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Mat Workout

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This class has it all! Challenging exercises that are taught in a methodical way, descriptive cueing, a little stretching, finishing with a standing balance to set you on your way. Practice exercises like Neck Pull, Single Leg Teaser, Climb a Tree, Leg Pull Front, Leg Pull Back and Double Leg Kick.
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Aug 15, 2010
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Okay. Having a seat. We are going to move I think tonight. That's the vibe I'm getting. Welcome Sherry. Walk back nation. So sit under sits phones, something new and different, right? She is sitting tall. Stacking your spine. I like to think of organizing myself because what I need most at the moment, right sitting tall and then do one of these, just sort of lean back and maybe it'll look up and go, oh, okay, here we are, and then bring it back.

So you get to use your arms a little bit and then go the other way. Just sort of loosening up around out. Nothing too significant just yet. Come forward. I'm just looking for some mobility at the moment. I know it's late in the day for us anyway. Just find some action. Nothing too severe. If it feels like you kind of want to swirl a little bit, go ahead.

I'm even gonna just take my gaze over one shoulder kind of far, coming back through to the other side. All right, and now organize yourself in the middle. We go. Inhale, fill up. Exhale, knit the ribs together without sinking. You roll back, you draw the hips deeper into the body. Maybe finding mid back. Maybe you don't want to go that far yet. It's up to you. Inhale, exhale. Pull the ABS in to go forward and then stack and it's worth it. Keep going. That's the mission for now.

It's worth it to let yourself warm up. Okay. We'll work typically harder if you get through that phase of just sort of easing your way into it so that you don't start with a lot of strain and exhale, reaching down and back. Take a moment, make sure your low back is down. It might mean you have to Tuck a little bit and forward to come up and stack. I'm going to do one more still. I'm going to ask you to do one thing now. Sorry. Come back. Inhale at the top.

I'm seeing just even peripherally a little bit of this, and that's an exaggeration, but it should almost look like you're leaning back even though the Lumbar, the low back is curbing. Yeah, yeah, right. Let's stay there. Walk the feet in a little closer and you're aiming for the lower tips of your shoulder blade. So let's get down that far. That's right. Then just inhale the arms go up, eyes remain forward. Press back down as if you're reaching the arms to the waist. Inhale, take inventory of the lumbar spine. It should be arresting. Flowly yes, email reaching and back.

It's a great place to start thinking about stretching the shoulder, so if it's all right for you to go back to and back right there, find your legs. Inhale, exhale. Deep into role. We're coming up. Keep the curve. Keep them close if you can. Nice job, Emily, and emailing and XL roll down. Hey Janna, think about what you're, where your said yes. Yes. Scooping. See if when we set you up back there. Inhale, arms up. Exhale, arms down.

Bring your feet in one inch. If you can, hold on. I would if I were you. Keep shoulders. Exhale, we're coming up. If you've got to move your feet back out, do nice and straighten up. Inhale. Exhale though. Yes. Lovely. Inhale, arms up. Exhale, arms down.

Just when you thought I was going to go again. I'm not. Take the arms all the way up and back behind you. You set your head down. All right, make any adjustments. You need to be in the middle of your mat. Arms are reaching overhead. Make sure that your entire rib cage on the backside is down.

That's not going to be important for us. Inhale, arms are floating off the ground. Exhale, hollow the ABS. So you roll the pelvis into the mat or off the mat, I should say, up through to the shoulder blades on this end. Inhale, shoulders are down. Find your feet. Find your inner thigh. So up there we go. Tuck a little bit more, Sherry. If you've okay, annex, how we come down. Imagine someone were pulling on your wrist, but keep the shoulders down so they're not creeping up and going all the way to neutral spine. Inhale and exhale. Hollowing the ABS.

Make yourself feel that gently reaching the hips toward the heel so you feel the back of the legs. Inhale, see, exhale, come down. Upper back, middle, back, fit. Find. If you find it hard, you shouldn't. Churches layer arms be off the mat just so we see a little bit more through the low back. Inhale, exhale and roll. Here we go. I was going to say something important, I'm sure, but no idea anymore. All right. Stay here for a second and actually it looks better than what I saw last time, but I'm going to suggest taking the pubic bone, the lowest part of your pelvis, drawing it towards your sternum, the middle of your chest to lengthen your low back.

So hopefully by now you're definitely feeling your hamstrings are electric dose. Wendy, inhale and exhale. We roll down upper back, middle back. Very nice, Sherry. Nice, fantastic. Taking your arms out to a tee position. They can be on the ground, bringing the knees up to tabletop, bolt them together. Ribs are still on the mat going towards the window or the front. Here we go. Inhale to rotate. Lift that opposite hip to clear the medics.

He'll bring it back to center and to the back. Inhale, exhale, pull. Center. Inhale. Mostly tapping into the rotational aspect of what we're going to do tonight. So let's enjoy that. It doesn't need to be big. It needs to be controlled though.

And inhale to exhale. I'm probably going a little faster than you're used to. Me going in. I'm doing it on purpose so maybe you won't get the normal range you do. That's okay too. As long as you're tapped in. And by that I mean contracted last one and two, the center.

