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Mixed Equipment Workout

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See the how the full Pilates System works in this Mixed Equipment workout with Junghee Won. She goes through parts A though D in the system, specifically utilizing the Cadillac and Wunda Chair for the needs of her student, Erin. In addition to teaching a full-body class, she explains why she chooses the exercises she gives Erin and how they help with her hypermobility.
What You'll Need: Ladder Barrel, Cadillac, Mat, Reformer, Mixed Equipment, Pilates Pole

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Hi. Uh, my name is John. He Won. Uh, thank you for watching my class. Uh, today I'm gonna do, uh, just the one session with the Aron. So the one session means it just to like a regular, uh, a session when you go to the studio with the plot is the teacher, you get the session right. So depends on your body time. A teacher is going to give it to you one session, not always the same. Isn't that just the learning, the exercise? It's about you want to get improved or something, what you need it for. Uh, that's what, uh, we get the session from your teacher. So the teacher will choose it, some exercise for your body. Uh, that's what we call it.

A plotted system and especially classic applaud is. So we have a, uh, strictly, we stay with the Co, uh, politesse the system. So I lied to him. Uh, say ABCD. So a is a reformer. You work out with a routine B, you work at the, uh, mat exercise and the c part, we say individual knees. That's why you eat, choose exercise extra for your particular, your body type, something. You can be a weak part, something you are stiff.

So you needed to work on the uh, strength or flexibility or you know, um, so you have to be improved. Something like that. That's your c part. And then d part is, uh, the ending exercise. We choose only one NDA. We don't choose like five and the exercise. Okay. So, uh, that's uh, how we do so you can work on your extra, um, something what you need for, we're unseat Pars. So that's what we're gonna do. So today is going to be little challenging for me because I met Aaron today first time, so I don't know anything about Aaron. Um, so I had it to, you know, see her move and I, what, what's going on her body by briefly.

Of course I got some information about the errands or body. Um, she doesn't have any injury, but one thing, she is a very, uh, hypermobile. She used to be a dancer, right? And a very flexible. So it's a, you know, I have to choose access and for Amy type of body, because she's a flexible, uh, I'm not gonna give her yeah. Bus Plus have people still, we need a stretch still. We need a stretch, but also we need a more stable exercise of [inaudible] so you don't go like, you know too much what I saw over a dislocated. You don't want to be like that. So, um, that's what we're going to do.

We're going to just lie on your back. That's it. Good. Very nice. So she has shoulders against her shoulder, Blas arms all the way. Stretch arms, toes on the foot, bar, toes apart. Yosef, together I'm gonna change a little bit to make sure alignment. Very good. Very nice. So periop dominant enough and up we do 10 times you push out the carriage back gain.

So one and coming and two and come begging and three and coming and for very good and five nice and six and pull in and seven, keep going. Yes. And a n, N and nine and in last one and 10 and can be onto your arches. And the middle of your arches together. Good. 10 Times or so. Go One and in and two and 18 and 30. I think Aaron has a little bit a high percent deniers. Is that correct? Yes. I guess. Yeah, yeah. [inaudible] good.

Last one and come back onto your heels and then yeah, uh, yeah, so ankle, little bit stiff. Tight. I see it. So I'm going to remember that for her. See Part and for us to Huh. And in and to Annie and see something. Uh, when we work on the we, the routine, we see things, what is the stiff and good point and better point and things like that.

So that's the how we go do. And I remember for that for later, for the c part, which is individual knees and come in and then go back to your toes with blood assistance and knees about shoulder width apart and stretch a laser. So this exercise is good for Aaron. You want to increase the range of motion and too good as your heel Stan cube. Lift your pass and make sure [inaudible] for cube.

Lengthen your spine through the crown. Even he sit down so you don't have the entire body, you I a stretch and six good and seven good and eight lengthen. Good. And I, so this is a circle for her and he was up and Ben June is the bad game. So bend your knees, your chest, now you're going to grab the shoulder blocks. I mean, now do your handles are beyond the shoulder blocks. That's it. I was, yeah, that's a good, bring your head out.

Look at job time and are then a hundred the petitions. So Rich, very nice angle in here. Two, three, four, five. [inaudible] three, four, five. Yes, she does the FISA herself and you know, two, three, four, five as a visit. She wasn't doing the hypers and the knee. I pointed over her knee and as she was, uh, in our little [inaudible] herself. That's [inaudible] if you know, you will have to fix that. And email and XL. Are you counting and XL? Yes. Email.

Yeah. Polarize or the little via pyre. I think it was about a hundred. Right. Okay. Ben Journeys. And then we're going to do the short spine massage. So yes, the straps, the goes through the handles like this. Okay, into that handle. There we go. And there you want to put the head arrested out [inaudible] and they want to put your feet here.

So raise your lays up and they live Ciabatta so you can put your feet easily Ben Johnny's and use our part and he goes Adonto bottoms or bend Junius so that's what you start. So this is just starting position and ending position. Okay. So let's, Rachael lays out the 45 degree, lift your bottom up and over as you egg here and lift up and good. And that is a band good. And as you exhale Royders articulate your spine and bring the [inaudible] down and do it again and upenn over. And that is event [inaudible] sale and [inaudible] to do here and lift your bottom up there.

