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Upper Body Strengthening

50 min - Class


This Mixed Equipment workout with Kara Wily is all about the arms! Having a strong upper body assists our posture as well as other activities we enjoy in our lives, like Kara's new rock climbing hobby. You'll begin this class with about 30 minutes of advanced Mat work using the Hand Weights as a warm up, and then move to the Tower for a challenging series of Arm Springs to increase strength through the arms, torso, and upper back.
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment, Mat, Tower, Hand Weights

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Hi, we're doing a workout today with Brianna and Chris working on upper body. I, um, started rock climbing recently and uh, I have realized how much just that upper body strength is so helpful. Um, as well as you know, all the common things people slouching forward or bellies not really kind of holding us and so forth. So just to get some upper body strength, good, nice strong shoulders, strong back to help us, um, you know, with our polarities work and with what we want to do with our lives. Um, I also have been tiling floors recently and picking up 50 pound bags and mortar and so forth. So being able to do a few pushups has been very handy. So with that said, let's begin. We're going to stand on the mat to start. Good. We're going to cross one hand over the other arm over arm.

We're going to go ahead and start with a bit of a warm up, so strong belly muscles in and up. Let's push one arm up, the lower arm up and the top arm down so you can feel that connection of the back. Nice and strong. And then keep that pressure of the arms pressing into one another. As you scoop your belly muscles in and up and sit down with control. So right away just feeling the back all the way down and we'll go ahead, lay back. Stretch the weights down by her sides. Good. Um, Brianna and Chris are both using two pound weights today.

You can sometimes use heavier weights. Uh, I've heard two stories recently about people ripping bicep muscles from using too heavy of a weight. So you know, be cautious. Don't use something too heavy, don't be ridiculous. It's just to give your body a little bit more notion of your back, not to get super hyper, you know, trophic muscles or anything. So arms will reach down in the back. Let's go ahead and brace the thighs in together. We're just going to go through a nice strong mat work. Let's curl the heads up, raise the red legs off the Mat and start pumping those arms up and down.

Take a nice big breath in and out. Good. Trying to keep the arms a little bit above the heart. And again, you'll notice that the weights kind of make you shimmy and shake a little bit. Yes. So good. So stabilizing the body above all else. Good. And even if you got to the point where like, oh, it's all shoulders and neck, you could just hold the arms still and just breathe. Good. I'm kind of not where you guys are.

So let's do two more big breaths in and out. And one last time. Good. Let's pause for a moment and just feel the stretch of those arms. Feel the strength of the arms on the back. Feel this stomach engaged. Looking good guys. We'll lower the legs, raise arms, everything reaches out with length for roll up.

Arms are going to come over the chest. Curl the head up will reach beyond and lengthen out. Pooling your waist away from the weights rolling back and the arms. Reach out and stretch. One more little slow arms then head and peel up and stretch.

Good and rolling back. Feel the belly, ribs, everything. Reaching arms. Stay connecting to the back a little faster. Arms Up, stretch, roll back. Last two. If you want to try to keep your head between your arms, you may for some challenge and reach. Brianna has one delicate shoulder, so we might give her a little variations as we go or I might pick on her a little bit about it reaching and then pause. Good for rollover.

I'm going to have both of you guys go ahead and slide forward a little bit so you have a little strength, a space behind you, and then you're going to use the strength of the weights. The reason where we're connecting into this still is because we want the strong back to help us be engaged for this. So legs together, strong. Try to use your abdominal muscles to raise the legs and toss them overhead. And we're pushing the weights down into the floor. Yes, open the legs apart, roll down and keep pushing, pushing, pushing. Every step of the way over. You go and open.

Good and reaching, reaching, reaching. One more time over you go and good. And then let's reverse. If you wanted to soften your elbows a little bit so you could get more of the back of the upper arm connected into the mat. That might help out a little bit as well. And once again, over and close.

And by pressing down on the weights, can your waist have a little more length out of it so you don't squash any parts? And again, press down to lift up. Good. Can you do one more for me? Both of you guys open and over and close. Good. So Chris, give me your best press down. Yes sir. And keep pressing down as you roll. Yes, that's dear friends. Brilliant. Good you guys.

Let's sit up right away and grab the ankles for rolling like a ball. So we're just going right into it. Yeah. So the weights are going to change the game a little bit. So first time, let's just roll back, come up balance and parts, right? So it shifts things a bit. And now we go back and up. One and two and three and four. And one more time.

