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Flexion and Rotation Mat

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Kristi takes this competent group through a level two class that includes a good blend of flexion, rotation, and upper back strengthening. You could stop with the seated back extension and have a full workout, but class continues with some additional leg work, and balance work, followed by the Push Up.
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Jul 28, 2010
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Feeling got enough space. Yeah. Okay, good. Good. So what'll happen, right? You're just gonna contact the, so you just sort of be careful. Set really tall. Find your sits bones wane and house. Find the center of your mat as best you can to, if I do any big arm movements, we'll, I've got plenty. I'm fact I can even move up, but we're good. I think holding on, maybe find the tailbone or the sits bones, the base of your pelvis and lengthen up through your spine.

So what does that mean for you? This is your time to check in. This is your time to sort of decide what you need. Um, I do have a template plan, believe it or not, and I'm not sure I'll stick to it, but, uh, it's your chance to just sort of give in, let go, go internal. I'm going to suggest to look at your feet that you are, your feet are separated about the width of your hips. Okay. And then as you go up, it's as if you're hugging the space that the internal space of the inner thigh. Now if you feel crowded, you should move your feet away.

I don't want to start class uncomfortable, right? So from there you draw the shoulders down, hug the midline of the body, including the rib cage, so as you're sitting tall, breathe however you want, but somewhere in there, find a sense of control or a containment around the rib cage so that your shoulders can just be resting. For most of us, it's not an action of pressing down. Sometimes it is, but it's a bit of a rest at this point. And then see where in your body, where does it feel like your head is as it feel forward? Does it feel rigid? Does it feel tilted? And try to find ease there. Here we go. Inhale. On the exhale we're going to roll back. So it's as if the hip bones dive deeper into your body. As you roll back, I'm going to say to the top of the hip, pelvis or wherever it feels. Okay, not too much, too soon. Inhale, start exhaling. Now pull the abs back.

Keep the curve of your spine until you feel or see shoulders over hips. And then stack. Inhale and exhale. We go rolling down. Now you're free to let go, but I'm gonna suggest you hold on just for one or two because you get a sense of opposition and that's huge. And bodies inhale. Exhale there. Roll up. Quick reminder that if I don't tell you to breathe, you go right ahead. Inhale and exhale. I do like control that. I will concede though. Oh Wayne, you have no idea what you've gotten yourself into. Denying. Inhale and exhale become up.

So if you've been doing [inaudible] for any length of time and you all have, you know your tendencies, so kind of pay attention to them. Now, exhaling down. I'm going to get there and stay there at this time. If you're someone who collects tension in your neck, release it. Check-in, inhale. Can you go down a little further? Even if you have to kind of bypass the one little spot that's tight. Inhale, staying here for three breaths. Exhale, look to your abdominals for a moment and see them sink to the floor. Inhale and exhale. Yes.

Inhale and exhale. The next one we will come up. Inhale, get ready. Here it comes. Exhale. Feel free to use your arms, right. We're warm enough to the all of this, right. Stacking your spine from here. Just put the feet together. Drop the knees out to the side. Yep, exactly. From there, you can hold on again however you need to, or you can let go. It's up to you.

Inhale, exhale. Roll the pelvis back on a little faster now, all the way down to mid back. You're welcome to hold anywhere. Inhale, exhale. We come up, keep the curve, and then lengthen. Ian Hale. Imagine energy continuing. Exhale, you pull low in the belly to have it all calmed down. Inhale and exhale. I'm someone who tends to, I see in shapes, so for me to look out at you, I see long lines and then I see from somewhere low in your spine to action starts in your heads, almost reached forward. It looks really nice. Inhale and exhale to come up. Looking good.

I can go ahead and stack at the end. We'll change it ever so slightly. Inhale, exhale down. We go. Get to a place where you can be almost while you are arrested in your low back. For some, that means you're gonna have to bring your feet in a little closer. Go down a little bit more way, and even if you use your arms to get there. There we go. Did I say exhale? If you didn't do, thank you. Inhale, arms up, eyes remain forward.

Circle them around just to loosen up your shoulders. There's your exhale. Let's do that again. Inhale up the range of motion. The bigger, the more challenging. So if you don't want to do the circle, you could still get some really good work without it. Yup. Hold it there. Inhale. Feel free to grab your legs or move your feet away from you. Exhale, we come up, pass through every bone in your body. Well, that's not true. At least your spine. Lift your arms up. We're going down again. Exhale, roll. Feel free to hold on. You got to take care of yourself.

Don't make it too stressful on you. Find out that if your low back is fully resting, inhale, arms go up. Eyes remain forward. Circle around again. Inhale up. You're welcome to rest the neck at any point. I'm doing one more and then you'll come back with me. So rest if you need it.

And around inhale, hold or grab your legs. Exhale up. We come knocking you out. All right. All right. You don't have any room. Okay. From here, take your arms behind your head. Just kind of touching in on all the aspects of the spine. We're going to work. So everybody do. Find your sit bones like we did earlier. Um, if you looked straight ahead through the person, not at the person, that's always weird. You can see your elbow points. Yeah. Great. From there, lean forward from, from the hip joint. Get along in your back. Feel how your neck is still long.

That should be at, that should be back extension, not to mention hip. Then bring it back a little bit. So you're centered. Shoulders over, hips and recommit to the rib cage that I'm speaking to. Almost everyone, not, not necessarily to the front. We inhale, rotate from there. Exhale, extend your arms. Little arms are quite easy, although long inhale, bring them up. Refold them. Exhale, come home toward the back. You just inhale, make sure you're there. Ribs in. Exhale, extending your arms. That's it. Inhale, the arms float up, the shoulder blades dropped down. Refold the arms behind your head. Exhale, pull yourself center.

