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Diane Severino returns to PA with a fun and playful Reformer workout! She uses clear and precise cues to guide you through the exercises. She also adds graceful transitions between each movement so you are always working your body. Diane's witty humor will make this class fly by! Enjoy!
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Hi, I'm Diane Severino and I'm going to teach you the reformer, the reformer. Love it. Let's go over some things. I know you're all pros, but this is a foot bar. These are the sidebars right here. There'll be an exercise. We're going to use these four. This is a balanced body machine. So this machine has five springs. Okay.

And I'll be telling you what Springsteen use. This is the carriage, this is the edge of the front of the carriage shoulder. Recce head. And of course the straps. We'll we're going to put our feet in. I know you all know us, but let's just get on the terminology in case some of your teachers say different terms, the edge of the machine, the front of the machine. And uh, what I do, we're going to start with the leg and foot work classic. A lot of these exercises you've done a million times, which is wonderful.

You can never do them. You can do them 2 million times and it's still be great. I'm on 2 million and it's still great. So on the uh, leg and footwork with both legs on the bar, which is what we start with. There's a reason there's all these springs. Joe PyLadies wanted you to use these springs on leg and foot work. If you're not used to working, all of the springs build up to it. There's a reason they're there.

Or he would have built a machine, which is three springs. He didn't, and they've even added more. But okay, so that's what I'm saying. Build it up. We're going to sit on the machine. You're going to sit towards the edge of the machine, right? All right. And gracefully. You use, you poised to sit down. You're not on the edge of the machines. Stand up. Sit down.

That's the edge of the machine. That's going to be important for the next movement. Just take a nice big yawn with the yawn. Ah, the arms yawning. Yeah, and I'm bringing it back. I'm edging towards the center. All right?

Then pull myself around. I'm going to stretch the legs and I'm going to roll. [inaudible] if you filmed some graceful stuff in between, you get another exercise in. All right. We're going to start with the turnout. The turnout happens above the hips. Your feet are slightly separated. Since we're just warming up here, my knees are not too open. My heels are a little lower to the bar. I'm going to take an inhale as you push back, squeezing the butt and come in, ah, this and that.

Feel good and sip that zipper without tilting the pelvis and and so now we're in a moderate turnout, right? Inhale and send out all the air. Inhale. Now, because it's more class and I can do what I want, I'm going to open up this Turner. I'm going to separate the feet now, not nothing heels. The heels are going to be touching, but now I'm elevating the heels. Not as high as the bar, but higher than they were before. All right? Now as you go back, Woo. You get a little bit deeper. Lift the heels as they come in for us. I'm not losing contact. The heels are touching the whole time as you come that now when you working this, it's not just the pushing straight legs. That's important. Everything's important. All right.

This isn't harder than this because I'm making the carriage come in. I'm pushing and I have all springs on. When you build up, it's not that hard. All right, bring the legs together. Now we're going to go into a movement. The second one called prehensile, you're gonna lift the seat. You're going to flex the feet, you gotta curl the toes, really curl, then Ben, Ben, and right underneath that ball of the foot is a little more Fletcher flesh, flesh of the arch.

So just grip the bar now and push the heels under the bar. You really trying to get the heels under as soon as you can. Alright, and press squeezing the butt stomach in. Now in parallel, which we are now, you really pressing the toe joints, ankle bones, insides of the knees and upper thighs together. You're narrowing your legs. Yeah, that's it. Now Curl those heels on. No, no, no, no, no, no. Keep them low as you come in, feel the grip. Feel the tightness. Oh, you're going to lug this tutorial in here so everybody knows all of this so far.

We're going to go to the heels. Same thing. Line up the toe joints, ankle bones inside the knees, and we press bat and lining up the bony points like that where you're actually touching him, gives the body a an evenness to it. That's why I start out with everything touching to begin with. So you're making equal pressure on both legs and and really pressed push cracker walnut with those knees press. That's how you get those inner thighs going, right press. She put tight and in and pressed. Now we've got that opposite.

Remember we did that flex wouldn't prehensile keep that fless feel that tendon in the front of the ankle. Feel the top of the foot pressing to the Shin and resist and poor on Rick M, N and back. [inaudible] try to do this too. When you change position, if you can do it simultaneously, that means both at the same time. All right, so I went from here because it works. The stomach, the tendency is that he or show up in deck. Yeah, just try it. Try Sip. All right. Less time back. Now you come in here, lift the heels up. But are you squeezing? Good. And that and, and now remember, push back and hold when you squeezing it like that. Put, put your, put your thumb right here.

Not on your hip, but right on the side. Hold that there. Lets you let go. Good. Oh mine. Mine. That's terrible. Squeeze it. Woo. Nice and tight. Lose it again. Suck it in. Squeeze it tight. Let's hold that and go down and up and bring my arms here into irrelevant.

Flex. Relevant. Hold that part there. See if you can keep that tight while you're doing these presses. Sometimes we work in progression. Do onesies Tuesdays. Now make sure your toes are flat as you Relevate. That means the heels high down heels.

High toes are flat. As you come into your up the heels, let's do toes again without the flex back and feel the hamstrings back. You're making the machine come in back. Nice and smooth. One more back. Now this toes position is going to be useful at the last exercise.

