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Bring your body and your mind together for a wonderful Reformer workout with Tash Barnard. Her positive energy will inspire to keep pushing yourself throughout the class. Tash includes exercises with intricate, small movements like a One-Leg Squat, Reverse Knee Stretches, and more!
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Jan 31, 2015
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Hi and welcome to [inaudible]. Anytime I'm Tesh, we're going to do reformer workout with the Christie and Mary. Please join us girls. You can actually just stand with your feet one first with the bar and stand up nice and tall. This we just kind of start with a roll down. So take a deep breath for me. Inhale, just breathe out and lengthen your spine a little bit more. Good. We're gonna do one more.

Inhale and breathe out all the stale a and bring the body and mind together for a good reformer session. This time we're going to inhale, engage the ta. Start the exhale, lower the chin to the chase, and roll your body forward. And just take this moment to feel if there's any tight areas in your body where you maybe need to just hang out a little bit more. Take your deep lateral breath. Inhale here, and then exhale. Draw the ta. Use The Hamlins. Bring your pelvis underneath you and articulate your spine back into that tall posture. We're gonna do two more. Inhale and excel.

Draw the abdominals. Let your abdominals pull the spine forward. Rolling up an arriver. Use the embrace here in Hell and excel. Drew, Tia, I drew pelvic flow. Use those hamstrings. Raw. Beautiful ladies. We're going to do one more tall posture. Inhale and excel. Lower the chin, drew the abdominals.

Roll up and over and we're just gonna hang out here for two briefs at the bottom. Keep the knees slightly bent. Inhale, stay here. Exhale, lower a little bit more. One more breath. Inhale and exhale on the embrace. You pause and on the Xcel. Draw the abdominals. Bring that pelvis underneath.

Start the spine on top of the pelvis and stand tall. Good. You can come and lie on your backs for me. We on three springs for the footwork even though we're going to do a warm up first, but we'll be ready to go from the bomag straight into the footwork. Keeping the carriage stole. Feed one first with the part on the interstates and make sure the space between the shoulders and the shoulder raced for your pelvic calls.

So we start with a deep lateral breath. Inhale on the exhale, draw the ta pelvic flow, bearing that pelvis into the [inaudible] and roll your hips up off the floor into your bridge. Good in hell at the top and on the exhale. Roll down, upper back, mid back, lower back, all the way back to your neutral spine and neutral pelvis. Deep Inhale and exhale. Draw the T. I relax the shoulders and the breastbone. Lifting up, reaching those hips. Nice and high. Inhale, good and exhale to roll down. Cool. Coat d, lumbar friction and back to the neutral.

Feel the length between the tailbone and the crown of the head. Inhale, beautiful Mary Xcel. Draw the abdominals. Articulate this fun. I can feel that this body is in control. Good. Inhale and exhale to roll down and down and reach the tail or neutral in. We're going to do three more. X held to Rola, articulate up. Feel the string with the hamstrings in the Glitz. Meet, inhale and Xcel to roll down, upper back, mid back, lower back and release to the neutral. Good. Two more. Inhale and XL.

Activate the ta or by stabilize. Before we move, reach the hips up. Inhale Mary left ACH through your thoracic a little bit more. Yes, keep the lower ribs down. Good. Inhale and exhale to row and roll all the way back. This is the last one. Inhale and exhale to Roya, giving each lesser little muscle fiber. The opportunity to work today, Max.

That is much better. Good girl. Inhale and exhale to roll down and down and down and release to the neutral. Circle your arms and reach your hands onto the pigs. I mean exhale, lift your right leg, then your left leg off the floor. Keep your legs active here for me. Elongate through your feet. We're going to do the spine to a supine.

It's your right side first on the embrace. You reach the hips over to the right side, activate the obliques. Zane only move the legs back to the center and inhale up and Urvar. Nice adjustment there. Christi eggs the hell back to the center and we go in hell over rotating in the waist, rotating in the waist. XL, draw the legs back to the center and we inhale over to the left, keeping the opposite ribs down. Exhale, engage and rule the legs back. We'll do two more. Lower your shins a little bit for me. Married. Two more.

Inhale and inhale. And then exhale. Draw the legs back to the same the Lincoln through the right side. One more. Inhale and inhale, and XL. Give me more ob legs, more. Obe leaks. Good. We're gonna keep the legs. Yeah, you're going to reach your arms up to the ceiling with your palms facing me. So a variation of the chase. Love without the hands assisting the head.

