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This Magic Circle Class focuses on using the circle to help find your Powerhouse. In some exercises the Magic circle serves to assist the student, and in other exercises the Magic circle is used to challenge them. In any case, you are likely to feel the workout all over.
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Dec 26, 2009
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Okay guys, let's go. Let's start standing. And we're doing magic circle today. So I kinda did this partly for the timing. We a, we haven't done it in a little while, but also because it's the holidays and you can be anywhere and grab a pillow or even I'm thinking pillow mostly and use it to simulate it. So do you feel like doing homework for now, just stand facing the front of the room and set the ring down in front of you exactly. Exactly where you'd be able to easily get to it. So let's just move yours. I'm feeling like a control freak today. Can you tell? Perfect. Thank you Helen. And mine is the only one not centered. Okay.

So part of the deal with the ring is, this is w I'm gonna use it more or less to simulate the powerhouse. So when we're squeezing it, you're can be counting on that. You're trying to squeeze through the powerhouse, powerhouse being as you know, basically the hips through the shoulders with both sides. All right, so we'll get to it in a minute. For now. Standing with the feet parallel, looking straight ahead, sort of out on the imaginary horizon. Let the bones in your body just be heavy, right? So just for the muscles, be heavy, everything just sort of their shift your body weight forward. Just a little 11 I like to do this to just see where we're at and then shift the weight back. Last week we talked a lot about enthusiasm and sort of deciding, okay, we're here, let's really go for it. And that's my intention again tonight, or joy, you like the word joy. I love the word joy. In fact, it's in my new year's resolution.

So find some joy in your movement and find more space for joy. All right, so settle back in the center if you haven't. One last one more thing about the hips. Look for what feels neutral to you. You guys know that term. Just remind yourself that you don't want to be a, I'll call it arched or tilted forward and certainly not tucked. You can be neutral and squeeze the glutes. So do that standing roll down.

It goes. Inhale, exhale, feel the abdominals, engage. Allow your head to fall forward. Rounding forward. Feel free to bend the knees. It's not really meant to be hamstring stretch. It's meant to let the day, whatever. Go. Inhale, bringing in fresh energy, fresh air and exhale as you restack the sensation of rolling up your body. Me Be connecting to the back of your body, which we sometimes don't pay enough attention to.

I'm going to give you [inaudible] two more inhale and as you do, let your body rise and I just mean expand. Exhale, easy as you roll forward. Yeah. Oh, you guys look super controlled. Let it go just a little bit. There you go. There we go. I'm in control is good to a point, but inhale, I suspect you've been doing that all day. Exhale, the roll back up, taking inventory, deciding what you need. Debra and I are going for joy for sure.

This time we're going to pick up the ring. Once we get down there, inhale, exhale. We go further forward. You fold the deeper into the abdominals you get. Keep the shoulders on your back so you don't reach them off. Grab hold of it lightly and back up on your next exhale, shoulders or fall down, and we'll keep it simple. For now, bringing the elbows to the side, everybody just shrug the shoulders up and a reminder that if let them fall, if the neck takes over, you're squeezing the ring most likely too hard. It's not meant to be an all out effort on anything that we do. It's meant to remind you of the power house. So here we go.

It's just an inhale on the exhale, contract the ring and inhale. Notice the ribs. Expand to the side is the ring expands to the side and exhale that the chest fall a little and not collapsed, but just sort of fall. Inhale and exhale, press. Imagine the backside of your body inhaling and expanding, taking in air and exhale. It's a good thing to be thinking about the breath and inhale, filling up nice heavy shoulders and shoulder blades and exhale, so relatively obvious when to squeeze the abdominals.

But can you connect with your lats as well as you exhale, feel subtle, drawing down to the shoulders. Two more like that. Inhale and exhale. All right. Slight change in how release the ring. A little exhale as you squeeze it, extend it forward. So it's noticed that the shoulders don't come off your back, even their email. Lighten up on the ring, bring it in. So almost a full release and exhale. Imagine growing taller, even though you're exhaling. The temptation would be to bear down. Inhale, release and pull in. And Xcel. Let's see, a little more back involved. You'll definitely get the chest and arms and inhale and exhale.

Glide on your feet. Doing one more time. Inhaling in this job, rich and exhale, keeping it out here. Swivel so the heels touch each other and you're gonna press the heels firmly together. Not from the feet, but from the upper inner thigh. So think higher up, right? We have a modest amount of pressure on the ring, not a lot. From there we inhale, we're going into a heel, raise, cafes, XL riser. Inhale, lighten up a little on the ring as you lower down, barely touching the toes. And XL squeeze again and again. We don't expect the ring to really even move at this point.

It's just there to help us think. Powerhouse. Inhale, slight release and exhale. Trying to find all sides of your body, trying to center yourself, be in your body. Sometimes that takes a few minutes, but it's worth it and held down a couple more. Did I screw up your energy from over here and, and one more time. And Dan. All right, let's make it a little more interesting. Shall we extend your right leg forward? Take your ring down a little, maybe bend the elbows a little so it doesn't turn into something else. And um, switch. So you're leaning back on your left leg, Wendy. Ah, because isn't going to cover that. Just hover it.

Feel free to touch if you need to. Right? It's nothing. And now it's just a little pumps. It's one, two, three, four, five. I'm just kind of breathing as need to I think little puffs of air. Take the ring to chest height and one to be tall. Five, six, seven, eight, nine, a little higher still. And hold. One, two, three, four, shoulders down. Seven ish, eight, nine. Going back down and chest. One, two, three, four, five. Still feeling your back a little. Not a lot. Nothing's intense just yet. And down. Five, six, seven, eight, nine and 10. Just change legs. Easy. Simple.

Same thing I'm trying for about 10 each. Starting at the bottom. All right. Level hips dig deep. And we go and Oh, one, two, three little pumps of air. Dig it higher. And one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and higher still. And two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and 10. Okay. Oh yeah, we went down, didn't we? Oh boy. Good for me. Lift your chest and I start to look proud. Yes. And Wendy's ready down to three. Oh, that's the other thing. Rich, not great at counting. So, but you know, put the foot down. Okay. Step wide, quite wide.

Take the psalms on the inside of the ring. Um, if you, well anyway, if you're not using a ring, you don't need to. You can just go straight up with the arms. Do your best to have straight elbows though that if that produces tension in your neck, it's preferable to bend the elbows. I am lightly pulling apart on the ring. Not For the resistance, but it just helps me feel the opposition of my shoulders. So that's what I'm doing. Bend the knees a little. Lift your ribcage up.

