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Fasten your seat belt and get ready to move in this Mat workout with Jillian Hessel! She starts with a gentle warm up that has a bit of yoga fused into the movements. She then moves onto traditional Pilates exercises, adding subtle nuances so you get the most out of each exercise. This class will definitely put a smile on your face!
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Welcome everybody. I'm Chilean Heso and thank you to my students in those at home. Uh, we're going to do a level two three mat class today. So fasten your seatbelts. We're gonna Start off nice and easy with a, a good warm up. So I'd like everybody to go into rest position. You're going to kneel with the knees about hip width apart. Sit back with the buttocks to the heels and round the body, overworking the hands out onto the mat.

I'd like to see, I'm going to come around, not that you're just flat, but that you really working to curve the spine so that we have a nice c shape here. And you're going to be resting here for awhile. Those of you at home, if you have any problems, for instance here, I'm seeing it. Sabrina. Yes, Nicole. Sorry. Her head doesn't touch the mat. You can use a prop. Yeah. To really let the head relax. Yes. Oh, there you go. You're down. Good. Yes. I want your forehead or the crown of your head reaching for the mat and the buttocks curling under to reach for your heels. If it's easy for you to sit on your heels, I want you to take that hip action and reel it under like a fishing reel so that you start to open up the lumbar spine.

And what I'd like you to do here and also at home is brief, are nice posterior lateral breathing through the back of the ribs and into the deep, deep part of your lungs. And notice as you inhale and the ribs expand sideways like a fan opening that you're getting a little bit of a stretch just by breathing. And as you exhale, I'd like you to really continue that image of revealing your fishing reel under. So nice deep breath in through the nose. Spread the rib sideways, exhale out through the mouth and really zipper up the lower abdomen right above the pubic bone. And notice as you breathe actively here, that you're getting a stretch through the spine. Now let's pay attention to what's going on in the shoulders. As the arms reach overhead.

The tendency would be to engage the upper traps so we have a little bit of a spin at the shoulder joint. Trying to wrap those under our muscles around towards the Mat and draw the LE, the traps down away from the ears. Couple more breaths. Inhaling through the nose, exhaling out through the mouth, curling the tailbone under and as you're breathing now just roll your forehead from side to side on the mat and release the neck. Shake your head so that your neck, which is supported all day long by those neck extensors can release and relax. Good. Good. Now we're going to come up onto all fours, like a Halloween cat.

If your arms are really stretched out way far front of you, you're going to have to drag the hands under you a little bit. So another words, it's like this. If I'm here and I come up and I don't move, my hands look at my shoulders. So we're going to take a breath and really draw the lower belly in and curl up in the roundish shape you can and we create a four footed animal. That means your risks are under your shoulders and your hips are over your knees and you're in a very rounded Halloween cat shape. Now as you inhale, release your sit bones behind you, rule through the spine, and we're arching into the old horse. Keep your tummy lifted even though your arched and exhale round under again. Good and inhale, release.

Let's pick up the speed a little bit and exhale, scoop and hollow. Round that back. Drop the crown of the head down. Inhale, release. Open the chest. And one more time. Exhale round. Good people and release. Inhale, good. Now talk the balls of the feet under on the walk and pay attention to your alignment here.

The knees should be directly under the hips and see if you can get that fifth pinkie toe touching the mat so that we're really warming those toes up and take yourself into the old horse arched. And we're going to do a baby knee stretch here without lifting the knees off yet. So oscillate forward and back. Inhale and exhale and feel how your toes get a little stretch. Yes. Now snuggle those toes down into the mat. And we're going to stand up into what we call the up stretch or in yoga a down dog.

Adjust your feet if you need to so that you have a Nice v with a flat back. And take a look at your feet. You want your heels to disappear behind your ankles. We're gonna Tread now. Lift one heel up as you inhale and switch it and exhale and inhale and walk it out. Feel the length of the spine in a nice alignment. Inhale, wrapping the shoulders away from the ears. Drop the head right down between the arms. Yes, drop that head down, Michael, right.

And now come up on both toes as high as you can on the tippy toes. Good. Bend the knees into a forest arch, but roll those sit bones way up to the ceiling. So I want a long flat back. Yes, keep the upward thrust here. Head is in alignment. Push the heels down without rounding the back and again, high up on the toes. As you inhale, bend those knees for starch. Roll the sit bones high. Exhale, drop down.

Keep your head alongside those arms and inhale high up. Bend the knees and push down. Now listen carefully where we're going to recreate an up stretch on the reformer. So lift high on your toes on an inhale and start rolling through with a rounded upper back like a buffalo. So you're gonna round through walk. Hands forward if you need to, right to a flat back plank.

Now let your hips hang down into a an up stretch. I'm sorry. It's a down stretch. And then pike up to your toes and push back to down dog. Push those heels down. Let's go faster. We're going to inhale, lift up. Exhale, roll through the spine and let your hips hang down. You can roll through your feet if you like. And then when you lift up the feet, I have to roll back. Let's do two more. Inhale, lift high up, roll through. Pull the shoulder blades apart.

Really feel that upper neck stretching and hang down. Lift up and pull back. And one more time. Lift high up on the toes. Squeeze the buttocks, roll the shoulder blades apart and roll through and lift the chest. Stay there for a moment. Bend your knees and contract back into that high cap. Lift the lower belly and sit back all the way to the heels.

Breathe their big breath in, spread the ribs sideways. Exhale, and once again, inhale and exhale. Good. Now we're going to do a cobra here. We want to plant the forums. Take a look if you don't know what I'm going to do. Plant the forums from the elbow to the fingers. Spread the fingers wide and we're going to inchworm the body forward as if we're pushing a pencil with the chin. At this point, here is the moment of truth.

