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Rhythm Pilates® Breakdown

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This class is essential if you plan to take Lisa's Rhythm Pilates® set to music. Lisa "walks through" all the movements that make up her Rhythm Pilates® class. She explains the counts of the exercises and the number of repetitions for exercise as well as offers tips for being able to stay with the music in the full class. You may want to take this class several times for it is a good workout in itself. Once you've watched the breakdown, take the class!
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Sep 08, 2010
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So thank you for joining me today. I'm very excited to be here. My name is Lisa Clayton Hubbard. Um, you're going to be learning something called rhythm, Peloton workout. So a rather than [inaudible] is, um, traditional [inaudible] mat work that's choreographed to music. So it's a little more fluid, a little more intense. Um, we're going to learn it in counts of eight on their sections. So we'll break it down into sections.

There's probably about eight or nine sections. The First Section will be you're considered your warmup and then there will be a spinal and then your app. And then we'll do sideline. We'll do back extension, we'll do arms, we'll do, but it's so it's a complete total workout. So if at any time you're tired, you need a break, just go ahead and just take a break. Or if you need to modify anything, um, just go ahead and do so. So anyway, so we'll learn the first section. Um, and we start standing. All right, let's start standing arms at your side and neutral. So we're going to end round curl, floating arms back and looking forward.

And then up round your spine, bending at the knees, straighten your legs and let the arms come down. And [inaudible] Oh curl and arch. Hurl and arch. Four Times two arms sweeping up twice, going up. Four count lower for cat and he had one, two, three, four and down. Two, three and four row two, three and four and roll two, three and four.

Row Two, three and four. Flat back, rolling up. And one more set of arms. Sorry, one, two, three, four and low, two, three and four and up to three and four. End Low, two, three and four. Roll Roll. [inaudible] roll down hole. We're going to walk down playing right arm, left arm, play position. Lower your knees down one at a time. And then for count to round the back into cat stretch.

Exhale. Inhale, arch. Flex the feet. Exhale, round. Inhale, arch. Exhale round the sis three. Inhale, arch flexing the feet. Arch your back and XL round. Stay rounded. Flex your feet, hands to the knees and legs go straight as the hips go up. Head goes down, good stretch and then plead a four. Count four times and up to three, four and down.

Two, three, four and three. Two, three, four and lower. Two, three and four and up to three and stay. Walk out to your up. Stretch position. Lifting up on your toes, prancing. Start with your right foot down. Lowering. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11 and 12 1314 1516 coupé the right foot. Swing the leg in the air. N ight ne Paul. Sing wo pulsing hree our ive ix even.

ne more time. Time ight. Lift up on the left toe. Switch quickly and up to the left. ne, wo, hree, our, ive, hree more. ne more. And bring the knee to the forehead. Rounding the spine into your plan. Round and switch. Other leg switch again, switch last time. Like this. Switch, pause, neutral spine left out right out.

ne more time. And stretch needs go down. Turn arm goes overhead. our count over wo, hree and our. Now push your hands into the mouth. Push yourself away round and find the stretch coming up. Accounted for. Reach the arm and like out. Counter for arm goes up. Again, counter for rounding.

Counter for we swivel around to the opposite side and sweep it. ne, wo, hree, our and curl wo, hree and our and rounded up to hree and our. Arm and leg, wo, hree and our. An arm over counting and round. wo, hree and our. Pivot to face your mat. Tuck your toes under. Find your up stretch position. Bend your knees and hop your feet towards your hands and find you're rolling like a ball. Alright, open your knees. Ready?

even of these ne you have ight count, our count to go down. our count to come up. even Times wo. Good, nice. hree. Wow. our rounds. ix. Make sure you're counting ne more on the last ne. We stay at home. Rest your feet to the mat. Reach your arms, roll your spine down, arms go overhead.