Not The shoulders, but the ribs. We're going to pour the ribs out over to the right as you gently reach the left foot further into the floor, filling that entire side scene with the legs. You know what? We don't have to bend that much. You can go a little straighter like Wendy has it. Then exhale, finding the side of your body to pull back. Redraft shoulders. If they came up, you can go a little straighter, which I know I told you to do that, but I'm thinking I like it better with straighter knees. There we go. And exhale. Just make sure you don't rest on the joint.

That's what my real point was. Inhale, reach, reach, reach, lovely and exhale, coming up. Do a few more slow. Inhale, reaching out. Muscle focuses, oblique side of the body, so start the exhale, feel the breath there and let that bring you up a little quicker. Not much though. Inhale over. Start exhaling and bring it up. One arms are quite light in here. Two exhale. Come up. Keep going. Paying attention to your body that you don't rotate it all. I'm just checking. I think you're fine. Maybe talk a little. No, you're all right and over. Inhale.

Exhale up. Boom. Email. Stretching a little further. It's not necessarily down. It's more like over [inaudible] or without the shoulders. I know I did that to you and good and over to come up. Give yourself six more. Here we go. Overall on and pull up.

Be Light where you can too, and pull up. It's all about the powerhouse, the Ri to pull up. These can be deceiving. Keep your hips as still as possible. Boom. One more time coming at Ya and Wallah. Alright. Bring your ring down. Place it right about your hip. Maybe a little lower to right where you're going to bend, so not at the waist.

It won't be comfy. Take the heel of your hand right in the middle of the handle. Oh, that's freaking me out. We're all on different sides. I'm going to say do it my way because I'm in charge. Thank you. Okay, I will bend knees. We're going to, we're going to play it, play, squat, whatever you want to call it, but before we do reach, find your lap, reach around, feel the lat. And again, I'm saying that because we want to be able to squeeze the lat without even moving the ring. That's the ultimate goal. You don't really need the ring. Having said that, if you can feel the lat can engage and add in, go ahead.

Enjoy. Make it as hard as you want. Only after you've done that. All right, so it's going to be five squats here. It's down squeeze pole and then everything at the arm releases a little exhale two and and press good. Nice elbow positions on everybody there ever so slightly back for leave the forearm. Pretty relaxed. Stay down. Here is that five and we hold the arm for five, pull in one and two. Don't forget the ABS. Three, four, five of ten six. Don't forget the breath. Seven is just more opportunity. Nine and a big squeeze up or the length and I'm still squeezing as if you had a magic circle between the leg set two of three and we abandoned squeeze all one and lift up and to keep going.

What really matters here is that you don't arch your back. Okay, so make sure as you look down your body, you've got to monitor it. That you're pretty straight. One more. Here we go. Sorry. And down it is right. Tuck under a little windy. Yes. Check Kellen Tuck. Oh, you're like that better. Maybe. And pulse. One, two, three, four. Good. Surfing, right sort of and someone will stand up. When is time? Oh, here we go. Last set and we go. Are you feeling joyful with Deborah? Good. I was starting to lose it there.

I'm starting to take too seriously. Two more. One more. Hold it down. Enjoy it. Now if you want more out of this, you might as well kind of get a little squeeze here. Two to three that feels too uncoordinated and worry about him. That wasn't coordinated to me. Six, yes, eight, nine and we help ourselves up gracefully. Just switched sides. Three sets. We go. You just line yourselves up.

Then the knees a little and it's like your back is sliding down a while. Here we go. And one I trust that you can feel the lateral a little. Another way to check it is if you put your hand out around your upper trapezius. If it's tightening every time, probably your lad isn't working as much as it could be. Let's go one more down holding it down there.

Everybody checks so that the triangles are the bones. There are straight. Here we go and pull in one and two. Okay. Sorry for five of 10 good. Eight no, and help yourself up. Big Squeeze of the glutes. Not Enough glutes get used anymore. Okay, awesome. And I honestly don't know if this is only set to yep, good. That makes me joyful.

Mostly that I got it right. Let's get last one down. Hold it there for just a second. Relax. Then recommit to the whole power house. Find your upper back. I know you feel the legs. That's fine. Here we go. And one, two. Oh, relax the toes. I just caught myself hanging on for dear life. [inaudible] heat and help yourself up and finally we and [inaudible] and if it starts to get too hard, you just minimize it, right?

No one's going to know you're going to do what you need to do to keep it in a supportive feeling. Last one down. Hold it down. Okay. Everybody do this. Just shift your weight on the outside edge of your heel. Just a little. Okay. Ten one, two, yeah, three. I like that.

Five and six and seven. Eight, nine and all the way up. Yeah, Kinda sorta wiggle it in. Give you a little break from that for the moment. What you're going to do a, just stay where you are. It's in a moment. I'm going to have you do that. Roll down again. You're going to place the ring there. Okay, so just your hands will be side by side. Then the fun part is trying to keep your shoulders on your back when you're gonna want to do that. Okay? That's not at all what we're going for.

It's not an arm thing at all. Instead you're going to inhale as you push the ring down. If you do too much arms, the ring's going to go flying, so it's really flexing, flexing the spine, inhaling down or too much arms, Christie and then exhale to resist. Inhale to push. Lightly exhale to resist. It is it's opposite breathing and the thought behind that is I want it to, if I said exhale on the push our, I think our natural tendency would be to Fiv so rather I'm more interested in the scope, so that's where the Xcel is coming. Right? Here we go.

Just hold on to it. Feet parallel. We'll be good in here on your exhale. Roll down just like before and everything counts, right? It's set up is everything, so it's not just a slow roll to get there. This is the part of the contraction. Set your ring as evenly as possible. Then look to your belly. Take a moment and make sure your collarbones are wide, that you haven't pushed them off at rich. Good. Then easily don't push hard.

Inhale as you flex the middle of your body a little more exhale and resist coming up as if it were going to spring you up. That looks great. Inhale, push down. Something I like to do is as I start to exhale and come up, I think of pressing my hips or my pelvis toward my face. Inhale down. Yeah, it's kind of supportive, Huh? And exhale. Excellent. Look at you Helen. Lovely. Inhale and and by the way, keep going. Exhale. And that inhale can be super intense.

