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Reformer Workout

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Work your back body to get out of your quads in this Reformer workout with Clare Dunphy. She focuses on moving your body so you are not stiff in your movements. Her clear directions and cueing will help you to work in your full range correctly.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Knee Pad, Pilates Pole

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Hi, I'm Claire Dunphy. Hamani. Thank you for joining me today for your reformer workout. This is an intermediate level workout, and joining me today is Aaron and the lovely Elisa. So we're going to begin. They're going to be working on three springs so you can work on four springs under 110 pounds, three springs over 110 pound, four springs head rest up handles on short box.

Ready to go, pull, ready to go. Slip. Head's ready to go. And I have a funny feeling they're going to need sweat towels. So I prepared us with a few sweat rags. So here we go. Cross your arms in front of your chest and then lower yourself down onto the reformer. Look towards where you're going and roll yourself on and place your feet on the foot bar and just center yourself for a second.

Make sure your feet are in the center, all 10 toes on the bar. That's it. And then just take a second and relax your pelvis so that you're not tensing in your thighs. Just relax for a second. There you go. Good. And let your now hold your legs right in line with your shoulders. Draw your abdominals in and up and breathe. Just take a few breaths and let yourself just feel long. And when you, when I say long, I mean where your ribcage meets your waist.

You want to pull up and away out of your hips and let's start going out and in. Now we're working on cross reformers today and the important thing to feel is how you pull in. So I want you to come in all the way, all the way in and till you feel the click in and [inaudible] all the way in and, and good. Now the change to the arch of your feet. And we go again. And I'm going to be quiet now. So as you're working, you lifted, listen to your springs and in, yeah, try to breathe nice and easy and quietly through your nose unless you're stuffed up and then come up to your heels. Go ahead, flex your feet and go.

And you really want to get the feeling that you're reaching and pulling, using the back of the legs and stretching up. Almost like somebody. This is where you move from like somebody picking you up and lifting. You flex your feet more as you come in. There you go. Simple exercise, a lot going on. This is your centering time. We'll call this one 10 and then go to your toes again.

Let's go to a Palati stance. Just slightly turned out and stretch away. And that's it. Three counts to lower the heels. Three counts to lift the heels. So check to make sure your knees aren't locked. Okay?

And you want to try to keep a little lift through the inside of the arch so the ankle bones don't bump. Lengthen out there you go and work your back towards the Mat and try to find length over the front of the hips. Yeah, you see? So that widening, that wrapping there. Can you let the king let this go this way and let this go that way so you make space over the front. Okay. And then bring the carriage in all the way. Okay. Lower the foot bar.

We'll move on to the hundred so you kick the kickstand goes out. There you go. Your legs out straight on the foot bar. Grab the handles. [inaudible] no, here we go. Take a breath and bring everything into position and we go inhale for five and exhale for five. So loose feet, easy in the back of the knees. You don't want to be tensed up in the thighs. Pull the belly away you go.

This looks great above your abdominal wall so that the straps that you're holding are actually helping you to stretch all the way from the back ribs. Right? And then the legs are reaching out from underneath and all the weight of your legs is right into your powerhouse. Are you counting your breaths? Oh, I think this would be nine and exhale that is 10 and cause reached longer. Reach longer go girl. And then bend your knees and come in. Okay, let's go to outside. Take out the outside springs. We're going to go to two springs. Hold your handles in one hand.

Swing your legs around, put the in that spring. So we're on two springs. I'm on the ground, so I'm working with two inside springs and then lie on your back. Lower your headrest. Okay. Then thread the leather loop into the handle. Well, that's it. Try not to drop that on your head, one and two, and then without moving the carriage, boost your hips up to put your feet inside the straps. And why we do that is that if your back is so tight that you can't lift your hips, then we wouldn't do this exercise. So it helps me know that you're ready.

Okay? Hands by your sides, heels into your seat to your starting position. Okay. Reach out, lift your hips up and over. Let the carriage return. Bend the knees to the shoulder blocks. Stay off your neck though. There you go. Leave your feet and roll away. Take your time. Take your time. Take your time. When you can't go anymore, pull the heels in. It feels good.

And press out. Lift up and over. Let the carriage return. Lift the pelvis away from the ribs. Then the knees down. Just don't go onto your neck. Okay. Down more to the shoulder blocks. There's your rolling like a ball and a roll away, roll away.

And I'm just holding her feet still. Don't let them move. Work in the back and then bring your heels in. So you really want to hold them down. And still here we go. Out and lift up and over. Bend your knees, keep the arms reaching long and then roll right down the center seam of your dress and bring the heels in. Now pause.

Let your hips come all the way down. It's really important that you don't mush through that. You know what I mean? Get all the way down. Ready, push out. Inhale, lift the bottom up and over. Keep the arms reaching. Take a deep breath in. Bend your knees down to the shoulder blocks. Now leave your feet and exhale, roll away.

