Class #254

Rhythm Pilates® Breakdown

40 min - Class


This class is essential if you plan to take Lisa's Rhythm Pilates® set to music. Lisa "walks through" all the movements that make up her Rhythm Pilates® class. She explains the counts of the exercises and the number of repetitions for exercise as well as offers tips for being able to stay with the music in the full class. You may want to take this class several times for it is a good workout in itself. Once you've watched the breakdown, take the class!
What You'll Need: Mat

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Sep 08, 2010
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Lisa loved you rhythm pilates fast pasted class! Great workout. Hope you will teach more classes on this web site.
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Wow this is excellant!! Cant wait to learn it....
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Wow what a fabulous class. I can't wait to take the real thing! Thank you Lisa and Pilates Anytime for bringing this to us!!!
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Wow, I really like this. Can't wait to see it set to music!
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Thank you everyone for all your kind and encouraging comments!
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Whoa, incredible! Thanks for sharing it to Pilates enthusiasts like myself.
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I always love this class! It oils up all my joints and I get a nice, quick tone up.
Thanks so much Abigail! Love it!!
I had fun with this class, where can I see it with the music?
Hi Ana, great to hear that you has fun with the breakdown class! You can see it set to music without interruption (flow) class #253
// /253/video/BASI-Pilates®-Pilates-Class-b y-Lisa-Hubbard
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