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Heat up your body to make the changes you're looking for! Rachel Taylor Segel is back to offer us a full body workout that allows you to keep the pace of a traditional class, even if you need to modify the exercises along the way. With two students demonstrating different levels of an exercise, this class is one that everyone will enjoy.
What You'll Need: Mat, Knee Pad, Pilates Pole, Foam Roller


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Hi, I'm Rachel Taylor Segal from the Pilati Center in Boulder, Colorado. And we're going to do beginning, Intermediate Matt. And what we hope to show is that you can do the mat full out at tempo or full out at tempo. You can do it with, um, props and modifications so that even if you're not strong enough yet or balanced enough, whatever that means to do the exercise full-out and still not tense your back or still not overuse your quads or whatever it is you do, um, that you want to balance, we can quickly put in of of a six inch roller, which you might have at home or some pads, uh, between your knees or under your hips, and you can continue moving to get the heat that is so essential in pilates for actually transforming oneself. So we're gonna try, we're gonna give this a try and, um, we'll have, uh, Jackie doing the exercises without any modifications that are, and Laurel, we're sticking modifications in right and left. All right, so we're going to start from standing, however, which of course if you can't do because you knees don't bend that way, or your low back's not ready, then you can start on the floor. But we'll both start up here and have your arms one on top of the other. You place your right foot, just the ball on the floor in front of you. [inaudible] you pull your tummies in and up as you inhale to bend down.

Yep. And you curl your tail underneath you as you exhale and roll backwards. And I'm gonna put something that we're all can and Tammy and brings your news to your chest that Laurel can rest upon a little bit and you do the footwork in hell, your employees v out. And exhale home. We're going to cut reps. Just a little inhale, stretch and exhale. So with this underneath her head, she can make her arms be even.

She can still hold her head up somewhat, but if she gets tired or her neck starts to hurt, she can lay back upon and have her belly do. The first and foremost job, which is holding her spine against the legs going out. Last one. Come home, parallel bird on a perch. Let your heels pre-seed your toes. Inhale out. Exhale home. Nicely done. Inhale. We'll go a little faster. Exhale. Good. Let your breath come up into your ribs. Pull your belly in to push the air out of your mouth.

But those heels really lead. Jackie. Nicely done. Good. So you can see Jackie's holding her head beautifully with her arms. Nice and strong, and her shoulders. Good enough. Flex the feet. Inhale out. Exhale. Good. Fill your hips nice and strong as they're banned, right and stretch so that you fill your belly, lengthening with the inhale.

And exhale. One more time. Stay out there and point and flex. Six Times. [inaudible] eight times. Sorry. Good. And every time you flex and point, try and go further from yourself so that you feel your belly lengthening your breath, pulling up into your ribs. Gorgeous. Last one, and bring your arms out from your head around. Yeah, and you can still keep that to rest your head upon as you pump. Two, four, five. Exhale. Three, four, five, inhale, and we'll cut reps. We'll do 80 instead of a hundred. Good. So Laurel, if you would lift up a little bit more, I'm going to put it a little closer so you can also bring this up a little higher. If you have a small barrel at home, you're welcome to use that too. So what did she give her as the ability to pull her belly in? Better, less use of low back tension or quads. So we get more successful with our modifications than if not last.

Exhale, bend your knees to your chest. Hug a man. Nice ladies. Curl up and put your ankles underneath your strap. So the kind of modifications we're doing over here, roll backwards and take your Barb in your hands. Flex your feet really well against that strap. Jackie, if you would is, I didn't put that very good. Okay. Is Our, for people who have a hard time pulling their belly in and overuse their neck, maybe put tension there. So we inhale, lift the head in the elbows by the ears. Exhale and reach up and out and over.

And in how the pelvis rolls you back, lays your low back, your mid back, your upper back, and exhales you home. Good. Four more in with the air. So what this placement of the roller desk for her is keeps her in her belly. So when she rolls back from the bottom through the middle to the top, she stays in her belly at the moment of picking herself up again. It's not hard to regain it.

Okay, good. Roll back. Flex your feet strongly again. Keep your heels down. Let me give you a little stretch and activate your arms and torso. Good. And last one. Inhale up, heels down, and Oliver, and exhale roll back down. Go ahead and finish.