We breathe in on the exhale. Give me slight neck flection. Engage the ta, then bring the chest up, reaching the arms down and I want active on. So pull up through the TRICEP, reaching the fingertips to wards me and we go back on the embrace and XL left up. Reach up. It's a little adjustment, David. Reach up. Give me more abdominals. Give me like your inner core to activate and reach the arms that chase back. Nice. We're going to do four more and we excel left up and we're going to remember this movement pattern when we work with the straps a little bit later on and left the arms lower down to three more and the legs are active than not have it hanging here. That active eas.

Keep the tailbone down and lower down two more guys and in a tiser active good Mary Rich, rich, give me intercourse in a, in a, in a call and back. One more. And Xcel left reach. Hold your body up here. Extend your arms. That entuity then bring your hands three ice behind your head breathing. We're gonna rotate over to your right side as you exhale. Exhale, good inhale center and we XL rotate over to the left.

Inhale Center. Allow the obliques to draw all this fun into that rotation. Left shoulder down. Good. Inhale, center. Exhale, rotate over to your left. We do Timo. Keep the addax together. Xcel exhale and one more.

Inhale and exhale over to the side and inhale to the center. Give me a little bit more deeper. Abdomen, nose, and lower down. Place your right heel. Then your left heel on the bar and we ready for your footwork. So from here I'm gonna ask you to add the legs and I want you to keep this in mind throughout the session that you drawing into this little sticky mat that has add up. This are squeezing hard. So Mary, I'm going to keep it here for now.

Don't let it drop. Okay breathing, Christy, you've got that on the Xcel. Give me hip extension and then stretch your legs away. Resist and drew the carriage, ing and XL. Draw, draw, draw. And even on the coming in you are going to call on the sticky mat. Good and XL. Give me the longest hips ever. Reach to the full extension and resistor and we do four more XL Ridge and in hell. Back and excel, rich and in hell.

Back and two more aches and resists back. And one more XL whole the day for me. Extinct throughout your hip smoke. Pull that spring further without lifting into the shoulders, through the crown of the head and maintain that sensation of elongating as you draw the carriage. Bring it in, bring it in. Bring it in and you can slide the balls of the feet onto the bar.

I'm going to take this away, but keep that in mind. Okay. Inhale and hamstrings activate hip extension and we reach, hold the chair for a second. Everyone late. Reach the heels as high as what you possibly can. Work through those ankles and maintain the height of these ankles as you bend the knees and pull the carriage home and XL. Reach, reach and Elongate and resist back NASPA and excel Richway and in healthy and the adductors are drawing together enough into the pelvic flow, into the abdominals, through the crown of the head and resist back. We will do two more and XL. He'll stay high.

Keep the height of the heels on the return and one more. Exhale, reach, reach and resist back all the way. And from here we step the feet apart into the small, the toes y, heels together. Good. Keep this adductors, actives of Perris into my hand. I want you to think more softly. She lays both and they just the soft. Yes, that is good resistance. Breathing for me. Activate even more XL. Reach your legs all the way out and resist back and excel ritual.

I beautiful work you to earn back and give me those high heels, Christie, give me those Jimmy Choo's four inches. Yes and three more XL. Reach adductor. Squeeze and come back and Timor XL. Reach, draw, draw and come back mass Mary. And one more. Exhale, reach and come back, back, back. Step. Right leg, left leg for the hills wide. So again, yeah, make sure the legs are not collapsed. You want to use your adductors thing. Don't think of the female. Don't think of the bones. Think of the soft tissue racing into my hands. That's it. And we far away Xcel reach. Hold it. Give me a little bit more adequacy.

Yes Christy. And inhale, come back and Xcel reach length and let the whole body work and resist. Good Pelvic placement and XL. Reach, reach. Draw that in a thighs together and we do three more. Xcelerate. Good. And inhale back and draw the ribs down. Maintaining that neutral spine and last one, reach out, reach and resist back.

Bring the toes wide on the bar again. Those hills are going to be high on the XL. You stretch away and from here you press up into those ankles and resist the carriage and excel reach. I rise up, rise up tall. Yeas, address this back. Thanks for the resistance and formal reach. Reach and draw the carriage, aim and excel rich and in how bad and excel reach.

