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Ease tension out of your feet and knees in this Mat workout with Clare Dunphy. She focuses on keeping "loose feet and a tight seat" so you can make sure you are working the correct areas of your body. She also includes detailed starting positions for each exercise so you are set up for success throughout the class.
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights, Pilates Pole, Magic Circle

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Hi, I'm Claire Dunphy Hamani. Thank you for joining me today for your mat workout. Joining me today is Aaron and Karen, and what you'll need is your mats of course, and hand weights and a magic circle for the end standing work. So let's get started. You Ready? Okay. Come to the front of your mat. That's it. And we're just going to start standing. So with your heels together, your toes slightly apart, little pressure into your heels, arms long by your sides and just make sure as we start that the arches are lifted, that there's a nice wrap around in your seat, that your abdominal muscles are lifting in an up.

The top of your head is reaching to the ceiling. Now keep your head on top of the ceiling, fold your arms in front of your chest, cross your legs and lower yourself with control down to the mat. That's it. And bring your hips to the center of the Mat and lie out nice and flat and long. And of course if your knees bother you, you get down any way you want to. Okay. We're going to start with just taking a few deep breaths, so let's breathe in and then breathe out and just start to lift your abdominals in and up and sink your back into the mat.

Breathe in for two counts. Hold it for just a moment and then exhale. One, exhale two. Let's just get centered here. Inhale for three counts, expanding your breath into your sides and into your back. Hold it there for a moment and exhale more. Two, three. We're up to four counts. Take a deep breath in. Two, three, four. Now draw your belly in and up.

Expand your ribs into the mat. Exhale your air completely, completely, completely. One more time. Deep breath in. One, two. We're going to five, three, four, five, and then exhale and really let the air come out. Out, out, out, out, out, and out. Now bring your hands behind your neck and we're just going to stretch your neck for a second. Before we start, lift your head up, look into your belly, flex your feet and stretch your low back into the mat. Stretch the back of the neck and feel the stretch creeping into your upper back. Just let that little back stretch. Reach through the heels. The heels are still pressing together and you're breathing and then lower your head down. Okay, stretch your arms up to the ceiling.

Let's this little few centering things to get us going. Bring your head up, reach your arms over your belly and lift your legs up away from the mat to your working level. And here we go. Pumping the arms above the abdominal wall. Breathing in for five. Breathing out for five, unlocked the knees. Work in the upper leg into the belly. That's it. Loose feet, tight seat right in the center there.

Full breath in. Long breath out. I can see your powerhouse working cause you're getting old. All red there. So full breaths. Long reach of the fingers. Are you ladies counting? You're at six. All right, here we go. Seven now empty or air completely.

If it's more than five pumps, that's fine. And exhale completely. Let's try to pump for eight counts and exhale your air fully. That's 10 breaths. So now stop, pause, and lower yourself down with control. Okay, slide down. I'm going to give you the strap for underneath your feet and if you have a strap I recommend using it. It's a great thing about these mats that we have here today. Okay, you've got the strap and then reach next to yourself and take your poles for the roll up. Bring your head between your arms, curl yourself up and stretch forward. Just reach out, reach through the heels, exhale your air and come back flow and roll through your spine. As you're breathing your air out, stretch the arms back overhead and come up again.

So the arms come up with the head, legs are together, and then pull back through the abdominals and reach through your heels. There you go. And hollow everything out as you stretch and come up again and exhale and go over and you're pulling back. As you're reaching forward and roll back, pull into the abdominals and your bar is like your steering wheel. So keep it nice and straight. We have one more arms and head and curl and you go reach the heels forward.

Reach the head down near the knees and come back pool with the belly. Touch each vertebra down and stretch the arms back. Now you can put the pole next to you and we'll bring your right knee into your chest for the one leg circles and just give it a stretch before we begin and really stand into this strapped foot. Now stretch your leg up to the ceiling. Just hold the back of your thigh for a moment and square your pelvis and get the right side of your pelvis, the same weight as the left side of your pelvis.

That's it. Just really pull that long right now. Your hands come by your sides and we circle the leg across and around, up and across and around, up, and you line it up with the nose at the top, around and up and around and up in pause. Now Square your hips off again. There you go. That was a great adjustment you just made. Reverse it now out around and up, and the trick is holding onto the square, the hips. While this leg is making this circle, exhale, kick and around and hold. That's it. Now, length in the leg, out and away from you, and bring it underneath the strap and we'll do the other side. Okay, so the left knee comes into your chest. Hug It in tight again, squaring your hips.

