Class #2120

Mat Workout

45 min - Class


Create space in your rib cage and thoracic spine in this Mat workout with Brent Anderson. He designed this class for Lisa after an assessment where he learned that she had restricted movement in the chest and thoracic areas. He focuses on using breath to wake up the movement in the ribs so you can have a nice, flowing movement experience.
What You'll Need: Mat


Hello I'm Brent Anderson at Pilates Anytime and excited to be here and we've designed a special class for Lisa, but it is a class designed for everybody. We took a look at Lisa in one ...


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feels fantastic!!! thank you
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Not only for Lisa, but for me too!! This one rings all my ribs and bells. :)

I wonder, Dr. Anderson, if you've heard of Scheuermann's disease or kyphosis. This seems made for it, but would love to see even more progressive exercises over time focused on increasing mobility in the thoracic spine. That's my special request. :)
Thank you so much, a beautiful class!
Needed this class, my ribs feel open!!!!!
You all make my day knowing that this class helps you to feel better. Have a great week. B
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Awesome! I loved when you said "the breathe is your move" . I remember my Balanced Body teacher trainer teaching that to me. Loved your cue's on mermaid. I will definitely be using for my client with scoliosis. I think it will really help her! thank you Brent!
Wow! I feel fantastic now. Thank you Brent x
Absolutely amazing! A real noticeable freedom in my shoulder girdle & neck after this class. More more more from Brent please!
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Dr.Anderson, you are like a magician. This is amazing. I feel freedom not even in my ribs but also in my hip joints for some reason. Thank you very much!
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Wonderful breath class. I can feel the difference! Love the quick pace also!
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