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Play with props in this athletic Reformer workout with Portia Page! She starts with a warm up for the upper body, then works up to challenging core work and Planks. This is a great way to work on total body coordination and to amp up the movements you already know.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Triadball, Theraband, Magic Circle

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Apr 30, 2016
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Welcome. My name is Portia. And with me today I have the lovely Haley. We are going to play on the Reformer with some props. We have a purple ball, a ring, and a band.

Now, typically I like a light band that's about eight feet long. We're at about 5 1/2 feet here with a light to medium band. That's because Haley is strong. All right, I'm gonna put these away for now. We are starting off with two red springs.

Haley, if you can come to a kneeling position facing the foot bar. And you can place your feet, yeah. Are you good there, or do you want the headrest down for this? The headrest is fine. OK, perfect.

She already knows what she's gonna start with. Taking the band, wrapping it around each hand for safety so that it will stay on her hand. This is going to add some extra resistance as we warm up the upper body for some really challenging core work. She has to dress her hands. Got it? Yup.

Okay, fantastic. Starting with just some simple exercises to bring awareness to the back side of the body and warm up the back of the shoulder and prepare it for the plank work and core work coming up. Are you ready? We're gonna start with palms down, elbows underneath your shoulders. Single, single, double external rotation.

You can start with right or left. I'll leave it to you. You're the one doing the movement. Just getting some external rotation so that we work on the rotator cuff. The rotator cuff is so important for making sure that your arm bone is in the socket.

Okay. If you could draw your front ribs toward your back and feel the abs draw in. You're gonna do two more sets with those. And we want Haley to be up really tall and lifted, unweighting the weight on her pelvis that's on her heels. And I think you have one more left.

Yes, okay, fantastic. With rotator cuff work, light repetition, lots of repetitions, but light weight. Good going? Hands onto the foot bar. Come into your nice long, sit your hips back, yep.

And just hinge further at the hips and push the carriage back. Excellent. Coming into a nice, long position here. Elevation and depression, getting the shoulders working again, just feeling some nice stretches here. We see a nice, long, flat back.

Lift the chest just a little bit. There we go, good. And then you can hinge a little bit more, good. And three more, nice and long through the neck. She's looking really good.

And I believe one more. Excellent. Draw the abs in, sit yourself up. Good. And are you ready for the next section of this since we've gotten the upper body all nice and warm?

Go ahead and place the hands back onto the foot bar. Okay, hips lift up. Tuck the toes under and up against the shoulder rest. Sit the hips back slightly so you've got a nice, long arm position here. Beautiful long torso.

And let's just go into some knee stretches to get warmed up first. Feeling that connection with the core. Feeling the length through the torso. Bring your low back up into my hand here. Good, good, two more.

Stay nice and steady through the shoulders. Excellent. Now, you know where you're going. She's gonna be lifting an arm and going into some rotation as she pushes the legs back, good. Same side or switch?

You can stay on the same side because it helps to build that confidence as well as repetition so you feel really good and stable there. Just two more. Breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. Ask then switch to the other side for six. Really control the movement.

How does she control the movement? By drawing the abs in, lifting the chest up. Feeling that nice strength that we've developed through her shoulder here. And I hope you're counting 'cause I did lose count. You got it, Haley?

Yeah. Two, one more time. Thank goodness, all right. Hang onto the band where it is. Bring one foot up here.

Good. Make sure that the foot, or the knee is in line with the hip. Not too much lateral deviation here. We come in to an uplifted position. You can take the hands off the bar now.

Light weight of the shin against the foot bar. Not pressing and making a divot in the shin, but just enough to guide, keeping the knee over the ankle. You're gonna come into a nice hip flexor stretch here. And open the arms out. Good, got it, and keep going.

And if you can, Haley, if you can lift up a little taller through here and draw the shoulder blades down. Yes. Good, and how about four more of those. How are you feeling? Good.