You feel the bottom as thrown back. Cover thighs together. Up. Yeah. Some more challenge. And e-note is a band. I will go as you roll down, put those reps at the same time and again, owl up, bend over. And that is a bad, I toot your horn with the roll down with the [inaudible] at the same time because she's a flexible. So she just to go rolled out with the pulling the straps will be better than instead of let's do it again. Okay. Oh, instead of Ben, Denise.

Okay. Stay here. You'll roll down. Uh, this is going to have you overstretch. So because she's a flexible already, so she doesn't need it like that. So I rather go with the hip and pull down the way the straps are together, right? Yeah. [inaudible] right there. So this is ending, right? And then look, okay. You see that? Hold the wooden handles with your hands.

Hold it. That you want to take this on out. Oh Huh. Can you hold it over the handles? Okay, so right, there we go. So yeah, sometimes with that stocks. Okay. So here elbows are down by your side. Lift your head out, look at your belly button. So we do coordination.

So stretch arms or legs, hands up, Omni, down into the mat. We include your apps as a press apps. Press your palms and then you're going to be open your legs and close your legs. Bend your knees, keep press your palms, keep reps, your palms. Now hold it. They'll bend the elbows. Keep pressing elbows into them. That too. Okay. Got It. Do it against the inhale. Right away.

Good open and close your breath. Exhale, knees, palms and elbows. Press in Aaron. Stretch, open and close. And Palms and elbows stretch. And again, inhale and hold your breath. Knees and elbows. Rest your head. I acute a little bit different way because Aaron was a hands or was a floating up in the air. So I wanted to emphasize the hands of pressing down. Um, and, and elbows also was a precedent to the mat instead of afloat, uh, floating up in the air.

So I want to focus a more stability and pressing. So that's my, I was point. Okay. Alright, so hands the beyond the here down and those, you're gonna, uh, Sera. Okay. And then we want to do dia swan on the barrel. Okay. So we're gonna do this one on the barrel. Okay. So coming here hands-on, and then you're want to put you up time in a right against, and then you can find to the heel-toe and hills again. So, so you're gonna look down here over, so you can see, find the center juicy that here. See? So you're gonna find the Dio Center.

So first round, second round right here. Good. And then little bit bend Denise and move down so it needs a little bit open. So made sure that our pyre actually [inaudible]. Yeah. Um, you have about the belly button. Your top of the Vera right here. That's it. It'd be good.

And then may sure your thighs against the barrel, right? And then press the pubic bone into the barrel and then you're gonna pull it up. Diamond Upright. So juicy. She's a preparing already when you press your thighs and call your table under with, for us the pupil into the barrel. You see the, your muscle is working here already. And relax again. [inaudible] and then press against c.

So this is a supporting her entire upper body. Okay. So this is very important. So here, press the against and then you're going to look slowly come a key press and that you're going to put up there. She's a flexible, you have to know junior member so she is going to be easy. It is a made sure she's a pulling up, right? So this has worked so hard and there you go over, she's a very flexible and then stretch her less. So like you know superman. Patricia was saying, can you hold up right there?

So pull up here again. So press were hard tissues working here so much and do it again. Up and here. So right and stretched again. Forward lengthen. So little bit lower down slightly. Rizzy and then come down, bend in, it'll go back to a first supposition right there. Not Too much down though.

Right here. So less do, more natural. It's a little bit really, really letting down. Relax your neck and shoulders. Rams a loose. Yeah, from there. So you're gonna find the right here and up and over. [inaudible] good insurance, wretch, little pyre. They are eagles. You see right here and they're not bent over and email. So this is a strengthening to not only here, everything's now come down. Exhale. Last one. Inhale, strengthen here and up. Keep support with the backbend but keep using this now here.

Good. And up and over. Good. And stretch here and come down excel. Very nice. Good. Okay. So hands on your foot down and slowly roll up. Yes. So out on the barrel and then we're going to go back to the reformer.

Okay. So we are back to the Audi former now. So following the order, next one is a [inaudible] series. So we're going to do the pulling straps at first. So when you get onto the poser hands on here, you laser stretch, you put your thigh and the one side, the other one there. Okay, so shoulders over. Yeah, move down. Is that okay for you? And then you're going to hold it, this strap. Straight arms. Good. So shorter, poor bat.

Hmm. This. So we are going to think of the from here. I'm straight. So very activate here and she has a little numbness. So press the pull here. Now pull the strap and look up. Lift.

Your chest is so lengthen. So lengthen. Exhale, slowly release. Let's do it again. Inhale pool from here to here. Misha, I'm Susie. I'm opening here. And exhale. So not too much of crunching and work on the back here. Pulled back again home. Yes, right there. Hold two, three and exhale. Nice.

And then we're gonna do number two. So which is the holding the end of the straps go. So right, press down here just to let go. What you did the swan on the barrel. So you fill it in here and pull from here and here. So hold the two, three and exhale, come down, do it again. And that is a pull right here. Two, three XL. So you're working here too, right? And here is open the hips, lengthen two, three and exhale. Very good.