Lift off, elbow squeezing in and press all the way through onto the tummy. Lift up around, so it's a circular action. Try It with me in hill elbow, squeezing into the ribs as if they're on magnets. This is the support moment right here. Press through, lift up and contract. Drop the head and sit back two more times. Inhale, pass through. Elbows in breasts, up. Lift, lift the low tummy right above the [inaudible].

Phone dropped back to cat and one more time. Press through. Inhale, we're going to hold it forward. Now press up, Tuck the toes under once again, stretch the knees and push back into that up stretch position. Now bring your feet narrow about hip width apart. If they've gotten wider, lift up on both toes and swing your right leg straight up behind you in the air and drop the left heel down. If it's your right leg, drop the right heel down. If it's your left leg, here's your arabesque. Square off your hips, people, so the right hip, if it's the right leg, everyone's got the right leg. Cool. All right, so square off those hips to the mat. Good.

Now listen carefully. We're going to do a nice stretch here, so we're going to lift that leg into the chest. Lift up on the left toes round and kick it straight out, not high and round. Rule forward on that left foot and push it back and around and push it back and round and push it back one more round. Push it back this time. Lift the leg as high as you can. Let the hip open. Really stretch it up. They're up. They're up. They're up there.

Nice big stretch. Lift up on the left toes high on the toes and square off your hips. Replace that right foot down. Push both heels down. Rest a second, breathe, and we're going to repeat the other side, so we'll lift up on both toes. Swing the left leg up, drop the left hip down. Stay Square first. Here's your arabesque from the reformer work. Now lift on the right toes and bring that left knee into the chest. Round.

Lift high on the right toes. Kick it back and, and kick it back and run and kick it back and kick it back. Two more. Inhale and exhale. One more. And this time, stretch that leg up. Let the hip open. Breathe. Square off the hips. Lift high on the right toes. Bring the foot down and bend both knees.

Come back and rest. Breathe everyone. All right. Okay, let's roll up now to a kneeling position all the way up. And here we really want to lift the hips in the front, dropped down the tail in the back. Engage the buttocks. We're going to take one leg forward in a lunge. Let's all do the right leg, it'll be easier to remember what's happening. So we're going to take the right leg forward and be careful here. You don't want to over cross really keep squares, so you're right out of that hip. And if you're able, you're going to take your hands here to that right thigh and really roll the chest open. Roll the shoulders open. Be sure everyone looks really good.

You don't want that knee coming out too far over the front toes. So really square yourself off and engage that left buttock. That's the back leg. Really lift your abdominals. Tuck the back toes under on the walk. Now without popping your head up too high in the air.

We want to kind of keep it in a space hold. We're going to drive that back leg straight off the mat. Inhale and drop. And again, press and drop and again press and drop. One more. Hold it there. Long and strong, really strong. Press the palms together straight in front of you. Lift them up, breathe, hold, hold, hold.

When your arms slowly to the side and bring your hands either side of that right foot on the mat. You in a hot the left in just a little. And we create pyramid. Do your best not to Torque your hips here. Really pull that right sitting bone. Yeah, back. Be sure you're not bowing your legs. Let your head lift away from your right shin. Inhale, exhale at that forehead. Come down towards the right Shin and look at your back foot. It should be in parallel. Lift the back foot on the walk. Heel up on an inhale. Exhale, press it down and lifted up and press it.

And again, let your head just relax. One more time. Keep the back foot down. Now the front foot flexes up onto the heel. Inhale and exhale and inhale. Are Your shoulders up? Relax your shoulders. Three and four good. Everybody take a big breath. You know, bend that front knee and hop the left foot back out. Big lunge and everyone keep your right foot forward, right. Put all your weight on your left hand. You're gonna take your right arm.

That's the arm. That's the same as the leg that's front and just grab it and squeeze that leg in towards your chest and twist a little bit so you get a nice stretch here, right? Let your left hip drop. Breathe into the left rib. Inhale, exhale and come back to rest position. Take a breath in. Roll up to kneeling all the way up. Align yourself self and we're going to stride forward with that left leg and realign yourself again. Engage that right glute hands, pressing down like a strut onto that left thigh. Tuck the back toes.

Undertake a breath without popping the head up. Stretch that knee and lower it down. Everyone looks terrific. Watch your shoulders, Amy. Roll those shoulders and three and one more time. Hold it long and strong. Four. Hold that shape. Engage that right buttock. Press the palms together in front of you. Inhale and up.

Whoa. Hold, hold. Open the arms wide. Breathe in and hands either side, foot up into pyramid with that right foot square off the hips as best you can. Take a breath, lift your chest away from your thigh. Inhale, exhale. Let the head settle deeper towards the Shin and lift that back foot up on the walk. Heel lifts in here. Exhale, press it down four times. Inhale, lift. Exhale, press it. Inhale, lift and press down, and once again, press down weight on the back foot. Lift the front toes onto the heel, flex and release, pulling that left. Sit Bone back behind you and three and four breathe and you're going to hop back into the lunge. Hop Right foot back out. This time the weight is on your right hand. You can relax the back foot.

Amy, hug your left knee and twist to the left burry and relax and come back to rest position. And let's do a cat. Take a breath, exhale up into the round shape. Release to the old horse. Tuck the toes once again and press out. Now this time we're just going to walk out to a plank position and do our, you can do either pull out these push up or a regular pushup. For me, the Pilati is one is very hard. We have a guy here, Michael, it's good thing you're in. Fred. Let's do 10 pushups. Inhale as you lower.

