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Glutes, Thighs, & Powerhouse

60 min - Class


Keep everything lifted and upright with this Mixed Equipment workout with Kara Wily! She focuses on the glutes, thighs, and powerhouse to avoid what Romana called a "mushy tushy." She uses wonderful imagery to help you stay grounded as you progress through the class. Have fun!
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Mat, Mixed Equipment, Magic Circle

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Hi everyone. I'm Kara. This is a CYO and Brianna and we are going to do some work to focus on our bottoms, our inner thighs, the powerhouse area, um, to keep everything sort of lifted and upright as a 21 year old, 20, maybe, uh, Ramonda studio. She told me that I didn't want to have a mushy Tishi and I couldn't agree with her more. So it's something that's always stuck in my head and, um, definitely as I'm getting older feeling, you know, the need to keep everything taught. So that's what we're working on. We're gonna start standing with the magic circles and we're going to put it between the knees. We're gonna make a small little v with our feet. And the first thing I want you guys to do is just go ahead and bend.

Feel your big toes and specifically the joint, right? That big joint, the little toe joint and your heels and try to get as nice. You don't have to be so wide as asylum just yet. There you go. Um, nice tripod. You know, uh, I heard recently that Joe plays decided the shape based on if you pick an infant up like out of a crib, the way that their legs will kinda hang naturally down from their sockets was this shape he decided on. So that's where the v comes from. Okay. So once you've kind of have your big toe, little toe heel, you want to feel that energy traveling back up into your legs, towards your bottom, and then this kind of area being another little sort of seat that we really need to be able to sit on. Uh, some people talk about like a basket, like your lower pelvis, upper pelvis can be like two basket ideas.

Sometimes I think about, um, you know, like a pear shape. That's a shape for ladies. Right? You know, but just to really embody that whole idea. Yeah. So feeling that connection. Let's go ahead and just stretch the legs and Ben. Good. And on me, I get like little rice crispy actions sometimes happening in my hips cause that's a tight area on me. So I'm trying to just laying with and out of that, let some of those kind of deeper, more um, uh, like elegant muscles to, to take over. So it's not the strong constrictive kind of feeling, but it's a light lifting feeling good. Let's do about five of these and just drawing the stomach muscles in and up, right? Like everyone kind of getting better and better, taller and taller.

So now we can think about our whole spine lifting out of it, growing, reaching, and then one more looking. Good guys. Good. And you kind of judge how much you're squeezing, right? How small is that circle getting every time? Yeah. Brilliant. So that wakes some things up. Yes. Let's go ahead and separate the feet. We'll put the room now between the ankles. So same kind of idea.

You want to just first start by grounding yourself down into the ground and then feel the lift. We can begin with bent knees. Good. And even here, guys, draw the thighs in towards one another, right? Like easy to just sort of hang out there and not be engaged. But let's engage, right? We're here. And so you're going to draw it in again and grow tall and then bend good and second one lining everything up a little better. Even so stomach muscles drawn in trying to feel that lift out of the hips. It's getting kind of that Nice, you know, line between your bottom and your leg. Like and Vermont. He used to say, you know, you want a difference between your thigh and your bottom.

They should be two separate entities. Good. So five total again. Now Brianna, Ms Dancer over here, she's turning out little bit extra. So right. A little bit less. Yeah, and good. So strong belly ended up in Keith. That engagement. And even as you go to Ben, you know, grow even taller, why not think this is our last one, number five, so his drawing and stomach muscles in. Let's keep it, keep it all engage in and tight. And then you know, hands on your hips. If you want to use reach, whatever you want to do, let's go ahead and rise up on the toes and then keep growing strong out of the waist to lower the heels. And again, rise up onto the toes and watch that.

You're not trying to like curl your little toe joints, but right. You're kind of like using the floor for balance. Drawing the stomach in as you lower down. Good. Three more times. Again, rise up looking good. Good. We might use one, you know, roll into one part of the foot more than the others to try to find all five toes. And once again, remember those last two toes, like those last two fingers connect into the back. So last two toes connect into the back. First three toes are going to connect up into the front. First.

Three fingers connect up into the front last time. Let's go ahead and rise up. Good. And some, you know, depending on the shape of your toes, it's tougher than other people. Right? Excellent. Good, good, good, good. Can you guys reach to one foot and balance good in that shape? Good hands on the hips. That's good. Let's feel just a little extra extension out through the heel.

Feel that lift up through the stomach and let's squeeze and release. Good without actually standing on it. And again, squeeze. That's it. So it takes a little balance. If you're going to lose balance, you might have something to hold onto sometimes, or a wall or something to catch yourself. And one more time. Squeeze and release. And then let's do a little pulse squeeze and squeeze and squeeze and lift and grow and lengthening up. And two more. And then switch feet.

So standing on the other side. [inaudible] yeah, may feel some links out through the leg. Feel that heel reaching. Feel the abdomen drawing in and up, growing tall. And then we'll squeeze and release and squeeze and release and rather the start walking around and squeeze and release. So as much as you're working that working leg pressing down, you're also growing tall up on top of that standing leg. Right. And trying to find that position. Now we'd start the pulses, press press three, four, five.

Good to send a six, seven, eight and pause. Skied. Let's stand on both feet for a moment. Take a little breath. Yeah. So now this, you know, sometimes with certain circles it's really easy to go ahead and just rotate one foot to the front. Sometimes you might have to just bend down there and fix it. Good. And always catching a piece of skin. Sometimes it's helpful, right? Sometimes these materials are not always so cooperative. Yeah. So once again, trying to angle both hips forward, drawing his stomach muscles strong and enough.