And they're going to hold it and those in one hand and step off to the side. Great. And we go back Straw. So you're going to be behind your holder, the end, does it be on your right and left? And then get onto that post or so tape on the edge of a busser. You can put your feet on the bar even more. Come down more, more. They are lining up right now.

So bend your knees, your chest even come down more. [inaudible] come down. There we go. Even more. [inaudible] I know right there. Let me see. That's what's too much. It's a little move back. So when you bend, what I was looking at is when you bend the knees, see pounds, right? The edge of the box. That's otherwise you're looking for and hands above your forehead without pulling those straps. As there was a wide outside.

She's looking at the naval arms, the legs up to the ceiling without pulling the straps. May show food is the over your hips. You don't want to go out right here. Open to and circle and pull together. Everything's are together. Hold one. Hold it to hold it three and bend the back again. Right here, up one into the powerhouse. Open circle and reach.

Hold it. Everything goes into the past two and three and bandwidth again, and up. Open and circle and rich. Hold, hold, hold. And Ben, stay there. Now let's do, do the teaser. So you want to move with here for down slightly. Move backward. Open your arms, girl.

So stretch lays all the way up and bring your chin on your chest and Rola powerhouse in a hole. This a taper, a table under arms, the lower down and up again to good and up and three and then pull up. Hold it now. Roll down slowly, girl, all the way down with the control and come up right away. Roll up and arms the lower down and up. A little bit. Push in here. Good. And I know [inaudible]. Yeah. Bye Bye. Bye. Okay, that's good. Okay, hold it now. Roll down to Roger Chess. Rhoda. That's it.

[inaudible] you have one more? Okay. [inaudible] Carter up and arms. The lower than that was, wasn't better looking and up and again, two and up and three pull it up on a hold channel. Cherchez and roll down. Good. That's right. Okay, good.

Now you're going to step off for short box unless it's a shoebox. Okay. John, just spraying carver the shoulder blocks and I'm doing the Gada two springs off because we're gonna do the two sprain. Four next exercise after the show parks we the loan loans registries. So we put the two springs on pretty perio head over at the time. That's why you put that disciplines. Okay, so your feet right here.

Open. There we go. And um, zone on your abdominal right here. [inaudible] your chest and you want to roll that as I progress my hands here so she can be a farm down here just so come back up and again here and Rhoda so she can go, she's a flexible so she can go the weapon right. You can go all the way down. I'm sure you can go with that. Right? Good. That's it. Look Back [inaudible] and Cola. XL. Si. And one more time. Good.

Some I'm holding her down here and bring your head up and Calum does it help? Yeah. Right, right. And then pick up the bar right now with the flat bat. So yes, arms up here. So may sure saber down. Okay. And then he injured your back. Good. And come back up.

Good. He and your back. Nice. And come back up and he injured back and come back. [inaudible] one more hinge back and come back up. Good. Now we decided to side does that. So make sure shoulders in front of the hips and center so you don't want to go over. So a little bit more forward and other side. Good.

And lengthen your spine as you go. Sigh and center and other side. Okay, now let's do the twist. So that's the twist. [inaudible] and go either way. Cause anyway, we're gonna do the both ways. So the other side there, so may sure you'll want to stable here as you go. Sad. This is important the whole day.

So you can all provide a manager better actually at the side and come back on arms. A lower dow with less of the tree. So we'll go back a little bit and then put your hands on the, you're right there where he shows you are. Sit on your sit bones. Sit on your sit bones. Okay. And then stretch your legs. Sit on your zipper. I know it's a, feels like a falling forward. Right? And Ben, Johnny, and again, sit on your sit bones and without not to the tailbone. And I woke up to income [inaudible] to not churches pull you up, diamond. I in slightly around the bay. Included the upper yeah, soft your sternum right there. It was a slight lift to up right.

Make a line nicely, you know, upper arm. Now you want to go backwards to flex your bottom foot. Yes, right there. So she's a very good, perfectly squared here. Hips walk down the luggage. Roll down, right. Good. Now good. I'm Zara. Bring your hair up, Rola, and then pull yourself up from the lower back.

Little upright and again, round back forward towards your leg. And then together back and then roll down from the Tib on hands. Uh, you can put your hands and stay forward to here. Roll up [inaudible] and they lift up. So a little bit of a Middle Bay like so that makes the laser will automakers a little bit lower. Down. 31 forward. Your poverty goes, uh, towards your leg.

Go together backward and then from the table and you roll down. So keep your legs. Study right here. Loopback. Bring your head up, catch you here. Use your more powerhouse in we arms and good. And then you will live to up. Okay. Right.

And then that's Freetown the other side. So keep the elbow right and rich and Ben and rich and Ben. Now hold it up. Walk up to your ankle so you not Cherchez use your powerhouse in your time, your stomach off or from your tie backwards. And roll down study.

Press the hip into the box there. Bring your head up Rola XL. So make sure move your a little more forward. Laughter, hip, mobile forward a little bit to see if more for me. Yes. And let's do it again. So round your bed. Entire spy rockets up back, walked down the leg.

Good. Keep your hip press. Pull your leg towards you a little bit. Yes. Now bring your head up color. So this is a work in the PSOAS. The back leg is the back part is stretching your hamstring. Obviously you have to work on those wires actually. And one more time. So psoas is a strength, right?