What we're going to do, we're running in place, so just sort of feel the flatness of the toes. All right. Alright, and come in. Let's do that same turnout again. What? We're going to exaggerate the second position and we're going to go wide. Alright, so here is a moderate second. If you second those, they're fine, but a lot of you are nice and open putting in the hip and why not take advantage of that?

Now you can really work that spot. It's easy to squeeze your button turnout, but that's where the turnout comes from and you open it, even those hips and rapping and nice and elegant in the middle, and you lift x and you press and putting the inner thighs into focus as you come in. Draw them in, press and and and press on arrest. Okay, now we've got to come up from this machine. Let's do with Teza. Alright? A teaser is a applied is exercise where you stabilize your legs at a fixed point. You reach your arm and you head up and you're trying to roll up without letting the legs change. We're going to change the machine springs open to the toe ball heel.

It's better than schlepping. It sets you up for the next exercise. All right, so we had all four on and now we can rock and roll it. I'm going to do three reds. Alright, so we're going to lie down again. Ready for some teaser and tease and back. There we go. Now when we're working single leg at a time, you know when we had the legs pressed, those magnets closing. Well, walking single leg. We're gonna cheat, cheat, cheat the leg out a little bit. We usually start on the left leg, the right leg, the one that's going to be doing a movements. That's called the working life.

All right, we're going to start with this heel high in parallel. All right, the heels going to stay to the ceiling. The leg is going to be out. We're going to draw this leg back and up and back. Um, fo now I'm taking my thigh back. Don't lose your other button back as far as I can. Then I'm developing it where my thigh is. Then answer, well, exaggerating a little bit. If you can't do it and you hear fine with me, but you were Loosey Goosey, is there? Bring it back.

As long as your hips not tucking on you, you don't want to Tuck and stretch, get a nice flow and oh, okay. And there's so many single legs we can do with this sort of sets my brain up for the lane and the lane. And another thing that's sort of bothering me lately, cause you know, I have to work the room and I'd go to what's his last one? Lift and [inaudible]. Now here's a little switch, Rooney and switch. All right? So I'll, I'll tell you is I'm saying not quite straight legs, even in the leg and foot work. And uh, especially with the people that are new to my class. And I've said to them, if someone have a tell you you're locking your knees. And I go, yeah.

I said, you don't understand what a straight leg is and a Lockwood. So then I have to slap them around. They finally get it. All right. It's in a straight line. All right, that's nothing to me. That's a straight line. Flat out.

You're so good. And let's [inaudible] say we did same amount on each leg. Who knows? Alright, here's what I made up. That one we sort of, everybody does. We're not going to be to turn out, you don't want your knees lower than you, your center of your second toe. You want it here. All right? You going to lift the right foot to the point. Now put your hands on your hip font. You don't want these, the change facing straight ahead. Right? All right, so we're here.

We went to the tippy point and now I'm going to slide my leg without changing the hips. They're not lifting or the not shifting. And then I'm going to send that out. So I am in a cross position and this hip is down right now. It just gonna lift and cries and whew. And then different ha work that turnout lower accent up and [inaudible] and and and and cross. Oh yeah. You'd have to go for your buck here. Yeah. Yeah.

And and heel to the ceiling. Woof and, and, and low aloof. And let's say that's enough to the ankle. She did that. Did you hit change? They should change back to the ball. Alright, set him up. You've got to use your button, you stomach. Sneak that to the point. Cross it over the ankle. All right, out. Yeah, take that time there. And that hip is wrapped down.

Ready and two kicks. Damn and low lift, right? But tight lift and down and the stomach never betrays the leg. And, and you know when your stomach's then don't go by the look. We don't care that tissue. It's what's behind there, right? Lift. Wrap that light wrap low. Lift down in that extra little accent helps like fly and be free.

Low away. Last time and in tight add. Hold back to the cross day. [inaudible] hat's good. Ring the feet to get it.

There could be a million single legs, but that's enough for now. Here's what we're talking about on the running in place, we remember we did a [inaudible] Joe position with the Heel Sigh. Here's another one that gets a little sloppy in the toes. You're pressing that in. Step Up. It's a race. One heel away. Down, one heel, high lift to change.

I'm going extraordinary slow just to make a point. All right. And the rhythm is, yeah, flat toes. All right. He's that grip toe. He, what is it that we did? You can any prehensile and I chose low and press now the butts tied of the straight leg or if you have real good control of you, but as you keep it tight with the knee then too, so you don't have to think of it. I've been playing with my breath on this. Usually we do a stand a two and two out, but I had been changing it to four breaths in and six app.

Let me see. Yes you do. Foreign two, three, four, two, six. Okay. Uh, I like the exhale a little bit. It warms me up and it's that ringing of that last air and the wording in places is simple movement. That uh, act. Try it. See if you like it. No, it's just stay back to two. All right, now we're going to get up. Teaser up, open to ball.

Yeah, you did good on that leg and foot work. It got you warm, right? We're going to take this board down. [inaudible] Flipboard down. And this next series, uh, is a made up of this stuff. I'll try to tell you what's made up and not this I made up. It's done with one light spring. You people that have the yellow, that's a little too light. Let's do a blow. So you put blue on, you take everything else off. Only a blue, right.