And let's press down and really and growing tall out of the standing leg and release and [inaudible] down and really send them pulses. One, two, three for good. And you want to feel a strong connection from the outset of that foot all the way to the outside of the hip. Yes ma'am. There you are. And then see if you can transfer weight to the front leg holding the circle still with the back leg, right? If anything happens, no big deal. Fix it. Right, right. Good. And again, three slow pulses growing tall. Good. And we're going to use this shape in a little bit. Guy Standing on the chair.

So very nice place to practice the lift. Get the work happening from your hip, not your lower back. Right. So it may take an extra attempt to stretch through that back leg. Yes. Reaching through your heel. Gorgeous. It feels better to yeah. And then with pulses, one, two, feel your length. Four, five, six, seven, eight. Gorgeous.

Rotating the leg if you can to the front. Good. And again, yeah. Sometimes things don't stay all connected. Yes. So now we've got left leg in front. Once again, we're feeling our hips squared off, abdominal muscles drawing in and up in that standing leg. Feeling so good. Standing tall on it. And we'll press two, three release and press. Gorgeous. You got it. Ah, sometimes the one leg better than the other and press and then eight pulses and reach to growing. Three stomach working. Right.

So you get to a point where you get very efficient and just the muscles you really want to work, need to work are happening. And then we'll switch weight. Stepping forward on the front foot, back, leg long. And once again we'll take a moment. Yeah. To feel the length, stomach muscles in and up, back leg reaching long and again, pressing down and release and pressing down and release and see if you can't get a little lift out of that front leg. Good pressing down and three pulses or eight, sorry, one, two, three, four, five. There it is. Six, seven, eight. That's enough of that. Good. Alright, so that's a nice way to just wake up the legs. Yes.

Now we're going to take it to the mat and doing a little bit of um, a mat work just to get some flow into it, but kind of engaging these ideas. Okay. Another idea, I didn't sort of talk about two ideas of working the legs. One as like a triangle that we can work, you know, our waist, our thighs as these two sort of triangles, drawing those thighs inward to have a nice strong foundation then to stand up on. Yeah. And the other was the stretch, lengthen through the back of that leg to get all that stuff. Ramana literally would tell us you're shaving off the ham and that was a great image to to help us motivate us. So let's just hold the circle in front of the hands. Will step up on the mat.

Crossing finger or crossing ankles. Good guys. So all that wonderful work you just felt. Thinking about those images too. We might be able to draw our thighs into one another. Feel those abdominal muscles drawn in or up. Yeah, I give the ring a little squeeze. Yes. You get Kinda the whole body actively working. Good.

And then maintain that. Keep the lift in the waist. Give it a little squeeze. Let's come down with control. Good man. We'll lay on back. So traditional. Yeah, we're going to start with hundreds. So go ahead and lay back on your maths. Good. Let's take the ring and put it between the ankles. Now I have more freedom to move on. All right, good. Good.

So you guys are naturally going into that Little v shape. Let's use it. I like it. Let's engage those size. We're already feeling a bit of strength. Yeah. If you guys take the legs a little bit in front of the hips. Yes, that's curl the head up. Reach the arms long and go ahead. Far the pumps in two, three, four, five and out. Two, three, four, five and you can add a squeeze of the ring to get things really working. Yeah. Good. So kind of two ideas you can start to think about here is that if you are engaging those size and getting that kind of con or differentiation right between the thyme and the booty. Yeah, that you start to feel that pear shape all the way down through the pelvis and those hips, the front of the hips. Good are not holding you anymore.

Last three, let's go ride a curl. A little higher even. I'm pumped. Good. Last two big breath in and out. Last one. Let's take the legs as low as you can. Challenge yourself and really work at, really squeeze it. Really pumped. Really burry that out. And take the ring in your hands and let's go ahead and put the ring between the knees. Get, get. These teachers are so on autopilot. Good. So giving the ring a nice squeeze. Yes, you guys good.

Let's grab the backs of the legs. Give a little, um, you know, pressure to the hands against the thighs. Bringing the head forward and let's roll up. Yeah, good. Now put some nice sticky mud on those feet. Really ground them down into the mat. Keep that like you felt your tripod earlier. Give the ring a squeeze. Let's draw the muscles in. And again, you're drawing things into the middle to roll back. Good.

You guys can keep moving. Yup. And once more, just that much. Giving a ring a squeeze. Make those feet heavy. Press into it. Beautiful. Good. And right away. Rolling back. Good naval to the spine. And you guys can work it right? Give it a little squeeze. Good. Pull in. Deeper, deeper, deeper. That's it. Good. Let's now good. Take the ring and move it to your ankles. So same kind of idea and you're still going to engage the legs. The same.

You're still going to think about your inner thighs and let's curl the head forward and up. Good. And still keep that nice way to the feet. Rolling back, squeezing. Good work. One more time. Curling up that Yvette in us and rolling back and good. Let's just lay the arms flat with the squeeze of the ring. Stretch the legs out. The ring's going to hover over the mat, right? Yep.

You got it for rollover. So engage the arms down, squeezing the ring. Let's toss the legs over. Reach. Squeeze the ring for me today. Try to lay your thighs down on your nose and roll down and stretch. And you're gonna now shave the Ham, right? And feel that pair. Reach all the way to both hips. Nice and strong.

Maintain it as you reach your ring as far as you can. Squeezing it. Raise it over again. And once again, give it a good squeeze. Right? So we want those inner thighs engaged. We're not resting in the back. We're lifting out of the spine better. Sio. Good. Once again, guys, overreach. Good. If you can get more, stretch out of it. Sure. Toes can go to the ground. Feet can flex. We can do all those. Yummy. Wonderful.