I'm not suggesting that's arrest. I'm saying you work at both ways. In fact, you can make that inhale right here. More intense. Inhale, push, exhale, scoop. Imagine the sit bones being pressed forward. Lovely. It's a good way to warm up our low backs. Not to mention work the ABS. I think last one here on your next exhale. Just continue to roll all the way up. That'll work. Good. It's like the pike. Yeah. Okay.

All right. Going back to the leg. So I'm going to give you a couple options here. The first one is just a stationary lunge. If for some reason your knees don't want to do it or you ran your 10 miles, you don't have to go down and up. Right. You can do the rest of it by which will be squeezing the powerhouse and the bicep. Otherwise we're going to be here for the first set, five and 10. Again, that same scenario, the second one will have the option of stepping back.

The third one will be a balance. So why not you? I think you should all be able to straddle the mat, Helen and rich if you want to just back up. That'll be, that'll be good. Um, I think, no, I think rather than stepping back on hers, either straddle years forward or is it, what do you think? We'll see. We'll see. Okay. If that doesn't feel good, we gonna move the maths out of the way. Okay. So let's take your left leg in front. Yeah, you're gonna use it and you're going over good. All right. Left leg in front. So the ring is going to be on your right shoulder. So those, that cross patterning thing, alright. If you just imagine your trunk or feel it. Sometimes it's good to feel that you want again, that neutral body.

Just like how we started so you're not arching at the low back. Other hand can do whatever it wants and we're going to go exhale down. Inhale up if the breath messes you up. Cause I know this one's kind of counterintuitive the way I've chosen it. Change it. Very good. Get Rich. It's going to hit the ground four.

Next one. We hold it down. Hold to make sure you have an arched your back and bicep. One good. Two, three. So again, kind of light for the BICEP. Probably think about that leg. So the hand is like the very last thought. Thank you. And if we go skip a set, if you want or you go down again and up or you can step in if you want, that would be your option and down too. And that's it. And for one more time we go down and stay down. You decide and we go by sub again. But first lad. So again, you feel that side of your body.

Feel in front of your body. I know you can feel your legs so that you had enough of that. Just stand down seven, eight and if we go right, same leg, rich for you. Step back and then hold and back. Nice Helen and up and back. [inaudible] and love. We got every version going. I love it. This must be it.

Then hold it down and your last 10 check your spines. That's your column of support. Two and three. Let the energy rise and excellent. Eat nine and step up. Fabulous. You know we're doing the other side so let's just get right to it. I'll actually have you on the mat in a moment.

Did you run? Oh I have over redundant everywhere possible. She says I have to but I didn't involve running 10 miles or more. All right, so here we are with that thought because, because find ease because with ease where you can makes everything else a little more efficient might make it more intense in the right spot too. That's good. Here we go and we've been down to come up and you can always go straight to any one of the versions. Now that you know them, but I'm gonna go the same way.

Next time you go down, you gonna to stay down. Hold and pulse. One, take care of yourself. Sometimes I noticed me pushing my shoulder into the handle. Don't let that happen. You just anchor and pull down. This must be it. Okay, one more tomorrow. One and come on up. If you step together before, I'm going to recommend it now. Otherwise stay where you are and down and up and down and up. Good. And up.

Next one. Lovely. Hold it down. Check your positions and go. And two excellent re Tuck your pelvis. Just a little Helen [inaudible]. Yes. Look at these lovely streets buy-ins and then ring it up, I believe. Here we go. Last one, Richard, onto your balance and, and I think you did to stationary. So you got off, you getting lucky. If you forgot that cause now you get to go back to stationary. Do you ever try a subtle tuck? Yeah. Yeah.

Let's sit you a little more on all right. Hold it down there and we go one and two and three and four. So tiny contraction here, but you're definitely getting biceps. Fabulous. And help yourselves up after that. Okay, good. Coming to the edges of your matches. Have a seat. Nothing too fancy today.

And we will have the ring nearby. Please. Have you placed the ring with the knees bent right between the knees? Yeah. Okay. And again, it's not meant to be an all out effort. It's probably going to force your feet a little further apart than you're used to, but I'm gonna encourage you towards that sit bone position that we often are. So think like four to five inches. It will put resistance on the ring right away.

So a tiny bit closer with your feet, Helen, if you can. Yeah. Okay. Holding on underneath. You know how we go. There's some resistance here. In fact, let's just sit up as tall as we can. Expect that you would use your arms either on the knees, probably easier under the legs, keeping the height that you all have. Inhale on the exhale. Pull the ABS in.

Do not change your spine and squeeze the ring as hard as you want. Only after squeezing the abdominals. Your body does not change in shape. Inhale, release it a little. Maybe you'll feel taller. Start the exhale, feel the abs engage, and then include the ring as much as you want. So long as it doesn't change your body. A couple more of those. The only reason I'm doing this is cause it's good work, but also that's where the contraction comes from. We're using the ring for the reminder of the powerhouse.

Now we're going to move with it. So we inhale. It starts exactly the same. Start that exhale, but now let the hipbones pull away from the ring. As you roll all the way down, letting the feet rest on the mat, your heads rest on the mat. So there's a modest amount of tension here. Just don't let the ring man handle you, right. Put some resistance in hell for the pelvic curl. Start.

Exhaling the same thing you did before. You're gonna feel the belly sink. You're going to pick the tailbone off the mat. You're going to roll. Continue to roll until you're in a slant board position. Applying a little more pressure on the ring. Yeah, that's good. Adjust your feet for comfort.

You should definitely feel relatively comfortable there in here. And on your exhale, take it back down. Upper back, you're curving. We're going down sequentially down, finding the level pelvis, spreading out the upper back. If it started to creep up on you. Inhale that still a little resistance. Exhale. Feel the low back. Get rolled into the mat. The hips will come off. You continue to roll up.

Let's apply a little more meat in. Inward pressure on the ring. Yes. Inhale and exhale down. Taking up more surface area as you reach your curving spine down the Mat. One more and I'm gonna add a little something we haven't done together or at least in a long time. Xcel Rola, spreading out through the collarbones. It's perfectly acceptable to feel the back of the legs and the glutes.