You will lifting your leg on your own and back and walk down the leg. Good. Keep, hold it there. Bring your hair up color there and right here, hold. And then way to go to, into the lab, to him, more body way to go to the, into the laptop. But yes, so we more study, right? And they're released. All right. Okay. Step Up. So boxes goes away. That's right, right there. Put that big span at Kane.

And then we do a long stretch. So we have a two springs lic already, right? So shoulders over your hands right here. Make sure he visits, you know, squared and press [inaudible] and come back in. So this is a good, you know, everything's a one pice strengthening and also stretching. Two ways, stretching. So crown goes a forward and your heel is a pullback. That's as it goes, a lungs ranch.

So it is a long stretch now and come in one more time and come begging without moving their carriage. Knees are down. Good. You move the carriage. See, so go. That is a little detailed things. A work made sure harder. So you want to really work on it. Uh, and also it's a good for you. Again, the knees apart. He is against her shoulder blocks, right? So knees under your hip line, so made sure he forward, this is a down stretch. So move more mobile, more and move more. May Show you, support you with your hip. So you don't want to drop the hip.

You don't want to drop your stomach. Now you throw the crown, you'll reach up. Inhale, press owl. Keep look at now as you exhale, keep the heels a back. Or did you come up? Crown up to the ceiling. And again, push away here. Now come back in, lift the, lift the lift and again in here, and come back in a lift. Lift. Lift Eh, one more time. And come back in and live. To live, to live, to hold the carriage in. Okay. And then stand up for up. Stretch. So very, see that's the don't work. Okay.

He is up against the shoulder blocks. That's right. Now you want to push out the carriage [inaudible]. Push more, lower your hips, keep channels your chest. Look down your heels. You see that? [inaudible] so watch your alignment and the can begin. No, no, no, no, no. So press owl. Let's do it again. Hip down lower here. Boy, this is a hip. That's it. Oh, okay. Shoulders over. Shoulders over the bar. Yes.

That's what I was talking about. Lift your hip up. Your right. Push away. Low your hips. Good. Hold this pose. Bring your shoulders over the bar. Yay. Now lift your hip. Hop again. There we go. Now for Sal. Yeah.

Now keep the hip down. Now bring your shoulders over the bar. Okay. Love to hear. There we go. And He owes it down. No, no, no, no, no. We're going gonna to elephant the to them. Yeah. So on 10 toes up, press the heels into there. This is a harder for you. I understand, but you want to keep work on it.

So I saw the up from the foot work. Aaron has a little stiff of fit. Interesting. Everything's a very loose, but feet are stiff. This isn't what I found about her. So yes. Yeah. Very interesting. So, um, so you want to put, keep food your toes up. Brian Foster, here's the family. And also because of the, uh, the ankle motion is a stiff. So she just struggled a little bit. So, but keep work on it. Okay.

So you can actually get better actually a little bit. All right. I know it's so hard and they lift up, right? So cube lifter I know is hard. So pull yourself up tier the less push a little bit. I will help you a little bit and then come begin. There we go. So out and come in there and out and it back in and out.

Pull that in. So she's pushing my hands down. One more time. I know this is a harder for you, right? Okay. Stay. All right. And then step off to the side. I love fund properly. If you do, it's very hard. Exercise is not easy. Exercise actually is a very difficult, you need a lot of his strength. Okay. Um, so now we want to do the stomach massage. Sit on toes. Okay. Front of the carriage, elbows lifted up.

I'm going to do the eight times, okay. Okay. So pull your stomach in and I'll lift your powerhouse. Okay. Now push out the carriage, lower the heels, lift the heels up and come begging again that UPTEMPO, try a little uptempo quickly out, down, up in, right away in Aaron. Quickly, yes. And quickly in n there in and again, pull in and put in an hour. Put in last month done. See, because uptempo already finished, right? Hands, VA, first time I massage, I have a reason to be uptempo because you don't have a time to collapse.

If you have uptempo, you stay. The Energy has to be stay upright so you can move up fast. If you move slow, you start to go sink. So this is, um, has to be a little uptempo to stays up with the energy and your posture instead of sagging. So you have to hold it up. Okay. Um, yeah. So shoulder back here, it's a straight spine UPTEMPO, eight times you can't do in your mind. Okay. So press out down in Upenn in n right away. [inaudible] and three Oh four in five in six quickly in seven.

You can go a little more in yes. C and nine in 10 or we did a 10. Oops. Okay, see, because we are fast and I'm see here now this is, you don't go fast. You have to go slow. So you know, [inaudible] slow. As you exit, coming, grow taller with the heels up, you don't drop the hills and use open as you come back and bring the carriage in, in, in, in, and out again. As you exit in, reach it to my shoulder, reach it to measure and again, and come Richie, Richie rich last month. This is a good for you because you have to bend the, your struggle with the bending, right?

Your knees keep flexors. So is a very challenging for her. I know. Um, and then we've got to do the twist. Okay. Twist and come in and twist and coming. So I'm pulling her in, trying to get her into the project. She struggles. I know it, I can feel right and come in fluctuate. I mean flection, hips, knees, ankles. She was a hyper mobile, but that part is a little different.

