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Mix it up with this Reformer workout with Tracey Mallett! She uses her clear cueing to teach variations that keep you thinking so you aren't stuck in the monotony of your normal routine. This is a total body workout that will definitely invigorate you so you are ready for the day!
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Hi guys, I'm Tracy Mallett, back again, always love to come back to Pilates Anytime. Who wouldn't want to be here? I mean, just look at the view. You just missed the train, but maybe the train will come by later. So anyway, you ready for a great workout?

What I want to do today, is kind of mix it up a bit, just to get out the monotony, see I can't even say the word, monotony, we want to blast it a little bit more, a little more abdominal work, a little bit more extension, a little bit more hamstring work, basically, total body. Which is what Pilates is all about. Alrighty? Let's get down to our reformer, and let's start moving that body! Alright. So, we're gonna get down onto the reformer, we're gonna start with some nice breathing exercises. All I want you to do is put your toes on the platform there, we're gonna take a nice, deep breath in, on the exhale just breath out, and really draw those abdominals in, up, and back.

(exhales) And again, inhale, and exhale. (exhales) Inhale. Feel the ribcage expand. Exhale. (exhales) One more, inhale. (inhales) Exhale, really focus on drawing the abdominals in, up, and back, as you take that long exhale.

Now from here, we're gonna slightly lift the hips off the floor on the exhale. Inhale. Exhale, and just lift the hips off. And then come back down again. And again, inhale, lift the hips up, and then back down again.

Remember, this is just a warm up. Inhale, exhale, lift up. And back, we're not curling at all, we're just lifting the bottom off the floor. Last time, lift up. And then come back.

Let's slowly bring your right knee in, and left knee in, to chair position. Alright, I want you to take your hands, and you're just going to gently place them on the shoulder rests, we're gonna take your knees over to the side, inhale, over, reach those legs out, come back to center, and then bend. And again, knees go over, extend, come back to center, and bend. Remember as your knees go over, it's the opposite oblique that's stabilizing and pulling those abdominals back. And bend, inhale, over, extend, back to center.

Let's do two more of those. Keep the knees over the hips, shins parallel to the sky, and again, last time, one, two, back, now we got those arms all the way down by the side of the body. We're just gonna bend those knees back into the chair position, let's dip the right toe into the poles, we're gonna dip, and back, and dip. Now all the time, you're trying to maintain that neutral spine, relaxing the upper body, there should be no tension in those arms. Nothing, no tension whatsoever.

Let's just pick up that tempo, we're gonna, one, two, three, four, are you breathing? Five, six, seven, eight, back to chair position. Let's try double leg. So exhale down, inhale back. Remember, you don't have to go too far, just a few inches is totally fine.

Only go up to where you can really maintain that strong connection with the core. And then bring it back, okay? Inhale. Exhale. (exhales) And then come back again.

Inhale down. Exhale, and then come back. Let's do a few more. Exhale as we go down. Inhale as we come back.

Exhale as we go down. Inhale as we go back, let's just do one more for good luck. Exhale down, inhale back. And extend those legs straight up again, take the arms back under the shoulder rests. Now, we're going to do it sideways, and we're going to add corkscrew, so we're gonna go 'round to the right side, back to center, and around for the other side.

Remember, you're pivoting around your sacrum. Good, and keep 'em very small, nice and organized, very small, and just really hold onto your arms. Maybe open your arms a little bit more, so there's not so much tension. M'kay? Let's go to the other side, 'round and back, like a sideways eight.

And maybe you want to go a bit bigger, remember, listen to your body. You're just warming up, maybe just keep it small for now, you need to bend your knees, you can, just to modify, or keep it nice and straight. Let's do one more. Inhale. And exhale.

And inhale. And exhale. Hold it here, now I want you to gently bring your hands back down, let's see if we can lift your head, neck, and shoulders off the floor. Really try and clear the shoulder blades off the mat, and look forwards. Let's bend our knees slightly, pivot them down, and let's breathe.