But let's put our attention more to the abdominals in the back of the legs from here. Check this out. You're going to inhale and lift the left hip a little higher. I don't mean to. Tevye really dropped the right side, so try to keep just that little rotation and they come back to center. Inhale, lift the right hip up. You're still squeezing that ring so the other side does not collapse. That's it. And back to center. Keep going. Inhale though. Left hip is going to reach up.

That's it. Try to make it come kind of from the obliques and exhale and inhale. That's it. Just keep the ribs in a little bit. It's pretty subtle. It's pretty small and center and squeezing the ring. Inhale the left hip. There you go. It's like you're really pointing that hip bone straight up and which one?

We're on the left now. Good, good, good, good. All right, sorry. And back and there we go. So even yourself out now if you need to do one more to make it even, I think I started left, but I could be wrong. Inhale and we're calling down down, down light squeeze of the ring. When you get there, pick the knees up to tabletop, taking the knees up to tabletop, hands behind your head, fully laced the fingers. Elbows are going to be just off the ground.

Now you can keep your feet on the ground. Here. You are going to get a fair amount of hip flexor inner thigh work. So if that's already feeling tired, you should keep them down. All right. Otherwise we're just exhale slightly. Squeeze the ring, maintain that and crow your head, neck and shoulders. F looking forward. Yes. Inhale as you release your head, neck and shoulders down. Exhale, re squeeze everything and curl up again. Good.

Trying to keep the feet relatively parallel. Inhaling down and exhale up. So basically doing the same thing but from the other end of the body and inhaling down. Keep the tailbones weighted heavy. Exhale, squeeze in, Rola, little more inner thigh everybody. Yes. Inhale down and exhaling up. Good and down. One more time. It looks good. So when you're in the up position, especially when you have a ring or pillow, you want to make sure that your low back really anytime your inflection stay here. Breathe however you want that your low back is flat and released into the mat.

From there we inhale. Exhale just working from the abs in the ring. One little pulses. Two, you want the abdominals to kick in first. It's not just inner thigh ever and [inaudible] and feel the emotion of the center of the body. [inaudible] and finally let that release. Take the ring out for just a mobile. Place it in your hands. Feet are going back down to your pelvic curl position.

So that means again, slightly apart. And then just check. Let's all do this. Reach the ring to the ceiling so the shoulder slight off your back. Put them back in place and feel the expansion of the chest. All right, little tiny, tiniest bit of resistance here I, I you're not going to see my ring move cause I'm just engaging to feel the ring. Mostly it's a pelvic curl. Inhale, exhale. We roll up right up the center of the body.

It says if we're reaching the knees out over the ankles, trying to kick in the hamstrings a little more. All right, check this out tonight what we're going to do is remember when we lifted the one hip, let's do that now. So just lift. Let's say left hip bone toward the ceiling a little bit. Okay, so that had a dropped your right side down a tiny bit. Let's inhale and we're going to roll down the right side of the spine just a little bit. So the right side, just off center, encouraging it. Yup, keep going. Arms. Just stay where they were. Once you get to the right butt cheek, hang out, take an inhale and we're going back up the same side and roll.

If you're noticing elbow tension, you should slightly bend. I'm going up. The right side of the spine should kick in that right glute quite a lot. Once you get to the top, level them out, change it so the right hip bones pointing to the ceiling. The left drops down a little. Inhale, exhale, roll down the left side of the spine, dragging your body. So I am perfectly aware I'm making you work asymmetrical, but it turns out our bodies are meant to work like that sometimes.

Once you hit the glute stop, inhale, exhale, we go back up. It's about being under control and knowing when that's happening. So you're inching up the left side and I'm going to do it again. This time I'm going to let you kind of figure out how you need to do it cause maybe the hip cue doesn't work for you. Just inhale and as you roll down, just make it so that you're coming down on one side or the right side of your spine. A little more than left. Here's the deal though. You cannot turn those knees out there straight ahead. Oh thank you rich. Inhale, keep those knees pointed where they were in a roll up. Oh that just went deep.

Should sort of sink into the deeper parts of your body a little bit. And certainly the legs center yourself. Inhale, go down the other side. It must be left. Yup. So there's no sense of surrendering necessarily, but rather controlling and just paying attention to what is. So inhale, once you get to that left side hip, exhale, roll of ACAP. Barely squeezing my ring. Not much at all.

It's just there and level it out from here. We inhale, we exhale, we roll it down. Keep those shoulders where they are. It looks good. Bone by bone. Lovely. Pick your feet up. Take the ring behind. Oh, I feel that right at your ankle. So I'm just above the ankle bone. You can always place it for comfort. Bend the knees, Kinda hug them in for the moment. Let them be bent. We're going into the a hundred here. So you have options. You can always get rid of the ring.

You could go straight legs up on a low diagonal. I have a fair amount of hip flexion today, so maybe don't go really low or if you do, you're gonna want to turn out. Probably it's up to you. Inhale, exhale, curl yourselves. I'm thinking Kinda high and if my back starts to take over, I'm taking it higher. So instead of pumping like we normally do, we're just going to inhale for five, two, three, four, five. Now squeeze the ring. Two, three, four, five. Release the ring. Two, three, four, five and squeeze. Two, four, five. And inhale, two, three, four, five and excess. So you doing a little pumping, that's fine too.

And inhale, two, three, four, five, six. I'll make it come from the deepest part of your spine and Ian, him good. And it keeps your hip flexors for your, if you continue to move, great. Keep doing it. Okay, good. Couple more. And you can eat in pump. If I just, I find it confusing. Feel free to pump. Sometimes that's more confusing not to pump. So feel free. I'm giving you two more breaths. Cycles. Looks good. Helen, you keep your eyes forward. And here we go. Inhale.

And this'll be your last exhale. Drag your knees in ice work and take the rings out. You deserved it. Hung. Hug your knees to your chest and just set the rings off to the side for a moment. Okay. So far so good. Yup. Good, good, good, good. Alright, from here, just holding on behind your thighs where you're just rocking ourselves up and place the ring still on the ground like it is. And I'll tell you what, um, you perfect. Perfect.

You're gonna want the ring in this case, right on your mat. So don't let it get off of there. It'll hook it and pick it up. That's it. Perfectly. Alright. And as far as what you're holding, you're just holding the handles with the heel. Not, not a lot. All right. Sitting up as tall as you can. We're going into the rollups just so you know, I'm going to get right to it. So let me get you into it this way. Extend your arms and we're still as flat as can be.