Okay. So you're going to grace really swing around. We n you want to get your straps. Now I, I, uh, [inaudible] invented this, for lack of a better word, but it's just sort of a generic movement because, uh, I wasn't getting the roll up that I wanted and it seemed that this worked very well into getting people to articulate this spine. It works. This draft, now you're going to be fairly close to your shoulders, okay? It's a, it's eventually, it's gonna have some fee.

You're going to grab your straps, you're not going to move your carriage. Your carriage will not move and you're going to reach with straight arms and hold onto the straps. Everybody's straps are different. I'm here. Your arms are low tolerant towards the shoulder rest. And that's wrong. I'm sorry. This is the shoulder, wrist. All right, now the arms are just, did you move your machine? No, don't do that. Machine does not move. Get it. Thank you. All right, so the arms are low and I'm going to add the feet right away.

You're going to curve your back down. You're doing a crunch. Oh, you're going to go through the ball, the foot, and you curving yourself. You don't wanna move you arms. You're trying to just let the curvature of the back. And of course this is an abdominal exercise, get you in so you can really isolate that one vertebrae at a time. The reason I didn't want you to move your arms up is that your arms are going to get you up. All right?

Now if you find yourself doing that and these two movements at three that we just did, put it on a red spring, it'll help you pull you up a little bit more, but the object is to do it quite light like this. All right, and we're going through the ball of the foot to the heel curve. Now at the last minute. Don't straighten your back. This is curved the whole time. All right? It's a crunch back. Inhale, Eh, really feel all of the abdominals. Ah, to keep the pelvis slightly toward your face as you roll up.

So you get deep, right? And it's quite elegant. Um, it gets you the feel. Cause this is really what we're doing. And in so many of the Maddix and sizes, this is a roll back. Yeah. This is a lot easier of course, because we have the springs giving us the feeling and the legs are bent, which makes it easier. Now that did the 11. Okay. Working from there, we're going to rule back. We'll start with the heels.

Uh, flex this one. And the reason I'm using your feet like this, even though it's a little complicated in the beginning, so you're not gripping with Tutus new all your Wiley ways. Now we're gonna point as we roll that now see, my thigh is not going to move. This is a low belly exercise. Still have that curve. I'm just gonna lift my legs without letting the thighs combat compress the back of the waistline. So this is uh, this is the abdominal height leg. Yeah. One more for four hole coming up is where the work is bad.

So I'll work whatever come up. That's good. Do that again. Nice ball to the point thy is stationary, low leg lifts and inhale and there's your ankle bones towed joints, everything touching. Ready for the flex and the roll up. One more time and ball to the point. [inaudible] and I'll take mercy on you. We're just going to lift the legs ones. Hold that with the elbows to the back is going to open and close.

Keep that curl in the upper body. Keep your legs at that 45 degree angle and the back of the shoulder is smoothly working. Those arms open. Don't bring your arms to the ground. All Right, nice. Proud arms. Um, um, that's it. Good. One more in you. Good. Hold low. The legs.

Hold on. Your panties, girls. Hey, you go. Nice. Okay, so we're working on the same, uh, I don't know what to call it. Curl up. Crunch, then you're going to be offside. Okay? You all gonna have both hands and both straps. You tow is a pointed w you legs are draped, but you're not. You're not, you. Your ankles are not on top of one another.

They're both inside and outside of the ankles resting on the shoulders. The thing is, you're going to see me more on a turn around the other side. I'm on my right hip. Now you lift cheek is in the air, my toilet. This is waistline exercise. You're angling for the opposite roller.

Nisa one way bodies the other. And it's the same thing. Now I'm rolling down along the right side of my waist and rolling [inaudible] Oh oh in now or the true magic. And um, make sure that left side you're rolling down the right side of the Vertiv is, but I like to think of the right waistline. All right? So the more twist, cause that means the only thing that's getting yet baton and the little a spring action. [inaudible] and I just always open my throat like that because the camera's on me. No, don't too many wrinkles. But that's sort of a nice life. No, really, there's a reason for that. So here, here's my butt in the air. Yeah. All right. I'm on my left side point. This dose, Eh. Well, Eh, I'm really get that twist right. [inaudible] and all so good for the external obliques and it's the waistline muscles and stomach tight of course en.

And I've seen at night zero and up one more. Damn. [inaudible] oh, well let's do this. Let's go back a little. Wow. Pandora. Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Um, awesome. This is a slight pause as opposed to always comes from underneath. I know.

Just checking. Oh, righty. Who walked back? Well, I'll pull up wherever you are. [inaudible] how you doing? Good. Yeah. Ready? All right. You get my, all right. Good to do a, uh, this is one red and this is a, uh, apply these, that, that was my made up stuff. I'm going to do the Palazzos row part of the rowing series, but I'll show you how I do it.

Straps. Right. I think actually you're back far enough. You pulling up John, you take a parallel arm. The arms, the way I do it with the way I was taught are parallel to the floor. Then you uh, let's do a flat back. Not too far. You come up, I'm going to extraordinarily slow and point the toes. The arms come forward. You couldn't track Paul.

I, we, we held our hands together. You can't separate them, but this is trying to think of getting them this shoulder rotation. Of course over the top of your head there's your shoulder rotation. Don't force it though. If he can't, you can't. Now here's the tears of the trip from this position. You don't just schlep up, you extend the pelvis back. Then you travel up the waist to the shoulders to the head so you can to leave it out.

