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Mixed Equipment Workout

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Realign your spine with this Mixed Equipment workout with Monica Wilson. She starts with a warm up on the Mat to get your body ready and then moves on to work with the Small Barrel. These movements will help you strengthen your powerhouse so you can support your alignment.
What You'll Need: Mat, Mixed Equipment, Baby Arc, Hand Weights

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Okay. Today we are going to do a workout with the small or mini barrel. And whenever you get a chance to work with a barrel, you know you're going to be realigning your spine and strengthening your powerhouse in order to get there. So we're going to start with Christie standing up and I want you to start in your Pilati stance. So go ahead and start with your toes, two to three inches apart and heels together because we naturally do not stand with proper posture and we're trying to have a nice active lifestyle for as long as we want to be. So we want to really protect our spine. So we have our box, which is nice and square or on the front though it's straight line from shoulder to shoulder, straight line from hip to hip. You want to draw that straight line from hip to hip and pull your belly behind that line.

One of the most common things that the barrel is going to help fix is we tighten the lower back. So if you go ahead and drop the [inaudible]. Yep. So she just dropped her pelvis down. And this area shortened, which makes the back really tight and the stomach really hard to tighten actually. So as the complete opposite. So we want to pretend that your spine continues to your tail bone, which is really a tail, and that there's a way to at the end of the tail so that this area lengthens. We're not gonna do a pelvic tilt or a tuck. Go ahead and show that for me, Kristy. Good. We don't want to exaggerate like that. That's not what our goal is, but we do want length versus shortening your lower back.

And then we want your belly to be available to pull into the lower back, pulling behind these bones. So don't just try to pull in a little bit. You really want to give me your all on this. You want to really just pull in and then come on, Christie. And that is, you can put, not just pull in, but take it another level is feel yourself stretch up into your upper back. So if we were thinking about it from the front, you want to use your belly to almost pull these bones up with you so that your waist really lengthens up. So we've got nice support. So we're going to dramatically work this area and we're going to really stretch that lower back. In order to get ready for our mini barrel or small barrel, we're going to start off with a little bit of mat work.

So we're going to go ahead and lie down. So you're gonna want to have a mini barrel or a small barrel. That's what this workout is about. Okay? I have a strap at the end. If you don't have a strap, if you have one of those higher tower mats, you might have a strap at the very end and that's a great strap, maybe even better than this one, but this is like a Cadillac Strap, okay? If you don't have any of those and you just have a yoga mat at home, when it comes time to do the work with the strap, you can put your feet underneath a couch and that helps hold them down.

I also have two two pound weights and you're going to need them for the very last two exercises that we will do for shoulder stabilization and strengthening. Now if you don't have two pound weights, I love just using like two soup cans or something that is of equal weight, something you find in your pantry. So, all right, so we're going to start with our mat work. It's nice and bright and sunny. Great. California Summer Day are going to bend your knees almost the end of summer though. And um, we're going to start off with the a hundred so I'm going to challenge her to keep her pelvis like this during her hundred. I don't want her to Tuck it too much. So go ahead and tilt.

So we're going to try not to do it with a tilted pelvis, but certainly she has her back flat right now. Can she keep her back flat and yet roll her tail bone away from her so that she's laying stunning that lower back. Okay. That would be a goal. If you can't get your tailbone down and have your lower back down because your stomach's pulling into it during the a hundred then do allow yourself to tilt a little bit, but know that you're trying to work towards the other. Okay. All right. I want you to use your belly to go ahead and lift your head and shoulders.

Good drawing in your belly. Go ahead and bring in one knee and then the other excellent and little less energy in those legs. And go ahead and pull your belly in and up. Like we talked about when you were standing. Yes, yes, yes. So it's pulling right on up to here. Good. And I want you to go ahead and pump for the a hundred in with the air. Two, three, four, five. Exhale. Two, three, four, five. Good.