So you're gonna take the left side of your pelvis long away from your rib right now, extend your left leg up to the ceiling. Just hold the back of your leg, give it a nice stretch, and get the weight even. So you almost want to feel like somebody's lifting your leg up out of your hip, hands by your sides. And now we make a circle. Cross around up a long reach of the leg out from the hip. Inhale for the first half. Exhale for the second half and reverse it.

Now Line it up in the center. So your nose is in the middle, right? But your cheek is not, and your ear is not. So you really want to line it right up with your nose and your naval, and that's five. Lengthen it out from the hip and lower it and put it underneath the strap. Roll yourself up to a seated position and just come up, bring your hips forward to your heels and we go to rolling like a ball.

Grab your ankles and squeeze yourself nice and tight. See if you hit your head in between your knees and rock back and rock up and rock back. Lift the hips up and pause for a second. This time when you rock back, try to pause for a mental count of two. So rock back at your tail to the ceiling. Hold and then come up. Yes. And go again.

Rock and hold and come up. Stay in a tight little ball. Rock and hold. Then come up. Great. Bring your hips back to the center of the Mat and we'll move into the ad series of five. Today we're doing just five reps, but five good ones. Okay. Here we go. Take your right knee into your chest, roll back. Your leg will come to eye-level. That's it.

No Square your hips off before we start. Yeah. And what that means is even though you're pulling it in, you're still squaring and off, but working on that other side so that you're even in your hips. And here we go. Change One, one, two, two, direct in long, three, four and five, both knees into your chest and hug all the air out. Reaches low to your ankles as you can. And inhale, shoot out long. Hold it really long and then come around and exhale and use that to compress the air out of your lungs and go again in with the air.

I'm going to give you a little pull here, Aaron, and Exhale, come around and in in him reach and exhale, bring it in. Sorry my bad on that. And again, stretch long and thin and exhale, bring it in and again, long and strong and then empty the air, right leg up to the ceiling, left leg out, pull it to twice and change. Pull, pull up. Just keep your breaths moving in and out. Quick legs, pull, pull, pull, pull and reach for the ceiling. Reach for the ceiling. When you let go with the leg, reach up, reach up and out, and then both legs up, hands behind your neck. Now stay with me on this one. Okay. Reach the legs out a third of the way in your bloody stance.

Now a little lower hold now a little lower. Hold and pull the legs up and again, reach out. Use your inner thighs, find your seat and reach out a little more. Work back here. It's going to help you work to your next level and hold. Pull 'em up and again, reach, breathe and breathe and hold.

Tighten around the seat. Then Ping a pick them up. It's really key to get that and reach again out a little further out a little further. This is our last one. Pull them up now Chris Cross. Let's go to the right first. That's it. And I want you to pull the knee in and make contact right in the center and change to pull that knee in. Good Karen. Now on your own.

Hold it in and change. Try not to rock to the side and change so you're really don't over cross it. Just in the center. Yeah. And Change. There you go. And again and again. Look at the back corner of the Mat. Last set.

Take a breath in and other side. And now you get to relax everything down. Just stretch your legs out and bring yourself up to a seated position for the spine. Stretch forward. And you just open your feet, not to the boxes, just to the mat with arms out in front of you. Flex your feet like you're standing on the wall. Now lift your waist up and take a deep breath and curl chin to chest and lift the spine up and over and then roll yourself back up.

Now one of the things I do when I'm doing this, I think of the wall, and I think not just going down, I want you to try to feel like you're lifting. Literally lifting your spine up the wall as you're going over. So pretend you have your wall. Take a breath, and now go feel your back. Slide up my hand, up my hand. Say you gotta stay with me. Yeah. And then roll up. Take a breath. Okay. And here we go again.

Feel your spine literally slide up my arm, my hand as you go. You feel that and then roll yourself up again. And one more. These, take a breath and go forward. Up and over to the wall is behind you and you're using that lift that you can get and come all the way up for Aaron. Grab your ankles, pull your feet into you for open leg, rocker, your hands to the inside. That's all right. It's just a little technicality. So you go from here and up. Okay. Same thing we did with rolling like a ball. You're going to roll, pause and come up. Here we go.

Rock back and hold and come up. Chase your ankles and again Brock back. I got you. Just reach out. Good. Now hope. Reach up here for your ankles a pie and go back again row and come up. So we got a little tight spot in the back there. Huh? And rock back.

Come up. That's all right. And it hold it. That's it. You got got it. Find your balance, find your balance, find your balance, close your legs. And then just roll down to your back for the corkscrew. Alright, the legs are up. Easy. Tension out of the feet. If you can ease tension out of the knees if you can, and pull the [inaudible] up into the inner thighs in the sea.

