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Creative Mat Choreography

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Get ready for creative choreography in this fun Mat workout with Deborah Lessen! Deborah teaches you how to stay "grounded" to the floor while challenging your whole body. Enjoy how Deborah draws upon her 35 years of teaching, to put together wonderful combinations for exercises like Open Leg Rocker, Bicycle, and so much more!
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Jan 24, 2015
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Okay, let's prepare for our mat class. So please roll down on your backs. Knees bent. We'll do our brief warm up to get going. So feet flat on the Mat, hip with the part we're going to start. Exhaling. Scoop under, peel off from the tail.

Inhale high up. Stay there for a minute. And just motivating from your feet. Do a tiny little rock forward and back. Yeah, a quick little rock. And then stay to the front and roll back down. So I want you to use your hamstrings to stay attached to your feet and grounded into the floor. Exhale, scoop under.

Inhale, roll. High Up, little rock. Good. And stay forward and roll down. Good. One more time. Exhale, scoop under. Inhale, high up little rock and exhale, roll down. Good. Now we're going to alternate with a bridge.

So we're going to roll up and then come down in one piece. So high up, hinge at the hips. Pull your pelvis towards your feet as you lower down and reverse bridge up. And exhale, soften and roll down. Good. And exhale, scoop under.

Inhale high lead with the tail and hinge toward your feet. And inhale, one piece going up and exhale, roll down. Good. One more time. Exhale, scoop. Inhale at the top. Exhale, pull towards your feet and inhale, bridge up and roll back down. Slide your legs all the way down. Just give them a stretch and turnover on your stomachs.

Palm over, palm under your forehead. Good. Now let your shoulders drop and spread. Lengthen your tailbone away from your sternum. Wrap around under the buttock. Inhale for nothing and exhale drop through the center of the chest.

Send your nose forward. Inhale high up through the crown of the head. Exhale, roll from the bottom to the top. Take a deep breath at the bottom. Exhale, drop to send the head forward. Inhale, press down through the arms as you rise up. Exhale and inhale at the bottom. Last time. Exhale, drop to send the head forward. Inhale, come as high as you can without pulling the arms back. Exhale, roll down. Stay. When you get there. Length in the legs, off the Mat. Raise the upper body just an inch or two off the mat.

So I want you to stay long from the middle of your back to your tail. Arms up under the forehead. Yes, and little beats. Five to inhale, five to exhale. Go through your hundred. Good. Now you don't have to lift your belly off the floor, but just imagine all of your soft tissue off the floor supporting the front of the spine. Good. And just feel your neck.

Make sure that you're not gripping your neck at all. If you feel you are, just make a little bobble head. Good. And when you're finished, just come down, slide your arms forward. You're going to turn on your side facing me. Okay. Legs straight down today and your front arm is all right. Angles, shoulder, elbow, wrist.

Inhale up into the top, rips and exhale as you lower. Inhale up [inaudible] and exhale lower. One more time. Inhale up and hold the position, but you may keep breathing and take your legs off. Hold two, three, lower down and stretch to three. Add the slide legs off. Reach the top legs center, lower down and off.

Reach Center, lower down. Come up and stay. Bring your front arm up into balance. Now you have to. This is much harder than what we did in the slower class. Keep your balanced position. Keep your weight on your hip exactly where it is now, and small scissors and come center and reverse and center.

So you have to keep it small enough that you're not tempted to counterbalance with your shoe, your shoulder, your upper back. Good. One more and hold good and let's roll over to the other side. Good. Just the breathing to start. Inhale up and exhale. Inhale up and exhale.

Inhale up and hold and stretch the legs off to three. Lower down and stretch, not too high. Lower down, lift. Add the slide together and lower and stretch. Slide together. Lower. Come up and stay.

Take your time. Finding your balance. Good. Mostly no where your pelvis is. Okay. And scissors together. Reverse together. Reach together, reach together, hold excellent and roll over on your backs.

Beautiful. Okay. Slide your legs all the way down. Breathe the arms up to the ceiling and reach them back behind you. Flex your feet. Inhale, arms up to the ceiling. Exhale, round and roll. Three little reaches, two, three. Exhale, roll down.