We're gonna take it, inhale, two, three, four, five, exhale, two, three, four, five. Now inhale, two, three, four, five. And exhale, two, three, four, five. And inhale, two, three, four, five. (whooshing) Extend, two, three, four.

And again, inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale. 70. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, 80. Inhale, two, three, four, five.

Exhale, 90. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, you've got one more time, and inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale two, three, four, five. Hold it, hands behind, lift up a little bit higher.

Ready to go into single-leg stretch, you ready? Okay, and resist, resist, we're gonna keep your hands, so you're just going to resist, resist, you remember that knee's coming to your chest but you're stopping that knee coming to your chest, you are resisting, you are exhaling, you're putting those abs in, your inner thighs are swishing up against each other, and again, ready? Go, eight, seven, breathe, six, and five, four, and three, and two, and one. And hold it, lift up, clear the shoulder blades! Lift those legs up! Pull those abs in, now keep your neck, head, and shoulders where they are, release, lift your hands up! And then back, (whooshes) inhale, back. Exhale, down.

(exhales) Inhale, back. Exhale, (whooshes), two more! (exhales) (inhales) (exhales) Hold, grab back your knees, bend your legs, and roll down. Bring your knees into your chest, a little stretch, rock from side to side, are we awake yet? Are those abs in gear yet? Good. Ready to move on now, alrighty.

So, from here, we're gonna roll up, nice and gracefully, and what we're gonna do is slip to the side, I wanna grab a little bit of anti-slip, just so your booty doesn't move, okay? So we're going to put the anti-slip right here, alrighty, we're facing the springs, and we're just going to put our feet on the edge, here, in the first position, a little Pilates V, alright, scoot forwards, make sure you're not too wide, you want it to be a little more conservative, knees over your first and second toe, mkay? From here, all we're going to do is push out. And back. So we're just going to, like, a first position here. Okay?

Make sure your knees are over your first and second toe, mkay? Make sure you're on one red spring, if you want it a little bit more light, you can go up to a blue spring, but let's start with the red spring, okay? Put your booty on the anti-slip, and make sure, once again, gonna reiterate it, knees over your first and second toe. From here, we're gonna reach the hands forward. And all we're gonna do is exhale.

(exhales) And inhale. (whooshes) And inhale. (whooshes) Now we're gonna add a little bit of an incline, so we're gonna go, incline, center. Incline, center. Very small. Incline, center.

Incline, now we're gonna add an arm, reach, center, reach, center, reach, center, and that little rotation. Reach, let's switch to the other side. Rotation, so you're a slight incline, very slight, just to challenge the core a little bit more, back to the other side, for four, exhale, four, breathe, three, contract, two, switch to the other side, and reach, and back, keep the heels glued together. Back to center. We're gonna reach, contract.

Extension, and round. And reach, now ready, go into a c-curve, contract, and out! Back into your c-curve, and out, now you're ready for contraction? Pull those abs in! Extend, lengthen, now contract. We're going to resist those abs. And go out, contract, up and over that beach ball.

And lift, and reverse, that feels so lovely, reach, now contract, up and over. And out, c'mon, open that chest! And reach, and contract, and lift, can you give me one more? You look so beautiful! Reach, contract, up and over that beach ball, and lift, and forwards, beautiful. Now we feel a little bit warmed up now. So, we're gonna jump off, or step off, depending on how much energy you've got.

Today I'm going to jump off! Alright, so we're gonna come up, we're gonna move, we're gonna put it onto our, we want our middle position here, we're going to be on one red spring, okay? Just gonna move the little anti-slip away, alrighty. So now, we're gonna come up to the reformer, you're gonna place your hand on your shoulder rest, and our knee is over, well your hip is over your knee, okay? We're gonna put your foot to the side, now you can see I mean, external rotation of this hip, so I'm turned out, this hip is parallel, okay? So farmer's position, just gonna put my hand on my hip for right now, my hand is here, pushing up and out, you're pressing through the scapula, feel those obliques, your obliques are stabilizing, alright?