Let's come up and pause now just to the shoulder tips. Just the tips of your shoulder blades and back up. And so it's a little smaller and more compact, right? So the belly has to work against that weight and where the balance is going to be for the body last too. And then [inaudible] last time will come up. Balance and hold the shape. Good. Right hand, uh, to the ankle. Yep. Left-Hand to the knee.

We're going to go ahead and take the right leg and slowly lay back for single leg stretch. Good you guys. So the weights can, let's lay him right on top of the leg, right? They're going to help kind of smash that leg right? Right into the chest. Yes. Take advantage of the stretch. Right? So we work with the body. Yeah. And you're going to keep this in alignment and we're going to change legs and pull pool and pool pool, right? So let the weight help suppress that leg down and then let the leg help the belly press down. Let's do one more set on each leg. Looking beautiful.

You guys both legs. We'll come in. Double leg stretch. Let's just reach out pallets for a moment. Good. So just stretch for me long and then circle the arms around, give it a hug. Right? And again, so it's easy to kind of like, like we want to be safe, but I want you to stretch out and pull it in. Last two says stretch. That's what I want to see Chris bed it Rihanna. One more. Squeeze those heels. Lengthen everything. Gorgeous.

You guys single straight leg stretch. Good. If you're next retired, let them rest. Otherwise let's keep moving. Pull, pull, pull, pull. Hold for a moment. Let's just have the one leg in the weights again. Let's put them around the leg to help give the stretch. Then let's curl the body the rest of the way up. Head to that kneecap. Yeah, why not? We're here and change pool pool.

We can go a little slower but try. Try to get deeper into that center. Yes. Last time. Each leg and both legs in the air. Let's put the weights behind the head for a moment. Rest the head. Take a little breath. Ah, good.

So the challenge now will be to get the weight of the head to be high enough that the abdomen is really holding you. Yeah. So with both legs in the air, let's just curl the head forward. Let's lower the legs halfway down and hold it and try to curl higher up and lift the legs and curl the legs half way down and hold it and curl higher up and lift the legs. Nice. And reach halfway and curl higher up and lift the legs. Fantastic. Take a breath. Good. And we could go on and on and on like that. Right. Good.

Keeping the hands behind the head. Let's curl up and reach the left elbow to the right knee. Go to the inside of the knee first. Inside. Yeah. Good. And then change and go to the inside of the Ebony. Good. And then one more time inside and inside.

Now let's go to the outside, outside, and let's accent this elbow opening as well and change. And when we go for the outside, we'll open this yes. And change and try to make a straight line. Elva oboe, knee, toe, toe, good elbow, elbow, knee, toto, and take a breath. Delicious. Sitting up all the way. Let's go ahead and go right into a saw. So we're going to open the feet. What am I both of you guys do?

Just because we don't have like little moon boxes or anything out here is we're going to just kind of open the legs and then squeeze inward on the mat just to kind of keep everything active. Yeah, the arms are going to go wide. Good. And, but the guys just take a big breath in and out. Good. So this has always been a confusing thing for me. A lot of times in those pictures we see Joe plot, he's and his arms are straight out. He doesn't have them in front of his eyes. He has, I'm straight out. Good. So if we just take this position and let's rotate as far as you can to the right and reach that left hand and reach to the outside of the little toe.

I love this exercise with weights. When you sit up, try to twist deeper into the stretch and face front and go the other way. Twist and go across the body and reach both arms away from the waist. That's it. And as you rise up deeper and good, big breath in. Let's turn to the right. Big Breath out. Reach. Rise up deeper and face, front other side and going and stretching and lifting. And last one each way. Now everything's going to stretch. So as the arms go, the legs are reaching, the waist is lifting and last one and going.

Gorgeous work and rise up. Fantastic. Let's put the legs together. Let's flip over and go onto the Belize. We are going to do swan. Okay. So starting with a bit of a weight down and here, you know, maybe make a decision if you want the heads of the way, it's down to the mat. You could possibly do it that way or just keeping the palm flat. You know, don't crush your fingers. Good. So thighs are strong together.

Tummy muscles in and up. Let's just push down on the mat and start to rise up. Lifting for the chest. And then let's go down. Good. At this time, don't press down on the Mat. Start to just lift your chest up first and then when you need help, push down into the mat to lift higher up. And let's look over the right shoulder and drop the chin down around.