Try to touch both of my hands. Yes. Now Christy recently was enjoying some gymnastics and injured her shoulder so I'm going to be keeping an eye on her right shoulder. Might not seem like it cause she's extremely proficient in Peloton. So most things don't hurt her, but I am going to be keeping an eye on it and right off the bat and why I designed this workout is I need her to pull not just into the mat but pull up more to round her upper back cause right here we're going to do one more, right. This area is what supports your shoulder. Go ahead and bend your knees and hug them into your chest. Good.

And we're going to sit up for the roll back. So the area right under your shoulder blades and right under your chest is crucial into supporting your arms and supporting your shoulders. So if she is arching in this area, go ahead. Like so and trying to move her arm, her arms gonna move independently and that's not good. So the barrel is going to be fantastic to feel whether she's lifting off the barrel on that area or not. And if it's more your lower back, you're going to feel whether this is on barrel or not. So to start off with, you can either use a strap or not.

And let's go ahead and tuck them under cause it's here and it's nice. We're going to keep our shoulders directly over her hips and round your back. Okay. [inaudible] okay, good. [inaudible] yes, I'm just kinda relaxed in this area here and I want her to move from her lower belly from her tiny lower stomach. Okay, good, good, good. I want you to keep your hands right there. Take a breath and exhale.

Come forward using your powerhouse. Good. All right, so I would bend your knees just a little bit more. It's still using that strap. Okay. So what I want to challenge you is, and I want to challenge you at home, keep your hands underneath your knees yet. Get your waistband down and in with the air and exhale. So I'm not letting her. What happens is then you can't move your upper body down so much to cheat and get your lower back down.

Take a breath and pull in and up into that area. That is better. And again, like that. So we're pulling in. I love using the image of fewer on the reformer. You'd pull in and pull up into your upper back. Good. Take a breath and still pulling that reformer out or do a one more and squeeze your seat. So we're really articulating the spine, this exercise. Good.

Let's go down a little lower to the back of your shoulder blades. Now keep your waistband down, but lift up. Curl up one bone eyes right here. Use your middle belly in and up and start coming up. Yes, yes, yes. Excellent, good. And again, down to the bottom of your shoulder blades or your bra strap.

That was a lot of movement here. Let's get this going. That lower belly. Beautiful cause I want you to be pulling those hipbones towards you. I'm just overemphasizing supporting this area here today and curling up. It didn't quite get there and get, get, get, get a, Huh?

Now press it down into the mat as you curl under my arm. That's it. And keep pulling in and up towards you. Beautiful. That's the shape I want. Getting yourself in the right alignment is crucial. She's loving me. At this moment, we're going to do two more all the way down. So from squeezing your hips, you've got that strap to reach your tail long cause we are stretching that lower back. That is beautiful.

Keep going through and articulate all the way down until your head touches the mat. Inhale, lift the head up. And now here is where it matters most for you. Strengthen this area round. Pull your belly up into here. Yes. Beautiful. That is fantastic. One last one like that.

Squeeze your hips and pulling back. That's it. Gorgeous. All the way down and inhale, head up and you curl up by pulling in and up into this area. Wonderful. Keep puling in. Yes. And now I want you to go down all the way again, more lower back, more lower belly. That's it. That's it. Always pulling in and up.

Always lengthening out your spine and you get to take a little break. Good. Let's take the feet out of the strap. You can do single leg circle with the bent knees or you can do them with straight. She's very flexible. So we're going to do it with straight. Now I want you to hug the right knee into your chest, straighten that leg up to the ceiling. Okay. And I'm still gonna make her work on that connection.

So I want your belly in and we're just going to reach down and I want her belly to pull in and not lift the ribs, but to feel it. Pull in and fill this cavity right here as she reaches away. Long leg down the middle of your body and pull back up from here. Yes. And now hold it up and cross around and pull up. So I want you to keep circling and four and focus on that area.

There should not be a big tunnel under your bra strap or where the shoulder blades hit. I want you to focus on that strength. I want your arms longer by your side. One more. I want your triceps pressing hold, reverse reach around and up, pulling in and up into that area. So she's going to pull in and up. Yeah, that around enough. Two more last time. Pulling in and up and bend that knee in and hug it. Put that leg down. This time when you bring in the left leg, pull it, get rid of that hole and pull up. Bring that knee. Oh, that was so gorgeous.