Nice plates at the bar by your sides. I'm going to take this away and give you instead two pillows for your head, right. And then Tommy and brings your right knee to your shoulder for single leg circles. You pull it in with your hands, pull it to your ear, pull it up to your ear. Yes. And then bring your hands behind your thigh. Straighten your legs up into the air and bend your elbows three times. Pulling that leg towards your shoulder other is nice and straight and strong, and down on the mat. The belly is drawn in. On the inhale, pushes the air out. If you on the exhale, after your third one arms by your side and you're gonna Circle five times to the left, cross over your body, down around an exhale. Inhale and exhale. Good. Classically, you bring your hip up and you use your belly to rotate your spine.

So a little more hip, right? So the pillars here, one more I think, and then we'll reverse it five times. The pillars here under Laurel's head gives her a little, hinted, a hundred turns her tummy on a little bit more. Am My right. Excellent. Good. Keep it the same turnout as you. Circle your leg around. Nicely done. Last one. Bend the knee to you. It should come closer to you. Put your hands on it, pull it to your ear. Should come closer, easier.

The left leg should be longer, straighter. Good. Slide that right foot underneath. Bend the left knee to your shoulder with your hands. Good. Creasing the hip, but also pulling the pelvis up off of the mat a little bit. In stretching your low back. Put your hand behind the five, stretched her leg up, and then gently pull it towards you three times. And when you pull it towards yourself, feel how your left belly turns on a little bit because your hands are holding your leg and your belly can deepen so that when you let go, your belly is deep.

So you place your arms by your side and you circle five times to the right crossover down around an exhale. Good lift your left hip as if you have a gloved fist. They're holding onto your legs. Laurel gorgeous holding onto your leg. And now we're going to reverse it five times.

So the thing that moves first is that gloved fist hip and it Pauls the leg back to you. Nicely done. Jackie for turns your belly on better when you think that way, that has beautiful you. To finish at the top and bend your knee to your shoulder or to your ear or to your hairline. Good. And then pull your tummy in to lift your head. Curl up into sitting rock right on up, right. And you're going to bring your foot out of the black strap and put your hands by your hips if you would, and lift your sitz bones to your heels all the way.

Literally put them on there. Your sacrum should be on the mat. Yeah, I know. And then your belly works really hard to bring one arm around and the other arm around. Now let's do a modified version of this where you put your hands under your thighs and you inhale, roll back to your blades and exhale forward. Good. Put. Not Too much effort, but lots of breath. Big Breath in. Fully out.

Smooth and gentle. Curl the tail nays Jacky better and better each one. Yes. So by putting your hands under her thighs, it makes it a little easier for her tummy to pull into her spine. She doesn't have to hold her legs up as much with her belly. So it makes the whole exercise a little easier.

And then when you [inaudible] thank you. One more forward. Stay for, put your feet down. Put your hands way behind your hips. Now Tommy, and lift your hips up and puts them behind your hands. So your long legs, you're gonna roll back. And I'm going to use the same modification for um, these belly busters as we did before for the roll up. Does that feel to higher? Good. All right. So tell me and brings your head and shoulder and your right knee together and we'll do single leg stretch. Switching left Dan, right then left and right. Inhale for two legs.

Exhale for two. Inhale for two. Use your hips to extend your leg. Exhale for two and bring both knees to your chest. Good double leg stretch. Inhale the arms by the ears, the legs out. Circle around and exhale. Hug them to you. Yes.

Inhale up and away. Now when you put your palms on your shins, pick your shins up and put them pyre. Yeah, ears. Inhale up. Exhale. So helping to hold her upper body up, which is a belly job, lets her belly be more successful in getting stronger at the level that she can be challenged at. Good. And then now last one, how to exhale. Good. And then straight in both legs, up in the air. Take both hands on your right calf tummy and lifts your head and you pull your legs apart once and twice. Switch once, pull two poles and two. Nicely done Jackie. And in Hail for two and x hair for two. Now what if you picked your calf up with your palms?

What if you picked it up off the mat, over your head? Nice belly. You get more belly like that. Nice. Both legs together, hands behind your head. Double leg. Lower will be the last one. Inhale. Exhale hum. Nice. So like in the rule up, beautiful Laurel can use the assistance of the roller back here to keep her in a belly that's not gripped. Still texturizing last one. Bend your knees to your chest, hold them and squeeze them into you and curl up into sitting.