It's slow, but it doesn't mean it's just slow. You're working. Exhale, arms. Inhale, heavy shoulder blades. It almost makes the arms float up right toe in MILCON, Andy, Milky, and then center to the back. Inhale, rotate. Grow tall on the rotation. Exhale, extend the arms. Grow taller. It's gorgeous. Emily's just gorgeous. Inhale the arms float up. Weight, straight, arms, straight arms.

Enjoy that part. Then they fold and back to center. One more. Inhale, rotate. Exhale, extend things that can help you. If you squeeze it heals together. A little. Inhale, arms up. Refold and center. Check your elbow points as you pass through. Middle there where they were rotating. Exhale, extend.

Yes. Inhale, float the arms. Lift the chest. Ash, early ribs in Aaron Lardy and back to center. Right from here. From here. What? Yeah. Okay. So I don't have to, I don't have to go Aaron Goldschmidt. I can. Okay. Cause he doesn't flare his ribs from me or we're still here. Here we go. Inhale. Exhale. We are going to do a chest lift vertically. So you are to engage your abdominals as if you're doing the spine stretch and roll downwards. Do not roll the hips back at this point. Inhale.

Exhale. Restack. Moving it to back extension as you roll up up oppositional moves. It's a good idea. Long next inhale. Exhale. Recommit to the, around the rib cage. That'll fold your head forward. The further forward you go looking good, the more rounded you would be. Inhale, exhale, roll up. Good. I'm going to do a couple more and I'm going to suggest, uh, actually ribs back again or back period. Now round down.

I'm just going to give you back your a more. Everybody, get all your air out. Take another breath there. Just inhale. Good. Now from way low, exhale, roll out my leg. Push it into my leg. There we go. Alright, that, that's enough. I set a couple more, but that's enough of that, right? So far, so good. Rest your arms. Thank you. Appreciate that. Okay. No one's talking to me. Fine. Here we go. Down we go all the way and I say all the way and I, I guess I mean it all the way. Tap the back of your head.

Reaching overhead in this position. For some of us it's pretty hard to get the whole spine down. Train. [inaudible] I'm going to encourage you to get the back side of the ribs down. It might mean your arms have to be higher in the air. It probably does. Especially with the legs the way they are.

It might mean you have to tuck just a little bit. That's okay too. Yup. The whole spine. I'm not in neutral. I am not in neutral. Yep. Alright, from there nicey Aaron Goldschmidt looks beautiful. Here we go. Ring your head, neck and shoulders up and I should include Aaron Lardy and that exhale. It's a roll up with your leg, flexo. Now if you hate it, go back to the one you know, which is your leg straight. Yeah. Inhale, exhale. We go to find all those bones. That means there is going to be a little more of a tech here. When you go back, try to let go on the tuck, but don't arch the back or even let it come up.

So that'll depend. Inhale, we'll go up. Exhale, it's going to be a little faster. Inhale and exhale so the breaths won't be quite as deep to come down. [inaudible] inhale, feel the bones of the back. Press into the mat. Is it easily lifts you up or maybe not so, but we make it look like that and yeah. Yup. All the way to go back and email.

Now there's options here. If it feels like the hip flexors are doing too much or are not helping enough, you can either separate the feet wide so the feet are flat. That would work for you. And having the option to grab on. This is going to be the last one. Whichever we do. Take it down. Yep. From here. Slide the hands of their behind your head again, supporting your head, coming into a basic chest lift, curling up.

Okay. So once again, the whole back should be down. Now every, you know, depending on hip flexibility, you may have to bring the feet in or the knees up a little. Okay. That, that's fine. These are Justments that are may be necessary. However you're in that chest lift to pick up your, the leg closest to the back of the room. Just the hover it, just hover it from right underneath the chest. Exhale and let it, the leg float up. A little inhale. It'll float down six inches. Maybe start the exhale as if there's some sort of teeter-totter like action. Inhale down the leg should be pretty soft. Exhale scoop. Yes. Releasing your head into your hands. It doesn't mean lower down.

It just needs to keep it there. Yup. Yeah. Curl up more. Nooshin in the chess, chess, chess, chess notion. Curl up. [inaudible] Oh gosh, no, we've got to keep going cause she's got them now. There we go. Next one. Put the foot down. Let your head go down.

Now I trust cause some of what I'm doing is a little different. Not so different but a little different than what you're used to. I think with me anyway. Um, if that means you're thinking, I don't know if that means your neck takes over, I'd prefer you not thing cause then you won't notice. But um, sometimes it's when you have to pay attention to me more, you'll, your neck will take over please. Just the five second break that you need, right? No one will know except for them except for them. Ready. We've got to do the other side. Curl yourself up, float the front leg up, leg closest to the front and then check in. If it's all hip flexors, you might have to start over. It's all in the set up. Inhale, prepare.

Exhale as if I pulled her right behind the chest and it automatically lifted the leg. And exhale, lift upper body will stay still. Inhale down. Just keep your upper body up if you can. Although I do like it as a modification and if you're yes, Aaron for three up tension in front of your throat. Yeah, yeah. And curl right under your chest. Yes. Yes. It's not necessarily higher as much as it is folded. Okay, one more.

Thank you. You can put the foot down and your head down. Yeah. Slide your legs out. Two straight please. From there. Yeah. Thank goodness. Right. Keep them there. If I'm you, which of course I'm not because I've done that before. Um, and actually I can't really show you it. Pretend I'm using both legs. Just turn the legs out from the hip. Just turn him out and bring it back so it's not drop 'em out.

It's actively turned up and in and out and in. So you can stay with that if you'd like. Or bend your knees, pull them in towards your chest. Just leave your arms there. It's okay. Unless you need them for help to get your knees up. Needs to tabletop first. Engage your abdominals. Of course. Ashley darling. Press the back of the ribs down. Thank you. Do you want to be on your mat more?

Ashley and Emily and Mandy and Aaron and anyone else who needs to, sorry, that must've been me. Wayne, come on down to just a smidge. All right. From there, extend your leg straight up. If your hamstrings can support it. So good. Pull the tailbone gently into the mat. Hey, that might mean you have to soften the knee or bend it even. That's okay. Again, inhale, turn the legs out from the hip. The feet have absolutely zero to do with it. They'll go with you and close and open and close.

