Class #250

Osteoporosis Safe Workout

20 min - Class


Weight-bearing Class - Rebekah Rotstein continues her "Osteoporosis-safe Class" with a brief standing workout. Weight-bearing exercise is crucial for bone health, and the magic circle enables resistance training, another important factor for strong bones. The class is brief so that you can easily get your weight-bearing exercise in at any time. This standing class is also great for making your Pilates workouts functional -- it integrates posture and balance into the upright position in which you move throughout the day!
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

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Thanks for having 2 classes on Osteoporosis. it is great to know how to exercise to "prevent and treat osteoporosis".
You rock girl friend - a job really well done. See you soon, Bee
Great class- excellent pace!
Great class
Thank you Rebekah. Great class
I LOVE your classes, see you in April!
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Rebekah this is a great class, thank you. What are some variations and additional exercises you can do for clients who do not have the ability to bend at the knee?
Great class. Thank you for finally showing me how to make friends with my magic circle. I've been trying for years!
Thank you !!! More ideas and variations with the magic circle.... !!!
Great Class as always!!

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