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Mat Workout

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Rock the house with this Mat workout by Tracey Mallett! She uses the Overball the entire class to challenge your core and stability. In addition to working hard, she has fun practicing with her friends Kristi and Emilee!
What You'll Need: Mat, Overball

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Hi, I'm Tracey Mallet, and I'm here with the rock stars, or the Pilates community, and my BFFs. We've got Kristy, and they're gonna point to each other, and we've got Emily. So we're gonna rock the house today with our famous balls. Yes, we all love the blue balls, we're gonna rock them today, right girlies? All right.

So, let's take our feet hip width apart. Take a deep breath in. And we're gonna slowly, we're gonna roll down through the spine. And then gently roll all the way up very very slowly, the head is the last to uncurl. And again, inhale, chin to chest, rolling down.

Let's try and reach our hands to the floor, nice gentle stretch here. We can see if we can get your hands on the floor. Let's just bend your knees a little bit. Bend and extend. And just let the head hang down.

Nice and simple, nice and easy, stretching out. Inhale, and exhale. Let's do a few more. And then just hold it here. I want you to grab hold of your elbows.

And just let your body hang down. And you're going to do is swing your... Upper body from right to left, left to right, right to left. And just let the upper body hang down, feels good. Feel the length in the hamstrings.

Press the weight into the heels a little bit more, for that gorgeous stretch, the back of the legs. And you're floating from one side to the other. And then just come back into the center. Shift your weight to your heels for the extra stretch through the back of the legs. Let the upper body relax down to the floor.

And breath. Now I just want to take a nice deep breath in, and try and breath into the mid upper thoracic spine, and slightly bend your knees now, inhale, breath into the back of the spine. Exhale and roll down. And again, inhale, let the upper body weight fold yourself in two, as you reach down to the floor. This time, extend the legs.

Release the hands to the floor, and we're gonna slowly roll the way up. The head is obviously the last to uncurl. Back up, feel nice and tall. Awesome. All right, we're gonna sit down onto the mat, and you're gonna grab your ball.

So just bend down. You're gonna face inwards of each other so you can smile at each other. Aww, isn't that cute? All right, we're gonna grab your ball, and we're just gonna start by putting the ball in between your knees. Your feet are hip width apart, heels in line with your sit bones, and we're gonna put your hands just right underneath the knees, alrighty?

Shoulders over your hips. I want you to squeeze the ball, can you feel those inner thighs? Squeeze that ball. We're gonna take a deep breath in, on the exhale we're gonna round like a cat, and I want you to squeeze the ball. Hold it there, and then roll back up again as if you were reaching up and over a beach ball and coming back up to a straight position.

Inhale, exhale. Round. And then slowly round back up to a straight spine. Exhale, round. And lift up.

This time we're gonna try to go a little bit deeper. Roll down just a tiny deeper, not too far. And then round and come back up again. Back to the same position, little bit deeper. And release the hands, and then come back up again.

Now we're gonna try and go up into an extension. Feels good, and then go back again. Back into that same position as you're rolling down. Now squeeze the ball. The ball'll help you get up again.

Round. Ears by your biceps. Let's try that again. Inhale back. Exhale.

And lift. Nice and fluid, little bit further. Now round, squeeze that ball. Up into that beautiful extension. And again, really enjoy the roundness of the spine.

And now the beautiful extension of the spine. And again, round. C curve. Up to extensions, let's do a couple more. See if you can go a little bit further if you can, only if you feel that you can control it.

Rolling all the way up to an extension. And again, rolling down, shoulders off the floor. Squeeze. Rolling all the way up. Bring your hands back down, shoulder width apart.

Now we're gonna open, and then close. Open to the side, see your arms in your peripheral view. And you're coming to where your hands are just in front of your shoulders. So you're opening, wrists in line with your shoulders. Inhale now, squeeze the ball.

Inhale out, squeeze the ball. Now we're gonna go into a little C curve, so we inhale out, exhale squeeze the ball, straight spine. Inhale, C curve. And exhale, don't go down too far yet. You wanna try minimize it, get your form first before you go down too far.

Good. Inhale back. Exhale, squeeze the ball, roll all the way up. Now, if you can, only if you can, go a little bit further. And then exhale, squeeze and up.

