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Mixed Equipment Workout

65 min - Class


See the how the full Pilates System works in this Mixed Equipment workout with Junghee Won. She goes through parts A though D in the system, specifically utilizing the Cadillac and Wunda Chair for the needs of her student, Erin. In addition to teaching a full-body class, she explains why she chooses the exercises she gives Erin and how they help with her hypermobility.
What You'll Need: Ladder Barrel, Cadillac, Mat, Reformer, Mixed Equipment, Pilates Pole

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Hi. Uh, my name is John. He Won. Uh, thank you for watching my class. Uh, today I'm gonna do, uh, just the one session with the Aron. So the one session means it just to like a regular...


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Hi Pilates any time.
Loved this class and how Junghee delivered it.
It is so instructive to see how the teacher slowly tailors the class to the needs of the clients in a classical context.this is for me such a valuable tool to take with me.
Erin has been a body for many teachers ,she is so able humble always smiling what a great person to work with.
Thank you Pilates any time what a great lesson. Thank you Junghee and many thanks to Erin.
I just wanted to thank you for your kind comment! Wow! It would be an understatement to say that I am, and have been so blessed to be able to participate in Pilates Anytime classes through the years. Because of PA, I have had invaluable experiences and met some the most incredible instructors of our time. This session with Dr. Won was one of my all time favorites. Many thanks to YOU for being a member of this special network of people! Thank you Pilates Anytime!
I think the variety was great but I feel every exercise was done too quickly
Hi junghee~ variety exercise is good!
Erin's smile is good too!*^^*
The A-D frame work for creating a session is so helpful and keeps the session on track. It allows for consistent practice for reformer and mat allowing the client to improve and build their repertoire of exercises with these 2 pieces. Then you work on specifics for that body with C on other apparatus and then having an ending wraps it up all nicely instead of just running out time. The client gets a real feeling of beginning, middle ,and end. I think a structured session makes the client feel confident they are getting what they need and builds their confidence in you as an instructor. Brilliant, Junghee. Thank you.
Really enjoyed doing this class and appreciated the approach on structuring a class A-D. Great to hear the guidelines for choosing a version of short spine, for example. Loved circulating through the pieces of equipment so nothing in my studio feels left out. Thank you Junghee!
Excellent workshop!!!!!
Really thorough and great explanations thanks

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