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Reformer/Barre Fusion

45 min - Class


Tracey Mallett combines the Reformer and Booty Barre to give you a fun and energetic class. She also adds the Jump Board for a little more cardio and Hand Weights for upper body work. Tracey makes it look easy, but you will be drenched in sweat by the end of this class!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Jump Board, Hand Weights

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Hi. I'm Tracey Mallett, and today we're going to have a lot of fun because we're going to combine two of my favorite forms of activities. And that would be, obviously, Pilates and Booty Barre. We're going to fuse them together for a great class, and today that's joining with me is Logan and Amy. And what we're going to be using today is we need a Jump Board, obviously.

We also need some dumbbells. We've got two pounds here-- two to three pounds-- we want nothing any heavier than that. We're going to be mostly on a green spring, and sometimes we'll go down to a red spring, but I will cue you on that. And all we need is a Reformer and a whole lot of energy. Are you ready to go?

All right, then let's get on to the Reformer. We're going to put all the springs on the Reformer. All right, guys, let's put your heels on the top of the board. Now we're going to just do a pelvic tilt. Tilt.

Release. Exhale, tilt. Release. Just give me one more. Exhale, tilt.

Now let's carry the tilt up into a bridge. So we're lifting all the way up. And roll down. And again, rolling all the way up into that bridge. And then rolling down.

Let's just do two more. Rolling down. One more time. Let's hold that bridge position. Pelvic tilt here, and tilt.

Tilt. Tilt. Teeny tiny pulses. Lift. Try and keep your knees in line with the hips, as always.

Breathe. Breathe. Give me eight. Seven. Six.

Five. Four. Three. Two. Hold it there, and slowly articulate down through the spine.

Tailbone comes down. From here, we're going to reach your fingertips towards the board. Bring your head and shoulders off the floor. Hold it there. And then roll back down again.

And again, lift up. Reach the fingertips to the board. Hold it there. And roll down. Two counts up.

Two counts up. Two counts down. Exhale, reach. Inhale, down. Breathe.

This time, we're going to hold it here. Hold. Now beat those arms. We go, beat. [BREATHING] And down.

And down. And down. And-- [BREATHING] There you go, Logan. Press it down. Down.

[BREATHING] Four. Three. Two. And one. Rolling down.

Beautiful. Now we're just going to lift the hips into a hover. So press the heels in to the board-- in a neutral position, but I'm hovering. Now we're going to take the hips to the right. The hips to the left.

The hips to the right. Now as you're doing those hips, you want to think of shortening the distance between your lowest rib and your hip. So you're feeling those obliques, and you've got those sexy hips moving from side to side. Let's go a little bit quicker. And side.

Side. You're hovering. Boom. Feel those obliques. Exhale.

[BREATHING] And eight. Seven. Six. Five. Feel those obliques.

Bring it back to center. Hold it there. Reach those hands up. You're in that hover. Pelvic tilt, go.

Tilt. And keep the hands up for now. Just keep the hands there, girls. That's it. Beautiful.

Keep those hands high. It's OK. Now we're going to add the arms. Press. You was before me.

They haven't rehearsed this. They're just following me. They're very good followers. [BREATHING] Beautiful. Four more.

Hover. Hover. Hold it there. Lower the tailbone down, and bring your hands down. Beautiful.

Bring your knees to your chest. Now we're going to turn forward. We're going to come onto your side. Now look at me. Place your top foot front.

Knees bent. The underneath leg-- your knee's in line with the hip. You're in slightly in hip extension. Bring your headrest up, girls. Now we're going to lift that knee up, so the knee goes up and down.

So you can see my knee's working. I'm working my inner thigh. My hips are square. Now let's just put your hand here on your hip, and depress. You want that distance between your rib and your hip.

Beautiful. You're in a slight hip extension on the underneath leg. Got it there? Lift. Now we're going to flex that foot, push it back.

Back. And push. So our focus is now-- is your abductor, your inner thigh, and your glutes. Oh, yes. And you're pushing into that front leg here.