Let's do two more and over. You go and reach. Good. So we're trying to lift out of the waist, right? We got that lift in the beginning, standing tall. So we're going to continue to use our bodies the same way one more time over ago. And so tricky to keep the squeeze of the ring, but right. Try to keep connecting into the body.

And this time you can bend the knees and place the feet. One more time. It's going to be trickier this time. Curl the head forward. Let's pinch those bottoms. Keep the fee planted. And now draw the ring as close as you can towards your bottom right away for rolling like a ball. So right just between the angles. Yes. Good, good. So you're going to try to stick the ring right on your bottom. If you can.

You're going to feel those inner thighs. Maybe you can lift your waist a little bit. Yeah. And let's roll back and come up and catch it balance and roll back and come up and catch it. Balance. Right. So now we're squeezing all of this in strong to give a little bit extra lifts to the waist. And once again, roll back, come up and balance and one more time. Hugged the bottom. Yup. With the ring. Okay. Five in a row. We'll go back and up.

Back in, up, back and up. Keep the ring to the bottom. Be Literal. That's it. And maintain the balance. Hold into your transition slowly. Let's just grab the backs of the thighs and try to slowly roll back to the mat. You hug everything in and lets the rest of the head for a moment.

Take a little breath. How are things feeling? Good. The locks, front of the thighs, a little for double leg stretch. We're going to bring the head forward and that's it. Arms and legs are gonna stretch away. Let's just balance for a moment. Hold. So fingertips and toe tips about the same level, right? Kinda make a you with your body. Raise those legs a little for me.

Brianna there. And get deeper into the curve. Yes ma'am. Sweep the arms around. Let's hug them in. Give us stretch. Good. Again, breath in, right? So same for USI. Oh, we'll take those arms up. High. Circle around. Good. Once again, reach out. Let's hold it here and squeeze the ring. One, two, three, four, five and circle the arms around and give it a hug. And one more time in reach out and faster pulse. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Circle the arms around in one more. And with the air, give everything a squeeze, stretch and scoop.

Can you feel your bottom engaged too? Yeah. And hug it around. Very nice. Rest of the head. A moment. Take a breath. Good. So we've engaged those inner thighs a lot. Let's put the ring on the outside of the ankles. Now just, and we'll take the double leg stretch like this. So once again, bringing the head forward, the opposite. Now arms and legs will reach away and you're going to press your ankles out, right? So kind of now kind of making your strong right. Circle the arms around, give it a hug. And once again, reach it out. Good. So my side, I can feel my left leg really doesn't like to press out on this and circle around. Hug a little faster. Let's breathe in. Reach, pull it in, breathe in, stretch longer and pull it in.

And last you can we reach farther and good. Hug It in tighter. Yes. And one more. So everything is reaching long, pressing out and resting the head. Take a breath. We good? Let's rock up sitting tall for a moment or you're just going to take a little breath. We're going to go right into open leg rocker. So skipping around, just kind of trying to highlight ideas about how we use the ring and some of the Maddix exercises. You guys feeling good? Yay. Let's put the ring on the inside of the ankles.

Good. Once again, let's feel those inner thighs engage and something I'm already finding on Brianna I want to pick on her for is really getting those inner thighs to help. Also encourage the spine to lift a little bit for you. Yeah. Good. CYO. I haven't found some that to pick on you yet, but I'll find something. Let's take the arms or legs up in balance. Good, good, good. That's it. Good.

So let's use the squeeze and rock back and come up and balance. Yeah. Find that lift again. Rock back and come up and balance. Hello. One more rock back. Definitely a challenge. And come up balance. Hold. Good. You guys for both of you.

Let's start thinking about that shaving of the ham and let's try to almost push the ankles up in the or away from you. And as you use that, you can squeeze the ring and draw the circle back in, or the scoop of the belly back in. And let's try three more like that. Rolling back in up one. Push those legs. Good. Back and up to and find them. One more back. End Up in three in balance and hold and keep the squeeze of the ring and reach the arms wall and slowly roll back. Squeezing the ring. UE. Good. Let's bend the knees for a moment.

Rest of the arms down. Good. So I'm gonna have you just move back a tiny, tiny bit. I don't know why, but I feel like you need to come back here. Good. And then we're gonna do corkscrew. So ring once again between the angles. Yep. Good. Arms down. Nice engagement. Yeah. So once again, squeezing in Nice and strong, right? You're going to squeeze, let's start keeping the hips down and feeling that full hips. So if you guys take the legs forward a little bit once again, right? So we're not engaging from the front of the hip, but we're trying to wrap and squeeze and think. Yeah, that bottom triangle is going to support and then the scoop and the belly in and up is going to be the top triangle.

Let's circle the legs one direction around in balance and hold and reverse around and hold once more. Let's go around. Give it a squeeze and reverse surround. And now roll up in reach parallel to the ground. Give it a squeeze. Yes. Good. Same thing Brianna, if you can squeeze in on the ring. Yes. And use that extra lift this time. Roll down on your right side.

Squeezing. Circle down over to the left side. Roll up on the left side. Come to the middle. Reverse good. Screeched down your left side. Good Circle. Nice work. OSI. Oh good. And now can you kick those hips up higher or reach the feet high, high, high. Giving it a squeeze. Once again. Roll down on the right side. Circle around.

Roll up on the left side looking good. You guys last one. Roll down, left. Roll down right. And keep the circle in the middle to slowly come down through the middle. Good, good, good. So it's such a telltale sign, right when we see the circle sorta like driving away from us or something. Right? Keep yourself, you're in charge of the steering wheel, right?

