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Reformer Workout

45 min - Class


Mix it up with this Reformer workout with Tracey Mallett! She uses her clear cueing to teach variations that keep you thinking so you aren't stuck in the monotony of your normal routine. This is a total body workout that will definitely invigorate you so you are ready for the day!
What You'll Need: Reformer

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Hi guys, I'm Tracy Mallett, back again, always love to come back to Pilates Anytime. Who wouldn't want to be here? I mean, just look at the view. You just missed the train, but maybe t...


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Super fun class!!! Loved it
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Hi dear Tracey..I did it. It is a nice sequence challenging really the core and of course the whole body. Sometimes I needed it to use the basic examples exercises of your presenting advanced exercises. It was great!!! I will work out this sequence and I will use some of your nice exercises and present them to my costumers. They will like it. Thanks very much. Lady Luz
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Great and challenging sequences Tracey! I will weave this into my classes and routines for my own training. Thank you!
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Amazing workout! Love the flow and good cueing. My whole body was shaky when I was finished!
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More Tracey!!
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Wow girl...killer session! Love it x
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nice thank you - found it challenging and different!!
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Definitely a challenge. Loved it.
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Man I need to work on those arabesques! You look so awesome when you do them! nice challenge.. thank you Tracey always enjoy your classes
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One of my very favorite classes! Arabesque section was awesome!!!!
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