So we're gonna push out, push, now slowly control it in. So as you push out, your quad is engaged, now once you pull back, it's your hamstring that's pulling you back, alright? So let's go out, and in. And out, now remember where the breath is. It's exhale out, inhale back.

Now, once you've got this, you're gonna feel your balance you got a lot of balance challenge going on here, your core is engaged, a lot of balance. Now we're gonna try and add the arm, reach, and back. Now if this is too challengin', remember, go back to where it was before, keeping your head facing forwards, and your hand on your hip. Are you breathing? Can we give me four more?

(whooshing) (whooshing) (whooshing) (whooshing) And back. Now from here, we're gonna replace the heel with the toe with the heel. Hand on your hip, ready, we're going to push out. Now you're pushing with the heel. So I'll push out, and back.

Now remember, your head is the natural extension of the spine, so try not to move your head like this. We want to keep your head reaching out, a natural expansion of the spine. Imagine you're listening to the floor. Okay? So let's try it with the arm, or stay where you're at. Are you ready? Open, and back.

Open, and back. (whooshing) (whooshing) Let's do four more. Four. Three. Two. One more. One. And back, beautiful.

Now, take that foot, parallel, can you see it, my knees facing forward, I'm in a parallel position. Once again, hand on my hip, and I'm pushing out and in. So now the focus has changed, you're gonna feel a little bit more in that glute medius here, okay? So keep your knee forward, I'm gonna keep my hand on my hip for right now, just keep it here and be pressing down. (whooshing) (whooshing) (whooshing) Let's try five more.

Five, bring it in, four. Keep the head, three. Two, one more. Pull back, gently try to hit that stopper. Now from here, I want you to think of pushing out, reaching that leg out to the side, lifting up, and reach the hand behind your head.

Now, we're gonna flex it forwards, here we go, flex, flex, and point. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Now really push out of that shoulder rest. (whooshing) (sniffing) (whooshing) (sniffing) Bring the leg to the side, is your head listening to the wall?

The floor is down there, not up here. So listen to the floor, and let's do little pulses. We're gonna do a pulse. Pulse. Pulse. And eight, and seven, and six, and five, and four, and three, and two, circle! And eight, and seven, and six, five, little circles, four, three, two, you're ready for reverse it? And eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, hold it there, hold it! And then slowly reach up and over into that stretch.

And a little cue that sometimes helped me, you imagine your big toe is drawing a circle on that wall. And it's drawing a little circle as you're doing that circle forwards, circle back, okay? Really push out of your hands, so you're not collapsing into your shoulder. Let's turn around and do it to the other side. Alright? So.

Externally rotate, knee underneath the hip, put your hand on your hip to start. Listen to the floor, we exhale. (whooshing) (whooshing) (whooshing) Let's try to add the arm, optional. We go, over. Over.

Four more. (whooshing) (whooshing) (whooshing) (whooshing) And in. Now from here, take the hand back on the hip, heel, so now you're pushing the back heel, lift up, depress your scapula, obliques are lifted up. Ear to the floor, lift up, hand on hip. Really push it out with that heel, focus on that hamstring as you push out, there..

Give me two more. Ready to add the optional arm. We go over to come back, we look down, to come back four, three, two, can you give me one more? And one, slowly come back in. Beautiful. Put your hand back on your hip, now we're gonna go into your parallel position.

So your knee is in line with your hip, and you're in that parallel, think of the glute medius pushing out. You ready? Let's push it out and in. Out and in, good. You remember, just push with the heel. Press the heel down. (whooshing) Let's try to do four more, I think, put your shoulders down, four, exhale three, exhale two, and exhale one.

Come down gradually, without crashing, reach that leg out. Let's take the hand behind the head, or keep it on your hip if you need to, and ready, we're gonna flex it forwards, we go flex, flex. And point, flex, flex. And point, flex, flex. And point.