This would be the last time for a little while. What I'm gonna have you do is put the hands down wherever they fall. Use them to guide you forward in this flat back position. Yep. Good. Perfect. And then take your arms back up. Only your low back or your pelvis is going to pull backwards, but your shoulders stay exactly where they were.

Oh, I love it. I love it. Can you intensify that by just inhaling? Just that one? Intensify. Start exhaling and keep the position. Keep the shape, squeeze through the abdominals, and now hug the ring a little deeper so it put a little resistance on it from the upper five. Don't focus on the feet. Inhale, kind of release a little bit. Keep the shape. Let's do it again. Start the exhale. You'll feel the belly button pressing up against the spine or at least trying to, and then add in the upper inner thigh to squeeze the ring.

Your feet can be quite relaxed. One more time. And notice how when you squeeze the abdominals, it can be incredibly intense without dropping down, right? It's just solid. All right, let's keep that in here with that rollback, same intensity, bone by bone and reached back lightly. Touch your head on the mat. We come up. Inhale as you bring your head, neck and shoulders up. Start exhaling and use those upper inner thighs. It ought to help. Yes, yes, Helen. Beautiful, rich. You can, you can go a little. There you go.

A little further forward. Inhale. Exhale, modest. Squeeze on the ring and down we go. Two, three, end touch. We'll go on ever so slightly faster in here. Two exhale. If you need more challenge, cause sometimes the ring will really help, right? When you're using your powerhouse, it's going to help.

So you might decide to leave the arms a little higher initially, meaning lift with the arms as you squeeze and stretch forward. Hold Beautiful. Inhale, exhale, start moving it back. You can take the arms sooner up, up sooner and press the spine in piece by piece and inhale, exhale. Oh lovely, lovely. Blow out all that air. Inhale and exhale down. I don't, one more to come up this time. Keep going, but keep the ABS super tight. Keep going, keep going, keep going. Don't collapse in the middle.

Shoulders still on your and then roll all the way up. Good. Take your ring, move forward on your mat. A little, just a little see out room behind you and we'll go into rolling like a ball like so. So this is what your hands are doing. If you want a little help but you can actually pull on the shins. I'm going to ask you guys to try it without cause I think you've all done it before. So here's the setup. Drag your feet in. Get just behind the the tailbone.

So you do a little scoop just like you did a moment ago. Some pressure on the ring but not so much. It pulls you forward. Float the feet, squeeze knees together and we go. Inhale, roll back to the shoulder blades. Exhale up and stop at the top. The ring will help. Nice breath. Inhale back where you start. You stay. So keeping it under control. Now keep going. Inhale back.

Anytime you add a new element [inaudible] it'll throw you a little bit or that's sort of the point. Really make your brain rethink some things that you know so well. If it's easy, make it smaller, tighter, slower. One more time. It's don't touch good. Actually, one more time. Still Cute. That little tuck of the pelvis don't go quite so far back, which stop there and big exhale and hold. Yeah, you've got up faster than he thought he would. All right.

We're going into devil lake stretch. If you'll stay there and balance, I'm going just show it to you cause it's been awhile or just going to lower yourself down. It will go. Inhale as you reach back. I am not squeezing on the ring. It's too, too narrow. I pull the feet in and exhale. It's a long inhale and along exhale, the rules are the same. You don't get to move your body. In other words, you don't come up and down.

Here's the thing, as I pull in, it's really tempting to rock up to, to lift. Do your best to though you will probably bring your knees in a lot further than you used to. Feel free to flex, keep the tailbone weighted heavy. If you don't want to do that, you just go back and forth or you get rid of the ring all together and do the one, you know. All right? Right. You guys were here, right? Alright, slowly extend your arms. I have a little resistance for help. Squeeze the sits bones together to control as best you can. The lowering eyes will remain forward. Inhale, extend the arms and the legs. Exhale, thread the the needle.

Inhale Ben and reach a full exhale that bring it all the way in, in out, and inhale long. I'm going to go a little slower so you milk it and exhale a little resistance on that ring. Email out, out, and exhale. Watching tension in the knees. Only two more. Inhale, exhale. All last one. I do not feel sorry for you guys with long legs. I just don't, and then bring the knees and take the feet out and her head, I just, Oh, isn't that fun to do both joyful. It just was, oh, okay, no rest. If you need to take your head side to side now, it'd be a good time. That kind of loosens it up. We're just going into single leg stretch, which is nothing too spectacular.

Other than that your arms are going to be holding the ring. So minimal, but some pressure on the ring, not at the hands but at the shoulders. So it's as if you're starting their contraction there. Curlier head, neck and shoulders up, letting your legs come away from you ever so slightly and extend one leg doesn't matter which, and we change. It's exhale. So again, not much going on in the ring and I'm just inhaling as the legs change and I exhale as I hit the position. Good. Keep going. Press and press and press aiming. Next one, hold, hold the next leg and aim the feet just like you have them now, which is like you're on a tray, like you're on a tray. That way. When you change this, raise this foot a little right there. When you change, you can do it from right into your chest.

It's like pulling that leg in. Switch. Do a couple slow like that and land it so you know where even your toes are. There we go. Give yourself four more singles. Here we are, Anil and change two and three and four. Bend both knees, interest. Good. Does that make sense? What I'm trying to do there is, and it is once you're in position, if this foot drops a lot, the tendency for the front of that hip joint to take over is just greater.

It doesn't mean it will, but it's greater. So whether you're pulling your knee way in or keeping it here, trying to do it from higher up and that foot tends to help if you keep it up level right there as about where we want it. All right, so you get another shot. That's the good news. Here's how it's going to go though. While you're kind of recovering from that last one at once you've curled up. I'm going to take the ring and reach it right outside so I'm touching my legs and my arms are going to remain straight.

You just rotate enough to clear the ring and you're touching the legs. Okay, so the legs are quite close together. Okay. Or You could put your hands behind your head and do the regular. I am easy in here. Just curl up in the middle to get going. XLF. Let's all go toward the back of the room or you can come to the front to come to the front. I'm going to look at you though. Come to the front. My fault. Other way. Yup. I know. I appreciate you doing what I said the first time, but I want to see you switch your legs rich. My fault.