I'm going to give you a little stretch, a well deserved strict and one more exhale, reach, reach and resist back. Come back all the way. Toes parallel on the bar. This Tommy gonna keep the next adducted the same as we did in the beginning. You imagine you still had your sticky matchup, so that's enough as a working hard. Excel pre-race, the legs of my whole, the tier, we're going to lower the heels. Inhale and excel rise up. We repeat in health, six mil and excel rise and five reach and excel and forage and excel.

Rise up. Three annex and two more. Exhale, lift. One more. Inhale. Exhale, rise up. Hold it here. Press a little bit high into those ankles. We're going to be in the knees and we're going to go into the Frances pressing the right heel under the bar in how we go and inhale and exhale and excel and inhale an inhale. Making sure both feed up active. Good. Inhale and inhale. Keeping the knees pointing to the ceiling.

One more safe and Xcel and Xcel. Pause. One heel under the ball. Me. Enjoy your straight. Share your k. Good. Enjoy the streets. Rise up and we change.

Good breathing, breathing. Rise up onto the balls of the feet. Bend your knees, but resist the carry too. Good. You can reach your arms around for your straps. We're going to go into your abdominal work. We've got to start with your hundreds.

Prep on one rate spring and then reach the arms up. So this is all about the stability of this upper good or so. Mary, shift down a tab for me away from your shoulder. Racists. [inaudible] staying the arms up. Mike, Share. You have resistance on your straps by engaging those shoulder blades. Then we lift the right leg and the left leg off the bar without the carriage moving. And we want to have like a crispy chip leg here.

Okay. In South Africa we talk about a slap chip, which is like a sloppy chuck Mary. So I want a crispy Chubb, not a yes slump job. Okay, so are we going to breathing on the egg cell? Give me that Netflix and draw the chin to the chase and we call up. Reach up as we did in the warmer, the arms are gone and left. Then the chase and the hit is going to lower down and we XL draw into the lads, reach up and over good work, reach and hold it for a split second. Then we lift the arms and we lower it down.

We're going to do formal and XL. Make sure that Nick Jamie draws in before the chase comes up to support our heads and left up and down and we do three more eggs. Hell, that had married good. Reach up holiday. Are Your legs active? Are Your abdominals active or you reaching your arms as far away as possible and lower down? Timo and Xcel draws. See how the white presses into the ABS, the abs into the back, left arms and lower down. And the next one we're going to left up.

You're going to extend your legs away and we're going to go into the abdominal opening. So you're going to rotate in your hips. The pumps are going to squeeze into your size. Maintain the height of your chase as we breathe in the legs and the arms. Extend, extend, extend. Use The adapters first. Draw the legs and the arms together.

Squeeze in her beautiful work goes and we go again. Inhale, inhale. Inhale. Xcel draws, squeeze and hold and we do full more. Inhale. You guys are great. Don't let the arms go higher than the shoulders just in line with the shoulders and through remote posts and XL group. And two more. Inhale, beautiful high and Xcel. Keep the shoulders down, Mary. Last one in health, keeping up. Join the let's join the leg. Exhale. Parallel legs, palms face down.

Bend your knees, a little bit of a chase and lower down. Good work. Place your feet on the Bach. I'm adding a police spring, so we are on one rate and one blue and I'm going to ask you to XL. Praise your legs away. Bring your right foot into the strap, bring your left foot into the strap, ready for the hip work, and we're going to start with a circle. So your legs are extended, they are slightly rotated, you comfortable, then you feel a labor home. Good. Bring your legs up to 90 degrees. If you can maintain this neutral pelvis, elongate through your feet for me, Mary. And we are going to again, race through the hamstrings. Down.

Circle X. Hell rotate up and together and we go. Five more. Exhale, reach open up and to give a nice work for them. Open up and reach the ribs down. Good. Add Up, lifted. Two more. Exhale, reach open up and together. Last one. Exhale down, up and pause. Be Reverse.

Inhale. Lengthen your legs out of your head and lift up and open. Exhale, reach. Okay. Lengthen and open. Exhale, reach. Keep the rotation in the hip. Good. Two more. Ladies. Inhale, exhale, reach and loved. One more. And we open XL. Rich. And from here we stay.

We are going to be in the knees. Inhale. [inaudible] flex the ankles. We're going to go into the extended frogs. So you're gonna press the legs out. You're going to open the legs to the side and without your carriage moving, Bend your knees and draw the heels together. Nice and XL. Brace, brace, brace. Keep pressing into my thumbs as the legs and ducked away from each other.