Look over the left shoulder. Good and look straight ahead and let's go the other direction all around and good, good. And look straight ahead. Now be aware. What are we about to do? We're about to do swan with those weights forward, right? So lifting the stomach, really strong thighs, really strong. You're going to need them. We're going to come down for a moment. I'm going to give you a little break. Good. Because now ready for it.

So pressing down the Chester. Lift up, using the hands when you need him. Good. So connecting arms to the back for the first one. When you rock down and you're going to reach and then stretch and everything's going to go try five and we will and two and three and four and five. And let's sit back on the heels and take a little break. Breathing, breathing. Breathing. Good. Good. Just little correction for Brianna, that little delicate shoulder of hers, she still wants to use it.

So just encouraging you to stay out of that shoulder being your back. Yeah. Back down on the tummies guys. Let's look over the left shoulder just to turn the head. Good. Hands up. That's it. And drop those elbows to the floor. Good. Yes. And take a nice big breath in and out.

Ah, good. So part of this is just getting really nice and relaxed cause then we're going to go to work, right? So thighs strong together. Now we're going to kick the heels to the bum. Three times one, two, three. Let's just slide the weights down along your bottom, along your thighs and at the end, see if you can press your palms slightly up and then go to the other side. The arms come up. Good again. Three kicks, one, two, three.

Slide them back and then press up. Nice you guys. And good. And one, two, three. This time let's go ahead and try to press those weights to the feet. Yeah. And there's side and one to three. And preach those weights way back. Way Back. Way Back. Gorgeous work. You guys.

Last one. East side, one, two, three. This time go ahead and press those palms as high as you can to the ceiling. Up, up, up with their back. And last one going. One, two, three. And pressing up, up. Eyes up, chest out. Staying up here. Can you float the arms around to the front? Keep the back. Keep the back. Keep the strength in your back. Lower down. Take a break. Good. Sit back on the heels. Take another break. [inaudible] he ha. Good, good.

So you're feeling some back muscles. Let's spin around. Let's lay on the backs for the neck pool. Good. So once again, you get a choice. Weights can go behind the head or weights can go right down on the thighs. Okay, so feet will flex. That's it. Feet, hip width apart. Good, good. Let's maybe start with it. Yeah, start with important. Good, good. Taking the chin to the chest. Let's pause for a moment.

Just Chin on the chest for a moment. Good. So with the chest still nice and wide. Those heels really pressing away. Let's deep in those abdominal muscles. Good and crawl yourself up bone by bone deepening, deepening. I love that feeling.

Let's take the hands behind the head here and give yourself the wonderful stretch. Sit up tall using your abdomen. Good at the top here guys. Open elbows, way, way behind you. Way, way back and lift the waist and good. You can start to stretch back if you want to stay long or just round right away into a chin to the chest, reaching the heels. Good. Now you make a choice. Either you come right back up and do it or you reached your arms where they work. Good and that's it. Stretch. Wonderful work you guys sitting up tall. Good, good. And Open those elbows in here. You can really lift the chest.

Good Navel to the spine and we'll start to reach those heels away. Away. Away. I love it. Last one. No shoulders, all belly up. We go and stretch. Good opening elbows even here into the stretch. Wonderful. Using your waist, grow tall and then naval to the spine. Good and chin to the chest and good, good, good.

And just kind of looking at Brianna, what might be great for someone like you is just using that one weight just on that one side too. That's on a little bit of extra help. Yeah. Good. And let's move on. Ah, let's go into Jack Knife. Okay, good. So once again, similar to our rollover, right, we're just going to use those weights right down into the mat for some strength. So pinching those thighs together, strong in your centers. I want to see those arms working. Let's toss the legs over and up. One, you can go to your level, whatever level you want to use. Press the arms into the mat guys and use it to write, resist.

Press the arms down, down, down, and let's do it again. Over and up and press down to go up. Good. Same principles, dancing, right and ballet. All the time in plea. AA, we think of lifting and as we uh, try to rise up, we down, go down into the floor once again, press down and go up. Good. Let me see how strong your upper bodies can be pushing into that floor guys, and use them. Looking good. Let's keep the legs where they are. Let's reach the arms out.