She's starting to warm up, by the way. Really draw the belly in nice and tight. Feel that lift. Good, last time. Excellent.

Hands go back on the foot bar. Now we're gonna stretch out her left hamstrings. Remember how to get into this one? Yes, so straighten out there. With the hamstring stretching, we're gonna have a little bit of carriage movement and some work with the arm.

You ready? Yes. Lift the head just a little bit from here, good, so the chest lifts in line. And if we could square the pelvis, oh, yeah, you feel that now in the hamstrings? Okay, and when you're ready, go ahead and start the movement.

Whoops, I have to move out of the way or else I'm gonna get knocked out. (laughs) Excellent. All she's doing is pushing the carriage back just a few inches while she's lengthening through her left hamstrings. If you can do four more, if you're okay with that. We're also getting warming again through the back of the shoulder. She's getting some rotation through the thoracic spine, keeping the pelvis nice and steady there, excellent.

And stop, come back in, switch legs. We have to do, as Erica says, lather, rinse, repeat. Other side. Here we go. Finding the stability on this leg.

Haley has a tendency to shift just a bit off into a stable hip here. So if you could move this right leg a little bit more to the right, good. You're gonna feel that connection with the shin to the foot bar. And start with just the pulls, make it a row this time. So bend your elbows as you move the carriage back.

Yeah, there we go. Good, and then straighten the arms. We want to feel this work right here between the shoulder blades. You've got six more on these. Lifting up nice and tall through the crown of the head, feeling the nice stretch and elongation through the hip flexors.

Getting some nice stable work, even though this standing leg on the right. Where are you with your counts? Two more. Yes, sounds right. One more time.

Move right into the hamstring stretches now. Hand onto the foot bar. Move out into a nice elongated right leg here. A little more lift through your chest. A little bit more leveraging and leveling through the hips and then begin.

And I'm out of your way. So you can't hit me this time. (laughs) Yes. There we go. This is also a really nice way to spot your client.

I've got my shins against the side of the Reformer here, bracing myself, making sure I don't get knocked out by Haley again. She is strong, I'm telling ya. Yup, there we go. Chest up, I think you've got one more. Okay.

Ah, do you feel nice and warm now? Oh, yeah. Okay, fantastic. We're gonna keep with the band. But Haley's gonna move into a little different position here.

Do you remember where you're going? Supine on this one. The band is going to come over the top of one foot and then under and around. It's a little bit like a sock. A band sock.

That way it keeps on the foot. It's not gonna move. It'll stay here. She's gonna be holding on with both hands. Coming into a supine position.

Still gonna be on two reds. I like to keep it as simple as possible. See all the work she has to do to get into this? Thank goodness we don't have to do this every time we get dressed in the morning, right? Move this way just a pinch so you don't get two smushed in there.

Got it? Anchoring down with the elbows on either side of the waist, broaden through the collar bone, really lift through the chest, and then feel that drawing down of your low belly towards the bed. Starting with the ball of the foot on the foot bar. I'm gonna move out of the way so I don't get kicked by the soccer player here. And let's lower the leg down so it's nice and straight.

And as you extend your right leg, you're gonna lift the left. There we go, good. There's one of eight. Reaching out. With this unilateral work, it's really nice to watch what's happening with the torso.

You have four more. I am trying to keep track for you. As she reaches out through that leg that is on the foot bar, good, two more times. This last time, stay out there. Nice and long through this leg without being hyperextended.

And we'll go into that little windshield wiper. Keep the, let's actually take the hands just a little bit further away, good. That way she's not crouching in nice and tight. She's nice and open platform through the torso. And from here, just side to side.

There we go, good. She's shaking just a little bit. Good. I'm gonna move a little bit this way because she's got a lot of range in her hips. Beautiful stability.