Circle the legs to the right. Exhale to the left and center. Inhale to the right. Exhale to the left and center. And we go to the right. Now lengthen. Lengthen. See how I'm giving you the feeling of of reaching and giving a little pull.

Get that feeling in your body and again in with the air for the first half out with the air for the second half. One more time. Alright, come up for the saw up in one motion. Separate your feet and flex them. Arms out to the side. Palms facing down. Now lift yourself up. I'm going to give you a little fun variation. Okay, so twist to the right and further.

And now exhale and go to your toe and further and further come up and twist around. Deep breath into, what's a one, two, three that's an inbreath. And here's your out-breath. One pull back here, two, three, come up and twist in breath and out breath. And as you're reaching, you're pulling back through that opposite side. And again, up big breath in. You're as tall as can be. Now exhale and push your pinky into your pinky toe. You have, cause you've got a lot of flexibility here. So let's put some strength in there.

And again, up twist and exhale. Go. So what I'm saying is actually push them together to help you pull back in the opposite side. Doesn't that feel good? And last time over to this side and see if you can get that hand. There you go. You see how you can use your own body for leverage and then come all the way up, close your legs, close your arms in front of you and just roll back, flexing your feet and just take your time.

So we have all these places where we can practice our role even in the transitions. Flip over to your belly. All right, time for some spine extension. Fun. Let's take your hands under your shoulders, your forehead to the mat. And, um, let's just make sure you're centered on your mat and one of the ways to do it as you can kind of open your feet apart, feel where the mat is and then bring them together so that you're, you can tell that you're in the middle. Okay. Heels are pressing together just like we started.

So you've got this whole strong center line seat connection. Your pubic bone has pressure into the box and the legs are stretching long. Now let your hands come away from the mat about an inch. Keep your abdominals lifted and lift through your chest as high as you can without touching the mat and look at the front wall. Keep opening the chest and when you can't go any higher, push into your hands and come all the way up is to your stretch point and lift your belly. Look to the right as far as you can.

Look to the mat right down in front of you. Look to the left as far as you can and then look to the center and then pull yourself forward and down. Okay. Doing your best to let the legs stay together. And reaching in two directions. So lift the head and chest again. No pressure in the hands yet just to hover it, Aaron. Yeah, right there. Now press up and keep can come up and take your time so that you experience it.

Abdominal stretch, a back stretch. And now turn your head to the left and now look straight down in front of you and over to the right and back to the center. And then pull yourself forward and down. One more time. There you go. We're gonna do an old fashioned swan dive today. So bring your hands out to the side like a capital letter t.

Lift your chest, lift your legs and roll forward and back rock. Almost like you're going to touch your Chin and kick your legs up behind you and finish all the way down. Make a fist and prop yourself up into your forearms for the single leg kick. You have a choice here you can do here or you can do here, whichever you prefer, but get your elbows right up underneath your shoulders. Pull your legs together, lift your belly away from the mat, keep your pubic bone into the mat so that you're really getting the seat to work. Light lift of the thighs on the mat and kick right, right, left, left. Try to time it so the legs pass each other like two ships in the night, right like that. Pop knees together. Kick, kick, kick, Belize lifted. Push into the forearms.

And then all the way down for the double leg kick. Let's put your ear on the Mat. You can pick whichever side you want. It looks like we're going to the right ear first. Take your hands and slide them up your back. And for today, instead of interlacing them, just hold your palm over your palm so you're holding your fingers. Let your neck stretch. I know it's tough with glasses on, right? Okay.

Keep the legs together. Both heels kick your bottom three times a, one, two, three. Stretch your legs to the mat and lift off and lift as high as you can. The legs down on the Mat and turn your head and come down and kick a one, two, three and lift. So your feet come to the mat on this one today and you lift, turn your head and come down and kick spank your bottom quick. And then push off and lift in. Lift in, lift and turn your head and kick a one, two, three and up and up and up and turn your head and come down and finish enough. Take your hands under your shoulders, push back in one smooth motion and sit on your heels.

I want you to push with your hands and pull back through your hips. So yes, so you get that nice separation of the back ribs to the hips. That's it. And then turn around and face the same direction we started in place. Your feet underneath the straps. Okay.

If you don't have straps, um, that's okay too, but your feet will be hit distance apart. So separate them, that's it. And then roll down onto your back, palm over, palm behind the neck and bring yourself up and over and head towards the knees and stretch. Flex your feet. This is a very deep stretch and roll up from the base of your spine. Sit Tall and exhale, roll back. Take your chin to your chest, pull it in and length. And almost like somebody's pulling your ribs away from your hips and bring yourself up and exhale. Let your elbows be open on this part and then roll up from the base of your spine and then rule away. Go ahead, Chin to chest.