Let's do a teaser from here and chin to the chest. Let's roll up. Good. Let's try and take the arms overweight overhead. Good. And Roll back down. Second time. Rolling up. Good changes the balance for sure. Arms overhead this time. Try to reach him for the back wall as you rolled down. Good.

That's it. Challenge Yourself. Good. Last one coming up. Reach for the wall behind you and nicely done. Good. Let's lay onto the tummies right away. We'll go into a swimming. Good. Good. So it changes the balance. It, you know, makes you feel how a, I've heard someone refer to the second power house, you know, it's like you got your low belly but you've, we've got this upper power house too that we also have to be strong and okay, good. So let's begin guys, by just raising the right arm in the left leg and just hold there for a moment. Good. And if you kept your spine long and strong, could you raise the arm from your shoulder and the leg from your hip higher?

And let them rest. And then the other side try left arm, right leg. Good. And what I'm trying to see is still can you keep it out of the neck and work from all the way down in the hips. So this arm connects to his left hip and his right hip connects all the way up into his right abdomen and breasts down. One more slow. Each side guys. Good lengthening. Good.

Brianna also wants you to see your legs hugging your mid line more. Both likes. Yes. Yes, yes, yes. And coming down good. Good. So that we're also not swimming askew. Yeah. Good. Right? Staying in your middle. You could even hug that midline with that right leg. A little more too, bro.

Yes Chris. And nicely done. Good. You guys. Good. So let's now raise the chest up. Raise the arms, raise the legs. Not Crazy fast. Little swimming. One, one, two, two. Still working from your back to reach out and your stomach and your hips and stretch. Lower the legs. Keep the arms up and circle them back around to the waist and rest that debt down. Good. You can bring the weights forward.

Let's sit back on the heels again. Take a little break. Ah, good. Let's try a side. Bence you just going to use one weight? Yeah. Good. So let's rest on the left hip to start with face Chris. Good. That's it. So just the weight for the top hand? Yeah. Good. Good. Yeah. Little little sweat maintenance. Good. Okay, good. So this arm is going to get in, connect down the back, be nice and strong. We're going to push down on the feet.

If you do prefer one foot in front of the other, you may use it traditionally side by side. Yeah. So here we are. We're going to rise up, reach the right arm, press down on that left side of the foot. Yep. Pick up the right arm. Good. And you're gonna just do a big little side bend up and over. That's it. As you press down to lift up, up, up, and then keep reaching, lift in your belly to come down with control. Good. And then once again, press on over. Arm to the back.

Good. Still keeping that connection down the back. Sure. Why not? And come down using your tummy to lift. Lift with control. Good. You guys knew the combination, right? So we won't quite touch the left hip down, but we'll just look to the right. Come back up then C so we're going rise up. Pressing down. Good. Yeah, that's it. Right arm goes up and over. We would take a giant stretch in both sides with control.

The right arm comes down to the hip. We almost touched the left hip to the mat. Bounced right back up into the stretch. Lifting strong and long and lean and mean and come down with control. Good changing sides will change the way to the other hand. Good. Careful could get. So yeah. F sensitive arms risks.

You could use a fist also. Yes, a good. And then here we go. We're going to press up the first two times. Just plain, simple. Good. We're going to watch those ribs to right. So we're still connecting into the hips. Can you push into that side leg, right? So we're still connecting all the way down into the side and come down with control. Yes, yes. And now one piece of steel all the way to that heel. And then once again, rising up. Good, good shoulder down the back, keeping the connections hip over hip and come down with control.

Good you guys. And last one little combo. We rise up in [inaudible]. We come back almost to touching. We use the abdomen, we lift up, breech strong and lift the belly to come down. [inaudible] very, very, very nice. Grab your other. Wait, let's do a boomerang. So we're gonna Cross one ankle over the other and today I want you to just try to hold your arms out. So just in that strong, yeah, there's some old black and white footage of Joe Blow. He's teaching it this way. Yeah. So just keeping this arm, keeping the strength of the back, keeping the strength of the belly.

Can you begin by raising your legs up to go over and keep the arms strong, change and come up balance. Hold those arms, keep it and keep it. As the legs float down, you may drop the head, take your stretch. Once again, roll up through the spine. Let's open the arms strong. And again, strong. Do legs up and over and open. Close and keep the strength of the back. Feeling arms on the back.