(whooshing) (sniffing) (whooshing) Two more. (sniffing) (whooshing) (sniffing) (whooshing) Bring it back to the side, make sure your ear is listening to the floor, you ready for some little pulses here? Think of your obliques, so we're not collapsing on that underside, you ready to draw this circle with the big toe? And we go, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, reverse, and eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, hold it there, beautiful, hold it, I know you want to come down, but you can't, I'm not letting you! And then bend your knees, and go into your lovely stretch. Really focus on that stretch, stretching out through your glute, and your side.

Great job, guys. Alright, so now, we're gonna move on, to working on a little bit of your core now, obviously we just worked it, but more core. So why don't you just take it down to one red spring. Okay? We're gonna put one foot on the reformer, and the other foot is going to go into a lunge position.

Now, your hands are on your bar, here. Now, I want you to imagine you are pushing back and pressing the pelvis forward, in that beautiful stretch. Holding it there, all I'm asking you to do is take the outside hand, reach it over, and come back, now circle and look, and pull back. I'm just gonna go into a lovely stretch here, and then pull back, two more. Last time.

One last stretch here before we go into our next exercise. Giving you a quick stretch here. So your hamstrings are a little bit longer, and a little bit warmer, ready to go into your next exercise. From here, we're gonna step on to the reformer, once again, one red spring, okay? We're gonna put one foot here, one foot forwards.

From here, we're gonna lift up, as we lift up, we're gonna go all the way up, into your arabesque, now try and get your hips square. Get those hips nice and square. And from here, we're gonna pass through, back into that stretch, the knee is off the reformer. You ready? So push on your body, depress. Ready, we're gonna go up into your pyramid, lift, bring it up to the stopper, and then back down again.

And exhale. (whooshes) Up, inhale, down. Exhale (exhales). Up, inhale, down. (whooshing) One more, exhale.

(whooshing) Hold it here, little pulses. (huffing) Four, three, two, one. Bend your knee into a cat, extend back up again! Bend into a cat, round, and then back up into a stretch. Round like a cat, into your extension, round as you move your body forward into that round c-curve, back into that extension. Round.

And back. Can you give me one more? And round, like a cat. And then lift up into your extension, pass through, and slowly bring the reformer back. How do you guys get on, good?

You broke a sweat yet? 'Cause I did. (laughs) Alright, let's step down, let's move to the other side. Okay, so move onto the other side, let's do a nice stretch first, to stretch out those hamstrings and hip flexors, right? So bring your leg forwards, remember, still one red spring. Into your lunge here, now really focus on pressing the pelvis forward, shoulder blades down.

Let's do that beautiful stretch, we're gonna open, and back, and open, and back. Now really reach for your destination, reach. And back, last time. And reach, and reach out in that lovely stretch, holding it there. Remember, look forwards, and then slowly come back.

Alright, moving on to our next exercise. We're going to get up onto your reformer, hands shoulder width apart, alrighty? Back foot on your shoulder rest, alright, from here we're gonna take it forwards into your lunge. Knees off the carriage. Now we're gonna send your hips up high, ready?

Into your arabesque, look forwards, let's go, slowly first, exhale. Bring it up, so you see I'm in that arabesque? See where my stopper is, my reformer's right by the stopper, right, your hips are square. So make sure your hips are square in that position, ladies and gentlemen! Hold that position. And now come back down into the same position as you was before, but reaching out, you ready?

We're going to go a little faster now, so we exhale. (whooshing) Down. (whooshing) Down. (whooshing) Down. (whooshing) Down.

One more. (whooshing) Hold it, now little pulses. (huffing) Make sure your ears are by your biceps. (huffs) Seven, six, five, four, three, you're ready for your cat? Let's slowly go, exhale.

And inhale. (whooshing) (whooshing) (whooshing) Two more, really resist. (whooshing) Last time. (whooshing) And hold it there, beautiful. Bring that leg down, and slowly return the reformer back.

And step off. You feeling a little bit hot now? I know I am. I need a towel (laughs). Let's move on now, we're gonna work a little bit on your extension now, so we're gonna grab the box, okay? Alright, so we're gonna put the box on here, beautiful.

