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Get ready to have fun on the Cadillac with Junghee Won! She starts with a Push Through warm up to prepare you for Ballet Stretches and Hanging. She works on finding a two-way stretch in every movement so you can open up your spine and find release in your body.
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Hello, my name is Johnny. Uh, thank you for watching my class today. Class is going to be, as you see, it's about the Cadillac. I'm going choose as some exercises that are for warming up for Amy's body because she can to stretch it out and you know, southern knee are showing or something movement too. So just a little milder stretch so she can be warmed up. And then I'm going to do the, uh, today we are going to do a ballet stretch. So, uh, showing the ballots wretch get into the pose, uh, what we are doing, uh, why we are doing this and you know, those kinds of things. And then we're going to do the hangout finally. Uh, so I will start, um, first one we would do the a push through.

So adding the push through by here. Actually Amy has a little bit, uh, she just came from Dia, uh, travel. So she's a piece of stiff and Amy told me she has a little stiff over the arthrosis. Five, which is here. So, um, we are going to warm warmed up here and everything. [inaudible] is fine. Not only here but everything. So I think this is a good exercise for it. So hold the bar, do the hands on there and then just, you know, just to let it, just this stretch arms, just, you know, be natural.

And we're gonna what I'm going to do here. So headed down first, right here I'm going to a little more, go slow and stretch more. So I push my hand to here to the sternum. So I'm pushing her a little bit so she understand how to open up here. So she really, really gets a stretch.

So a lot of stretchy or stay for a second and use your breath and then you go to go straight to here. And then more deeper than deeper everything. And now they mix actually easy to push it down the bar and exit, stretch. So keep going. So I'm going to give her help, help a little bit. And then from the hip she's going to go by. So from the Tailbone, I'm holding here so she can feel the stretch. So keep going right there and stay there for a second. So still she's here again. So I'm going to push you here so she can open up here and then, oh, she's making sound music. She feels really good. Okay. And again, so here [inaudible] right. Oops. Sorry.

Amy and here and then go down. So, uh, sometimes I go here too. So be pushing me away a little bit so you can, yeah, right. Really like a little bit resistance. And then you're going to go back again from here. Slowly.

Go ahead, keep going. [inaudible] keep going. Wow, keep going. There we go. Hang back. [inaudible] [inaudible] and then go up again. So he reached up, keep lipped up, right? That's it. And again, so from head right there, some more open up.

Do you feel more warmed up? Better? Good on already. Right. So keep going. So keep pressing down here as you go, but keep pull up as you press down there. So we go there. That's it. That makes you feel better actually. Right. And then slowly back, keep pressing down your back of your thighs into the mat.

[inaudible] and then you will excel. So Cube Lipton, this is what Romana did. Sometimes she goes like this. Huh? And then Joseph called a tight [inaudible] release a little bit. Woo. So she feels everything is open up your spine? Yes. Okay. All right. Ooh Hot. Okay. So now, because I know Amy has a little bit stiffy here, this is your, go for her over the A and p here a little bit. You know, stiff right here.

So this is another thing I usually give it to my client or somebody who has a little sippy here. So I'm going to measure usually something close. That's good. Is that okay? Um, that's what I do usually. So lengthen your lace. So here, so arms hold it by just to let the feeling put. Uh, feel the spring. So spring pulls you up. So just let it drop your head. Just so you know, shoulders comes up like this, right? And then you're going to show the plug into the mat. Hold it there.

So this is more stability and then just losing them so more. Give it the room of the shoulders that just, you know, get the feeling. So this give you a stretch, right? And then this is, you know, muscle activation. So from their elbow bent. Right. That's good. Good, good, good. And then stretch it out as you exhale. Two, I'm going to hold it down here so she can get the two way stretch and then bend the elbow outside here. [inaudible] and um, see here, right. And then shorter comes up, shoulders back down, right. And this, keep the shoulders back down. Keep your arms straight, bring your Hara little bit shorter comes up.

And then you're going to push the bar off. [inaudible] so this is all know that thing. I mean it is a cheater, but you can get the stretch. So keep it table on down and the shoes are getting the getting the stretch. Yeah. And then you want to roll it out. Keep the legs length then.