Skewed your feet in a little bit. This is the econd section for account to roll. Pelvic curl, rolling arms sweep down at the same time. And for counter roll down, arms float over head and ight of these end wo to hree. our and roll. wo, hree and our and hree. And Roll wo, hree, and our. And Roll wo, hree, and our. And Roll wo, hree, and our and ive to hree and our. And Roll wo, hree more. And enroll wo, hree, and our and down. Last too. Rolling through the spine.

ne more. Say Up. You have our counts to hold and pause. Arms at your side, posting your hips welve times and pulse. ne, wo. Up and down. hree, our, ive, ix, even, ight, ine, en, wo more. leven, welve. As you roll down the arms, overhead, neutral spine, arms reach to a t position, right leg, left leg comes together. Take your knees to the right. our count. ne, wo, hree, our. Make this sharp. ive, ix, even, ight. You're going to stretch your right left, and then bend over to the left and go. ne to center bent. Inhale. ne, wo, hree, our, ive, ix, even, ight. Last time, over wo, hree, our, ive, ix, even. Sorry. even. Arms down. ight. Take your legs to the right. Inhale. ne, wo, hree, our.

Circle around all the way to the left and to the left. Inhale over our. [inaudible] circle around to the left, to the right, over again to the right circle around center. Last ne, over and around and hold to the center. Interlace your hands behind your head. Keep your legs up. You're going to lower the legs. ne, wo, hree, our. Point and scoop.

You lights up. Call this dolphin and go down to hree. our. End Up wo, hree and our. ight count. And we do ight of these. Let's say this is ight. For Time Sake, stretch your legs. Grab onto your calves. Separate. Split, separate. Split.

ight above wo or hree. our, ive, ix, even. ne more. ight. Then we do continuous report. T ne, wo, hree. It's fast. our, ive, ix, even, ight, ine, en, leven, welve, hirteen, ourteen. Bend your knees, feet go down. Arms sweep up overhead. All right, curl. ne, wo, hree, our, ive, ix, even, ight. Deezer or modify. Curl. ne, wo, hree. The feet come up for our arms. Go. What? ive. Lengthen. ix, even, ight, our times curl. ne, wo, hree feet.

our arms, ive, ix, even, ight. ne more time. Curl. ne, wo, hree feet, our arms, ive, ix, even, and ight. Lower and Z, you're hindering from your shoulders in your heads as you lower the body. So be careful with that. And you don't want to archer, uh, your lumbar spine. You're really gonna have to use the abdominals to pull down. As you're lengthening away. Think about length in your abdominals. Then we go into double leg stretch for ight. So it's going, ne, wo, hree, our, ive, good. ix, even, ne more ight.

Bring it in. Single leg stretch with extension. Watch ne, wo, hree, switch at slope. wo, wo, hree, switch. Switch ne, wo, hree, switch. Bend, extend, Bend, extend, bend, extend. Good. Ben Said, ne more bend. Nice. Bend. Extend, add rotation. Same thing. Go to the right and go bend. Extended slope. You're going to be dying here, Ben. Extend slow. Bend, extend, switch for extend. Switch. We'll only do ix out of the ight. Switch ne more.

Then extend. Now you continuous for welve ne, wo. It's fast. hree, our, ive, ix, even, ight, ine, en, leven, welve, uh, uh, knees, feet, but let it's quick. So you're going to need to make that transition for the next action. For the shoulder bridge. Um, so let's try that. So let's go from legs extent in releasing your hands. Rotate to the right.

Say leven, welve knees, the butt, Benji, like table and then externally. Then we go down for ight lower flax, lower ight, hree. Let's just do ive, our, ive. And then we're going to pulse for, but let's just pause for our. ne, wo, hree, our, band and switch. Lower. We'll do our. ne we do ight. We'll just do our. hree. So we don't get tired and hold and pulse. ne, wo, hree, our. On this section we'll need to only pull welve times because we're going to go into the hundred. Roll Up. Reach your arms, legs here.

Tabletop. The choreography is here to match the music. It needs to be our inhales, our exhales, ne, wo, hree, our, wo, wo, hree, our stretch. So we do ive of the our. Change each position. Frog position wo, hree, our and econd position our out, our in together, our out our. And we do that twice. Bend, extend frog econd together. Okay. Understand.

So then extend fraud together twice. All right. And then roll back. Um, here we roll down, arms go overhead, arms, head and chest lift. Stretch your legs out. As you roll up, flatten your back, flex your feet, pull your stomach in. As you roll down, bend your knees and float your arms all the way overhead. So we're going to do our of these arms. Chest. Exhale, flex, flap, back point, lower role. Good. And again, press it out.