So do not let that thing start rolling around. It's indicative of some little thing collapsing. Reaching. Yeah. Let's take the ring and put it on the outside of the ankles and we'll just try one of each variation. Yes. Good, good. So one thing I want you guys to do to like is think about your length first. Get those hips down, right. Reaching down. Nice. Press the arms into the mat.

Feel that strength. Good. Using that. Beautiful. We circle right around and we circle left around and up. Good and parallel to the ground. You got it. So we'll rise up. Go to sal. That's it. And around to the right. Keep pressing out on both legs. Tricky sometimes to get those x, sternal. Yeah.

Rotators and good and rise up higher. That's it. And Add ductors right? And now we go around and up. Good. Pressing with both legs. Use that left there. It is. Good around. And can you press high, high, high, high as you can and keep it good. Even out those hips for me.

Sio Good. And then reaching, reaching, itching. Good. And let's take the ring and let's set up a moment. Take a breath. Good. And have you guys lay on your right side. We're going to go right into some sidekicks. Variations. Good. So we will put the ring between the ankles.

Did you think that you were off the hook? Good. So once again, like we were standing guys, let's just feel for a moment the length, right? You guys are working tremendously hard and so is everyone doing the workout. So the idea is like, you know, make yourself feel good as you work hard. Don't like, don't feel worse as you work harder, right? Feel better. So the legs are reaching long. So good. We're going to go ahead and press, press, press and release. Good. And yes, the bow top leg is pressing down, but this bottom leg is also actively absolutely engaging into that ring and press two, three release. Good.

And now kind of incorporating that shaving of the ham idea. You're feeling the length right? Right through those heels. So maybe not a completely pointed foot, but right. [inaudible] elongated. Yes. Long Body. Beautiful. Then eight fast pulses. We'll go one, two, three, four. And just like when we stood on the ground, if we're reaching with length, we should feel the power coming back into the center. Pause.

Good roll back enough. You guys said that the ring touches the mat. Yup. Good. A little transition. Good. If you can dry it, then this bottom leg reaches inside the ring. Yup. Put It on in there. That's it. And you can roll forward. You got it.

And then let's keep just that top leg there for a moment. And once again, same little pattern. We'll press down two, three, release and reaching long in hip release. Good ribs, a strong belly. Strong. Two, three, eight pulses. We go, one, two, three, belly muscles in and up. Five, six, seven, eight. Then take the top, like put it inside. Good. So same thing. Once again, let's push out two, three release. Press out. Two, three, release. Press out. Two, three, eight pulses going. One, two, three, four.

And sometimes even though the ring is stopping, you can keep pushing up higher. Yeah. Cause your leg has more strength and pause. Same transition. Top leg is going to go outside. We're gonna roll back. Touch the ring to the map. You're going to put the bottom leg outside. Yeah. Good.

So now you've got a hold of it. Good. If you have a helper at home. Good. Good. So giving a good a squeeze. Good. So I'm gonna have you just scoot your shoulders and your hips back a little bit so you have a little more of an obtuse angle. Just kind of help keep your balance, especially on this exercise. So now both rings, uh, both legs squeezing on the ring.

We're going to raise the ring in the air to now engaging up into those obliques. Right? Strong belly, still long thighs. And let's take a second. S Two, three, four, both legs working right from those inner thighs. Six, seven, eight and place the ring down. We good? Let's go ahead and flip to your tummies. Let's go ahead and rest the forehead on your hands for a moment. Good guys.

Yeah, take little breath. Once again, just feel that length of the legs reaching out of the hips. I want you guys to bend the knees, feet, even if you wanted to go flat to the ceiling. So you just have like an awareness of where your body is in space. And once again guys, I want those inner thighs to be working and we're going to squeeze in on the ring and release and squeeze in on the ring and release. And if you have one leg that doesn't want to work as hard as the other right, you can talk to it last two times. Squeeze in, release, squeeze and release. Good.

I'm going to just pick on my two little teacher students here so you can feel how one knee is touching the edge of the mat and the other is not right. So go ahead and arrange yourself. Let's move. Uh, nope. You actually want to go the other direction. Yeah, that's it. That's it. That's it. Right? So that you're in the middle of the mat, organizing your body. Right? Good.

So now let's go ahead and try to raise the ring up higher in the air, pick it up and put it down and pick it up and put it down. Good. And I'm such a symmetry freak. Everything symmetrical and down and everything up and down. Now you guys think about keeping your hip bones glued into the floor and just picking up from that. Yeah. Separation of the booty and the leg. Last one. Yeah, my neck go very high at all.

But that's almost like grasshopper on the mat. Yes. Good you guys. Let's go ahead and flip to the other side. [inaudible] here we go. Take a breath. So once again, let the neck relax, right? If you have a delicate neck, you can lay it down on the arm, right? Okay. And squeeze and release and squeeze. Right?

And once again, take advantage of your obtuse angle. Bring the legs forward a little and squeeze and release. Send them pulses. One and two and three. And not only are you engaging those inner thighs together, but you're feeling the length of the hip. Nice work. Good. Let's rotate back. You guys good? Yes.

Bottom leg will reach inside. Good. That happens. Yep. Rotating forward. The top leg will stay on the outside for a moment. Same pattern. Press down to three release. If you can make your legs get longer, do with release last one. Then we do pulses going one, two, three, four. Good. So I don't want just to squeeze, but I want length. Right?