And again, see if you can go a little bit further. Only if you can with control. Exhale, squeeze, shoulder blades down. Now we're gonna add the arms over your head as you come up. Sweep the hands, extension.

Beautiful. Round as far as you can control it, arms out to the side. Sweep. Extension, good. Let's do a few more of these.

Keep squeezing that ball, the ball will help you go up there. Adductors, pelvic floor, abdominals, that great contraction all core contracting together as you lift up, let's do one more. Inhale up. Exhale. Hold it here, hold.

Now I want you to pitch your body forwards, so your chest is somewhere over your knees. Now your thumbs are facing the sky, and all we're gonna do is lift up, very small. It's tiny, it's tiny. You're gonna feel your mid upper back, your thoracic spine kinda mobilizing a little bit. Are you squeezing the ball?

Come on, that's what the ball's there for, remember? You're squeezing, your adductors are working. And four. And three. And two.

And hold it there. Come back up to a straight spine. We're gonna incline back just a tad. Reach the hands down. Inhale back up again, straight spine.

Inhale come back, incline. Hands. Arms by your ears, lift up. Inhale incline. Arms in front, looking forwards.

Ears. Lift up. And again, incline back. Take the hands down, lift the arms up. There's your abdominal contraction.

And come back. Arms forward. And lift, try and keep your feet firmly planted in the floor, that's the hard part. And again, back. Forwards, look forwards.

Ears by your biceps, and come back. Let's do one more time. Incline back. And down. And lift.

And then back up again. Arms come forwards. C curve, right then left. We go right, and left, I call this the monkey arms. I love the monkey arms. (laughs) And up, and go down a little bit further.

And further, and four, and three, and two, and one. Arms roll up. Now, we're gonna roll back down again slowly, all the way down. So you wanna adjust yourself. I'm gonna adjust myself a little bit forwards to here.

And rolling down. Beautiful. So your heels are in line with your sit bones now. Inhale here, exhale, and we're just gonna go, lift your hips up into a pelvic tilt, and squeeze up into your hip extension. And then rolling back down again.

Inhale, your little pelvic crawl, your abdominals are causing that pelvic tilt up into the bridge. And then back down again. This time as we come up we're gonna float the arms overhead. Bridge, float the arms overhead, and lower down and float the arms back, nice and easy. Pelvic tilt, roll all the way up, float the arms, get that beautiful stretch, hips high, and then roll down, press the arms back down by the side of your body.

Inhale, exhale lift up. And then down. Next time we're gonna and add a little releve as you lift up. So we go up. Lift the heels.

Get that nice stretch, lower the heels, press the hands down. Reach. And then pull the shoulder blades down, lower the heels, let's just do one more guys, you ready? Lift up, releve. And then slowly rolling back all the way down through the spine.

Bring your knees into your chest, give yourself a little stretch. And then from here, you're gonna take your little ball, put your feet down, shift your hips up. The ball just goes under your sacrum, into your tailbone. Now I just want you to think of the sacrum, your tail bone, sinking into the ball, and just do a little shift, maybe some little circles, so you're right in the middle of that ball there. Beautiful.

Now, put the hands by the side of your body. Relax that upper neck, shoulders. Now, from here, let's float the right leg up. Instantaneously the abdominals are engaging. There they go.

Float the other let up. Take the right leg back down again, and take the left leg back down again. Float the left leg up, left leg comes up, right leg comes up, left leg goes down, right leg. Now repeat with the right side. So it goes right, left, right, left.

Left, right, left, so you've got a little bit of a coordination going on here. Up, up. You go into that perfect chair position. Up. Up.

Down. Let's try that again, so it goes right, left, right, left, left, right, can we do two more? Now I'm making you sync a little bit now, including myself and talk at the same time. And other side, and lift Lift, and down, and down. From here, lift that right leg all the way up, and we're just gonna toss that leg down.

So we flex down, point up. Now as you flex that leg down you're gonna feel a nice little stretch through the psoas. Think of stretch through the psoas, down and up. The ball is supporting you, think of this as little flexibility, flex and lift, flex and lift. Just give me two more, flex and lift.

One more, flex and lift. Now, from this position we're gonna bend your knee. Now, we're gonna float the other leg up, switch to the other side, extend that leg up. And flex and lift. Reach the energy out through the heel, get that nice stretch.

Through the hamstrings, flex and point. Flex and point, two more. Flex and point, last time. Flex and point, bend your knee. Now, the other leg is gonna float up to join it.

