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Mat Workout

55 min - Class


Ease tension out of your feet and knees in this Mat workout with Clare Dunphy. She focuses on keeping "loose feet and a tight seat" so you can make sure you are working the correct areas of your body. She also includes detailed starting positions for each exercise so you are set up for success throughout the class.
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights, Pilates Pole, Magic Circle

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Hi, I'm Claire Dunphy Hamani. Thank you for joining me today for your mat workout. Joining me today is Aaron and Karen, and what you'll need is your mats of course, and hand weights an...


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Fun! and lively!!!
I've got a feel-good-energy from this class. Thank you.
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Great workout. Like the arm work at the end! Thanks, Claire
I really love the Magic Circle to end a session. I always feels pulled together tighter and feel taller. Thanks for the shout out girls! Much love, Clare
Great class Clare! I usually notice the time around the 30 minute mark but I didn't think about time at all in this workout. Really great teaching for me. Thank you!
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What an excellent class! Fun and vital! This is going to be my goal class. I did awful, barely could do some of the exercises but marked as my favorite for one day i will master this one! Lol
Fun and Vital....I love that. And btw, the good sore all over feeling means you're getting stronger. Keep it up my friend!
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Super fun! Thank you!
Super Fun is super cool....I am glad you enjoyed the class. It's funny, with my newer students, they think it's funny what we think is Super Fun:)
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I loved the Class , where did the mats you use come from? I feel it would help alot.
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Nice, thanks.
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