Draw the belly in just a little bit more. I think you have two more, yep. On the last one, she'll stop just above the middle of the hip and do four tight little circles in one direction and then the other. Again, looking for hip stability, as she moves the femur bone in the hip socket. Also she's having to stay really stable through this straight leg here, with tension of two red springs.

Excellent. Come back in. We're coming into a little bit of a tricky transition. Haley's got this down. Now we're moving into that side position.

Gonna keep the band on the same foot. We're gonna move into a little lighter spring here to a red and a blue. And I'm gonna take the shoulder rest down for now. She's gonna bring elbow in front of the shoulder rest, move her hips back, maybe scoot a little bit more toward the foot bar, just a pinch, there we go, good. So we can lengthen out through your torso.

And this is a little bit almost like a side hover, but not quite. Externally rotating the top foot, which heel is on the foot bar, and as she straightens the right leg, the left leg will extend out. Good, this is what you call total body coordination. Yeah, really working on the side of the torso, the side of the hip, and her left leg is shaking a little bit. It's a good shake, yes.

I think three or four more. Three? Yeah. One more time. Excellent. That's all you have to do on this one.

Swing this leg in front there. We've got the red and blue on. I think that was right for you, right, Haley? We're gonna come into that single leg jack rabbit. Two reds. Two reds, okay.

Hands go back on the foot bar. Swings legs so we keep the foot in that little band sock for three exercises. Right foot is now gonna come up against the shoulder rest. Before you push the carriage back, just stop here, yes. Get this position set first.

Shoulders stable. Arm at a slight angle, about a 45-degree angle. Lift it through the chest. Drawing in through the abs. Hips nice and level.

And she's gonna get started. She knows what to do. It's a little tricky. She's got two reds on. She's swinging, oops.

The band leg and working the other leg. So this is double trouble. Three, two, breathe, and one, and down. Whoo, yes. Well, one side only has been done.

Good news is that one side is done. The bad news, or the better news, maybe, is that she's gotta do the other side. Always nice at this point to acknowledge and recognize how different it's gonna feel on the next side. While Haley is getting ready here, I'll go ahead and put this back up, the headrest for her supine position. She's still on the two red, which is right where we want her to be.

Not sure if this is her smart side or her not-so-smart side. But we will soon find out. Getting into a position where she's got room for the shoulders and she's not all hunched up. Really lengthen through the torso. Once we get the leg up, anchor the elbows down, that way we can provide a really strong anchoring of the upper back against the carriage.

Gives her a nice wide open clavicle area. And lower the right leg down towards the foot bar. I know it's a little funky with the knee. But we'll work with that. And as she straightens the left leg, the right leg lifts.

We go into the same sequence that we just did on the other side. Feeling really nice and long on both sides of her body. She's doing a fantastic job of maintaining the same length on both sides of her torso. Does it feel different on this side? A little bit. A little bit?

In a good way or a little harder? In a good way, it's a little easy. Oh, good, all right. This isn't trouble. Yep, okay.

And last time, this is the last time. Staying here into windshield wiper. Back and forth. One thing you want to look for is with the leg that is on the foot bar, we want to try to keep the leg straight but not hyperextended. The other thing that can happen, I'm counting on you to count for yourself, is that you want to notice that she's keeping the leg in the same position.

A lot of times people will give in and allow the knee to bend. That is not allowed. We want to keep that nice, long stretch in the muscles and that isolated work. Circles. Four small, ooh, in each direction.

She has got some long legs. (laughs) Other direction. And again, really nice job of keeping the same length on both sides between the last rib and the hip on each side of the body. Okay, got that nice little side one. Come back in. I'm gonna switch this because we did a red and a blue.

I'll switch it back to two in a minute. Take this down. There we go. Bringing the wrist and the forearm up against the shoulder rest gives your client someplace to push anchor and create length on the side that they're working in the torso. You want to make sure also that the shoulder is out of the ear.

You've got nice length there in the neck. Good, externally rotating that top leg. Other leg out and go for it. Good. The hard thing about this is that you do need to anchor that upper elbow.