Find those muscles, deepen the hip that do this for you. It shouldn't be too intense other than the fact that you're holding your legs up. Feel free to bend them. I don't want the to overtax you here cause we do have things to do. How about one more time and in parallel feet together. Bend the knees, bring them down. When you set the feet on the floor, separate them slightly like pelvic curl. Release the arms down by your side and we are in fact doing a pelvic curl so it goes like this to connect the upper body to the lower body. You inhale, prepare, start, exhaling and feel the abdominals just sink because of the breath and continue rolling the pelvis all the way up. Nice. Very good Wayne.

A little bit of energy through the inner thighs. Good, nice positions. Inhale hole. Take your time on this. I think we sometimes think we got the pelvic curl nailed. Exhale, find each bone count out 33. Not really, but you could. And rolling down. Good. Reach your arms as well towards your ankles. They're going to move it because that's what happens. Okay, good. Breathe.

If you're already down. Excellent. Inhale, exhale, roll up. Tried to, uh, minimize the feet. Nice station. In fact, a little too high now. Nish and bring it right there. And if you can lengthen your low back by bringing the pubic bone more towards your chest, like rounding your leg. That's it. Inhale, exhale, roll down. That's exactly it. [inaudible] very good. Okay, here we go. Two more, slightly faster. Inhale. Exhale up. We go around. So intensify this. The more skilled you are in, the more used to plot you are, the more challenging you can make. This, I'll look for it. You nail. Exhale, we're coming down. See if you can set your hips down further than where you picked them up.

And inhale. Last one, minimizing feet. They are, they're involved, of course, but not so much. Not as much as you might think. Rolling up, we go finding the glutes so that when we get into stay up, sorry. Um, I want to work the glutes a little bit because take the leg closest to the back of the room. Nothing is to change. So what that means, and now if you need to adjust the position, please do. But nothing is, you don't want to drop the hips. Pick up the leg in the back toward the back of the room. Maybe look at your body. Makes sure that that hip didn't drop. Extend the leg up to the best of your ability. From there, it's going to reach long and low. Maybe it'll touch, maybe not. Bring it back up. Listen up. We're going to cross the leg over the other, cross it over. Yup. And roll down.

Roll down straight out on Michael King's class. Love it. And inhale, readjust the shoulders. That just means down, usually toward your hips. Exhale, rolling up, up, up. Looking for long lines. It's much harder to do it like that. You can always open up the hip if you have to bring the leg. Exhale. Reaching it long. You can do that part a little quicker. Bring it up again. Refold it and roll down.

So that'll be a little closer to the pace trying for straight down the center line. Inhale. Exhale. Up we go. Allow the hamstrings and glutes of the supporting leg, the leg on the ground. Work extended up on the inhale. Kick down up. Exhale. Inhale. Up fold and down from the throat roll. Good, good. I would need longer arms probably out of most of us. Rolling. Yeah.

Good. Extend the leg. Inhale. Exhale, kick down. Inhale up fold and roll it down. Great. From down here you've released fully, right? Basically down to neutral as if you're going up again. Roll just to the top of the pelvis. Yup.

From there you are to put weight into that little bottom foot and press up and release and then release. So now isolating it so we don't need a big hip movement. It's a little more along the line. Yeah. Uh, Oh boy. Uh, push, release, push, release. As opposed to up and down and up and down.

It's more of you've already in the scoop. Anybody counting? I bet. I know someone is nine 10 20 okay, down we go. That means we do 20 on the other side. Alright, just uncross the leg. Place it back into the normal pelvic curl, like position. Here we go. Exhale as you roll up.

And so I do this now tonight. Anyway, for the ability to tap into your glutes. So it's the other leg, whichever one that would be, I guess the one closest to the front of the room, right? And we crossed over first. No we didn't. You're right. I'm with you. Do whatever. We did crossover, then we're going to roll down. My apologies. I will get it right this time. Inhale.

Exhale for the moment. Focus on the spine, the abdominals, the powerhouse, and undoubtedly that leg is going to work. Wait until you get there. Prove it to yourself please. Leg up and down, up, boom, boom. Refold it. And from the top of your back, we, this is where you have so many opportunities to think about where you are in space and what we care about. It's not just the leg rolling up. What is your neck doing? What are your shoulders doing? Find it, intensify the working leg and down up there working like being the one on the floor crossover. And I'm going to ask for ease. Now it doesn't mean less intensity, it means make it seem to you or to the viewer that it's simple. Now I'm short. How are you guys getting so far ahead of me and down?

I must just be savoring it. I will. I'm talking if I would just shut up. Okay, fine. One more. Then up we go up while LA LA LA [inaudible] and down we go, right? It does go faster if I'm not talking. Okay. You know to do it. We're going halfway or not halfway. Just roll to the top of your pelvis. You can try and squeeze inner thighs together too.

That would just give you a little more. But if that's uncomfortable, don't. And here we go. It's a little scoop of the belly as I'm doing it. Again, I'm thinking to say make it almost an abdominal contraction. Right? So it's the act of engaging the abs to pull the front of the pelvis toward the chest or a stretch the low back or infect, just work the glutes, which is probably where you feel it. I think we did 10 possible 20 and I not counting and just thank you and down we'd go all the way right on. Cross your legs. Yeah. Stretch them out to straight arms. Straight up.