And straighten that leg and stretch it towards you. And you're going to start with one down reaching. That's it. Getting the hips even. But again, pull into this area. Don't let there be a county. I can still put my hand there. So pull into it. Pull that leg up all the way from there. Fantastic. Now cross the body around, up. Good. Cross around, up to around up last time and reverse.

Reach out from here. Lanes and from here, don't pop it out. That's it. Reached from the hip and two more mud. Terrible counter by the way, last time. And hugging that knee. Good. Now go ahead and keep this leg in. When we lift your head and your neck. If you have a bad shoulder, they all go together. Yeah, you're not going to lift your head up by these little neck muscles.

I want you to pull your belly in and pull it like you're pulling the mat this way. And that's what's going to curl your head up. So pull your belly in and up until it naturally good. I want the a little bit lower. [inaudible] and a little more open. Yes, hold that and length in the right leg up to almost a 45 degree angle. And let's switch legs and switch and switch.

So this is a nicer position. I still need you to down a little bit lower. Yes. And switch than you had on the a hundred you were a little high. So we're going to keep now, that's what I'm talking about. You're going to keep pulling into here, pulling in in one more set. Whole both ankles.

Now don't lose that as you reach your arms up. Beautiful. Pull in from there to bring your arms to your ankles. Inhale, reach. Exhale around in how she's really pulling in. Exhale, her arm is not going to get hurt because she's supporting firm correctly. She's not going under her body either. And exhale two more and pull it in last time.

And right leg up, left leg forward. That's a nice position. And switch and switch and switch. No rocking and right left. Pull these down. You want the shoulder blades attached to the spine and make your belt. That's the belly I want. There Ya go. Bowl it in last set.

And now both legs up and carefully put hand over hand behind your head. And now pull your belly in and up. This way is your legs. Go down and pull them back up. So it's all about pulling into here. As soon as you get a cavity here, we've gone too far for you today and pull up and pulling in and up and good and too, and last time. And now bend the right knee and instead of twisting from your shoulders, pull in, come up as high as you can and now twist your right shoulder and come in and come up as high as you can as you switched legs. And then left shoulder, right shoulder here and pulling up things for not listening to my other cue.

And this is a twist, but you hold on one second. Come up high first. Not, don't twist. Oh, that's it. Now while you're up, twist your right shoulder. Thank you. That's it. One more time. Come up with those shoulders. Nope, come square. Pull this in now. Stay up and take your left shoulder. There you go.

So one last time on the other side, pulling both coming up, up, up and then twist, twist, twist and hug both knees into your chest. Fantastic. Sit on up for spine. Stretch forward. So the difference on that Chris Cross was before squaring off, she was already, I can't really visualize it, but it was an off twist instead of having aligned down the middle of her body. So she came up and then she twisted around that middle instead of this being here in the legs being here. So it should still have a straight line down the middle of your body. Okay.

Okay. Legs almost to that sides. Sit Up. Tall. Arms at shoulder height. Good. Okay. So right here you might bear to be able to barely detect that there's, she needs to work a little harder through here, especially on this side actually, which is kind of interesting. Lift off your bottom. So we're going to pull that belly behind those hips and we're going to pull it up into here to go forward. Up into here. Up into yes, yes, yes.

And then stack your spine up one at a time. Good. Pull in and up into your end. Down, down, down. That's it. So we're really warming up with a basic mat, but taking it to a whole nother level. Up and down. We're going to about to do short box on our barrel and scooping in. And one more time. Pull it in and up into there.

Yes, this is the area that I'm most interested in and rolling up. Okay. All right. I'm going to grab your mini barrel and we're gonna do okay. Ah, can I send her it just a tiny bit more over here. Okay, great. Good. I think it needs to go down that way a little bit. Yeah.

Alright, so we're going to grab that strap if you have it at the end of your mat or is that good? Thanks. So, all right. I prefer to be over your ankles so that you can push your heels away. Now if you are using a couch instead, just have it on top. You want to, here's your half moon. You don't want to be directly on the top of it. You want to be just a little bit in front.