Scoop into the belly. That's it. And as the legs float down, that's it. You may stretch up arms. That's it. And over. And let's sit up tall. Let's grab the feet right away. Grabbing onto the souls of the feet. Right into a seal. So we'll do seal. Yeah, good, good. So feel that for a moment. Just the balance you've got. Again, that weight of the foot, right. Weight in the weight.

So in there by your ankles there, you've got to have opposite and equal support in the waist. And let's try one time just to roll back. Come up in, clap the feet. One, two, three. Agree and feel the hips open. Two, three. Good. Adding the clap behind you. One, two, three. Coming forward. One, two, three. Once again, back to three. Even, even, even open. Open, open. One more. Back. Open, open, open. That's it.

And Nice. Les. Cross one, ankle over the other. Reached the weights out in front of you. And can you stand up with control? Good, good. High stakes up here on the high mats. Good. All right, so from standing, we're going to go ahead and walk backwards just for the camera. You guys could also just turn around at home where you are in place. Let's go ahead and squeeze the heels together. Uh, for some pushups.

We're going to go ahead and raise the arms up. Take a breath in. Let's rule down and reach the weight's right to your toe tips. You can have a choice here. Either bring the weights with you, you can walk on your fist or just leave them behind and walk forward on your hands for pushups. Two, three, good, good, strong backs. Let's lower down one [inaudible] two and three. Good. Nice. Walk back to the weights. One, two, three. Lifting in your center. Good. Heels together.

And let's brace those thighs to roll up. Good. When you roll up, we'll take the way it's high and go for one more set. Rolling down. Good. I'll do the shoulders. Oh, in the back. Good. And walking forward again. One, two, three. Good. And again, three strong pushups. Squeeze the legs, make it as belly exercise as much as a shoulder exercise. Good. And then walking back to the weights. Good. Squeezing the heels together. You can grab the weights. We'll rise up. Let's bring the weights all the way up.

Good. Oh, we'll lower the weights down. Good. From here guys. Let's go ahead and step to the floor. Good. And we'll begin to circle the arms. Let's circle them up and circle 'em down. Grow Taller and lift them up and circle them down.

Grow Taller. We will reverse and pick them up and grow tall are in the spine. Good. Feel the arms working from your low back and one more and they'll come. Good down. Good.

Let's just flip the arm's doing a few little curls. You can put a little resistance into it yourself and push him away and uh, and push him away. Still. Nice. Strong chest, strong belly, strong back. And one more. And we'll angle the arm slightly out to the sides. Really show off your biceps. Now push it away. Squeeze it in and push it away.

Squeeze it in one more time. Squeeze it in. Good. Let's turn the palms forward and let's reach him out long and press them down. Good. And reaching out long and press him down. I still think of my lifting. Reach 'em out long and press them down. Good. Let's treat them to the sides and reach him out long and press them down.

Good. Good. Have palms down for me and reach them out long. That's it. Press it down. Good. And reach it out long and press it down. Good. Let's take the weights behind the head. Kind of squeezing the ears with your arms. Good. And Tricia Marie, Rachel [inaudible], [inaudible] [inaudible].

Two more. Good, nice broad chest. Nice, strong clavicles across the body and reach and arms will come forward and down. Good. Let's pinch those heels together. Strong in your belly and we're going to rise up on the toes and draw a little circles. Reaching up to three, four, five, six, seven, eight and we'll reverse the circles and go down to the sides. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and back up to the sides. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and two. The front reaching. One, two, three. Growing Taller, six, seven, eight and lower the heels. Good chest expansion to finish. Let's start with the arms forward two times.

Let's just pull the weights back. Open that chest strong in the bellies. Little [inaudible]. Go over the right shoulder over the left shoulder. Look straight ahead and do the breath. One more time in with the air. Open the chest strong and your center. Look left. Look right, look center. Beautiful you guys.

And arms forward rising up on your toes a little bit in with the air, pulling back, keeping the balance, keeping the connection look right. Look left, look center, get tall. Or as the heels go down. Last one in with the air. Open the chest. Good look left. Keep your strong center strong. Look Front hold. Find your length and lower down.

So that's our warmup. And we're gonna stew some art springs. So we did a little warm up on them, Matt and now we're going to use the tower arm springs. I love the tower. Arms Springs, the Cadillac arms springs and they're not used enough. A lot of times, many studios. We've got to move equipment around so we have enough space to use them.