Exhale, press ev one inhale. Exhale, press up two and three. Control the lowering four. Inhale, exhale, five, six and seven. Inhale, exhale eight, nine and hold 10. Let's do a leg pull. Release the right leg pointed in the air and tall, double pulse. Inhale two. Exhale, flex. Return the home leftward in two. Exhale, blood IX down. Don't stick the two shout.

Lift the belly to return and up to and release two more sets. Inhale to exhale and inhale to exhale. Last set. Inhale to exhale and inhale to exhale. Bend the knees, relax the fee and breathe back to rest position.

Now we'll take a little break here. I want to teach you the spine. Rib Roll. The spine Ribble is kind of like you're making the bed and lifting the sheet and rippling it, but you're going to do it with your spine. The buttocks sit on the heels. They don't move. I'm working to length in my torso from here, right through the crown, so watch what it looks like and sounds like. On an inhale, I lift my ribcage, and on an exhale I lift the ribs up out over the thighs. Notice my hands worked their way out. A little farther along.

The men in here. Lift up, out over the thighs. That's our little break. So let's do a spine ripple because we're going to do sidearm balance in a moment. Okay, ready? Lift the ribs, let the head hang in hell and take that ripple up. Out and over the thighs all the way through. And once again, inhale up. Exhale out over the ties. Very nice and remember that. Shake that head shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake. Okay, let's come up into the car again. Exhale, round, release. Inhale, Tuck the toes.

Exhale, go into the down dog or the upstretched depending on which technique we're working on. And walk out to the plank. Once again, nice long spine. Good. Now everybody's going to face the camera. So for the people over here, you're going to balance on your right arm. People over here are going to balance on the left. So turn towards the camera and stack the feet with the top. The top leg in front top like can go in front. Yes.

Reach the arm alongside the body, right on the thigh. Good. Now hold yourself there. You're going to lift that arm, turning the palm up and bring it to over your ear. Inhale. Exhale. Press it down. Squeeze the inner thighs people. Inhale, reach up, square off your headlights. That's your two hips. And exhale, press down. One more time. Inhale, reach up. Stay there. Bring that arm down and go into plank. Work yourself into plank. Re-Establish plank for a moment, nice and strong.

And now we're going to flip to face me. Flip the other way. The top leg is in front. This is a little bit easier. I'm being nice. Reach the arm up. Inhale. Exhale down. Square off the hips. Yes. Inhale and exhale, and once again, inhale and exhale and back overhead and to plank. Good. And come back, knees down and release and relax to rest position.

Very good. Round that back. Yes. I don't see rounded backs right. Remember how we started? Yes. Breathing deep into the sides and back to the ribs. Now just do a little body scan. Hopefully you feel a little bit more warmed up in a little bit more loose than we when we began. So now let's flip over onto our backs.

I'm going to have the feet towards the center and the heads away. We'll do a couple of little knee squeezes. So roll onto your back and take your knees into your chest. If you have any kind of knee issue, you can hold under your thighs here, right? And we're going to wing the elbows out to the size of the room and drop the shoulders down. I don't like the Elvis in because of the shoulders.

Start to come in like this. So winging the elbows out, dropping the shoulders down and let your knees release to the ceiling for a moment. Exhale, squeeze and squeeze all the air out from the lower abdominals. And again, release. Inhale, exhale, schoolies. And once again, inhale and exhale. Squeeze. Good. Very nice. Nice. Long next. So now take your hands under your shins. So you're holding the upper back of your thighs right and flex your feet as if you're on the reformer doing heel work. And I want you to have the feeling when you send your legs out in space that you really extending from the glutes. You're going to extend those legs out and curl up into the a hundred position.

Hold your legs, exhale, push out. So you make this little shape. Stay there. Inhale again into the sides of back to the ribs. Exhale deep in it. Stay there. Stay there. Second breath. Now roll down. Inhale, right? Feel that spine long on the mat again. Now you know what to do. Exhale, push out and really scoop out the lower abs.

Stay there. Inhale. Exhale. Sink the ABS. Deeper out the head out the heels, and inhale. Roll down to more. Exhale, push out in space. Make that shape. Stay there. Inhale. Exhale, deepen the abdominal as a second breath and roll down. One more time. Exhale, push out. Push through the heels. People flex those feet.

Yes, stay there. Inhale. Exhale. Deep in. Watch your belly sink more and roll down. Now. Little piles. V Knees are open to the armpits. Little turnout feet are still flex. We're repeating this with the double breath. Ready? Exhale to push out and make the shape. Stay there. Inhale, exhale. Flatten the belly into the low back and bend back to the start.

Inhale again. Use the breath. Exhale, push out. Stay there. Inhale. Exhale. Deep in the shape. Stay there. Yes, and roll back down. Inhale, two more. Exhale, push out in space. Stay there. Inhale. Exhale, deep and deep and deepen. Yes, and down. Now this is our last one. We're going to hold it. Ready. Exhale out in space. Stay there. Inhale, exhale, deepen it. Point your feet. Release your hands. One hundreds into three, four, five out. Two, three, four, five, two out, two, three, four, five, three.

Out, two, three, four, five, four. Little turnout. Yes, we, yes. Five. Good. Now in for five into three. Four, five at six, two, three, four, five, six into three, four, five, six, seven, four, five, six, seven into three, four, five. Out. Eight, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight into four. Five at nine. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine into four five or ten two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Slowly lower the straight legs are, it's advanced. Lower the straight legs to the floor. Raise the arms overhead, flex your feet. Come parallel. Now while your arms are overhead. Notice if you bring your arms all the way to the floor. The ribs are going to pop. Yes, we're supposed to have a roll up bar here. We're pretending so close the front of the ribs.