Starting over. Totally my fault guy. Sorry. So we are, I'm going to be a little mirroring you for this one even though it's probably not the best idea. Curl up in the middle. Actually. We'll all go together. We're all going into the front, extending the lane closest to the back of the room and you're turning toward the front of the room. Stay there. I've gotta look at it. Okay. Just raise your foot. There you go. Hello. Okay. Ready and change and, and change. It would be tempting to Rockside decide, but you're too skilled for that. You're too controlled and for, and Perez and keep those arms straight, Helen. Yes. Thank you. Thank you. Can we do four more singles? Let's go one, two. Get, reach right up to that foot. Three and back to center. Bending your knees and rescued work. Good work. Good work. Good work. Yeah.

Never meant to it for it to go into your neck and shoulders. And sometimes it just does when you pull out a ring. So if necessary, let that go. Okay. For Real, let the Ringo to the side back to that pelvic curl. More accurately named shoulder bridge. So spread out your upper back so you can feel the shoulders broad on the mat. Inhale, prepare, exhale, and roll up through your spine. One more time until you find a place where all those muscles we've been working get a little bit of a stretch. Good. Very good. Very good. Take your leg closest to the back of the room, reach it up to the ceiling.

Nothing else changed. It's long and we exhale and kicked down a one. Bring it back up and reach to it's long theory. Yeah. And then a far, this is it replaced the leg, recheck your position. Bodies moved around a lot. Readjust other leg comes up, reaching to the sky and exhale, reach region one. Something she can watch for is that you don't over tense at the knee joint, the moving leg particular, it's straight, but you don't need to old strain to do it. It's pretty soft.

And go one more full one down and up, down and up and then replace it. Sort of one and a half there. Inhale. And we roll it. Yeah. So so often the concern becomes what's the breath or what am I feet supposed to be doing? And the main thing is that you go back to the center, stretch your legs all the way out, or if, if you've had enough of the Ab thing, you can just rock yourself up to seated. Otherwise, pretend you have the ring right above your chest and you're hugging that ring. Then inhale to curl up. Exhale to roll.

Yeah. Okay. From here, straighten out your backs. Take your ring and place it on its end like so. Hands, side by side. You can go one on top of the other. That works too. For me it feels crowded so I like to separate them, so right on top of the handle and here we go.

You're sitting as tall as you can like you're against a wall and you guys look at ease, but if you get tired at the hip joint, you can bend the knee. Inhale and fact. Inhale, apply a little pressure on the ring from the lap that's just there. Now the only reason the ring is gonna move is because your flex, your you're going to round down and slightly forward. The ring will travel forward just a little, at least the top edge of it and then inhale, hold it there and exhale to roll up. And if you felt limited, you can move the ring out a little bit, but we just don't want to be leaning forward. Inhale, apply a little pressure on the ladder, the ring.

Exhale as you round forward. Continue engaging the abdominals as you let the body travel forward a little more, a little more, a little more. Go ahead, go ahead. And when did you go forward? Pull the shoulders backwards but you keep going forward. Inhale, hold and exhale. Keep pressure on the ring as You Roll Back Upright, beautiful in and exhale rounding forward. Good. Blowing out all the air. That looks great. Fantastic. Everybody inhale and exhale.

You can apply more pressure so long as it doesn't add. Resist strain to your neck and inhale. Let's get a little more out of it and flex the feet whether your knees are bent or not. Exhale down. SORTA similar to the one we did standing. Now staying here, we inhale. It's going to feel like a pulse, but please don't make it about the arms.

Make it about the spine. Exhale and apply a little more pressure by flexing the spine. One. Exhale two. If you would be okay if he didn't feel any movement, but rather feel the belly button pulling back to the spine every time you exhale, go five more. One and two lightly squeeze the glutes that Reed and one more time holding in the contraction. Inhale and XLE roll. Oh wait, yes. Set the ring down.

Turn it so the handles are near your ankles. We don't need it yet, but we might in just a second. Again, pretend you have the ring. Adding the back extension though. We inhale. Exhale. Rounding forward that imaginary s or this space maintains the resistance from here. We change it. Starting at your low back. Reach the tail one out from underneath you. Stacking the spine, but on a diagonal, letting your arms float up long. So here's that long spine. Yes, rich. Oh, this looks so good, Debra. It's exact same thing we've been working, right, right. They're going forward. A forward up on the, toward the ceiling. There you go.

Chin down though. It was good. There you go. Inhale. If you have an exhale round forward. Yup. And then roll back up the imaginary wall or in this case, my leg. Good. Inhale. Exhale. Rounding forward. Feel the ABS. Press to the spine. Good. Beautiful Debra. Beautiful.

Then from the low belly, it's like you get to tilt the hipbones forward and inhale growing long, letting the arms float up by the ears. Yeah, and then we're going to stay here for a second and don't press the ribs forward. Think everybody get longer in your spine. Into the exactly rich. Exactly. Inhale and exhale round to roll up. That was so good everybody, and we'll just do two more, but within very subtle change at the end. Inhale, exhaling two rounds. Oh, abs right now. Here's the stretch to the spine. Then inhale long. Everyone will have a different range. That's fine. Exhale, stay here.

Anyhow. Get a little longer. And so to me it feels like someone's pulling me up further on the diagonal and exhale round to roll up. Last one with the add on. Inhale. Exhale. This can be done with your hands down if they're tired and that's not a big deal. Okay.

Inhale, roll the hip bones forward or the tailbone out, however you see it. When you get into that long line, exhale, push the arms down like you're pushing on a magic circle and just let them fall to your shins. The longer spine though. Longer spine. Inhale, lift them up. [inaudible]. Exhale. Let them float back down. Keeping the spine lifted. Yes. Inhale doing it again and exhale as we get tired, that's where we're going to want to collapse and thrust the ribs forward. So no, it's like someone's holding you up by the shoulders and down. Last one to go up.

Inhale, holding it long, long, long, and everything goes forward on this exhale and up we come. Yeah. Okay. It's time for open leg rocker. So what that means to you is, hmm, do we want to use these? I'm not sure how joyful I would do. Let's try it. Wendy says, let's play. Okay, so move forward on your map. Um, if you don't want to do it, please don't cause it's, it can sometimes be frustrating but if we are going to do it, remember why we're doing it. We're doing it so that we can think of the powerhouse.

So don't put your focus to the ring. Um, here's the, the trick for getting in it is to get just behind the tailbone with the ring already in place. Help the ring up without throwing your head back, right? You should be able to lightly squeeze it. Now if you don't want to do it, you can do one leg at a time and either bent knees or straight is fine. All right, when you're ready, boy, boy, we gently tuck the pelvis a little inhale roll back just to the shoulder blades. Exhale up and use the back extensors. I swear it got heavy and inhale roll back. Get used to it.