But they're great for men and Ms Briana with her delicate shoulder. It's a good way for her also to be able to access strength from her whole power house or her whole body and get that arm stronger. So it's not just her little arm trying to push against some spring. Okay, so we are going to begin with a chest expansion. You guys are all familiar with that. Good, nice grounding exercise to feel where we're at.

So grabbing the springs, we're going to go ahead and pull back and look and look and center and release. Good. And so once again we are standing, we are using the power we are getting from the floor and I loved learning in physics class that as much weight that is pressing on the floor, the floor actually has depressed that same amount of weight back up on us. So you can imagine if you press down more into the floor, it's got to support you more. What a wonderful concept. Good. So let's pull the arms back guys. Keep them back. Rise up onto your toes and look and look and center and release.

Nicely done. One more time to be opposite direction. Good arms don't have to pull back so far, but they do connect all the way it into the hips. Strong, center in and up. Adding on. We're going to pull the arms back, rise up onto the toes. Hold this and let's just keep pressing those arms back as we squat or bend the knees, keeping the heels lifted and key. Pressing the arms back like there's a wall behind you and you want to touch that wall. As you rise up, keep the arms lower. The heels, release the arms.

One more time. Just that much. So once again, arms pressing down the back. Rise up. Good. We have opposition arms pressing down, bellies, lifting up and good. Maintain that opposition. Push deeper into the spring and lower the heels and bring the arms forward. Take a little breath. Good little change.

All I know this exercise, um, is I call it J's exercise cause I got it from Jay Grimes. OK. Um, and so very nice for finding your center, finding your strength. The angle of the arm is going to uh, maintain larger than 90 degrees. So you don't want to hook the arm back too much. So we keep that 90 degrees keeping power down into the feet.

We're going to hinge the entire body and use the weight of the body to reach against the spring we hold, we find the connection of the arms down the back. We lift in your belly and your belly is going to return you back up on top of your heels. Then the arms are gonna reach down by your sides. And like a chest expansion. You're simply going to press the arms. They don't have to go so far back. But once again, press energy into the floor, lift into the center, grow taller as you release the arms will dilute a little combo three times. So once again, hindering back, planning even more.

Power through those legs, lifting even more into the center, coming up. Wonderful. The arms or each down pressing the arms. We go taller and we find this connection. Once again, arms reaching down the back. Abdomens lifting in and up in front. And we've got one more chance at it. Again. Last one. Find strength down through the feet.

Find it lifting all the way up into you. Can you find those feet Chris? That's it. Use your belly. Beautiful. Flipping the hands one last time. Reach him down the back looking good. Squeezing everything strong and left even tall or beautiful to bring the arms. I will take it. Nice work you guys. Good chest expansion front.

So we'll turn around facing the other direction. Good. Kind of traditionally more like a man's exercise, but um, I like doing it so the arms will reach forward and we push into it and we can again, even sort of float our bodies forward into it. And release. Tricky part again is that as we reach forward into the springs, we're not rolling the shoulders forward. But again, we're letting sort of that weight of the spring help. They aren't connected to the back.

And one more time we'll maintain this. And once again you could raise your heels, not too high. Chris, come down a little bit. Good. Raise the heels, keep the connection and try to squat. Still connecting into the spring to lower. Keep your strong center. It's so easy to wiggle, wiggle and keep your strong center to rise up. Good. Good, good, good. Lower the heels. Release the arms. Good. Just watch the wiggle. Wiggle in the back. Arms can come down and take a breath. Good. One more time.

And reaching into it. Good. This is like a soldier. I don't know if yeah, strong. That's it. Being ready. Good. And then lowering. Good. Keep the strong center. Keep those feet that informing you. Good and strong. And your belly. Beautiful. That's different. Keep it. Keep it, fight for it.

And lower the heels. Release the arms. Very nice work. Good. Good, good. So strong. Yeah. Strong work. Good. Take a little breath. We're going to have good. So now we've had a little um, uh, kinda exploration into that forward space. We're going to use it once again for hugs. So we're going to start standing upright. Arms wide. Good.

Connecting the arms to the back. Yeah. And as you guys hug, I want you to go ahead and float yourselves forward into the springs as far as you can. Still keeping in connection, strong. A g down to the feet. And once again, let your abdomen return you back up. Once again. Good, strong, good. Can you go forward even more? Brianna? Go ahead. Push, push, push, push. Yeah. I want you to do, take a chance. That's what I want you to find. Good. And use the abdomen to return. Right?