Can you give me four more? And four. Three. Two. One.

Now lift them. We go up, press, up, down. Quicker. Up, press, up, down. Up, press.

Got that? Are you following me, ladies? Up, back. Boom, boom. [BREATHING] Four.

Three. Two. One. And hold it up there. Reach that hand high, and just pulse.

Pulse. Pulse. Pulse. Six. Five.

Four. Three. Two. Hold it. And release.

Whew. Bring your knees together. Sit up gracefully, and we're going to twist just to the other side. Now Amy's in the lead over there. We're going to put the top leg on top.

OK. Knees bent. Get your knee in line with your hip. Are you ready? Release it up.

And down. So your knee-- your underneath knee is in line with the hip in slight hip extension. Your hips are square forward. Your focus is on your adductors. You're going to put your hand on your hip, or if you feel more comfortable, you can always put it on your shoulder rest.

But I prefer it right here because then I can really depress that hip. Are you ready for some little pulses, girls? You go lift, lift, lift, lift. Four. Three.

Now flex that foot, press back and center. Back and center. Push. So your focus now is on your glutes and your inner thigh. Can you just do a little pulse it back for me?

And pulse. Now slowly-- first, you go up, press back, up, bring it down. Up. Press. Back.

Up. Bring it down. You've got that rhythm now. Push back. Up.

Very small movements. Can we go a little bit faster now? We go up, press, up, down. Keep those hips square. Last time now.

Lift it up. Now reach that hand up. Pulse it. Go. Pulse.

Pulse. Nice work, guys. Can you feel those inner thighs squeeze? Good. And four.

Three. Two. Hold it. And bring it in. Good job.

Bring your knee. Let's slowly lift all the way up. We're going to stand. We're going to come all the way out. We're going to face your barre.

Now we releve here. We're just going to go releve and down. Releve and down. Lift. And lift.

Four more. Four. And three. And two. Now hold it here.

Bring your heels together. We're going to go to plie. Plie. Now I want you to imagine the wall is behind me, so I'm sliding down that wall. OK.

You're in that neutral position. Now pulse for three. We're taking three. Two. Try and keep those arms as straight as you can because what that means is it keeps your shoulders over your hips.

We have a tendency to bend when pressing forward. We don't want that. We want to keep those arms straight. Beautiful. And we're squeezing those heels together.

Beautiful. [BREATHING] Last time. Now come into your diamond position. Hold it there. Now we're going to do little pulses here-- just teeny tiny.

Four more. And tiny. Just squeeze the sit bones together. Now we're going to lift your right leg. Take it behind.

And we pulse. Teeny tiny pulses. Whew, feel those legs. Four. Three.

To first position. First. Now we're going to lift that leg again. We go-- opposite leg. Lift up, nice and tall, abs pulled in.

Back to first position for four, three, two. Switch the legs. And four, three, two, and again, squeeze those heels. Beautiful. And again.

Four. You ready to take it down for two? Let's go. Take it, two. Two.

Two. Singles. Go. Squeeze. You're hugging those heels.

They're kissing each other. They're happy to see each other. Four more. And four. And three.

Two. One more. Heels together. Hold it. Extend.

Take it into second position, which is about the same width as the Reformer. Releve. Plie. Down. Lift.

Down. Lift. Now the most part here is you're trying to keep your heels the same height. We're not dropping the heels as you're extending. Think of yourself being on the Reformer.

You never drop your heels when you do your footwork. It's exactly the same, except we're now taking it to a bit of a more functional stance. You ready for three pulses? Let's go. Three.

Two. One. Lengthen. Three. Two.

One. [BREATHING] Breathe. That heart rate is elevated. That's a good thing. Keep those heels still.

Nearly there. Just two more. Last time. Now once you releve, hold it here and plie. Reach your right hand up.

Hold it there. Switch with the left. Hold it there. Now we go for two counts. One.

Two. One. Lower down. One. Two.

One. Two. Four. Breathe. Three.

Breathe. Two. One. Hands down. Reach both hands up.

We're going to balance. Four. Three. Two. One.