Exhaling up and back extensors. There they are. Inhaling up to exhale back and find the long line. Good. Inhale back. Good. Look at me. I almost limited you guys. Nice work. Use the back extensors, the upper back mostly. There you go. Rich and inhale [inaudible] I believe. When di you feel the little roll at the very end, they know that. Okay, good. Last one then. My trick for that, and it doesn't always work as you saw on the first one, is to squeeze sits bones and just trust [inaudible] hold it there.

Hold it there. Draw the knees into a bent knee position and set the ring and your feet down. Good. You can move the ring, right moving down. Um, you know, while we're here, take it, take it to the ankles and we'll do our sides. Now let's have yes, you're on that in the, sorry, just lay onto your side. So you're facing front, cause I won't have you flip. You'll always be facing front. So it's gonna work out just fine. Yes.

So we just placed it relatively comfortably on the ankles. I'd like you to try to have the knee caps pointed forward. Come all the way down, resting on your upper arm. And sometimes I know that's not good for people's shoulders are not comfortable. You can bend the Elbow and point the elbow forward if that feels better.

And you'd be here and it could even get you a little pillow if anybody wants something as your shoulder's been pretty good lately. Okay. I'm going to get you a towel. Do you want anything for in between? Okay. Anybody? Okay. All right, so here's the thing. Take this top leg and reach it longer so it almost pulls your waist off the floor. It's not really a goal, it's just the sensation I kind of go for. Then I'm not going to ask you to Tuck, come back.

I want to be really clear about this. Assuming you're relatively straight, I'm not asking you to tuck under, but I am going to ask you to use the muscles as if you were about to took under because all too often the lower back will take over here and you won't even know it until it's too late. Great, great. Inhale on your exhale. Start engaging the ABS. Use the breath and just press the top leg down. Hold one, two, three. Inhale, reaching out to come up to the top of the released spring tension and exhale down to three and and number three to three and up and really there we're working the inner thigh. We're trying to make it come more from the power house. So sometimes I check with my fingers, all the US look good. It's always worth checking and progress to.

Sorry and and feel alone. Two, three and reach one more time for us to three. Now keep that resistance or some resistance and add into it. Not from leg strength cause it's just not heavy enough for any of you. More from here. One I you want to feel like your leg starts right into your chest, so I'm doing a little pulses. Three for letting the breath kicking more soft through the knee. A little on the next one.

Squeeze and hold. You're going to want the hand down. Most likely we're going to lift both legs long. It's not very high. Inhale, I've got some resistance. Exhale to lift up or inhale down. Now that lower leg is really working and lift of two out of six. It doesn't need to be high three. It does need to look easy. We all know the truth. So you'd go for that.

And one more time. Okay. The real trek. Um, move your feet, move your body back just a little and then roll the ring forward, hopefully still on your mater curve and then, Oh, if you've got long pants on, it's not good. So I rolled it forward trying to pin it there and then bring it back on top. There you go. Touch the mat. Bottom foot comes out, bring it back. Take the lower leg inside. Pin The ring and ticks up like I've put it inside. Woo. All right, inside top leg. There you go. All right, so muscle focus. This is we're doing for, since we haven't put your hand on the glute, the side of your butt, that's what I want to focus on, not the quad. Okay, so put it there.

Reach the leg, the top, like further through the ring before you ever put pressure on the rings. Squeeze the glutes first. I can tell you, most of us are going to probably try to use our quads no matter where we put our body. So you want to feel that your both glutes squeeze toward each other, both butt cheeks. Here we go. And now from there then you add in, you will definitely feel legwork, but let's make sure the glutes are helping too. So basically I'm staying connected to the top and reaching through and up. Four and five. Yeah, six. Lovely.

Still more about abs and anything. And after all that, here what comes, I'm a little slower squeeze in, hold on. One, two, three, slight release. And again, up to three and release. And for rs two, three and by release, unless you're taking a full break, you're just maintaining contact but not really squeezing and live for doing. One more after this year comes and says, okay, good Ben, to pick it up and just come around. Actually we'll do one more while we're here.

I'm going to back up so we can do this. Deborah, if you'll help me and Wendy just extend your arms out so I can show what you're doing. Yep. And the lower arm is either on the tip of the elbow or on the forum. I'm choosing forum. We've got enough going on. So the arm is straight, legs are going to sweep forward slightly and we're going to put a little pressure on the ring. Again, don't do it from the handlers, not going to be good. Rather the shoulder presses down and you just have a little there. It's not huge. Top leg lifts and we flex to kick forward his kick, kick point, the toe and reach long behind you trying to keep the body still.

It's exhale, exhale in and exhale. Exhale in good. So as much stillness as possible in the trunk. So it's kick, kick and squeeze hole, the halves and kick, kick and hold again. Press, press and back. Last one. Here comes press, press and back holding it there. That's enough that come around other side. So your heads are just going to be on the other end facing the front, starting with the inside position. So it's on your ankles.

Refocusing our attention back to the powerhouse. Basically lined up straight. If you're going to, um, if you know you go to your low back, it would be to your advantage, like slightly more forward than anything. All right, from there, we're long inhale, start excelling. So you feel the entire trunk almost start to shrink or contract and then, or reach down into our press down onto the top. Top foot's pressing into the bottom. Inhale, let it up a bit and exhale.

Squeeze two, three man. And you know, check it out. How much can you go that two intensity in your abdominals? Because a lot of this work can be done funny easily. It's about your awareness about where are you wanting to work. We'll get the inner thigh, we'll get the leg, but how much can you come from the middle and, and here we go. Picking up the pace here. Let's press [inaudible] down and down and down. Huh?

Can Windy here and squeeze. Hold. Keep them together. We're lifting up both legs. Exhale and lift up war. And do you not use this lift though? It's very small as an excuse to reach the legs behind you. Okay.

To action at both legs. But more at the waist. One more for Ya. Reach and lift. Damn. Lower the legs down. This is where we rolled the ring forward just to let it touch the ground so you can pull the bottom leg out and restack it.

