah, it feels weird probably, right? Yeah, and it's all it's doing is I'm taking you out of that.

It's a common displacement of the hips. You just want them to ride over you. Yeah. It feels a little pitched, but it's okay. Love it. Looks in good. Okay. Take an inhale. Exhale. Let your head go down. Bend your knees a little bit and continued around your spine forward. Your knees are just slightly bent and you're rounding as if there's a big physio ball between you and your legs. That's enough. Hey, head's heavy though.

Drop your heads. Arms are heavy. Don't nothing too specific. Inhale, hold. Keep your knees bent. Exhale, start to juror. Roll back up almost restacking exactly the same way. Getting Taller and you can just straighten out the knees at the very end. I Strava. Inhale, filling up. Exhale, roll your heads forward.

Let the knees bend a bit. Kind of sink into your knees a bit more. Michelle, just drop into, there we go. We want to low back round. Good, good. That's good. That's enough. Inhale. If you want to support your hands or your back up with your hands on your knees, that would work too. When you're ready, just roll back up. Yeah, Kim or everybody, I tend to cue breath. If you don't catch it, don't worry about it. Okay. It's more patterning I'm trying to do. Inhale, whenever you're ready. Exhale to round. Most important thing is that you breathe. Just rounding over now everybody put your hands on your knees or thighs and put some weight on your hands.

You can bend your elbows and just make your hands comfortable. I like mine about mid dive personally and then from here you're looking at your belly. Just look at it. Oh right, love it. Here we go. Shoulders gently away from your ears. Your heads are heavy. From there, take an inhale, fill up, let your belly stick out a little bit. Exhale like you're fogging up a window and pull the belly up to the spine, but don't move your back. Inhale, let your belly go a little. Your hands are supporting you. Exhale like you're whispering the word ha, and see that eventually the abs pull up to the spine. Is that happening? Inhale, knees are bent back, so hopefully row feeling okay. Exhale and feel. See, literally, watch the abdominals pull up every time you blow out or just pull them up.

You don't actually have to breathe to tighten your abs looks good. Give yourself one more time and at the, as soon as you start to do that, start to roll up as well. Just start to restack your spine. Good. Start to be heavy with the shoulders and the chest rises. All right from where you are, you should be stamped, right. You know where your long line is. Inhale on the exhale, just float up off the heels, blow out sometime.

Exhale. If you haven't stretched your heels to the ground, barely touch them down and come right back up. Let's think about opening the chest. It doesn't mean pull the shoulder blades together. Just means expose the chest and down. Not Fast enough. Holloway. Squeeze your butt this time.

If you haven't float up now imagine keeping your head on the ceiling. As you stretch the heels down. It's an imaginary cubits you can stretch to try. You can try. You can lengthen, barely touch and come back up. Squeeze through the inner thighs where you're gonna find in all of our exercises. The more you go ahead and come down, don't, don't let it be stressful and the more you can keep the body coming toward the middle, keep going. Meaning if you had an imaginary line down the center of your body, you're squeeze. You're drawing inward and upward. Let's go one more time up and stretch yourself down. Good. Slide your left leg forward.

Bend the knee and pick the knee up and then touch in front. Just touch the big toe and pick it up again and touch and fine. Now exhale, picking it up and down. Maybe hold onto your waist somewhere and see if you could feel the ABS. Just contract. Easy, easy in heel touch.

Looking at Michelle, the easier we are up top, the more chance you have to work through the middle. Just one more. Feel your supporting leg work a little bit. Put it back in place. Take the other leg out a little bit. Hipster, nice and level. Can you imagine I'm, I'm sort of imagining a fishing reel in my belly and reeling that leg up on an exhale. The leg itself is quite relaxed and then unwind it back to barely touch.

Big exhale. There's a lot of exercises we do where we are making this action work on our backs and you want the sense that somehow the abdominal is pulled in and that had something to do with lifting the knee and in fact it does less about the abdominals. But if we, if we go from there at works giving you one more all the way up. Good and bring it down. All right, let's come down to our mats. Have that little ball nearby. Do you have one over there Kim? Okay, good. Have the little ball nearby and lie onto your backs.

Actually give me one second before you go completely down. Your feet will be a part about sits distance, sits bones by the lay base of your pelvis, right? Your butt bones. So four or five inches. We're going to through a spinal articulation, the pelvic curl is going to be your role, the low back into the mat. So there's this moment where you have full contact, then your hips come up. Then we talked about this last time you continue, you see the tech now, right?

I'm continuing to attempt to do that even though really all it's happening is as a pushup. If I don't, it's going to get left behind and I'm gonna feel it all in my low back. Okay. Weather. And that's just, that's enough set I think on your backs. Placed the little ball between your knees. That's about how far your feet are going to be a part. So lower your feet can be a little further apart. Yeah, you're barely holding that ball. That's it. Okay. Now squeeze the ball.