So I'm a hoarding going up and as she pulls it down so she gets a stretch again. Her spine. So more edible hours and mobilizing and stretching. [inaudible] XL. Now bend the elbows out again. Good. I'm stray. Now. Bring your Hara roll up again.

I'll raise your lays up too. So she's lifting very good. So she goes, lays up here. Keep your head a slightly forward when the elbows are behind your head and keep lift your powers. And then, uh, and I had this slightly down and uh, I know a little bit and three and then up and hold. Now she's gonna go down slowly, simultaneously. So I had a heels, a touches, and had to touch at the same time. Good.

[inaudible] and Bando again and Xcel, stretch it out. Okay. And Bend, um, stretch and bring your head up and everything's up again. So I'm gonna push you up a little bit. I'll get the stretch and laser down, Anna and two and three, hold it up and again, roll it down. Keep your arms along. So roll down. You'll feel that right? I do it if it was nice, right?

Isabel and XL. Yeah. And Ben, the elbows ums up and everything's up again. So she goes head forward. Right. I know. Right. And the laser dow now arms the lays at the same time, so one and up and join up and three, ana pulled it off and then go down slowly.

So I'm holding her. So she goes a dancer. She got the stretch at the back in that as your access stretch and here, um, Zap and then bring your head out again. Come back up. Right. And then Rachel, laser reacher has a towards your toes. Good. So this is a teacher and the elbows, hands abet. Good headed out and then slow your control down. [inaudible] so she gets another stretch here.

Keep your legs astray and that religion has give you a user now and here stretch. Okay, thank you. Good. Alright. And then we're gonna do, I'm gonna let it let it out for me. Oh yeah. Mermaid. Oops. So we want to do the mermaid. So because we did a, a front and a back, we need a mermaid now. A little better. So a little side event.

So I'm straight here, so reach up through the crown. So just suppress the here as a one, hold it and then release. So this is the precedent by the way. So two right and three and hold. So she gets it engaging the back here, right arm up to the ear.

This is a mermaid. So we're going to go down, stretch your side. But keep log in. So she's just stretching, stretching, stretching, and slowly Baca. And do it again. So inhale and XL. So this is a keeping down side. The stretch. All right. And come back up one more time. Inhale.

And exhale. Sigh over right here. So she's open up here, rips here on the side, keep everything and come back out. Okay. And then release. All right, other side. So, so you know this is, this is a press grow tall and again, grow tall and they release, hold it down. Hold it. Now this I'm up. Now you will side. Very good. The, he was a stable.

They're very nice and come back up slowly and inhale. And as you Xcel strengthen and stretching. So this is just retching so you push this way, you feel that right? And come back up slowly. One more time. Inhale and exhale right here as I'm pulling up here. And then stretch.

I don't know your hear her sound by here or like, ah, okay, good. All right. So this is what we did with the push through bar and then we're gonna do some, uh, legs. Okay. So upper body, low par, we stretch everything. So that's good. Hmm. So Amy is holding here, her head all the way down and then fit a little bit forward. That's good. So this is a what we're going to do here.

So your food is, uh, you know, hip height. So we go just a little bit, you know, move a forward and backwards so she feel comfortable with the spring on. And just so you know, here and then back and front and then back [inaudible] and then now we're going to do a little bit, uh, by school, so a little bit and giving her a stretch. And she's flexible. Not Bad at all. So pull the hip bone down here, bone, and then bend in. Julieta so keep your knee here.

Knee is a hip line, and then you go here. So I'm pulling her out here from here so she can get open up the hips, right? And then I'm going to put a little bit more farther than she feels more. Okay. So, and then I'm going to keep your knee back and they extend the leg. So I'm pulling her out a little bit so she feels good. And then let's do it again front. I'm going to do two times.

So make sure sip on pullback, right so she can get your hamstring stretch and then bend your knee. I'm hugging her legs so she can open up the bag and then here pull out and they're a little bit farther. Go for the saw stretch, right? Mm. Lastly, the dod births. So back here I put up, put together and then made sure your lay SRE NAEP back with the banding.

Keep your nibble so she can really get the stretch I okay. And knee to knee. Knee to shoulder. So don't drop your knee that they are. So your pull the hip out. So you're gonna lengthen your waist and then stretch your legs and straight back all the way. And Ben, Donnie. All right. Okay.

