Class #259

Osteoporosis Protocols

10 min - Class


In this 10 minute class, Rebekah Rotstein shares important information about bone loss prevention and exercise protocols for Osteoporosis. This class offers valuable information to all of our class participants but is a must watch if you are one of the 44 million diagnosed with Osteoporosis or Osteopenia. Take 10 minutes to inform yourself so you can participate in class safely and effectively.
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband

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This was extremely helpful. Thank You!!!
Such good suggestions. Thanks
I teach an early morning stretch class (almost everyone has just worked out in the gym, a few go afterwards). Most are 65 to 75 one will be 90 in March. It is obvious to say all will have some bone loss. And most actually know the %. When, or at approx. what % bone loss, should I encourage them to pretty much cease forward flexion. I will teach the hip hinge for pick up on Wed. Great suggestion. I will try your phrase of using body movements differently to encourage bone density or just maintenance. Thanks will check out your web site.
well executed and articulated. hugely helpful and informative. thank you!
I shared this with my osteoporosis clients who are very strong and have been doing hundreds and ab series for 15 years and still cannot understand why they can't do them the same anymore. Sometimes it takes hearing it from someone other than their trainer. thank you!
hello, have you ever thought of giving a full class for osteoporosis, with modification. would be great, thanking you in advance, blanche.
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Great information. Thank you so much!
What many pilates instructors should also know, is that this is not an "old" persons condition. Women AND men of all ages may have this condition and not even know it. So it begs the question, how much flexion should really be in pilates classes? I have a client in her late 30's with this and so there must be modifications for her and anyone else. luckily my training is not based on the classical repetiore so creating classes that are safe for all populations are not difficult at all.
Thank you Rebekah, nice segment. Do you have any advice for pilates exercises for a client with both osteopenia and stenosis?
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