Okay. So that's what I feel. She has to work on it. Okay. And now you want to set up Sammy circle. So toes before you lay on your back, place your toes apart. So we, the plot is the stance a little bit. So find the right position, move much forward as much as you can line your back with or that don't move your feet and then yes, slide it out. Move that without moving their [inaudible] live. Jabara this is also is going to be for me, good for her, for me. So I know it. Um, cause a lot of the flexion again, ankle c so you know, little by little getting to the pose. Okay. And she has a lighter scoliosis, right? So she's enjoying how stretch and then slowly roll down [inaudible] good and Gen z, push out the carriage a little bit.

[inaudible] and then without moving the carriage roll up and from the hip and then come in all the way. So yes, and again, roll down [inaudible] and I'll roll it up right. And then come back and use open. You can open your knees, that's fine. Made sure right here. So she feels, she is, it feels a big stretch probably. And again, roll down from [inaudible], [inaudible], Armstrong and you push out the carriage and Rola and [inaudible]. You can, if you can see slide two, your eyes are down. You can see [inaudible] so you have to move over here and right here.

So at the same time, I'm increasing her ankle motion, knee and I'm opening the hips reverse and I'll make sure I sit down so you can see right roll down. Don't move the carriage at the time. There we go. Good. And come begging and then up. Made sure he was at this way era right there. Suzy. Ah, so you got to go here. Now let's do it again. Push now. Keep locked up. Carriage road as you might push the carriage a little bit. When you roll down their ego. So here, this is the way you stretch equally, right? Keep your hip down as you come in the carriage. Keep your hip down, Aaron. Keep your hip down. Come in, come in, come in there.

Now let's start to lift your hips up. [inaudible] [inaudible] and you will come towards me. And stretch is a needs a towards me. Right, right here. Last one. Keep your hip. You're strong here. I'll push strong arms and our toes and royal down right there. Now come begging [inaudible] good. And start to lift theory.

Go feel the toes. You know sometimes when you are people they are getting into the politician. This is struggles. Is it because the knee and ankle is our on toes range of motion. Actually that's what I've been saying a lot.

So you know you want to get into the position here and there is a good for them because if they can't get into the post, if you skip that exercise, you're not going to get there. So you have too little. But you have to get in that position session by session. You get better actually. Okay. Some will be about [inaudible]. Uh Huh. Right. Okay. And then you want to step off. All right, I'm going to skip the leg circles. Are we going to do just to new structures.

Okay, so here, hands, knees and so around the bed. So this is another thing, is it good for her? Is more strength than your arms and laser through the powerhouses. So, uh, I think it was a good exercise for her. [inaudible] okay, so let's go out any angle and then quickly in and two and three quick in and five, six, seven, last one at eight and step [inaudible] so look up good. And with the eight times again, out in, in quick and three good. Four strong arms strong.

Legs seven and stop round two bad knees up. So, oh well let's do eight times on you. Okay. So I'll go ahead out any if they're under strong arms or legs and three and four and five and six and seven. N A C you did it. Yay. So you're going to step up. Let's do running. Okay. So land your bag.

Good. So straight. So yeah, now I lived your pass. Yes. NGO running, running, running. Yes. Make sure knee straight up to the ceiling as you running and work on your feet. Range of motion, ankle and toes. So something you see, you want to get work on it. When you get into the other exercise, even in reformer exercise, you can emphasize it more so they can work on it. So you don't have to go, well we have a [inaudible] part, but still you can go, uh, emphasize in the uh, uh, reformer or exercise. Okay, so both the heals up and come begging [inaudible]. So bending the toes right here, see?

And then [inaudible] arches lift Jabara Ma and enf. Rasa and Axa come in the lecture, toes in and out and extra. Come in in an hour extra, come in last one in an hour annex or come in a hold it, don't move the carriage and roll down. You moved the carriage. I saw it. Lift your bottom off. Pull the carriage in.

C Key, pull the carriage in as you roll down. Keep all the corrosion. There you go. See she didn't move. The carriage that is is a, nothing looks like an add thing, but that is something for her type of body. Okay. So that's why I wanted to emphasize. All right, so step off. Let's skip the years split exercise and we're going to do a little bit of a dumb mat. Now we're going to do the B part, which is mat exercise, but the a well reformer.

I did a lot of explanations, so we did, uh, more than what I was expecting the time timewise. Matt, I'm not going to do the whole man. I'm going to choose some exercise for Aaron. Um, and then we're going to keep going over. Okay. So we're gonna do the, uh, because I found, uh, Aaron is a struggling this range Orisha and Koto and knee and hip flexor. So I'm going to give her a challenge to going down mat this way, but okay. So I will show you, this is way we can do. Okay. Designer, most of the people, they struggle and deeper go here. That too, right? This is the most easier. Right? So, but uh, with the help still you are something working.

So you're going to send it here. Basically this direction, hence the, you know, front, straight like this. So maybe easier right there. And then let's do, just so you know, nice to open this way a little bit. Right. And the stick about out like a squat almost. So go squat like that. Yeah. And go down all the way. She did [inaudible] and their hands are down. Buddha, bottom back, a little bit in the line. Your back flat. Good.