Knee to knee. Knee, two shorter. Okay. And this re z. Now she's all the way above over here because she got to stretch it out. So okay, I'm going to take that out. Okay. I know we have the other side cause we have a two legs. All right. Okay. So we are here just so you know, front and back, a little bit. [inaudible] and just a warmup.

Sometimes you can do the circle, all little circles right as you go front. So stretching. Okay. And then the Ne, I'm hugging her left knee to knee, knee behind this hips pulling out and then stretch here and straight again. Very sure. Hip and bend the knee, knee to knee, knee behind your hip with the band. Is that too much? You have to let me know. We did a two times. So layers are put together.

Now reverse is up from the back and then keep the [inaudible] knee back, knee to knee, knee to shoulder and stretch straight back again. Lengthen. Keep the knee back as your band so you can open up your hips. Cods and knee to knee, knee to shoulder and stretch to do it. Do this. This is a contact. Okay. Alright, so we got stretched out now, uh, less, you know, upper body and everything and then we can stretch even more. Now we're going to do dia, Balas Rach. So [inaudible] the front, the side, the back, everything. Um, so we put the, uh, this, uh, uh, strap is the here against all the way, and I moved to this about all the way up and, uh, we ended this. Okay. Trapeze.

So I measure, usually trap is a, uh, let me stand in the mirror and this, she put the fingertip to fingertip right here or all the way up out there. Much is OK. This, that much is, uh, fine. Um, and then of course you have to tie it up, right? Yeah, go ahead. Yeah. So it doesn't move. Okay. So that's how I set up mostly. So first one, Amy just standing here in front of me like this, and then she's going to put her right leg here and her foot is against, so bottom of the foot is against it, so she can be stabilized and then push away so she can really stretch on her hamstring and everything, even, you know, calves and everything. And then, so he was a squared of course, or you know, right in lab to hit try to. Um, so this is good, but you know, sometimes like, uh, you know, I may, Amy has a dia dance background about sometimes in a ballet dance is very flexible.

People are they k you can make a tie ups as you can go up higher even. Okay. So that's what you can do that, so it makes it shorter. So you goes up even higher for the case. Actually, it's not necessarily to the here, I rather do put the legs up here for that case. So we have with the uh, you know, more stretched on, they'll weigh, you know, front this item back up here, but on this is a very high, so we're not gonna do that today. So we're going to do just the, um, regular ballet stretch.

Okay. So we are here as a square, the hips and she goes up. Inhale. Now Roll it down as you exhale, make sure this Cadillac is a wide, so actually, as opposed to walking down the catalog, the bar hands. But this is a very wide, there's, so I just do, you know, go here. Uh, she can have a balance. So like this and then you can come up all the way and the ENL as you ask the arch back. So right here as I'm going to support her back so she doesn't call us into the lower [inaudible]. So right here in his red and XL again.

So lift your stomach and there you go. Over. Well you can touch your head. Yeah, you can hold your lazier. That's fine because you are flexible. Why not right? And then you okay, bye. Make sure you have to have a balance. And I said Archibald right there. [inaudible] so right here [inaudible] okay. Yep. One more time.

Inhale and lift. Always edge your XL Rhoda. Lift your powerhouse. Always. When you get the stretch even you can go deeper down all the way. You can touch your body to the thigh. [inaudible] that's fine. So she is here and then come back and arch Chabad, right? So she goes a very stable, her legs, both legs, which is good. And there's enter Amy and then we go stretch it, the front to here, this way. So this foot goes inside of this bar. So you go stretch. So why here?

So as you just stretching, stretching, and then right here. So hang out [inaudible] make sure it's a square. And again, [inaudible] excess Rach. So it should you front hamstring everything and in and Xcel good right here. Ain't no one more time as your XL. Okay, so more and more bigger range of motion and stretch.

Right? And then she's going walk back two foot right here, guest. And they live to heal up and [inaudible] so going to do the sidewalk. So now square the hips, your foot is a knee against the, the bar and the body's aligned with a disappoint is more coming inside a little bit more. Yeah. Uh Huh. So square the hips. That's good. So hands right here in front of you in the center line. And then right. Um, which one is the Rhino? Oh, lifetime up. So this one up and stretch all the way.

