Class #2358

Mat Workout

15 min - Class


Your body will feel amazing after this quick, seated Mat workout with Susan Salk. She starts by opening up your chest and shoulders, and then goes into restorative stretches for your legs and hips. This is a perfect way to end your day!
What You'll Need: Mat, Braided Towel

About This Video


We're going to do a little seated, uh, work with the Fletcher Towel. Again, this is a wonderful work. If you have a towel at home, a bath towel, fold it half, half again and give it a ...


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dEE licious!
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really beautiful - thank you. Fab for desk workers!
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Love this and all your work, Susan. Thank you for the reminder that this is licensed work also. Important for teachers to remember!
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A lovely class for the end of the day, Susan. Thank you!
...but where did the other class with Susan go which was added a few days ago, the standing one? It's gone!
Viola ~ We are happy to hear that you enjoyed this class! Susan's standing class is still on the site. Here is a link to it so you can find it easily.
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YES! :)
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This class was the perfect start to my day!! xxx
Thank you all for your comments. We teachers cAn only hope that we shed some light and create some joy in movement. @Krista McCarthy, your comment is especially meaningful and I am grateful for it.
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Fletcher allows my mind to feel refreshed and centered. Breath feels open and instinctive. Thank you for keeping Fletcher work available on Pilates' Anytime, as I am reviewing for their Intensive Course.
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Short, simple, brilliant! Great end of my day! Thank you!
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