Not at the knees itself. Like these are my knees. I don't want to pop the ball at the knees. I want the whole inner seam of the leg to squeeze lightly. Okay. Length in the back of your neck, Meredith, by looking down a bit. Okay. From there, arms are reaching down your side. Inhale, it's as if you have a little grape between your low back. Squish the grape.

That's all I want. Blow out and squish the grape. That's it. Press the back into the mat. Inhale, release it. Breed however you want, but that's how I'm going to say it. Xcel just squished the grape. However you can. There's no space between you and your boss in the Mat, right? Is that true? Okay. Release it down. Good. Yes. Here we go. We're going to carry on then that squish the grape and just keep going all the way up so we're rolling up your spine.

You start by rolling through the low back. Your Butt lifts off the ground. You keep going. You keep going. You look for the hamstring work and you keep the ribs down. Nice job, Michelle. Just use your button. You're there about half the engine. You're done. Good. Inhale. Exhale. Roll down. Started your upper back, your middle back.

Yes. Then find that grape again or a new one and roll right through it. Squish it in your down. Inhale, good work. Exhale, rolling. A feeling stretch almost to the top of the legs. Inhale, holding it there. Exhale, soften through your throat. As you roll back down, imagine reaching your hips closer to your heels. These are just things I'm trying to add to it. I'm not changing the movement. And inhale, exhale, still lightly hugging that ball as we roll through the low back.

Then continue attempting to roll as you go up. There's a tendency to flare the ribs here, so I'm gonna ask everybody to put their hands on the lower end of the ribs. Just anywhere. Arresting them there. That's right. In health is big as you can. You might feel your hands or your ribs move. That's okay. Then exhale for as long as you can and notice how the ribs come together and you can try and Tuck your pelvis even more. Yes, take one more. Inhale, maybe not so big this time, and we're going to start rolling down.

You can relax your arms on the mat. Roll down upper middle, lower and your down. Yeah, Kinda sorta. Okay. Move the ball for now to set it off to the side. You can hook it under the mat if it starts to roll away. Here's the next thing I want you to try. You know that great, right? Um, you don't have to go for broke, but I want you to try to press your low back into the mat right now. Try to do it with your abdominals. In other words, try not to use your feet to do it. You might have to a little bit, try not to and make that space be gone.

But if you can leave your butt on the ground, you might not, you may have to tuck some, but everybody got that. Okay. Lift your right leg up to 90 degrees at the knee and the hip just like that. Exactly. Okay. Is Your [inaudible]. Now here's the rule. You just have to keep that whole spine on the ground. That's your main deal. That's your criteria. So now what I want you to do, and I'll use a Deirdre for an example. All she's doing. This is the tempo.

You're going to slowly lower the leg down in the shape that is in and you'll stop before the low back lifts off at all and then you'll bring it back up. Okay, so staying on my cue, the knee doesn't straighten at all. It would simply lower down. Maybe it'll touch, maybe it won't, but you're stopping it. You're everyone going to be different, right? You're, you're judging it by is my back moving at all? It shouldn't and you want to start with it fully down. Are we there? Okay. If you want a breath pattern, I would exhale to lift the leg first. It doesn't matter actually, but either way it lowering it down. Pay Attention, all the ribs, it on the backside. Everything is there. Nothing's changing.

How are we doing? No big deal should be relatively challenging. If not, hold this. Next one up. Just take it up and bring the other leg up. This one's going to be hard. You're picking up both legs and change so the first leg goes down and stays down. Now press the leg down. The one that's in the air. Keep the back down. Same thing. There you go Lori, and then pick it back up. So it's the thighbone that's moving away down the knee never changes and then you pick it back up. There you go.

Trying to let the leg be relaxed. Tell me what's happening. If anything looks good, Michelle. One side's easier. Okay. Okay. Do you think it's cause it's the second side. Now you know what you're doing. Yeah. Okay, good. It's not my fault. All right, let's make something else out of it.

Bring both legs up. Now this is where it's going to get tougher. I need your legs together fully and you can squeeze, you can kind of zip strong. You don't even know you have two legs. Be Strong about it. Okay. Having said that, be strong about pressing inward, not by just tightening. All right? Is your low back fully into the mat?

Does anyone need a pillow for next stream? Good. Start to slowly push the legs away, but you stop as soon as that low back moves at all and that should be pretty soon for some of us and then pull it back. Okay. Now your legs are just the weight, so we're not really caring about the tension in them. They're just held together. Go ahead and do it again and you stop yourself. Don't let the no rocking. You don't want all the way to drop into your bud.