Curl yourself up. Rolling up, I mean yes. And then adjust of course, if necessary. All right, I'm going to a, this, we're going to go into just sort of a big AB series here. Again, take care of yourself. I am going to do the double leg stretch, which traditionally of course comes all the way around. Um, we're not going to do that. We're going to go while I get the stretch. In fact, you know, we can do four to get the point of all is when you go back. If it, I think it'll be great actually. Uh, yeah. So it's actually internal rotation, which might be counterintuitive to some of you if it, if it's too weird, don't do it. A rail taught this once and I really liked it. It was this way of stretching our lats. Okay. For so many of us who have for years been going shoulders down, shoulders down, it turned into a problem. And so anyway, if it comes to you when you're there, cause of course you won't be there long, you're there and coming back. You just flip them back over and grab one. Okay, let's go. Um, probably link things together. Sorry.

Rolling like a ball first and then we'll go into that. So finding space on your map. Hug the feeding quite close and in fact, bring the thighs in as close as you think you possibly can. As if I wasn't going to do rolling like a ball. Just get them in there. Then from there you're looking down, elbows pop out to the side.

Try to just think the hipbones deeper into the body. May not even need to see it. Here we go. Inhale, roll back, exhale up. Trust it. Trying to keep it as close. Inhale back. The glutes squeeze helps. Now if ringing it in really tight somehow flattens you out or makes it so stressful in straining, you open it up.

So there's no sense of I've got to throw my head or succumb to gravity. Well I guess you do, but don't toss yourself. So I like your position. You should just slightly look down a little more as you start so that you don't have the tendency to roll back to more. For everybody in hell, back where are you? Start used to, and last one and slide the hands up to the knees. Press the knees into the hands as you roll yourself down to the starting position of double AA stretch, which is basically tabletop shoulder blades. Inhale, reach back, turn the back of the hair, top of the hands to each other.

Maybe they'll touch XL. Just bring it back and hold on. Tailbone, stay down. Inhale, open. Exhale, close. Inhale, open, exhale, close. They don't have to touch, right? You can just reach and exhale. So what are your rules? What's the main thing we care about? Not the arms, not the hands, that their low back doesn't move, that the whole trunk doesn't move. Not even a little bit. I need two more please. One, listen to your body. If you need a break, you'll take it. I trust you. Last one. Oh, you guys are good and bring it in. Extend the leg closest to the window. Hug the other one in tight tonight.

I mean tight, and then pull the hips into the mat, not the hips, the abs, the hips might work too. Here we go. Change. He goes, hold on. One and two, two and three. I'm just exhaling. Doing a little quick inhale as we change looking good. Grad, that knee. What you could do to make this a little easier but maybe more effective is take the legs higher. Couple more. LA, LA, LA, last set. Bring both knees in close. Press the down a little. Head down, shoulders down, elbows to the side. Inhale. Exhale. Curl yourself up again.

Extend the legs up. Make sure your tailbone didn't rack up off the mat. If it did Benj and these little hands behind your head. Remember how we turn the legs out earlier. Do that now. Inhale, allow the legs to drift away. Start exhaling and then bring them up. You're your best judge of this. If your back moves, you must stop or you're working something else and not something you probably need to. So rather, keep the legs light. If you want to go lower, you're welcome to go lower, but that assumes that your bet trunk hasn't moved. Only one more.

Why don't you love it when I say only bring him up. Bend the knees. Extend the leg closest to the back of the room, shoulder to opposite knee. Everybody stay here. Hug the inner thighs. Almost cross the midline with the legs. Almost press the back of the head and do your hand.

Free up the hand that's behind. Grab the knee and pull into it a little bit. Rotate a little bit more. Squeeze your glutes. Yes. Return the hand and breathe for five exhale or you don't need to see it to feel it. Go deeper. Three. If it's starting to get heavy, four, raise the legs. Five change sides. Get there, stay there. Hold. Squeeze the glutes, inner thighs, the hand opposite the knee that's bent, grabs on it helps you. It pulls you up and rotate. You recommit to the glutes. Put the hand back, head back in the hands and we go, five. Breathe. Exhale.

Four 30 long legs, two, one. And let's go alternating one, one. Take the legs a little higher. Now. Two, two, and three. Get that upper body moving around the spine. Last set. Come back to the center. Bend the knees, let your head down. Hug the knees in. Do we get it? Woo. Yes.

Fabulous. I need to get you off your backs. Rock yourself up. Seated. We have some options here. Um, ultimately we're heading towards straight legs. I'm heading to spine stretch. If you know it, you can set up. Um, if that doesn't work for you, if you have hip flexor tightness or I've already worked your hip flexors too much, just bend your knees. We're interested in the spine. You could also roll your mat, but we're good. All right. In honor of my dear friend Aaron, I have to do his version.

Not that I don't normally, but I also have to give him credit for its hands behind your head and so, huh huh. Ah yeah. Sorry. Sorry I have to say this one cause we were at a pool party and he's like, you know, I have such a hard time finding where my arms are and I was like, wait, let me get another glass of champagne and then I'll come back and it's absolutely true. And then it was Aaron discovered and tell me if the different cause champion was involved but uh, once we got into the flat back position, it was much easier to just go from there. And as the hands float up, the shoulder blades, they don't pull hard but they float down and I've done it that way ever since. Here we go, sitting tall, you can see your elbow points, hug the midline, like your, everything is coming towards middle. Inhale, exhale, we go down. It's as if you're rounding over a ball. So headfirst Wayne. Yep.

It's like you're going straight. Yeah, let's get right into it. Since we talked about it from the tailbone you, it's like you stick your tailbone out. Grow the spine long on the diagonal until you feel your spine and neck long. Suppose that's the same thing. Extend your arms on the exhale. If you've never seen it, it's probably worth watching.

One just cause there's a lot of words. Inhale, return the hands getting longer. Exhale, pull the hipbones deeper into the body that will cause your rounding and with that same exhale, you start rolling up. Take the inhale as you need it. Exhale down. Imagine you're on a wall, your head first, your upper back, peeling down, stripping the spine off the wall. Start at the tail bone. Grow long. The flexible people in the room. You lean forward more if you want, but do keep the ribs in. Exhale, float the arms. Yes. Inhale, looks great. Refold them. Refill the arms. Exhale, pull the hip bones back as you go forward. There is your spine stretch again.