Pull your head forward and lying and like somebody literally pulling you and bring yourself up. Just one more time. And exhale. Now you Miss Aaron. We gotta get you lifting here because got all that flexibility and roll-ups who we want the spine to role end up. You come up, you've come up, you come now tickets these rooms in and rolled back. Yup. Get it all working down. Yeah, all the way down. You come now close your legs. We're going to go right to the Jack Knife. Okay, so the legs to the ceiling, hands by your sides and you have that tight spot in your back. So I'm going to spot you.

I think you'll be fine. Okay, let's see that nice position again. Loose feet, tight seat, pressed together. Your heels. Find your inner thighs. Find your seat it like a mantra. Okay, here we go. We go over with the legs, up to the ceiling. Use Your Butt, get your back up, and then roll away. Take your time. Push into me, push into me, push into me, and we go again. Squeeze. Lift. Now I'm going to give you a little weight. Come down slow.

Feel like somebody you're pushing into the ceiling. There you go. And again, we go over. Legs are straight. Lift up. That's it. So you're really working in there and lifting up the back and then roll down. Aaron looking good over there. Take your time. Take your time. Take your time.

Take your time. Now let the legs come down to the mat and we have the psychics. So turn to one side. Why don't we face me? So we'll do this side first. Okay, so I like you to please line your back up along the back edge of the mat with your elbow, your shoulder, the back of your ribs. The back of your waist and your hips all along the back edge, and then lift your legs up and bring them to the front of the Mat so your body is on an angle.

Now take your hand in instead of having it on the head here, take it so it's on the back of the neck, just like we were doing in the neck pool, because I want you to kind of pull your neck up. Okay? Let the rib cage be light on the mat. Not Real heavy, okay. And then lift. Take this top leg and really reach it out over the bottom leg. Flex your bottom foot. There's a lot of things to get into position, but you got to think about what you're thinking about, right?

And you stand on this. This is your standing leg. Now let's take the other leg up just to the height of your hip and length in it. Lengthen it all the way out of your hip and out of your back. All right, kick to the front. One to kick to the back. One, two, one, two. Now try to stay with the quality I'm giving you. One, two, one, two, one, two, one, two, one, two, one, two, strong and long out from the hip.

One to one to work at the height of the hip, and then close. Okay. Now Miss Aaron and reach long. You know, if the heels aren't level, that one legs coming up short and you got to really reach out of your hip, right? Turn your top leg out and kick up. Flex and pull. Kick up, flexing, pulling out. Keep that top hit over the bottom hip. Kick up, flex and pull. Here's a variation. Double kick up up. Flex, pull up, up. Pull from the upper inner leg.

Now we have three pulses. One, two, three, pull. One, two, three, pull. That's enough of those. Let's move into circles, but let's get some more reach and length of your leg. Let this heel stay down and flexed. Reach through the top leg and it's going to make your bottom leg work too, right? And let's make circles. Circle one around about this big. Two, around three, around four, around five, around reverse.

Make it even to the back as it is to the front, back and around, back and around. He'll reaching over the bottom, heel and close. Okay, now bring your hand in closer to your body. Right in here, into your ribs. In tighter. That's it. In tighter. Pull them all together. Okay, so that's what you want to do. You want to pull it all together now raise both legs away from the Mat. Keep them in front of you. Pull them into your rooms. There you go. And come down so that you're really working in your oblique on that lifted up again. Both legs are up, the legs stay in front of you a little bit and both legs are down, both legs, up. Can you get them up any higher?

Keep your top legs still and your bottom leg goes down and up. One down and up to down and up. Three, easing the knee. Work in the upper thigh and hold and lower them down. How about we do a hot potato today? Okay. You know that potato is okay. So we take the top foot and it's gonna tap in front of the bottom foot.

Five Times one, two, three, four, five, kick back, right in, close to the foot up. Now four one, two, three, four quick legs. One, two, three, four, three, one, two, three and one, two, three. Accent is pulling down. Two up. One, two, singles. Keep going. Up. Pull and lift. Pull in like quick legs and close down. It's fun though. Bicycle. Top leg goes front.

Then bring your heel to your seat in tight. Keep it on your seat as your thighs. Brush each other and your thighs back. Keep your thigh back and now push the heel away from the seat longer, longer, longer, and go through again. Bend it in. Don't be in a rush girl. And then green thigh back. Now push the heel away from your seat.

