Class #2654

Reformer Workout

55 min - Class


Have fun in this total body Reformer workout with Tracey Mallett! She uses the Jump Board to add a bit of cardio and she uses it as a barre for Standing Side Kicks. After this class, you will feel that you have worked out, but you will also feel relaxed and stress-free!
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box)


Hi guys, Tracey Mallett here. Today we're going to do a reformer workout, and we're going to be adding one of my favorite pieces of apparatus to the reformer, which is the jump board. ...

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Such a Great class, the perfect right amount of challenges.
Thank you Tracey.
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Beautiful class
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Tracy!!! That was great, thank you sooo much.
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I really like the aerial views...I hope this is a new view that will be coming to future classes!!!
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Great class
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Really lovely
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I really liked the Challenges in this workout! I did have a little trouble with the reverse bridging because my torso length left my shoulders in the well leaving me with nothing to anchor to for the hip lift. The best I could modify was to keep my shoulders lifted and hips down for the duration of that sequence.
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Best videography I have seen on an exercise video-- makes the details stand out. Joan Breibart
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look like Perry got a brand new toy!
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I thought this was a very nice blend of a lot of different things that were very nicely put together.
I am enjoying your barre as well. Nice job!

stephanie cusick
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