Class #2439

Mixed Equipment Workout

50 min - Class


This Mixed Equipment workout with Kara Wily is all about the arms! Having a strong upper body assists our posture as well as other activities we enjoy in our lives - Kara recently started rock climbing. You'll begin this class with about 30 minutes of advanced Matwork using the Handweights as a "warm up," and then move to the Tower for a challenging series of Arm Springs to increase strength through the arms, torso, and upper back.
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment, Mat, Tower, Hand Weights

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Hi, we're doing a workout today with Brianna and Chris working on upper body. I, um, started rock climbing recently and uh, I have realized how much just that upper body strength is so...


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I wish I had springs at home because the first half wash delicious!
Can't wait to implement these great cues with my clients! Very cool! And a very difficult workout!! I'm still sweating!
Miriam and Kristen, thanks so much. Miriam, I would also like to look in to having some springs at home, I am thinking I could use a door jam in our rec room. Think of the fun at dinner parties :) Kristen--great, I hope you felt it in all the best places the next day too.
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I love your classes! I love your energy! I hope you're going to be doing a mat class, too. You have a great critical eye, hands on helping people getting the most out of the move.
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great workout! Just a note on how much you say "good" :)
Christy- Thank you. Note taken. I like to be encouraging, but in this format, it is important to omit things that will become mundane. I appreciate the feedback!
Sharon- Thank you too! I hope the manual corrections translate well from screen. Many thanks
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Just what I needed today-perfect spring work for an aunt whose mid and lower traps need waking up-I hope I can deliver it well enough to find those great connections-Thank you.
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And I forgot to say how lovely the addition of hand weights was for adding feedback and additional stretch-Lovely
Debbie- Thanks, let me know how it goes with your aunt. Yes, I love adding a little weight in the arms, it makes the whole exercise come alive somehow. I think too for female teachers, might give us a little more understanding of delivering the work to males who just naturally have a little more upper body weight.
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