Maybe a little weeble wobble forward for me. Thank you. Alright. Okay. Wrap your arms around your belly. We're going to start with the hug, a little softer in the knee and use your seat instead to push the heel away. Beautiful. Now start with your lower belly rolling you back. Yes. Role is your waistband on the barrel. Pull in. Good, good, good. Get the next Vertebra.

Inhale head to the chest and exhale. Curl up. What'd you feel? Good. I feel slightly forward but slightly for you want to kind of want to do that. Okay. Is that okay? Yeah, that's fine. Good. All right, and one more help. I want you to pull in and round. Let's round the back.

[inaudible] good. Push your heels away and I want you to get this bone. This one. Keep pushing your heels away as you pull your belly into my finger. Pooling in. Good, good. Keep pulling in. Here's the crucial part. Get all of these and unroll your head. Inhale, lift up your head and now pulling up.

Really try to pull into this area. That was fantastic. Love the heels. Good. Now do two more to temp. So you're going to pull in and rural it out and head to chest and work hard. Get my bowl into that area. Lift out of that lower back and one more. Pulling in and up out of that back.

Head to your chest and pull in and up. Lift up out of that lower back. Lift up out of here and take a little break. Good job. Hand over hand behind your shoulders. I mean find your head. Thank you. Good. This is a straight back, similar to the neck pole she's pulling on those bones. I want you to, you're doing a little pelvic tilt so get a little more on your sip phones. Voila. Pulling the belly in and up into here.

Don't push that right knee down. Soften it up. Push your heels away instead and lets go straight and pull back up. Good and pulling in and up and pull back up. Beautiful. Two more. Lift off that seat, pushing those heels away. And last time lifting and pulling into that area and up and bend.

Forward. Stretch. Nice job. Now we're going to do side to side reach. Keeping your hands exactly where they were. Good little soft in the knee, pushing those heels away. Better on this and now pulling in and up into here.

She can't get her waist any longer. Lean forward, keep lifting and then side reach and come center. Keep lifting and don't go forward just to the side. Yes, cause you're already forward and center. Lift and reach to the side, side, side and come center pulling in. She's got to pull in and lift and then go side. Little concave here, Gif, fill it up with center just with your belly, no ribs, feel it. Pull it in and we got lean a little forward. That's it.

And keep feeling your belly and center and last one pulling in. That's a hard, that's your right shoulder. That's quirk in here. Pulling in and now pull up into here and keep pulling into my hand back here as you reach to the left. Yes, keep reaching. Keep reaching. That's perfect. Come Center. Nice job. Very good. All right, we're gonna do the twist now that we're warmed up. So hands there and we're going to add a little around the world, which is one of my favorites.

Soften here again from your seat. Push that heel away. Yeah. Good. And since we worked on the crisscross, we twist around a perfect line. Good. Now pull into here to reach all the way out. Get your elbow to that mat. Come on and then pull back up. I didn't mentioned that earlier. Did I pull in and here and now reach that elbow down to the mat.

Oh, into there and up. Good. And pooling in duck, we got to twist. Nice and tall and straight. Okay. Oh yeah. Good. Now pull your belly into here to get that linked in that ways. That's what LinkedIn's to get out there and up and other side.

Last one, right. And the waist is what gets that elbow down. Down, down and up and now for around the world. So you're going to pull in twist, twist, twist. Nope. That was a shoulder twist. Surely to injure yourself again. We do not do that. Right, right, right. So is that okay on you?

And you want to pull this a little towards you on a problem? Sometimes you have to adjust. Is that good? Yeah. Okay. Okay. There we go. So pull in support. We're gonna twist around a straight line better. And now reach out from here and now you've got to get your waistband. Nope, I mean get the waistband onto that barrel. Come on, pull in and twist onto the barrel. Onto the barrel. Come over to me.

Over to me and back gun. Yes. So you don't leave your center other side. Okay, pull in, pull onto the barrel. Right into here. Pull into the barrel. Other side. Pull up. Oh, she's got it now and stretch forward. Now we're done. Could you see the difference? It was really nice. Good work. Tree. Right leg out.