And lamonte used to call this buttering the bread, butter the bread, and then grab the handles in your hands. The legs are over your head and the is closed. So that's the transition. And then take the straps off. So the okay, wiggle the strap straight. That's why you want to keep the carriage. And when you take them up, coordination is next. Just give them a little wiggle. Elbows by your sides, Chin to your chest.

And let's really make this big breathing exercise. Inhale, arms and legs out. Hold the breath open and close the legs. Exhale and come in with the legs in the arms in with the air. Hands to the mat, out with the air. Big Breath. Go. Breathe. Open the chest. Exhale. So there's a breath. Hold there. Inhale, breath hold as your legs go.

Exhale, and then relax down. Okay, hang up your straps. Step off to the side and we're going to take out the box for the swan. We're gonna do the swan on the box today. Joy. So your box comes on. We're going to stay on two springs and let's use a long way.

And we're going to take a slip pad right on the edge, and that's just to protect pubic bone and then climb up the back. So you'll be standing on the foot bar, heels together, toes apart. Push the box away a little bit and lower yourself, lower yourself down. Now what I like to do, what really works well for me is before I put my chest down, I check to make sure I'm kind of in the right place, um, for my hips and pubic bone that I can come up, right. Okay. Arms drape over the box into the well and you have a little bit of pressure on the spring. So push up just a, there you go. Just a little bit. So you're, there you go. Lower back, nice and long. All right.

Keep the carriage still and lift your arms and your back all the way up. Open your arms to the side, drop to your chest. Come back up. Now straighten your legs and reach out and hold yourself nice and long. Pull up in the ribs and come down. Okay, here we go again. Inhale, lift all the way up. Get all the way up here, up and back and open and drop to the chest. Down and up.

You got to give this up shootout. Boom. There it is. But don't take this arch out. That's too much. Yeah. Get this strong and then come down. Yeah. And you see how much that works in your butt when you do it that way. And again, lift up, up, up and back. Open the arms, drop to the chest and up. Uh, there you go. Now straighten your legs. Reach out across the room. Let's take the arch out. Keep this nice and straight. Head up a little bit.

There you go. And then come down. Well that's a lot of work. I'm sweating now. Okay. Stand on your foot bar. Get Rid of your pad. Take out one spring and we'll go next to the pool straps. I think this is my favorite transition standing on the bar. I love that part. Okay, so your shoulders level with the box. Reach up and grab your strap.

Thumb on top, like you're making a thumbprint cookie and Gotcha. Here we go. Okay. Thumb on top. And here we go. Pull down and back. Open the chest holes and return back up just a little bit for me. Yeah. And again, inhale, pull down and back. Think low and long. So working your upper back and come back down and again, pull down and back. You're coming to high, think low and low and back down.

Slide your hands to the end of the strap for pull straps too. So think low and long. Chest stays on the box. Arms out to the side. And here we go. Pull back. There you go. And return, reach wide. And don't hesitate. Pull back in with the air. No, open your upper chest. There you go. Exhale.

And again, pull back. Go now reach back into my hands. Oh good. You feel that? Great. And then reach out to the side. Keep holding your handles and step off. Hurry up out of spring and we're going to add an inside spring. We have the backstroke. So you take your handles in your hands, you're going to sit your bottom really close to the edge.

Just make sure you're not crisscrossed and you're still breathing. I trust and roll onto your back. You know you're in the right position when you turn your head and you can see the corner of the box. That's how, that's why I had you sit really close to the edge to start. Okay. And then just keep the straps away from your head, from your hair, right? Work your back down. Yeah. Here we go. Stretch up.

Open and pull. Round. Reach, stretching the arms out of the back, stretching the back into the box. Come back down. That was beautiful. Stretch up again. Then Open. Keep that long reach. Now pull around. That's it. Touch my hands. That's right. And come in. That's why you're using straps. And again, up open, pull around.

Now you know why they call it backstroke? Come in because it's when the reach is when you're gliding through the water. So here's where you put your energy without moving the carriage up open. Now boom, but you're not going to get very far. If you could just go slow. So you have one more. Try. Ready up, open and pull and come in. Okay, let's put your handles in your left hand and swing your legs around to the left and with your right hand to get a spring.

Just to mix it up a little bit for you. They lie on your back and we have the teaser. Ooh. Oh mine. Don't fall off and stretch your legs out long arms by your sides. Okay. Bring your heels together.

I'm going to let you stretch. Just keep tension on your straps. Yeah, I'm gonna lead you look back. You're okay. You're next. Okay. Right. Just stretch. That's it. Now get your bottoms lifted into your body. Get your inner thighs working. We need the back of the body working, so it's not all just a big quad show. Okay? Okay. She's smiling. That's a good sign.

Okay, here we go. Bring everything up to your teaser and reach up and the arms lower and lift one and lower. Lift two and lower. Lift three and hold. I want you to reach for your toes. I want you to sit back a little further so you're not so high on your sit bones. And then roll back.