So it's okay to pull it in towards the waist. If it's away, it's a little bit more challenging because the arm will tend to move because the leg is pulling it with the band and the tension. Good, is it four more or three more? Three. Three, okay.

I always try to sneak in one more. She's on top of it every time. Good. Whoo, I'm gonna move these out of the way a little bit. We're gonna come into that single leg jack rabbit with the band on the same foot.

She'll reconnect. I'll move over here. How are you doing, Haley? I'm good. She's working hard.

All right, I'll move over here so I'm out of the way. There we go. OK, so remember, we want to set the hips back just a bit. Not too far though, we want to keep this nice line so that she's able to maintain stability here. Sternum is lifting, drawing in the lower front ribs to the lower back ribs.

And when you're ready, my dear, you have eight. It's OK, it's alright. Really push away from the heel of your hand, that's it. Four more. She has got some definite strength in that upper body.

Look at that. Good. Alright. Whoo, lucky you, you are done with the band. I think she's very thankful about that.

Get rid of the band. We move on to the ring. Ok, ring. I believe you had just the one red. Yes. Yes, OK.

So let's start. Kneeling position. Right inner thigh is on that front shoulder rest. The left foot is here on the side of the Reformer. Just to note, Haley's athletic.

For her, this is very easy to have the foot on a thin side of the rail. If it's not for your client, all you need is the box. Just put it right alongside of the Reformer. They can place the foot on the box. It gives them more room for the hips.

She's got the flexibility to be able to maintain this and be able to work the inner thighs as she works. First, just a little bit of tension. When you're ready, go ahead. Eight draw-ins. Working the inner thigh on both the left and the right leg.

Differently though because of the position of where the legs are while she's isometrically chest-pressing into that ring. You forgot about that one, didn't you? (laughs) And once you've done the eight, then you're gonna add the twist towards me. Hello. She's got a nice little sheen. You'll notice she's working very hard.

Good. And we want to maintain levelness in the hips. Good. Rotating from the thoracic spine, almost like a bottle top being twisted off of the bottle, the bottle being the pelvis, top being the ribs. Is that your eight?

OK, so, I'll hold the carriage steady for you. You're gonna face the foot bar now. Toes up against the foot bar. We're good with the one spring there. I'm gonna hand you the left strap, bring the arms out, and when you're ready.

It's kind of like driving a car. This could be called a steering wheel. We're taking the wheel with us, and the steering wheel illusion is here with the brain, but the wheel is her ribcage. Yup, turning. Nice breath pattern there.

Good. Inhaling as she returns to the center. Exhaling as she rotates. Two more. Oh, nice job.

OK. Oh no, you're gonna hold on to that. I'll take this. You're gonna turn this way. I'm gonna come over here, doing the inner thigh, yup.

Be your right inner thigh here. No, no, no. We're gonna do this first. Oh, OK. Yeah.

Oh yeah, so your left inner thigh. Bring the right foot over and around here. We have something else coming up. She gave you a preview. Quite alright.

Draw in nice and tight. Again, make sure that, remember, your client might have differences on either side. So if this side doesn't feel right, move the box up, make that little adjustment. She's good here. She's Even Steven on both sides.

And when you're ready, isolated chest compression as you draw the left knee underneath the hip bone. Good. If you notice, this is not a huge range of motion. Not needed. Little, tiny movements are sufficient to torture your client.

OK. Once you got those eight, rotate towards me. She's so solid. I bet you're just wanting to get in here and work out with her. I know I am.

Zip up a little bit more. Yes, there we go. She gained about one inch on that little zip-up. Good. One more.

Excellent. Why don't you step off the back side. We'll start with that side first on this. Do I twist on this side? Yes, right, kneeling.

Thank goodness she remembered. There you go. OK, before you start, think about really broadening through the collarbone, drawing down through the back side of the underarm. Good, and when you're ready. Lower your hands just about an inch.