Really nice and roll. It looks good in my feet all the way to the top. Okay. Almost forgetting. Arms and legs. Think of the spine. Exhale, roll down at any point. Bend the knees because we're just not, it's not gonna affect the back too much. Inhale, you can even press the heels into the ground as you lengthen your spine. Finding more space. Exhale. Extend your arms. Yes in. He'll get longer. Finding the muscles between those shoulder blades. Hopefully exhale.

It's those front hip bones at pullback that allows a curve of the mid back and we roll up giving you two more. Inhale, redraw. You gotta sort of commit to relaxing when you can and there's a big part of it where you can then from the base, inhale longer you pressing the tailbone down. Good, good, good. Exhale. Arms. Just think longer, Emily. That's it. I swear I'm good and hit return. Oh, if you could've seen what she just did and roll. That was awesome. That was awesome. And roll up. Just kidding. It was all Emily of course.

And last one sort of. That's it, Wayne. That's it. Exactly. Let your elbows follow little. Yes, yes, yes. Here it is in how long and now I'm gonna. It's for all of you. That same cute. When you get where you know you go think longer, easier. Go ahead Aaron. Ext and the arms stay there. Inhale, exhale, and we gently think longer on the spine and allow the upper arms to pull back one. Well that's really two bit, two and three for the minute.

It starts to feel like a front back action with the chest. You've lost it. It's more of an up with the spine back with the arms and there's a difference. It's great. Mandy. Really, really good. Good. Hold this next one. Hold. Inhale. Easy on the arms longer in the spine. You almost just have to let it happen. That's enough of all that. Just keep the arm straight. Round over. Yeah.

[inaudible] ourselves up. Good. Okay. What I'd like to do briefly before I head into a different whole section is just turn to face the front. Just however you are just face front and the leg in front is going to be across the front of your mat. Exactly. Exactly. Exactly. Uh, just like Andy. So just flip your legs. Exactly. Yep. Initial. Perfect. All right.

Now sit up straight. Right. Well, that's kind of impossible for most of us because this hip is probably up and you're going to be careful on that one side. Yeah. You may decide when to stretch it out a little or you may decide to stack the knees. Okay. Or it may just be fine, hopefully. All right, so tell you what, put your hands down just where it seems supportive and the hip and closest to the center lifts and points toward the S the other way. Just points that way. Away from the center. Little stretch. Yeah. Sort of for me, it's relatively large. And then try and sit back down. Go again. Press and sit back down.

Gradually leave your chest more and more forward and just do the hip. So it's your right hip bone out the front door. Yeah, no one else was getting a stretch. Judging by the look on your face. Okay. Okay. It's fine. I'm just, I'll move on. Alright. Setting it down, arms up if you can. You're welcome to leave one down. Reach the spine or it's afraid or you guys are going that way. [inaudible] so let it touch down.

Slide a little exhale to rotate. Now as you're here, while you're here, your hands don't have to be exactly lined up. It's no problem, but I do want you to try and pull the rib cage closest to the back of the room, that side, pull it back or into your body or round. That's all good. Inhale, reopen. You're in a straight line here. Best you can. You engage this top side to lift off. All right, enough chat. Here we go. You know, reach. You're going to land and you may have to then slide further.

If you don't drop all your weight, that should be relatively easy. Exhale, turn right away. You pull that back rib or the lower rib in deeper. Inhale, reopen and as if someone were pulling your top arm, you lift up and I know you want that stretch so bad not giving it to you and not yet and turn you get a spinal inhale, reopen and lift. One more time. Hopefully this hips getting lower each time. Maybe, maybe not. Let's see what you can do. Pull the ribbon. You can be [inaudible] kind of dramatic about it. Now staying here, maybe on the palms if you're not there. Now what we're heading towards is bending both elbows as you extend your spine.

So as you start to look forward and up, you bend the elbows like you're dragging your chest forward. Now here's the trick, pull back on the hips or maybe press the knee into the ground though that back knee did you try and get a little, almost an arch of your back round. And we're opening to come back to the starting position to lift up. And now you take that stretch, grab your knee. I would encourage you to go straight up first, get some lift and lengthen.

If you need more or want more, you start heading to the where the ceiling and the wall meet on the opposite side of the room. And if that's still not enough, then you start working your way down to the middle of the room. And for some of you where the floor and the, I'll be over here. Yeah. Now if it's just pain in the side, that's not my point. I'm looking for length and some stretch list up. All right. Stack the knees if you can without the arms.

I'm going to touch a little bit to change. Do put the hands down a little. Lift the knees to change. Easy, easy. And then spread them out. Alright, here we go. Hands wherever you need them for a little support. I'll just pass it on. I I find flexing the foot that's headed back here. Uh, comfortable. More comfortable. See what you think. Alright, so hip, huh? Yeah. And release, right? Yup, exactly. So outside hip toward center I think.

Yup. And just trying to get that little bit of length here so that when you come back, perhaps it'll sit, maybe not caress and then trying to keep the chest a little more forward. It's okay if it moves. It's just the idea of opposition. I'm going to do one more and we'll go. Yup. Okay. How tall can you be on yourself? What am I read people and I'm talking to myself. Here we go. Reaching out.

Find your floor and your friend folder. Ribs in. Okay. So you can be lower, you can be higher. It's just what feels kind of good in rotational. Inhale ratio. Ben, before you lift, what should I say? Levitate. Nice. Go again. Soft landing. Yes, your leg might move. It's okay. We don't have to be perfect and just try. Oh, that's very cute. I want to picture reopen, especially with those nails matching nails. Oh, we're levitating. It's just truth is, is it's super not super not.

Oh boy. Isn't that true though. When you see an athlete doing something that just looks that easy, you're like, Oh, I'm going to be a ski jumper. Oh, I'm rushing around today. You get one more. That's my hard side. That's why I can't speak. Here it is. And so this is where we kind of hung out a little bit and you know, you can do a couple of things, but we should get that little bit of back extension. So if we've been slightly rounding, we're going to guide this chest, the middle of the chest, forward the head. Your head will come up a little you.