Roll back and roll back. Keep the legs joined, but everything's stretch. You can look back, right? Does it hurt your neck? Oh, oh wait. There we go. Just, yeah, let it hang out. Just keep a little tension there. Okay, here we go. Roll up again, but don't come all the way up on your sit bones. You want your weight behind you a little circle out and around one exhale. Inhale, reach. Exhale. You guys are put goddesses now reach, stay there. Get your hands a little higher. Can you reach him higher?

Can you reach them higher? Put this down first. Go Roll back. That's it. Okay. You see how much control they have? It's so beautiful, but they're too controlled for my like I want you to get okay with being a little off balance. Okay, cause you guys have this. You've got your teasers. So let's see what happens when we let it move a little bit. You're ready to eat. Come up. Come on up Pam. We circle and around one and around two.

Now the fun begins around three and hold and roll away and come up. One more time. Up. You Go. Hold, hold, hold. And down you go. Wow, you're actually doing them. I was a seven. You'd go down and our everything rolls away. Go, go, go, go, go. I just gave you an extra set for good measure. Take your hands behind you, stretch your whole body loam and then let your straps drop into the wealth.

Use Your, Yup. Good. And then step off, we go to the short box. Let's add a spring. I'm turn the box and it goes over the top on the [inaudible]. Okay. So it goes in between there and there, but whatever reformer you have, you put your box on so that, um, it's the right distance for you. You need your pole. And, um, are you guys to want to use the slip pads? Do you need slip heads? Okay, well let's, let's give it a shot without, so you grab your foot strap and we will go the bar underneath.

And I'd like you to have your feet apart, pressing sideways. Let me just, uh, lip that around. There you go. And I'd also like you to make sure that your strap stays right up here by your ankles. Yeah. Okay. And a little outward pressure. Okay. So this is nice and tight and it feels really good when it's nice and tight. But I specially want it like that sideways so that you're not just using your quad. Got It.

One Hand distance from the back of the box because that's where you want your steak room to land. Okay? Now take your hands. You're going to hug around your middle and I want you to work with an open poem and I want you to wrap around so that you feel right where your ribs, the bottom of your ribs. Right down here. Yeah. Okay. Cause you're gonna learn how to become your own spotter on this one. Okay?

And here we go. Start to roll back, roll back, roll back. And as soon as you get to this halfway point, pull away long, hold it, pull yourself long, and then come up and exhale. There you go. Stay rounded and go again back. Now if you're okay with that and that's good for you, give yourself that long pool and go all the way back, flexing your feet and then bring your chin to your chest and hug your middle and curl up. Yeah. Keep that outward pressure there and go again. So we roll this under and pull that away. Good.

Keep the back of the legs working yet these work and then bring your chin into your chest. Yeah, get the back of the legs working. Now how you get the back of the legs working is to gently press them into the box and that'll get you out of overusing. Just this. Relax your knees and go back again. There you go. Press down. Yeah, you feel how nice it is and that gives you a nice opening in the front. And then bring your chin to your chest and curl up and over yourself.

Now take your pole and we will bring the arms up. And I want you to be able to see the bar out of your upper peripheral vision, like a little bit of an angle from your eyebrows. Okay. Okay. Lift up. Let's, let's lift and hinge back and come up taller and sit down. Now unlock your knees a little bit and lift.

Push out on your straps and go back and come up. Exhale and sit down. I know it's hard, isn't it? And when you lift, lean your chest slightly forward so that your arms are picking you up, out of your back and go back again. Breath in. Keep your length. Look here. Exhale, because if you look up, your head will go back and that headways like those, like a bowling ball and lift again and go back and come up. Let your arms stay slightly in front of you and lift. Try not to strain yourself, you know what I mean? Go back to see. Yeah, give yourself a a second to undo wherever tension is, and now we have the side to side. Okay, lift up and I want you bring your collarbones in front of the hips a little bit.

All right, go and lift up and bend to the right side. Bend over, back to center and down. Now this time, breathe in as you put your body in space, in with the air out with the air and down. Lift up, then move over. Back to center. Taller and down. Lift. Go. Reach from here, back to center and down. One more set. Lift. Reach over. Reach your arms from here, go back to center and down. And the lift.

Where's that list? I want to a big list and anchor back to center and we twist. Now lift, twist to the right, twist your ribcage around more and go back. Reach on a diagonal and look where you're going. That's beautiful. Back to center and sit and lift.

So let the arms move because it's your ribcage that moves them and back to center even taller and sit and lift tango. Still pressing out on your feet. And Twist Ang though, make yourself as long as you can back to the center. And now you get to relax forward. It's a lot of work. It's a lot of lifting. Relax yourself. Good. And then bring yourself up and we go to the tree so we don't need the bar anymore, but check to make sure that you're still a hand distance from the back edge.

Okay. Grab underneath your thigh and hug it to you. Hug it so there's no light passing between your thigh and your body. That's it. Now look here for a second. Pull up just out of your low back, but not by bringing your chest out. Pull up, down low and then limber the leg up and down. Three times. One, two, three. Climb your leg and walk your hands up to your ankle. Brown forward. Bring your head towards your knee. Unlock the knee. Ladies.