So we do just a little bit of the roll up and Rhoda. Right. You must use a flexible and roll up and roll down. Good. And Roll Up. So we're gonna work on the less of flux, more study and go down. Good to go. Just like the movie. Right? So that's why I put you forward. I'm stronger than look. And there you go.

Okay. I'm the straight down by your side. So single leg circle, right? Like up and cross the circle. I know. So similar range of motion. Small, so more focused on the upper body strength. Reverse. I know we did a four. This is just a little, that's the range of motion, I mean lasted wraps. Okay. And then change and go four times upper body's strong and the reverse for [inaudible]. Okay. Yeah.

Ben, Johnny's how your legs. She likes in [inaudible] and loose and again, XL and you know, just one more time. I don't do it. Normally there's a lot. But for Aaron, I think I feel like she needs it. And then you want to sit up. Okay, now let's do rolling like a ball. Just a few times. Five Times is enough. So go ahead.

Yes. And roll down and up. I just, you know, roll down and up. Good. And roll down and come back up. And single leg stretch. So yes, and change and change. So I'm gonna Change it here. I said Amy data's our her, uh, training way, which is issues or trying to be online, but we, the knee, hip and ankle, we don't mind those as she was holding with the hands of this way. That's the correct, it looks like it.

So can you do the [inaudible] what you did? So this is about the alignment that she's, that's why she's putting her hands is a correct. That looks like it. I can see right away. Um, this is good because a, her, she has knee, you can rest your head. Um, your knees. Okay. So, which is a good, but also I like to work on this one too. Yes. Okay. So here, so if we, you know, hear how to manage it, whether this, I believe that you have a muscle memory when there I want you to work on the more range of motion and change. Try Yes and change.

So I can watch you her. She's out of or whatever. Shouzou perfectly fine now. And Paul saw more this way and change. So here you'll your knees also. And is that honey? No. Okay.

And [inaudible] communicate with the client always. So all she says defies the outings is the ankle actually. Yep. And Change Out Andrew and your ankle. So instead of the pony, I want to be here. Here full. Do you feel that? So this is, you want to work on [inaudible] right? Okay. And relax for a second. So we did that, that out. And is it down here? Inside there? Do you know why?

Because if [inaudible] you do this, so that's why out and is it down to your ankle? So you want to stay the line instead of with doing this or whatever. So, um, that's what I saw here. Um, and then we've got to do the double leg stretch. Okay, so bring your head up. Inhale rich. And so qui arms and exit end pole. And again, you know that reach [inaudible] associates are working on the range of emotion, knees and a hip flexors and XL. And again, inhale and exhale. Rest your head. It's all about abdominal work. It's about the heart, a spine, d o a [inaudible] exercise. But she is the, I'm trying to adding her range of motion also as well because if she needs it and then sit up and open your legs.

So push the heels and just in one time without [inaudible] Rola. So [inaudible] what's your forces over here? Lift up Shannon. Cherchez cube. Lengthen your waist are soft, your stamina. [inaudible] so right here and then you go down [inaudible] cube here. So keep open up entire spine and then roll back up.

[inaudible] one more time. Inhale, lift and then go down. There we go. Good Cube lifting up, right? Yes. Little by little deeper and Rebecca and um, slow down. Okay. Um, and then you're going to do the other, some other races. And I'm thinking of for Aaron, I'm thinking of idea. Um, when the chair, I'm gonna work on her feet more extra work and then, uh, we're going to do [inaudible] going up or DSM mountain climb.

She's going to struggle. I know, but I feel like when she needs it, and I, we can do that some Cadillac too as well. Okay. So now we did the a reformer and as some mat and then now I'm going to do the a some c par. Okay. Uh, for Aaron, um, I choose exerciser first. So we're gonna do the, uh, exercise in not Cadillac. I was just, you know, sudden I wasn't thinking about late springs because late springs is, everybody's, Lindsey's is very good for any, any type of body or way to safe. You're on the back and you work on the hip range of motion a little bit, lengthen your entire body. It's a great exercise for everyone. So, and also, uh, several with your provider. So, which is good. Um, so you want to be here? What is it? That way? [inaudible] that's right. So we have a couple of springs here, right there. Good.

Okay. Um, because of this spring's a little bit light. So you're gonna put your hands against and they stretch all the way arm, so, so you can come down when I'm the straight palms oppressor into the bar and the shoulder blade into the mass. So you can work on the placement and very steady and strong, um, you know, stable at t. So that's why you want to work on, so, okay. And see here against, and then here to into, so make sure this is a plug in to the mat, both shoulders.

So more study and he be suppressed down. So I can give work the lane with the, when I push you her thigh bone into the hips so she can feel the hip, right. And then stretch laser. So she has a little lighter scholars of view. The, your energy goes out to this way and this way. So a little like a diaconate away. [inaudible] hold it. Good. And then we do this. A little circles.

A soul up opening. Yeah. And keep this stable. Your Taylon three and work on the more stable [inaudible] upper body, your torso, shoulders and hips. And spine is straight. Press down, reverse good. And one and two and three. Lift bone up when your leg up.