Cause I want your spine also to be able to write good. Have some benefit from that strength. Okay, so you're stabilizing your spine and all these muscles that work around it as well. Yeah. Taking the top leg, let's put it inside. And once again guys, let's put a shout code and release and push out and release. Good. And you guys are gonna like that. We did this all laying down in a moment, right? Cause. Then eventually we're going up on the chair and you're going to have to use it up against gravity pulses. Eight, seven, six, five, four. Good. Three, two, one and very nice. Once again, the transition. You got it. Top leg outside. Let's roll back. Bottom leg that in us legs together. Good. Almost.

That's it. And now with both legs off the ground, let's raise them up. Sustain that and use both legs to squeeze. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Right? See in the driver's seat. Yes. Good. You guys. If you can try to roll to your backs holding onto the circle. If it falls, you can just take it up. No problem. Get. So let's fold the knees in for a moment. Take a little breath.

Tons of work already. Yes. All right, good. So yeah, give the back a little stretch. Let's plant the feet down. Some little pelvic tilts, right? Another little combination that I love because so often it's these muscles right at the top of the hips and then the lower tummy that need to work in conjunction with each other. And something that used to seem so obvious to me is not so obvious anymore, so it's something I really have to be thinking about myself. So once again, engaging those sides a little bit, squeezing on the ring, let's just roll that tailbone up and it's that first. Actually, if you guys don't go quite that high, it's that first little moment just that much. When you keep those inner thighs squeeze and your belly muscles really dropping down, there's the magical little spot there that really is part of the c curve.

Yeah, and Graham dance, I used to have one teacher that told us about the under muscle, usually under my phone she had an accent. And let's go ahead and roll the hips up higher. Now you can think about your under muscle too, and then keeping that squeeze and let's roll down. It was such a nice delicate way of saying it too. Good. Once again, give it a squeeze and tip the pelvis up. Good you guys. And now let's really exaggerate.

Let's like feel the chest and the ribs in the belly and all those wonderful little spots in the pelvis because they're all bones of our spine. Then we need to be aware of last time. Let's go ahead and roll up and keep it up. Lifted this time. Good. I like to feel a little stretch reaching out through my knees, stomach muscles in and up still. And up here. Now let's just try to squeeze that ring a little. One, two, three, four. And I always watch like, am I creating like a little shelf, right?

That is making my back tighter or am I feeling length so that it's my bottom, my inner thighs, my belly, really doing it for and then rolling back down. Good. I always think about thigh stretch. It's going to help me in my thigh stretch. It's gonna make me be able to go for the back of my thigh stretch. Yes. Good guys. Move the ring to the knees. We're getting there. We're getting there. Good. Are you thighs feeling good? Yes. Like it.

Good. So you know, thanksgiving, Christmas is coming up for us, right? Like, it's nice to have a little extra booty work, then you can go enjoy yourself. So to start, let's give it a squeeze. Let's stretch the one leg in the air. Good you guys. Oh one leg a teaser to begin. So arms in the air and giving that ring a squeeze. Let's try to roll up also good. You know, if you have a little scoliosis, you know if you're one of those people that maybe has a little something on one side and give it a squeeze and roll back down. Naval to the spine.

Beautiful. Beautiful. Once more on the side, let's rise on up. Good. That's the way. Good, good, good. Now you guys see a CYO. She's, she's little, so petite, so thin. You know, she almost has to create weight in her body. So some of you guys might be like that. You know, you've got to create weight in the body to work with. Good. And then press that foot down. Good. Yes, yes, yes. Let's change legs.

Other side. Good. And then once again, nice work and up we go. Good. And Brianna, she likes to lift this one hip so she's going to keep it grounded and still feeling both sides of that pair, right? Having that idea. Yes ma'am. And then rolling back down. Beautiful work. You guys. Both of you. Good. So we're getting out of the front of hip into the back of the hip. How does that connect to my working? My abdomen bright. Oh my gosh.

And Brianna at that time she even lifted her waist like we were talking about before, cause she felt it all and rolling back down. Very, very nice work guys. Let's bend that left knee. Let's put the ring between the ankles, getting there. Reach the legs in the air. Let's reach the arms overhead. Good. And from here guys, let's rise up. Pinching that ring. Scooping up. That's if you need your hands. That's okay right now.

How hard is this position? Hold it. Squeeze the ring. Feel that lift in the waist that we've been talking about. Reach through the arms and let's keep the squeeze and roll down slowly. Slowly, slowly. Nicely done. One more time guys. Take a breath. Here we are good. At this point, if you needed to put your feet down, you could and you could still do the same exercise. Yeah, go for us.

I'll put your feet down if you like, but right. All the same work is happening because this just honestly, once that base strength is there, it's just a little bit extra work to get the legs in the air and then keep the lift. Yes. Keep the squeeze and down with control. Oh my goodness gracious, because you guys look so good. Let's the ring on the outside of the ankles and let's come up one more time. Pushing out now kind of a different animal but helps to kind of make the back feel a little more open. It's kind of wonderful. Yeah. If you guys want to, you can place your hands back where you put down your [inaudible].

That was if you really needed to, let's do a little hip circle. Okay, good. Good, good. Yes, yes. So feel that length. Let's feel that ham shaving off. Oh, here comes the train. Going to get us. That's it. Do you guys feel like you've been run over by a drain? Yeah. Good. And scooping the belly in. And let's go ahead and reach to the right side.

Circle around and up to the left side. Yes. Good. Staying in the driver's seat. Around and up. Let's do two more over, around and up. Good. As that ring reaches away, can the belly pull in and out? The stronger it sure can. Last one each way guys, keep it strong. Yes ma'am. Use that. Shave that Ham. Stretch those thighs. Wonderful work. Take a breath.

