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Mat Workout

25 min - Class


Dawn-Marie Ickes makes Pilates fun for kids! In this Mat workout made up of kids ages 6 to 9 years old, she focuses on letting them do what feels good and natural to them so they don't get too confused by the movements. She also shows them how to find their breath and how to move together as a group with games like Simon Says, Stay on the Island, and much more!
What You'll Need: Mat

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So I want everybody to go ahead and stand on their letters. Can you find the letters on your map? All right. Good morning everybody. How are you guys today? Are you looking forward to doing some Polan...

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This is terrific! I teach a regular kids Pilates mat class and I am so glad to see this making an appearance on PA x
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Love it!! More Kids classes please.
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Love Seabastian! That's how most kids would be in a Pilates class.
I think you need someone showing the kids exercises as well as verbal instructions.
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i just did this with my two sons age 4 and 6. They loved it! More classes for kids would be wonderful!!
Wonderful Dawn Marie!
Love it and I miss you lady. Conner (age 2) was really interested!!!! hugs. Jeannette ;)
This is great. I'm just about to teach some kids' classes so would love to see more
Excellent! More please!
Love the imagery! Would love to see how you teach non-pilates instructor kids how to find their hips/pelvises/sits bones/etc.
The little mouse is so cute running in-and-out of his house! If you have any experience with teens, I would love to see. 

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