Set your feet down together. Laced the fingers behind your head, similar to what we've done, but moving on. Inhale. Exhale. Lengthen the back of your neck. Roll Chin to chest to come up to the chest lift position. You want to be high enough again that your back is rested. So I need some of you to come higher still Sherry? Yes, yes, yes.

Okay. From there, grab the legs. Inhale, exhale, sink and pull toward your hips. Arms are going up or doing a little combination tonight. Put your hands behind your head. Rotate to the front. That means shoulder towards hip. Move that rib cage come across the middle. Inhale shoulder to hip. Back to center. Inhale, grab the legs, exhale down.

Just reach the arms behind your head. I'll change that and make that a little more of a flow. Inhale, so hands behind your head. Again. Exhale to curl up. Inhale, reach to the back of the legs. Exhale, not much higher for most of you. Have more of a fold, perhaps the inhale. Arms up, hands behind your head again to the front. Exhale, rotate in health center. Keep those knees still XL to back to the center. Grab the legs again. Inhale, reach them up. Replace them behind your head and go to the floor. Exhale, two to go. Inhale, exhaling, [inaudible] focusing in word. As we do all this in, he'll grab the back of your legs.

Exhale, sink. It doesn't have to be huge. Arms float up just to get behind your head to the front. Exhale while being mindful, not to just turn your head. Turn the ribs back to center. We're inhaling as we grab the legs. Exhale, sink and pull. Check shoulders, arms go up. Put him behind your head and the length in your way back to the mat.

Now's a good time to say to yourself, am I engaged? A little in the back of a leg? I hope so. A little bit. Exhale, curl up. How do you do it? Squeeze through the inner thighs. Grab the legs. Exhale, pull higher. Inhale, arms up Dick in our time. Put them behind your head. Slow it down and exhale to the front. One. Inhale, come center. Exhale to back to the center.

Just leave your arms here in Hu and lengthen yourself, changing it ever so slightly and not really changing it a lot. Exhale, curl up. Email. Grabbed the back of your legs. Exhale, pull just a little. Reach the arms forward, palms down. Take up one leg to tabletop. Take up the other leg to tabletop. Double check that you are. Most of your spine is down with the exception of shoulder blades and higher in your stretch the legs out only so far as you can. Keep the back down. Exhale, pull them in. Inhale out.

Exhale good. Deborah, raise your hands a little and your shoulders down a little. Perfect. You're going to like that. That looks good. Inhale and exhale. Can you feel how the legs connect under the chest? If your neck or back is taking over, which could be at this late stage or early stage, I should say late in the extra has one more. Take a break. Exhale. Hold it there. Inhale, arms up. Exhale, arms down.

Squeeze the glutes again down. Keep the arms forward in her legs down. Keep them bent. They're gonna maybe touch XL. Bring them up minded touch. I started to move my back. Inhale and [inaudible]. This time they do go down and your arms go back overhead.

Stretching out your legs. Hi everybody. Welcome to night palms facing each other. Hug the space. That means there's energy through your body, your whole body for the roll up. Inhale, exhale. You can do it. Trust it. Breathe. Just breathe. It'll take a while. You work hard. It should be hard. Inhale, arms are stretched out right in front of you. Exhale, we go down.

Move from the pelvis to the same way you did right at the beginning of class. Lightly touch to the back of your head. Don't give up on the contraction and lift again. Exhale. Yes. Keep your curve up notion and actually you have it. I'm sorry. Just go forward a little more is all I'm looking for. There we go.

Looks good and down. Yes. Focused and touch. So I'm just gonna. You guys look really good. So I'm going to say feel what that is in your body. I feel like we're all landing shoulders over hips. There's energy but not strain. You can even keep going.

You can even breathe at a pace that feels comfortable to you. If the one I've chosen doesn't work, typically I exhale the lift off the shoulder blades and really squeeze out all the air by deepening your contraction and down to go back one mark. Ah, lovely. We're going down this time bending the knees, sliding the man so you gotta be light on your feet. Take the feet up again. Just a few. Very similar to what we did. Putting it together though. Backs are down. These are up to tabletop.

We inhale to reach the legs and arms opposite each other. Circle the arms to come back and again, inhale and around two more. Inhale and around. One more inhale. Hold onto the lay closest to the front of the room. Extend the other. Is your back still down? It should be. Let's go in on one single leg.

Stretch two and three. Three and four. Four have one more. Set six both knees in. Let your heads go down. [inaudible] shoulder spread out on the mat. Exhale, engage the other.

We're coming right back up to this time. A more of a curled position from both ends. So do Tuck your pelvis, give it a little rock. Trying to keep the relationship and I just want to rock for now trying to keep the relationship between the thighs and the body or the ribs or the stomach. The same the whole time. You may have to spread out the ball a little. That'd be fine. Give yourself three more.

Keeping the curve looking for this wide collarbones looking for what? Smooth ride and on your third one stay up, which I think is the next one. Holding it there. Reach your arms forward. Pull the knees in closer. Pull the shoulders maybe back. I don't know. Check them anyway. Good.

Or you can keep holding on. We're just doing three roll back. Keep the relationships. Exhale, hold and inner thighs will help you. Yes. And one more called [inaudible]. Fantastic feet come down by request a little early but here it is a lean back. So we've gotten used together right?