Now, try and balance in that position. If you feel comfortable, you can try and lift your hands off the floor, only if you feel comfortable. For most of you, you're gonna be here, but for those that wanna go a little extra mile, and come to this position, that's awesome. You ready? We're gonna dip the right toe down into the pool, and then we come back again, switch to the other side.

Now, always trying to keep the knee over the hip. So the knee's not migrating to your chest, you gotta keep your knee directly over the hip. Good, exhale down. Inhale back. Exhale down, inhale back.

Focus on the breath. (deep breathing) pick up the pace. (deep breathing) four more, and four, three, two, one, bend your knees. Now, press your hands down if your hands are up. Lift those legs, externally rotate those legs.

Now, we're gonna try and do mini circles. So we're gonna come a little bit closer to your chest, circle diagonally, and then back up. So your heels are over your pubic bone. Let's go again, round down, back to your center. Towards your chest, circle down back to your center.

You gotta hit that center all the time. I want you to hit the center. Reach around, center. Chest, around, they're gonna go a little bit bigger. Last time, front, bigger, and center.

Let's try and go the opposite direction, so diagonal, side toward your chest, center. You gotta finish off in that center. Down, around, up, center. Down, now you can go as big as you can control it. Some of you will be able to do bigger than others.

Or you can keep it a little bit smaller for control. Down, around, and center. Down, around, let's just do one more, feels good. Get that synovial fluid going around in those hips. Back to center.

Now, flex your feet. Your heels should be directly over the pubic bone. We're gonna froggy now. So we inhale, exhale straight back up to the sky. So what I would suggest is looking to the sky, and trying to hit the same mark every time you extend.

Now, be careful that you're not migrating your legs towards your chest, you wanna keep it right in the center there, heels over the pubic bone. And if you wanna bring your hands, float your hands off, if you feel comfortable you're not gonna come off the ball. That's not part of the repertoire. (laughs) Inhale, exhale straight back up. You're gonna feel those inner thighs tremble. Two more.

Last time. Hands come floating back down again. Drop your feet just a tad, we're gonna bend your knees, open your legs, and then pull together. Inhale, bend, open your legs, and back. Try not to move your knees towards your chest.

I'm holding them there, there and then pull together. Can you see how you bend, you keep your knees there, you open, then pull together. One, open, inner thighs. Bend, open, inner thigh, awesome. Bend, open, now, let's try and reverse it.

So we open, and put your hands on the knees just to start off with. Now, imagine you're reaching the heels out, you're hugging a tree, keep the knees where they are, then you extend, all right? Let's try that again. So you open, bend, reach out. So try not to migrate your knees towards your chest.

You're hugging a tree right in front of you. So those inner thighs should be on fire. Yes. Good, that was good, you answered the question correctly. Yes! You get to do five more now then. (laughs) Good, open, reach, and out.

All right, I've lost count now, so we'll do three more, that's good. (laughs) And then open. Bend, last time, beautiful. Open, reach out, extend, come straight back up again, parallel. Alrighty, so, once again, your ankle joints over your hip, so adjust your legs. We're not here, right?

We're here. Abs pulled in. All right, incline. Now bend your knees. Tip, extend, and then come back again.

So, we go down these abdominals, now it's your hamstrings, now it's your quads, now it's your abs. So we go one, tap, out. And remember, you don't have to tap, you only go down as far as you can control it, so you might only be a little bit there, as long as you're controlling it. So don't think you're working any harder just because you're tapping, it's all about correct form. You go to where you can control it.

Tap, back. Let's just do three more here. One, tap, back, center. Down, tap, fun. One more.

One, tap, hold it here. Eight more taps. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, hold it. Use your core, use your abs to pull back into your center. Now, we're gonna go into a scissor.

So you're gonna drop that right leg down to the floor, isn't that great? Feel that stretch. Grab your leg and see if you can pull. If this is too challenging, put your hand down by the side of your body and try and balance in that stretch. Great hip flexor psoas stretch, and really pull that leg in.

Now, put both hands to the side, float that leg up, ready for scissors. We do double pull, so it goes, one two, switch, one two, switch, get the leg as low to the floor. And (deep breathing). Four more. Four four.