And now, you can keep your bar up or take it down, whatever you choose is fine, I'm gonna take it down for now, just out the way. There we go. And I've got one red spring on. So let's come onto your box, we're gonna step up, and I'm gonna put my feet on the platform in a first position, and now, I'm literally going to put my pubic bone on the edge, okay? From here, you can see I'm pushing out and in. Let's just do a few like this, so you're in the right position, can you see where my pubic bone is?

It's right on the corner of the box, I'm gonna place my hands here, but as I place my hands here, I'm depressing at the same time, which will facilitate that lovely extension, we want a beautiful extension through the mid-upper back as we go out and in, out and in. So now we feel nice and safe in that position, we've got beautiful extension. Now we're gonna start to add some arms, we're gonna reach forwards to here, so let's start in that position, make sure your ears are by your biceps. And as we bend, the arms are gonna come back into external rotation, you ready? We're gonna go forwards, and then back.

All the time, my body is staying in the same position. Out and in, my body's staying completely still. Good, let's breathe, inhale, and let's exhale. Inhale, and exhale. Inhale, and exhale, one more.

Inhale, bring the hands behind the head, bend the knees, now we're still in that other extension, we haven't moved, now I want you to rotate, (whooshing) And then come back. Let's go in the same direction, rotate, there's the train! Yes, it's real, we didn't fake it, everybody always asks me that, is it real? Yes, it's real. Inhale. Inhale. Can we get one more? Inhale.

And back, you ready to do the other side? And inhale, rotation, and back. Are you keeping your heels glued together? Inhale, exhale, keep that openness through the chest. Keep reaching out through the crown of the head.

One more time. And release, from here, we're going to reach back up again. We're gonna lift, up, up, up. And then come back down again. And again, we're gonna lift, goes as far as you can go, up, and then back down again.

Two more, reach up, now try to lift up from the lumbar spine as you extend, and then back down again. One more time, reach, now we're going to go lifting up, up, up, up, up, hold it. Four, three, two, one, and slowly come back down, whew! Relax here, just take a deep breath, relax the lower body, deep breath, and slowly, we're going to come all the way back, gracefully, step off your reformer, and gently pull back, awesome. Keeping it one red spring today, we're going to turn around to work those abs. So let's sit forwards.

Now, we're gonna grab the straps, and you're going to wrap them around your knees. Alrighty, so, I want you to roll back down, put your hands right at the end of the box just to give yourself a little bit of support. So I'm moving forwards, I'm gonna roll down, and then bring the knees up, I'm going to get nice and comfortable, make sure my straps are level, I'm just gonna keep my hands here for the time being. And all I'm going to ask you to do is inhale out, exhale pull in. Inhale out, exhale pull in.

Inhale, only slightly, and exhale. So you imagine your abdominals are pulling the knees in, alrighty? Inhale, and exhale, let's just do a couple more, just to get warm. (whooshing) (exhaling) Now let's release our hands, all the way around, interlock them, lift your head, neck, and shoulders off the floor, ready to extend those legs. We're gonna inhale down, exhale around, and back to center.

Inhale down, circle and pull back. Inhale lower down, exhale circle and back. Inhale down, try and keep the legs the same, one side is always gonna be a little more flexible than your other weak one, look at your legs, and try to make them as symmetrical as you can. Let's try it, one more. You ready to reverse it?

So we go up, down, and around. Now there's your abs, right there. And down. Ready for your abs? (inhales) Beautiful, control, you keep those circles, perfect circle, that's what we want, good. Let's do three more. Exhale.

(whooshing) (whooshing) One more. (whooshing) Hold it, ready for your little pike. We're going to lift your hips off the floor as we exhale. (huffs) Inhale down. (huffs) Inhale down. It's very small.

I'm lifting the hips off of the box. (huffs) Exhale. (huffs) Now we're going to add the head. (huffs) Inhale down. (huffs) Breathe, you guys, nice and deep, (huffs) let's do three more.