Hold under that knee. Sit up tall. Drop that hip and now straighten it up and bent up and bent hold. Walk up and now pull in and get your stomach onto that thigh, your chest to that knee. Good. I love this shape. Keep it and you're gonna roll back pushing this heel away. He square hips. Yeah, and enjoy feeling your back on the barrel. Walk down, pulling your belly in, in, in, and inhale head and come up. Make sure that upper back, that's what I want to see. That is exactly what I want to see.

Always pulling up and supporting that. Lift a little more here. There you go. Two more down you go without moving the leg down, down, down, and Pauling right into there, pushing that left heel away. Lift a little forward. One more. Keep the leg right there. This time in rural that's nicer and had to chest and pulling right into here. Always all the way up. Flex the toe, grab your toes and now lift up. Dropping your right hip. It stays down. Yes.

Good switch legs. No Day at the beach. Just a pretty background. Where's the air conditioning? Bring this. I like you just a teeny bit forward. Okay, thank you. And now sit straight. Straight, straight, straight.

Straight up that Darn Strap, Huh? Sorry. That's okay. I want you right on your sip phones though. Why you stretch and stretch it up and down and up and down and hold it up. Walk up that leg, stretch forward over that leg. And now let's, we're just going to stretch that hip a little bit. Good. Ooh. Pool the belly back. As you push this, away, that away, and now down you go.

So that gets to really pull against and head to your chest. You don't get to hang out back there and up and lift up out of that. Lower back. Good. And two more. So whatever leg is up, the opposite side of the abdominals have to really work. So the right side has to work twice as hard on this. Whatever leg is up, that's the hips turn. So one more. It's the left hip that really has to work and length into the sky in this situation. And had to Jess, come on and pulling up, up, up, lift up. Out of that lower.

We're back and grab the toes and now sternum, chest, bone, all the way up to those toes. Come on, lift up, drop the knees, head up to the ceiling. That's what I wanted to see. Beautiful. All right, good. Now you're going to stay right where you are, but take your foot out of your strap. We're going to enjoy some legs. Don't move at all. You're in actually a beautiful position. Okay. Okay. There's these little side handles. How most of this work you can also do on the spine corrector, but this is a little more benign curve. It's not as exaggerated and it's much nicer if you're new to [inaudible] so that you can warm up your spine instead of something so dramatic. Okay?

So you're going to grab those front little handles. Good and pull back as if you're doing a roll back. Good right there. And now bring the right knee in with you, with your belly pulling up and now keep rolling back. Good. And then bring both knees into your chest. Good. And I want her to slide back until your shoulder blades are on the mat a little bit. Good. How does that feel? Good. Good.

So maybe a tad, you're, you're, you're not going to fall off but just an inch back. Dttt good cause I want, I need especially for her shoulder, for this area to be able to go down scooping in. Good. How do you feel? Good. Good. You don't feel like you're going to fall off the back of the mat. Good. Because you won't, you're there, you're there, but no. Okay. Legs go up to a 90 degree angle.

So when we do our leg series, you want to keep the range small just in the beginning and then challenge the heck out of it so that you can really lengthen that lower back and work those legs so her lower back is glued onto the mat. Okay. As your legs go down, it's going to want to pop off. You want to show up, popping out. There we go. Then your stomach's no longer working and you're going to hurt your back. So you're going to take your legs as low.

Our is always low. Our goal is not high. We're going to actually try not to pass this 90 degree angle. Okay, so open the legs about the width of the barrel a little wider and now reach away just to there. Squeeze together and come up a circle and open. Good, tiny little circle. Not very hard. I want her to keep pulling in and up. So that was three. Have a little turnout for me. Now make them, how big can you make them now? How wide, how low? You should feel a tremendous work in the powerhouse.

You should feel a huge stretch in the quad. A lot of work in the back of the thigh and the seat. You cannot compromise this though if you're using the spine corrector. That's why it's called a spine director. One more reach out from no hip flexors. In fact, they're stretching up.

We go and reverse it down. The down is harder, so keep it a little small for the first one. Yep. Open around and now really go for it. Pulling in and out, around, up and in and up around up. Two more. That's it. Work the back of those legs. Yes, last time, pulling in and up and open and bend the knees for a little break. Very nice. Now we're going to do walking legs up. Good. Sometimes you have to pull that barrel into you pulling in again.