Float the arms up and reach back. Arms. Inhale, exhale, soften the chest and reach two, three. Roll down just to your bottom ribs and stay. Bring your right knee in and give it a hug. Roll your upper body all the way, way back. Bring your right leg straight up to the ceiling. Arms down. We're going to do leg circle. Ready and down, up, down, up, down, up, down. [inaudible], diverse and up and up and up. And J. Bend the knee. Give yourself a hug. Good.

Slide that leg down. Arms up to the ceiling. Reach way back, and inhale. Arms Up. Exhale, round forward and reach. Reach, reach. Exhale, roll down. Float the arms up and reach back. Inhale, arms up. Exhale, round and reach two, three. Exhale, roll down just to the bottom. Ribs, left knee into the chest.

Give yourself a hug and roll all the back and stretch that like up to the ceiling. Here we go. And down, up, down, up, down, up, down, reverse and up and up and up and up. In that [inaudible]. Give yourself a hug. Good. Alright. Slide that leg down. Just shake out your legs for a minute. Alright. Bring both knees into the chest. Give yourself a hug round ahead in. Really soften the chest. That's it. Okay, so we're going to go into single leg stretch.

We're just going to do three repetitions slow. So keep the right knee and stretch the left, like out. Good. And Change and change. Hold really scoop and round your spine. And I want you to do a little rock starting to the back. Inhale.

Inhale. Inhale. Inhale. Stay more. Legs add, change. Good change, change, stay. Little Rock. Inhale. What's all this about? Arkansas today. Little Rock. Good. And bring both knees into the chest.

Double leg stretch. Inhale, stretch, and exhale. Inhale, stretch. And exhale. Inhale, stretch. Exhale. Good. Rolling like a ball. Start to the back. Inhale. Exhale, exhale. Good. That's okay. You don't have to be together.

Okay. Okay, so come up and hold. Extend your legs. Now we're going to do a little combination. So you're gonna rock with your legs in this position. Once. Inhale back, exhale up, and hold. Let go of your legs, lower them down, lift them up. You're going to bend, bend, stretch, stretch from the beginning. Inhale, rock back. Exhale, legs, lower legs, lift, bend, bend, stretch, stretch. Inhale, stretch. Exhale, legs, lower legs, lift, bend, bend, stretch, stretch. Lower your legs down. Good.

Roll down to the back. Good and turnover on your stomachs. And we're going to do swan that that was channeling Cathy grant. Okay. Okay, so shoulders are down and very wide.

Hands flat on the floor. Don't use your arms until you need them. You're going to inhale for nothing on your exhalation. Sternum goes into the mat. Nose forward. Peel off. Start using your arms when you need to to assist, but keep moving from the crown of the head. Exhale, pull the elbows back towards your hips as you roll and inhale at the bottom. Exhale, sternum forward.

Good. Inhale, high up. You want to be supported from underneath your arms so your rib cage is high. Exhale, pull the elbows under. Good. One more time. Exhale, nose forward. Inhale, high up. Exhale, roll.

Now we're going to go to the top and do four rocks. Exhale, nose forward. Inhale, high up, arms up and rock. Two, three, four. Good and lower down. Excellent. Good, good, good. Okay. And you can um, come on your hip facing me. You're going to be on one hip leg slightly forward.

You're going to make a tripod. Okay. So your form is, is perpendicular to your spine. Other hand on that wrist. Okay. Now we're going to go directly into a side support from here. So I want you to think of getting underneath your rib cage and coming up into a balance. So inhale, come up and hold. And as you lower down, take your pelvis back and down.

So you crease in the hip and inhale, forward and up. Excellent. And length and back and down. One more time. Come forward and up and just open that arm and balance. Two, three, four. Return the arm down, hips back and down.

And let's face the other direction. Do the other side. Okay. And inhale forward enough and reach the tail back and down. Good. So you liked them both sides of the trunk. Inhale forward and up and exhale back down and inhale and up. Open the left arm, reached to the ceiling. Two, three, four.

Return the hand down and bring the hips back and down. Excellent. And you're going to go right onto your stomachs in Sphinx position. So fist in hand on your elbows. Okay. Now this is a very small but very powerful movement. Just bring your arms in under you a little bit. All right.

Without lifting your pelvis off the floor, press down on your forearms and scoop under and just open the spaces in the back as much as you can. And now you're going to pull with your arms and go into extension. So let your chest go forward and up without dropping down in the front. Exhale, scoop under round, round Brown as much as you can. And now you're going to pull forward and up. Elongate through the abdominals, but don't drop again. Exhale, scoop.