There you go, good. Now, if it's uncomfortable for your client to have the rope around, coming around the side of the waist, then you can just do a different exercise. Good. Draw in a little tighter, lengthen the lower back. What number are you on, Haley? I'm on six.

Two more. Oh, yeah, nice one. OK, I'll take the strap for you. You can step off this way first. And we are on the one red.

I'm gonna put another one on, a red and a blue, right? For this side, for abduction first. So your left foot will come up sideways. Yup, there we go, perfect. You've got it lined up there. Before she starts, we want to look that, when she lifts the foot up to bring it on to the carriage, that there's not a hip pike.

She's not getting a hip pike here. You notice that there's nice length on both sides of the waist. She's lifted up nice and tall. This is gonna, again, just be isolated, small compression while she draws or pushes the carriage out this way and works the side of the left hip. When you're ready.

Yes. Good. So we're trying to maintain. Is that blue maybe too much? Yeah, I think it's just a bit.

There we go. Yeah, there we go. I think what it is, is when we go to adduction we're gonna go to one blue. (laughs) Good. And when you reach eight. Good, draw the lower belly in, nice and tight.

Really feel that openness across the chest, the height from head to feet, and the reach-out with that left leg. Good. You're ready for adduction. OK, so you're gonna move to your left. We're changing from one red for the side of the hip to one blue for the inside.

She steps out so that her feet, if she took this foot down, would be about hip-distance. So with the external rotation, which is what she's got here, it's, again, a very small movement. We want your clients to be upright on that standing leg. Yup. Really lift it in.

Again, holding the ring just adds that piece of isolation to help ground you and really feel the work in the inner thighs. When we work the legs, we want to keep that muscular balance, working all sides of the legs. A little more lift through the chest. When you've done your eight, then you can go to the other side. Doing alright? Yeah, I'm alright.

Alright, there we go. Bringing it back up to one red. She'll start, again, with the outer thigh, lining herself up. Side of the foot there. Making sure that they're even on both sides.

Sometimes the client might have issues with a hip-lift on one side and not on the other. So just make sure that when they get set up, their hips look level, they feel the same, and we go for eight repetitions. This is really tough work. A lot of times with clients, you might even need to do side of the hip, the abduction on a blue, and inner thigh, or adduction, on a yellow spring, just to let you know. Haley here is definitely an exception.

She's extremely strong, she's solid, she is your inner athlete for sure. OK. Making that switch to the blue. And she's lining herself up. We again look, levelness through the hips.

Yup. Should have gotten her a towel. She's getting a little sweaty. (laughs) OK, good. And really think about that collarbone being wide and open.

Try to broaden through the clavicle, there you go. That feel different? Yeah. She's doing a really great job. Ooh, we're so close to being there. You're getting a little drop of that left hip.

So just be really careful when you draw the leg in, that, yes, you keep the hips level. Perfect. It's the subtle, little things that you have to watch out for that make a big difference. Excellent. She gets to hand that over.

We have one more accessory, and that is our purple ball. You will also notice that I have it slightly deflated. I want there to be instability, but I also want there to be something that she can settle in to because we're gonna move into some challenging work. Believe it was a red and a blue for the... Or two reds, I'm sorry.

We're gonna move back to two reds. We're gonna keep the headrest down because there's gonna be a slight inversion and I don't want there to be compression on the cervical spine. Haley will get in. Go ahead and put her feet in the foot straps. There we go.

That was fast, she did both at once. I'm gonna hand her the ball. She'll bend the knees, lift the hips, place the ball underneath the sacrum. Now, the work that we're gonna do here is gonna look very similar to what you normally do with feet and straps. The key is that we've added that instability of the purple ball and it's gonna really make some wiggling going on.