So yes, it's a very harder to touch it. But when you get the more range of motion and stretch as she can almost. Yeah, she's a touching almost right there. So when you touch, it's not just reaching, it's about push, pull out. So two ways you have to stretch and then other side. So now this time you can touch it very easily. That pushed up our own away from you and side here all the way stretch [inaudible] open the ribs and everything with the hip down. And again, front inhale up XL stretch when you do more than more.

So all the way, right? Yep. And up switch your hands. Inhale and access. Stretch. Yes. Push you away. And one more set in here. Up Excess stretches. I decide [inaudible] and center in.

Inhale up as you excess ranch. That's it. Okay. So we did that. And then center your holders and the bar. And then we're gonna do stretch here. Sideway. So right here, right. And then sign. Hey, our rye, open the hips and do it again.

Inhale and exhale. Good. Inhale and exhale. One more. Inhale. And so as you move, you have to move your hands out to have the balance right and inhale and exhale right there. And then. Now Amy goes, he's going to the town. Does their face it this way. So [inaudible] and then turn, take out your food. I'm going to switch up for here, right there and then against, right?

So make sure your foot is on the your ship. That's a little bit moved by. So from knee, heel against back leg stretch here. And then balance it with the hands up there in the right there in front. And then lift your powerhouse. Keep the legs as strong and farm lifter pass as you put your hands on you at the same time. Try it. No, do it again. At the same time it's of avast. Yes.

And that right here. Balance and lift your pos and all the way that yes. So she goes all the way down, bend the knee and then put just a whole [inaudible] to hip up. Right? Movio has Mendini. [inaudible] [inaudible] so she can bring the hip, right? If lower down square the here's a try. I know it's a very painful, but eh, and then you're going, so stretch a little by little, so she's feels a stretch your hamstring. Ovadia laughter, laughter. [inaudible] and [inaudible] and exit strategy. [inaudible] yeah.

I love to sit upright. Mm. NRM Bend One more time. An excess Rach. All the way. So she got the gray stretch. Now has a mover forward a little bit of lift your head, find your balance, both the hands on. Find the violence all the way up. Find your [inaudible]. That's right. And then this, the food is a calming off, abandoned knee. Walk your hands back and arch by, right.

So arch almost there. And then take that out. Are you okay? Pause there. [inaudible] ums are, and now you have of us if you can do we do up, why not? So hold it up. Hold on. [inaudible] that's it.

And Jen, lower down. So we have to the other side. Okay. Yeah, always. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. So I'll put his again. Right. [inaudible] can feel, you don't have to be like, you know, straight, tall because he was under, so toy's a little bit out as a fine. Okay. So here, inhale, stretch and XL. [inaudible] lift their ego and up. Inhale and exhale, arch back, right? So yeah, and inhale and exhale.

Good. And e-net is up extra arches, Zoe. We trying to go here is, how does that feel? Yeah, if physical right. Inhale and exhale, keep engaging or two. But here [inaudible] and in that is up an XL.

That's it. And then red front, and then we go stretch. Okay. [inaudible] good. And hang back around. Good. Inhale down and [inaudible] then stretch. Good in Hannon excess wretch. Pull it up. There you go.

And inhale and exhale, stretch and inhale. Xcel. That's good. And then we're going to do, the side is still right here. Uh Huh. The poor, the hip town. The audience is behind you, so you want to be perfect and nice aligned right here. So this is a little over here. Ah, right.

And Mutua. Yeah, right. Arm Up and Xcel. Good. So Amy's a little bit stiffer here. Little by little, right? Little by little. Take your time, take your time. Good. So we open up here and change your hands. Inhale and exhale. Now push the bar away. Keep your, drop your heat. There we go. And here and inhale. You feel that? Oh, Xcel.

So I push up here and then go over so she can open a more better and inhale and exhale. Good. [inaudible] well more says so inherent up and XL. This is a, she is a stiffer side. You feel it? Yes. Good. Perfect. And inhale and exhale. [inaudible] move your hands about more right now. Push it away, right so it can more stretch. Good. Okay.

And you go sigh and STI. Good. And against [inaudible]. And uh, one more in at is XL. You all right? Yep. And exhale. Good. Okay. Now here, so you want to do a PB, right? And then actually this exercise you have to put the hands on a lot as a new teacher.