Whew! Push back, and stretch it out. And roll all the way up. Nice work, you guys. Let's get down on to the Reformer. One green spring.

All right. Let's get down. Now your feet are on the top. You want to keep your feet towards the top as much as you can. Start off with small, little jumps.

So it's teeny jump, teeny jump. Little tiny jumps here. Now our focus is, obviously, on our core right now. It's all about the abdominals and drawing in as you lift. Small.

Now work and articulate through the feet. [BREATHING] Breathe. Let's just take it a little bit wider and parallel. Good. Teeny tiny jumps.

Don't kill yourself. Not big jumps. Small, controlled jumps. [BREATHING] Back to sec-- back to together again. Got those words mixed up there.

Bring your legs together. [BREATHING] Can you give me four more? Parallel. Three. Two.

This time, you're going to stop. Bend your knees. Lift that right leg. Now single leg. We go single.

Now I want you to shoot the leg forward. Shoot. Bring it back. Shoot. So you're lengthening.

Lengthening. That's it. So you're reaching that leg out just above the Jump Board. Can you give me four more? Four.

Three. Two. One more. Stop. Tap that leg.

Now we're going to go with lift and tap. Just practice first. Sometimes it's easier. Now jump. Lift.

Tap. Lift. Tap. Good. Tap.

Lift. Now a little bit higher with that leg, guys. I know you're flexible. A little bit bigger. Bigger.

Give me four. Three. Two. One more. Stop.

Extend. Flex that foot. Now we're going to circle out. Ready? Circle.

Hit. Circle. Hit. Circle. Are you breathing?

Hit. [BREATHING] Keep those hips as still as you can. Reverse that circle round. In. Hit.

You're taking the energy through the heel. Awesome. [BREATHING] Give me one more. Hold it here. Point the toes.

Bend that supporting knee. Are you ready for the other side? Just jump tiny jumps. Jump. Jump.

You got it? Now you remember we did that little extension with that leg. So we extend, then back. [BREATHING] So you're reaching forward to the actual board. Reach.

[BREATHING] Just give me four more, ladies. Four. Three. Two. Last time.

One. Now hold it here. Lift. Tap. Lift.

Straight leg. That's it. Are you ready to jump? OK, let's go. Jump.

Down. People love to jump. They just can't get enough of it. Up. And in.

A little bit bigger with those legs. Big. There you go. A little bit bigger jumps, but control it. Down.

Up. Can you give me four more? OK. Four. Are we together?

Three. Two. One more now. Stop. Flex that foot, outside first.

Go. Out. Hit. Out. Hit.

Good. Nice and controlled. And listen to that music. Helps you keep rhythm and flow. Switch the opposite side.

Round. Hit. Round. [BREATHING] Breathe. Relax.

Last time. Hold it. Bend your knee. Bring it down. Beautiful.

We're going to turn. We're going to come off. We're going to stand up, come all the way. We're going to face the actual barre again. Now we're going to take your right leg out.

We take it back, front, back. Now back. So it goes back, side, back, side. Back, side. Now we're going to kick that leg.

It goes back, kick. Back, kick. So the leg is going diagonally in front of you. Front. It's important that it doesn't go to the side.

You're hitting diagonal to the side, OK? Four. Three. Two. One.

Take it behind. Hold it here, and we're going to do a little curtsy. Reach those hands up and curtsy. Four. Three.

Two. Hold it. Bring the legs together. Take the leg behind. We go tap, back, tap, back, tap.

It's going diagonally forward, OK? Kick it. Kick. Back. Try and go through first position.

You're dragging your foot, working those adductors. Lift. Back. Looking good. How are you guys doing?

OK? Four. Three. Two. One more.

Hold it here. Now curtsy. Reach those hands up. Your weight is central. [BREATHING] Can you give me four more here?

Four. Three. Two. One. Step together.

Now your feet are together. The elbows are close into your body. From here, we're going to hinge back. From your hinge, you're going to bend your knees. Now look of your spine.