Don't lock it there. And then lean back with your leg. That's it. And get yourself square. Alright. Get Yourself Square now. Climbed down the leg, climbed down and laying thing the ribs away from the waist. Take a full breath in, a full breath out. Bring your head in and climb up the leg at the top.

Little Super Air, little lift and do it again. And how about reaching through this heel of left foot? Flex it even more. Stretch yet, and then come up. Yeah, we saw that in footwork when I was trying to get you to really lift out of that and again, reach through this heel. You need to get this rap. Good girl. I'm bringing it up and grab your toes on this one and lift and lift and lift and lift. Now just checking. Make sure you don't have a lot of energy in your knees.

It's not about your knees. Let's lift up. So your listing and your listing, does that feel nice? I know I can't stand around all day, right? Like even though it would feel great and relax other side. So talk to your body. Feel what you're doing. Feel where you're holding tension.

You know, finding, how do you keep your hips square? How do you lengthen the legs out of the hips? Cause our bodies are like a puzzle that way. Right? You know? So how do your knee in and now already Aaron, just lift up your waist a little bit. Yeah, give yourself a little lift. Get your knee all the way in. Hug It, hug it, hug it.

Alright, you don't need this yet. And then let's limber the leg up and down. And even as the legs going up and down, it's really about lifting your back, right? So now walk up the leg to your ankle, incline your head towards your leg and lean back with it. Keeping it nice and square without crossing the midline and then walked down. Make space in your body, pulling your ribs away from your hips. Take a full breath in and a full breath out and then bring yourself up a little sip of air at the top and we repeat it and go down. And again, length in a way. And this Aaron, you know what you're thinking about, right? You're concentrating on around, holding on.

Let those hips help you square off your pelvis and again, and when you go back, there's a tag at the back of your reformer and you want to line yourself up with that tag and come up and you walk all the way up enabled to thigh, chest to knee, head to Shinbone, grab your toes, reach to heel out, lift the back, come on Erin, up, up, up, up, and then relax. Nice. Okay, let's step off to the side and we're gonna. Let's raise the foot bar. We'll set up now for the long stretch series, stay on two springs. We need a pad. Your boxing pole go away and the peg is on your head rest. I always make sure my straps over the inside there and the head rest is up.

Okay? Now, contrary to popular belief, this is not an exercise. Use your arms for balance, okay? Make the body long. So let's come up hand, foot, hand, foot. You're in a nice long loan, okay? And try to feel like you're pulling your body over the foot. Bar Clo.

That's the beauty of the grots equipment because there's zero tension holding it in is all you press out. Inhale, exhale, and come in over the foot bar. You're a little high on your heels. There you go. Press out, wrap around here. That's it. And pull in, in, in, in, and go out. That's it. And pull in, in, in, in, beautiful. And go out. Keep your heels really pressing together. Thumbs with fingers. Yep. One last time. That's it.

Feel like I'm pulling you and you've got to pull yourself off of my hand here. Finish and come to your knees for the down. Stretch, heels back, hips forward, chest up. Now don't fall into your low back. Okay, you need this, but you need this lift. Inhale, push back and exhale and lift and clay back on yourself and inhale again and exhale and go get a kiss from the sun. Higher, higher, higher, higher, and inhale again. Now, timing, exhale and keep exhaling. Key Beck's hailing and again, outreach through the heels. Exhale, lift, curl back, curl back, and then round your spine and stretch. Stand up for the up stretch heels halfway up the shoulder blocks, chin to chest, and all my hyper mobile friend. You come up here now, right away, right there. Go ahead. I know it feels good.

And you and my other friend Karajan I want to ask you just to come back a little here. Yes. So that I'm looking at this so that you have, yeah, this, that your contours. All right. Press the carriage back. Now hold the spring still and lower your hips down and pull yourself all the way forward and fold in half. Okay. Look between your legs. Push back, open the springs. Now Roll your hips under. Come into a straight line. Use your butt, Aaron. Oh, get your chin to your chest and pull it in. NNNN and up. Okay, ladies, let your heads relax all the way down. They stay down so your chin stays on your chest and you're looking between your legs. Push the carriage back, roll the hips under, Chin to chest.

Come all the way into, do your chest all the way in and fold in half and go out. Curl down. Don't move that carriage Aaron. Now pull it in. Use your powerhouse. And one more time out. You really got to use your bottle on this one. Lower down, lower down. Lower down. More and more.

More and more and more and more and more and more and more. That's it. Pull in, in, in, in, in, in it, and then lift up. Ooh, that's a lot of work. Flat feet for the elephant. Good job ladies. Okay. And we go out, Nim the weights on your heels. Unlock the knees and you got to get up here. There you go. There in a hold in the hips.

Keep the arch lifted. Let your head go down. Bring you this way. Come with me. That's it. That's it. And then step down. Okay. Turn around for the long back. Stretch. Take a little, drive your hands. He can mop up your head a little bit. Alright, so we come up hand, foot, hand, foot again with the chest open heels right into the shoulder blocks. That's it. [inaudible]. Ready?