The left's back ne more time. We stay up on the last ne. Arms and chest. They have ight count. Go all the way forward. Flex back, open and lift. We have plenty of time for that. So we're going to come here, back, open, lit, rotate that. The count is this. ne, wo, hree, our, ive, ix, even, ight, wo, wo, hree, our, ive, ix, even, hree, wo, hree, our, ive, ix, even, ight, our, wo, hree, our, ive, ix, even, ight times. Okay. Any questions? All good. Okay. Okay. Now we have the wave. Reverse way. Interlace your hands.

So after the ighth ne hands go here, lengthen. We round and flat. Back out in, up. Lift, lift, lift, lift, lift and bring it neutral and ground. our times out. End Up round. Start with the low mid, upper back and just come all the way up. ne more round. And uh, diagonal to right, rotate, go down. Same count and up center and to the left round.

Make sure the ribs are drawn in as center. ne more time to the right and left and center. Last time. Rotating and lifting out into center. Reach your arms, spine, stretch, spine, stretch. You have to ight count.

You're going to go down. ne, wo, hree, our, flat back, diagonal, ive, ix, even, ight. Release. ne, wo, hree, our, ive, ix, even and ight. Good. We do that our times. So let's just do it ne more time. ne, wo, hree, our, ive, ix, even, ight. Release, wo, hree, our, ive, ix, even, ight. Let's say that's the ourth ne. Then we hinge ne, wo, hree and we do our arms and up for about wo to hree. hree, wo, hree. We do ight, our, wo, hree. Let's say that they reversed for even. ne, wo, hree. Good.

wo, wo, hree, hree, wo, hree, our, wo, hree. And start to come to neutral. Bend your knees and hands behind your thighs. Count. Roll down to hree, our. Roll it up to hree, our for these, we're going to get ready for the open like rocker, so we go prepping for it. Curl round. Try to get your sacrum into the mat. Exhale. hree, lift your chest. ne more. Exhale down our and come up. Good. Now we add the leg. It's going to be down to hree, our leg. I'm sorry, leg, leg, leg, leg and up. Kind of tricky and go down.

ne, wo, hree, our. Right, left, right, left and up. Now we go to the left. Roll down. wo, hree, our, left, right, left, right and up. Good. Last time we're going to grab the ankles and get ready for the open like rubber. ne, wo, hree, our, grab, grab, no lift. We have ight counts to balance. Make a real critic position and then we go round.

Fall for ight ne or even other and up and go back to good. ive, ix, even, ight. You really finish it off and hree and again, and our up. Good. And ive. Let's say that is even. Take your feet down. You're going to roll down. Just stay here for secondary and go. ne, wo, extended. It's fast. So you might want to watch this for a econd. Before you go into it. You're going to go ne, wo, hree, our, ive, ix, even, ight and ne.

ne, wo, hree, our, ive, ix, even, ight and ne. our Times ne, wo, hree, our, ive, ix, even, ight. Add ne last time, hree, our, ive, ix, even, ight. Jack night. It goes straight into Jackknife. ne, wo, hree, our, slower. ive, ix, even, ight. Tech ix, hold even, ight. Roll down a, the rest of the account. [inaudible] you know, then the econd inhale, go. ne, wo, hree, our, ive tests.

ix, quote even, ight and then another ight count to roll down and out for on the last ne. When you're rolling down, you have our counts. Bend your knees and slide your arms. our rails roll up. I call it real doula because it's real firm level. And then we do our of those. A task, ix, hold even, ight. So let's do that.

So where were we? We were yes. Rollover. So we go here after open like rocker, we roll down. Arms at your side, right leg into a frog and left leg. PROB extend the legs and go over. Collect and roll. Roll, roll, roll. And ne, ne, wo, uh, ix, even, ight and ne, wo, hree, our, ive, ix, even, ight and ne, wo, hree, our, ive, ix Jack, knife and up. wo, hree, our, ive, ix, even, ight. And Roll, wo, hree, our, ive, ix, even, ight and up to hree. our texts. ix. Hope even. ight. Rule down, ight counts. Good you guys. It looks fantastic. And again, wo more over depth. Fix. Hold even, ight roll. ne more time.

Remember the transition is really quick. Test ix, hold even, ight roll down. ne, wo, hree, our. Bend your knees, take the feet to the mat, arms overhead and we go for the roll up. Arms up, head and chest. Pause. Exhale. Rolling a count back. So we have ive, ix, even, ight. ne, wo, hree, our, ive, ix, even, ight. wo counts. A date. Could leave. We do our on the last ne. We're going to stay up and let's say this is our last ne you reach and we're going to go into the boomerang. Cross your right leg over, head down, reach out.