Good. Drew. All the heels. Get the rotation in those hips. We do three more in this direction. Exhale and open. Rotate in the hip, in the hip, in the hip. And two more Xcel. Lower ribs down. Draw the ABS. Keep it active in the, in the torso, in the torso. And one more. Exhale, reach and open. And from here we reverse x.

Stay now lengthen. Draw the heels towards beautiful resistance. Christie and Ben, you see, you taught me well 14 years ago. You don't have to say I am roses and hold three more eggs and a long day in Long Bay, in long. Guy. Two more. Inhale and extend and lengthen through the abductors.

Extend out of the hips and brain. Beautiful. Last one goes and extend. Why use the inner thighs reach and bean. And I'm gonna Finish off with you just extending the legs out to the side. You can give me a bend in the knees so that those adductors stretch right up into the hip. If you feel like giving yourself an additional stretch, pull down into your straps and you breathe in and you just hang out.

Exhale. So remember not to hang into the street, but just breathe in how, and exhale. Go ahead and last one. Inhale and exhale. Take your hands away. Keep the knees, Bain. Bring the legs together and we're going to take your feed.

One at a time out of the straps. Make sure you find the football. Yep. And the other four. And then bend your knees. Keep your hands in the straps. I'm going to love with the football and we're going to do the Jack on the reformer. Sorry. Okay, so pull the knees to the Chase Mary, a little bit more. So done. Pass you.

Thank you. I'm removing the blue spring. So we, I'm back on one reed spring. Just come back to me. Feel where your foot can be placed if you need it. So you've got that security and then just pull your shoulders and your spine again away from the shoulder race so you have space extending the arms up to 90 degrees. Keep those shoulders active. You're going to exile. Lift the right leg, they in the left leg off the floor. You're going to inhale. Extend your legs to 90 degrees on the excel.

You're going to lower your legs down to 45 as you bring the legs to 90 press the arms down onto the carriage. Inhale, you're going to XL. Articulate your spine up and over the legs, up parallel to the floor. Reach your feet into the pit and extend your legs up. Reach up as high as what you possibly can. Keep the toes over the nose as you exhale.

Roll down through your spine, curling, articulate, articulate. As the legs come to 90 the arms reach up, the legs lowered to 45 and we go in how praise and left Xcel articulate up and over. Inhale, reach the fit and extend, or we use your glutes, use your hamstrings, reach up, sweep the feelies ceiling with your toes and excel. Roll and roll and roll down. Reach the arms high, not legs. Come down to moon and we go. Inhale. Exhale. Up and over. Show me the dynamic. Tap and lift up.

Reach up higher a little bit further with the feet and excel. Roll down and down and down and left the arms. Lost. One. Nice goals in health. Two 90 for the legs. Exhale, roll up and over tech and reach up. Extend. Usual bleeds. Chrissy. Squeeze the glutes writ up. Reach up, reach up and lower down toes over the nose, toes over the nose, Mary and lift the arms and pause being your knees.

Place your right foot down. Play should lift for down. You can place your straps down on the pigs and stand up. We're going to do a straight, we start off with the full lunge on one red spring. Thank you. I'll you can kneel on your carriage for me. Having them in the morning. Okay. Right, so meaning on your carriage with your hands.

Nice and secure on the football. Step your right leg up in line with your hip on the ball of the foot, and then exhale, lift your hips as you press the back knee off the carriage. Keep the hands nice and secure on the bar just in case. Good. Were you going to breathe in on the exhale? We're going to stay here. You're going to draw the pelvis towards that poster.

It'll so feel like you're tucking your pelvis at the same time your spine is extending you. Opening up your back. One more breath. Inhale and exhale. We inhale and exhale. Press into the right ball of the foot as you slide the carriage away. Giving me that straight back. I'm not really interested in the stripe leg, but I'm interested in this beautiful extended spine through the writing back, back. Nice. Christy. Inhale, slight thoracic extension.

Kristy come and shine the lunch analytes. Breathing. How about we lower the right pill under the bar and the bar? You Bend your knee. We're going to come back and repeat the stretch on the side. Nice. Goals in Hell and excel course and hope pose and hold. Sorry, my bad. Two more.

Inhale and exhale. Keep the back active, active, active. Breathe in on the exhale. Brace into that rod bull of the foot. Reach away. Stretch it out. If you feel you can handle it in lower the hill under the ball we breathe in.