Dip Down, push out, hold the carriage a little up and lift your hips and come in and we'll do that one again. Ready? Go down, push out, lift the hips up and come in. Go down, push out and lift up and come in and reverse. Look straight ahead, push away. Come down and take her at rest. And You keep going. Toes pull back. Then your elbows come in and up. One more time. Reach away, bend, come in and lift and step down. Good. Step down. All right, so if you run out of gas, you just stepped down. It's okay. We're all going to get stronger together here. So let's pull the pads forward and we'll go next to the stomach massage series.

Okay, we'll work on four springs. You guys did your foot work on three so you're going to drop an inside spring. Keep the outside springs. Okay. Have a seat. All right, toes, all 10 toes on the bar. Hold Nice and wide with your hands and gently pull your palms like you're pulling to the ceiling to get you forward and over yourself and press out.

Go Out, lower the heels and lift. Come in and out and lower. Come in and just try to give yourself some lift in your waist. Even in the c curve, let the carriage come all the way in. You've got about an inch to go and I know it's hard to feel, but you want to hear that. Click Pool, lift and lower elbows wide to the sides. And now hands back, lift your chest, open your chest and go out and down and up.

Give it a nice light feeling. All this is listed. That's it. Good. Just you're not leaning into your arms. This looks nice. So your chest is pulling up. It has attitude, it has openness, it has breathing happening. Like fill your lungs, stretch yourself from the inside out with your breathing and take out a spring.

And now we'll go for the reach and lift out of your back and push out. Come in, bring your back forward and go out. Yeah. So reach your arms from your back, keep your heels high, bring it all the way in and stretch and go out. Don't lean back and come all the way in and stretch one more time. You see what I mean? Keep the heels up and come in and reach. Now twist, twist around. Push into my hand. Yeah.

And come in and twist around. Push into my hand and come in and twist around your ribs and come in. So think of your twist coming from, not the arm, but around in your torso. One more time. Each way on your own. Get tall here and come in. Heels are high. And then come in and step down and finish.

All Right, nice work. How are we doing? Okay, let's lower the foot bar. We're going to next go into, we're going to work on the overhead then into our semicircle so you can put your pad away, grab your handles. So we did short spine earlier and then when we put overhead earlier in the workout as you advance, then we would do shorts mine into send circle. But let's just work on this here and now. So come on to your back, hold your handles in your hands. Your head rest is flat legs to the ceiling. Okay. Just let the legs be nice and long and anchor your back down now before you start. Yeah, make sure you don't have tension.

I mean it's taught, but there's no tension. Okay. Pull on the straps and bring your hips over and up and lift the back. Feels good. Now Angle your legs to here and then roll and reach into your and reach into your hands and reach into your hands. Arms to the ceiling. We're going to keep the legs at 90 degrees. Tuck this today. Okay. And again, pull and lift. Go ahead and push up.

Push up. There you go. So you've really given good list here. And then angles the legs back and roll. Keep reaching into your straps. Go, go. Let the legs stay back here. So they, yeah, you do. Break it the hip and reach the arms up. And one more time. Go over now lift.

You got this. Squeeze your heels together. Now reach out and roll and your legs can come back here this way. So it's not long spine massage yet. Roll roll and the arms come up. Okay, hang up your straps. Just hang up your handles behind you. Raise your headrest, put your feet on the foot bar. [inaudible] stance on top of Yep.

Hands in front of the shoulder blocks. Lift your hips and without moving the carriage, bring your bottom over your heels. Yeah, that's it. That's the right way. Now look down your body this way. All right. And just keep everything straight and even okay. And go down into the well, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, and your heels can relax a little and out.

Then push into the block. I have a block there for you. And then curl up. Keep reaching into the block and then resist your way in. So you're reaching out as you're pulling in. Get a nice stretch of the thighs and go down again, just keep breathing, breathing, go out. Push into the block, curl up while you're pushing into the block. Now keep reaching into the block as your knees, Ben, so you're kind of getting that nice two way. Wonderful. Feeling.

One more time down, or was that three? That's all right. That's okay. Out. That's it. Now curl up. Use Your Trish. There you go. And come into the back of the legs are really active here, right? You guys are doing a really nice job keeping yourself square. Go out now into the bumper. Rippled down into the well.

Sit in between the springs. Bring yourself in, curl up from the tail and your forward and out again and down. You come. Keep reaching into the block and come in and lift and come forward and push from the Tush. Lock it in. Come down equally through those springs. Then the and curl forward and up. That's it for a little extra stretch, which will be nice for you.

Swing your hands around. There's the train [inaudible]. Is that Thomas? That's two to three. Okay, and just give yourself a poll. Now make sure that the low back is long. There you go. You see that angle. So you're really reaching there. There you go. So that we're not sitting into the heels and then pull yourself back on and your head will be up on the head rest.

And now we're going to practice the cork screw. Lower your headrest though, cause we're gonna practice lifting the hips without throwing the legs in the air. Okay, so let's take the legs to the ceiling and just, yeah, make the legs long by feeling like somebody lifting them as you anchor the hips down. Okay. Lift the hips up and bring your legs back on a little angle. Okay. And now come down on the right side of your spine, right side around to the left side and lift up. Center yourself and then come down on the left and feel a long and up center yourself and come down. Inhale.