Lean back and when we do that you are slightly posteriorly tuck just so you appear flat. Extend one leg and I'm going to say slightly turn out cause that's exciting to me. Squeeze the glutes we rolled down just to the shoulder blades for now and then exhale to come up. Inner thighs, glutes. I promise you if you get the back of the leg involved it will help you. Hi Helen, this looks great and um, can you guys are so serious. I must've set that tone.

I didn't mean to but anyway. All right Emily, let's see it. Arms Up. Oh that's nice. I don't have it tonight. We're going down. We're going to change down here. Other leg slightly turned out inner thighs, glutes, you still have them. Feel them if you're not sure if we can. That's the hard part right there. That's why I'm making a stop there because then when you actually get to a teaser, which this is pretty darn close, isn't it?

You can avoid that toss. Yeah. Yeah. I'm going to keep my arms forward cause I'm not managing that last piece. But if you do take your arms up, make sure it's just following your line of your spine. He goes look, good. Last one up. Go ahead and lead. Go ahead. Oh, I'm jealous. And bring the fetus could separate the knees.

So you're just sitting like so and round forward. Yay. Sherry's here. She's staying. I always think if you stay after the first five, I've got you. I've got you. Alrighty then we're here. Let's stay up. Right? Let's stay up right for the spine. Stretch my fav. So I'm, yeah, here we go. Sitting up.

Inhale. Exhale. Just squeeze the glutes. I want to see everybody to lift an inch. Yeah. And then let go. Good. And do it again. And truly you're squeezing more than that, right? It's the inner thighs. It's lifting up through the body.

Keeping that on your next exhale, which should be soon. Exhale. And pull the ABS in. We're rounding down and stretching over. Then this imaginary ball, basically trying to blow all the air out. Let's go further tonight than I normally do. Can you get your head almost on the mat without stretching your hips too far forward? Good. From there, inhale. Exhale. We're rolling up.

Start at those hips. Again, stacking your spine, replacing and organizing yourself on top. Inhale, big squeeze. If you haven't, it's easy to lose and exhale down. Yeah, keep going straight forward now, little bit. Inhale and exhale. We come back up almost squealing stronger inwardly on the way up in my opinion. Lift your chest, Jennifer. I see you back there. Lift, lift, lift, exhale forward. I'm going to go into the back extension now.

So for the first one, let's set the arms down somewhere, mid Shin and allow the hips to roll forward. I'm actually going to bend my knees a little. Inhale, stacking the spine on the diagonal so you start tailbone pass through the low back, middle back, upper back. As you press down on the shoulders, Debra, we can get more out of your mid back and just enough forward, not forward, more up yet even more, even more. Perfect. I swear. Now both arms up everybody and put them back down. Let's do four of those. See if you can challenge the length of your spine thinking forward in long, good reach new shoe. When your arms go up, just leave your spine still. It's just barely moving. All right, let's leave them there. If you have the ability to go straight like as you do, there's your inhale and now we're just going to round forward and roll up to the original starting position, which is upright arms opposite your shoulders altogether. Inhale, exhale, hugging you midline. We Round Fo, we're blowing out all the year, taking the stretch, trying to feel the abdominal stretching the mid back into back extension ENL.

We float the arms up alongside or slightly behind the ears right away. Recontract through the abs as you round forward and roll back up. Strong bodies. Inhale, it's fluid. A whole body is fluid, so let it be. Inhale, lengthening as if someone were pulling. That's great Debra.

Pulling on the diagonal. Exhale re round and roll up. There's lots of little adjustments we make and again around pulling back on the low belly. Yup. Yup, Yup. Inhale and exhale. I know I've said it before, but I think this is the all time best exercise you get in your hamstring stretch, you're getting your spine mobility forward, you're getting your back extensors, which is the really tough part. Inhale, you can gently press the heels into the floor. Let's hang out, get long and now subtle pulling of the upper arms back one. If your spine moves at all, think in terms of diagonally upward rather than forward with the chest. Five to go. Oh good. Two challenging it. Three, no longer. Four and five.

Big Inhale, easy arms though and exhale round. Roll yourselves up, bending your knees when it seems appropriate. Kind of get behind your tailbone and we're going into open leg rocker, so that means coming close on your tip toes. Roll the shoulders down and back. You are behind your tailbone to start. Little bit of posterior tilt and let's just pick up one line, press that shoulder down into its pocket. Other leg, we're thinking, I dunno, a little wider than your hips. And just like again, that first exercise, nobody's going to collapse because there's no need. You can scoop and you may not even see it. Here we go. Inhale.

There's your smooth ride. Keep the glutes. Exhale, trust it. Oh really? Go ahead. Up to straight and then inhale, roll back. Or is it exhale back? I don't know which is it? What did I say first? It must be exhale back. Right. Here we go. Exhale. Roll back. That's why I didn't get up. Maybe. Huh? There's your inhale.

Grow long and inhale. Actually I didn't get up cause I had way too much tension in my feet. I know it to be true and email scooping and back. So it's a gentle roll. No one's going to their head, no one's. Yup. And if it's feeling kind of easy, you have a couple of options. First of all, get very light on your hands. A second. All you can let go.