Listen to your body. Make sure you just work in your range where it's nice and safe, but still a little bit of a challenge. Okay, one more break and on the XL, draw the knee. Hold it here. Place the back knee down on the carriage. Step the right leg off and switch the legs around. Nice work guys. Left foot up.

Keep that back extended in hell. Be Active in your body and then exhale, lift the back knee. Lift your hips and we hold it here. Good breathing in, we keep it. Yeah, and we exhale. Inhale and exhale. One more breath. On the exhale, you brace into the frantic and you and reach and reach. Good. Inhale, bit of the side and XL.

Lower the heel down under the boss. If you can give yourself a little bit of an extra stretch today. One more breath. Inhale and on the exhale, draw the quad, pull the knee back, make sure this knee stops over the ankle so we don't strain that need too much pausing and exhale, keep it active in the EBS and excel. One more. Breathe in hell on the XL straight to by slide that powerless on that sagittal plane on that same level as you reach away.

We breathe in and we breathe out to. This is your moment to regenerate, to prepare for the full body integration. One more inhale and on the exhale, draw the knee, pull the carriage back in love with the back knee down and stepped down. Good. So you can stay on the carriage spin around for the reverse knee straight. I'll change your spring to one blue spray.

So always one spring on before we take off the other spring, the hands on the frame and I want you to bring your hands slightly back, Christie. That's right. And then draw the abdominals so that we bring the pelvis into this deep postage area tall. We're going to breathe in and on the exhale, pull the carriage off the stopper as you draw the knees in, in, in, and back on the Enbridge. Maintaining the deep curve in the lower back and exhale, American [inaudible] stain, the upper back and your neck line for me. That's good. And XL Drool.

Pulling the abdominals away from our fingertips and release back formal, making sure the shoulder girl doesn't move, but it is stabilize and inhale back three Mo and excel. Draw the navel to the spine. Beautiful Work Ladies. One More and excel. Exhale and release and bring the carriage home. I'm changing the spring back onto one grade.

You're going to stand on your carriage faster. Football for your app street's three so make sure your heels are pressed up against the shoulder race. The heels are raised up three quarters of the way. Keep the carriage home and bring these hips over the ankles. Stretching. Nice work. From here. You're going to press the carriage away.

Coming into your long stretch position, you're going to travel forward so that the is the over the rest. Pause. Then without the carriage to moving. Lift the hips up towards the ceiling and we go again. Reach the legs away, left the cheese drabble forward. Keep the abdominals connected. Show this over. Rest and left the hips. Nice. Work you to add two more.

Inhale and reach forward and on the exhale, lift the abdominals. Reach back and hold last one and reach and travel forward. Pause and left the hips. We reverse did we come forward into the lungs, rich, brace the carriage away. Hold that, hold the abdominals, hold the shoulder stability, then draw the carriage in and partly hips up to the ceiling with control. We do three more and we reached forward and we drabble travel.

Lift of my fingertips. Good and bring the carriage end. Keep the lower ribs down. Two more and we lean forward and we braced back. Hold on, give me stability. Stability. Good. One more. Inhale. That's it. Christie, that hate position. I love it. And extend back.

Extend back and hall the hall, the hall and Drool and left and bring your hands towards your feet. Place your feet flat on the carriage and roll up through your spine on the exhale. Roya Roya, go ahead. So you can grab your boxes while I sit up for the pulling straps for your arm work. So we just taking the football down, are you good for one rate for the pulling straps or do you prefer one blue spring red blue spring reads good, right?

So what I'd like you to do is you're going to lie on your stomachs facing the back of your carriage with the box towards the upper area of the rib cage. You can reach forward onto the buckle of your strap. And this is quite a tricky setup. So what I'd like you to do is wrap this hold onto the buckle, wrap the straps once over your wrists, and then you're going to bring your arms closer towards your shoulders in the straight arm position, 10 degrees towards the front of the shoulders. So that's a good setup. Mary, this tape of St Activation in these glutes so that we don't have slapped up legs, but rather the crispy chip plagues we active in our bodies. We breathing on the exhale, you're going to brace your slide, your arms up towards your size, extending your back at the same time, elongating through that elbow and then inhale we come down.

Can both of you place your thumb on top of the strap and when you get to that last little bit of extension, praise through the Samsa, we get the tricep to work. Okay, lates, go pause. Inhale on the XL. Drew from the lats, writers sprays, give me some, give me some praise, a praise God and lower down to with precision and control. Three more and we excel. Drawer left. Reach up. Good. We want these arms in line with the hips. Beautiful Work Tomorrow and Exhale, draw navel to spine. Nice activation. They marry good and lower down, lower down and last one and we excel. Left up, hold it, drew the ta.