You have a little breather here. You're going to roll back. Just maybe wo seconds. Roll back, legs overhead, uncross, cross roll down. Now we have our, ight count for this. This is hree, wo, hree, our, ive, ix, even, ight heels, head, arms, release. Another ight, count ive, ix, even, ight. Sorry, and then roll. ne, wo, hree, our. Go back ive, ix, even, ight. Cross your leg on ne, ne roll. Reach into your teaser and lift your arms out. Right heels, head, arms, reach out again, roll down my sober head.

I'm crossing prox. Roll down. Find Your teaser position. Lift your arms up, hold the leg and reach open heels. Head, arms last time and roll. ne, wo, hree, our lights over, uncross and cross roll. Reach, heels, head, arms. Roll up and lift your right leg up.

The left ne hand put is on the floor. Your choreograph of choreography for this is ne, wo, hree, our. Roll. wo, hree, our, and up to hree, our, ne, wo, hree, our and down and up. ne, wo, hree, our, down. Switch. It's tricky. That's great. Yes. So then from here we go. ne, wo, hree, up, down, up. So let's try that.

So start with the right ne, wo, hree, up, down, left leg. Good. Excellent. All right, there we go. ne, wo, hree, our. Do this other side. wo, wo, hree, our, ne, wo, hree, and our. Last time and role, wo, hree, and our. And now we go ne, wo, hree, up, down, uh, in, uh, in our times it's our counts, a teaser explosion, that's what we call it. And then over to the side. So then we're going to do it. Um, mermaid secrets, and we're almost down to the sideline sequence going over wo, hree, our. Arm Floats up, ive, ix, even, ight. So we do slow wo times. ne, wo, hree, our, ive, ix, even, ight. econd, over wo, hree, our, ive, ix, even, ight.

Arm floats over. Arm Floats up. ive, ix, even, ight. Now we do wo counts, even times over, up, over, up, over, up, over, up. ive, ix. ne more. even. Bring your legs in front of your mat, squeeze them together, and bring them around to the other side. Good. And then go to the left. Over. Same count hree for lifting. ive, ix, even.

Arm floats over. ne, wo, hree, our. Lift up. ive, ix, even, ight, twice. ne, wo, hree, our, ive, ix, even, ight. And ne more. ne, wo, hree, our, ive, ix, even, ight. Fast. Going over to the right up. Sorry to lay over. Oh, left up, up, up. ne more up. Raise your hands next to your left side and push yourself down to the very front edge of your mat. [inaudible] need the space to roll on your mat. So when you place your hands down can be here.

Fly really close. All right, so lift your leg up. Less points look good. Lift your legs up like she feet pointy toes and lower. For these lift class points. Lower it's kind of slope up. Lex. Point, lower last time.

Lift, flex point and lower limit. You ixteen, uh, uh, uh, God. Let's say on ixty it then you're bothering me. Kid. Your front leg forward. Sidekick. Flexing and pointing reach way back around to hit your friends and go [inaudible] and that. So excuse me to go forward.

And that's like Flexport kickback. We do ight for back. Good forward fast. ne more forward back prop up on your elbow and forearm and you're gonna bring your leg through for the bicycle. So then and extend. So we're going to bend and swing it through flexes.

You reach point as you come through. It's Kinda slow. It has a certain quality to your bending extent. Flex bent, bring it around forward, bring it around. We do even. This is even. Bring it, scissor, your legs, scissor, your legs. Bam. Kick out together and slide it down for the other side so you should be on your right side. Now. Good safe sequence. Point.

Flex and lower. Good core goes up. Lower. wo blacks, quite low. hree blacks, lower up, blacks, lower and succeed. Let's just do ive, wo, hree, our, ive, ix, even. [inaudible]. Sorry. Bend your bottom leg further. Sidekick. Blackley pointing collapsed.

Quite make sure you have the front edge of your mat. You're gonna need to hand take a couple more times. Flex point, flex point. Why more black come up onto your elbow before? Are we going to bring it around for the bicycle? Do your ladies back and extend the less to, very good for, let's say this is even, even straight scissor, scissor fan kick. Bend your knees and bring it into the clamps.