Just like you did for the roll up. I mean, rolling. Yeah. One more. Close the feet. Bend the knees. Well done and sit right on top of your sitz bones. Again, theatre flexed, hands behind your head. First coming toward the front. Just pulse. Twice.

Inhale, center and to the back. Now, if this is too much in your hip flexors or front of your thighs, you can get the same work with your knees bent. Don't let that inhibit you and feel the spinal column, Mary, bring your shoulders backwards a little. You're just leaning forward. There you go. Forward, forward, and that's it. Good. Perfect. Okay, stay center from here. Everybody squeeze glutes again, just in case we lost him slightly. Look Down with your chin. Hinge backwards. That's it. Now, little scoop of the belly.

It's like pubic bone being pulled up the front. Anchoring your feet as best you can. They may slide, but try and press them down so you gradually lower. As soon as your head touches, inhale, come up. Big exhale. You can always let go of the arms rounding over like you did in spine stretch, lengthen up in order for any of these movements. S a just hang out for a second. To be smooth a, we have to not be fatigued, which may be too late, but um, buying, where's your anchor? Where's your foundation in this one?

To me right now tonight it feels like my heels or the back of the legs. That's where I'm thinking stuck so that I can move almost independently away from it. Here we go. Inhale, hindering back and then making those little adjustments. I'm actively trying to press my legs down. Now that's not going to happen, but I'm drying just to disperse energy. Inhale, exhale, innercise will help all the way over. Keep the curve. Inhale, stack and roll up, inching back, energy out the feet. Flex feet will help and you don't have to. You can keep them pointed and pretty. That would be really nice. All over to come up to squeeze glutes. It's always going to help. You then have to be intense. You just have to be present and last time to come up and we'll sit ourselves all the way up and stay up separating your feet about the width of your mat. Maybe even a little wider for the saw and yeah, even staggered what we probably still click, so I'm going to do that version I've been doing where it starts like this.

Take a quick look that your wrist is over your elbow as opposed to that as best you can and ideally right opposite your side. Here we go toward the front. We just inhale. Once you get there, straighten out the arms. Exhale far, take a second check. The opposite hip is down. Inhale, we sit up, fold at the end of that inhale and exhale centers basically the same [inaudible] extend arms and reach. I'm going to ask for flex feet and no motion of the hips. Inhale, sitting up, returned to bend, arms and center. Inhale and exhale. Reaching outside the foot if you can. Opposite arm also reaches and sitting up, back to center. Inhale, rotate.

Exhale, reach. Go for it. And up in a ward. I am gonna encourage. We're getting two more. I'm going slow for one second. Encourage the back extension there. In fact, we'll be around it back, but I'd like you to try to hinge. Try for it. Then once you get there, hangout, reach to the back are more. Yup. And then up bold center last time it's a little different from classical, but there you have it. And if we come and center all right, feet together first with the knees bent in the park like that.

Fingers face your heels, right? Yeah. And then first things first. Now I said fingers face, heels. That's sort of the way the position goes. But if you want to go sideways, that's cool. If you want to roll up your mat so you're on an incline, that's also cool. If you want to be on fists, that'll work well. All right, here we go. Lift up. You're putting weight into your, I won't be here long. I'm putting weight into your feet and your arms, but even more so your glutes to hold your hips up. Looking at the ceiling is all than hinge at the hips.

Just come down and touch slightly and go again, lift out of the shoulders so there's no sense of the shoulders hugging your ears. So as you come down this time, I want you to try to push up away from the floor or lift up away from the floor. So it's like you're trying to keep your hips away as opposed to sinking last one up, at least for now. And Yeah. Okay. Um, I'll come back to that in just a second. But for now, let's go into, um, another request, which was climate tree, but on the floor. So this is off the reformer. It's another Ab exercise and it's in the Bassey style. So it'd be actually be different anyway, wouldn't it?

So we're here now what I'm going for, but I'm taking the leg closest to the back and the initial part is trying to get back extension or have some energy in the upper back primarily. So your long, you just hugging the leg in three times. Pulse, 3:00 AM exhaling two one, extend the leg up. Now whether the leg is straight or not isn't critical. We still want that back. Right? So if you've got to bend the knee, do, if you've got to lower the leg, you do. If you don't, you bring it in from there. Try to take your like to 90 degrees. Now. That's how you do it on the reformer. Maybe not quite pressed this bottom leg into the ground.

Walk down so it's very light. Or I'm just going to show the blades to three glutes or squeeze. Let go circle around. There's your inhale, very light coming up. Use that bottom leg into the mat. One shoulders down to three and then exaggerate your stretch.

If it feels okay and we fold again and we pulse on and two and three, hopefully getting a little more stretch every time. Bring it back as much as you can without sinking. And now down to three. Inhale, circle. Exhaling up those three counts. One, there's your tree. Squeeze through the midline to the inhaling. Engage thinning, right up tall again and refold. One more time. XL One and two and three and four bringing it back. Walk down.

Kind of like leaving the leg up there via the strength of the powerhouse circle round. Exhaling to come up. Actually going to squeeze the inner thighs together even though they're nowhere near each other. Hold it up here. Chin down. Just a little difference. Yup. And now flex. Make sure it's okay that you have, you're not holding so tight you can't flex and point and flex and point. Next time, flex. Hold. Hold outside. If it's available to you, the ball of the foot. Just like that. Yup. Although that's a good idea. It brings back too many memories. So bend the knee.