You're not in neutral. You're not in a tilt. You're slightly imprinted. OK, so find that imprint position. Your spine is extended, and look at your ankles.

They're underneath your knees. OK, guys, we take it down and lift. We're pulling. So you're sitting on that perfect chair. Be careful that you're not rounded forward.

We want that beautiful extension. Now think of these cue points. As you lift up, your hamstrings are firing. Think of the Kegel. Pelvic floor, yes.

Transverse pelvic floor. [BREATHING] Pick it up. [BREATHING] You've got to put your focus into your hamstrings and out your quads. Back. [BREATHING] Now hold it here.

Little pulses. Pulse. Four more. Four. Three Two.

Hold it here. Lift all the way up. Releve. Step back about a couple of inches. Try and squeeze those heels together, if you can.

Sit back-- back into that chair position. Makes sure you're in the right position. Hold it here in that releve. And hold. Now we're going to open the knees for two, bring them back for two.

We call this the Elvis. I don't know why. Do you? If you're doing it with me, then you know exactly why we call it Elvis. Right, guys?

Out. You ready? Let's go for single count here. We go out, in, out. [BREATHING] Give me four more, guys.

Go. And four. Three. Two. One more.

Whew. Lift all the way up. Beautiful. Relax. Now trot it out.

Little trots. OK. We're going to get down onto the Reformer, and we're going to have one red spring, OK, guys? Let's go. Let's take it to one red spring Beautiful.

Now this time, I want you to pick up your weights. We're going to work the arms. So I've got my dumbbells-- my two pounds. Make sure your headrest is up. OK.

Now get into a first position-- V position. Squeeze the heels together in first position. Your hands are here. We're going to do a chest press-- elbows in line with your wrists. And just take it up and down.

Take a mental note that you're in that neutral position. You want to try and stay there-- or a slightly imprinted position as you jump. Are you ready, guys? Let's jump. Let's go.

We go jump. Jump. So I'm on a light spring here because my focus is on the upper body, but it's also on my core, too. Now squeeze those inner thighs together in that first position. Keep your feet a little bit higher so they're always in front of you and not behind you-- towards the top of the board.

Four. Listen to that beat. Three. Two. One more.

That's it. Beautiful. Reach the hands up. Now let's go into Hug a Tree. You ready?

Go. We go out, in. So you're hugging that beautiful tree. We were talking about this in class yesterday, and one of the women says, the only time that I've ever hugged a tree-- she says, when I was in Costa Rica, and I was-- she said, I had a snowboarding accident, and I ran into somebody, and she said, I hugged a tree. And I was like, in Costa Rica?

I didn't know there was snow in Costa Rica. I think she was a bit crazy. I didn't quite understand that. OK, are we ready to jump? Go.

Out. Jump. Out. Together. That's it.

Out. Together. Out. Together. Out.

Together. Out. Together. Out. [BREATHING] Four more.

Four. Three. Two. One more. Beautiful.

Now bring the elbows in. We extend overhead. We go up and down. So your primer-- what you're working now is your triceps, OK? It's your triceps.

Now we're going to extend those legs We go jump and back. Jump. Jump. [BREATHING] Think of extending the hands, shoulder height. Can you give me four more, guys?

Four. Three. Two. One more. Gently come down.

Now we're going to try and do some circles. Let's do them without, so we take the arms around, down, and up. Down and up. Are you ready to try that? Palms facing down.

Go. Down, up. Down, up. Are we there? A little bit more coordination now.

But remember, keep your weights underneath your shoulder joint. Don't go any higher than your shoulder. Draw. Hit. Around.

Hit. Around. Hit. Last time. Hold it here.

Do you think we can reverse it now? Let's try. We go down, hit, down, hit. [BREATHING] Don't take your weights too low, Logan-- a little bit higher. There we go.

Better. So it's always in your peripheral view. [BREATHING] Can you do a couple more? [BREATHING] Nice work. Beautiful, guys.

Very nice. Come down. Let's take your weights down to the side. Now from here, we're going to grab your straps. Hands up.