So you're going to be on your elbow and we're going to flex the feet open for the clamp and in open close, open loads for ight. And I think I mesh the um, sections together. I didn't kind of stop or just kept going. So I think it might, since you have it in your body, keep going. We'll do ne more and then we'll just match it together. And as music goes, I'll just shoot you through it and just see if you have to put, so dancing clown, we're going to go lift your feet off. Open your leg, stretch your leg, bend your knee, take your toe to toe and hit.

We do ight ne, wo, hree, our, ive, ix, even, ight. It's kind of slow. ne, wo, hree, our, ive, ix, even, ight. Let's do ne more. hree, our, ive, ix, even, ight you know, lie that down and you're gonna go devil. Okay. Up and lower scissor together. So talk like those behind the bottom line. It goes in front together. So we're going to do that ight times. ne, wo, hree, scissor together, scissor together, developing, stretch and lower scissored together, up, bottling leg or a top light goes behind. Scissor together. And ne, wo, hree step further together.

Last ne. Let's say this is ight. So they're together and now continuous talk like those back. And we do ourteen on the uh, hirteen. Okay. hirteen do, do, it's that students do, do, so this is, let's say welve, welve, hirteen, sorry, hirteen fourteen another fan really together and for the clams on the other side. So clamp on the other side. Oh, the mini ne. Let's see. ight, wo [inaudible]. Dream trip. Press our. Good. ive, ix, wo more. even and a damping planned with the toes. And Go. ne, wo, hree, our, ive, ix, even, ight, wo, wo Greek box that said hree.

Do we good? even, ight again, let's say this is last ne. Up. Close. Fly Devil. Okay. With a citizen. So ne, wo, hree, scissor together. Then a lower scissor together. Bent Up. Lower top leg goes back, scissor together.

Good and lower. Scissor together. ne more, Chen, a lower scissor together. Good. Now continuous. Let's just do a few of those. Continuants to good. Get ready for a fan hit. And you transition. So you're gonna go, cause they're around here. Leg Up. You're gonna be on your back. So take your left foot down, your right light up. Place your right foot down and come up into the stem. Bring your legs together, your feet together, and you're going to scroll up.

Look forward. Step forward with your left foot. Pivot around to the right, onto your mat. So it's just like that. So food that we wrote down, we hold for count ne, wo, hree, our. Then we rolled down ne, wo, hree, our. We walk out ive, ix, even, ight. Then we do good old yoga tradition, Ranga, and lower into swan dive prep. Elbows are down, down, or hit on the map. Now we're going into the very last section here. Press up, extend your back, and then lower. Lift your legs and then pressing up [inaudible]. And hree we do our on the ourth ne.

Keep your legs down. Is this our and lower? Bring your hands behind your side to your side. Skews me and our. Count up to hree. our lower. wo, hree, our, our times. Head align with the spine. Lay down. ne more time. Stay up, lift your legs, circle your arms around for your swimming. We do our in hills, our x hills, our times.

Let's say that's our hands on your shoulders. Round your back into rest position. Read your arms forward. You're going to roll up onto your heels and you're going to slide your hands on your thighs. Give yourself a little arch and then round dive over again into single leg kick.

So you're going to prop yourself up. Lift your legs off the Mat. And where did you even set? Start with your right, like try to keep your knees off and go. ne, ne, wo, wo, hree, hree, our, our. Good. ive, ive, ix, even, even. Stretch the leg kick. Let's look to the right. You know it should. Fingers look to the right. And let ne, wo, hree, and then ive, ix, even, ight and then look, ne, wo, hree and lift. ne more time. Each side Anda y more hree lift, hands under and around your back. You get another child pose.

Roll it up, arch your back, roll it down, roll it up. Take your hands behind her hips and post for welve times. Let's say this is welve lower, ne, wo, hree. This will be our and you'll go into an ight. Count Hip flexor. Stretch ight count hamstring, stretch our times. Let's do it ne more time.

Hip flexor, stretch. ne, wo, hree, our, ive, ix, even, ight. ne, wo, hree, ive. Excuse me, ive, ix, even, ight, switch. Whenever we're trans, whenever we're transitioning, it's going to be maybe a BW. Count less. It's on the last ne here on the last ne here. Let's say, let's go ahead and flex here. This is the irst, let's say the last ne. ne, wo, hree, our, ive, ix, even, ight. ne, wo, hree, our, ive, ix, even, ight. All right, so now we're going into our pushup series.