Float the arms back only as far as they can go and keep those ribs closed. Now really flex your feet as if you've got that strap. Yes, from the mat over your ankles. You're going to squeeze down the lads and bring the arms straight vertical to the ceiling. That's your window frame, so go ahead and note just the arms, just the arms on the inhale. Now exhale, you're going to use your ribs to bring your head up, look through the window and take it all the way up. Full exhale all the way right now start rolling back to the back of the shoulder blades. On an inhale and exhale, arms overhead, so it's two sets of breath. Inhale to vertical with the arms. Exhale, look through your window with your ribs closing. Come all the way up on that.

Exhale and inhale, roll back to the shoulder blades, roll back, and exhale. Arms overhead again, arms to vertical. Inhale, squeeze down the ribs. Exhale, lift the head. Nice people. Good, and inhale, roll back to bra line or the rib cage. And exhale, release. Let's do three more. Inhale, make the vertical shape. Exhale. Nice, Haley, good girl. And inhale, roll back to the back of the ribs. Exhale, release. Good everybody. Two more. Inhale to vertical. Exhale to take it all the way up. Feel like a horseshoe here. Yes. Inhale, roll back and exhale, release. Last one. Make it good. Inhale, underarms. Exhale, rib cage.

Roll all the way up. Inhale to roll back to the middle of the back and exhale all the way down. Good. Now stay there for a moment with the arms overhead and reach as far as you can with your fingertips, but pulling down through the lats, reach the waistline as best you can. To the Mat. It's pretty hard to flatten your back here, but you want that feeling of grounding through center and reaching long, long, long. Now press those lacks down. Bring your arms down by your sides.

Good. And we're going to go into rollover. So if anyone has a back issue, especially at home, we're doing advanced, but if you need to modify, you can bring your legs to 90 degrees to start. Otherwise we're going to start the roll over right from the bottom here, right? So we're going to inhale to roll the legs over pointed feet. Open hip width apart. Flex the feet, reach out of the heels. Exhale, roll down. Bring the legs towards one another. Open circle closed. Inhale, pointed over.

Open hips with flex through the heels. Reach out, reach your spine, Vertebra by Vertebra. Point the feet. Inhale over. Nice people. Open hips with flex the feet. Reach out of those heels and roll down. Very nice. And this is four. Go over open and flex. Roll down.

We're going to do six each way. So we've got two more. Inhale over open hips with and reach out of those heels. Rolling. Very good people. One more. It looks beautiful and flex. Open and roll down. Now keep your feet open, your legs open. Point the toes and over with open legs.

Inhale together. Flex. Exhale, roll down with control. Point the feet. Open. Hips with over. Scoop from the belly. Very nice. And come down. We've got four more. Let's go over and together. Flex reached through the heels and over together and rolled down.

Just two more. I think I'm counting right? You never know. And together and roll down and last time over together. And I want you to control the descent very slowly. All the way to the mat. Straight legs down. Good. Beautiful. Everyone's so aligned. It looks really terrific. Okay, so let's bring the right toe to the inside of the right knee and extended up in the air. Good. Now the foot that's on the floor, the left, flex it and really reach out to that heel.

Notice that that would be your standing leg if you were doing this right. So the leg that's on the support side really has to be wrapped from the back of the thigh. Work your abdominals to stay centered. So we're going to reach that top leg across the body on an inhale and you can let that hip come up on the reach. That's a spine twist. Bring it around. Exhale home. Stop Kodak moment again. Inhale across, down away. Exhale, home. Good. Inhale across, down, away. Exhale, home and across. Inhale down away.

Exhale home. One more. We'll do five each way and home. Reverse to the open and across. Let the hip roll. Inhale and across. Let the hip roll. Good. And three, I heard a hip pop. That's good. And for keep your foot flex. Michael, the bottom foot and three inhale. Exhale to come all the way across there, Sabrina and one now, little break. We've got the leg up. We're going to grab behind the back of the leg.

Now listen carefully. It's a little bit sticky on these mats, but I want you to flex both feet and when we flex, I want to see the toes, the ball of the foot and the heel to both feet are flex. Now you're gonna bend this top leg towards your chest, but then the bottom leg up a little bit to feel that that heel on the bottom leg is digging into the mat. Take a breath in. Exhale, push both heels away so both legs straighten point, heel ball of the foot toe, so we flex both feet, toe, ball of the foot. He'll drag that left heel towards your buttock. Inhale, I know the matte sticks. Now pull your belly and as you push both heels away, try to stretch that top leg. Point the toes two more times. Flakes Toe Ball, heel. Inhale, bend both legs. Exhale, drive your belly into the mat as you send the heels away from one another. End Point. Last time. Flex Toe ball heel bend in here. Exhale, drive it away. Point, release your leg or hands at your sides.

Point that toe. Bring it down. Point the left toe, bring it up and flex the right foot. We're ready for leg circles. Ready five each way coming across the body. Inhale, exhale around. One inhale, exhale, two. Inhale, exhale. Three. Inhale, exhale, four. Inhale, exhale, five, pause the other way. Inhale, exhale, flex that bottom foot. People were losing it too. Come on, you're my crew.

Three and four and five. Beautiful. Grab behind that left leg, flex toe ball or the foot. Heel. Dami bend of both legs. Inhale now drive your belly into the mat. Push away and 0.4 times. Flex Toe Ball, heel bend. Inhale, watch your shoulders and neck.

Push away and point to more flex toe ball, heel band. Inhale. Exhale, push away and point. Good. Last time. Inhale, bend. Exhale, push away and point. Release your hands and reach that leg down. Bend both knees into your chest and roll up to seated. Scoot yourself to the front edge of your mat and we're going to roll like a ball. Now you all know I think that the hands should be on opposite ankles.