Bring your legs out into the boxes. For the spine stretch forward for Laurel. What we're going to do is have her sit up on the, so she gets another six inches away from the height of her feet and therefore it opens her hips for her, which is something an exercise should do and makes her, makes it more easy for her to use your belly elbows up by the years who ne. And then exhale, curl over and round over reaching the crown of your head towards the Mat. No matter how far you go, does matter. And inhale, make the belly draw in and up. Lifting and erecting the posture. Beautiful. And exhale, curl the chin up into the throat and round the spine.

Forward towards the Mat. Go more, Jackie, go, go, go. Nice. Inhale, stack up. Aw. And exhale over and we'll do one more time. Build a lat little foot side of your little toe side of your foot, pulling back [inaudible] and exhale. Push the air from you. Round your whole spine.

Nice lead done. Tammy lifts you up, elbows by ears, and circles your arms out to the side. Good. And we'll move into the open like rocker. So we're going to take you off of the roller, but we'll modify as um, Jackie does full out the open leg rocker. We'll do balances with one leg and the other leg. All right, so Tommy and brings both legs up into the air. One leg up into there. Yup.

And you're going to roll to your shoulder blades and XL forward and stretch. Good. And Ben Stretch 'em up and out. Push them away from you and exhale forward into position in with the air. Easy neck. This is easy for you, right? And inhale, do both legs Laurel.

One more. Yeah, bring the legs together. Bend the knees and rest. May flee. Done. Good. Now we're going to do the corkscrew. So you're going to lay down on your backs and we're going to put this under your hips and you're going to hold it. Let me bring it to meet here. You're going to hold the sides of it right.

And so having her hips up in the air is going to give her a little more ability to use her belly to rotate her spine, um, in the corkscrew Tommy, and straighten the legs up in the air and you're going to Jackknife over and up. [inaudible] and then you're going to start to the right and you break your toes to the right, but she doesn't have to lay down all the way and exhale home. Nicely done. And in how? Twist to the left. Beautiful. Breathe in and exhale. Good. One more set. Only inhale that and girl and round and exhale. Nice. And last time and with the air, feel the belly lengthen. Feel it.

Contract, lift you up. Good. And then you're going to take the ruler out of your hands to the side. Yep. And come sitting up both of you. Nice. And then if you, let's have you sit on it again, Laurel, if you would. Now I'm putting a pad behind it, like a little buff, a little edge to help the hold the ruler in place. You may have to do that at home or you may find that if you're on the carpet or something, you won't need it. So just to be safe. All right.

And we're going to do the sauce. The arms rise up to the shoulders. Inhale, twist to the right, the left right hand goes down and then up and you exhale. Reach your little finger for your toe. Good. Inhale up. Now the nice thing about the roller too is it makes you stay on your pelvis so that it truly is a spinal movement and you're not leaning and switching your hips around, but you're truly moving your spine. Exhale all your breath. Good. Reaching those ribs around. Inhale, sit up onto last set, twist down and up bends you forward.

Inhale, twist, exhale up. Good and arms down. Nicely done, girls. So now let's get rid of them. Um, roller. Turn around on your tummy and we'll do swan and we'll put this pad, maybe even two of them under your hips. So people who have either taste, um, quads, Tate low back or um hm tight ankles even can use a little pillow eps, a little pillow underneath your hips to lengthen your low back.

So even though it's going to continue to extend in swine, it won't extend as fast or as much. And so you'll feel much better about your low back and your tummy will be able to work better. Let's hope I'm right. Inhaling, eyes, nose, chin, and Chesca forward. You push into your hands, it lifts your body and exhale down. Good. And your legs are together, Ish, right? As best you can. Inhale, eyes forward, nose, chin, push into your hands with your stern and put your blades down. Your heart comes forward and you exhale back down into the mat. Good. Follow the proverbial ladybug with your eyes.

So she walks across the mat, she walks across the floor to glocks up the ceiling. Now stay disciplined and watch your walk down and see it. The from the ceiling to the wall and the wall to the floor. Nicely done, Laura. That was beautiful. Do you feel more in your back? Like more articulation. Last one. Eyes forward, nose, chin, chest blades go down, sternum goes up, legs are together. And you don't have to squeeze your Trish so much.

You have to squeeze your legs together and that gives you more time. As you exhale, following the lady bug down all the way to your forehead. Nicely. Den Girls, Tammy in situ, back on your heels, the child's pose and really stretch your arms, your back, your touch, your quads, your shins, top of your foot, and then Tommy and brings you up and brings your feud cord for the neck, Paul. Okay, so our next poll, we're gonna change the, um, use of the roller and put it under Laurel's knees. So your feet are under the strap and they're hip width apart.