It's even pretty much, yeah. Is that it'd be working. Michelle, you're doing great that you did practice. You did practice. I can tell. How are we doing? Yep, no big deal. Alright, so it's time to move on then. Put your feet down on the ground carefully. Just you would get in. Yeah, we get in just as strong as we get out. Hands behind your head, lacing your fingers together. We're going to imprint of what you just did was you kept the spine imprinted into the mat. We don't always work that way, but we need to be able to work that way.

Now we're going to imprint it from the other end of your body, so you leave your pelvis level, so you'll have space for sure. Most of you are going to have a little bit at least less pressure, but if not actual space. Now we're going to change that by curling up head, neck, and shoulders. So we're all up until your back is fully flat. This has to be the way it is. When you're doing any ab exercise, go ahead. Is a down you think? Let me check. Yes ma'am. Oh, just right in there. Okay. Sorry. I see your point. So you're up at bat, sorry. Yeah, for back does come down and your entire low back.

Thank you for making me clarify that and then go down. So when I say that, I mean the Lumbar, the low back area. When you curl up, you want to be up just high enough that that automatically has to be in the ground resting. If it doesn't, I need you to Tuck your pelvis a little bit. Okay, here we go. Roll yourself up. Chins come toward the chest. Come high enough dear to that. You know your low back is in the ground. Come, come, come, come. Come on. I know it is, but you can still come higher. That's it. And then stretch yourself back down. Being careful not to push your chin onto your chest. It can be forward, but it's not being pushed by your arms. Curl up again, a breath pattern would be exhale to Corolla. Good. Good. Michelle, can you take your hands fully behind your head and then maybe a half inch debts it and in your the sale go down. So I do a little inhale at the top.

How are we doing? Let's do one more like that. Exhale, curls you up. Excellent. Excellent. And then ask yourself, you're your own best judge is my whole low back down. Inhale. Exhale. Stretch yourself out. Can Get cam. We're going to change it a little bit. Starts the same. Exhale, curl up. Inhale, hold it where you are. Exhale coming toward the front window up here. Just rotate the shoulder to the hip. Inhale, keep your height as you come across the middle.

Opposite shoulder to hip. Exhale, we're inhaling as we pass through the middle, we exhale to the French. Inhale as we passed through the middle. Exhale to the back. Keep going. Email as you pass through. Legs. Don't move. Fe. Good. If you get off on the breath, that's all right. Just keep making it consistent. Yes. Chin slightly. Afric Chet. That's it. I'm good. Good. Loving it. How are you feeling?

Can you get up just a little bit dear God. No. All right. Even your stuff out, that should be even come back to the center and arrest. You're actually, you're up pretty high and it's, it's, I'm asking for a millimeter, just so you know. In fact, if you would just think about it, it's gonna make a difference. So I don't need you to strain to get much higher. It's more like, I just don't want you hanging out. It's like in your mind about to get up. Okay. Because that's all it's going to be. So was I supposed to screen squeezed my knees that whole time?

Because that's what I was doing and I could feel it more than if I was relaxed. You don't have two great points. Should you squeeze your knees there? You could do this just as well with the legs apart. But what you did by doing that, if I squeezing and you said you felt it more right, um, if you just drawn in fact, try it, try it with me. If you, if you just keep the legs engage, what you're doing is you're drawing into the pelvic floor. The inner thighs are the gateway to the pelvic floor, which is sort of the bottom of the powerhouse. So, and not to mention abdominal, it's just your intention in order is also helping you. Right. Okay, so let's, let's, let's do it again. Okay. So we'll do a little combination here.

Uh, I'll do the best I can with the queuing. So everyone's got the leg bones together. And by the way, you don't have to squeeze with all your mind. It's just like inhale, exhale, curl up. Yeah, it kicks in the glutes lil inhale. We'll go to the window first. Exhale up front here. Inhale as you come through. Middle. Exhale to the back. Good emails to about two more. And you notice how the anchor is really another thing you're doing.

You're holding one end still so the other half can work and then come center and rest. Yeah, it makes a really big difference. Now you know how you were saying, doing the legs, right? Single legs, you can do it there too. How they're passing each other. It's, it's like an intention. Split your feet apart just so I can, it's what you did with the ball. It's exactly we do with ball. Hug the imaginary ball. You don't have to actually touch to squeeze there. Okay.

Remember that as you now I'm gonna add some things tonight. Pick up one. Yes. Pick up your right leg, right knee into your chest. And if you, if your knees don't like to be held close, they don't, you can hold underneath it, but traditionally we'd hold on top the other leg straight up. Now if you need to bend the knee, go ahead. Okay. Don't let the tight hamstring be a problem. Let it bend if you need to. What I want you to do is do a, Lori said is squeeze the inner thighs towards each other and find out if your low back is down. Is it good?