I bend the elbows a little like I'm dragging myself and then keep anchored with either the hip or the knee or the foot. So you have a sense of opposition and then re round straightened elbows. If they were bent open up like you are before, lift yourself up when it's [inaudible] time. Nice and [inaudible] find something to hold onto again. You can always stack the hips. Sometimes that's a better position for the waist lift. Let the ribs lift. You're getting to let the shoulder lift a little bit and we finding what where you need to be.

Yup. Good, good. So yeah, keep going. No that, that's it. If you need more and I'm not going to, but you can fold the arm over much like some of you are. That looks really good Andy. All right, come on. Yes. While we're here, cross the legs. Do not think that this is the end. Just saying it's not okay. Nama stay is not where I'm headed right now. Thank you lane. I'm going to turn, you've done this with me before. Um, we're just cross-legged.

Maybe adjust yourself so you really feel like you're on your sit bones and kinda easily. So if this position doesn't work for you, there are other options. Elevate yourself. Eye rolling. Okay, hold on, hold on somewhere. Squeeze your glutes. So for Mo, if you ha if you weren't, which I don't think you would be, you'd get on probably a little bit of a lift from that point. It's kind of a hard place to squeeze the glutes. I might say squeeze your inner thighs, like try anyway. All right, length in your back or from there.

If you keep your glutes squeezed and I say arch your back to your heart's content, I'm going to get exactly what I want. If you keep your glutes squeezed, if you so it will look a little something like this. If you know what, come with me, but it's going to be engaged. Glutes, keep them that way. Try to arch your back without losing a millimeter of strength in the glute contraction. And with the downward press of the hands or shoulders, you will get upper back extension. If however you go, okay, squeeze my glutes. Now she wants me to arch my back and I go here, you're going to be bored. If not hurt. Now you won't be hurt. But um, it will be not worth it. So let's squeeze glutes, get tall.

I can't tell if I'm pushing or pulling is the truth on my arms, so I'm going to let you decide that for yourself. It's helping me though as it should. Here we go. See? Okay, my feet. So squeezing. Inhale. Just start lifting the chest and let your eyes go as well. Or perhaps its eyes first and chest follows, however you see it keeps squeezing those glutes. We're not leaning back by the way. It's an arch.

It's a lengthen and an arch. Upper back is my hope. Elbows are wide. Shoulders are still down and return. Any questions now I'm going to come look at you. It should be kind of tense and sometimes it's just signing. Inhale, prepare. Sorry. Exhale. Half free breath. Inhale as you go up.

So you start lifting the chest, maybe pushing down. Eyes will go up a little. You don't change your neck position much. Finding that gentle pull down, but a tensity. Oh, it looks good. Lean forward a tiny bit. Aaron. Marty, just a little, yep. Excellent. And bring it home. Release. It looks good. I don't know if you feel it but it looks like you're in there. Okay. Do it again and now that you kind of know what you're doing, you might be able to not use your, I mean keep your arms there but you might be able to minimize your arms. I would keep them and I do use the most of the time, but to see how much you can do with just the action of the back muscles.

One more like that [inaudible] and it's sense, it's like anchor the hips and find freedom in the upper back. Stay there if you can hands or somewhere around the knees. Take one arm up, nothing changes, nothing changes. Glutes are still engaged. Reach that arm up and maybe slightly back if it's available to bring it down and release the chest. Starting again. Last one. Squeeze glutes. Long spine lifting up. Chest continues to rise. Yeah, I guess I do still use my arms most of the time. Once you get where you think your, go ahead Andy, he wants you get there.

Let them just float up just to add a little more to it. But if all of a sudden you find your low back working and you've gone too far, bring it home, release the chest, and with that we're going to pull forward. You can relax the glutes now, pull forward, round over, and roll out of it so you can roll past your tailbone. Way back, sort of undulating hangout on your knee or not. Underneath it. Hold your knees and stretch back. Start to shift forward. Stay rounded for a moment and lengthen up.

Once you get near this top and release the shoulders here, take one deep breath. It's not over. It might be over. It's not deep breath. [inaudible] okay, so you could end there, but we're not going to feet together. Actually. You can get up however you want. I'm gonna suggest try, try bringing feet together. If it doesn't, it doesn't work for your knees. Just lift your hips first. Fold yourself over and half here. Hanging out. Heads are down.

This is your chance to free up tension and to do a little strength stuff coming your way. Okay, great. Can't wait. Love it. Good. That's what I'm talking. So from here we inhale. Exhale, pull the abs off your thighs. Start rolling yourself up. Yep. All the way. Stacking your spine. Okay, I'm gonna tap into everything just quickly. Okay, so I'm stay on your maths for the moment. You happy over there? Okay. Shift your weight a little bit onto the heels. Okay.

I'm going to tap back into the glutes a little bit. Keeping some awareness around your upper back. All we're doing for the moment is sitting back. Okay. And and just hang out again. You should almost, you should be able to lift your toes. Okay, good. Then relax them, but know that you could lift them. That's it. Okay. Now if you don't want to be in a knee bend position, what you're going to do is straighten out a little and hinge forward more and you'll have to probably sit back a bit more from there.

Push the heels into the ground, squeeze the goods, lift a few inches, release, lift a few inches, release. If this isn't a good position for your hands, just put them on your knees. What does matter a lot is that you don't round your back here. It won't get the glutes like we want. It also isn't a great position for the back. So you want your natural curve or a neutral good and good.

So for now I'm saying push, release, push, release. Yup. When you can hinge forward more at the hip. Yeah. More more. And let your arms come down to [inaudible]. Perfect. There we go. Yup. Oh power. How many more? 14 Fort, I don't know. 14 one, two.