You send to the body and then you take you first movement of the arms back. Flex body makes the arms come full word contract. Yeah, and up way up. Oh, the head around to the feet. Just like Swan Lake. Now here's the back again. Your butt, your waist, your shoulders, your neck and head that hard. And in one more flex squeeze your butt body brings you forward. Then you extend, you just tracked, Oh fuck.

[inaudible] Swan, like thinking of coming over the crown of the head and the final spine release and okay. Gonna give Ya going to give you something else now made up. You might want to do this next one. If it's too hard, you'll know right away. This is for you externally. This is external rotator or your shoulder.

Uh, I took this when I had a couple of was in a couple of re shoulder rehab people. We started out very light and just with other stuff, so divinely cross-legged, take you back strap with your furthest hand. You Bro, you bring the forearm hugging tight to your torso and then you just open the door. That's it. Simple. You'll know right away if this is too much work and you want it, really keep no space between you, not too many, eight to 10, but you get that back, head of that shoulder, right, that deltoid. And uh, that's a I nice muscle. If I should say so myself. It's a very nice muscle. Usually we get so focused on the front and the side.

We sort of forget about that back one, Huh? All right. As I say, and you don't want to change sides, I like the change legs. All right. Back Strap for this hand. Pull it so that it's in front of your waistline and then just open the door, lifting out of the waist, point your toes while you're at it and spree and yeah. Now you want to keep us flat wrist. All right.

Even if you're not going as far out, does it matter? Try not to buckle a curve. The wrist. You want the knuckles in line with the wrist. Elegant energy out through the crown of the head. Lift and lower and that should do it.

Alrighty. Coming around the see you are we still got one red or if he had a blue on a, change it to red. We cross the other leg. He is lateral tilt. We're going to do that with the machine. You're going to take your back strap, you're going to pull your arm up, but not by much elbows in line with your armpit. This isn't the arm exercise and piles.

You just stabilizing that arm. This is a waistline exercise. Keep you just working this side. Some isometric. You hold it there and then you're just going to tilt into the well. Oh, I didn't tell you that when we first started. This is the well and come up. Now you see on my head sort of focusing on that hand and the palms in line, like the lower part of my palm is in line with the, uh, my ear. Okay? Now as you tilt over, you are up to go out and you really got to stabilize it. So this arm doesn't drop or come into you. So you walk in your arm and n and you read.

Yeah. Now don't let your opposite, but come up [inaudible] keep your cheeks then and up. Now let's just change it. So we stretch the neck a little bit. You're going to look to the palm to the palm and point your toes and Nepal and up and [inaudible]. All right. Get it. Okay, cool. Huh. So I do say some of this is really, we switch legs, zen to yourself. Pull up back, strap closes, hand slide elevation.

Drop your lat. All right. Keep that heat that down. Alright. And we're going to look to the well and up to go over. Try Not to change that right angle of the arm and lat, Eh and Dan. Now let's look towards the palm and oh and straight-A head lift. Oh. Um, and one more that the t that that [inaudible] everybody good my friends. Okay, well going to a, Oh, do we have to? Yes we do.

Yeah. Domino's in next. Got To do abdominals. You have two reds. Headrest is flat. Doesn't matter where head's going to be up and you're gonna swing around. We're not going to do teaser. I'm gonna save you a little bit. Scoot down, wind down, reach your arms. And he has that roll back. We just did get it right when the hands are holding onto the straps. Okay.

Yeah. People advanced people, ladies and straight. We're going to turn this into a little bit of an exercise. Uh, if you back is a little, uh, unsure, uh, just keep your knees bent. As you do this, you're going to bring your head up as the legs lift and then hover you had goes down, but you like stick lift. Hello. Eh Lift and uh, bad people. Just keep your knees bent and just work your arms up and down. Yeah.

Lower lift hold. And I'm going to do this in parallel. Five breaths. And then five pants at Denton. Ideally. [inaudible]. Uh, what does strong stomach and a good back. Your feet are about eyebrow level. Okay. And use your just these straps cause uh, the machine came first. I mean we came after the mat, work with Joe and knew he was having trouble communicating and getting people strong enough. Hi. Hey, let's do this kick, kick, kick. Just do it.

Okay. How are you doing? You can go to regular abdominals or if you're a next bothering you just stop. Yeah. But sometimes when your necks are bothering you, you may be not have a bar add strength enough to keep you up. I don't know. I didn't kill him. Eh? Okay, we're rolling. Nice and warm. Right? We're going to do, we have to spoon to red zone. We're going to go into my shorts barn.

Love me shots. He's not a day without a shoe spot. Okay, Troy, this, it's not that hard. It's just another way of thinking of it. So what I was taught the machine yet to get both feet in at the same time. So you made little Lupis like this and you can bring your feet up in a dyad in a diamond shape, stabilize your arms and then your pelvis curls.

And now when you think of it, even though the legs of Ms Straight in the short spine, that's what gets you up. It's the curling of the pelvis and the legs follow. They're attached. But you get that low belly right? That kind of cool. Now Flex your feet and try to put them in at the same time there you got an even Steven part of the body.

Keep your knees bent and the diamond as you stretch your leg. All right, there's a million short spines. Do what you yours is watch mine. See what you like. Get so many choices now and you head rest is flat magnets, toe joints, ankles. In Sony, Boba, everything's pulled together and I let the carriage come all the way forward cause I like that hamstring. Some butts will be a little bit higher.