See about how low can you take that straight leg without your back coming up. Keep your butt squeezed. You can turn the leg out a little if that helps. Oh really? No one. No one's back came up. Get back up there. Get bad on, believe you. I'm doing the paper test. No, you might. Well, you might be. Yeah, I really don't. You might be, but it could be, but I have no pressure changes whatsoever and in fact, think lung might be fine.

You might be fine with that. Knee bent. No big deal. If you are, you are. And then bring it back up. Change legs. Okay. Start up, start up, feel for it. Every leg is different and your butt on the ground. By the way, get your butt down. Lauria more and more and more and more. More, more right there. Now do it. You already curved, but that, well, isn't that interesting? That's what you want to do. I'm going to ask that you don't right now. I'd rather your leg be straight up and bent if it needs to be because we need the tailbone. That's okay. So don't, so sorry.

So there you go. I mean that's honor that because the other is just sort of kind of making it look right, but it's yes, that good. Let me check. Let me check. I'm feeling like you're up a little bit. Oh, there we go. Yep. This now push your ribs into my hand. Okay. Yeah. That's where I want that to stay right now. And this, relax it.

Yes. So now I want to check yours since I checked hers. Oh, good girl. Relax. And now keep this part and the grapes just moved up. It's at the lower lowest rib. Press down here. Stop the lake. I think you're okay though. I think you're okay. You're good. All right.

How you doing? Everybody's fine. Kate. Lauren is on to something though. She wants to curl up, so I'm going to let you curl up. Keep your leg up there. We've done each leg, right. Bring your head, neck and shoulders up and look toward your inner thigh or your belly. It should be easier to hold the back down. Yeah. Okay. Start to lower it from here. Let go. Pull that other leg in and bring it up to the top and lower. Sorry.

I'll tell you what. I'll, I'll take that out. That's too weird. I'll take that out. Just switch. Just switch. Yeah. Let's just switch. I was a weird Q. Just switch. Here's your goal. You don't move the back switch eyes are forward. Look right into your belly button. Dare to get up there and get up there.

Grab onto your thigh to get there. Grab on. Yeah. And switch. Yup. Everybody both hands to one knee or thigh. And then switch. And the switch. This is called single leg stretch. I want the legs pretty high. The straight like pretty high tonight. Boom. Do two more. One and two. Bring the knees in. Put your heads down.

How'd we go? It's called the single leg stretch. Good. Alright, let's do the double leg stretch and the triple Lindy. Yes. Both knees. I'm going to get you out on time. Both knees up. Now in an ideal scenario, you'd bring both knees up, having already engaged your abdominals because your Pilati is professionals now. So maybe one at a time is a better way for me to keep it. Anyway. You're up now. So curl your head, neck and shoulders up.

Put Your Butt Down, Lord. Put your butt down, Michelle. Butt down. Kim. Everybody put your butt down. And what I mean by that is when you go to 90 degrees at the hip joint, elbow, hold on though. Come with, there you go. That's where you stay. That's it. That's it. Lovely. Lovely. You're good. Hang on to your knees. This is perfect. Hang on. Right on top. Yep. And now put your heads down. Take a nice with you.

Go Down with, that's okay. That's okay. What? I'm going to make more clear. Go ahead and bring your knees with you or you can even let your butt lift holding on top of your knees just as Meredith has and just elbows to the side. You've got a firm grip. What you're gonna do is push your knees into your hands and curl up until you get to 90 degrees. So let your knees kind of push out. There you go. You can even come down on your upper body a little right there. That's, this is your perfect starting position for you. That's good.

You can maybe relax the hips down a tiny bit. There you go. Love it. Good. And if you would keep this, but Benji, get high enough. You can just slightly bend. That's it. Yeah, you can. You can bring them to you. Bring them to you, and now push into your hands there. Right there. Okay. Hold your positions. That's good. Cam, I almost too high in your back.

Just like go. Inhale, grab on, exhale and push your knees and your hands. But don't change your position. Just F, just that in helicopter. Grab on and we'll look at your belly. Flatten. As you blow out your air in helicopter. Exhale, grab on and press the knees into the hands. So the knees are coming to the center of the room and the light go on an inhale.

Good. And exhale. Belly sinks to the floor. Excellent. Inhale. Oh, I'm liking it. How are you doing? You look good. You look really good. And how are your backs and necks too? We take a break. One more inhale. You can rest your head in my hand and exhale and everybody's heads down. Yeah. Yes. And the truth is, the truth is, is it's not the breadth that did it. It's you. It's your abdominals that did it. You could hold your breath, don't you? Could and do that same thing.