[inaudible] yes. Yes. [inaudible] keep a table down without calling your table under eight. Okay. So Aaron has a great body shape. Actually heart bottom is very cute. So she looks like I'm, what I'm point is that she looks like her pelvis looks like a little bit tilt, uh, because I did, but that's okay. So, so let you know she's a not talking pelvics right. So just saying [inaudible] and all that. So we're gonna do the walking. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight up to three, four, six, seven, eight. So on your own. So Aaron, two, three, four, five, six. Lower down, up three, four, five, six, seven and eight down, two, three, four. Rich, strong. Arms Up. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Right here.

[inaudible] beat one, two, three, four in, in, in, in nine, 10 again, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Again, two, three, four. I know she's a, you know, she's just rolling now. I see already. Yeah. And [inaudible] pause, pause. Actually this is a little bit, um, make you feel as a little bit relief. Actually I know it, right? You see? Yeah. [inaudible] here. Okay. Now Bend your knees right there. So we will take that out. And then I'm going to do the uh, um, Sunday she did a or why not arms?

So move down way down because it, this springs a little bit [inaudible] no, and it'll be loose and so she has to move down. Yeah. Right. So inhale as you press it down, see if you can do as lowly Becca and again, inhale, press it down, hold it, and then slowly back up and in a press. Oh, [inaudible] and up. Now one more time in and as a press now you're a small circle. One work on those tablets over the shoulders. Your back reverse five. Small, small, good. No, he got up. Okay, that's great.

Move of an inch a little bit. That's been not too much. Right. Good. And I'm suppress down. Now keep stabilizes your upper arms. So press the elbow down and bend the elbows. Keep herbal. So our upper lamps lengthen through your elbows.

So press when you bend, there was a length, then your prompts through your elbows. There we go. And again, rich and stable. Upper arms. There we go. Okay. And you feel that [inaudible] good. [inaudible] and rich Langston. [inaudible] bendable through the elbows. Lengthen. Lengthen, lengthen, and all the way. Okay, that's it. So we did have some exercise here. The legs. Good.

And you're gonna sit up. All right, now we're going to go to [inaudible]. Now we're going do the chair like I mentioned. Um, when that chair, so what I'm going to do with the [inaudible], what I was thinking from the beginning of time when I do the afoot work on the reformer, I was thinking about, I saw your feet range of motion. So I wasn't thinking about the [inaudible] tenders stretch. We can do on high chair, but I'm a high chair. Just springs a very strong, so I like to go here. So it's, you know, little by little, especially, you know, you don't want to go sudden too much heat, you know, movement.

It's a little by build up little by little so we can more get better range of motion. So as the hands are here, may sure place your toes and knees aligned. And then your knees right here. Don't put your weight onto your knee. You know what I'm talking about. So don't press it too much. Right. And then just so you know, upper thigh is all about the established right here. And then we just see no Buddha, the range of numotion here. Suppress the, hold it and then religious slowly.

So you get the nicest stretch. Right. And again, press us too. And then, yeah. And three good and yeah. Good for, uh Huh. So little by little.

Ah, okay. How do you feel good is okay. Spring is okay. So I'm usually one of the top one on the bottom, seven and a eight. Okay. That's enough. So say eight times, but sometimes you can include more, you know, um, one more, uh, the reps. Good. So without putting the waste into your knee too much.

And then you go here. So I'm just standing here, sitting here, it says looking hard, alignment, knee and heel n how is second toe? Uh Huh. And the re I see from her knee everything. Uh Huh. She was shaking a little bit and then more, more, more.

So that's why we wanna we are doing this right. And then when you press it down, you're gonna feel the tall when you hear your ankle motion right. Tall and ankle. All right. Okay. So I think it's good enough. And then we're gonna do the, uh, going up to the mountain climb hands on top.

[inaudible] that's it. So the needs are over your toe, arms to the side, right? That's slightly saline board. Lift your posture without putting way too into the lay too much. And then you go up [inaudible] code and slowly come though with a five times as slowly as you come down. Lengthen your spine and again up [inaudible] and come down an up and hold it is a four. Okay, that's good.

And up Ben, hold and calm down. Okay, now sheeo go up again. Hold it up. Now from there without Ben. Uh, are you going to bend the knees of both without pushing down the pedal? Bend your knees, Bend your knees around the where. Roundabout roundabout right there. So may sure this is supposedly perpendicular from the top over the chair, but which is very hard.

So here and back leg is straight and then bent back leg is straight. And then Ben and that leg stress time I used to offer from your thighs so you don't want to put your way to on to your, your thigh [inaudible] last month. And uh, so this is, I did a very slow, because I wanted really get into the right pose. You stylize off hands the lightly touch right there. So you want to get off of from here so you don't want to collapse into the, uh, your hip and leg. Okay, now we are going to change other side. So we do the up very slowly.

Okay, right there. [inaudible] powerhouse in and right there. Hold and come down. Good again. Lift up and hold and come down. [inaudible] and lift up and hold and come down and lift up and hold. Now from there, you want to slowly go down with the, into their mountain climb position and you want to bend knee without pushing down the para.