Some will be flat down just the way it is. You're in parallel. That means your use of boring user facing you in parallel. You take that pelvis thing we did when we we're holding onto her hands a second ago. Now you take your turn out, you keep the back elevated and I take a deep bend here. No, I'm not going to move my feet or my [inaudible] Cath. Just my back. Oh heaven is going to roll them.

So my diamond is over my body like a picture frame. All right, with an overhead cam. Now I'm going to not lift my butt. I think of pressing my butt out to bring my heels in. Now watch the sickle here. Heels are higher than the toes. You press out and then you rotate to parallel.

Let's do that again. Kids hang the hips, hang the hips, the butt scoop of the stomach. Wait up. You turn out plea. It's a drops low here. Feet stay over the faith. Say Look, this rich. Now the tail bone brings it out. So it's not that like fo is.

We're gonna flow a little bit more and back and turn up. Please. Roll. Yeah. Hips. Yeah. And one more. This temple and, and, and plea. Yeah. No, you don't want to turn your head when you're on your shoulders, right?

That's why I'm not angling to you. And now we're going to do this in turn up, but without having pressure on the arms, just, just try it. Your legs come back. Now as my hips rise, my arms are going to rise with it. You stay in plea a the whole time. This is the same, but now I'm taking this big diamond and this is gonna work the back of your thigh more. And the big [inaudible] die man, Stan and ouch.

They in turnout and legs come back the hip, stay down, Eh, we're gonna rise [inaudible] and play nice big diamond. That diamond presses. Let's do that one more time and back and raw please. [inaudible] whoops. Oh, [inaudible] mistake and hold. And even this diamond thing that could be turned into, hey, let's do this a few times back and then they get pressing the back of the size first. Not that you like just your image because you want this to work. Yeah, yeah. And and, and yeah. [inaudible] and yeah. Okay. Now I want to work on something that, uh, uh, you are the first to learn it.

Well, not really. This is hard to teach, but you can do it. It's not a hard exercise. It's hard to, of conceptualize what I'm trying to do here. All right? This is great for your hips and your hamstrings. All right? You're going to od that straight leg down, but you try not to let the other leg help. You'll, you'll get it in a minute.

You curling this straight leg down. This leg is dead to you and back all the works in the straight leg for the hamstring. Now you know what we do the exercise. Keep going. You know when you do the exercise on the box, we feed her in the straps and either you're hugging the front of the box or your hands are on your buttocks and you're doing a butt curl. That's the muscle. Okay? And you're pressing out. This one's doing nothing. It doesn't work. If you take this leg out, it's a little unbalanced in parallel. It's hard. All right, so you're pressing out. Put your hand on the back of your thigh.

Can you feel that working on the straight leg? This one's doing nothing out at the end. Yeah. Yeah, and let's try it on the other side. All right. Out to Ben. She had muscle and I started as the like straight and I bend it arking and still keep it engaged and keep that hamstring fired. Fired. I say out now you getting it? Oh, this one's not doing nothing. Anything.

Oh, now this is a very interesting concept. There's a vented because I'll tell you how it started and you know Peter Pan. All right, hip bones don't move. You take your leg out and that's Peter Pan. Now it's going to look the same from from a teacher's eye, but I started when I was doing this to think, okay, you're dead to me. Just that straight leg and you get there at the same time and gage just the straight leg and it looks the same but you're actually getting underneath those ham strings more.

Just play with that. So the straight legs doing the work. Now, not to drive a Wacko, but you can do it with the bent leg too, so you get quiet, dig it. Now the bent legs working, it looks the same though. You just have to get it in your own body and it sort of acquaintance mix you acquainted with your muscles and an IRA. Okay, wax on, wax off your legs or in a bed parallel, a parallel flex position. You're making an outside circle. It's small. You just sort of massaging you hip sockets in there and you want to keep a true Paolo. I'm trying to keep my over the center of my feet. Okay, that's good. And Alright. And it works a little on the outside.

So we're making a parallel circle and when I said wax out and that was just like an old karate kid thing, would he has him waxing the car? Oh, you're too young. Yeah. Few of these and now the other all round. And of course your stomach's always in, right? You starting to feel that now, right parallel. Oh, you just worked [inaudible] and joints. Let's stop at this right angle. Your had is down.

We're going to do a curl up. Just like when we're holding on and we're doing short spine now you feet pretend your feet are pressing against an imaginary wall and you're going to curl your pelvis under and up without moving the character, curling the pelvis under, um, without the care and on and up. You wouldn't even do it here if you wanted with your hands in the butt or your head. I go Noah. But in my head is that either way. Yeah. Up and you can go as high as you want the objects because you, again, this is sort of the whole hamstrings series that we were just in, right? And you're legs are in table top and flex and no. Now what we're going to do is the same position only we're gonna do half little pulses here. So then go halfway up and then it's lift, then lift. There you go. Two inhales, two exhales. Lift, lift and squeezing, but right.

And what happened in XL? Yeah. [inaudible] seven and eight rolled down. Chin me control. I'll get you up off your back. Or K kids. Ben Jurnee. Hey, yeah. [inaudible] play some damn. N T Sarah. Oh, let's do a stretch here.

