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Play with partner work in this Mat workout with Dawn-Marie Ickes! This class is designed for the "Magic Window Group," which is kids from age 9-16. She shows how you can keep the class fun and flowing and how you can refocus the group when they start to get tired or distracted.
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Hi, welcome to Palladio's. Anytime. Today we're going to be doing a mat class designed to focus on some things that are good for kids that fall in the range of nine to 13 otherwise known as the magic window group. We have Remy and a Shay here, so without any further ado, we're going to go ahead and get started. Good morning ladies. How are you? Good. Feeling pretty good. Ready to do some work. Okay. Before we start, let's ground into our bodies. I'm going to have you guys jump up and down three times and just land where you land. Ready? Here we go. One, two, three. Just Landry. Land on your feet.

Good. Close your eyes, kind of shake your wiggles out and your body. Figure out where you are. Open your eyes, take a look at your feet, line them up. Good. In parallel, I want you guys to ground into the bottom of your feet, but connect up through the top of your body. Before we get started, take a couple of Nice deep breaths and get all the itches out. Any, any itches real quick, that's all I got. An itch. Okay. Yeah. Okay, here we go. So getting started here, I want you to take a nice deep breath. You're gonna let your shoulders come up towards your ears. And then as you exhale, let your shoulders settle on your body.

Blow out all the air, any stress. Inhale again. Shoulders up. Exhale, shoulders down. Two and one more time. And exhale, shoulders down. Perfect. Go ahead and take a walk up to the front of your maths. Good. You're going to bring your arms out to a t. You're going to cross your right leg over your left.

You're going to cross your right arm over your lap and you're going to slowly lower yourself down to the mat, smiling at each other. Good buddies and melodies. Go ahead and take your hands and place your bottoms back in the middle of the mats. Good. There we go. Now bending your knees up just a little bit. I want you to hold on behind your knees.

You're going to take a nice deep breath in and you're gonna exhale and slowly roll yourself all the way down to the mat, all the way down, all the way down. Pull your knees into your chest. Good. Hug your knees into your chest. Let your neck relax. Good. Excellent. Take a couple deep breaths here. Inhale and exhale. Breathing is really important, ladies, not just when you're doing [inaudible], but when you're studying, when you're at school, when you're playing sports, anything you're doing, you always want to remember to breathe. Okay? From here, I'm going to have you inhale and float the arms up towards the ceiling.

Straight up towards the ceiling. Arms are straight towards the ceiling. There you go. Legs at tabletop like you wanted he. Yes. Ready for me to sit on your shins? Make a nice chair or tabletop. Take a breath in here. You're going to exhale. Reach your hands, past your hips. Lift your head, neck and shoulders. And we're going to pump the arms five times.

Breathe in two, three, four, five. An hour to two, three, four, five and out. Three, two, three, four, five, eight, four, two, three, four, five. And out. Knees closed. Five, two, three, four, five out, two, three, four. And he'll hold it and then release. Come back down. Let your legs take a break. So that's perfect, Remi. What you just showed us is if you get tired as you're building up to five repetitions of five breasts and in five breasts out, you just bring your head down and then you come right back into it and resume the a hundred so now we're going to take it to the next level. With the legs extended. Let's start with the arms float up towards the ceiling. Legs are a tabletop. There we go. Inhale.

Exhale, reach the hands past the hips. Reach the legs out. Up here ladies, lift the head, neck and shoulders, and start pumping the arms. Two, three, four, five and out. Two to three, four, five and out. Three, two, three, four, five and out. Last one, two, three, four and five out. Two, three, four. Inhale, hold it. Hold it, and release. Bring the knees into your chest. Good job. I know this is tough. You guys are doing great. Okay. From here, straighten both legs out on the Mat. Both legs are straight. Zip your inner thighs together.

Let your legs be like glue. Good. Now take a moment. Close your eyes. I want you to pretend there are magnets under your heels. Can you feel your heels in the maps? Good. They're magnetised. Okay. Your toes are going to flex up towards your nose. Flex your feet towards your nose. You're going to reach your arms overhead.