So you have to [inaudible] may show deep is a more down deeper if you can, right? And go straight and bend the knee. Now against rate and keep your table under MBN here and put in and here and we'll in your eye, I can feel she's a struggling and in one more time in all the k. Now that's it. So, um, trying to get into the, her uh, more, I get range of motion better as a not only, you know, flexible like that. So this way your knee, you know, everything that's I tried to do and ankle and toes and also so I think it's a good exercise for her. Okay. So now, yeah, here finally for ending exercise, um, I choose it just a regular standing exercise, um, because it's a step Lottie. And um, I tried to add something for her toes again. Uh, so we, the chest is spent just standing test expansion and just a regularly, um, yeah, just the right there. And then just so you know, just it's special.

So in a press good and lengthen your spine through the crown. Look to the right and center, look to the left and center and access state tall. And again, press it down, look to the left, sorry. And Center, you have to change it to look to the right and center and exhale, release. And again, one more set press now, right. Good. And Center to the left and center. The next, Sarah is the last one. You know what?

I'm pressed to the left and center to the right and center on an accelerated. Now I'm gonna add to here. So if you can raise your heels up, pressing down the bar. So when you press it down down the bar, you can work on your toes more harder. Press it to the ground and all the way upright. Do you stay tall? Right? And slowly release. And again, press [inaudible].

There we go. That's a more engaging feeling here. So I'm putting my fingers up between heart heals and pressed my finger just a little bit. So squeeze on my heels and my fingers. Yes. Do you feel that and feel it that as you lower the, here's the key press, press, press, press, press. Yeah. So you feel that kind of feeling and lived to up [inaudible]. That's good. And release. Now first of all, as you lift the heels up and now hold it, now you stay there, release out, stay with your toes. The right there is a little more. Give it a challenge.

I know. Yes, it's you know, hard. And we did a buy here. Now lower the hills so you'll own your own yours. Right? Pressing the bar helps to elevate your heels up. Bourbon. Your bar is up here. It's a struggle because you have to really use your toes, strength and lower the heels live without lifting the, so now here, stay there and then lived through the hills. Right. That is so hard.

Isn't that easy? And then when you lower the heels [inaudible] toes lower the heels don't live [inaudible] yeah. And just one more time, Upenn, hold and lower the hill with the breath. Victoza down. Stay down. Don't live to the big toes. I know that's, it does a little thing, but it's a very challenging for her. Right. And just the here. So I'm going to help her here and just see, you know Ben, Denise [inaudible] right. And the lawyer here is a deep as you can.

Yeah. Good. And then stay there. Stay to say three and then come back up. Probably stretches your back too. And again [inaudible] good. Well she does is a very good position. So she doesn't go the knees a forward Nisa stays a backward, which is a very important because you don't want to need to bring forward because of that is a, you know, gives you a bad feeling on your knees by nieces stays up and he visited down. That is a very safe before your niece. And one more time. Yeah. [inaudible] good. Stay there.

Stay and bring your ankles more forward. Yeah, that's it. Do feel that. Yes. See, so when you bring the uh, your ankles and word-for-word away, she feels a stretch out with the back of the idea that alkalis and ankle in getting the, get into the why better range of motion and then stays up there. Okay. So this is my Staten set up, the uh, um, fill out this lesson for Aaron body type. Um, sometimes we stays in this way, sometimes I find that something else. And then we work on the, uh, that part again on c part, which is individual part again. Um, you can play with that on c part.

So we did a, some exercise here, but some exercise we can do choose are some other exercises for Aaron's body type. So it can be changeable all the time. You don't stay every single lesson. You can stay every single lesson, same routine, but also you can change your ball on seaport or sometimes when she gets a better, of course, at a par B par, you change. Sometimes a, we do more math, sometimes we the last a reformer. And sometimes, uh, we do more c part the individual part. Um, but always, always stay with the system. Okay. Thank you.


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Hi Pilates any time.
Loved this class and how Junghee delivered it.
It is so instructive to see how the teacher slowly tailors the class to the needs of the clients in a classical context.this is for me such a valuable tool to take with me.
Erin has been a body for many teachers ,she is so able humble always smiling what a great person to work with.
Thank you Pilates any time what a great lesson. Thank you Junghee and many thanks to Erin.
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I just wanted to thank you for your kind comment! Wow! It would be an understatement to say that I am, and have been so blessed to be able to participate in Pilates Anytime classes through the years. Because of PA, I have had invaluable experiences and met some the most incredible instructors of our time. This session with Dr. Won was one of my all time favorites. Many thanks to YOU for being a member of this special network of people! Thank you Pilates Anytime!
I think the variety was great but I feel every exercise was done too quickly
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Hi junghee~ variety exercise is good!
Erin's smile is good too!*^^*
The A-D frame work for creating a session is so helpful and keeps the session on track. It allows for consistent practice for reformer and mat allowing the client to improve and build their repertoire of exercises with these 2 pieces. Then you work on specifics for that body with C on other apparatus and then having an ending wraps it up all nicely instead of just running out time. The client gets a real feeling of beginning, middle ,and end. I think a structured session makes the client feel confident they are getting what they need and builds their confidence in you as an instructor. Brilliant, Junghee. Thank you.
Really enjoyed doing this class and appreciated the approach on structuring a class A-D. Great to hear the guidelines for choosing a version of short spine, for example. Loved circulating through the pieces of equipment so nothing in my studio feels left out. Thank you Junghee!
Excellent workshop!!!!!
Really thorough and great explanations thanks

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