So bending the knees is another way of accessing more abdominal muscles to access more blendability of the spine. So we'll, we'll see how that works. Kay. So your feet are hip width apart and you're actively pushing your legs sideways so you feel it in your hips and you roll backwards arms behind your head. When you roll back your lower back, your mid back, you have a back. Good. So you'll notice now that here, here, further back. So you're going to stay here. As you inhale, curl your head, your shoulders, your upper spine, your mid spine, your low spine. That was beautiful.

Did you like that? Okay, good. I love that right. Sit up tall. Inhaling Corolla tail at all and then lay out really long chin down though. You were right. Yeah. Good Bites. So you keep against that strap. Really strong. Inhale.

Exhale when it helps you. Right? So you can see Jackie with like a roller at the same time. Good. Last one down. [inaudible] good. Nicely done. Bring your arms down by your sides and I'm going to s and take your feet out of this strap and we're going to do just shoulder branch.

So your feet are hip width apart, knees bent, arms by your side. You Curl your tail up and your sits bones up and your spine up as high as you like. And then starting at your throat, you roll down, lengthening your torso away from your arm pits towards your heels a little faster and curl your tail, reach your sits bones to your calves, stretchable way out from armpits to knees and lower down in that lengthy fashion. Similar to Nick Paul. Nice. One more. Good. And Roll it down. Beautiful. And now we're going to do sidekicks. So let's face, let's lay on our right sides. Bring your foot boxes up, a little bit about third of the way. So you lay on your right sides against the back edge of the mat.

And Jack is going to bend her elbow and hold her head. Like press your head gently behind you on to your palm. And I'm going to put a pillow or these two pads here down so that the neck and head are in lot alignment with the rest of the spine. How's that feel? Good. Good. So this modification, no modifications make you as strong as if you did the exercise without them, however they make you more successful in building towards the strength step by step. So this is actually kind of hard to lay your head down and do these sidekicks cause you don't have the stability of that bent arm helping to hold you against the mat. However, if you have a sore neck or you have a bad shoulder, you primarily, it would be the upper body like that.

Then this is a really great modification, Tommy and brings your feet forward to the box in front of you. [inaudible] bottom leg is parallel and it pushes really down onto lift your top leg up about hip heights or five inches and we kicked to the front. Inhale front and further. Exhale back and further every sweet buff. The leg goes further from your hip, goes further from your waist. Exhale good Jackie, put your palm down truly and push the mat with it.

Just like you're drawing your right elbow into your armpit at the same time. Nice. If the hurt Nitze together, beautiful x hair. We'll do one more in and X. Bring your legs together and then the bottom leg is still parallel, but the top leg is turned out Newpoint and kick up. Flex down. See if you can stop your leg at the top, why you flex and then come down. Nicely done. As you inhale and Exhale, you'd keep your shorter and pelvic girdles absolutely square to the mat.

When you come down this time we'll reverse it. Flex up point and come down right. And as you get higher you can turn out more. So then you try and keep that turnout as you come down. And your goal is eventually to bring your working heel in front of your standing in steps. You're trying to bring your left heel to the front, which means you've got that much turnout. Nicely done last time.

Good job. And now we're going to turn over to the other side. So you roll through your tummy, you place your left side against the back edge. So Jackie, move back just a little bit in your upper body and then bring your feet forward to the box. Good. You press the hand down firmly and you draw the elbow. This elbow in, right? So the tones, your whole upper body lifting your right leg, hip with you kicked to the front one and two. Exhale one and two. Nice. You go one place a further place, one place further place in Hail and x.

How to the front two and back in lifting. Exhale, so really try and expand your ribs. Yeah, I'm pushed the air right so that the spine is affected by the legs you want. The spine affected your bellies beautifully pulled in and so your spine is safe and you get to change it. Each kick. Nicely done. Girls, last one, front and back, both legs together. Turn out your top leg and point up. Flex and squeeze down. Good.

The muscles you squeeze down with are the ones you control up with or at least you focus on them and acts one more and then we'll reverse it. Nice. Pelvis and shoulders. Both of you very well held. Good up and point out. Try and get it further away from you because you pushed the box away and enough. Good. Now those long, strong legs you've got right there, you're going to keep them as you come to sit up. And we will do teaser. We're going to do a teaser with one leg.