Three three. Two two. One one, switch the legs, get that leg down on the floor. Try and get your hand behind the calf, or being the knee, and pull. The more you can pull that leg in, if that's too challenging you can always bend your knee and pull in too as an alternative.

And you're gonna feel that great stretch through the psoas. And just hold that stretch. Breath into it. You'll feel it shake, that's a good thing, that means it's stretching. You can see my leg is shaking.

Okay, bend your knees, drop that leg down, bend the opposite knee. Heels in line with the sit bones. Now, float your hips up, take the ball away. Now, drop the hips down, doesn't that feel good? You released, all those muscles feel so good.

Now, you're gonna grab your ball, I want you to do, is just take your knees into your chest, and we'll do a little roll up. All right, now we're gonna open up your mid upper thoracic spine, and we're gonna open up your chest. So you're gonna grab your ball, and I want you to put your ball just where your bra line is, or your mid thoracic spine, 'cause not everybody wears bras, I know that, for you men out there, the middle of your spine, your T spine. So find it. You're gonna find that middle there.

Now, feet hip width apart, so look down, make sure everything's alignment, or you're balanced there, beautiful. Now, from here, I want you to clasp your hands, put your hands right at the bottom of your head, and we're just gonna do a little extra traction there, draw those abs in. Now, you're in that position, you see how I'm like this? I need to drop that tailbone down. See, I'm shifting there.

Can you see, I was like this? I wanna drop that tailbone down, all right? So from here, I'm gonna close the elbows off. I just want you to sink your thoracic spine into the ball, feels good. It's like you're rounding through that spine.

Now we're gonna go in the complete and utter opposite from this, we're gonna open your elbows, kinda like a butterfly as you open, and you're gonna take your spine all the way over the ball. Now, for those who have shoulder problems, you're probably gonna be limited on, you're gonna get to this point, that's totally fine. Go as far as you can within your own range of motion. And we're gonna open. Now, exhale, everything's gonna close up.

You're gonna round and close close close up. Try not to yank on your head. Your abdominals are doing the work, and then you're gonna open up, like open. Ready, exhale, (deep breathing) close, and then open. The next rep, I want you to be mindful of where your hips are.

Drop that tailbone down. Feel those abdominals shake, inhale back. Now look back as much as you can, exhale. And back. Now, keeping those elbows to the side of the body, lift up, and then back.

And the ball is actually mobilizing the spine. It's actually assisting you to go a little bit further. For me, I've always had a very very tight thoracic spine, so this has actually helped me be able to clear my shoulder blades off the floor a little bit more. And most of us have the same problem, tightness in the thoracic spine, so the ball really assists you, and helps to mobilize that tight area. But watch you're not tilting your pelvis, try and keep it in that neutral position as much as you can.

Now, we're gonna add a single knee, right leg. Exhale, single leg. And then back down. Exhale, left leg this time. We are going in opposition, there you go.

Little bit more challenging, we're walking in place. So we have to shift the waist, the weight, should I say, from one foot to the other, which requires more stabilization. You've gotta really focus on keeping the pelvic stable. And back. Let's just do a couple more.

Exhale. And one more. Exhale. Now, lift back. Come back up.

Now, get yourself comfortable again, release the neck, shoulders. Now, what we're gonna try and do, is come flat. I'm flat. And then we'll rotate to the right side, rotate. And then I'm gonna pop up, look at me.

And then we go back again, we rotate, but then I'm looking back the opposite. So I'm rotating to the right, and then I'm looking towards the left. I'm flat, think of being flat, lateral flexion, and then lifting up. Flat... And then rotate.

Shoulder is coming over to my knee, get that right there. Come back, shoulder coming over to the knee. Flat. And lift. One more time, flat.

And lift. Come back to center. Relax back. And let's see if we can get our elbows back to the floor. Some of you are gonna be here, that's totally fine.

Let's see if we can get our head to the floor. And then we're gonna release the head, and try and reach back. From here, left the arms up. Now we're just gonna try and open the arms to the side, circle back, and come back to the center, palms facing inwards. Open to the side, circle back so your palms are facing the ceiling, back up, and open, circle, and let's reverse it.

Back, open, palms facing inwards. Palms facing the sky, palms facing inwards. Now, be mindful of your shoulder stabilization, pulling your shoulder blades down and back. And you're mobilizing that mid upper back, your shoulders, some nice stretch, let's do one more, reaching back... And then center.