You're going to do the first one, small walking down for six, one, two, three, four, five, six and up to three, four, five, six. Now go for eight down, down, lower, lower stretch, reach, challenge yourself and up two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and down. Reach long bullying in and up in the opposite direction and up to, that's why we've spent so long warming up for our mat. And again, if you just did this right into it, you would kinda not be ready for it. Uh, and one more time and pulling in, pulling up like you're almost doing a roll back and up. Two, three, four, five, six, seven. Ben The knees. Nice job. Let's do scissors. Legs are 90 degree. Again, don't let your right leg come closer to you. Lengthen the left leg away, down, down, down, pulling in. Good and pull up.

And now the right leg really pulling into here. This is the one you got to go low or low or down in the middle of your body and up. Really important to go down the middle of the body. Legs gonna go on and go out to the side. But go down the middle. Down by while pulling in and up. Now switch in in the air. Switch and switch. Whoa. But it's from here. Yes.

Now we're talking and I love imagining that you have something on the ball of your foot. You're really pushing something away. As you switch and switch and switch, you're pushing long. So you feel that dynamic change in your body. Last one, and both legs up. Bend the knees. Good. So now I want you to take that further and go into bicycle.

So legs straight up and let's start with the right leg going down, down, down, down. Bend it almost on the floor. Pull it all the way to the barrel and start moving. This one. Yes. That's it. To the floor. Pull it all the way to the barrel. Yes. So the emphasis is more as low as you can. Then when you can go as low as you can down the middle of your body, you can pull the other knee as into you as you can, but don't change it into a prompt up cause we're working on lengthening your lower back. Yeah. And lengthening.

You're pulling in your powerhouse to do so. Yep. And one. And now hold this foot right against the barrel and reverse. Push something away from you and get into your center. There we go. Yes. Reaching to one more. Each leg, wholly into there and bend the knees in. Nice. Good.

All right, we're going to do beats. Here we go. Very small to star. Let's actually bend. The knees go a little lower than 90 degrees. This time from here, your legs lengthen cause your bow. Wow. That was fantastic. Inner thighs and Gage and 10 beats. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Hold. Pull in deeper work the back of the thighs and inner thighs. Lower the legs.

10 more, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine hole. I want you to think about the posture that you started off with. Pull in lower your legs as low as you can, as if you are standing tall and ten one, two, three. You're really trying to get this linear feeling and bring the legs back in. Really Nice. Good.

Rolling in and out here and then we're going to push the barrel away for a stretch. Keep the knees squeezing together the heels as close to your seat as you can. Waistband stays on the barrel. You're going to pull both knees with your powerhouse to your nose. Keep the waistband there though, and then to your right ear.

It's kind of learning how to do corkscrew to your left ear. Keep the heels closer to your bottom, to your right shoulder. Pull in to the barrel to move. Pull into the barrel to go to your left shoulder. Let the knees go over your right hip phone pooling into the barrel. How far can now pull into the barrel to go to the left hip bone? Good.

Now start at your nose all the way back at your nose, knees, and we're going to do a full circle from your nose to your right ear, to your right shoulder. How far can the knees roll over? You're challenging your powerhouse. You're stretching your back, rolling all the way over to your left hip, your left shoulder, your left ear, your nose reverse, all the way around, getting the toes to touch the barrel if you can as you stay in right hip, shoulder, ear, nose, reverse one more each way. So there's no question about the oblique work that you are getting here and reverse one more time. You're also getting inner thigh and seat. All of that is working and pulling center and the most delicious part is since she's worked so hard with that, she can put her hands on the barrel, easily. Lift up your her seat and push the barrel away from you and then you must stay here. This is mandatory in a rest position. It's very lovely. Yes.

Okay, now we're at the beach. Now she just need a little Piney Kalata and we're good. All right. Hug your knees into your chest. Now that's important because it lets your back totally settle. Okay? And I want you to just sit up for me, rock to a seated position.