Okay, and reach forward and up. And we're going to start right leg, single leg, kick and heel, toe stretch, heel, toe, stretch, heel, toe, stretch, heel toe. Take it off. Heel toe, stretch off, heel, toe off, good heel, toe, stretch, heel, toe, stretch, slide forward. Extend your arms. Good. [inaudible] okay, let's do swimming today. So I want you to keep your hands and your feet down.

Press down and lift up through your upper spine. Good. And now take the arms and legs off. And instead of thinking of accenting up, I want you to accent down. Good on your own time. Go ahead. So imagine that you're pushing the water good. And by pushing the water, you should activate your abdominals even more. Good. And come down and just wiggle. Waggle and you're going to turn facing me on your side underneath.

Arms straight out. Okay. Now if you need to for balance, you can bring your underneath leg slightly forward. But don't do it yet. Only do it if you need to. All right. That front arm is in your support position. All right. Fingers pointing away. Okay.

Turn out both legs. Point both feet. If you can keep the underneath like slightly off and stay on your balance point and you're going to circle your top lick to the front. Open wide. Keep your hips flat toward me. Tom, do back so only as far back as you can. Keep your pelvis square and come together and to the front turnout slightly back. Keep your headlights facing forward. Close together once more forward.

Open slightly back and together. Now reverse it to the back. Open climb way up, forward and together and back. Sit bones together. Support on the underneath side, forward and together. One more time. Back. Turn out to come up forward. Come together and hold. Take your balance. Beautiful.

Other side. Okay, so I want you to try to maintain that side stabilization positions so that as your leg goes up, your waist doesn't drop down. Okay. Find your balance point legs off and circle to the front. Open slightly back. Keep your pubic bone to the front and close together and forward. Open. Keep turning that leg out.

Tailbone forward and together. Once more forward, open back and together. Now reverse it to the back. Open. Keep your headlights forward to the front and together and back. Travel forward through your pelvis to the front and together. Once more to the back, open to the front and together.

Find your balance position good. And come to the first side. Okay. Now we're going to do something like a turned outside bicycle. Okay, so you started in the same position with your legs off. Take the front, the top, lick forward. You're going to bend that knee way up outside your shoulder. Turn Out Pos.

Say touch the knee and stretch down and slightly back. Close together and come forward. Knee high up outside your shoulder. Closed. Touch the big toe to the knee and slightly behind. Good again. Together.

Forward knee high up. Close and down and back and come together. Now we're gonna reverse. You're going to take the leg back, bend back there, turn out, take the leg front and close together. Straight leg to the back. Keep it back there. Bend the knee. Good. Turn out and close. And to the front, close together to the back. Bend that knee. Good.

So as stretch, turn out pos. Say, come to the front and together and find your balance position. Okay, and let's turn to the other side. Good, good support position with your front arm, legs off, and take the leg straight forward. Knee high up outside your shoulder. Close Pos. Say and go slightly to the back.

Close together and circle forward. Knee high, up close. Say and down and back. One more time together. Circle forward, knee high up. Close. Passe to the back and come together. Let's reverse to the back. Stretch the front of the hip. Turn out and take the leg front, front, front, front, front, and together to the back.

Bend. Turn Out, Pos. Say, take the look forward. Forward, forward and close. One more time. Back. Bend. Good. Turn out. Take the leg front and come together and balance. Beautiful. Okay, so come face me against sitting up.

You're going to be on one hip. We're going to do twist. I do this slightly differently. So I would like you to actually start with your top leg turned out and your underneath foot crossed over. Yes, yes. Okay. And the other arm is inside the knee, right? So if you can transpose this to the other side, you're going to scoop under, your pelvis is going to go high up. The arm comes overhead and underneath that's it. Now reverse it. Come up, bring your hip toward your hand and open.

That's it. Now, if you feel too far away, come in a little closer scoop to start. So your low back is going to go right up to the ceiling. That's it. Scoop under and take the arm open and bring your pelvis back toward your supporting arm. One more time. Inhale, scoop under. That's it. And come high up and open. Good. And let's go to the other side, right? Uh, let's face that way.