What was good about it was that opposition you gave it and you don't even have to do that, but just that feel. So the all these classical exercises you're going to do soon, cause you're already starting to come from that place. You didn't move. You kept it there. We're going to move it a little tiny bit. Same position. So one knee up at a time. Okay. Um, for the moment they're kind of hugged in. In other words, you want to be able to be easily be able to bend your elbows at the moment.

Then as your shoulders slide towards your butts or they're just away from your ears. Push your knees into your hands. But don't wait until your legs are or your arms are straight your head up. Almost right away. Keep the elbows bent. And I'm literally pulling myself up or pushing myself up. So I'm resting almost here. Yep. Michelle, you're a little too high. Come down with your upper back and your head can still look forward.

There you go. That's it. Your de la La. Everybody just let go and let your thighs drift away about an inch and bring them back and hang on. Exhale, same thing you did before you inhale. Let go and let the legs move away. Exhale, pull them back. The same rule. You don't let your backs move and Hail, not even a little bit. Exhale, pull them back. Inhale, let them drift away. Excellent. Exhale, pull him back.

If your back hasn't moved, you can go bigger. Don't let it all tilt though. You shouldn't raise up either. You shouldn't raise up or lower down. Nothing moves. It's like effortless. Don't move your heads or anything. How many more? One grab on. Heads down. Nice work. That was great. Really good. Okay. All right, good. Next part.

[inaudible] taking hold behind your knees. This time behind your legs and for all of, again, I have my feet apart. So just sort of comfortably here am looking forward. Now tuck your pelvis, press your button or your back into the ground so I have both ends curve. Just like that Elvis point to the side. Pick your head up when you're ready and we're going to give it a little kick and just rock. Just a little one.

Only one kick. And there, how I'm keeping it going, Michelle, is I've tucked my pelvis and kept it that way. Inhale up, exhale down so you can give yourself one. Now what you do is come forward to, there you go. Now here's the deal. Do you, once you've done the little kick, you don't let the legs come close to you and then away from you, they stay exactly the same. That's a [inaudible]. You've got it. Exhale four on the fourth one. You'll come up through. You got it, Michelle. Three, two on the next one. Come up and balance. Oh, we lost it just on that last one, right? What happened? What? No, you're right. Oh, you're right. You're back straight. Yeah.

You let go of your glutes. Will Your Butt relax your shoulders and it's good. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. You just look at your hips a little. Okay, so here we are. Upright. Nice job. Um, taking yourself into, um, if you can, you'll go straight legs. If you're, if you're feeling flexible, go straight legs. If that doesn't work for you. I got somebody's boxes last time, didn't I? You want a box, right? Yes. Yes. And anybody else feeling tightened? Hamstring.

You said you had a little bit of an injury. You can put your hands behind you for support for the moment. So we're doing this just so that you don't have to strain in your hip flexors. Your, um, did you? Someone else want one? Sure. Okay. So basically just if I have the same thing, which in fact I do, you want to just sit at the edge and let it roll for it.

And if you don't have a box, you could roll it. If you decide later in the exercise, you could roll the mat, stick a couple towels under their feet are about as wide as your mat or about hip distance. Okay, good. Yeah. Does that feel okay? We're good. All right. I'm going to go slightly bent to, all right, gang fingertips. One over the other on the ground. Right by you so you're upright. Exactly. Exactly. Inhale, exhale and let your head go down. Your arms are to stay straight. Let the hands slide forward there. They're barely touching your mat.

That's how they're going to move sliding forward. A in your spine, taking your body, your upper body forward. Leave your hips where they started. That's right, that's right. Rounding the back. Go ahead a little bit more, a little bit more. Good. Inhale. If you can have your hands on the ground, I would for now start exhaling and pull the abdominals back and you're going to restack yourself as if you're sitting up against a wall all the way upright. Good. Now it's going to end up going a little faster than that talk. Good. Inhale. [inaudible].

Exhale. As you round, you're basically leaving your hips where they are. The shoulders are still down, but your back is rounding as you reach forward. Good. Very good. Stay there. Can you see it? Open your eyes if they're not open and look at your abdominals or near there. Inhale. Just like what you did when you were on your back. Don't go yet. Just exhale and look at your apps. Pull back, create more wrinkles in your shirt, and then start [inaudible] to roll back up your spine, pressing into me in this case and into an imaginary wall.

Heavy shoulders. Nice long head. Inhale, your a little of rising up on this. Inhale. You exhale. Roll down sequentially is all feel all parts. There you go. There you go. And eventually your upper body will travel away. Try to press this part into me. Yup, Yup, Yup. So that's coming from here. Yes, go ahead. Why not? If you can, you should.