This is going to a little bit of abdominal work. Chair position. Inhale here. Exhale, reach the legs out. Let's do abdominal open.

Turn your feet out-- Snow Angel. We go out for two. In for two. Out for two. Now one count.

We go out, in, out, in, out. Breathe. [BREATHING] Eight. [BREATHING] Seven. [BREATHING] Six.

[BREATHING] Five. [BREATHING] Four. Breathe. Three. [BREATHING] Two.

[BREATHING] One. Hold it. Bend your knees. Slowly lower down. Take your feet down.

Straps go back. We're going to roll all the way up. Stand up. Let's work our sideline now. We're going to work that booty.

Elbow on your barre. Turn the toe out. Now place the elbow down. Take your head towards your barre. Lift that leg up.

Depress and lengthen. And pulse. Now this is like side lying work. This is side lying work. You want to think of everything parallel-- the hand on your hip and depressing out.

Let's take the hand on the head, if you feel comfortable. Or keep your hand on your hip and depress. You ready? Flex it forward. We go flex, flex.

Point. Back. So side leg kick. Push down into your board. Feel those obliques firing.

[BREATHING] Beautiful. Four more. Two more. Flex. Keep pushing away.

Last time. Now bring it to the side. Circle forward. Go. Four.

Three. Two. Circle back. Four. Three.

Two. Circle forward. Four. Three. Two.

Circle back. Four. Three. Two. Hold it here.

Reach the hand out. Look it out. We're going to step. Tap. Step.

Tap. Step. Tap. Now we're going to go to the beat of the music. You ready?

We go one, tap, one, lift, one, tap. Now that tap is going to be a lift. Balance. Balance. Good. you can step it through.

Step it through. Step and balance. Nice. It's good to get some balance going on here. Last time.

Hold it here. Hold. Reach, cross, Mermaid. Rotate around. Pull yourself back.

Try and get square to your board. Roll all the way up. Quickly turn around to the other side. Elbow on the barre. Lift that leg up and pulse.

So what you guys-- what we're looking for-- we're looking for the head to go towards the barre. OK? You're looking for your hip and your knees to be in perfect alignment. The hand is really important there. You can really depress it.

Lengthen this area out. We're looking for that heel right underneath that pubic bone, OK? Can you give me four more? Four. Three.

Two. Flex it forward. Flex You can put your hand behind your head if you want, guys. Or remember, like I said before, just keep your hand on your hip. Flex.

But it's important that you keep the leg the same height. So even if you're here, you want to keep it the same height, OK? Flex. Give me one more, guys. Now come to the side.

Circle forward. Go. Four. Three. Two.

Circle back. Little teeny circles with the big toe. Other side. Go. Four.

Three. Two. One. And again. Four.

Three. Two. Hold it there. Hold. Beautiful.

Now we're going to step it out. Step. Tap. Step. Hold.

And again. Step. Tap. Step. Now we're going to go with the beat of the music.

OK, go. One. Kick. Now release that other leg into a balance, if you want. Or you can keep it at a tap.

Your choice. One. Lift. It's like an airplane-- or we call it an off balance-- just to test that you're on your balance. Good.

Last time. Hold it here. Hold it. Nice work, guys. Cross it in front.

Reach the hand up. Let's go into our Mermaid. And pull back. Stretch. Beautiful.

All right. Now we're going to need our box. So let's grab our box. Place your box down. Now we're looking for-- we want-- let's try one blue spring.

And I'm going to take it down to the third gear. So you want the second or third gear, OK? Depending on your Reformer. Now we're going to climb on top. You want your chest over the edge.

From here, you're going to take your hands to the the top of your board. The elbows are pointing downward. Now I'm in a slight hover here. I'm in a spinal extension, not excessive to the thoracic spine. Are you ready?

We're just going to push out. Just push out. And bring it in. Now make a mental note to keep your elbows going down into the well. We're focusing on the triceps here, OK?

And your mid upper back. Now use a very nice light spring. You're not going to feel anything right now. We're just pressing to get into the right position. Now when you feel ready, which is right now, we're going to try and do a little jump.