Don't price it Tommy into the box and slowly lower down and lower the chase down and rebel the straps. Extend your arms out into a t position for me with your palms facing the floor this time. Good and feel. Yeah, I will do it on the blade to Mary. You're good. Ah, good. Go. See we listen to our bodies. Oh, extend your arms out into a t position for me.

But your palms facing the floor. Make sure that I show the blades are reaching away from the spine. We inhale, draw the abdominals, sweep your arms across and bring your hands to extend into the size of your size. And then we bring the arms out into a t. So yeah, you want to think that you lying on a surfboard, your arms are above the water. And as you press back the hands, don't press into the water. Keep it up, keep it up, keep it up and reach the arms long. And why? Lower down good. Three more nights and then extend up. Reach, reach.

Keep the back of the neck long, long, long and reach the arms wide and hold. And we do two more XL. Draw drew Andrew and reach the arms wide. Ilan gates away. Last one. And reach, reach gimme slight thoracic extension. Christy. Beautiful. And reach the arms wide hole. Lower the body, lower the arms, plus your straps back onto the pigs and we're going to step down and you're going to take your box back towards the back of the reformer piece.

I am just going to secure the carriage by adding a couple of springs. We are going to do some leg work and you guys can stand on your courage with your right foot on the side of the carriage and the left foot hanging off the side. Yup, that's it. So move right up to this side. Good. From here the lift leg is going to draw up into the chase. Bring your arms across and you can even place your hands on your hips if it feels more secure.

And I'm going to ask you to sit back as if you sitting on a stool, making sure both sides of your bodies equally long. And all we're going to do is you're going to press your heel into the carriage and press up. Exhale and lower down and lift up. Mary. You can lift your left, yes and excel up in hell down. So we require precision of the movement here and we do five more and down. It's a small movement but it's intricate and it's intense and it's very specific to those glued stabilizes to more XL and m and you guys are so good.

We gonna hold it year 14 so you've got a choice. You can either just hang up or tighten that bleed me. Tighten, tighten, tighten for five more and four more. And only you can feel what's going on in your body to add, take the leg back into the body a little bit forward for me guys. Keep the back extended. We big and we extinct and we beam and we stretch and we three down and up and four down. Good. And those torsos are nice and stabilized. Fine.

And Excel six we do two more and seven good stability and eight hole the tier 14 and nine and press the slightly. I put the knee for me, Chrissy. Yes. Yeah it is five and four. Squeeze and hold three and two and stay up and over to the other side. Nice guys. It's simple but the victims well done.

You got any cause you stretched done in your body. That's why body and mind is working together. Yeah, good partnership. I love it. Okay, other side, right? So pull the knee up into the chest, cross the arms over the chest, sit back for me and make sure the FEMA is nice and parallel. Press that heel down as we praise up, lower them and exhale and down.

So always join. Activate the muscle that we targeting before the movement actually happens. They made it so much more intense and two more and Xcel and down and one more and down. And we hold it. Keep your bleeds. Nothing active food to Surrey. Lean slightly forward. Lift the knee.

So remember you can either just hang out or you can squeeze a little bit and we take the leg back. We hinge the body forward, keep the bags active. We been the knee in hell and and Su and good and three and left XL four and up and five. So again, you want to watch the tracking of this FEMA over the second and third toe. Two more down in the left and one more down and left and we hold it. You choose. Am I hanging out? Is this $150 session or a $10 then we have it and we hold it o c and stay down.

Well done guys. We're gonna do this side overs on the boxes. I'm gonna secure the carriage by putting all this springs on this time keeping the foot bar down and the box goes the short way onto the carriage. And then Mary, we are going to sit so that if we work on the right side first so you don't have faced that. I'll hold this for you. Good pricing your leg into the foot strap, making sure that your foot is nice and secure, pulling your left knee in towards your chest. And we can choose either to have the arms across the body or if you feel like the challenge, the hands come behind the heats, so interlace the hands behind the head or if you choose to do this across the body then that's absolutely fine on the breath.

We are going to lean into the put as you breathe, breathe, breathe on the XL, draw the obliques and lengthen up. And we inhale. Lower down. We do five XL drool left and hold, beautiful neckline. And three more. Inhale and exhale. So this strength lies in the stability of the movement to mow. I want this pose, this hole.

