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Mat Workout

25 min - Class


Play with partner work in this Mat workout with Dawn-Marie Ickes! This class is designed for the "Magic Window Group," which is kids from age 9-16. She shows how you can keep the class fun and flowing and how you can refocus the group when they start to get tired or distracted.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi, welcome to Palladio's. Anytime. Today we're going to be doing a mat class designed to focus on some things that are good for kids that fall in the range of nine to 13 otherwise known as the magic ...

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This was so much fun to watch! Dawn-Marie, your energy is great with these young ladies, I can see they really enjoyed your teaching. It is inspiring, and encouraging to those of us who want to work with young people. Thank you! And thanks to Pilates Anytime for giving us all kinds of classes and workshops to watch. There is something for everyone!
Having completed a workshop with you in Sydney recently, it was fantastic to be able to see it being taught with children here. I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop and very much enjoyed this class. My 10 year old daughter definitely found it challenging with her tight hammies, but we're going to keep with it!
Very inspiring! i've watched the other kid's class too and both was clean and clear, and at the same time moving to action.

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