Lengthen out of your back. How? At the bottom, like what's it doing? And then one more time to the front. Get strong where your stretches. Bend. Bring your thigh back. Now push the heel away from the seat. Close and finish. We're only doing three so you want strength. Where you're stretches, right? If you can stretch, if you can kick your leg, you should be able to hold it at your place of stretch. Wait over the back, go back. Keep your thigh back there. Now before we go anywhere, lift your belly up. Lengthen out of your low back.

Bring your heel to your seat without changing your thigh position. Bring your knee past your knee all the way into your chest. Here's where your strength comes in. Extended without moving your thigh. Turn it out. There you go. Can you hold it? There you go. Good. Dig It and you got it. Go back again. Heel to see.

Careful that the leg doesn't drop in the back. Then bring it on through to your chest. Extend it out long without letting it roll in. Karen, turn it out just a little bit in the hip. Perfect. And was that three or two? We got one more to go. Find your length. Bring your heel into your seat and then carry it through.

This is going to make your teasers so effortless, extended out without letting it drop in. Turn it out. Turn it out. There's your hip and finish. Fabulous. Go onto your stomach. We're going to do a few beats. Forehead down on your hands. Raise your legs up in interest. So from the mat, raise your legs up and get really long through the back.

Make a house for a mouse under your belly here. Light ribs, and now beat your legs. Open-End close briskly. Let's keep your back nice and long. Field in the lowest part of your butt up by your hamstrings. And now turn over to the other side. Just roll right over. Okay, line yourself up right away to same thing to elbow, shoulders, waist, everything back and the legs come to the front of the Mat.

Flex your bottom foot and make sure your heel doesn't lift, which is a hard one, isn't it? Because your prod wants to kick in. So raise your top leg up to the height of your hip and really stand on that bottom leg. Okay. Long foot, long, long, long and kick to the front one too. Back, back, front, front, back, back, front. Hold back back. Now take the energy out of your knee. Kick, kick back, back. Work in the upper leg, back, back. Careful that the thigh doesn't roll in at all and keep the foot and nice and long and kick, kick and back. Back.

Yours is dropping in the back a little and kick, kick and back. A little higher here. And kick, kick and back. Finish close. Okay. Let your bottom legs. He'll stay anchored. Okay. How about your hands? Can you bring them in closer to your body and really get that brace? Yeah.

Top leg kicks up. Flex. Pull one again. Up and pull. Now double pulse up, up. Let's try to open it here. How about that? Pull and again up up.

Feel good. Pull. Now a triple kick aimed back here. Three and pull and again, oh one two, 3:00 AM pull. And again, that's where you need to be my friends to see where, get it back here and pull. Make your legs long as the day ready. Circle the leg, top leg around one and close. Not that big on around two and a round.

So it's real. It's got a real deliberate circle to it and around. It's not just floating in space. And around and now reverse it and around. I know we've got to under around, but you're beautiful movers is not there. So like we all cheat. It's not that we're cheating. And one more time and around. Okay, let's pull the size together and lift both legs up.

Keep your legs in front of you and then lower them down and list them up. Yeah, I see them. It comes from your stomach and not just from your low back and down and lift him up. Make your feet long, loose, feet tight, seat and down and up and hold. Hang in there. He got this bottom leg gowning up one down and up to these girls that are working hard today and I hope you are too at home. Down enough and up and hold a bench.

We can get them up there. Another edge, Aaron. Oh my goodness. And then everything comes down. All right. Hot Potato Time. Here we go. In just in front of the ankle, right? So we go, oh one, two, three, four, five, kick and back. Two, three, four, five kick and one, two, three, four, kick and back. Two, three, four kick and one, two, three kick. Find your inner size now too. So it's one, two, one, two, now singles and one and two and three and four and five and close down.

Whew. That's hard. That's hard to hold everything still. When you have that much motion bicycle to the front, take your top leg to the front, bend your knee, bring your heel to your seat and bring your thigh back. Now reach the heel away from your seat. Really get that connection is going to really help you. And again to the front. Careful that your thigh doesn't roll in and then to the back and push your heel away from your seat. Lengthen out of the low back. That's it. And again, it felt good. Right thigh back.

That's it. And lengthen it away. But don't let the low back go. Yes and reverse it. Now three is all you need. Three good ones. Heel to seat without changing your thigh. Knee comes around into the front, extended long careful that doesn't roll in and again, reach it to the back as long as you can. Great Heel into your seat. And it's, I'm going to just turn it straight and then bring it up to your chest.

Extend it out. Turn. There you go. Great. And one more time. Keep your breath happening. Heel into your seat. Come all the way around to the front. Stretch it long. Great Adjustment Karen and close. Super. Go onto your back now.