That's about when my arm came out of socket and stirring. Good again, Ben. Lovely Mandy. And straighten and revenge and that's it. Bring it down. Change legs. Yeah. Okay. Here we go. Pulse. One, two. These are all exhales. Inhale, stretch up. Be Nice, be nice, be nice, gentle. It's a different leg. Bring it back. This is where I'm literally trying to squeeze my inner thighs together. I mean, I'm not gonna cross the line there, but that's where I'm getting my help.

We'll walk down. One, two, three circles. Inhale and squeeze again if you've lost it. One, two. Yes, yes. I thought up and refill. Hold. Exhale. One, two. Did you hear the chorus? Kind of like it and walk down on one, two, three circle. Oh, what happens right there? Mandy? What happens for you? That little spot you didn't collapse it just tight, Huh?

Yeah. That's the first time I saw it. So let's, let's, let's do one more and I'm going to suggest, what am I going to suggest? I'm not sure yet. I'm going to suggest do cross the midline a little [inaudible]. Oh, okay. Then it was a collapse. That's not like, yeah. Oh there go. Lovely. And if we come [inaudible] yes.

Here they are easy. And so you're not in a tight grip. Flex. Feel your spine start at the top of your head because in fact it does. And Flex and point and flex. Wow. Jennifer, you're flexible. Hold the flex. Find the sides of your foot at the ball of the foot or the ankle or anywhere for that matter. That feels all right. What I'd like to do is Ben drawing it in and kind of give it a real stretch there and then extend, maybe you can keep the side closer to your chest and bend, bring the knee almost right in or totally in on the chest and straight right and release it or bend it to come down.

I was going to do something and I said I'd come back to it. Any idea what that was? Ah, thank you. That's exactly what it was. A back support. So this is similar. It's a same thing, huh? Your favorite? I haven't done it in class for awhile so I think I'm going to mention it now before you come up on it. First of all, again, you can be on your fist or turn sideways. I'm going to take us into starting to lift the leg again.

We haven't done that in awhile. Now the reason people sometimes go, I can't even lift my leg. The reason people can't lift their leg usually is if they've gone into hyperextension and it just, it just isn't going to come up and it's going to be uncomfortable. So if that's you or if you know you hyper extend, I'm going to ask for a little bit of a knee bend and maybe it'll lift a little cause the there's a tends to be a weakness in the back of the leg and that's why that happens. So let's just see what happened. Let's see. And then if you have questions, let me know. All right, right for the first piece right away, press the heels into the ground so you know the back of your legs are engaged. Like you're about to bend your legs and drag yourself. Here we go.

Lifting up ideally feed her down. That's not available to a lot of people, but you must feel like your bud is working. Come down cause I'm not sure I have that drilled into yet. Squeeze your glutes now go up. All right, good. Maybe you're looking at the ceiling not behind you. If it's available to pick up one leg, then have to be high one. Let's do three, two or just think about picking up one leg, three other side.

Keep that chest up and open one or just hold for breath. Two and three put it down in here and down we go. How'd it go? Look. Pretty good to me. And it's a lot for the arms. No doubt. No doubt. So let's follow devil's lead and stretch forward. Yeah. But if you're stay and you all seem like it and although that we haven't done in a long time, we can do a lot of arms, which is where I'm headed. So starters, let's come down onto our sides.

Um, just keep your head on that in for now. Yeah, exactly. And again, options. If you don't want to be on your shoulder, you're uh, you could go all the way down or forearm. I'm going to go for the tivity elbow today. Yeah. Cause that's what rail would do. And I just got an email so I'm going to honor that. We going from here to here. So if you're on the tip, reached the top leg. Yep.

Just pull your shirt tight so I can see where your wasted. Ah, beautiful. Okay. From here we are flexing the foot to kick forward its kick kick and reach back and kick, kick and reach back. Yup. Check to make sure that once you get the leg behind you, it doesn't bend and I'm going to tell you that if it is bending, you will not know it most likely because you can tighten up the hamstring. Be Feeling like you're working, but you've got a bent knee. I'd rather you go from our glute on this one. Kick, kick and back.

One more here, kick, kick, hold it back. Quick glance, reach it further. Let it go out of the hip. It's almost relaxed at the hip in front. And now from there re squeeze the glutes. Everybody just gently think top, hip forward just a little. It's probably erring on the safe side. And lift one and lift. Three, four looking good and 10 anything else we want to do here? No, not yet. Stack the hip. Sorry. Take the leg in front. Top leg in front.

Come up to your hand and let the knees bend just a little. So I've got, you've got the top leg in front again, if you don't want to be on your hand or your wrist, I know I've done some risk stuff already. You're on your forearm for the side bend, so everybody is lifting away. We lift up, put some weight in your feet so it's not all arm right. That's it. Exhale, pull the waist up even more to make the rainbow. Inhale. Lengthen yourself out. Yes, Jerry, very good.

And Ben to come down lightly touch. We go again. Inhale inner thigh so strongly together that it's almost easy to lift up and draw the lower arm toward the legs. Inhale, open in long, stretch up through the crown of the head and down modification. You could come up, slide this bottom knee out, then take away down to the arm and slide away from it. Then come back with the leg back and it's complicated modification. You don't have to do that. Last little leg part is this five.