I can't count the 14 was I think three. Four. If you want a little more in the back. Five. Six if you want a little more tricep press. I don't know. I already lost it is at 10. Yeah, I know it's like 40, but whatever. Okay. Let the arms come down. Hands on the knees. Roll yourself up.

Great. Great. Step your right foot in front of your mat. Yeah. Perfect. You have a choice? I don't, uh, you can either have the toes down and what we're hoping for weight on the front leg. Step onto the front leg. [inaudible] you're going to step back behind your mat.

Wait is in that right heel? Yup. Y'all got plenty of room and a hinge forward is a good idea if you don't want more quad. So we are very much here. Yeah, whatever you wanna do with your arms using the forward leg slowly as soon as you left, you might have to travel forward. Initially the leg comes off and upright backed up, right, like to the ground or like Emily's Jane. Here we go. Step back one. If you need your hands on the floor, you take it as soon as you can. Like comes off, pull it up or just touch in front. We'll do five. Number three, let's go. Why?

You can have hands on knees or floor up and control. Feel yourself moving space in a completely controlled way. This is the last one. Okay. And up and hold it there. When you get there, stretch it out in front of you. Flexed foot, low though. Quite low. Unlock knees if they are, and that doesn't mean breast, it means use the back of your leg to take the light too.

Aside. Careful. Lean a little good and lift. Just the like no one to energize. Three, just five. Whole five soft, soften the foot. Circle backwards for five. One, two, three touch if you need it. No big deal for fun change.

Otherwise one [inaudible] two abs are in back as long. Always. Three, four, one more time and bring it in and Oh yeah, I know I stole most of the time, but I want these done of like, I need to turn for this too. So what we keep going here. Thank you. I think you know what? Now someone's going to count to five. We don't want to drop too much weight back here. It's a little, it is a lunch of course, but when I'm trying not to be back here rather it's like I'm setting my foot over water. The back one that is and then a is this for, that's four. Thank you. One more. Okay. And if we come, we held it there.

We extended it low sort of as the foot goes down, you're sort of trying to hold up through here. Flex it just so you have room. Take it to the side level. Hips. I went a little far. Sorry. That was my fault. Actually. Totally my fault. And here we go. I tried to um, toes since they're flex toward the front as opposed to the ceiling and something I just caught myself doing as a little arch here along that must be it relaxed foot. Circle back one, two, three, four [inaudible] five reverse it and reaching long. Not necessarily high.

It's almost letting go at the hip joint. I think we're on three, four and five. Did I do anything else? I don't think I did. I brought it in and I put it down. Yep. Good. Go to the edges of your mat. The back edge of your mat facing inward for a little pushup. So you have options. You always have options, right? You could have left a long time ago.

So what I'm going to ask that you do since you're still here, is protect yourself in the shoulder on this one is a big deal. So when we go walk out to the, thank you the plank. I just got to do one really quick. We're gonna roll down. This is what this P I'm first telling you what a lot of you in the room do. And then I'll move on. But as we get to do this lovely rolled down and then about half or more of the room goes like this and they put the hand down.

Okay. Now if I might let that slide, if you weren't who you are, which is experienced practitioners, so what you're going to do is know where you are in space or if you're not sure you're gonna put your hands down where you can see them and you'll take more steps as I look at you. Okay? The other part of that is as you go know that you are working already, you're not waiting to get there. You're not sinking on the shoulder. You are in play, right? Minimizing the role. Either stay here or, I mean I mean there or you go to the knees, feel free to release the toes or just keep it and it's uh, I think shoulder blades personally, however many you do that you don't do this. The minute you start to do that, you're done. In fact, I would walk the knees and to get out of it rather than get out of it. Again, that's not this crowd or you stay in plank. Here we go. Inhale. Take your time.

Exhale, feel the back. Lengthen even as you roll down. Take your time somewhere around now start thinking about putting your hand on the ground and let it reach out in front of you. One we'll go slow. Reached to reach three set up so that you know your, your hands or below shoulders. Feet are flexed ideally, and here we go. Inhale, bend the elbows. Exhale to straight. You may not even bend the elbows at all. You can just hold plank. So many options. I'm doing five, three inner thighs. We'll help you. Don't rely just on the arms far. Reach through the heels.

Five listen up. Wherever you are, pull the ribs up. Your head will drop. Of course, feel free to bend the knees. You walk back one heads down. Walk back to Ed's down. We'll go three, four maybe, and then roll up evenly weighted on your feet. Five again, may not be ready for five against you. May do plank for one or two or all. Exhale down.

Check that your shoulders are still on your back. They haven't slid off. Here we go. Walk, walk, try and get their little sooner than later. Long lines. That means you feel the heels flexing in the top of the head, reaching Wego in heel. Exhale. If you have to air on the side of anything, air on the side of the hips, up in the air. Very good for five. Pull the middle of the body up. First. Head down, walk. One, two, three. Fine. The abs heads are down as you roll up five again or not. Here we go.

So go ahead and roll. This is why I'm going to suggest, don't anticipate it. You might be stronger than you think you might not. Where are you in the moment? Let's see. Gentle with the arms. Let's go. You inhale down. Excellent. Exhale one. Enjoy the slowness of it. That looks good. Try for elbows right next to the ribs. Three. Good, beautiful. And five. Okay. Lift the ribs.

Walk back really good. And one, two, three. Up. You come home, heels touch each other. Uh, if you're not, uh, probably off your mat just just off. Yeah. That the difference between the mat and the others. Pretty significant. Right on their slightly lean forward and then, Hmm. What am I just looking for? Everybody pull the ribs and exaggerate it.

Just kind of get really strong through the ribs. So you're rounded and not so pretty. Yeah. Actually I'm heading right where you are. So you're stay there. Then imagine someone took you by their what ears back of the neck and just pulled only the upper body long. So you're going to get longer. You're going to straighten out, but you're not going to pop forward.