You may lay back, take a little stretch and we'll move on to the chairs. Okay, so the second part of this workout, we're working with the one to chairs and I'm still concentrating on those ideas, those two triangles that we're trying to connect together, that sort of pear shape or the basket of the pelvis being down, connected all the way. And then of course, how that is going to fit into, you know, the stabilization of the spine, you center and so forth. So we are laying on our backs. We have one spring placed in a position, uh, where you would typically use one spring exercises. And then let's, uh, put the soles of the feet together. We're going to turn out kind of butterflying the knees apart. Yup. Good.

And you can feel those heels and big toes touching. Good. I'm just gonna move you. All right, good. So from here guys, we're going to go ahead and push down on the spring and hold it a little inch or two above the ground to three and bring it back up with control. Good. And so once again, you guys can feel kind of the imprint of your shoulders, ribs, hips down onto the ground and keep everything sustained as you come back up with control as well. And you can kind of judge if you have one knee that likes to rotate out more than the other, maybe air to that side that doesn't have as much rotations who work in a balanced manner. Good. You might feel one hip trying to work harder than the other. I certainly do.

So once again, trying to have it connected to sided effort and press and good, good, good, good. Sometimes just to pick on people all really ask them to really try to put like all five to toes and almost winging their foot a little bit. I don't know if it's the dancer in me or if it's just the fact that I actually feel it connect to the outside of my thigh where I want the connection to happen. So I make everyone do it two more [inaudible] and pressing good. Yeah.

It kind of robs you of like sort of that like superficial strength that makes you use just like the nitty gritty. Good external rotation. Strength. Good. You guys. Let's turn the legs in parallel. We're going to keep one heel right in the middle of the chair or you could keep it lined up with your hip, but you could also, you know when we go to standing on one leg, we typical typically go ahead and stand in the middle of our, instead of like trying to balance out, you know, so one foot the other foot can rest on the chair, on the floor, whatever kind of chair you're working on. So this can go to the floor. That's it. There you go. Good guys. Two, same exact idea. We're going to press down sustaining the hold and it's big. Oh Hamstring, right? But just nice parallel hamstring.

We've been doing a lot of rotating out so sometimes just nice to get that nice pure just line of activity up the back of the leg and we're going to need it right when we go to stand on the top of the chair. We're going to want to feel that support lifting up out of our foot. Good. This is two or three threes. Let's do two more. Good. [inaudible] and pause there for a moment guys. And just trying to feel again the end of that pear shape or that you know the shaving shaped so right.

You don't rob yourself that length of the hip still and bring it up. And then one last time. Good cause we're about to go standing on these feet and we want this same line of activity all the way up through the hips so that the core is nice and strong too to be all active. And then when you finish, let's change feet. Do the other side. Good. So this is an exercise that is very simple, you know, kind of like no one's gonna fall down, uh, but yet, like very nice and like waking up the body in a certain way that you just want it to learn. Okay?

So I like having some of these tools. If I'm not quite sure about, you know, how my body's gonna react to something or how someone else's body's going to react to something good a couple more times. You can also kind of see, you know, where are they with this exercise? If they're proficient, move on. If they're not proficient, this is a good level to be at. [inaudible] good. Changing gears a little bit.

I'm gonna have you guys stand up. We're keeping the same amount of spring. Um, and we're gonna walk to the back of the chair over here and we're going to go into like a swan position laying on her stomach's hands pressing on the pedal. And we're going to do the one arm exercise first. Good. So here it all comes into play. We've got the tension of those dyes squeezing together. That nice strong connection of those inner thighs heals together. Good.

I'm going to grab a side is a little towel and just cause I see, right? That's a little bit too low for you. Just to give you a little bit of balance. Yeah. So those inner thighs are squeezing nice and strong. Stomach ribs, all engaged. Strong. Good. You guys good. Those thighs not only squeezing inward but me be trying to lift just a little so that we're again connecting from where the bottom and the leg differentiate.

Good. From here guys, let's go ahead and raise the pedal by bending the elbows and push it down. One good and finding that opposition. Two and three. Let's hold that balance. Keep the squeeze of the thighs. Let's go ahead and start raising the chest. Lifting up and now we'll all open the chest. Good.

And as you lower down, let's feel the chest length and now it's still reaching through those legs. Not only are they squeezing into one another, right, but they're lengthening. And one more time pumping. We'll start with good and one that's it. And two and hold it down three. Let's keep that strength. And again, inner thighs squeezing that line of strength.

So now we're putting it in some different kinds of active motion. Alright. And then fan yourself out to lengthen. Nicely done. Good. Keep the right arm where it is. Let's extend the left arm out on a small angle. Good. And just with the right arm pumping three times everything's active one and we're not going cattywampus keeping the body still three times and then we'll raise the chest up and now those thighs really have to be engaged.

Absolutely. To rise up and too low or down. We will change arms looking. Good guys. Changing sides, right? So those inner thighs, it really is the secret. And here we go, three pumps, one and two, right? Everything strong three. And then raising the chest, even feeling that waist length. And remember how we use those inner thighs to help our waist find length and do low or down. Fantastic. You guys. Let's place both hands on the pedal.

Take your feet to the floor. Come up. Yep. With control the list. Just walk to the other side of your chair. Now we're going to to springs. So find again what your uh, level is typically like one high, one in some sort of orientation is a good amount and we're gonna do going up okay with some variations. So we'll start by stepping the right foot on the pedal, left foot forward onto the chair. Good.

And again, you can kind of use the V or parallel. These two girls are strong and advanced, so we're going to stay in parallel. Good. And then let's take the hands in whatever position is good for you. Yeah, using the right foot.