Feel like you're being pulled from your middle. And right away you pull down and around and one more each way. So you're pulling gravity's not doing it. In other words, you're doing it with gravity and down. And then Jack Knife up. Let's lift this back. That's it. Good. Beautiful. And then roll down.

Keep this active and rolling. Your feet can come back here as you roll right down the center of your spine for Tick Tock. So your elbows are wide. Reach your legs to the right and your head to the left. Deep breath in. Lengthen. Exhale, back to center. So big, huge breathing here in with the air. Now reach this top leg over the bottom leg. Yeah, so it comes from here. Exhale, you feel that. Inhale, reach, try to oppose it with the opposite elbow.

Right back to center. And again, back to center. And last set. Make the legs really long. There you go. Pull back. You should breathing. That's it. Isn't that feel great. And back to center. Stand up and put on your extension straps at the back of the reformer. Super. How do you guys feel? Good.

Warm and your back should feel really nice after that. So we to put on your extension straps, you can leave the hook there. Just set them up like short spine massage. Oh right, right. And then you just loop one inside the other. Okay. And that's how you do it with the grads or however else you do at what up with whatever other apparatus that you're using.

The idea is that your strap is longer. Okay. Cause it's kind of uncomfortable to put your feet in this handle. Okay. Now I'm going to show you a great way to mount the reformer holding your strap. So for efficiency, so you've got the hardware on the outside.

Okay. We've got a little twist in here so I'll just take that little twist out. Okay. All right. So you take them in your hands like this. So whatever side you're standing on, they'll go in the same side and then you turn away from it to lay down.

And you basically let this hover over the headrest and then you slip your feet in and then you never get twisted or crossed. Okay. So you see how I have it on my fingers? I have one on one finger. One on the other finger. Yeah. So you're looking at the back of your reformer. Oh there you go. You got it. And then you turn away, have a seat, and then you don't take them in your other hand. You just look, put your feet in. Yes, lift your feet and then your hand can help.

And then they never kind of do anything funny, you know, so that's okay. There you go. Alright, heels into your seat. So we start like short spine. This is the, the long spine massage. Reach your legs out, lift your hips up and over, up and over, up and over, up and over. Open the legs apart. Reach out and push your hips to the ceiling. And then start to roll. Roll, roll, and close.

Bend your knees in for a second. Okay, so we need, have a little bit of rhythm. You want to try not to stall out on this one? Okay. Now as your legs are up, the trick, you're going to reach into your feet, but you're going to boost your bottom up. Get your back long, and then start your roll. Okay, let's go. Push and lift up and open the legs. Now reach out, reach out, reach out, reach out and relax again. So it's getting better.

Bend your knees in its hip extension before its spine rolling. Okay, so once you're out there, you got to think hip extension then roll ready. Push out. Lift up. Open. Lift back hip extension here. Yeah. Now reach and roll and reach and roll. Keep your legs straight.

When your hips touch your legs. We'll be at about 45 degrees. Close your legs and reverse it. Okay, here we go. Open lift together. Now reach. Push the hips up. That's it. You've got that feeling now you roll open.

Keep it moving up together. Push out. Yeah. You feel how that works? Yes. One more time. Open lift together. Reach. You've got this on your own. You've got it, but not too careful that you don't go too far and then raise your head rest. Raise your head rest and let's just take some nice, easy frog. Nice easy frog.

So I think of long spine like leg circles in the air, but it's a complex movement pattern. There's a lot going on there. Okay, so watch my rhythm here into the powerhouse. Reach and into the powerhouse. Reach. Access this right. It's all about finding the back of the body with these last part of the exercises in the system. And then circle the legs. Let the weight of your legs rest into the straps. Good.

See you got what you need to talk. Talk to those thighs. Don't let your quads dominate this. Use The straps. Work is in the back of the upper leg. And then reverse your circle. [inaudible] I'm standing here so that you don't go too wide. Yeah, I'm like, we're all legs, legs everywhere. We're having a leg fest all alright. And come down and hold your legs at about 45 degrees.

Okay. You're leaning heavily into your right side. Can you feel that? When can I try to balance it out? This is a little something I like to do just to keep myself honest with the length of the legs without moving the carriage and without locking into the knees. Just open your legs apart and close the legs together and open them apart and don't let the carriage move. You see? So you've got to keep that gorgeous length and take tension out where you don't need it. So there's a a thing with having too much control sometimes too, you know, to try to get it so that the weight doesn't fall on this side of your pelvis.

You can feel it, right? But that makes sense. It's your right side so often that right size is so much stronger. And then rest and let the straps go off over your head into the weld carefully so it doesn't chip tooth hate when that happened. And then step up and we'll go to the knee stretch series. Okay, the foot bar goes up. And guess what? This is all about hip extension. It's about finding this.