Not quite military like reach the arms behind you down, downwards, way down so that not to change in front. Right. Good. Good. Yep. So just Nooshin, Aaron and Emily. Aaron Goldman slightly. I don't even want to say lift your chest. I want to say slightly. Draw the shoulders down. No, it's not shoulders. It is lift your chest. Just the littlest bit. Yep. And head up slightly Newton. Okay. From there.

If you are reaching as hard as I hope you are, you already feel your triceps. Squeeze your butt without changing position. Press your upper arms toward each other without changing your ribs or spine like they're going to as if they were going to cross each other. Your cramping Tingley a careful then Carroll. So from the front view, no one can see their shoulders pointing forward rather don't lift as high, rather stay low. Okay, so you are in fact theoretically alternating arm crosses but they're not probably gonna do that.

I kind of hope and and long lines to the legs. Three and four, it's more down than cross, right? Happy kinda sorta from there. Slower. Same thing. Rise up on the toes. One, my hands are relaxed. That's why I'm sort of showing it this way. Inhale down, touchdown and opposite cross if you can and and so you can think to slide the shoulder blades toward each other. I can not hold a lot of movement is going to happen.

But look for feeling in the back of the arm. Look for feeling in between the shoulder blades. Maybe some of you will experience a stretch in the front. Would you like me to do it so I know when it's time to stop a few more. Yeah. Making it a back exercise.

If you don't really care about the arm part of it. One more time. Did I say that already? Here we go down. If it's time, hold it down. Okay. Take the arms up. Um, this is not going to be available for everybody. I'm gonna give you options. Either palms together. Um, I'm going to skip that one or laced and let a little bend come into play. Try elbows pointing straight ahead. Just like that. Now then.

Yep. I like the bodies. I'm not loving the heads. Muffy the perfect, perfect notion. Is it possible? And I think it is. I've seen how flexible you are to take your elbows toward the ceiling more. More great. Pull the ribs in now. Fabulous. Hugging your ears, then stretch them up. You got to create a little resistance here. The reason for the palms being together, if you, if it's available and even if you're always have to point out a little up and two, we'll go a little faster now, keeping your head still and three and four do what you can to get the stretch in there. If it's causing neck tension, let it go and come back. I don't know and yeah, Whoa. Hold it up. Next time you come up, if you need to bend them, do rise up on the toes again. Your feet, let them wobble.

All they need to find the upper inner thigh and squeeze it. Make sure you have an arched your back. Try for heels together and leaving your fingertips on the ceiling. You're going to put your heels down by stretching your waist. It's almost like you try to leave yourself in a pointed toe, but you're stretching your waist. In fact you can't. It's impossible, but it's a thought really. Sam, can I give you one more? All right.

It's going to be the up stretch. Push up. So if you are done with pushups, you just get to sit here and just stretch. And this is the last thing, but we're going to roll down just to give me one second. We'll come out to a stretch. Basically for a lot of you it's going to feel like a down dog likes stretch, however, and I'm not in maximum, but then what we'll do is first shoulders are down, bend the elbows and straight and Oh sorry. One piece of that.

I'm going to bend your knees a lot, so that's going to give you more range. Okay. Now to do this, especially after what you've done, you may decide a millimeter is enough. Okay? Try for the elbows going straight back as opposed to that. Here we go. I just rolled down please and then walk out to what feels like maybe a pyramid. Position your feet slightly apart.

Just kind of find what works for you for the moment. You can just stretch with the legs relatively straight, maybe heels down if you do yoga, do your best downdog now get it out of your system. Not that I don't love it myself, but the reason I say that as I kind of want to go back into less of a shoulder stretch and more of a contained posture, your head remains relaxed. Do this rise up high on your toes or high on the ball of the foot. So the heels are lifted. Bend your knees pretty significantly.

Shifting your weight backwards so that the, the body is close to our, on the thighs. And from there, be aware that the shoulders are down toward your hips cause they're gonna want to creep there. And now let's see what you got. You just bend elbows and straight trying to make any movement that happens be simply because that's great Lisa. Because of the elbow bending. Yup. New she you can walk your hands back about five inches. Chest closer to size by a lot. There you go. Now tiny bit of an elbow bent. Okay.

Oh I don't know guys. Just [inaudible] take good elbow there and then straighten. That's all it is. I mean, not all. It's incredible good. I think it's gotta be time guys. So when you're ready, walk your hands back to your feet. Good. Feels down and roll yourself. Coming to the middle of the mat. Look out the window. You've done enough hard work her wherever you want to look, I suppose standing comfortably and take a deep breath in and out.

I won't make him go overhead and yeah. [inaudible] I just had this urge to oppose it with swaying to see if it feels good too. It just feels really good to me. I'm trying to get a rhythm back in your body. You worked quite hard there at the end of that one.

And then settling in, unless you're already there. Let's just leave the arms heavy. Leave everything just heavy, not, not really holding yourself up. And what ends up happening is there's a natural tense tendency within the body to rise. Turns out with inside the trunk. So let's let that happen. And everything else, just hang out on that two deep breaths and you can go. Inhale, find freedom just by letting it happen. So I'm told one more time. Okay.

Thanks for coming. Thanks for playing.


Wonderful work- really lovely stretching, and really fantastic cues! Nice to know someone talks as much as I do as they teach ;))
I really liked this session !! Kristi, your instruction is so precise !! I am learning ..thanks !! thanks !!
janice wilkins...pensacola, FL
She talks way too much, by the end of class I was begging her to just explain and go. She just loves the sound of her own voice. maybe give the student a warning on instructors who love to talk
Point taken Darci. Thank you. As a matter of fact, I don't love the sound of my own voice. I happen to agree with you that I talk way too much and have specifically tried to change this in my teaching. This class was filmed over two years ago and I will tell you that I have not been successful in making that change. There are so many wonderful instructors on this site. I hope you will continue to explore it for the ones that suit you.
another wonderful class!!! Thank you Kristi! Love it!

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