(huffs) (huffs) Last time. (huffs) And slowly take the hands behind the knees, release back, reach back, and enjoy that stretch, open back, feels good to stretch, doesn't it? And really open up your chest. And relax, nice work guys. Let's slowly, gently take off your straps.

And we're gonna gracefully come all the way up, and sit up nice and tall, good. Let's put the little straps down, let's get rid of the box for now. Alright then. Alright, let's work a little bit on our arms now. So we're always trying to think of ways to mix up the arm routine, I know I always am, especially when I'm teaching, I want something else.

So I thought, let's add a bit more of the balance challenge to it, so we're going to work the core a little bit more, with the same arms, but just a different position. So we're gonna, instead of starting kneeling, we're gonna actually do kneeling on one leg, okay? So what I want you to do is take one leg forwards, and you're going to put one leg forwards, right on the head rest, we're on one red spring again. So remember you can be on blue if you want a little bit lighter, or one, red, for a little bit heavier. So let's try on one red, and see if I have to take it down to a blue, okay?

Let's try, alright? So, we're here, I've got one foot here, knees over the ankle. Now look at my other foot. It's right behind the knee, and the knee is directly underneath the hip, very important. Alright, so we're here, we're going to exhale, now this time we're going to flip the palms facing inward and we're going to lead with the pinky.

There. So you're in that external rotation of the shoulder joints, we want to encourage to open up through your shoulders, want that beautiful openness through your chest, really working that mid-upper back, getting into the top of the arm, the tricep, but focus on depressing, and then you go back, right, don't just think of going back think of reaching to the floor, and then you go back. (huffing) I talk so much though, that I don't count. It's okay, it's always better to do more than not enough, right? (laughs) Let's do four more. Four, and three, and two, and one more.

Moving forwards, biceps. (whooshing) And back, just by moving your body into this kneeling position, you can see, it challenges you a little bit more. So if you're used to doing it on your knees, try a kneeling position. (whooshing) (whooshing) Let's do four more, remember where the elbows are, they're in line with your shoulders. (whooshing) (whooshing) One more.

(whooshing) And release, let's switch to the other side. Put your hands down first, and then switch to the other foot. So put your foot on the shoulder rest here. Internally rotate your hand so that you're leading with the pinky, we exhale. (huffs) And back.

(whooshing) Remember we have to be even on both sides. (whooshing) (whooshing) (whooshing) Four, and three, and two, see I looked at you, and then I lost my balance. (laughs) One more! And relax, so there's the cue, don't talk while you're doing Pilates. I can talk, 'cause I'm teaching you, but when you're doing it, you shouldn't be talking, okay? So now you've learnt my lesson.

(whooshing) (whooshing) Good, keep those elbows in line with your shoulders. Beautiful. Working those biceps. (whooshing) Let's do four more, really pull on those biceps. Four.

And three, and two, and one more. Release, come down. Move your knees up, take your hands through, okay, we're gonna go into thigh stretch. Once again, you're on the same red spring, we're gonna go into a posterior tilt. And we're gonna pull back.

And then forwards. Remember, you're hinging from the knee joint. And you're going back in one straight line. And back to center. And again, inhale.

And exhale, feel the thighs open as you come back into that beautiful stretch, inhale. Exhale, can you give me a couple more? Pull the shoulder blades down, press that public bone forwards, back in a straight line, one more, let's hold it here, let's hang out here for a while, yes, to see if we can hang out for a count of five, four, three, two, one, and slowly come back to center. Bring your knees together, pitch your body forwards, straight into some triceps. (whooshing) Elbows high.

Really working into those triceps. (whooshing) We always need a little extra work on our arms. Especially as summer is looming around the corner. It's always summer, all year 'round, in California, so we always have to do it. Three more. Three, and two, can you give me one more?

And one. And back, whew. Alright, let's put those straps down. Good. How are you guys feeling, good? Alright, let's move on to some more legs, my favorite, love working my legs. So we're gonna work a little bit on the inner thighs.