Okay, so round your spine. Let's see, a beautiful curve of your back and your head too with your, Yup. So your neck is part of it and the bottoms of the feet are hugging around these shoulder blocks because when your feet push out, it helps you get right into the seat, right? So let's get your heels all the way back, really all the way back. And here we go out. And then with the knees, 10 times one and two and all the way in three and four and five and six relaxed. The next seven, eight accent in 10 look up Bengo and one you can arch the back but keep it growing long. So this is pulling up. This is reaching back and as quick polls and in and in and in.

Get your chest up, shoulders up to my hands. Sit back at the same time. Stay on my hands. Nine and 10 round your spine, knees off and let's go. Push. Pull all the way out. Think of your hamstrings reaching to the ceiling so you lengthen, pull and pull your head. Relax, pull pool. When I was rehabbing my hip, I used to build up to 30 pool and down. You come to the floor.

I know step off at a spring or two if you're on four and we go running home stretch at the beginning of the end is here. You have two classes in a row. You just sir, no wonder you're tired. Okay, go ahead and reach yourself out and then before you begin your run, get this pulled up. Reach up. This is your anti gravity work right here, up into those shoulder blocks. Beautiful. And now we go one and one, two, two. That's it. No Mambo here. So you got to find how the back of the leg works to prevent like this.

[inaudible] that's it. Good, good, good, good, good. You're you're getting that careful that you're not going into the back of the knee. You're really controlling it from the hip. And then bring yourself all the way in. Pelvic lift on your arches, right over the corners. I like your step suction cups on there. Okay, now curl your hips up just about a hand distance and don't let the carriage go out yet.

I know it's tricky, right? That last nasty little quarter of an inch. And let's go out and resist. Come in and go out. Work. Yeah, work. Find your inner thigh and your outer thigh and come in. Go ahead and come in. Let it open, let it open.

But you kind of have resistance at the same time and pull and the back ribs stay down. Come a little lower here. Yeah. It doesn't need to be, need to be that high. The Bikini exercise, that's what Ramona called it. And then roll down role, rural, rural, rural, and bring your knees into your chest once you're down and stretch. Now, one of the things that feel so wonderful is if you take your hands down at your ankles so that you're putting pressure directly across from your sake room. It feels good. Okay. Alright. Side splits. Let's step off and practice our side splits. Now you can do it on one or two springs, whatever you work on two springs, if you're just learning it one spring, if you are a big girl or boy, okay. Lower your foot bar. And um, here's where I think you might wanna use some pads. So why don't we have you on this side first. Okay.

Am I going to have you on this side for a no, you on this side first so that you don't bang into each other. They're in there. Okay. So stand on top. Okay. And the first foot that goes on is gonna be your foot bar side. Well, there you go. And then bend your right knee and walk the other foot out to the shoulder block.

Okay. And if that feels too wide for you, you can adjust that. That foot carriage is closed, closed, closed, arms out to the side and really pull up in the thighs. All right. Press out and hold it there. One. Hold it there too. We'll lower hold it there. Three. Now draw together and lift and lift and lift.

And again, press away, pull up the zipper of the lower belly, hold and then draw together. Make sure the arches have a nice little lift. Let's get the outside border your foot. Good. And again, press out. So you're working high in the leg. Big Lift. That's it. Good for you. And pull up and up and up.

Now you bend your right leg, heel toe the other foot into the center. You got it. Transfer your way back to your left leg to the carriage is closed and step back into the center, not into the center. Step your right foot to your left foot. Boom. And then you turn around. Okay. Then we repeat the process on this side. So you take the weight, you just sort of bend your weight. So it's there.

And that frees up this other leg to kind of do healed up. Cause you know you don't necessarily want to go womp out there, especially if you're on one spring because a carriage could really slide out. Okay. The outside border of your foot. Anchor it. Now push the carriage out in a way and hold one, hold two. There you go. Three. Now draw together and lift work high in the thigh.

Let your palm face down and go again. Lower your arms a little bit more and a hold. Now draw together. That's it. This is beautiful. Get tall and again, hold your working hard and draw together and list that the ribs. Stay with you. Well that's it. And then bend your, whoop, we're done. So you can walk your um, shoulder block foot into the middle and then step into the center and down front splits. Okay, excellent. So we'll be on two springs. Lift your foot bar and you know you have sticky socks so you don't even need to have a pad back there, but you might want to pad.

Okay. All right. So why don't we stand in the center on top? Okay. And just stand up. All right. Bring your legs together. Oh, that's it. Okay. Rule down and put your hands on the foot bar. Let's take the left foot up first and you're going to put it out from about the second spring up on the foot bar. Okay. And then transfer your weight forward.

So the back leg is free to heel toe. It's way back to the shoulder block. Get your weight forward. That's what makes it possible. And your heel. I'm gonna have you come back here a little bit more. Elise, the Lisa. Yeah, there you go. And Bend your front knee forward. The carriage is closed and if you look down here through your body, you should see your hip, your knee, and your heel on the same line.