Well was here. Put on another red please. But you bought in like a year. Low position. Nothing. That's real high, right? So you'd have to, every machine's different. Okay. Ah, you heels a, you nice.

There's just an inside story. You legs are nice and open. Your hands are flat on the bar without letting your back arch. Keeping your sit bones down. You're going to press forward. Okay. Nice and easy as the body goes forward.

The thighs press back. [inaudible] oh man. Oh, lift. Hold. Extend the arms out from the shoulders. Nice long line from the tailbone to the crown of the head. Keeping the thigh stationary. Pulse, both stray straight stretch and come up. Let's bring the arms here. I need it. I need a little twist.

You're going to lift the arm up over the head. The torso is gonna Change. Follow the head with the hand. Wow. Change the torso and the [inaudible]. Huh?

The torso makes the [inaudible]. Um, keep the thighs open down and a little faster with this arm monitor in and twist. Twist, twist, twist. Yeah, you look good. Doing that is a pleasure. Okay, so we had three springs on. Okay. Maybe the sidebars. We're going to take it down a notch. Oh, that might be too low. Sorry, I'm not familiar with this machine. That's better. The train. Okay.

Your feet are going to go on these sidebars. Let's see if we can get down here. Put Your, uh, your hips quite close to the edge. All right. Arms up to the side. Let me just finish this. Pretend I didn't wipe my brow. And you're going to contract too old. Isn't that nice? Lift.

And now the feet of placed on these sidebars. If you heal skin fit, you can hit your toes up a little bit more. I think we all know this. It's marvelous. All right. Pelvis first pelvis curls toward your face. So you were up to your shoulders and there's a nice straight line. All right, you're going to push back your hamstring and your Braddock brings you forward without dropping the hips. Now you crude down, you want to touch. I'm gonna bring my onto the side, the back of your waist before your pelvis.

We reverse it. The waist stays down, just the pelvis curls. Then we hit the waistline, then the shoulders till we hit the position XR and keep it tight. Keep it. Now the more tucky get the Moyer stretch. Look funny acquires right? So you really exaggerating her a tight. Keep the butt. Squealy is there.

If you want to throw in a go be my guest, Bro on God and look, it's like a nice wave. Yeah. Dan, don't let your shoulders roll forward and see how you nice had positioners here. As you go back, not on Archie head. Keep it there. Just let the spine do it. The neck doesn't have to overwork and squeeze. Nice long ways.

Even feel like your knees are pulling over the bar. You'll get a little more under the, the a lower hamstring. Am I making that clear enough? Or pretend them in front of you and my hands are hooked on them under your knees. And I'm pulling you forward as you rolling down and ro. Um, and, and I'm pulling you on your knees, so I'm sort of stretching you or you and your mind's eye stretching you in two different directions. One of the classic greatest butt exercises. Ah, though this is not a Joe Palladio's exercise, Warren Fletcher made this one up and [inaudible] and one more, um, draw [inaudible] down.

Alright, we're gonna do a little more wavy thing. This is like a beginner, a semicircle. Yeah. If you don't know what that is, uh, it's okay. You're gonna roll up. Go back. Now from this position, I'm gonna open my arms against so you can see me. I'm gonna put my upper back down now, my mid, that my wasteland till I'm flat. Come in, roll up, push back. Don't drop your hips yet because the ribs, the waistline ways isn't that cool.

And you [inaudible] and curves here just made it a little more rid of a goal. Now you can get the feeling, see how top words have to work. Yeah, those are your midriff muscles. And, and let's reverse it back. Now you started the pelvis till I get up to the shoulders, na hauling behind the back of the knee and I start my descent breath. Yeah. Ah, squeeze your button a little more repeatable and back row. Come. Ooh, dat is snake hips kids.

Uh, and don't let your knees open up. This isn't a pure parallel. Don't want them drift. Open one more back. And uh, and uh, yeah, let's just take a like a, uh, whatever you call this, either here or here or here, just to get that, uh, underneath muscle. That's what we just worked on breath. Ah, you guys are working nice for me. I appreciate that you point that, but, and let's change sides. Cross. Bring it back through the whole of the leg and try not to get off your spine. Stay right on him.

Ah, yes, it was doing it enough by stress. Keep you here all day. If I can. Hey, you know when you hold on to your legs, I'm going to do this when I, when I want to make it a thing. Make sure you hold your hands exactly the same way on each leg and that your elbows are the same. Now you can post, you'd be surprised. You get crazy or one that'll knock you. Hola. So the precision of where, and I always, I use a cup to him. Flex the feet. Stretch.

Yeah, there's man to some muscles in a minute and point. And then all right, back to your sidebars. We're going to do a do a pelvic tilt. Waistline stays down. Just the pelvis curls. Alright, now that extreme ready stretching here, you want to hit the muscle right there, right where the hamstring connects to the butt. Now everybody's a little different in how far you can go back.

It's a little tiny back and forth and back and forth. Now you're not coping with your feet. You want to take it all in that muscle right underneath the seat or the button that hard to get little area right there and you scoping in your Holloway and to inhale to exhale. Don't grip with your feet. Really feel those hamstrings pulling it in and, and play with your legs. See where it works for your height. It's a little bit different.