And why don't we use our poles for this and we're going to do teaser one leg. Okay. So we can really work on the roll and get that low back rolling cause it was rolling a little, a little flat. So bend your knees so your thighs are at about 45 degree angle. You don't want your heels in too tight and you don't want them all the way up.

But plant your feet down and squeeze your knees together. Okay. Then extend your right lower leg up, keeping the knees together, and then bring your head up between your arms and come up to your toes. Reach for your toes. And I'm going to ask you to try to keep the bar parallel to your thighs. Squeeze the knees together more. Find your inner thighs. That's it.

Parallel. There you go. And bring this leg in closer. Okay. And that that's where your working spot is. And then roll back just to your shoulder blades and push up one. Reach the arms, reach forward out of the back and come down again. So you're puling that down and up to reach the arms forward and go. One more time. Roll and come up.

Now twist towards your left and bring the bar with you. Twist back to the center and center and roll down. All right, we're going to switch legs. Okay. I think you can bend your knees in a little bit more, Karen. Okay. Pull the legs together and bring your left leg up and here we go. Roll yourself up. That's it. No, reach the arms out.

If you come up to here and then pull into your belly and roll back and come up. There you go. No, go ahead. Pull into your belly and come up. You see what I mean? And then pull into your belly and come up and then twist to your right just over. Just twist around, back to center, stay and then roll everything out. Okay.

Now stretch both legs out straight. Keep holding your bar. When you reach that Bar, let it lift your back up. When you're rolling back, pretend somebody's holding that bar so you pull away from it. Okay, so stretch the arms back. We're going right into teaser three. Okay? And here we go. Everything comes up. Touch your toes, touch your toes, touch your toes, and then roll back. Stretch away. And inhale up. Reach the arms up to the ceiling and roll back.

Exhale, everything comes down together. Inhale again. Up reach retreats for those toes. Lift the bar to the ceiling. Now reach behind you and roll back and let your arms touch before your head touches and let the bar go. Flip over to your stomach and we swim. How's everybody doing? Good. Okay, so now I want you to back up a little bit.

So your whole body's on the mat, your arms are on the Mat, your feet are on the mat, your arms are reaching, the legs are together, the bellies lifting, really taking a nice reach and stretch out of your back. Okay? Raise your right arm, your left leg, and your head and stretch long and stay there. Stay there, right. Arms Up, left leg is up. Stay there and switch sides. Now if you're feeling it in your low back, chances are you've lost connection of your pubic bone in your hips, in the Mat, right? And Change and change. And now swim in, help to up, up, up.

Exhale and inhale and exhale. Relax everything down and sit back over your heels and turn around and we'll go to the seal. So just around you go dive your hands in between your legs and around. We're just going to cool down your backs for a minute. So you have a choice. You can actually set up like Aaron is soles of the feet together or you can set up like Karen is with just a toes touching.

Whatever's going to help you open up your back and cool your back down. Okay, let's do a double clap. Clap, clap, roll, pause as you clap, clap, clap, roll, clap, clap, roll. Use your powerhouse to hold yourself upside down. Clap, clap, roll. Let's take two more clap. Clap. Roll. Right in the center of the back and cross your legs.

Come to a standing position and then back yourself up all the way to the back of your mat. Stretch your arms up to the ceiling. Find your balance for a moment. Lift your heels. So let's go to the same position we started. You're in a slight turned out position. The arches have a little lift to them. The heels are pressing together.

Check to make sure you're not locked in the knees, but you're really in the upper leg. Let the room key rest right up on top of you. Now see if he can pull up a little higher out of your waist and rise up. Find your balance. That's it. Lower your heels and then cruel down and walk out on the mat in three or four walks. Just be efficient and let's take three pushups, elbows by your sides, and a one elbows by your sides. You've got this.

Two elbows by your sides and up. Three, walk your hands back. Lift your hips and pause there. I want you to put your hands on the mat. You're not hanging. I want you to push into your hands as though you were about to do a handstand. Now there's a thought wrap around in the seat. Really pull these hips up. So almost like you're doing the tendon stretch on the reformer, that lift your arms would be straight. You've got to get here. Did make that list.

Do you see what I mean? Almost like you're doing the pull up on the chair. Put Your weight on your hands there. Now Roll Up, keeping your tail over your heels and not behind. Hang on. I know the mats are squishy, right? Excellent. Now we're going to finish with the arm weight series and the magic circle. Okay, so if you have one to three pound weights, get them now. Okay, so we'll move on now to the RM weight series. I love this series for posture. We're working with lightweights, but when the weights are away from your body, you've really got to pull up. Okay, so we're going to start actually, you pick up your weights now and we're going to start with your feet parallel, hip distance apart, not too wide. Okay.