So this has to open out a little further. You see that out more, right? There you go. Good. All right. All squared off. Now really let yourself go forward. Sit on this front heel. There you go. On Square. All right, here we go. Press back through your right heel hold and Paul n and and keep back. Heel anchored. There you go.

Press out, keep the back heel anchored and feel what it does in here and come in. All right. Try to let your ribs lift off your sigh and square off. Good. Keep your hit blow. Hit Low. Hit. Hit the low, low end long. Yeah, and then come in. Keep the hip low in the back leg long. Yeah. You feel what I'm doing?

Trying to encourage this down and this up and go again, pull back. We'll try not to collapse in here at all and that's it. And pull in. Now lift your back heel and come down to your knee. Lift your back, heel, your back heel, pivot on your foot and gently come down to your knee and then reposition the bottom of your foot so it snugs up into the shoulder block again. Okay. All right. Now think this thought because you got to think about what you're thinking about for your body with these split. Some people are more mobile than other people, so you're very mobile, so you need to put some strength in your stretch.

So what you want to do is to think of dropping the tail down, lifting your ribs away from your side so that you're not just dropping into it. Okay, good. All right. Let your head relax forward. Just relaxed. Let your hands stay on the foot bar. Grab it, keep your arm straight. Now push out through your back leg and then let your front leg follow and push out. Keep your belly away from your thigh. Okay. And then come in and go again.

Push, push out like you're rolling over the front of your thigh. Push with the arms too. There you go. And then come in. So it's a whole body feeling, right? And go again. So it'll push out with the arms. Push this leg way back. Try to get to the block. Oh, there you go. Push into the block.

Isn't that a nice feeling? And then come all the way in and lift your head and chest. And just a tiny little movement of your back leg out in, out, in, out, in, out in hold. Let's take your right arm up to the ceiling and breathe. Pull your right hips forward towards the bar.

And your right rib back. That's an Onco for a long lift and a long stretch. Oh, over to the left, not back and back to center. And we'll switch sides. Okay, so stand up and we got the other leg. So you're right, like comes to the front of the bar. Got that. Okay. And keep breathing. I mean the stretches, I mean, the beautiful thing about you on a reformer for the stretches is it put strength with your stretch. Right? Good. All right, so let's get this lined up again. Bring the heel.

You want that your ankle bone horn, this scene and your toes slightly more forward. Yeah. Good. That's his [inaudible]. And then look down here. This foot comes and you don't want it in the middle. You want it out a little bit. So it's in line with your sit bone.

And this heel is snugged up here. So the heel, the knee and the hip are lined up. Okay, so you don't want this to be in this too, too far in the center. Can you see that line? Okay, now square the hips. Ha, that's it. Reach back. Push back, push back, push back and come in and come in and come in. Now sit towards your front heel. That's what you're trying to do while you're squaring off, press back again.

So pull that right hip back in the left hip. Forward and down, and then come in. Can you come down more? There you go. There you go Stacy. And go out again. That's it. That's it. That's it. Reach and come in in, in an in an m word. Little twist. That left side thing again. Huh? Way Forward. There you go. Stretch. Now lift your back. Heel pivot.

Come down to your knee. Okay, so let's get yet, get your knee right on the inside here and here we have this side. Let your head relax and both sides are different. So observe, watch your body as it moves and just make the adjustments. Here we go. Reach through your back leg to lead, then your front leg to follow up. There you go. That's beautiful. And then come in and again, push back and you want to almost feel like you're gonna push this away and lay your thigh down on top of the carriage. That's it. So you're really opening the front of your hip and then bring it all the way in.

And when you come in, you want to, you want to feel like this hip is right up underneath that rib. And we go against a reach roll on top of that lick. Push with the arms. That's such a nice stretch. And then come all the way in, girl. Ooh, love that left arm reaches up. That's it. But you want to feel that that arm is stretching from here.

So let the rib come into your body a little bit more. So you're, there you go. Now you're with your back and lift up and bring it over. So it's, there you go. And that gets you right in your spot, right? So careful that we're not throwing the rebuttal and then back to center and lower down and step off to the side. And that concludes your workout and thank you very much.

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A great workout. Thank you!
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Thank you Clare! Love, love the stretches!!
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Thanks for watching! I am always curious what people take away from a session. Was there something that particularly worked for you? Clare
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Clare, the upbeat tempo, the enrgy and the flow:) lack of unnecesary chatting turns this class to a movement meditation. Thank you once again.
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Great class! I love the classical order. The flow and especially the cue of stretching out of your hips throughout class. I feel lengthened and stretched!! Thank you:)
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loved this workout
as a 45 year old man doing pilates this was a perfect combination of stretch and strength
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GREAT JOB, This is in my favorites. Being Peak certified myself, I loved doing pure classical the way Mr. Pilates taught us.
There is something so elegantly simple about the clean and simple classical work. Cheers to moving well everyday! -Clare
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Holy Hip! Thank you for a great workout!!!
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Pam Hess, You are funny! Holy Hip???? Thanks for making me giggle and glad you liked the workout:) Clare
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