Palms are facing inwards, reach the right leg, reach the left leg, and then extend back. Pull those abs in, pull them in, and pull them in. (laughs) Slowly from here, we're gonna put your palms facing inwards. They float about five inches off the floor, pull your shoulder blades down, abs pulled in. And we're gonna try and roll up. So we're gonna inhale, head, neck and shoulders off the floor, look towards the feet.

Roll all the way up, reach forwards, and then slide all the way back up again. Now, we're gonna reach back, the ball should be there hopefully, and we're gonna place the ball underneath your feet. Let's go into our roll up, reach forwards, C curve. So everybody's in that position, okay. Now, I want you to press the weight into the ball with your ankles, your heels of your feet.

Now, roll down slowly. Slowly. Take the arms up over your head, inhale, look towards your feet, now press the heels into the ball. And then slowly roll back down again. That little extra on stability changes your roll up.

Definitely makes it a little bit more challenging, you'll realize that you're stronger on one side than you are on the other, you're gonna lead more with one side than the other. So if you're leading with the right, try and compensate and lead a little bit more with the left, just to get yourself a little bit more balanced. You'll feel it on the descent too, you'll feel one side of your body rolling down easier than the other side. Now you're gonna try and shift your body, and be mindful of that as you roll down. Try and get yourself as even as you can, as you're rolling down.

Now we'll make it a little bit more challenging, because we're gonna lift your head, neck, and shoulders off the floor and we're gonna hold it there. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, and we're gonna try and roll forwards, yay, we did it. And then roll back down again. Slowly. Yes.

And again, lift the head, neck, and shoulders off the floor, and hold it there, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and roll all the way up. Good, and then roll back down again, slow. Be mindful, make sure you're even. And then back. Let's do that again.

Lift, clear the head, neck and shoulders, hold it there, nice and strong. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two and roll up. Beautiful. Now we're gonna do it on the descent now. So get yourself even, and I always feel myself more on the right than the left, let's get ourself even.

Okay, roll down to where you feel the abdominals contract. There, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, continue that roll down, beautiful. Roll up. Reaching forwards, your abdominals are reaching in the opposite direction. And again, go back to where you feel those abdominals rock and roll, and hold it.

Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, roll down. Exhale. Let's try that again, shoulder blades down. Come on ladies, you are the rock stars. Come back and hold it there.

Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two and continue that roll down. Because you look so beautiful, guys, we're gonna do it one more time. Inhale, exhale, roll all the way up. (laughs) are you ready? And then roll down. And hold.

Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two and roll down. And I never said the requirement of the ball, it has to be round, not square. (laughs) all right, we're gonna pick up the ball if we can, with the feet. Did we do that gracefully? Beautiful. Alrighty, we're gonna bend your knees, arms over your head, now what we're gonna do, very simple, just bring your head and shoulders off the floor, tap, and then come back down.

Easy peasy, tap, and then back. Now, be mindful where your knees are, you're not moving your pelvis as you do this. Tap. Tap. Now we extend, extend.

And back. Extend, and back. Extend, and back, four more. Last time. Bend, drop the left leg, your right leg is lifted.

Now, we're gonna try and roll up into a V position, and extend that leg. So we're gonna roll up into a V sit there. Now bend your knee, and roll back down again. Inhale, exhale, roll. Extension.

Bend, roll, control it down. Roll, roll, roll, roll down. Inhale, exhale, round. Now beautiful extension, or you can keep your knee bent. Bend you knee, back down again.

One more. Extend, hold it there, hold. Bend your knee, switch, and then roll yourself back down again. Controlling it. And roll, shoulder blades pulled down and back.

Bend your knees, and then roll down. And again, roll all the way up, extend, extend, extend, extend, watch your shoulders, bend your knees, pull back. That beautiful control. Two more. Extend.

Bend, let's just do one more. Exhale, roll, hold it there, extend. Now let's bring the other leg up, if that's too challenging, bend your knees. We wanna modify you guys, anyone, bend your knees, up to you. Hold it there, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, bend your knees, don't collapse yet, hold those knees.

And let's repeat it again. And eight, and seven, and six, five, and four, and three, and two, and one, bend your knees, drop the knees down, lift up nice and tall. Now, from here, you're gonna grab, and what we're gonna do is rotate, reach, and then pull back. And just reach, pretty easy. And reach, and lift, and reach, so you're just doing that little rock and a roll, it's like, easy, and you go into a C curve.