We're going to move the barrel behind her. Oh good. All right. And now you're going to grab your two pound weights or your soup cans, whatever you need. So we're going to finish. Now we, I talked about that she has a little bit of a bad shoulder. So I want you to keep, um, both one weight in each hand. Great. You might need, if you find yourself a pretty stiff or someone that doesn't, isn't able to arch their back, you might want to grab a towel to put under your head for as a pillow because it can really, this is fantastic for you, but you might need that. Okay?

So I want you, I think you're pretty good right here. [inaudible] thinking about it here. Good. Put the weights down by your side, but hold onto them on cue and do another roll back. So imagine your hands were underneath your knees and you're going to roll back. That's excellent. She's really getting her lower back. I want the back of your shoulder blades to feel the barrel and then I want you to keep rolling over. Ideally, I basically good. I love it. And keep going back.

Ideally I want her collar bones kind of right in the middle. So I'm liking this as this feeling. Okay. Besides the hot sun on you? Yeah. Okay. All right. So you might need a pillow here. You can adjust a little bit if you need to. And you can do it with bent knees or straight legs.

Whichever one feels better to you. Okay. Arms, palms down. Try not to grip that little two pound weight with all you got. Just have straight fingers so that there is a straight line always from shoulder bone to the elbow to through the wrist, through the fingers. Nothing's changing. Okay. Is this all right on you? Okay, good. So it's her right shoulder that bothers her. But what am I going to focus? I'm not focusing on this area. I'm going to focus on her pulling in and getting this onto the barrel. Yeah.

Okay. And we're going to inhale up to the ceiling or to this guy here and exhale down. How? By pulling into that upper back. Come on and get it onto the barrel. It's not on the barrel yet. Yes, and reaching long in with the air. She can float up on her own now and pull into here. Exhale.

Get into there. There you go. How does that feel? Inhaling up, advancing it a little bit. As you exhale this time, keep here and reach towards the ocean behind you from here. Good, not wider. Keep connected and inhale up and all the way down to your hips. Again, as you pull in even deeper, relax your chest bone a little more. Relax your sternum. Beautiful. Inhale up to the ceiling. Exhale back. As you pull into that barrel against me, I get to stretch her to three. Nice.

Inhaling up and really pull in and up with that belly. Was that all right on your shoulder? I wouldn't push it any further. One more right here. Pull into the barrel with the back of the Aww. That's it. As you go back to keep into the barrel. That's what I need you to do. Yes.

And inhaling up and exhaling down. And now we're finally finishing with arm circles. Inhale up what I want to see and exhale, open, pull into that barrel. Yes, that's what I want to see. And she also has a lovely shoulder and exhale where most of this is on the barrel. Can you rest your arms down by your side and show up? Most people have their shoulders rounded forward.

So you might be working you first. Number one is to get that back of the ribs onto the barrel. But once you get that work on opening those shoulders, but this is not first, okay? It starts from the center. One more circle in this direction in with the air and pull into your yes. And now reverse it again.

You want to keep this small until you can control a bigger range in with the air. And exhale. I love how your powerhouse is looking in with the air and now as you're pushing down your hands, really pull even deeper income. Push me down, push me down, pull into that barrel, bring your head up while you're pulling I so she lifted up in her ribs and that will further hurt her shoulder. See if you're doing that. Make sure you're pushing down as you bring your head up. Better. Push me down too. That's even better and roll all the way. Sliding your weights to your ankles and stretch and we are all finished. Nice work. Great.


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OMG! OUTSIDE!! Fantastic !
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I Love the View...greetings from a foggy day in northern Germany
And thank you for the tecnical workout
Excellent rehabilitation work as well as a top workout. Kristi looked liked she was really challenged which is great to see and not cos it was advanced but because it was so right!
Excellent workout! Monica I really liked the way you coached Kristi. You pointed out the technical areas in each exercise which Kristi slacked on and immediately corrected her with a easy to follow, great explanation. As I am in the learning phase I appreciate those corrections or extra comments very much. I also like the way you explain the feeling one should have when doing the exercise correctly. Kristi you were fantastic to watch.
You were both great examples to follow.

Thank you again!

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