That's very difficult for me. I usually class one wrist, I'm going to teach you Corolla, tree airs, breathing pattern. It's a little different than the usual. Inhale down. Exhale up. So we're purchasing a hover here. No wait on the toes. Shoulders are dropped down. The head drops slightly between the open knees. This is your balance point. You want to come back to, so I'm curled under on my sits bones.

Big Breath in to part. Exhale, rolling down in, up. Sure. Balance. Quickened breath, rolling back. Sh, make sure you've got an imaginary highway line ready. Inhale in the balance point. Two-Part XL, roll back in up.

Sure. Balance. Inhale, exhale, roll back and up. Very good people and we don't hit the neck. Yes. Exhale. Roll back in up. This is three. We'll do eight and four. Very nice.

Good work people and five dropping the shoulders down away from the ears. And six, yes, two more and seven very good at eight. We're going to balance in the hover. When you come back, place the feet down. Take your hands behind you. Scoot your butt between your hands. You're going to lie down with that right knee to your chest.

For single leg stretch. The right hand is to the right ankle. Let's inhale as the legs past one another in space to inhale. Exhale, squeeze. Inhale, exhale, squeeze. And three N, four n five and six and seven and eight and nine and 10. Now quick two. Sure. Three [inaudible], sh four sh and five sh good. Rest your head for a moment and release your neck.

We're going to do Corolla, tree years, double leg stretch, so we're curled up. It's like rolling like a ball that fell over right here in this egg shape. On an inhale, I'm going to hold one thumb with the other. Stretch out. Hold the in breath, circle wide here. Exhale, pull it all back together. Squeeze the air out. Inhale one, hold the inbred circle two, exhale. Three. Inhale, stretch one, circle wide, two shoulders down and squeeze it out. Three.

Inhale, stretch one, circle wide to pull it together. Squeeze the air out. Three. One more. Inhale, one circle wide to squeeze it together. Three, go ahead and sit up again. And let's do spine stretch. So we're about the width of the mat apart and we're going to take the hands one thumb again with the other, there's little different. Press down through the mat and lift your chest, right. Focus those eyes straight ahead.

Take a breath in and as you exhale it's three reaches flexing the feet. One, two, three. Inhale, point the feet. Roll up and unfold the head again. Exhale, reach one, two, three pointed feet. Drag your spine back up to straight XL. Flex reach two, three point on Rola again. Exhale, reach two, three, pour and roll up. Two more. Exhale, reach round two, three. Very nice people roll up.

And one more. Exhale, reach down to three point and roll up. Very good. Let's do corkscrew. So bring your legs together and roll back down. And we're going to take the legs up in the air to 90 degrees to start, right? So let's do a corkscrew first. Just getting the choreography so we don't hit anybody.

And then we're going to lift the hips. Okay, so let's shift the legs off to the left. On an inhale. Swing them down towards the center and around to the right. Exhale home and reverse it. Inhale down away. Exhale home. One more set. Inhale down, away. Exhale home. Very good people. Inhale down away. Exhale home.

Now for everybody at home as well as here if you need to, since we're on the floor, we can cheat a bit and bring the arms a little bit wider. Yes. If that helps you, go ahead and do it. Now let's angle up the into not a full rover rollover, but a partial rollover, right? And this now becomes home position. So we're going to shift the legs to the left. That means your hips, chips slightly right, roll down, swing the legs around to the left all the way to the right and hit home position. Good shifts the other way. Inhale down away.

Use the exhale to hit home. Inhale, shift down away. Exhale home. Try not to fall out of home position. Inhale, exhale around. Good people. Inhale, shift down away. Exhale home and inhale. Shift down away. Exhale home. One more set. Inhale and exhale around. Good people last time. Inhale down away.

Exhale home and very slowly roll down through the spine very slowly. Take your time straight legs slowly, slowly, slowly to the mat. How is everybody? All right, good. All right, let's sit up again. We're going to keep the legs together this time and do, I know it's out of the classical order, but I, before I do the saw, I always like to do spine twist. So in the interest of space, let's stagger a little bit.

Let's have the middle people come forward. Right? Good. Okay, very, very good. So let's just do a set. Like Simon says first, just to get everything going. So we're going to sit up very, very tall out of the hips. You can flex your feet. So I like to think of three lines of energy here. You've got the energy from the heels through the back of the sit bones.

We've got the energy across the body and the top, and then we've got the vertical line from top to bottom of the spine, right? So keep those three lines very clear. We're going to inhale to the left and it's going to be not a balance but a pulse. So feel like this marionette string is getting pulled up taller as you twist. Exhale, center and exhale center and exhale center once again, XL center. Good. Take the arms out, push the palms down, and really activate the lats. So when you rotate, now you're slicing with your pinky ready. Lift up and to the left.

Inhale to exhale. Center and any, I'll keep your eyes focused straight ahead and inhale to exhale center and any hale to exhale centered. You don't look excited. Let me see. You look excited. Yeah, you're getting taller, right? Good. One more set and inhale to XL center. Especially when you look at the camera, you should smile. That looks so much better. Relax. Good. Okay. Take your legs open hip with, we're going to use the rotation. We just practiced with the spine. Twist into the saw. There always has to be an opposition. However, I don't want to see you just bouncing forward, so if you're going to rotate to the left on the inhale as you reach forward and don't force the rotation. If you're going to saw your big toe, that's okay.