So you need bend your knees and you've put your ankles underneath your strap. So you're going to arrive in a position where your use your feet have strapped tension or couch tension and your knees are going to stay the same amount. Bend through out. You're gonna want a straight and them. As you lower back down, your arms are reaching. You keep them together, Aha. And you roll back and hailing to the blade tips and Xcel come back up. Good. Or you can exhale, roll back and inhale, come back up.

Keep your knees bent, Jackie. Rate so that when you roll up, you don't come up with a flat back, but you can actually roll. So keep your knees lifting, lifting as you roll back. Keep them lifting. Bandom more at a girl. Keep them bent. [inaudible] yeah, better. And then turn to your rate of, I'm sorry, don't turn to your right. Lift your right legs up out of the strap. Straighten it.

Need to knee. Good. And now inhale, roll back. And exhale, curl up. Good. And again. Good. It's good for her. Just a little. Nicely done. Good Curl, curl. Beautiful. Now stay up on top. Turn to the right. Yep. Return Center, change legs.

Okay, good. Really pull that ankle around the strap into your gut as you roll back. Exhale back. Inhale forward. Good. So once again, oral is stopping at a point where she still has her tummy so that she used it to initiate the moment up. The first moment. He's last one. Bend and round and curve. Kircher curve. Turn to your left. Stretch over there. Come on and keep going. And keep going.

Returns Center. Bend that left knee and rest. Good job. Alright, tell me in turns you all the way around your bellies for the swimming and you can put this under your hips once again. So all the extension work, if you're back complains about it, then you put, you put those pads right under your pelvis and it will lengthen you and make you feel very good. Okay. Another way is if you have a mat like this, you can take your toes and drop them off the back edge, which also helps that lift everything off the mat at once. And Chin, chest, arms and legs. And paddle in two, three, four. Hit my hands up here. Go faster, whatever the sharp or behind you. Every teacher says that at one point. Slap me up here. Nicely done. Good.

One more. Get those elbows up past your ears. Beautiful and dressed nicely. Done Tummy and sits you back on your heels. Ah, and then roll up into sitting and turn around. There's the other way, and we'll do the seal.

So we'll do the seal with the claps. Jackie, if you would. Three claps in front through, claps above and no claps. Okay, so your arms come down and under and you're sitting on your tail and you clap. Two, three. Inhale, bow, clap two, three, exhale forward and bring those feet down. Bring them down. That a girl so they stay close to your Tush. I'd set and exhale out your mouth like you mean it like you're seeing something really important, a love letter.

You're reading. Yes. Your axial is so what Joe wanted last one. Nice girls. Bruno's feet down. That's right. Good. And then bring your feet down and rest. Now we should finish.

Laurel can finish sitting down because she did a modified workout. Jackie, do one more of your, um, of your seals and then we'll stand up right out of it. [inaudible] you're gonna reach your arms forward, right? Nicely done. Alright, so there you can see, hopefully that a class can be done justice swiftly with modifications and accoutrements that help you be successful. Um, even though you're not doing it full out so that you can get the wonderful heat that actually transforms your body to actually make a change in your body by doing PyLadies. Okay. Good job, ladies. Thank you.


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Thank you Rachel. Always love to hear your cues and gentle way to get the movement Joe intended. Nice that you are so positive about using modifications for each exercise.
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Great modifications and cueing. Really good for all of us to try those adaptations sometimes.
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Great class! Eeasy to follow and challenging. Thank you.
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Very simple and true to classical order. Teasers were the most challenging.
Perfect before catching the plane. Thank you Rachel.
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I have a question. I have chronic bursitis in my hips and can't lay on my side. Would the side leg lifts work the same muscles from a standing position? Any suggestions welcomed. Thanks!
Yes I believe so and you could stand with a magic circle on the out side of your ankles or lower thighs or a theeaband "circle" for bigger ROM.
Rachel, I used some of these modifications today to help one of my aging clients with injuries (2 cervical injuries and a shoulder issue) to be successful in the Basic 10 for the first time. She said "Oh, I'm sweating!" - YAY for internal showers!
foam roller for all abdominals works are excellent . my clients most of the time give up the movement because their neck and shoulder tire . Thank you !
What a lovely lady! Your modifications were tremendous helping those in difficulty with an excercise to understand and feel the excercise and build strenghth
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