And light out of your heels, lifted through the abdominals. The top of your head is tall, okay? And then we start with the arms out in front. Okay? And you can work with your fingers long here or you can squeeze them, okay? But whatever your choices now, reach your fingers out longer and pull your ribs into your back. Thank you. So that you're not leaning right and curl in for two. And then resist and reach out and in and in.

Resist. Reach out. There you go. And in and in. Reach out and out. So you're pulling and pulling and then resist. Make your back wide and in and in and out. And now take your arms out to diagonal so you're not going to be all the way to the side. And we have it again in and in.

Keep the elbows up a little higher. Miscarriage in and in. Resist. Keep lifting out of this left side. That's that side for you as a little weaker, I think. And in and in and out. And now we can lower the arms down. They get heavy, right?

And you curl in in. And when you extend in resist, extend your wrist and pull into your elbows or by the side and just keep lifting up through the body in and reach out. Careful that you don't lock the knees. There you go. So the weight stays at home a little more forward than you would think you're really lifted forward and up. And one more of these. These are the bicep curls. All right? Now lift your heel or keep your heels there and just come over into a tabletop position and bring the weights up to your shoulders. Okay, you're actually going to turn them like this. There you go. Lift the belly into the back.

Push your right arm forward and your left arm back, top palm down, back, palm up. Bring them back into your start position and switch and really reach out from each other and bring them in and reach. So you're going to be palm down, palm up. There you go. And come in and reach. This is boxing and come in and reach and come in and reach.

Now just relax over your legs. Hey, relax and hang, and then let the weights feel heavy. As you roll yourself up, you're back all the way up, up, up, up, up. And now we've got a really fun transition here. I kinda like this one. You lift your heels, pull them together. Okay. Side Bend, reach your right arm up, right by your ear. The other arm is easy. Now pull the belly into the back.

Careful that you didn't just lean back on that one, right. And stretch up in over. Folding the arm over the head to deepen the stretch and then reach out the window and bring yourself back up. Switch. Okay. And go over to the other side. Feel like you're reaching your arm from here and stand into that left leg.

Fold the bar. It would fold your weight over your head, and then reach out and come up. Switch. That's it. To know your right arms up and reach up and over. So you're going to stand into that opposite leg full the bar, the weight over your head, and then bring it up. Switch. Take a deep breath in. Go over, fill this long, deep in the stretch. That's a stand into that left leg. And then exhale, come all the way up and down. There you go. Lift your heels, come to a parallel position again, and we take that tabletop position.

So off knees, the neck aligned with your head, and the arms are in front for the bug and the bug. We just lift the arms up to the side. Use your upper back and bring it back down and go up. Soften the elbows a little bit and go down. This is gonna remind you of pulse drops a little up, up and down and down. Up. Come on, use this and damn, that's good. And then relax over.

Stretch. That's it. And that Nice feeling. Let the, let the weight of the weight really help you. And then roll yourself up to standing. Lift your heels, bring your heels together. Perfect. Now we zip up up and down and down. So pull together the inner thighs. Check to make sure you're not in the back of the knees.

The waist is still lifting up and you're pulling this weights right up under your Chin and your breathing. One more time. And then take your hands behind your head for shave, your little two turned out, I think coming a little narrower and we shave one and come down and lift the arms right out from your back. Reach. Reach elbows wide. So it's not a tricep press. That's it. Good and slightly in front of you, but you're so flexible through your shoulders and reach. Hold. And then let the arms come down, lift your heels, come parallel and flat back position again. Okay, so this is a tricep press, but it's a combo of triceps and biceps.

So you curl the weight in, you straighten your arm, extended behind you, and then flex your wrist and then bring it straight down to the floor. So curl in and out. Flex and down. And again in your little twisted here and flex. Good and down. One more time.

Just make sure your knee stay over your toes and your back is fully supported. Relax over your legs. That's the best part. Hang down. So these have a real cumulative effect. And then roll yourself up, letting the weight of the weight help you get the stretch. Then lift your heels, bring them together. We have chest expansion so the arms are out in front of you.

Careful that you didn't just lean back there. Okay, so hold yourself forward. Pull down and back. Hands behind you. Hold your breath, look to the right, look to the left. Look to the center. Exhale, arms come back to chest height. Inhale, pull down and back. Look to the left. Look to the right, look to the center. Now you exhale. So really fill your lungs. Deep breath in like a balloon filled your lungs. Big Look Center. Exhale.