This is very good too, for the muscle above your knee cap. That'd BMO, so it's good for new people. That's good for everybody. All right. Yeah. Right. You're feeling it now, Huh? Yup, Yup, Yup. Now we're all down. Now we're going to get a little more on the side of the hip. You're gonna turn your feet out, not too wide. Career relaxed toes. You're, you're on the Relevate. Go back.

I have to go back a little bit further to hit this side area here and you're wrapping in your scooper. Try not to tug with your toes or oil. Take it away from the spot you want and you hit, yeah, yeah. It gets a little sideways. Yeah.

Uh, it's very, very zen. Ah, it's good. You sort of isolate and then you can sort of acquaint yourself with different parts of the body. So sometimes these simple movements, uh, are very helpful to me. Oh, this is a full burden exercise. What I'll show you, we're going to turn in. Oh no, she didn't. Yes I did. This gets the outside goes slow.

If you feel a little iffy about it. Don't same tilt. Nice face. Then you won't go back as far back. Low, bad Diane. So it gets a little more [inaudible]. Somehow I want to do this. I get amused so easily. That's it. So your knees are facing.

Hey Bob [inaudible] it's choreographed. The airy camp. Good and center. Nice. I wrote it down. Okay. More. But yeah, so this is in the bud category. I'm going to have a, yeah, yeah. He'll on the boar. Other leg straight out.

Lift the hips on palm palm only. So I'm trying to keep my legs straight out in front. This is fine too. That's red wine. And try not to roll out on the supporting heel. Don't roll out to the outside edge. It right in the center of that heel like we were doing heals in the very first leg and foot work. Ah, change you lining up that heel in the center of your buttocks.

Then the other leg contraction up and lift. Boom, lift. Relax your shoulders in your head. Breath two in, two out. That's good, right? They do these in large gym classes. They work. Oh yeah. Very a very good teaser up teaser up chips, toe ball, heel.

I think I have to bring the board down. I am going to do your classic. Yeah, I'm gonna keep it here. Stomach massage. Can you take this is a sticky pad. Stop you from slipping. I think it's perfectly acceptable. And uh, hey, you know what you and in the old days, you know the machines are all a little differently. Uh, you might, you might find this amusing. Uh, of course you will. It's me telling it to you. [inaudible] Joe, we just did leg and foot work. The turn. I mean, let's say we were, we finished laying for, we're in a turnout, right? He wanted you to come up like that.

Maybe some of you knew that, but maybe some of you didn't. So d it, right, so you can track it up. You were in stomach massage position. Now this is extreme cause I'm really close and you do have to adjust it for your own body. I'm longer in the leg than the torso. Extremely all my heights in my legs. So I have to adjust it back because you really want to be on your sit bones.

You those issues, right? So you want your, you don't, you don't want, you brought a show you want, you are put over your hip. All right, here's my armpit behind. And of course you wouldn't be, I don't even know if you could do that. Now your hands are on the outside again. Remember I said you want both hands to mass match each other? There's nothing wrong with pulling up slightly on the machine. All right?

So you can really pull down your shoulders. This one, the heels are not high. They are lower than the bar. Your heels remained in contact the whole time you push back, you keep the rotation, you lower the heels down, you're not in a prehensile, you flattened the toes. You were in irrelevant turned out and come in and you Lewis did an la. Yeah, pull up those. Internalize really some tight n o and n and low c [inaudible] Oh Ben and Loa pull up in your hands and n low and low and lift and woo and low. Sure. The heels to get and and keep them there.

And [inaudible] does this tendency sometimes have to watch that myself and and um, Diane. Okay. And yeah, I have to teach myself. All right. This one I took from this. Okay. Open and out. Cross your hands. High relevant or this is all in the dance world. Here's the heels, Lola. Good.

We didn't prehensile no, no, no. This is the highest forethought you can get. This is the get deep into the inside of your thighs. Pull up. We're going to take the flex here. Lift force that arch as you come on. Ah, Ya Ya Lo. I guess I haven't been doing this at much good. I feel it round back up and lift less cross hands or that one with the other blue and low lift way of way of way of deals and and low and squeeze the butt way up.

Way Up. Way Up. Heels and and Loa. Interesting. Huh? And N and low lift and N. Hey, let's do this. Cruel. Yuto pretty heads style. Remember way back when we first did it. Started the machine he wrote down. Okay.

Just a few and [inaudible] and he'll, I'm curled til one more. [inaudible] yeah, let's go back to that first position. Circle the arms and bring it inside your feet. I hope you don't hate me. Now I'm going to do this point. All right. Not You not going to hate me at point. Point. Hold this stomach ball to the point extent toe ball and change.

Well to the point extent and ball change. Posty ball to the point. Steph toe. Oh Gee. Oh it's quiet in here. Hold flexing. Born in for 2.0 nice. You did good. Okay.

The stretches snacks, you're going to up the bar and notch and the reason I didn't have the bar up that high is because if you get a ticket, all right. Nice stretch to read. Hey, you know what? Okay, I might have to do this myself. I'm, I take off one spring with one hand. I don't think that's good alignment. I think I should do it with one hand. I heard to do this one hand on the, on the on the loop and the other on the spring, so I'm worn alignment. Remind me of that though, that next time I keep you don't need this anymore.

I am going to kneel next. We, oh, okay. Now I am full challenged. I don't have the most flexible fee, so I really try. When I do need, we're going to do rounds round back first. I really try to brace my toes. These sticky feet, not stinky, sticky again, the shoulders.