Inhale now roll up your back or roll up the wall. Good. Michelle. Spreading out the upper back. Push into me a little bit. Yes. Kind of feels good as inhale. Exhale. Final parts of my leg. I want to feel your back as you go down. No feet though by the way. I saw that. I saw that a little [inaudible] cheater. Go ahead. So if you, if you want to see you, I'll come do this for you.

But what she's doing is she's pulling back here to feel me or if you could imagine a wall. There we go. That's great. So she's getting this lovely curve here. She's got a curve at the top. I don't, we're not really going for that. It'll happen. It has to. It has to, but I'm going for that lumbar curve. Sorry. Rolling. We'll go one more time. That looks good and you can roll up Kim. Sorry. Inhale. Let's go again. Not from here. Just breathe. Yes and exhale. Feel my leg as you go down. I want to feel your low back already. Yes, yes, yes. Now what you can do now everybody just stay where you are, wherever that is, and relax your shoulders a bit. Yes, dear dude.

That's exactly what I'm looking for. Gently go wide here. What you can do at is just separate your hands. A little guys, a little tight lads. There we go. Now when you're ready, start from the low back. Your low backs pressing into a wall or if my leg was there, that's what comes first. That's it. That's it. I'm going to put pressure on. You should go ahead and push into me. Yup, Yup. And feel the spine grow tall.

I think he went one more. Here comes last one. Exhale. I'm gonna walk away. Wait, come back. Come back. Straight down. It's like a vertical dive. Go ahead. Now I want to feel your low back almost already. There you go. Keep it on me. Keep. Press your hips back into me this way so you won't go quite as far forward right there. Yeah. And this is part we care about.

You're not using your feet or you know. Good. Okay. Come back over in your den and here we go. Here we go. Here we go. And here we go. Good, good, good. How are we doing? That one takes a little while I think to find. It's kind of like, so what? Yeah, it'll come. It is.

It's one of those ones that just has to become like some of you felt when I said, no, no, no, keep this part still. It's a, it'll come, but it's honestly the exact same thing you were doing earlier when you did this. It's almost the same. Ah, okay. Bend your knees, feeling your butt bones rooted into the ground. Hands are up high and use your hands too. It's more of a sense, but to lengthen you up. So as your spine is up, your shoulders have room now to fall, so it's not here, sir. And then it's easy coming towards the window. We inhale again. If you, the breath messes you up. Let it go.

Take the hand that was in the back and bring it to the forward leg. Exhale and grow taller as you twist a little more as well. Now when you let go, which is now you're not going to back up, you're just going to put the hand back and back to center. Here's the whole breath pattern. Inhale to the back, the hand that was in front. Let's go and grabs the leg. Exhale, assist a little bit more. Height and rotation. Inhale, put the hand back behind your head. Keep the spine.

Exhale, draw, pull. Lift yourself back to center to the window. Inhale, rotate equal weight on both butt cheeks. Grab the forward leg, exhale and go up up X. Oh Kim, that's gorgeous. Inhale, put it back. Yoga for 15 years. You can see it and back to center. Yes, and inhale, draw the shoulders down. Michelle. Yup. Rotate. If you haven't grabbed that forward, like lightly this time and get taller, more from your spine or inside the body rather than the arm strength, but the hand back and then come center. Okay. We're doing just two more. Here's a couple of changes I want to make out of Kim and Lori at the moment. Maybe a little. Michelle, pull the yes, you're right on. There you go.

Do you feel solid? And Lori, just relax your shoulders, Huh? Okay. That's all I want. I guess that's it. They were good. Uh, which way? To the front. Inhale. Rotate. Excellent. Grabbing onto that forward leg and gently find your way. Yes. Now when you let go, you don't back up at all. Fabulous. Back to center.

Look at the precision. Last one in here. You can, if you need you take your legs a little further out in that way will be easier on your back. Exhale. Inhale. Return your hand and back to center. Fabulous. Okay. Come off the boxes if you have them. We'll do, um, our side exercises. So grab the little ball or a towel would be good. Okay. And we're going to lie on our sides. Uh, sh maybe I should say this first. Put the ball in between your ankles and I can come help you if it gets lost. How about yeah, that that'll work. Yeah. And we'll go appreciate that. I do. Um, go ahead and go all the way down. I'm just looking at you. See you're going to be resting on your arm. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay, good. Now remember, you were hugging the midline, right?

You can bend the elbow that if that feels better, that's cool. Um, and if it feels really uncomfortable, tell me. I'll put a towel there because we don't need to be totally uncomfortable. All right? So you were squeezing the ball earlier between the knees without driving energy through the knees. You're going to hug the ball here too, but if you squeeze it at your ankles, I promise you it's gonna get crazy. It's gonna go flying.

