Class #2598

Reformer Workout

35 min - Class


Play with props in this athletic Reformer workout with Portia Page! She starts with a warm up for the upper body, then works up to challenging core work and Planks. This is a great way to work on total body coordination and to amp up the movements you already know.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Triadball, Theraband, Magic Circle

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Apr 30, 2016
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Some nice variations. Athletic and linear. Not sure if it's moderate. Deliberate due to the pauses to stop and talk.
Love this class. Thanks, Portia! I will be incorporating this in my Sunday fun class!
Thank Portia - i was going through a bit of withdrawal since London, but this was great even if you weren't standing next to me :)
Thank you very much, Portia! I really like this class. Awesome.
Concise, informative, fun and challenging!
Thank you :)
Like I said in Erica's latest video...who let the "Dogs" out?!
2 new classes from both P Dog & E Dog in one day made my Monday super fun. Thanks Portia for another crazy creative and challenging class:) Haley was go girl with 2 reds!!
Great class!! Very athletic and I love props. The more the merrier! Now, onto Erica's new chair class:)
Fun class! Big thanks Portia and Hayley!
I loved this class! Very good variation ideas, I will definitely use in my classes. Thanks Portia and Hayley!
Awesome variations! Quite a fun and challenging workout, thanks Portia!
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