Let's come up the first time guys and just find our balance at the top and hold. Good. How was that spring? Little more. Okay, good. Someone add a bit spring. How was your spring? More? Yep. Yep. Okay. Okay. So as you know, you guys are advancing. You can take away more spring, but you know, I liked to learn with a little bit extra spring because I like my body to be in good positions when I'm teaching it something. Yeah.

So going up regular version. Let's just press the pedal down using again that link length through the bottom of the leg, lift through the spine and rise up. Good. Let's do one more like that guys. This standing leg is using that same hamstring connection all the way down into the foot that we were just speaking about. Laying down paws, adding on. We're going to lower down pressing.

You're going to keep lifting through your waist and just try to press the right heel to the floor or lows. It'll go raise the heel and come back up one more time like that. Adding on. We go down, we press, we keep the waist lifted. Beautiful work. Both of you raise the heel again. We can rise up. Let's come to balance. Standing on the left leg. Pause for a moment. Good. In the magic circle exercises we felt earlier, right?

We were trying to feel those inner thighs engaged, right? That lift through the waist. We're going to use it here and now the back leg, you guys is going to try to pulse up one, two, still lifting your waist. Three, four, five, six. Are you going to toss her off the chair? Six, seven, eight and good. And then find the pedal by balancing good. Strong on that foot.

It's almost there. And take the pedal to the ground and we'll change sides. Good. So we'll do two. Two, rise up, eight pulses. Good. Other side. Yummy. Yes. And here we go. Rising up. Good. In California we drive too much.

So this is another reason why the mushy tushy is become a commonplace thing. And once again, press and rise up. But you see what we get to benefit from by living here. And then, good. Let's add the heel after your second one. Nice. You guys. Beautiful work. Good.

So they're keeping their centers strong and connected. Good. I'm going to ask a CYO to press down on this right heel a little stronger. Yes. So you get this one connected. Now keep that as you lower the left teal. Raise the left heel. That's it. Sand strong into that heel. Beautiful Work and good, good, good.

And you're going to balance. The transition is tricky. Good. You guys find your balance. Once again, find that stance. Nice. Once you're there, hold onto it. Now try your pulses. So maybe, yeah, the pulses aren't huge. Great. Big lifts have the leg behind us, but they sure are effective. And then let's find the pedal and balanced with control.

Good. And keep this strong leg good. You're almost there. You've got the handles if you need it. [inaudible] good. So I found something to pick on a CYO about good. Also the fact that the hip likes to be kind of hanging out over there. Right? So to just to keep that nice pure line up over that heel.

And that's a great thing to be aware of. Then when you're working with the magic circle again, it's like right, like go with low stakes and then work up to the high stakes, you know. Good. Let's add a little more spring for the side. Okay. Um, that was very common thing I do working with people. Uh, give them a little more help on the side cause they're harder. Good. Facing the chair guys. Let's just once again, start with the right foot, pressing the pedal down. Then I'm gonna have you guys turn your bodies to this direction, left foot or go on the chair. Good man. Once again, you have some options, right with your hands as far as where they can be. So find a place that's good, right? We have these handles here. They're wonderful. So once again, we're going to look for this nice clean line, hip over heel, all the way through the shoulder.

These girls are gonna press down firmly into those springs. Press down firmly on their standing leg and rise up to the top. Okay. And pause a moment. Good, good. So now you're going to try to feel good. You can keep it here, your alignment.

And I like to really feel this standing leg wrapping under me because again, I want that differentiation between my leg and my booty to be very apparent and we'll slowly take it down and back up. [inaudible] good. And once again, Sio likes to do a little coochie cool, good and pressed down through that leg, lifting through the center. That's it. Sio, can you press down into the spring as you rise up? Push it yet, dear friend. Beautiful opposition. Last one guys. We're gonna rise up. I would like to see a stand up and balance on the left foot. Right. And again, we've practiced it. Low stakes earlier. Right?

Good. You guys. Good. Strong arms on your back. Reach that right leg long through your center. All the way down through the heel. Gorgeous. Standing up small. We can make a little circle with the right leg. A circle to the front one. Stir your pot. Two very balletic. But we're each good.

One more good for any hip as far as I'm concerned. Reverse. Go the other direction. Circling on. Stir the pot the other way too. Good. Three. Very nice. Finding the position. Good to transition to come down with control.

You'll take your right foot to the pedal. Try, try, try guys to be on top of that left hip still. It's one last moment. That's it. That's it. Use that heel press through the hip. Changing sides. Lovely. Lovely, good work. Good, good. So those are nice, right? Just to challenge the body. Feel where you're at. Good. Good.

And you see where that magic circle takes you? Yeah. And once again, guys, let's rise up to the top at the top. If you need to make adjustments, make them good. You're standing strong down through that leg. Good. And again, that basket, right? If you're standing on both legs and getting strength from both sides, oh my goodness, that's better than using one side three times down and up. Good. And you might find one side stronger than the other. If you know you have a stronger side work, the weaker side work, the stronger side. Come back to the weaker side a second time.

Maybe you're not going as deep on one side. So you know, work on same levels. Good. We'd go to the transition all the way up to the top. Oh, you see that wiggle, wiggle. Good. Good. That's okay. You just make note. Be aware for the next time. Good. So once you guys have strong arms on your back, strong center, long legs, Brianna, give me a little more length through that left thigh and circling. Stir the pot three times one. You got it too. That's it.

That standing leg becomes so, so important. Reverse big toe, little toe heel. All the way to the hip and the center. Beautiful and find the pedal gorgeous work and we will come down still strong. Still lifted. Still using that right thigh for tons of support. Well done you guys fan testing. Good. Let's have a seat on the chair.