So it's just like a light squeeze and squeeze your upper inner thigh as if you had a little, Ooh, did you see what just happened? Your whole dominant wall just came in. It just is a [inaudible] lined you up. She started writing or advise, I think maybe, I don't know, but it was like, okay, so if you just upper inner thigh, the ball just got teeny tiny right between your upper thighs. Squeeze that from there. I'm just gonna stay here first. The action, I'm gonna use you think to lengthen and lift both legs in, help them down. Excellent. Exhale do. Michelle did, which was think upper inner thigh and then she lifted. Inhale down, right. Start the exhale first. These kinds of things are little tricks that we use. Exhale and then inhale down.

So what we're trying for is your work, your obliques, your abdominals, but the top side is getting stressed more. Yeah. It's not a bad idea to, to feel for it cause sometimes, sometimes you just have to know it by touching it. Go ahead and lift it again. Can you be any longer in your waist? I don't know. Without straining the legs. Last one. Lift up. Hold it there. Can you feel your abdominals engaged now with just breath? Really tabs, but just breaths. You've got your legs up. Keep them up. You're fine. You're all right. Exhale little puffs of air and feel your abdominals moving.

Let's try what Meredith's doing. Just try. She's got her hand on top. Anywhere. Dig in though. Don't be all gentle with yourself. Dig in a little and I don't care if you move your legs at all, you've already engaged. If your legs are up, you feel it in that cool. Right now, you can intensify that to whatever degree you want it. It's totally up to you. You could not do, and people do it all the time. They're like, whatever I had, this exercise is so boring. Rather think about reaching your legs out here. Give them to me and lift a little higher from where your hand is, not your upper body or provides. Cool. Go ahead. Go ahead. Just think it.

Do you see how intense you can make it, right? I mean you can almost cramp. You can set them down. Fantastic. Well done. Let's just flip it heads on this end. Well done. So you know, Joseph, I don't know if I've said this, but Joseph Lot, he's didn't call this [inaudible] called the controller g. Yeah. Control g. It was the, the act of, he felt that um, we should have free will over our bodies and that we should be able to mindfully control them. Um, and I mean he wasn't, it made a lot of sense.

We should move and we should know where they are and feel them. And so that's where you're here. Legs on the ground, find your upper in a fire with totally relaxed legs otherwise, so your quads are soft. Yeah. And you've got a little something like, like a magnet. It's not even intense. It's just, okay. Then before lifting the legs, think about lengthening your waist. It's possible to lengthen your waist enough. That may be you get space on the lower side.

It's not a goal and I really want you to try for that, but it's possible that both sides are equally long when your legs are on the ground. In fact, it's probably not possible. Price should be. Okay. Now you've got the squeeze, you inhale and Laurie bring your feet forward and maybe if you know that you have a tighter low back, um, you're in good spot. Make sure you can kind of see your feet cause they're there. Their tendency is for them to be pulled back. All right, inhale, exhale and lift. As you squeeze the ball lightly, then you just kind of maintain it. Any hail to reach the hips to down to touch down XL, lift again, do a few, just sort of getting the feel for it.

It's not always feeling the same on both sides and down. And I'm going back to what Michelle did earlier, which was she just thought in her thighs and it sort of just organized her good. And what I'm going to do for you is just check when you're bought in your mind's eye, do you feel resistance? Do you feel shortening of your low back? I'm not convinced we're going to get rewarded for a moment. Put your legs down, do a little tuck of the pelvis so you're like, ah, I went the pubic. But yeah, the legs can stay where they are. Are they down? Yeah, just do a little bit then. So this stays really long now. Try and lift good, good and yeah, you're feeling it in your back. Yeah. If you feel this in your back, it's, it's, it's either one of two things and it's kind of the same thing really is you've gone into a little bit of a tilt, so if anything, err on the side of the legs in front of you or the muscle you want to work facing the ceiling. So in other words, you had it a little more where your back was facing it, so we just pulled you back that way a little bit. All right. You working? Yeah.

You're just exhaling a the lift and stretch. Inhaling down. If all of a sudden you think, I don't feel it as much, you start going, all right, well what am I tightening that I don't need? Usually it's an extremity. Usually it's a hand and arm or a leg or all of those things. Or your face that you're taking the, the, I will say the lower inner thighs working quite a lot on this one. Okay.

Then stop it. Right, right. So you're unnecessarily gripping at the bottom leg so you get to relax and start it about tomorrow. Be Fine and intensify if you, if you haven't found it, is it harder on the side to find? Okay. I mean I'm just asking, just asking. I want you to just to feel the same way you did and if you don't, I'd still roll that hip back just a bit away from me. And then if you're not sure, put your hand there. I think that's enough though. I do a few if you feel like you need to find it. Okay, good.