So this is how I know I did it on the other side or four I think. Five, Huh? Lower leg down. Everybody is five wasn't it? Top leg up. Hm. Take your hand and lengthen. Just put it behind your neck and lengthen the back of your neck so that you're in fact not here. You're there. You're a come, oh, you put it down. I see. Here we go. Kick forward five kickback one and four. We try to keep it at the same level. It starts at Cleary, four and five to the side, right down the side, flat here in front. I can tell.

Let's just think of tucking even if you already are. And lift five, one, two south knee sort of three. Take your leg back a little for Jennifer and hold five. Reach the arm up, reach the fingertips, keep the leg up, press the hips forwards off knee, and bend the knee to stretch toward that hip and just carry on. We're going all the way down to the tip of the elbow, stacked hips, shoulders down, blah, blah, blah. I swear I hear that. Sleep. It's good. It's good thing. It's when I sleep. Okay, so I'm just going to look at you for a second. I think you're good. I think we're all very good.

There you go. Okay. Um, first thing, first kick, they're like forward, kick, kick and back and pulse, pulse and back. So this can be done a couple of different ways, right? You can reach, reach with the leg, but I'm going to suggest you get there on the first one. And the second little pulse is just a deepening of it. I have more press one press two to reach and three, three and rage. If ever you start to lose the position because of balance, you change it one more. How's that? It last. Thank you. Thanks Deborah. I thought so too. Reaching back, kind of almost relax the hip.

Let as if someone pulled you then to recollect or barely engage. And now from there it's up. Two good, three, four, lower waist isn't moving. Just check yourself out. Good. 9:00 AM, there you go. Right then I said, do we want to do anything else there?

And we said no. So we brought the leg in front, that all out loud said out loud, shoulder down. Um, this is, I just have to remind you, cause of my own tendency, don't hyperextend. And so that doesn't mean soften. It means act like you're gonna pick up the floor and flex the bicep. Like you're going to pick it up. Here we go. Find hang out. Good. Feel the full length of your body. Yeah. Nice. Emily, Anna, side bend, reach over. Inhale, open up and Ben to come down.

I'm going to clarify something really quick. Maybe you know that. Go ahead. Inhale. When you go into the rainbow shape and you look down, the arm does not come forward. It's right over your head. You don't rotate at all. Back to the side and then down and inhale, lift up. So don't even look down until you know when you're in the full rainbow for now.

There you go. Now just your neck looks down. There you go. Yeah, it's, it's hard to know that your whole body is going sometimes. So I'm just offering that up. Remember you can have the knee down if you want and up in Oh to come down number four, five. This is five. Okay, good. So this side, this is where we brought the knee down for everybody and feel free to go to the fist leg is up front of the hip. As long we kick forward, we reach back, we kick forward and her next were long back three and back four and back and five we came to the side of the body. Pull away from it a little so you can almost take weight out or you can take away to have the arm a bit and lift up one for five too.

Pressing pubic pounds over three, four and five. And we bent and we took the stretch. Carry on to that hip. We'll swap around. Or actually you guys need to space the center. Like that's cool. Hands and knees. Actually let me get you off your hands for a second.

Come up to kneeling please. I'll take. All right, so heading into the thigh hinge. This should not hurt your knees. Okay. If it does, um, by just being on them, maybe patting would work if anybody needs it. If not, what I'm going to suggest is coming out of it and going into a pelvic curl hybrid position and just pulsing up and down just very quickly. Okay, so you always have that option. Even if it's not tonight that it doesn't work for you. Because what I'm going for is lengthening of the quad, keeping the body seal this so it goes like so. Everybody do a little bit of Tuck of the pelvis so you're almost looking down.

In fact, let's reach the arms forward like that. Then you simply hinge back at the knee joint so the back of the legs are getting closer to the calves. The body is going along for the ride. Hold. Inhale. I think it helps to squeeze inner thighs. Exhale to come forward. Once you get a hip over knee, you can relax the glutes, go back to neutral in how re squeezing, sort of reach down on the diagonal. Collarbones wide hinge back. Inhale, hold.

Keep the front of the hips long. If you know you're tightened your hip flexors, you will be limited in your range of motion most likely. So make sure that you don't let the hips, Pike, here we go. Hinge back minute. You feel your butt kind of coming out from underneath you. Stop. Inhale and exhale. Yeah. Okay. That's all we're doing. I'm going to add a little arm thing. Maybe don't do it if you don't want to.

If you're happy where you are. Here we go. Tuck. That's your inhale. Exhale, hinge, go. Where are you going to go? Raise the arms up. Circle around just like earlier. And then inhale. Rita. Exhale. I'm doing two more. Just so you know. Inner thighs. Get back there. Inhale, arms up, circle and brewer rested off. Ooh, I get gets heavy. Inhale. Exhale. Who Knew?

Arms are that heavy and inhale. Circle. Oh boy. Oh boy. Now we're happy to be back. The risks, aren't we? Down we go. Good. All right, heading into plank. So can all, everything I'm about to do can be done on the forms as well. So that's your option. Shoulders down.