Jump. Back. Jump. In. Jump.

Don't increase your extension. Stay in the same position. Keep the hands high. Good. Four.

Bring it in. Three. Bring it in. Two. Bring it in.

One. Hold it here. Now we're going to try that again. This time, I want you to try and keep your arms a little bit higher in that extension, OK? You ready?

Let's try it again. Elbows a little bit higher, Logan-- right here. Perfect. Ready, guys? Let's try again.

So we push out. Bend the elbows. Bring it down. Good. Think of lengthening out through the crown of the head.

Release and disengage your glutes. Focus on drawing those abdominals in, especially when you're in that midair. Push. Control, in. This motion as you bend-- this is where it all happens.

As you bend those elbows, triceps. Spinal extension. Triceps. Two more. Spinal extension.

Triceps. Last time. Whew. Now we're going to push back, and we're going to try and do one arm. So let's come back.

Can we see if we can do it on a yellow spring? This is very light. So let's take your right hand up. Take your other hand, and we're going to wrap it around. Are you ready?

Let's just try and do eight on this arm. We go eight-- bring it back. Seven. Now you're going to see which arm was the dominant one. [BREATHING] Try not to increase that extension.

Just give me a couple more. Looking good. One more. Beautiful. Let's switch arms.

Take the other hand, wrap it around. Are you ready? Go. [BREATHING] Four more, guys. Try and keep your shoulders level.

You're depressing your scapula continuously. Can you do about one more? I think we're even now. And back. Whew.

Take the hands down. Just put your hands forward, and just pull back and stretch. Take your head down. Now all I want you to do here is think of extending. And looking up onto the horizon, arms stay straight, looking up above your board.

Let's go back again. Stretch it out. It feels good to stretch. Come back up again. A little bit higher.

Hold that stretch. And good job. Let's come off gracefully. So we're going to bring it in. Step off.

Nice work. Now we're going to focus on your glutes and your hamstrings. Still on your mid upper back, too. So what we're going to do is you're going to take it back to-- let's do a blue spring. OK?

You could do a blue or a red, but to start this exercise, we'll start with blue, and then you can progress to a red, OK? So now we're still on that third gear back. We're going to step into the well. I'll come this way. We're going to step into the well.

All right. Now you're going to put your pubic bone right on the edge. If you're a little bit sensitive there, you may want a mat, OK, or a pad. But we're tough girls here. We're fine.

We're going to press forward. So your hands are here. Now all I want you to do is take your right leg, left leg, and just step out. Pretty simple. Now you're going to get into a V position-- a ballet V position.

Take your hands down. Pull yourself back. You guys OK? Now all we're going to do is small little jumps. We're going to go jump, bring it back, jump.

And they're very small. Your upper body is still in spinal extension. You're still in that extended position. Lengthen. You'll feel those hamstrings.

You'll feel the glutes. Everything is extended. All those extensors are firing right now. You can get a little bit bigger as you get a little bit more confidence. Now we're going to try and do a double beat-- double double.

Only if you feel that you can manage those little double beats and coming back. A little extra challenge. Double, double. Double, double. Two more.

[BREATHING] And relax. Good job, you guys. Now we're going to push forward. Hold on. Now we're going to bend your knees.

Step back into the well. Step back. Push it forward. Be careful. And then step it out.

And then slowly bring it back. Nice work, you guys. Roll yourself all the way up. Let's come back. Now we're going to come forward.

We're going to reach all the way up. Elbows down. Extend your leg. Right leg up. And we're going to go, pulse it.

Beautiful. Now in this position, once again, your heel is underneath your pubic bone. We're going to go into some little circles. We take it down, around, hold. Down, around, hold.

Down, around, hold. Last time. Down, around, reverse it. Out, down, hold. Now it's important that you keep your upper body as steady as you can.

So all the time she's here, she's depressing the scapula. Once again, the heel is underneath the pubic bone. The hips are square, right, Logan? And lift. Last time.