Inhale, take a breath in. Exhale, squeeze the inner thighs. Tuck the chin, scoop the belly and roll up. Two, three, four. Fine. Go ahead and sit up nice and tall in Hillbrow. Taller shoulders away from the ears. Exhale, draw that naval in. Tilt the pelvis under and roll down one vertebrae at a time. School, easy inner thighs for control. Good in hell.

Overhead Act. Hail. Tuck the chin. Scoop the belly. Squeeze the inner thigh. Shoulders away from the ears. Come up nice and tall. Tall, tall, tall, tall and roll down. One more time. Good. Pull the knees into your chest. Both knees in. Give your hips a nice head. Good. Take your left leg out straight on the map, right leg straight up towards the ceiling. If your hamstring cramps, you can bend it a little, but I want you to try to keep it straight.

If your hamstring cramps, you can bend it a little, but your head, neck, and shoulders are down. Your hands are flat by your side. They don't get to hold the leg and you're going to bring the leg across your pelvis, around and up. One, not all the way across. That's a little big. I know you're advanced with swimming, so we're going to go smaller today, so we're here. Heads Relax. We're going to come just across, around on up one a cross around, end up to a cross around ena three a cross around and up for. Hug that knee into your chest. Take a nice hug, switch to the other side.

Switch magnetize the opposite heel on that mat. Nice and solid. Relaxed the head down. Extend the leg up towards the ceiling just to what you can tolerate and we're going to come across, around and up. One a cross around in, up to a cross around in up three, a cross around and up. Four, hug that knee into your chest. Good. Take both knees into your chest. Good. And now roll up into your seated position.

Scooch your bottoms forward just a little bit. We're gonna get ready for rolling like a ball. It's how are you guys feeling? Good. Those leg circles are Kinda hard, Huh? Yeah. Yeah. So for both you and a shea, cause Aisha is a swimmer and you play basketball. You guys have really tight hamstrings so you have to bend the knee a little bit so it doesn't make you struggle so much. Okay. All right.

So do you have a good feeling of balance? I want you to scoop into your belly and pretend you're a ball. So you want to be rounded, but your shoulders are away from your ears. And now take your toes off the mat and let's just see if you can balance there. Don't roll yet. Good. Good. Now we're going to count down.

We're going to do a single one and we're going to count down three, two, one. Hello back. And exhale up. Hold three, two, one. And how [inaudible] how uphold last one, three, two, one in back. Exhale up. Hold. [inaudible] balance your elbows on your knees. Oh, place your hands together and pray for core strength. No, I'm kidding. Okay. Get your shoulder blades down. Inhale. We're going to count down and we're going to inhale back and exhale up. Three, two, one. Squeeze your knees together. Inhale and exhale. Whoo. Good. Three, two, one. Try to keep those elbows and knees connected. Connected, connected. You almost got it. One more time. Good. Three, two, one. Inhale and exhale.

Tell, hold, balance. Whew. Good. Bring your feet down and just take a little break. Go ahead and sit. Criss Cross apple sauce while we're here. Take your hands on your rib cage. Shoulders relaxed down away from your ears. I want you guys to just take a minute and connect with your breathing.

Take a breath in and exhale two more times. Inhale and exhale. Good. One more time. Inhale and exhale. Good. Now come back into your rolling like a ball position. Just where we started. You're going to take the right hand on the outside of the right ankle and the left hand on the inside and kind to the front of the right knee and you're going to slowly lower down to the mat. Good. Take that opposite leg and reach it towards my hands right here. Good.

Good. There we go. Lift your head, neck and shoulders, and we're going to do single leg stretch. You Ready? Here we go. Switch, switch two and switch three and switch four and switch last one. And switch both knees and head comes down. Inhale. Exhale. Lift the head, neck and shoulders. Use your breath. Inhale, reach your arms and legs. Long. Exhale, circle the arms around and hug the knees in one head. Neck and shoulders comes up in how? Reach Long. Acts health circle two for each long and three.