Okay. So the top leg is turned out, the underneath leg is crossed on top. That's it. So basically when you're in that upside down position, you can push that top foot against your leg and turn out your sigh more. Okay, so inhale, high up scoop under the arm goes underneath. So stay there for a minute. There's no weight on your front foot. Just turn out that knee and as much as you can, that's it.

And now come up open. Bring your hip toward your underneath arm. Very good. Inhale, scoop under. That's it. Turn out the top leg and rise up and open. Let's do one more. Inhale up.

Exhale and rise up and open. Good. Okay. And just sit on two hips facing in toward each other, like straight forward. Take your hands back behind you. Now I don't mind if you turn your hands around if this is too much fluction through your hands. Okay, so you're gonna keep the feet. Uh, actually I don't care if they're pointed or flex. Do what feels good for you.

So you're going to start with the pelvis, scoop under and roll up as high as you can. Stay up there. You're going to keep your chest and your face going up. Bring your pelvis back and down underneath. You know, stay up. Stay up. Step, step, arch your back. Bring your tail back and under that it, stay high up in your chest and bring your head up over your pelvis and round in. Okay. So you're scooping up and you're arching down. All right, ready? Exhale, scoop under.

Inhale high up. Now bring your tailbone back under your head. That's it. Open the ribs. Yes. Come all the way down and round. One more time. Scoop under. Inhale. High Up. Tailbone back and down. Excellent. Okay.

And just stretch over your legs for a minute. You can grab onto your feet, your calves, whatever. Just keep energy in your legs so that you're not passively stretching. Good. Okay. Now Aaron, I'm going to ask you to demonstrate this because I know you've never seen it. So you're going to start with your head to your knees and your arms behind you. Palms up to the ceiling. Okay, look, just look at me. Palms up to the ceiling.

Now you're going to swing through and go back to overhead position. Swing through and roll back and stay okay. But your arms are behind you. That's it. Now you're going to come up and the arms are going to go forward and come all the way up. That's it. And back. That's it. And then over. Okay, so you can cross your feet. This is boomerang the way we did it.

A Corolla's. So you, let's mark it together. Okay, so you're going to start [inaudible] palms to the ceiling, sling and balance back and come up and the arms swing down and back. Hold it and head over. Good and swings through. Inhale and come up. Exhale, arms swing back and exhale forward. One more time and swing through.

Good and come up and balance. Good and had over. Okay. Rest. That's fun. Okay, so let's come, um, heads in toward this end. Just stretch you out the other way for a minute. So grab onto your ankle.

So let's do a little rock. Doesn't have to be big. So inhale up into your high position and Exhale, rock. Good, good. And just think about opening the front of your hip joints. Very good. Okay. And lower the legs and the arms down. Tuck your toes under.

Come up into elephant position. Okay, now this is, this is for your mid back stabilization. You're going to keep your body where it is. Bend your elbows and bring them towards your toes that sit and press your way back up and elbows back towards your toes and press your way back up. One more time. Good. And up and walk forward to plank position.

Okay, so you're going to take your right leg off. You're going to do one push up, lowering your leg as you bend, pressing your leg up as you straighten and you're going to just jump and change feet. That's it. And Bend, lower the leg. Press the leg up, up. Change that set. One more set lower. Press up, up change and lower. Press up, up. Change two feet. Walk your way back. Good. Hands down on the floor.

Just bend your knees all the way down for a minute. Good. Drop your head, let the back of your neck lengthen and straighten your legs. Good. And slowly. Roll up to standing. Good.

Take your hands on the top of your head and just press the top of your head up into the heavens, into the shooting stars, and open the arms and come center. Yeah. And thank you very much.


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Aaron(sp) is a very capable practitioner.
Pure fun!
Fun class weigh many variations to change things up. Lots of challenge here!
Mat Work ~

Erin is indeed very capable! She is also eager to learn and always willing to participate in classes when we ask her too. We'll make sure she sees your comment. Thank you!
WOW!! Gorgeous. As an older dancer, I love the floor barre elements, the fluidity, the intelligence and the challenging, fun surprises. LOVE IT
Great 30 minute class. Thanks Deborah
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Excellent class. Kristi, your back muscles look amazing!
Kinney F
Really nice! Loved it. Thank you for sharing.

Loved it! Thank you.
Loved it again Deborah! (Thanks E.D)
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