In order to maintain nice strength, she's got to stay really strong through the torso, really strong through the lower abdominals, and really open up the chest and anchor her upper back so that she's prepared to push out. I don't want to see any movement in the lower back, just through the hips and the legs. Starting with frog, just push out eight times. Reaching. A lot of times what will happen is, and you should look for this, the clients will think, "Oh, this is so easy, I know exactly what I'm doing." They'll do that first push and, boop, they're off the ball.

(laughs) Not a big deal, they were only going this far. But it can be a little disconcerting. Just make sure they've got the hands planted firmly on either side of where their hips would be if they were on the carriage. That will add that stability through the arms, also get a little bit of work through the triceps. And just have them move slowly for the first couple of repetitions.

Good, and when you've reached eight, we'll come into that parallel straight leg position and lift and lower. Haley also has really nice length in the back of her legs. When she lifts those legs up, there's a nice, long, straight line. And if you notice, there is no crunching in the lower abdominals or the lower back. She's keeping her torso nice, long, supported, and straight.

Good. And once we've reached those eight, we're gonna go into one knee bent and one leg straight, alternating sides. So we work one leg straight, one leg bent. Same thing, it's just a lift and lower, but one knee is bending. The key here so that there is no wavering over the ball, or wobbling over the ball, is that you keep tension in both sides.

That can be a little tricky 'cause the knee that's bending, you want to give up, but don't. Stay with the tension. What set are you on? I think one more each side. OK, perfect.

Good, and then from here, she's gonna move into circles. I'm gonna let her go her full range, whatever she feels most comfortable with. She's got a lot of flexibility in the back of the legs as well as the inner thighs. So she can just let those legs go big with the circles. What you do want to keep an eye on is what's going on through the middle of the spine, right?

The middle of the torso. Is there a lot of rib flaring? Is there a lot of tucking under of the pelvis? If there is, make the range of motion a lot smaller. Good, and once you've done eight in one direction, you'll do eight in the other.

These feel really nice. Legs and straps is one of those exercises that we love to do. We could do it every day. We should do it every day. It just feels good.

On the ball, there's that little additional challenge with having to stabilize your hips and pelvis over this wobbly ball. OK. And where are we? Two more. Alright.

She wants to get her eight in. I don't blame her. OK, knees bend in towards the hips, draw the ball out from underneath you, and then the ball goes in between the ankles. We're gonna do one more set of circles. This is with the legs going in both directions and the ball squeezing in between the ankles.

When you're ready, OK. There will be a slight lift on each side of the hip, but what we don't want to see is a hiking up of the hips. Keeping the length in both sides of the waist. There can be a little rocking like this. And again, eight in each direction.

You're doing OK with the headrest down like that, Haley? OK, great. And she is so close to being done. This is a really great workout to amp up your normal Reformer work, your standard work that you always do, feet in straps, knee stretch, single leg, side leg, all of that by just adding a little prop, and the props have each their own individual properties. The balls are good to squeeze.

The balls are good to... One more exercise after this. She knows it's coming. And we'll use the back of the legs for this. The ring, again, good for squeezing and chest pressing.

We can also squeeze along the hip if we want. Those can go on to the pegs there. We're coming in to your last core work, that's the plank with the hands here. You decided on two reds, we're good to go. We're gonna hit the back of the leg with the hamstring holding the ball, but we're really challenging the upper body.

If you remember at the start of the workout, we started with warming up the upper body, and it really is gonna work us up to this point right here. Your best, yes, there we go, and then just bring, yup, you got it. Just gonna make a little note here. She's got the right outfit on, but if you've got slippery tights on and your try to hold the ball or the ball is really small, that's just evil. I'm just letting you know, OK?

You ready? Before you begin, can you bring the carriage back? Just bend this knee here. I want you to lift your chest and head, good. And you see how those shoulder blades drew back together?

Now, lift your sternum, yes. So we add some power right in here. Draw the low ribs in, front to back, and now, when you're ready. Keep your elbows working. So we just start with a leg extension.