I'm going to make a little arrangement since I gave them extra spring for the going upside. We're going to go back to the original setting, so go ahead. Have a seat guys for the tabletop. [inaudible] good hands to the back of the chair. Let's go on the tippy toes. Heels together. Right now. You guys are so well placed, everything's going to be perfect, so let's just go ahead and raise those bottoms up as high as we can.

Do a nice tabletop squeezing the heels. Let's go for eight pulses. One, two, three, four, strong Belize five. We felt that link through the magic circle earlier. Six, seven. Let's hold the pedal up to have a seat down facing your chair. Let's use the right foot again. Depress the pedal down. We're going to do mountain climb, left foot on the pedal, or left on top of the chair. Good guys. So to begin, let's place the fingertips.

Good. I want you guys to use that right foot to really push into the spring. Use your abdomen to pull the spring up into your belly. Pause. Good. Find a little more scoop through the waist. Find a little more lifting off that side. Good. Eight pulses. Let's go. One, two. I'm going to ask Brianna to reach your tailbone down more.

That's at five six, seven, eight. If you can reach the arms forward to three as high as you can. Five, six, seven, holding. One, two, pumping three, four. Good. Using that time for support, the lift in the way, Stan coming down to really reach and stretch. Very nice. Five, six, seven. Fantastic. Other side. Wonderful. Wonderful, good, good. So that same support, lift the squeeze that we were using with magic circle and like rolling like a ball all comes back to help us out. So using your belly to raise your knee to your abdomen, let's bring it in. Good.

Out of the shoulders. That strong powerhouse. Two, three, four. Good work. Five, six, seven with your reach. Two, three, four, five, six, seven looking good guys. Hold it to three out of your neck. Four, five. That's it. Powerhouse. Five, six, seven and coming down two. You've got it. Three, four, stick with the five. Six stomach, seven, eight. Nicely done. Good. Take a moment to step off to one spring. Just for a little stretch. So we did all that hard, hard, hard, hard work. We're going to take a little step back from the chairs and just end with a bit of a lengthening stretch. Okay. So we got all connected and now we're going to stretch it out.

One foot goes on top of the chair and we can use the arms out to the sides and almost like working the magic circle. It's pressed down and [inaudible] and press down and grow tall or in your spine and lift and think about those hips being even one more time. Then press and then the leg is going to rise up off the pedal. One, two, so down and up. Oh, that's it. And down and up. Nice. Good. Keep it on the pedal. Try to rise up and rotate to turn. Set. Nicely done. You guys good?

If you need to hop away a little bit. Yeah, we want the foot still on the pedal, right? So if you want to take a little hop. Good. Good. So strong arms on the back and once again, pressing three times. Good. We don't want it in the back of the knee, right? So right. We're using the pelvis, keeping that rotation or finding the connection from the foot through the thigh. Last one, turn out a little more for me. That's it. A CYO.

That's a connection. And then raise the pedal and now we lift the right leg. Three times. Stretching Brianna out here. Beautiful. If you just simply get longer on that standing leg, it does enough work for you. Fantastic. Right for can stay on the pedal. We're going to take one more rotation. Good. Careful. Careful. Good.

Sorry, I'm going to have you hopped to the left a tiny bit. Good. That's it. Good. So now the right foot is flexed and the hole in step of the foot can be on the pedal. That's it. Once again, hips trying to square off. Good. We're thinking about that length. We want that differentiation in the hip and the booty to be at work.

And we press down and rise and press down. Good. And we don't want it in this low back, right? We want to in the hip. Last one. That's it. So if you have to grow taller to make it happen, very nice. And the right foot will rise up three times. The one longer too, not so much from the back, but from that hip, they're front coming into a little posse. Let's bring the right foot to the inside of the left knee. Good.

And as you press the right leg down the left leg, let's grow taller and then we'll turn around and start the other side. Good. Left foot. Here we are pressing down one and up there. Good. And again, we don't want to be sitting into the knee. Neither knee, not the standing knee, not the working knee. So into this ties into that abdomen, right?

Let the energy go higher up into the legs and all the good spots. One, you're good. Two, three, the foot can be on the pedal to rotate side looking good. You guys okay? And here go again. Good. If you need to hop forward, back wherever you need to be. Three times we press the pedal. Thinking about our length. Looking good. Girls have preach good. Don't get short to lift.

Get longer and longer and longest. And then rotating. One more time. Good. Having the in step, right. If that means you have to change places. Positions. Good. And again, three presses. One good lifting out of the waist, too strong on the standing leg. Three in three lifts, one and two and three coming to a balance. That's it. Pause a moment. Good. Feel the length through the back. Feel the arms on the back. Feel the basket.

Feel the stretch and let's lower that left leg as we grow taller. Good. Arms down. Let's just drop the chin to the chest. Roll down to the s toes. Okay, nice. Big Breath in and out. Try to keep your hips over your heels. We'll roll back up.

Good. All good job you guys. Thank you.


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Very nice ! I will teach this to myself and to my clients. Thanks Kara!
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Thank you for this class. I love your style! You teach in such a natural way and it makes me very comfortable. A real workout!
Jaime and Grace, thanks very much. I am glad to see this video up! One of the teachers, Asayo was going to do it again :). I hope it is one that you guys will come back to as well.
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Loved this workout. I will definintely teach to my clients
Yvonne- Glad you liked it, I hope your clients will too, let me know how it went :)
Great class. Loved the combo and MC mat was so helpful for my chair execution. Thank you!
Laurie- thanks! So great when the body is working properly it just slides right into all the best positions. Wonderful!
Great class. Length, strength, power. Love it!
Great class. Length, strength, power. Love it!
Patricia- the secrets to life (at least longevity). Right? :)
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