I know classically we're supposed to saw the little, but I want that opposition of pulling back on that rib and it's like someone's pulling my back arm so that I'm sowing as much pulling back as forward and rotating the rib around. Okay. Take the hands to home position. We're going to do a slow set first. Inhale to the left. Exhale, reach forward. In the saw two, three. Inhale, sit up in the spiral. Exhale, center. So it's broken down. Inhale, right. Exhale, reach, saw two, three. Sit Up. Inhale, exhale, center. One more slow set. Inhale, left. Exhale, reach forward to three. Inhale, sit up and exhale center, and one more slow. And inhale. Exhale, reach forward to three. Inhale, sit up. XL Center faster. Inhale, reach, exhale, and center. And inhale. Exhale, reach up and center. Inhale, exhale, reach forward, up and center. One more. Inhale, and exhale, reach forward, up and center. Very nice screw to the front of the Mat.

Even with our staggering, we were a little crowded, right? Okay, so now let's work into our balanced point. For Open leg rocker, we're going to hold the top of the ankle or the Shin, wherever you think you know you have to be yes, square off your two hip bones. I like to call them the headlights and extend just the right leg and down and no twisting or torquing right. And now left leg open and down and open and down. And now both extend out and come back and extend out hole there. Now Focus. You're going to take a breath in.

Same breathing is rolling like a ball. Double exhale back and oh and back and up. Nice people and back and up. Two more. Back and up. And one more time. Back and up for the balanced focus. The eyes look happy.

They are on camera and bend both knees. Very, very nice. So kick your legs around and face in and we're going to do swan dive. So for swan dive, I like to have the hands right under the shoulder joints and feel as though your elbows are on magnets pulling into the ribs and down towards your hips so that the shoulder blades are drawn back. We're going to keep the legs together for a first set, a few sets, very slow. So inhale, lift your ribcage up into your body. Don't let it spill out and just hover slightly, squeezing those elbows in.

Lot of triceps. Exhale, lower that and lift those legs, keeping them together. It's not going to go far. Inhale teeter-totter up. Exhale, hover, lift the legs, knees pulled up. Inhale, lift, exhale, lift the legs. And one more time. Inhale, lift. And exhale. Lift the legs. Now inhale, lift. And this time as you dive, exhale and lift the hands into your armpits and little faster. Yes. Up and down, up and down.

And the legs can come a little apart. Of course, as you go higher now see if you can take the arms either out to the side or overhead. Don't take anybody's eye out, right. And if you're really expert, you can. Yes, very nice. Hayley. Excellent. When you've had it and I'm sure you'll be happy. Go back to rest position where we started. Class, big, deep contraction. Round your back. Open up the low spine. Nice deep breathing into the sides and backs of the ribs. Exhale and breathe. Good. Now do you remember our Cobra or a little inchworm?

You're going to stretch your hands forward and drop your forearms into the mat and inchworm your body. Butt Up, Chin down, and come all the way back onto your tummy. Good. So we're going to do the single leg kick. Now I like to make fists with a thumb on top and press the knuckles together. It's the way I learned the elbows. Ideally our under your shoulder joints, but obviously if you have a low back problem, people at home, be careful. Readjust your position. The closer in, the more hyper extended you're going to be.

I'm a real stickler about lifting from the pubic bone. Don't let your ribs out. So wherever you need to be really feel like this Vince here. It's like this, thinks it's been in the desert for thousands of years. Very lifted, very proud. So as you coordinate your legs, don't lose your upper body. So since we're advanced today we're going to lift the right foot.

I'm going to talk you through it, lift the right foot flexed. And what I want to see here is that as you do your best to keep the hips square to the mat and kick, you're going to also work to extend that thigh off the mat. Yes. So we really get the hamstring. So we're going to kick once with a flex twice with the point, I'm sorry, once with a point. So it's two kicks and extend the leg out and see if you can keep that leg up in the air when you extend it. All right, let's just talk through the left foot so we flex up point and extend out.

All right, everybody clear? So let's do 10 with five each side. Ready right foot up and inhale. Flex point, extend. Exhale, flex point, extend open the chest flex point, that's three and four. Try to keep that top leg up. Five up, yes and six open your chest, Michael. Smile at your partner across the way. That's seven and a. Don't let your belly spill out.

Nine and 10 we should have added towels to this class. Okay. Push back to rest position. Relax. The arms are stretched. Take your body weight onto your forearms. Inchworm forward and we're doing double leg kick. So when to turn the head, lets everyone turn the head towards the camera. The folks at home can see you smile, turn your head and put your cheek on the mat.

Your hands are resting behind your back. Now classic pilates. We want these hands as high as they'll go. He has. So snuggle them up as high into the mid back as you can. We're going to do three kicks with all flexed feet. So squeezing the legs together. Flex up, and we're going to kick three times. Inhale, two, three, point the feet.

Exhale, stretch the arms and look straight ahead at your partner across the way and change. Inhale two, three. Exhale. Now as you kick, lift the thighs. Ready. Inhale, rest the head. Exhale, push. And inhale. Two, three. Exhale. Push. One more. Set. Ready. Kick. Two, three. Relax. The shoulders extend and last time relaxed. Now we're going to hold this. Extend. Hold, hold. Lift your chest. Look up, open your chest, lift your ribs up off the mat. Now slowly release your hands. Don't explode. Swim them around so that your long, long, long, long, long reach out to the head, the hands, the fingers, the toes slowly reach even longer as you come to the mat. Good.

Very nice. You're all getting to know each other, aren't you? Okay, good work. Pull back into rest position. So I want to teach a very interesting variation of, um, teaser today and we're going to lie, I think, um, maybe for this one you'll face me. So why don't everybody put their head towards the center and you'll be aligning on one side or the other. And you're gonna cross the top leg on top and you really want to squeeze the inner thighs together. This arm is going to be resting on the thigh. The other arm is this way. Now I don't have the floor here.