Well let's get rid of that. The balls and yeah, turn all the way over. Face down. Face down, arms by your side. Yeah. It's all hard. Yeah. Okay. So you probably were, so you felt like you're on the bone and you probably were. And what you can do is first, the easiest thing to do too is to just roll back. Especially women. We have that greater top of the leg. Bone really does stick out more on some women, um, or in men for that matter, but just slightly get behind it rather than in front of it.

If that doesn't work, we can get a little extra padding for you. Okay. So you're, you're gonna go forehead down the ground. This is just going to be a hovering of the upper body, but here's the things that need to that matter. Uh, legs close together. They don't have to stay touching each other, but they're pretty close and they don't get to separate. Once you start from where you are, try to draw the abdominals off the floor.

Literally. Yes. So you, hopefully that's good. Plenty. Leave your feet on the ground. That's more than enough to know. Okay. Can you feel, I'm just curious, can you feel more weight on the lower edge of your pelvis? Like the lower point pubic bone? Good. That's, that's good. That's probably good. Maybe you don't feel anything on your hipbones.

Maybe you do. Who knows, but air in that direction. It looks good for everybody. Now inhale, prepare. On Your exhale. You're going to reach your arms towards your ankles and your head, neck and chest. We'll just hover a little bit. Feet remain on the floor. Yes, that's Great Laurie. No higher than that. Good. Inhale and exhale. Go back down. Now if that breath messes you up and it does a lot of people just free however you want to, you can just maybe exhale to arise up and reach the arms to the legs. Yup. Feet are on the floor. You can go tiny bit higher.

Kim and your chest and your head can stay down. It's just your chest, I want. There you go and come on down. I'm not going to give a breath pattern if I can help it. Recommit to the abdominals. A little slide the shoulders down towards your ankles as you hover and the Hufford part is important cause we don't, some of you, I like Michelle, I know and Kim probably can go super high. We don't need that.

And then come down and you look great. Both of you. All right. How are we doing? Last one, come on up. Staying up this time. Turn the palms if you haven't already turned them into your legs. Yup. Yup. They may or may not touch, but that's the direction they're facing. From there, inhale or exhale, whatever. And take your arms out to a t, the letter t position. Yep. And keep reaching them. Palms are facing the ground now. So Kim, you can take your arms further forward toward. Yep. There's your, there's almost a v now. Somewhere right there. Good. Everybody let, those aren't wingspans get longer. Lower down a little, Michelle, you're getting too high on yourself.

Take your arms back to your legs and lower all the way to the ground. All right. Once your back settles, and that means just let everything go. Then you put your hands by your shoulders. Push yourself up and hips back over heels. If that's an appropriate position for your knees so you can just stretch back here or you can put your arms by your side.

You can sit on the ball if that you don't want so much pressure on your knee or towel or you can turn onto your back and hug your knees to your chest. So we did. Flection was really starting to tap into the lower end of the powerhouse, which is great. Um, by that I mean all that work where you're doing, where you're holding your spine flexed or rounded and breathing and using the abs as good stuff. All right, let's come forward that we can start to help ourselves up to our feet that bent over. So think so. Hands on top of the knees above the knees. If you're already up, we'll come get you dinner. Or if you want this, come on down and might feel good. Might feel good. This is exactly what you were doing on the ground earlier. You inhale, exhale, pull the abdominals up off the thighs first and then, yeah, go ahead and start to roll up your spine.

You can use your hands if you want a little extra support. Eventually your arms will just be hanging in your straighten out the knees to come back to an upright position. And then to finish off, we'll do it just as we started. Come to the back sides of your mat facing front. So you're on the wood. Yup. Feet were together, I believe. We shifted forward. We shifted back. We found ourselves organized over our arches with a subtle, very subtle lean. Maybe just to be in the front, making sure the hips aren't in front of us. Good.

Just like you're back extension. You reached the shoulders down and you floated and then you reached them down. Go back to Laurie's queue. If I can track through my inner thighs, it's, I feel it more in the center, some version of that. Um, for sure you'll be more under control. Do Not worry about the feet wobbling they're going to, that's cool. Just hold steady, focused. [inaudible] calm and down. One more. This time was just allow the arms to be free and easy. Yep.

There somehow have something to do with it. And then lowered. Done. Good work. Bravo. Bravo. Yes. Getting building blocks. Yeah. It's just, okay. [inaudible] Yup. That's scary. I know. Yeah.

Yeah. Well, I can tell you that every Valadez instructor I know has had to work on that. It's like, I want that job a little to the left, a little to the right.


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