Good. So shoulders on the back, Chris, and coming back. Good. Now I want you to do one more for me. Chris. I want you to keep this line nice and wide. Okay. So that you activate this cause what's happening right now a little bit is it's getting a bit rounded and you're super strong and capable, but I want you to, yes. Yay. Yay. Yes. And use your abdomen to return. Brilliant.

Different. Good sir. Good, good, good. We're going to box. Okay, good. So let's begin with feet together. Once again, you're going to kind of find that position where you're engaged into the spring for it. Yes. So let's reach one arm forward and change and change and you're going to take a chance for me, Briana, and change. Good and change. And change and bring both hands back to the uh, armpits and you can rise up. Good.

Let's try a little dynamics now. Okay. So now we'll lean into it and we'll go punch. Punch, punch, punch. Sorry. With both feet stuff. Sorry. That's it. Change, change, change, change, change, change fast, fast, fast, fast, fast, strong, strong, strong and pause and bring the hands to the armpits and come back. Good, good, good. So we can always take one exercise, add dynamics, add speed as the body gets stronger and more capable.

Yeah. And you guys are plenty capable. Let's step the right foot forward and just two times on each arm. Let's just punch and punch and then let's punch and roll up onto the toe and come back. Change and punch. Roll up onto the toe and come back. Change and punch. Rule up onto the toe and change. Sorry.

And roll up onto the toe and change and change feet. Good, strong centers. And let's punch and change and then roll up onto the toe and change. That's it. And rural up under the toe and change and rural up onto the toe.

And pause. Good. Take a step back. Both of you. Good, good, good. If you will just from here, Chris, do that one more time for me and roll up onto the toe. Good. So what I'm looking for on Chris is this strong arm through the knuckle arm, connected into the hip, strong abdomen all the way into this leg. So it's a complete effort through his body and then change and he has just as much power, strength connection here. And then one more time. All the way through it. Good. Strong in your center and coming back. Good. Good, good. Yes. Good. Take a little breath.

Let's do one more time on the second side. On second leg. Yeah. So we had left foot forward second. Yeah. And we'll punch. Oh good. You're getting an extra and we'll roll up onto the toe and change and roll up and feel the connection change and roll up and feel it and change and both hands back and take a step back. Taking a breath. Let's face the springs.

Good. So there is sort of this long back arm variation with the movement of the body. Right? So once again, as we work it, we're going to still connect and lengthen through the spine as we work, right? So we're going to bring the arms down, we're going to slide them up, we're going to reach them forward and we lose a little tension, but you're going to just keep her control, keep your connection in your body, and that's reverse. We'll come up, slide it in, slide it down, reach fronts and reach, grow taller, that's it. And then we can take, I think a small step back. We're going to end up going into a flat back variation.

You might soften the knees a little bit just so you're not sort of like hyper extending back and sort of shooting your bottom out too far. You want to attempt to have hips over heels. Yeah, so same pattern. The arms can reach down, slide up, reach forward and reach down. Slide up, reach forward, reverse slided and push down that. Reach it forward. Nice. Slide it in.

Push it down right here. Shit. Forward. Rise up. Good. Taking a little breath. Let's turn around Wa oh no, let's keep this position and let's do butterfly. Yeah. Good. So I'm sorry. Turn around. Good. So for butterfly, once again, that connection that we had through our punching in our extra rolling up onto our tow, we're going to use once again as we reach across. Yeah. So let's start with the right arm coming. That's my left arm.

Left arm coming up, right arm sweeping back. Good. And we're just, once again, you're gonna find that connection down through the back, up through the center, out through this stretch and try to keep the arms in front to return and going to the other side. That's it. Good. So again, strong and long, right? If there's any yes, tendency for that back to one. The gate down, right? We're going to stand into those feet. Yes. Use the center to make up for it. Once more. Each side guys. Good work. Pressing down. Good. Strong in the legs. All that connection. Beautiful. And Return. And last time. Up and over.

Good. Can I have a little more? Can I have a little more? Can I have a little more? And coming center. Excellent work and let's stand up. Let's take a little breath. Good and go into fencing. So we're going to turn to face. Yeah, our left side here and we'll take the right hand to the chest.