C curve, and back. Each time we're gonna go a little bit further. That's it, just move. That's it, just move. And breath.

Four more. And four, and three, and two, and one, nice work, and then come down. Gorgeous, all right. We're gonna flip onto your tummy now, work a little bit more of the extensors. So I want you to grab the ball, and what we're gonna do is put the ball just right in your sternum here.

Now, that's it, right in your sternum, and you'll just put your elbows either side of the ball. Now you'll automatically put you into that lovely extension, so you're here, push your elbows into the floor, and just pull your shoulder blades down, and there you are, you're already in extension, you feel that? Feels nice. Shoulder blades down, hold it there. Now we're just gonna collapse for two, so just collapse, that's it, yeah, just literally collapse.

You're like, that's not in Pilates terminologies, collapsing, but I'm gonna let you collapse. And then you're gonna put your shoulder blades down and all the way up. It's the new word in Pilates, it means collapse. (laughs) And then down, collapse, we're gonna use it now, collapse. And then pull all the way up. All right, now we're gonna hold it here, no collapsing now.

All right, we're gonna try a little flutter, kick with the legs, not gonna go very far. This is but a hovering, teeny teeny tiny little hovers. There we go. Little hovers. Good.

And six, and five, and four, and three, and two, and one, bring your legs down. Now, we're gonna try and hover your arms forwards. Now, what I'm gonna as you to do is bring your elbows to the side of your body and touch your head, and then shoot back out again. So you're gonna touch your head, and then back out again. All the time you're pressing your sternum into the ball, your ears are by your biceps as you reach out.

One, in, out, four more, four, four, I'm gonna get with you, and three, gorgeous, and two, and one, bend your elbows. Now, flip your shoulder blades down, so draw in your shoulder blades down, we're going to breaststroke. All right, so we're gonna inhale forwards, arms come all the way around, now look up, look up, look up. Now, slowly lower the back, elbows come close to your body. So inhale, slight extension, reach the arms all the way around.

Now, your pinky in that external rotation of your shoulder joint, now, elbows bent, and then you're gonna come down just a tad, a few inches. Inhale, slight extension, ears by your bicep. Now, we're gonna come up and out the water, beautiful extension, hold it there. Elbows bend, come back down again. Let's just do one more.

Inhale, extension, palms are flat. Now, I want you to hold this position here. Can we get there? Now, put your palms flat, so your palms are flat. Now we go, press, press, press, press, so you're gonna feel that mid upper back, mid upper back, mid upper back, six, and five, and four, and three, and two, and one, bend your elbows, put your hands down either side of the ball, push yourself up.

From this position here we're gonna do 10 pushups, and we're gonna try and hit the ball. So we go 10, and lift, nine and lift, eight, keep pushing away from the floor, seven, six, touch that ball. Five, four, three, exhale, two more. Two, one more, come back into child's pose. Take hold of the ball, both hands on the ball.

And hold that stretch. From here, we're gonna try and go all the way forwards gracefully, and we'll put the hands on top of the ball. Let's do shoulder depression, try and get the legs together if you can, depress the scapula, and then pull back. So this is teaching you to round, so you're pulling your shoulder blades down towards your hips. Imagine you've got two little pockets right underneath the border of your scapula, and they're just gonna fit nicely into those pockets.

So depress, and forwards. And this is great, 'cause the ball is rolling. And this just teaches you more awareness of the depressing of your scapula for shoulder stability. Now this time, I want you to depress, put them into the little pockets, and then increase your extension. Now, when you're in the extension, see if you can transfer your weight, so your left hand is on your ball, and you're gonna try and lift that right hand up, and I want you to try and look around in a slight side bend...

And then we'll come back, and then all the way back down again. Depress your scapula, lift all the way up, pull your shoulder blades down, nice and strong. Your weight is on your right hand, left hand is gonna go all the way around, slight side bend, you're gonna feel those obliques. Come back, center, and then down. Let's do two more.

Set your shoulders, continue their extension, arm goes around, slight side bend, feel those obliques, bring it back, and release. Depress your scapula, continue that beautiful extension, arm goes all the way out, slight side bend, bring it back to the center, and then release, nice work. From here, we're gonna pull back again. And this time, I want you to grab your ball, and you're gonna take your ball between your inner thighs. Okay, from here, we're gonna walk forwards, so you're gonna be in your quadruped position.