Little Edit, the disadvantage, hopefully we're not too sweaty and we can slide. So your sideline on one hip, what you're going to press down through this top arm. So palm down, and as you press down, you're going to roll to the top buttock. That's the one here, right? And reach up. And I'm sticking into teaser this way, looking out. So there should be a nice line of energy from the arm and through the legs and you're looking out past that middle finger.

Then roll to that bottom hip and reach back out again. So the hand just slides along. The fight's very sticky. I apologize. You know what? If you have a towel, you can put your towel on the floor, right? And use that to slide. All right, everybody ready? Take a breath in. Squeeze those legs together. Crossed on top. Yes. Squeeze them together. Really.

Squeeze, ready. Inhale and exhale, press and slide and look up. Nice line palm down, Michael. Yes. And turn and slide back out. Does the towel help? Yes. Good. All right folks at home, use a towel if you're sweating. Rarely exhale. Schoolies draw up through your center. Reach.

Nice long line up over that middle finger and reach out to more times. Ready hand on the Fi and slide it along the thigh. Reach up. Beautiful Line. Nice long neck. Lift Your Chin, Michael. Finish it out. Yes. And come down. And one more time. Squeeze those inner thighs and reach up. Up, up, up, up, up.

Yes and come down. Rollover and change hands. And you're facing the camera now. So be on for them, right top leg crossed. Really squeeze the inner thighs from the top of the buttocks. The top arm is along the thigh. Ready? Palm facing down.

So you can press down into the floor, ready and press down. Inhale, exhale up. Beautiful and come down. Yes. Slide that towel. It really does help. Pointed shows ready and come up. Hold, hold, hold, hold, hold and come down. How many did we do on the other side? I was so busy looking at the form. Five.

All right, so this is three. Reach up, up, up, up, up. I'm glad someone's counting. There goes the train and reached down. Point those toes Rina. And two more. Ready? Up, up, up a little higher. Michael. Lift those legs. Yes. Deep, lower belly and last time and come up. Squeeze the inner thighs. Yes. Beautiful people and come down. Very, very good. Okay. Wonderful work.

So let's go back to the first side so you can face me. We'll do some sideline legwork here. We don't want to forget that. So folks at home, you know you can be this way, you can be this way. Put a pillow, right. Since we're advanced today we're going to align with the back edge of the mat, elbow, shoulder and hip feature, the front edge flexed, right?

And take that top hand here if you're able. So I'd like to see what we call rib imprinting. Here. We're gonna do a leg kick, lift the top leg, and when we kick forward, the bottom rail is going to be down. Double Kick. Inhale to now as we point and reach out, we're gonna lift that rib and balance on the elbow. Ready. Inhale forward to exhale, lift to the back and two and reach to the bat. Three and reach and four and reach and five and reach.

Very nice. Six to the rib goes down and up, not forward and back. Yes, seven and reach and eight and reach. Now bend the knee, bring it through and flex or do a little bicycle. Lift the rib, reach back. Then the knee reached through and flex and reach. Inhale and exhale and one more. And reach through. And XL reverse. So we're going to point, reach through back, lift the rib and let the rib come forward. Flex point, reach back, good breathing.

And three and through add four and through one more and five and through. Now we're gonna point the feet and turn them out. So really twist the back of the buttocks for this. We're going to take the hand to the mat. Okay. Bring that top leg up. Knee pointing to the ceiling.

This is called passe and dance and this unfolds the leg devil a PE flex and squeeze the inner thighs like a pair of scissors. Little faster inhaler. Open flex, make the leg longer and thery flex. Reach out and for up flex reach out and five flex. Reach out, reverse it, flex it straight up. Point to the inside of the knee. Hold that bottom leg and up and reached it.

And three, inhale and exhale. Lift your head Sabrina for yes, look happy and five. Now we're going to do what we call a bottle in dance or kick. This is how it goes. We flex up, we point to the knee, we flex up, we point down the breath will be sure I didn't do the leg right. Flex point, flex four point. Okay, let's do 10 ready and inhale.

Flex point, flex and point to really let the leg fly. And three, two, three down and four to three down and five to three down and six to three down and seven two, three down an eight to three down. Make the leg longer and last time 10 to three and down. Kick the leg up. This is for the dancers at home. I hope there's some here, you know, pull that leg towards you and roll into a split. Wow.

If you can press up, open your chest. Good. Everybody look at that. They're all gorgeous. Good. Now bring that back leg around. I know it's easier for me. It's slippery. And you go to the other side. Align the elbow, shoulder and hip with the back edge of the mat. Flex both feet to the front.

Bring that upper hand up and we do our leg kicks. Anyone remember how many we did on the other side? Inhale forward to lift the rib point back and two and reach and three and reach and four and reach more than five. Less than 10. Six and our each we'll do eight. Seven. I hope that's right and a an reach. Stay back there bicycle. Bend the knee, bring it through. Drop the rib and flex forward. Lift the rib point and bring it and three and bring it through and for and bring it through. One more five and bring it through.

Reverse point through. Lift the rib back and back and that was two and this is 30 breathing four and five and bring it through. Good. Okay, so now point both feet. Bring that top hand down and we're going to do this slow devil paste. So really tweeze Haley, turn out that bottom leg and point it. Yes. Good standing on that arm. The elbow is out from the body. The shoulders, press down, drag the toe up. Inhale, unfold, flex, reach closed and inhale and fall. Flex, reach close. We did five, three and reach and four be sure your topic is not falling back behind you. It's very tempting. Five we don't want to give into temptation, right?

Flex the foot up. We're reversing and to reach down. Keep your breath going. Three and four and five bought malls. Ready. Flex up and point. Flex it up. Point down. This is two, two and 32 let it fly. And for very nice people and five and six and seven.

