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Rhythm Pilates®

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Rhythm Pilates® for Dancers! What a fantastic workout! This is not only fun but incredibly challenging. All of the participants in this class are dancers with significant Pilates experience. Watch the video of the breakdown first (many times perhaps) then try the class altogether with the music. The class moves fast, requires an advanced level of Pilates training, and is an absolute blast! For more information on Rhythm Pilates® see Lisa's instructor page. Watch the breakdown before taking this class for the first time.

What You'll Need: Mat

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Sep 08, 2010
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Be sure to take the breakdown before trying this class. In the breakdown, she walks you though all the moves in the class.
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Amazing class! =)

Thank you
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Great class. Can't wait to do it!
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Its a truly wonderful class, well thought out and choregraphed by Lisa who is always a joy to watch. I wonder though if she would do any of these type classes for maybe the intermediate user? I have cervical spine issues and cant do many of the exercises.
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Loved it! The choregraph was wonderful.
Elaine Ferguson
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Thank you for the great feedback! I appreciate all the kind words! I have planned many more routines that vary in levels and will be offering mofofications for those with spinal conditions.
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Great workout! Lisa is so elegant and has beautiful form. Love the different pace of this workout. Is Lisa going to be a regular here? I'd love to see more from her...please, please! :)
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This was AMAZING! LOVE the choregraphy and music. Can't wait to do it tomorrow morning :)
Loved it! Thanks for a great class. I will keep coming back to this one.
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great great class!
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