Left-Hand to the waist to begin. Good. Starting in a little t again, we both have dancers appears so they're going really turned out. Doesn't need to be quite so drastic. Good. I was. We step the right foot out the right arm reaches the left arm, extends across the body. Both hips are still squared to that side and we try to slide the foot and bring it back in and three times and stretch it out and try to find that hip too.

Me Too. Me Too me, Brianna. That's the way and very nice. Good. Back to all our ideas guys. Arms down to back stomachs in an up in the front. Last one and as the arms connect down into the hips, the stomach is strong, the legs are standing with power and let's turn around other side. Looking good. Take a breath. Once again, let's step out with that left foot. Good arms reaching across hips, trying to square good. Feel those legs give you power to return back in.

Good once again. And reach out. Good hip facing. That's it. Right arm reaching, pressing. That's different. And let's do one more looking good and slide it out. Good. And that right arm reach all the way across as that left hip opposes it.

That's the good stuff. And step it back in. Good. So that opposition, right arm against tip makes all this get wrapped up in Nice and strong and tight to help support the waist and the spine. Yeah, we're going to take these springs now down to the lower pegs. We're going to finish up with some arm work from the bottom here. So we've got our nice strong supporting center. Uh, you have a choice. You can either turn, uh, heels together or you can go in parallel for whatever reason.

I end up feeling parallel of works a little better for me. Let's start with some arm curls. Good. And we're gonna pull it up and we're gonna release not quite all the way. So keep a little tension on your spring and pull it up and not quite all the way. Good chest is open, strong in your center. All this work we did right to feel the connection into the back.

Strong power down into the legs. Reach. Chris is still thinking about his broad clavicles across. Good at set. One more time with those broad clavicles. Beautiful. And can you grow taller, Chris? Taller. Taller. You are that tall. Pause. Let's flip the hands. Hands come together in the center for a little zip up. So first one, maybe not so high, just up maybe to the solar plexus. As the arms go down, let's grow taller and taller and taller and once again so it becomes sort of a whole body experience. Arms Open.

That broad clavicle maybe not so high, right? Yes. Different. And as you reach down, you grow taller and taller. Gorgeous. Chris, one more time and zip it up. Brianna too is working that arm because this is a tricky one. I know. And cross down and grow taller. Good. For the last time you guys, if you can take it up to your chest, your nose, your forehead, you can give it a shot, but right arm still connecting down the back. Ah, that's different.

And as they go down you can almost feel the resistance arms going down. Like you're pushing down and lifting your waist and lifting your waist and lifting your waist and good turning around up to the backs and now hands together behind you. Same kind of idea. Good. Good. Heels together. Toes apart. Good, good. So once again, we're going to zip it up the back and as the arms slide down you can grow taller. Good. So again, kind of trying to feel how you can work against gravity. As you pull up and press down, you're thinking in opposite ranges of motion.

Good as the hands draw up the back. You're aware of not letting your ribs stick out away. But yeah, drawing the ribs back into that spine for support. You guys look great. Last one. Nice. Broad clavicles. Nice, tall spine to grow and finish. All right. So that's a nice bit of upper body work to keep you nice and strong.


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I wish I had springs at home because the first half wash delicious!
Can't wait to implement these great cues with my clients! Very cool! And a very difficult workout!! I'm still sweating!
Miriam and Kristen, thanks so much. Miriam, I would also like to look in to having some springs at home, I am thinking I could use a door jam in our rec room. Think of the fun at dinner parties :) Kristen--great, I hope you felt it in all the best places the next day too.
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I love your classes! I love your energy! I hope you're going to be doing a mat class, too. You have a great critical eye, hands on helping people getting the most out of the move.
Christy S
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great workout! Just a note on how much you say "good" :)
Christy- Thank you. Note taken. I like to be encouraging, but in this format, it is important to omit things that will become mundane. I appreciate the feedback!
Sharon- Thank you too! I hope the manual corrections translate well from screen. Many thanks
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Just what I needed today-perfect spring work for an aunt whose mid and lower traps need waking up-I hope I can deliver it well enough to find those great connections-Thank you.
1 person likes this.
And I forgot to say how lovely the addition of hand weights was for adding feedback and additional stretch-Lovely
Debbie- Thanks, let me know how it goes with your aunt. Yes, I love adding a little weight in the arms, it makes the whole exercise come alive somehow. I think too for female teachers, might give us a little more understanding of delivering the work to males who just naturally have a little more upper body weight.
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