Class #2142

Reformer Workout

60 min - Class


Increase your flexibility in this yoga-inspired Reformer workout with Sarah Bertucelli. She was influenced by her own yoga practice to explore range of motion and balance, which are principles in both Pilates and yoga. You will definitely get a strong workout, but you will also feel long, open, and grounded.
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box)

About This Video


Hello everybody. It's a beautiful day here at the beach and I'm so grateful to be back at [inaudible] anytime. Filming some more classes. Uh, today I'm going to explore quite a bit with the idea of ra...


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This was super...and yes, the ahhhhhh sound came out at the end of the class...thank you Sarah
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Really different and i definitely felt relaxed and worked out. Thank you Sarah and looking forward to the second part perhaps on cadillac;)
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Loved this yoga-inspired class!! Hope to see more, maybe a tower/ reformer combo.
Thanks so much! Very pleased each of you are enjoying the workout. Another Yoga inspired reformer class is coming soon and I will keep in mind the request for Cadillac.
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Loooooove your teaching Sarah.
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Loved the last exercise and the sitting back work!!
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This whole class was yummy, Sarah, not just that last feel-good exercise. I loved your yoga-inspired creativity, your cueing, the back extension work without having to use the long box... My hips and i thank you very much :)) And yes, a tower workout will be most welcome !
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Sara eu amei!! foi muito bom, me senti otima!!!
O que você acha da próxima ser com reformer torre??
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Arm/back sitting work felt amazing.... Always love your enthusiasm Sarah.... new things to find/feel and always fun!
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