Class #2652

Mat Workout

50 min - Class


Rock the house with this Mat workout by Tracey Mallett! She uses the Overball the entire class to challenge your core and stability. In addition to working hard, she has fun practicing with her friends Kristi and Emilee!
What You'll Need: Mat, Overball

About This Video


Hi, I'm Tracey Mallet, and I'm here with the rock stars, or the Pilates community, and my BFFs. We've got Kristy, and they're gonna point to each other, and we've got Emily. So we're g...


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Another Tracey gem. You ladies are very lucky.
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Definitely a challenge to core and stability. Loved it. Thank you!!!
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Wonderful moves, thank you! And great outfit!
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Loved it! I can see why you have such beautiful abs! After doing three of your classes in one week, I feel like mine look like yours!
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Another great class Tracey! I love to work with the overball because it challenges the stability and forces your entire body to work harder and find the control you need to execute the exercise. I usually use it with my students and they love it and also because the class gets really dinamic and fun! I am a fan of yours and I am always looking forward to watch your classes and learn from you! Kisses from Costa Rica!!
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Great class Tracey, thank you!!
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Lovely ball variations! Thanks
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Love your beautiful energy!!
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Great energizing class. And a cute finale:))
Loving the flow & those transitions:)
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