Extend yourself into a plank position with the feet flexed so you're pushing the heels to the back of the room. Then try to feel the back of the legs. This is the work, so just enjoy him. Just talking. Now inner thighs, it's like you're pressing your five bones to the ceiling as you mildly attempt to Tuck the pelvis to appear straight and then you reach the head forward. Not going to see much there. It's just an energy from there. What should we do? I know. Pick up one foot, keep it flexed, take it to the side, nothing else changes. Bring it back. Crossover. Take it to the side. Bring it back. Crossover toes are pointing to the floor, to the side. I'm doing four. Here's the next one in last one.

Then point the toe. Same leg up. Lift one little pulses up to three, four, five. Put it down. Change knees down for a second. Back away, right back in. That's okay. I'm with you. Set yourself up quickly. Energized, so if you're not aware of what's happening to the ABS, they shouldn't be intense, but they should be supportive. The other foot flex to end to the side and bring it back slightly. Cross midline and this guy trying to keep the body still to the side and back to the side pointed toe and lift. One, two, three, four, five foot, foot down. Lift up to a pyramid. If you're on the forums, it still works. You just may have to take your time doing it. That lets all lower to the forearms.

If you can do them with the forum straight ahead, do you may have to turn your elbows out a little bit. That'd be all right. I like to lace my fingers, but it's totally up to you. Heads are down. Let's walk the feet in a little bit. Come up to the tip toes. If your head's in the way trying, you could either go up to your hands or pull the shoulders down a little bit and just lightly touch the head. Bend the knees a bit and gently guide your ribcage toward your legs.

And then see about straightening the legs. [inaudible] bend coming down to the ground. Take yourself all the way forward onto your abdominals and forearms here for single leg kick. So consider those back. Extension, hamstring or glute work. Um, it's going to be for a, sorry, two pulses. Pulse, pulse, alternating pulses for inhales to four x hills. You're lifted, trying to hold yourself up with your back muscles, your upper back muscles primarily tuck the pelvis or draw the abs up. However the kneecaps we go. Starting. Inhale. Inhale, two, three, four.

And exhale, two, three, four. And pulse. Pulse, pulse, pulse. And so it's just the top leg pulsing. See if you can control the lower leg. Just reach the lower leg. And I forgot where are we on the breath. Exhale. Two, three, four. One more. Set three, four and out. Two, three, both legs straight. Lower yourself down. Turn your heads toward the front. The double leg stretch. Basically the same setup hands go behind your back.

So see how high up you can get them. We're going up there. Pull the shoulders down and elbows to the floor. Benji's take a moment and try to pull the abs off the floor enough that you feel some glute contraction. Now it's the heels to the glove. Three times kick one kick to kick three straight in the arms and the legs looking down. Good. Turn your head the other way. Bend and everything. Get go. One. I was down to three and stir etch. Nice.

You get into open shoulders to ever add on to three. Good. What I'm seeing looks really good. I'm going to tell you why in just a second. When you're kicking here, two, three and straighten. No one's hips are popping up. That's fantastic. Keep the front of the hips down like you are two, three and hold it there.

Hold it there. Let's have you take the top of the legs quite close to the floor. Down, down, down, down, down. Not on it, but then arms just out to a tee. Yep. Now you'll stagger good. One above the other. Beautiful. You might want to come down Mary, unless you're feeling there. It's just you're really high. That's awesome.

Everybody rotate the shoulders so the thumbs go to the ceiling. Yup. You can put your feet on the floor, but leave your upper bodies where they are. Pull the ABS up. You've been deeper. Gently, easily press look down. Dushan. Press the arms up to the ceiling. Little tiny, slow pulses. One back doesn't move. Two, Yup. Three or five, four and carefully rest to the mat.

Wherever you feel comfortable. That looked hard from up here. Good job. Bring your hands by your shoulders when you feel ready to push back into a rest position. Or if you prefer you can be on your back hugging your knees to your chest. Coming up.

We're going to take and take you into a little stretch before balance. So you will come up to the kneeling lunge like closest to the front of the room goes in front and I'm just in front of that kneecap. If you can do that, it might be an easier time in terms of comfort. And what were you're aiming for. Is it for initially is the front of the hip that's behind you. So I'm going to suggest that you, rather than sinking into it, attempt to Tuck a little bit.

So it's like you're trying to lengthen the front of the hip but also lengthen the low back. Once you know you have a little bit of a stretch there and you may have to have your hands on the floor, that's absolutely fine. Then if you're going to do any sort of sinking, it's there but never quite given up on it. There's some held powerhouse. If you want more, reach your arms overhead. Yeah. And if you do it really picked the ribs up. You know, like you're really gonna get up almost and then let yourself come down. I'm putting my hands down, I'm using the forward foot to actually let me lift off the back knee a tiny bit to shift past it into a hamstring stretch on the forward. Like now with those Jean one a block. I'm just super flexible today. Um, what was I gonna say? You were looking for a flat back here.

So if you need to move that foot, you're welcome to. If you need to keep the knee bent, you're welcome to. You want to hold on to something you're welcome to. You're trying to reach the sit bones, both of them straight back, the heel, the opposite way. And the neck is part of this. And then, ah, I just sort of notice where your neck is. It's, I, I catch myself all the time talking with my head up. But if you can feel your middle upper back, the back of your head should correspond to that. Exactly. Alright.