I know we did 10 of this. Don't fall back on your hip. Hayley. Two more. Nine that a girl and 10. Good. And relax. Turn onto your bellies. Oh, this splits. Oh my God. I'm so glad you reminded me. All right. [inaudible] you have to do the other side, right. Roll into it.

If we're not warm now, you know there no hope for the split. This is the time to try Michael. Excellent. You know, mostly the gentleman can't do that. That's fantastic. You show off. That's great. Breathe and enjoy it. You're worked out. Okay. Bring that back leg around and um, let's turn. So everybody's facing center again.

I want to do the heel beats and then we'll roll up to standing in finish. So I just want to show the folks at home, if you have a high bed or you're on the Cadillac, you actually have an advantage. You can leave your feet off the end of the table. It's harder on the mat. But what I'd like to see is you're going to make a little stand for your forehead with your hands and the legs were open in a v. I call this the v Pool because we're doing a pelvic tilt or posterior pelvic tilt, but we're working against the pull of here.

It's not as easy as lying on the back, so we're going to inhale in the rest position. Notice I have a quite a curve in my low back here. On the exhale, I'm going to draw up through my center and I have a shirt on so it's hard to see, but I'm resting now on my ribs and pubic bone. Really scooped out in the abdominals and then I relax it down on the inhale. So exhale, squeeze and wrap. Hold, hold, hold. We're going to do that about three or four times to prepare.

Then we hold this little shape and we're going to beat the heels together. Now it's very tempting. Again, we don't want to get an give into temptation to bend the knees and beat from the heels. This way, we really want the legs extended, but if we go too high, notice I lost my contraction. So it's not important, especially because you're on the mat here and everybody at home. If you don't have a raise table, don't lift the legs too high, you'll lose the integrity of the the abdominal work. Okay? So go on your tummies. Make a little forehead stand.

If you find that your shoulders are really coming up, you can roll up a towel and place that as you're standing and take your hands down by your sides. I don't want to see the shoulders helping on this is what I'm saying. Take your legs open to the width of the Mat. Take a breath in. I'm going to give you this towel even though it's not yours. Kinda sweaty. Huh? Here it lift again. There we go. That's better.

So Michelle is doing the modification. All right, so you're in the v panel. You're going to take a breath in and as you exhale, squeeze in, wrap the buttock, zipper up the abdomen from the base of the pubic bone and hold. Very nice, good, nice, good people. And relax it down. You're all advanced, so I'll just give you one more prep. X Out. Squeeze in, wrap, hold. Good. Beautiful. Everybody and release. So this next one, we're going to hold and do a set of heel beats. Ready. Inhale. Exhale, squeeze in. Wrap. Lengthen the legs out and be sniff. Sniff, blow, blow to lower your legs. Just a little Hayley. Yes, so you can really, now don't lift your rib cage really resting on your lowest rib and your pubic bone. The ribs are still on the mat. Good people. Beautiful. Now I usually count everybody at home. Sniff, sniff, blow, blow. That's Ron Fletcher's. Picasso breathing 25 sets.

That adds up to 100 heel beats. All right, now I lost count, but we want to do about 25 if you're teaching people who are less able, you can do a set of 10 or 12 let them rest and then do another set. Is anyone counting? No. All right. When you've had it, relax for a moment. Roll your hips around and then we're going to push back once again to rest position and do a couple of deep lateral breaths again through the ribs. Releasing the neck. Really round your back. Round your back a little more. Good, good.

And then roll up to the kneeling position once again. All the way up. Good. Feel how nice and straight. You are. Very, very good. And let's come back to the hands and Tuck the toes. Go ahead and stand up into the v once again and walk your hands towards your feet or your feet towards your hands. Your choice. Good.

And come if you can to sixth position. That's the feet really pressed together. Yeah, really pressed together. And take your time here. You're gonna bend your knees and really get your hips vertical over your heels. Everybody's a little bit farther back. Let your head hang down. Breathe good.

Now keep your knees bent and just curl your sitting bones under and start dripping up to a nice standing position. One Vertebrae at a time. Take your time, take your time. The knees can stay bent until you really arrive all the way up. Nice and straight. Good. Now, um, middle people step just a little forward again so we don't take anybody's eyes out. Reach your arms long. Feel like a candle stick. Yes. The top of the head is the flame.

Reach your palms out to the sides and up overhead. Inhale, raise your eyes, touch your palm, and look up. Exhale, look down, palms to the sides of the hips. Inhale, reach up, exhale down. One more time, reach up, press those pumps together and very slowly draw them down to the center of your chest. Press those thumbs in towards your breastbone. Drop your gaze a little bit. Hold for a moment, and then raise your eyes and look straight ahead. You all did great. Thank you so much for joining me and have a great evening.


A graceful class with a lovely teacher, thank you
Very impressing and lovely teacher
Just what I needed! I love what you are wearing Jillian! Is it a one piece? Looks comfy. Thanks so much.
Laurie C
Awesome class!! Loved all the stretches in the beginning. The cueing was so clear and easy to understand. I look forward to taking more classes with Juliann!
Thanks for the positive comments, everyone! I'm wearing an old LuLu Lemon 2 piece outfit--tried & true!
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Brilliant class Jillian. You are an amazing instructor.
1 person likes this.
A fabulous class! A great workout with wonderful instruction.
Fantastic class, Great workout with precise cueing!
Thought this class took too many breaks and was too slow.
Laura ~ Thank you for your feedback. I'm sorry you felt this class was too slow. You may enjoy our Accelerated Classes as they move at a faster pace. I hope this helps!
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