Right. See, I'm going to get this one these days and I slammed my other name. All right. I really try to work that all right. No. Okay. It's challenging exercise to teach first, but I work men too, but they still get the concept. You're smoothing your skirt underneath. You look how low I am. Okay. I keep that scoop and that tuck. So I'm at a full arms distance. All right?

That's when the true stretch of the knee happens. Okay. The body is going to want to drift up. Why? Because it's easier. So let's start here. You smooth your skirt so you've got like four things on the back. He can, I don't know.

That's my buddy. And then is drip as deep as you can you hold on now my hands on my thoughts. Nothing moves but my size, my hands or my size, it's a small moment and I'm not going to do a fast count and I'm going to do even counts a risk. The straight you go halfway back and scoop, put it in halfway back. So I'm stopping my knees when they come over under my hip joints.

That's it. Inhale back and top. Don't let the hips rise. Stay low. So you really stretch those quads and that kneecap under inhale and under. Sometimes I would save like a two pound coffee can when I was teaching and I'd have this coffee can. It's actually perfect cause people don't understand how round this is.

You know what a two pound coffee Kunas or you go go to Starbucks. All Right, so Warren and keep the shoulders pulled into the Lens. I think that's plenty. Now here we go. You just don't get into a flat bag neo way nursery. You stick the Palacer, the waistline, the shoulder blades. You take that moment to align it from the base up to the head.

Crown of the head is in line with the tailbone halfway and n and Magine. If I had you and I had my fingers poked in here, pulling you back and keeping that crease, that sharp crease and you're on a slight diagonal here. Yeah, but look, I am still not letting my hip height change lift and in good. And just one more. I know we've done so much and then see I did not change the height.

Okay, let's arch forward. You know this one still try to keep your toes braced. The pelvis is pressed high shoulders them and I keep the head steady on this one up the front of the chest like you're on a bow of a ship. You know those ladies they have there. Is that a good image today? We'll do not too far back. Left stretch. The front of the stomach is squeeze your butt.

Oh [inaudible] we really? Yeah. Let's do this. Back drop. Lift control. We release this classic Platas Down Up. [inaudible].

We release one more back and I'm going to stand up now. Same two springs. This is stomach pull. I always do this again, not too close to the shoulders. You want to be on the walk and this. You want to make sure your head doesn't drift. Your arms are in line with your ears or your head is in line with your arms. Your tailbone is the highest. You keep the tailbone high.

The back is flat. You push back as far as you can. Pull up your size and pull yourself in. I'm going to do even counts back broad back. You want to hold with these muscles, not from this time. Bill two Pez is not broad. Back, back, make the stomach.

Pull the leg back. Tailbone is the highest point. There are many, uh, positions in this. As you all know, this one, what I'm doing today, man, stomach in one more and now I am going to go into an Arab beske. That means that's a dance term. It means your leg is going to be up in the air behind your head right now. We're going to take this right way and we're going to point it and turn it out.

Then we're going to cross the outside of the instep to the ankle. Then we're going to bring it up the point to the knee. Then I'm going to bring the leg back behind you trying to get the knee higher than the ankle and now I'm going to stretch the leg out. There's your arabesque. Now watch that. You're not opening your chest. You want that same basic alignment. The chest is facing the floor.

Then you push out and keep that back leg high, high. You can wing the pinky toes to the ceiling. You'll feel this in your hamstring. If you like that you're working to way up. Inhale back. That's it. Oh, and all k now got to start our descent. We come to this in the dance world. That's an attitude. Then we bring it to the knee.

That looks like the number four then to the ankle and then out and parallel other leg. So we turn out and he goes to the side and outside of the arch to the ankle, to the knee to attitude. Adjust your chest, extend the leg, pinky to the ceiling out and I'll get that leg up. You tell it where to go. Chest to the legs. Don't hike up your shoulders way up. Damn way up. Damn yes indeed. Oh, he's strong. I'm so good.

I could still do this stuff. You know what a joy and in one more and now bent leg attitude that really strengthens your butt to the knee. Number four to the angle, quasi back parallel. And we're just going to walk forward a man in a cross, one ankle over the other bleeding hands and just take a nice little restaurant and this works that it man too, that, hey, relax that neck. You work so hard for me. Just so nice and know carefully.

We're going to request the other life we round. No stretch. Yea. Hold onto the bar. Will you cross your legs? Hands down. I'm not going to have you roll up.

I'm just going to have you come here. Put One light down.


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Diane I love your wit and sense of detail for the work. You make the time fly!
Great class! It flows and has athleticism, as well as traditional moves. Diane is a ham, but her cuing and pointers are spot on.
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Beautiful class! Love the humor and the feet in straps work.
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Yay! Glad to have more from Diane!
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Diane you are one STRONG lady ! Not to mention your amazing flexibility and grace. Very delighted to have the pleasure of this class. Loved the leg in straps variations.
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OMG you are hilarious! I want to be just like you when i grow up!!!!!
Me too Amy Gaul!
Adore your teaching style! Great information.
Love your 'very cool' accent. And loved your class. Couldn't tell it was 75 mins cause it was so fun. Thank you and hope to see more of you and hear more of your accent!
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Just LOVE your teaching - and your sense of humour - so appealing so please can we have more of YOU!!! :)
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