And we're alternating the direction we look at first in with the air knuckles down, crown to the ceiling. Look, center, exhale. And now lower your hands. This is one of my favorite ones. That always makes me giggle for some reason, but you hold the end of your weight. Ah, we're Ronnie used to call these sparklers. So you hold the bottoms, get the way down to your heels. You kind of like to hyper extend and they're in your left knee. So you want to check and make sure you're not back in your heels there. And we make little circles outwards. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Circle in two right in front of you. Eight and up.

See how it makes your body move around and into three four. Don't let the body move and how to five, six, seven, eight be strong in your power house and down. Final exit, isn't it? Isn't that fun? Next one is in lunch. Okay, so we're going to go out on a diagonal. So we go onto the diagonal and reach the arms. Do it with me, then pull them back to your hips, then back out over your head. And in one strong motion you pulled back to center. Okay, so now you go to the other side, reach out, pull back to your hips, keep your body in a straight line back overhead and use your powerhouse to pull yourself back. And again, breathe.

You go out long and flat. Pull the arms back, reach out over head again. And here we go. Pull back. Good and left. Reach out. You're trying to get your body really low in long reach out. Long pull back. Excellent. Let's pick up the magic circles now. Okay.

And we're going to actually put the magic circle between your knees standing. I love the magic circle. Brings energy into the inner size, gets you lifting into your belly. It's just such a, it's such a great exercise. So just have your heels a little closer together. Now I got one, two. Okay. And I'm going to face you this way. You're going to be here with your heels together.

A little closer look like this. Like this. There you go. So your knees are bent. The circles open. So if you can get your heels all the way together, that would even be better. But your knees are bent. Okay? Now get your tail reaching to the floor.

Get your belly into your back and your ribcage lifted, and then stand up and get taller and get taller and get taller. Bend the knees. Release good tales down. Bend your knees. Let this open. Yeah, let it open. Let your knees open. You ready and ready? Sand up.

Schoolies now get taller with it. Get Taller with it. Get Taller with it and release it. That's what I'm talking about. One more time and squeeze and come up. Now don't let the tail stick back weeds get taller. Get Taller, Liz. More in the front and release.

Super. Now take the circle out and stand and feel nice and easy. This pull your legs together now. Pretty Nice, Huh? Arms in front. Fingers. Long Elbow, slightly bent. That's it. Now get your rib cage placement. You want to reach out.

You want to pull back and press and hold and release. Pressing hold and release. Press and hold. This circle is your powerhouse. Press and hold so you squeeze to tighten into the powerhouse. Take the arms up.

Just a little angle there and pressing hold. Two, three and release. Presson hold two, three and release. Reached the arms up from the back pressing. Hold the weight out of your heels. Three and release. Now take the circle down here and press and hold. One and two. Tighten. Tighten, tighten and release. That's why we do it. Press and hole. Grow Taller, grow taller, grow taller and release, press and hold and release, and now we have little pulses. One, two, three and four and five and six and seven and eight and down. Two, three, four, five and six and seven. Again, it's up two and three and four, eight key fit and nice and even and down into and three and four and five and six and seven and eight. Circle goes on your hip.

That's it. That's and get the hips under. You get the ribs pulling back. Okay, so we're not like that. And Press and hold work from here and release it. Press and hold. You know what I love about these? We do three and release it. Press and hold so you really can work into the places you're trying to get at.

Switch sides, just three other side. I love the magic circle and press and hold. Now if you're looking at yourself in the mirror release, you want to see that your shoulders are level. You also want to get, keep your ribs over your hips and release and press to bring your rib into my hand, a little bit into my hand. [inaudible] that's your weaker side and release it. Now take your hands behind your back, open your chest, sunder you a little, and thank you straight again.

Press and hold and release it. It doesn't go very much. Press and hold and release it. Press and hold and release it and take your circle around to the front. Toss it onto my arm for your grand finish, toss it, and we're done. Thanks for joining us.


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Fun! and lively!!!
I've got a feel-good-energy from this class. Thank you.
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Great workout. Like the arm work at the end! Thanks, Claire
I really love the Magic Circle to end a session. I always feels pulled together tighter and feel taller. Thanks for the shout out girls! Much love, Clare
Great class Clare! I usually notice the time around the 30 minute mark but I didn't think about time at all in this workout. Really great teaching for me. Thank you!
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What an excellent class! Fun and vital! This is going to be my goal class. I did awful, barely could do some of the exercises but marked as my favorite for one day i will master this one! Lol
Fun and Vital....I love that. And btw, the good sore all over feeling means you're getting stronger. Keep it up my friend!
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Super fun! Thank you!
Super Fun is super cool....I am glad you enjoyed the class. It's funny, with my newer students, they think it's funny what we think is Super Fun:)
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I loved the Class , where did the mats you use come from? I feel it would help alot.
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Nice, thanks.
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