Keep your head up. Two more. Reach long and for inner thighs together. Last one, reach long and five. Let the head rest down. Shake your neck, side to side. Oh No, say it isn't, so I have to do even more. Okay, good. Okay, come on. Up to sitting again. Chris Cross. We're going to take another minute. Let's take the right hand over the top of the head and stretch towards the right shoulder. Get a nice neck stretch. Take a breath in. Exhale, blow it out. Switch to the other side. Take the left hand and exhale, stretch it out and come back to the center. Straighten both legs out straight out in front of you. Inhale, grow taller hands reaching towards your feet. Exhale, slowly roll down to the mat. Good. Bring your knees into your chest.

Single straight leg stretch. You're going to reach both hands behind your right calf, right calf like scissors. There we go. Other leg is out straight. Lift the head, neck and shoulders. Here we go. And then we're going to switch and switch two and switch three and switch. We're going to fight and switch. Last one. Switch both knees in. Head comes back down.

Hands behind the head. Right elbow goes towards the left knee. Uh Huh. Other leg goes out straight. Right elbow. Love me. You guys are so funny. Bring your legs down for a minute. You guys tired today?

Just a little bit. Okay. Bring your knees into your chest, knees into your chest. Hands behind your head. Listen carefully. We're almost there girls. You can do it right elbow, left knee, left elbow, right knee. And then we're going to switch and switch two and switch three and switch four and switch elbows wide and switch and rest. Take a break. Feet down on the ground. And this is very typical for tweenager owners.

They get tired about halfway through. There's like squirrels outside. They're looking around, they'll start talking about boys. We just refocus it. Bend your knees, hands flat by your side. Bend your knees, your other knees. Good. Here we go. Feet flat on the ground. Hands flat on the Mat. So I want you guys to walk your big toes and your heels together so they're touching. There you go. Nice touching.

Splay your heels out and align your feet up. It's a really quick and easy way in a large group to get everybody lined up properly. Good. Take a breath in. Exhale, draw the navel in. Tilt the pelvis under. Embridge up. Lift your pelvises towards the ceiling. Head is down on the mat. Good. Inhale, hold it. Exhale rolled down. Good. One more time.

Take a breath in down here. Exhale, draw the navel in. Tilt the pelvis under and roll up. Come up, come up. Come up. Good. Ribs down. Yes, and inhale and exhale. Roll down. Walk your feet in a little closer. Remy will make it easier for you. Last one. Inhale.

Okay. And exhale. Come up and in hell. Roll down. You guys are fried. It's okay. Let's regroup. Okay, so we can do it all together. Bring your legs together. I'm going to have you come up to sitting and spin around so that you're on your stomachs with your head at the Mat. Perfect. Hands underneath the shoulders. Under the shoulders. Good.

This is going to wake you guys up a little bit. I want you to connect your heels to one another. Good. And point your toes. Walk your hands up just a little bit above your shoulders, ladies. There you go. And spread your fingers really wide. Here we go. Take a breath in. Press up into your swan. An exhale.

Slowly come down one more time. Time. Inhale, press up into your swan. Nice ladies. Acts. How come down. Now we're going to do swan dive in. Help. Press up into your swan and when you're ready, I'm going to count down. Three. Two, one, three, two and go. There we go. Two more times. Three, two, one, Swan. Yep. And high five each other. And Swan high five and catch last one. Swan, high phone and catch. Good. Slowly float down.

A little bit of partnering thrown in there even though it's not a partner in class. It's kind of fun. All right. How are you guys doing? A little more awake now that you've got to do your favorite one. Okay. Elbows underneath the shoulders. Elbows underneath the shoulders. There you go. Go ahead and make a little. Yeah, make a little fist with your hands.

Press the floor away. Good. And we're gonna start with the right leg. We're gonna kick, kick and reach. And then left leg kick, kick and reach and right leg kick, kick and reach and kick. Kick and reach. Two more. Kick, kick and reach. Just the knee kick, kick and reach. Last one. Kick, kick and reach and kick. Kick and read. Now push the shoulders away guys. You guys got this good. Turn to the right. Take a breath in. Exhale. As you look down through the center.