This is where you get stronger and stronger and stronger. And one more inhale. And we're gonna lift up and hold it. Reach your arms over your head, bring your left hand all the way down into the put as you go down and give yourself a straight, or bring your elbow into the shoulder race. If you short like me, they next with the elbow. We'll go stay here. I breathe in and breathe out.

Rotate your body forward and over giving yourself a nice stretch over these cubicles. So I know this back needs this. And then Mike show when you come out of this that you walk yourself up and left without straining the body. Good or this side. So you'll sit up as important way. We have the foot and the hip in line with each other. Choose the arm position over the chest or behind their head.

And then we go down. Inhale, inhale. So engaged the muscle. We lift up and we reached down. Inhale, Fomo and excel. Lift and hold. Beautiful. And three. Inhale, inhale and XLF pose. Whole picture, moment, picture, moment and two more.

Inhale and excel. Lift and hold the lover Ribs. One more. Lower down and excel left pose and hold. Extend your arms over your head. Allow your body to go down into that stretch.

Reach your arm early, your head. Breathe in and breathe. Rotate the body up and over. Take a deliberate on weeks and then woke yourself up all the way. And we're going to turn the boxes the long way.

We are gonna do the breaststroke. We're going to do it on one bleed. Spring. The backs of worked hard the rest of the session. Thank you. So you're gonna take your thumbs into this strap and this is also a tricky set up. Stand to the one side of your carriage. Reach the outside leg forward and lunch into the box, reaching your arms forward to hold onto the age.

Then you slide your body over again with the chaste over and bring your elbows and your arms into a chicken wing. Position. The palms face down. So I want you to think again of lying on that surfboard in the water without the hands touching the water throughout the exercise. 10% activation in the grids. Tia is active on the Enbridge. We extend the arms forward, reach your back up, circle the arms around with your palms facing towards the floor.

Then flex at the elbow and lower the body down. So Mary, I'm going to give you a bit of an assist here and we go reach up and hold. Look at that and we circle the arms lower sequentially through. That's fine. Bring the elbows and we go again. I'm here and we ain't hell left, left, left. [inaudible] so cool. The arms drool, the tic circle lower down and beans and I'm letting go.

Two more in hell. Beautiful work. Married. Reach the arms up, reach, reach, reach and lower down. And we'll do two more. Watch your back and reach up on here if you need me. And lift up left top, left top and lower down. Stay down, reach and hold onto the corners of the box that your legs slide off to the one side again and take good care as the character's gonna roll forward without the big clash. Good. Place the straps down. Okay.

And then you guys can come and stand to the side of your [inaudible] reformers again and we'll just finish off the way we started with the roll down. And I want you to check in with your body and see if there's any difference. Hopefully a good difference. Hmm. Take a deep inhalation and on the XL drawer, let your abdominals do the work.

As you lower your head and you roll your body forward up and Hoover align the body to stretch. Feel the mobility and the stretch. Inhale and draw the ta XL. Roll up all the way, man. We'll do one more [inaudible] and Xcel to roll down, up and over. [inaudible] just stay down this time for me. Grab hold of your elbows. Let the weight of your arms just gently draw your body down, twist over to the right side as you exhale with the upper body and back to the center and over to the left side and back to the center.

Release your arms. Inhale and Xcel to Roy lab into that perfect posture for the rest of the day. Hmm, well done. You guys.


This is a good video for clients at this level due to the pace and involved instruction.
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I'd rate this as advanced beginner not 2/3
B ~ Thank you for your feedback. It can be difficult to choose a level because it is very subjective. After reviewing this class, we have decided to keep it at a Level 2/3 for safety reasons. A beginning or intermediate student may not have the control or stability to perform many of these exercises safely.
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Jacknife in my opinion is definitely 2/3 - In Stott Pilates it is taught at advanced level and called the "Overhead"
Miss you Tash!!!!
Thank you for a great class
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awesome cues & imagery.
Loved it! Pace was a little slow....great cueing:) Hope to see more! Thank you Tash
So Fun!
First, the single leg squats off the carriage series looks intense - can't wait to try those!

I do agree that the pace of the class is a bit slow if you're trying to follow along and join the workout at the same time. But, if you're simply observing the class, Tash gives plenty of on-point cues and imagery. I would love to take a private with Tash with all those juicy stretches!
Fun to watch Meredith in those beautiful back extensions.
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