So for this, I'm gonna ask you to move your reformer down onto the lowest gate. So I know all different reformers have different amount of gates, so I'm just gonna take this down to the third gate. There, and you're going to be either on one yellow, or one blue, I'm gonna put it on blue right now, okay? Gonna move this down, alright. So we're gonna stand up on the platform first, not on the reformer, always on the platform, you remember safety is your first caution.

So I'm gonna come out to here, now I'm gonna take the leg a little bit further into the middle of the reformer, remember if you want to make it easier, bring your foot a little bit closer to the springs. I'm gonna take it into the middle, I'm gonna challenge myself just a little bit more. I'm gonna be in external rotation here, so I'm turned at the hips. And I'm gonna reach out my hands to the side. All I'm gonna do is out and in, very simple.

Out and in. And now, I want you to imagine, that the only muscles working right now are your inner thighs. So release your glutes, release your hamstrings, just let it all go, focus on your inner thighs. Alrighty, let's just do a couple more, bring it all the way into the stopper. Now, we're gonna open, we rotate, rotate, rotate, rotate, rotate, center.

Pull in, back out, rotate away. (whooshing) Squeeze, pull in. And open, ready, twist! (huffing) Slide, you've got one more. And out, you ready? (huffing) Slide, to the center. Whew! Good job, and then release, let's switch around to the other side.

What I suggest is you going down off the reformer, walk around, and then get back on again, okay? So I'm gonna get on this way, actually why did I walk around there, I should've walked around here, that's a classic blooper there for you, wasn't it? Alright, we're gonna go on this way, so you're going to put your foot here. They're always looking for bloopers, you've got one there, perfect, so might as well own up to it before it becomes at the end of the year. Alright, so we're gonna go here, we're gonna come into the middle here.

Alrighty, so we're going to reach the hands out to the side, let's just do the out, squeeze in. Remember, release the booty, release the hamstrings, and try and get equal pressure on five of those toes, including the baby toe. Good, now, ready for a little twisting. We go out, now we're gonna go twist, twist, twist, center. One, twist, twist, twist, twist, center.

Two more. (huffing) One last time. (huffing) Center, slowly pull in. Nice work, let's step down gracefully. As like my legs feel like jelly.

Whoo, it feels good. Alright, let's just calm down. We're gonna do a little stretch just to finish off, we're gonna put your feet hip-width apart, mkay? We're gonna put your hands forwards, place your hands on the reformer. I'm just gonna ask you to push away, and then round back up again. Now, look out onto the horizon, I can see a beautiful, blue ocean, gorgeous, and then roll back.

And again, inhale, push out. Exhale, pull back, can you just give me one more? Inhale push out. And then exhale round, let's slowly roll all the way up, roll, and up. Let's turn to the front, and we're gonna do a quick roll-down, just to finish off.

You've got a great workout today, we did everything, you did your core, you did your legs, you did your upper body, everything. Alrighty, I hope you're feeling good, come join me again, but let's finish off with a roll-down, and you can go off to a great day, giving lots of energy for an awesome week. Alright, guys? So put your feet, hip-width apart, take a nice deep breath in, take a deep breath, inhale, exhale, roll down through the spine. And then slowly roll all the way up.

Good job you guys, see you soon, bye!


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Super fun class!!! Loved it
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Hi dear Tracey..I did it. It is a nice sequence challenging really the core and of course the whole body. Sometimes I needed it to use the basic examples exercises of your presenting advanced exercises. It was great!!! I will work out this sequence and I will use some of your nice exercises and present them to my costumers. They will like it. Thanks very much. Lady Luz
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Great and challenging sequences Tracey! I will weave this into my classes and routines for my own training. Thank you!
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Amazing workout! Love the flow and good cueing. My whole body was shaky when I was finished!
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More Tracey!!
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Wow girl...killer session! Love it x
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nice thank you - found it challenging and different!!
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Definitely a challenge. Loved it.
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Man I need to work on those arabesques! You look so awesome when you do them! nice challenge.. thank you Tracey always enjoy your classes
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One of my very favorite classes! Arabesque section was awesome!!!!
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