Let's ensure our way forward enough to get the hands down the back toes, girl vendor and change or however you see fit. Getting in front of that knee cap, releasing the back foot, finding a gentle tuck of the pelvis initially. Then you can lift up. If you want to holding the knee. I'd settle here for a minute. And even if you are going to lift your hips. Yeah. Yeah. So in a stretch like this or in back extension, I've got some instructors in the room who know this. I know, but um, sometimes she would get afraid to stretch the ABS, stretch the abs in joy open just so long as you're not collapsing and, and that, that's the difference. Now if you're going to do the arms, go ahead.

Right. Because otherwise you miss a big range of motion in the body, which is that back extension [inaudible] not to mention a deep breath. All right. Again, I'm using the forward like I'm pushing into it to lift off the kneecap. I like to sometimes physically move that foot to the heel. I keep the knee bend, I find my flat back shoulders and then see what I can get out of the street. Like some days I get it and some days I don't. I'm looking somewhere probably around your foot or a little in front of it and taking the two ends of that forward leg opposite each other and that's how you stretch a muscle. It's getting easier. Just sort of find a little more space and use it.

All right. Um, bring that foot to flat. Step forward if he can or adjust so that you can reengage the ABS. We're just going to roll up, do a quick little balance here, sort of organizing ourselves in an upright position. From there. Let's challenge ourselves to stay on the mat today says me a, but if not, if you're feeling like you want to be off, the would would be slightly easier. Take your right leg back and then counter it with that attempted a little tiny tuck which you notice.

I'm never really getting you into an actual tuck. It's the directional cue. Reach the arms down your body and we're going to just lift the leg, trying to keep the hips straight ahead. If there were lights or just straight ahead off those hipbones. Now you can stop anywhere you want. I'm not going to go much further because I'm going to change it tonight from what I normally do. As soon as my grant goes away and my foot, then we're coming back to upright. Start bending the back leg.

Do whatever you need to do with your hands. Get Upright and see about extending the leg in front of you. It can be loud, doesn't have to be high. Rebend it going back arms by your side. When you can reaching them down hinges. Maybe you'll go a little further this time and come back. Learning to be okay with that foot wobbling holding from a little higher up.

Fine vertical. Nobody's going to lean back on this part. So easy. Effortless leg. As soon as it gets there, bring it back. And one more. That lower leg is going to work a lot, but so too is the middle and bring it back. Ah Yes. Bring it right up. Hug It in close. Same side. Hips down and change.

Good. Find it helpful to look through things. Yeah, right. Oh look at anything. Look through it. Whatever it is and keep your eyes still. That's the trick. If there is one, if it's a piece of cake, close one eye. I'm not kidding. I'll be fine just as I am. So you have energy, right?

It's not just about the lifting leg. If your leg lifts, your body tilts, it's all one piece. Okay. We didn't go all right. I didn't go super far, so I'm going to mellow on the first one. Then start bending the back leg, drawing the leg up and extended. Oh, very different side. And rebend. And I suppose I'm thinking a little bit about, well I am thinking a lot about alignment but I'm most interested in just what does it take to hold me up here without tension and neck or odd places extending the like forward, higher, low, whatever you need. And last one but just as control, reaching arms down and back, hips level. You could set a glass of water up there like a straight behind you wherever it is and bring it pack to extend and then set it down. Face out the window, give yourself a view and lets stand wide with slightly bent knees. Take the arms up, see into Whoa am she can do it on one leg, not to slide down an imaginary wall.

Great. Taking the right arm down, stretching over equal weight on both feet. I'm just going to use my form here. I'm keeping basically, yeah, you and me both, right? We can put us on the edge of a cliff. No problem rounding. I'm very rounded in my back. Just, you know, so I'm going back open on that same side. Aw, reach a little further and then come up and others that strategy, it would be easy to let the hips stick out behind you, keep them underneath you so it feels good and pull the ads into around supporting yourself with that arm and open. It's a little further and [inaudible] keep the knees bent. It's still tucked under. Raise the arms and just sink. Reach forward.

If it feels you could either leave the knees bent or you could straighten the legs here. It's up to you reaching the knuckles overhead. [inaudible] bend the knees, scoop under on the belly, rolling yourself up. Arms are still class. Then go down behind you. Free the arms. Bring the feet. Yeah. Together. And from here, just inhaling up.

Exhaling to let go. Bring whatever you think you need back in your body in just by thinking about it in here. [inaudible] well done. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah. Welcome Sherry. Come again.


I liked the deliberate pace of this class! The class moved quickly through the exercises, which was fun! Also having you instruct but having another instructor to watch- Mary who was in front closest to the video. Love!!!
Elaine ~ We Love You!! Thanks for all the constructive feedback you offer ...and for the compliments!
Great class. I like climbing the tree!!! Thanks.
My first pilates anytime class and I loved it. I love Kristi's easy personality and the time spent explaining...the only thing better would be to be there in person!
Welcome Cindy and thanks!! If you find yourself in the Carpinteria area I'd love to have you in class! Tuesday nights 5:30!
Thanks for the invite Krisit, however, living in Pa makes it tough

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