All right, make sure your hands are underneath your shoulders, and I just want you to squeeze the ball. Now, curl the toes underneath. Now in this position, I want you to see if you can hover. So in other words you're gonna take your weight into your hands, and you're gonna hover. And let's try that again, put your knees down.

So make sure you're in that right position, push away from the floor, reach out through the crown of the head, hover. And then back down again. Let's try that again, draw those abs in, try not to tilt your pelvis, keep your spine in a neutral position, you're hovering. Now squeeze the ball for 10, 10, nine, eight, squeeze, seven, squeeze, six, five, squeeze, four, squeeze, three, squeeze, two, squeeze one, and then come back down again. Make sure your hands are underneath your shoulders.

Just adjust yourself if you need to. You ready? Hover. Send your hips up into a downward dog, go to pyramid. Back to your hover, quadruped.

Hold that hover. Drop the knees down. Child's pose. Ready, let's do that again. Quadruped.

Hover. Send your tailbone up, press your heels down in that gorgeous stretch. Back to your hover. Drop the heels down, child's pose. We're gonna do four more, a little bit faster.

You ready? So... Quadruped, hover. Downward dog. Hover.

Drop the knees, child's pose. And again, quadruped, hover. Downward dog. Quadruped. Drop the knees.

One more time, quadruped, hover. Downward dog. Now this time we're gonna hold the hover for the count of eight. You ready? Hover, everyone get in your hover, are we all there?

Good. Here we've got it, you guys are strong. Eight, seven, six, five, good, four, three, two, one, down. Nice work guys, come back, child's pose. Slowly roll the way up.

Okay, you're gonna grab your ball, you're gonna turn forwards. How you guys doing, okay? Good. Good. All right, we're gonna open your legs nice and wide, you okay?

So you're gonna open your legs wide, just gonna finish off with some stretches. So you're gonna take your hands up over your head. From here, we're just gonna go to the right first, so your right first, then your left, and then your right, and I want you to hold it here and reach. Let's repeat that again. So we go one, two, a little bit further, and small, and small, and far.

Good. And small, and small, and far. Good. Be mindful to keep both hip bones on the floor, especially when you go up and over, there we go. And side, and side, and over.

Two more, guys. (deep breathing) And over. And then back to center, good job. Just take your ball away, take your right leg in front. Take your hands forward, and just give yourself a little stretch through the hips.

And then roll yourself up, switch with your other leg in front. Take your hands forwards, pull your shoulder blades down, just stretch forward, just a lovely stretch. And then slowly roll all the way up. Okay, I want you to stand up for me. Feet hip width apart.

We're gonna finish off with a nice roll down. Wanna take a deep breath in. And exhale, roll down slowly, slowly, slowly. We're gonna finish how we started, but this time, we're gonna feel a little bit more destressed. Roll all the way up.

Our body's a little bit more worked, a little bit more lengthened. Let's do one more time. Our mind is clearer. Exhale down. Our body's gonna move more freely.

Your body is going to be stronger. Reach up to the sky, I just want you to collapse through, and then roll back up again, reach up, collapse, roll up one more time, hearts into lift, collapse, and then roll back up again. How you guys feeling? Do you feel a little bit more less, a little bit stressed now? (laughs) I feel good. She feels good.

Yay! Good job you guys. There's not many places you can come and work out with your best friends and just have fun, so we're lucky, we're lucky. That's very true. Yeah, love you.


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Another Tracey gem. You ladies are very lucky.
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Definitely a challenge to core and stability. Loved it. Thank you!!!
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Wonderful moves, thank you! And great outfit!
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Loved it! I can see why you have such beautiful abs! After doing three of your classes in one week, I feel like mine look like yours!
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Another great class Tracey! I love to work with the overball because it challenges the stability and forces your entire body to work harder and find the control you need to execute the exercise. I usually use it with my students and they love it and also because the class gets really dinamic and fun! I am a fan of yours and I am always looking forward to watch your classes and learn from you! Kisses from Costa Rica!!
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Great class Tracey, thank you!!
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Lovely ball variations! Thanks
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Love your beautiful energy!!
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Great energizing class. And a cute finale:))
Loving the flow & those transitions:)
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