Elbows bend to the side, lower your head to the mat, push up, and we do ourteen of these, believe it or not. And then hree, our, ive. Let's just do ive. Bend your knees, hop through another, jump through. See, oh Tophi so Johnson, you're good. Then we'll go into the seal. Same counters. The rolling. Go back. ne, wo, hree. That dot. Dah. Make it a little like a little more dynamic.

Kind of try to hit it in the music. You'll hear. Go back. Yeah. Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh. Good. I go B. B again. ne more time. We'll just say we did ight to hree. Duh, Duh, Duh. Now go ahead and stay here. We're going to take it back and we're going to go into control. Bounce. So we do a ne ne switch left.

Switch right, left. ive, ix. ne more. even. Lower your right leg, bend your knees, slide your legs down. If this is fast, how'd your right knee in ne, wo, hree, our, cross it over. ive, ix, even, ight. Center. ne, wo, hree, our, ive, ix, even, ight. Lowering it down. Left side. We do this twice. ne, wo, hree, our, left me in over to the right. ive, ix, even, ight. ne, wo, hree, our. Slide it down. ive, ix, even. We did that twice.

Interlace your hands for the next exercise. The neck pole, wo, ight, count. ne, wo, hree, our, ive, ix, even, ight. Roll, wo, hree, our, ive, ix, even, ight. We just do wo. ne, wo, hree, our, ive, ix, even, ight, rural, wo, hree, our, ive, ix, even, ight. Excuse me. Reach your arms overhead. ne. Roll Up. ne and a half. Let's go. Arms, head and chest. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Roll down. We do ne more. We stay up, arms, head and chest. Reach forward. Good.

And we're going to cross her legs and come to standing. And this is your final deal. Your last section. So we're going to end it the way we began, close to the way we began. So we're going to start with the curl state. Stay where you are. So we're s uh, roll up here. You're going to curl. ne, wo, hree, our, ive, ix, even, ight, our times wo, wo, hree, our, ive, ix, even, ight. Good. Bend your knees, round your spine, open your spine.

ne more round your spine and open your spine. Arms. ne, wo, hree, our, ix, wo, wo, hree, our, ive, ix, even. Now we have ne roll down. Slow. ne to ight. Count to go all the way down. Stay here. We're going to go into our plea. ighth, bend your knees. Same Cow.

You don't have to relearn anything. Flex your toes up. Bend and up. Good and bend and yeah. Oh, ne more. Bend and up. Slow. Roll up a count. And we do the curl arch, that whole thing. ne more time. Curl, arch, curl, arch. Do more.

Curl Arch. ne more. Curl, arch and arm. Suite ne, wo, hree, our and wo. hree and our and wo. hree and our. And the wo. hree [inaudible]. ight count to roll. wo, hree, our, ive, ix, even, ight. Ple, a, wo, hree, our. And Church. wo, hree, our, wo, hree, our and ive and hree and up. And ne more. our and [inaudible] roll up. ight count, low back, mid, back. Upper back. Head is last. And you have your hear the music, PE wanting hree, our, ive, ix, even, ight, ne, wo, hree, our and then when you are just, did it go like the wind will be done.


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Lisa loved you rhythm pilates fast pasted class! Great workout. Hope you will teach more classes on this web site.
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Wow this is excellant!! Cant wait to learn it....
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Wow what a fabulous class. I can't wait to take the real thing! Thank you Lisa and Pilates Anytime for bringing this to us!!!
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Wow, I really like this. Can't wait to see it set to music!
Lisa Hubbard
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Thank you everyone for all your kind and encouraging comments!
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Whoa, incredible! Thanks for sharing it to Pilates enthusiasts like myself.
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I always love this class! It oils up all my joints and I get a nice, quick tone up.
Lisa Hubbard
Thanks so much Abigail! Love it!!
I had fun with this class, where can I see it with the music?
Lisa Hubbard
Hi Ana, great to hear that you has fun with the breakdown class! You can see it set to music without interruption (flow) class #253
// -view/253/video/BASI-Pilates®-Pilat es-Class-by-Lisa-Hubbard
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