The knee that's holding the ball is working the hamstrings by just holding the ball between the calf and the hamstrings. We're eventually gonna lift that leg. But right now I just wanted to get used to this position. And this might be all you do with a first-time client, or your client the first time that you try this exercise. So a really nice position to get into, the chest is lifted, the arms are straight.

Good. And now, when you're ready, let's start with the bent knee, and as you straighten your right leg, Unweight your left knee. Yup, good. And then you're gonna bend this knee. Yup, good, and lower.

Yeah, there we go. You got it, nice. Lift the head just a bit. Yeah, there we go. And let's just do one more.

I know that's only four. And come on down, let's take a little rest. Good. Unweight that foot. Unweight your hands.

So we just do a little. I know we've still got to do the other side and we have one more exercise there, but I just want to give you a little rest. And it's really nice just to do this. Open up. And then as you bring the hands back, round the upper back and bring the back of the hands together.

Yeah. OK back to work. Same leg. We're just gonna add a little bit of rotation. Not a lot, just a little, and just four repetitions.

Head and chest up. Good. And, you ready? Yup. And just four repetitions is all you need.

This is extremely challenging. OK, lower down. Now she gets to do it on the other side. You got it? I think so.

OK. You can divide this up and take those three exercises in to three separate ones and add in some wrist rotations and stretches so it's not too much on the wrist. Or if you've got an athlete like Haley, you can just power through all three of them. We'll give her a choice on this one if she needs that break after the second exercise. Yup, get that nice, lifted chest, draw the abs in, and the knee stays down, just straighten your foot bar leg.

Good. This is a really great one to practice quadruped work in a more lifted chest position. You do want to watch that the lower back is not coming in to a bigger arch as the leg extends back. You want to make sure that they do have enough range of motion in the hip joint to be able to do this. It can be a little tricky.

We can also place the hands down onto the carriage itself. This is just nice 'cause she's long. Torso, long, legs, she's got some height on her. So we want to make sure that she's got enough room there. OK, there we go.

Good, lift the chest just a little bit. Good, there we go. Nice. And then I'm just gonna help you here. You just got one more.

Good, and your choice, you can stay here and do your rotation. She's like, "Yeah, can I just get this done please?" (laughs) Alright, whoo. I'll take the ball for you. You can go ahead and stand on the other side there. How are you feeling? Great.

Look how shiny she is. (laughs) Alright, so we'll just face each other and we'll do a little bit. Take your feet hip-distance, shake it out a little bit, and some shoulder rolls. Bend the knees as you go, yeah. This just feels good, yeah.

And now stand up straight and tall. I'm starting to stutter, not a good sign. Alright, take a nice, big breath and open up your chest. Look upward. Oh! And now bend the knees, curl the low spine, bring the back of the hands together.

And let's try that again. Big inhale. And a big exhale. And again. And one more time.

And open up. And release. Awesome work, girl. Yay, thank you. Yay, thank you.


Some nice variations. Athletic and linear. Not sure if it's moderate. Deliberate due to the pauses to stop and talk.
Love this class. Thanks, Portia! I will be incorporating this in my Sunday fun class!
Thank Portia - i was going through a bit of withdrawal since London, but this was great even if you weren't standing next to me :)
Thank you very much, Portia! I really like this class. Awesome.
Concise, informative, fun and challenging!
Thank you :)
Like I said in Erica's latest video...who let the "Dogs" out?!
2 new classes from both P Dog & E Dog in one day made my Monday super fun. Thanks Portia for another crazy creative and challenging class:) Haley was go girl with 2 reds!!
Great class!! Very athletic and I love props. The more the merrier! Now, onto Erica's new chair class:)
Fun class! Big thanks Portia and Hayley!
I loved this class! Very good variation ideas, I will definitely use in my classes. Thanks Portia and Hayley!
Awesome variations! Quite a fun and challenging workout, thanks Portia!
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