Class #2307

Reformer/Tower Workout

60 min - Class


Enjoy the benefits of the Reformer and the Tower in this playful workout with Sarah Bertucelli! She focuses on flexibility so you can strengthen your body while you stretch it. She also has minimal spring changes so you can keep a nice flow throughout the entire class.
What You'll Need: Reformer/Tower

About This Video


I'm so excited to be back at Falaise any time. And today I'm going to play with the a reformer with the tower conversion. And the idea for this class for me is to use both pieces without having to mak...


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That was great! Thank you Sarah. Really enjoyed it.
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I love the spinal extension with the box, and the mermaid variations at the end of class. I appreciate the thoughtful cuing. Thanks for the great class.
Thanks ladies! I am pleased to hear you enjoyed the class. Rachel, that back extension is my new favorite! Feels so good.
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Loved that flowing and creative combo class ! That back extension in the end felt soooooo good ! Thanks Sarah :)))
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Loved it!
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Loved this class! I too loved the back extension and mermaid! Thank you:)
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Thank you!
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Lovely class! Nicely done.
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Way to go Sarah! Awesome class, cool variations! Thank you!
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Great workout Sarah!!! thank you for sharing.
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