The free leg now goes in the middle. Like the top Lego. Yeah. And then once you get there, make sure the legs are straight. Kneecaps pointed forward. ABS are in. Here we go. Press up against, I'm going back to the normal auger. Press up and hold two, three and slight release. I kind of went out of order last time and press two, three making sure the glutes kicked in first and three t three and [inaudible]. Okay. I like what I'm seeing. The feet are relaxed.

They're not really trying to do anything. And then we do our single counts and make the waist a little longer. Just think it. That's probably all you need to do. And squeeze one and two and three, huh? Alright. And finally we each, okay. Ben, the niece reached back to grab the ring to free the legs to help yourself up and what side kicked in. What I'd have to side kick. That's it. Good. That's what I thought. It's exactly what I thought.

So much fun having so much fun. It did. I must've chatted quite a lot on the other side. Maybe I short shortchanged you one, two, top like up and we got flex, flex and point. The foot isn't that critical, so don't get caught up in that. Rather think about moving from the hip joint and back and again, just a tiny bit of pressure. That's just to help stabilize. You really should assist you and back and press, press, press, press long. You could almost feel a stretch through the trunk. Worth getting there.

Hang on. Press, press and one more coming at you. Press. Press to reach. Reach, reach. As if someone pulls you. Go back one more time. Rich, just get it behind you a little. Then with your leg back there, Tuck your pelvis a little just so you feel more into the glute. Release the Nia tiniest bits. You get lots of Glute, right? Good. Going face down. Turn onto your dominoes.

[inaudible] and it's coming down enough that you, if you can, you'll place your hands right on the ring side by side. Again, for a lot of people that's just too narrow. I'm pretty close myself. See what you can do is go just outside the springs and I'm going to recommend that I'm rich for you and yeah. Okay, good. Because the real, we want to try and get where the arms are straight without too much tension in the shoulders so you could decide to do this without the ring at all if you want it to. All right, first things first, you're looking at the floor. If you can get your head down, go ahead. Otherwise, just let it hover. That's probably fine too. Draw the shoulder blades towards your butt.

Start to reach the Chin forward, not a lot, just a little and lift your chest up. At this point, there's not a lot of pressure on the ring. You want to use just your back extensors. It is not really meant to be high though. Now that we have the ringer, you can apply some pressure and come a little higher. Provided your abdominals are stabilizing your low back. Then we roll back down. I promise I won't do them all quite that slow all the way down.

So one last piece of set up and that is to possibly have more weight on the pubic bone than the hipbones or the low end of the tip of the pelvis. Here we go. Yes. Keep the feet down. Thank you. You want to try and keep the low back as long as possible. So here's how I think of it. As we start to what I say, let's inhale, start pulling the shoulder blades down. Imagine your chest reaching forward, your chin reaching forward, lifting up, apply pressure on the ring when you need to in exhale somewhere in here to continue rising up. Yes, go a little more ratios, a little more lifting up, up, up. There you go. And then inhale and exhale to go down. So I guess I am keeping it slow, aren't I? Inhale, start the retraction of the shoulders, peeling the head forward.

Exhale to continue and rise. Inhale to grow longer. Start reaching forward and about halfway down. Let out your air. Yeah. And inhale, same things looking good, reaching forward with the head.

It's like the back of the head in the middle of the shoulder. Blades are connected as one unit and then it goes down even further. Good and down. Good. Inhale. Subtle. You've already got your shoulders down, but you can still think about it. Yeah. And Chin starts to reach forward slightly, but that's about it.

And then all the hinges is happening here now. Good. That's enough with the head. Yeah. Pull the shoulders back a little so you can come with it. Good and down. And the last one for everybody. Good. Inhale can. Good. Exhale to rise up. Slightly less neck for you too, right there.

Yeah, and excellent. Okay. You can let the rings go for real. This time. Come up to your hands and knees. Just stretch your hips back over your heels. And if that's not comfortable for your knees, you can stay. If you can be on your knees, you can just do the cat where you tuck or you can go straight to your back.

Whatever would suit you best. [inaudible] taking a deep breath and though you don't have the ring in your hand, you can still feel the rib cage expand to the side like the Ringwood. If you lightened up on the pressure and exhale, one more breath. Exhale. Then just push yourself back where you can curl the toes under, hands by your shoulders. Yeah, let me just put this closer to you. Okay. And then come up to the toes and press the heels to the ground.

So you're sort of in this forward folded position. Aw, take hold of your rings are right in front of you and draw the shoulders back on your back. Let the ring be easy. We're not expecting to squeeze it at this point. Let tension just float off the top of your head. Knee should be soft. It's a, it would be really fine to bend them a bit. I'm in fact, I recommend it. And now rather than putting any tension on the ring, just let the hug the ring sort of from everywhere that you're not actually holding it.

So it's going a little bit of upper arm contraction rolling yourself up. It's very light on the ring. Very light. Restacking really lifting. Let's just check in. Okay, so bring the ring back up. Everybody stepped to the back of your mat so you're not on it or that way.

That way. Yeah, and then that doesn't match that Mat. Okay. Heels together. Yep. Just like we started and from here, just keep the ring in close to you. Subtle shift forward. Inhale. Don't squeeze the ring heart at all. You don't need to anymore. You've got enough powerhouse and exhale, rise up on the toes. Fixate on some spot in the distance. Inhale down. The ring is simply to remind you. Don't squeeze it unless you, if you want to, but I you don't need to.

And now and finding a breath that's easy for you to more hopefully feeling a little more centered than when we started and one more and to finish it, we'll let the arms come down in here. I'll just keep your feet as there are and exhale rounding forward, which is putting the rings on the ground and let your head just shake easy. You can even let the shoulders fall off your back for a change for just a second. Hmm. Easy. Whatever you need. If you need to swirl a little, all right, zip back up.

That just means make the connections between the inner seam of the leg a little strong. Again, draw the shoulders back onto your back. And finally we roll back up without the ring. And when you get almost to the top, take your arms up in front of you. Exhale, release them down and back. And one more. Bring it all and inhale, um, exhale. And if this didn't make you do, I felt, yeah.


I know you have taught a gazillion classes since this one, but this is a great class. So much to love- the standing circle work, the back strengthening addition in spine stretch forward, the double leg stretch thread the needle thingy. Thank you, Kristi!
This may literally have been the first class I taught for PA. Thank you for going back to the archives and for sharing your enthusiasm Angela!
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I love the oldies but goodies. Awesome class!
This was a great full body class thank you
Another great class - certainly made me feel joyful!

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