So lifted the powerhouse and balanced as hands. Now. Yeah, there we go. And all the way down. Good. And hands a walk towards your foot and bend in your first so you can back legs, right? Push the heel back, bring the lap, hip down and then slowly stretch a little. [inaudible]. You don't have this rate your knee, it's okay. But you want to get the stretch a little by little, yes and no as a band. As you access stretch. So pull all the way up and push the heel.

And one more. Inhale an edge. You excess wretch. Three times is enough. Cool. Okay, now find your balance. Yeah. Put your hands on lightly and all the way up there. Now bend the knee back right there.

And Arches. You walk your hands. [inaudible] oops. Is it coming off so you don't want to be yeah. And then go ahead. Arches. Right. Bend anymore. Yeah. Walk back more. This is side a stiffer and that's alright. All we need it to pass or we didn't do the pasta.

Pasta [inaudible] rips in slide two. Call your table on the reps in and hold field the toe to the navel straight. There we go. Very nice. Very good. Nice. Very good job. Okay, that's good. So that's why we did a ballast right now. And then we gonna do hanging. Okay.

We're gonna do the half of hanging and then for hanging and then twist. Okay. So head. Is he here? Oh actually, you know why you gonna stand here? That's the move. Yeah. This elbow, two finger to measure. Good. That's about, it's a perfect, the size. Good.

And [inaudible] let me take this one out. Okay. And then, so she's just standing here and the here rap. So because it's just a, you know, Ruby's a too big, so you don't want to slide your foot out so you're gonna wrap it or the teacher has to hold it. But you know, Amy's a fine. This is a Gla I okay. Stable, right? So first all we do the half the hanging is you hold at the bottom all the way down. Z. Ah yeah. Right there. Um, so Australia moved down towards me and then has an arms by your side and then just to let it down, let, and this is a halfway hanging may show your foot inside of the hip. You hang there, your foot is inside of it.

That's why you shoe to do lose, lose everything. And I'm just a salute. That's, I was really, really [inaudible] at all. That's as a hangs out bar. And the just a short time. You don't have to go long time, long time, it's not good. So, uh, and then you want to go back there all the way back. That's it. And this is a full hanging full hanging here. And then you can just, you know, full hanging right hands in here. Just put it down on the floor just like this, you know, loose.

That's a full hanging short time again. And then you can put your hands on here, close the Cadillac and they push you away from you. You can push away as much as you can. So you are here sometimes I go here, I put you on my foot here. Say Crown my on the back. So gently push to fit the Mamie.

It feels a very nice just to be gentle and then just release it slowly, right? And then bring your head up first. Arms Up, come back in. Good. Go back to though. Yeah, yeah. Right there. And then let's do the twist because it's fun. So you're going to come down a little bit again and then turn your body to the other way to the camera and then you're going to hold it at that board and a push away. Look up and stretch as much as you can. Just enjoy there. And then come down gently Urbandale elbows and then you want to turn the other way. So both ways.

Nice. And then push away. Lucca que lengthen and through the crown, very nice. And then slowly elbows, a band, come back center and then come down all the way through the half a hanging. There we go. So that you come back for the twist apart. You can do that outside of the table. And then this outside of the table way or that way it's a little different.

But we did it just this way. And then you can, you can go back or hold it there. Yeah, just to be natural. Lift your bottom slightly that way the easy to, you know, comes up slowly. Roll down, feet down on the mat, stay there and just arms by your side and stay for a second. Okay. So this is a, um, we did, didn't some fun on the Cadillac today. Thank you.


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what can I say? That felt soooooooo good. Thank you Junghee, you are awesome as always . Nice to see you on PA again even if this time just on the screen
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Great class. I love your shoes toi
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the best
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First of all, i really enjoyed her lesson . It was really helpful Cadillac workout!!! Second of all,
I am so glad that i can see a korean instructor here. I was impressed she kept her korean name. so proud of her!
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Thank you for watching my class and feedback.
I love my shoes and using my Korean name as well.
Thank you. Thank you!
Loooved this class and the tactile cues!
Exceptional! I just love every part of this especially the hands on cues. Wow. I hope to take a session with you one day Junghee!

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