Now we're going to hold it here. We go, diagonal and back. So it's a little diagonal. Good. Now what we want to focus on here-- we're going to really pull Amy's hip down so she's not hiking that hip.

And out. And in. And out. And in. Back tension is a bit more square.

Good. So you want that lengthen. We've got two sticks here. Can you give me four more? Four.

Three. Beautiful, ladies. Two. And one. Bring your leg down.

Step it back. Now take your left leg back into your lunge position. Hold it there. Rotate towards that knee in that beautiful stretch. Take it down.

Bend your knees. Are you ready? Roll all the way up. Let's take the hands forward. Ready for the other side?

Get yourself in position. Pull your scapula down. Lift it up and pulse. Pulse. Keep those hips square.

It's always hard for people to work in that square position. Everybody wants to slightly turn out. So if you imagine you've got those two sticks there, it really helps them keep that length and no hiking of the hips. Are you ready? Hold it here.

Take it down. Down. Around. Hold. Down.

Around. Lengthen. You imagine someone's pulling your foot, pulling your femur out of your socket. Down. Around.

Hold. Down. Around. Reverse it. Around.

Down. And hold. Around. Down. Can you give me a couple more?

You're looking good. Down. Around. Hold. Last time.

Down. Around. Now take the leg out. We go diagonal. Back.

Keep that left hip depressed. Guys, keep it depressed. I've got eyes in the back of my head. You didn't know that, did you? Four.

Three. Two. One. Hold it. Bring it in.

Step it back. And rotate and hold that there. Press that pelvis forward. Bring the hand down-- back into-- a little bit into a plank position. Now we're going to do a little bit of a jumping jack-- out and in.

We go out and in and out and in. Keep your hips in line with the shoulders. Beautiful. Hips in line-- shoulders. Give me four more.

Four. Three. Two. One. Bend your knees.

Roll yourself all the way up. Now we're going to go for a little trot. Trot. Beautiful. Now let's trot like little ponies.

We're trotting. And we're going to pick up our box and take it away. All right, guys, we're going to go down to one red spring. One red spring. Let's move it back up.

If I can. All right. Let's finish off with a nice stretch. Take your left leg forward-- right foot on your toe. You OK?

And drop the knee down. And this is going to a beautiful stretch. It's very simple. Take deep breaths. Bring that heart rate down.

Let's take your left hand up and reach. Press that pelvis forward. Let's think of going up and back. Up and back. And forward.

Stretch it out and pull back. Slowly bend that knee. Bring it forward. And release. Let's quickly go to the other side.

Make sure your foot is forward. Press down and press that pelvis forward. Now release the outside arm. Now are you ready? Imagine someone's lifting you up, pressing that pelvis forward, and lifting up and back.

Breathe. Four. Three. Two. And one.

Come back and press. Toes come up, elongate that spine, pull your shoulder blades down, look out onto the horizon. Beautiful. Bend that knee. Press that pelvis forward.

And let's come to the front of the Reformer. We're going to finish off with a lovely roll down-- feet hip width apart. We're going to take a deep breath in. We exhale, roll down through the spine. Inhale here and exhale.

Articulate, roll through the spine slowly. Good job, you guys. You just completed a great workout, combining two of my favorite things. You guys did well. I've gotta give you a high five.

They've never seen this work before. You did really good. Yay!


great ideas but would love to have a version without music which I found distracting...
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Great class.
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Awesome! Will there be a training available from booty barre in the future?
Sharon O
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Wow! Loved how barre moves tied in with jumpboard :))
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Super Fun and Energizing Class Tracy ~ THANK YOU !!
now I realize I can use my jump board as a barre I can do the other classes you've taught. I did like the music but didn't feel it added a lot to this mixed class because with so much moving around it would be hard to use it for tempo although getting back into the rhythm just took me waiting for that beat. Its different when doing one of your standing barre workouts. HOWEVER, the combo class is Genius :)
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More like this please!!!
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love Booty Barre! thanks ladies!
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Love it Tracey! So fun! Loved watching you ladies. XO
Very interesting thanks...
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Thank you. Now that was a workout;)
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