Inhale as you turn to the left. Exhale, look straight ahead towards each other in hell. Turn to the left. Exhale, look through the center in hell. Turn to the right. Exhale, look at each other and smile. Last one. Inhale, turn to the right. Exhale as you look down through the center. Inhale, turn to the left. Exhale, look at each other. Good. Excellent.

Slowly lower yourself all the way down. I want you to place your right cheek on both of your hands, so bring your hands underneath your cheek, but don't go to sleep just yet. Okay. I want you guys to take 30 seconds and just breathe and take this time to think about the next five minutes. We're going to wrap up your class and I want you to think about some things that you want to focus on, either in class or outside of class, and you want to use this time to focus your breath and your concentration and your connection to your body to do whatever it is that comes to mind right now. Go ahead and turn to the other cheek about 15 more seconds.

Stretching the neck that way and just breathe. Just daydream. Good. How are you guys feeling? Pretty good. Okay. Now you're going to keep your head turned to the right. Yeah, to the right. There you go. Left cheek. Take your hands into the small of your back. Yep. Just like this.

Like keep your head turned. There you go. I want you to imprint your pelvis into the mat. So what I mean by imprint is I want you to put a little more pressure of your pelvis into the mat and now with your shoulders reaching away from your ears, but your hands reaching up like you want to scratch it. It's right up here in the middle of your back. You're going to kick your legs three times. You're ready. Kick, kick, kick both legs and then reach. Reach up. Can you guys both reach up, straighten the legs out, reach up, and then turn and look the other way.

And then kick, kick, kick and reach. Lengthen out. Good. Stretch the arms towards the heels and then kick, kick, kick, and reach. Listen carefully. One more time. Kick, kick, kick and reach. Release the hands. Bring them around to the front and you're going to start swinging. Arms and legs, arms and legs. High, five techy. Each other buddies can do everything better if they do it to gather.

Five more seconds for more seconds. Three, two, one and rest, rest. Good. Go ahead and press back into child's pose. Youtube goofy. Very slow. Good. Go ahead and stretch. Take a couple of deep breaths. Okay.

How are you guys doing? Okay. Come into Quadro pad, kitty cat, hands under your shoulders, fingers super wide. So you want to make sure your middle finger lines up with the middle of your wrists. Good. And your knees are directly under your hips and your feet are flat. Tops of your feet are flat on your mat. Good stretch up.

Backs up towards the ceiling. Nope. Backs up towards the center. There you go. All good. And then open the chest as you reach your tailbone towards the ceiling. Opposite Direction of that stretch. Look up. Good. Good. Shoulders away. And then Kat, stretch again. Press away. Good.

And then lengthen it out. Lengthen it out. One more time. Open the chest. Okay, excellent. And one more big. Scratch God. There you go. Perfect. Come back too. Yup. Kitty cat. Good. What I want you to do is reach your right leg behind you and bring it back in and your left leg behind you and bring it back in.

Now, right leg is going to go out and hold, hold, hold, and then switch to the other side. And left leg is going to come out and hold good. Bring both legs in. Listen carefully. Reach the right arm out. So a little bit of balance, right girls and bring it back in and left arm out. Shake hands. Good and right arm out. Again, you guys are setting me up perfectly for some partnering and rest. Good. Come back into child's pose. Take a couple more breaths.

Good. Now before we finish, we're going to do a little bit of partnering. So come on up to kneeling. Okay. Come on up and come off the mat for just a minute and let's bring the maps together. Okay, so the mats are touching and I want you to to sit spine to spine, back to back. We're almost finished. You guys are doing a really good job and I want you to straighten your legs out so that they're the width of the mat and your feet are flextop. Yeah. Yeah. Your hamstrings. Love me for this one.

Now before we start, let's try to get our, let's try to get a chaise Tishi a little closer to yours. Yep. So h I want you to bend your knees up just a little bit, just a little. So pop your knees up so that you can sit right on your sits bumps. So you're okay. Rum, I think ACA, I think if you just do this a little, it'll make it easy. Yes. Okay. So just a little modification for those tight hamstrings, which is really common in this age group. Float your arms forward to the front.

Good. You're going to take a breath in, and because you like your buddy so much, you're going to make sure you don't push them over. You're going to Tuck the chin, scoop the belly and stretch forward. Reaching your hands, keeping them right here and shoulders away from your ears. Good. Hold right there. Reach your hands forward. I know this is tough. Shoulders away from your ears and then inhale slowly. Roll back up.

One Vertebra at a time. Meet your partner. Inhale, arms out. Exhale, Tuck the chin. Scooped up. I try not to push each other. There we go. There we go. Roll down. Good. Now feel this right here. Roll up into each other. One Vertebra at a time. Keep going. Keep going. Tuck the Chin or reach out to the top of the head.

Reach out of the top of the head. Tuck the chin. Tuck the chin. There you go. Nice. Do it a couple more times now a Shay, pop your knees a little cause remys getting a really big hamstring stretch here. Stretch forward. Good. And one more time. Good. Now. Aha. Now take your arms to a tee. You're both going to turn to the left, so you'll turn together and back to center.

Now put the back of your hand so they're touching each other. Nope. Back. There you go. All right. And then turn to the right and try not to lose weight bearing on your hips. Good. Turn to the left. Inhale, grow tall. Are Lifter sternums ladies and back to center. Good. One more. I know it's hard. Look at how much you're pushing each other now. Good. And come all the way back up. Bend your knees a little Remy. Sit Up nice and tall. You guys. Axialent I know your arms are tired.

Bring them out. Bring them out and then slowly bring the hands down. Oh, okay. One more time. Now you're going to turn around and you're going to sit foot to foot. Okay. K. There you go. You feel each other's feet. Okay. Inhale your arms overhead.

Okay. Tail. Tuck the chin. Scoop the belly and slowly roll up to keep going. Come on. You guys can do it. You guys can do it. Yes. Grab each other's hands. Oh, hello? Yeah, just touch. Just touch. Inhale. Sit Up.

Nice and tall. Exhale, slowly roll down, pushing into each other's feet for control. For control. For control. Good. One more time in now. Tuck the chin. Yes. Sit Up. Nice and tall. Good. Hug your knees into your chest for seal. Yes. Okay, so we're going to do seal to stand. So that is clap, clap, clap, rolling back, clap, clap, clap. Three times. And on the third one. When you come up, you come up, hands and legs crossed. Okay, so hands go between the knees and around to the outer edge of the ankles.

Micro bend the elbows. Here we go. He girls. Ready? Here we go. And Clap, clap, clap. Rolling back. Clap, clap, clap. Rolling up. Clap, clap, clap. Scooping back. Clap, clap, clap. Last one. Rolling up. CLOP clop cop come up to stand.

Okay, keep going. [inaudible] high five, high five. Good job you guys. That's a wrap for us today. Here at plays anytime. As you can see, working with the magic window, although it is the most opportune time in a young person's life to introduce [inaudible], it presents its own unique set of challenges and fun in a class setting. But we hope that you've found some techniques and maybe some strategies today and tools or ideas for classes and maybe a little bit of inspiration if you've ever taught a class and maybe you've been challenged or intimidated by the kids in the group, or people giggling and laughing, you can see that you just try to keep it moving and having a good time. As long as people are breathing and moving and learning about their bodies, they're going to take something from it that's going to help them for the rest of their life. So thank you.

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This was so much fun to watch! Dawn-Marie, your energy is great with these young ladies, I can see they really enjoyed your teaching. It is inspiring, and encouraging to those of us who want to work with young people. Thank you! And thanks to Pilates Anytime for giving us all kinds of classes and workshops to watch. There is something for everyone!
Julie O
Having completed a workshop with you in Sydney recently, it was fantastic to be able to see it being taught with children here. I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop and very much enjoyed this class. My 10 year old daughter definitely found it challenging with her tight hammies, but we're going to keep with it!
Very inspiring! i've watched the other kid's class too and both was clean and clear, and at the same time moving to action.

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