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Tight vs. Hypermobile Body

50 min - Class


See the difference between two body types in this Reformer workout with Michele Larsson. She teaches a simple class looking a a tighter body and a hypermobile body, showing the modifications you can make to the equipment and the exercises for each body. She includes creative variations for the Rowing, Long Stretch Series, and much more. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Pilates Pole, Theraband

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I'm Michelle Larson and we're here to do basically a simple beginning reformer class, but for two different very different body types. George has a tighter body, he's a runner. He bicycles, joints are more secure, ligaments are probably shorter. Yoshiko is got a very hyper mobile body, so she is actually taken up lifting weights to help her, right with these hyper mobile bodies. So I just thought it would be interesting to see the difference between two different, very, very different body types and ways that you can modify in the Sim. Simply modify for one type or the other.

So we're going to start with footwork. We're just going to do basic reformer. And immediately when I looked down, they've set their springs up for the way they like to use them, right? George type body strong bicycles runs. He's got three reds and a green Yoshiko who's hyper mobile, only has three reds. And basically you would switch them, right? You would lighten the weight for George and up the weight for Yoshiko a little bit. But we always immediately go into our comfort zone, what we're comfortable our bodies like to do, et cetera. Okay.

The other thing is that they both done immediately and say up in this second gear or body height, not gear, the, the bar height. So again, I haven't worked with George, so I don't know. I may change it when I see him doing the footwork, but the higher the bar, the less extension I guess you could call it. You get in the hip joint when you do your foot work. And so I might want to challenge George in that way by getting more extension in his hips. Right? So, you know, we're just gonna play around with it.

So it's going to be an odd little lesson if you bought your both game for this ride. Okay, so both of you, why don't you just start with what you've chosen. Let's lie on your backs for footwork. We'll start in Palazzos v and let's just see what's going. You like head rest, down or up? It doesn't really, it doesn't matter. So let me give you a little lift in the headrest too. So then that is the same. And then people don't get totally confused and straighten and bend.

Inhale as you straighten your legs, exhale as you bend. Inhale, as you straighten, exhale, bend. Inhale, straighten. Okay, hold on. Both of you were doing something really interesting. You're both as you straighten your legs, dropping your heels a little bit, which then opens up the front of your hip, which is fine.

But let's see what happens if you both keep your heels in space lifted and don't drop them as you straighten your knees. So straighten your knees, don't let the heels drop, that's it. And come in and straighten and don't let the heels drop and come in. So they really, we call it a space hold as dancers. So you hold your heels right here in space. Now Bend your knees, don't lift them, don't lift them. There you go. And go out. There you go. And come in different, right? Go out.

That's it. And come in. Right? So what I'm aiming for, for really for both of them is a full extension here. But if you look at both, you'll see that Yoshiko has what looks more like a flatter org, but that's just her joint. Does that make sense? But in order to show you the difference, a little more committed. George, I want to lower this if I May, just to see what happens. But you can rest. Yoshi, hold up. Okay. Alright. Now you keep your feet here. You're a bar split step lower. So it's going to be lighter. But see what happens.

Both of you go out and come in. Yeah. So now do you feel more extension? More Open here when you're out flat, you're not aware of? I can see this being a little more open. Yeah. If it's too light, we can always add more weight. Yeah. Cause it's like for you and your waist to staying down, it hasn't thrown you into a, an arch. Your waist is not off. No, you're great. Okay. Let me put another, okay.

Better? Yeah. Good. Okay. Come all the way in. Let's go parallel on the heels and just for the fun of it. Let's put the feet and knees absolutely together. Absolutely. Together. Out Men and see how this happens. Yeah.

Yeah. So you feel that length so you're not quite getting the ride you'd like. Meaning the distance, bring your knees into your chest and let's come up. Let's change this machine and move the foot bar up. Okay. We took a little bit of time here to readjust the machines because of the difference in basically flexibility, which is what we're talking about, right?

I wanted to bring George's machine in a little more so I could lower the foot bar so that when he went all the way out, he had more extension in his hip. Not Hyper extension, but extension. It's a small amount, but it does I think make a difference. So we're on our heels in the middle of the bar and we just straighten and bend the knees and see how that, yeah, so I wrote it so that you really are working fully through your hip socket and the sock and the head of the Femur can roll in the socket a little more fully. You get all that stuff. Good. Two more, just guys, last one and come in, slide down to arches and I'm gonna throw, throw a little monkey wrench in your spring weight out and then little more weight, right? A little better for you, maybe. Yeah. Yeah.

So all as you go out and then do the whole out in the hole in using the muscles of the leg, don't jam down into these knees that want to jam into. Pull the muscle up. Don't do that. Yeah. Pull it up this way. That's it. Not that way. Right. Pull up that way. Yeah. Nice. Okay, one more. Yeah. Good. Let's go down to bird feet. So you wrap around as a bird.

Now come up more onto the metatarsal part. So it's the uncomfortable part, right? And grew up on an outnet. Yeah. So you know, you want to really get cramps in the bottom of your feet and come in. You want to really use this big metatarsal, this the knuckles on your feet. There you go. Feel okay. Still good. You okay? Yes. Yeah. Great. Okay.

Two more. One more after this, and then slot. Come in, slide down to your toes. Let's do some heel lowers. So you're on your toes. Lift your heels, straighten and lower the heels down and up. And just repeat this nine more times. Just easy and lift. Think of this as lengthening out the calf, trying to keep the knees facing [inaudible] okay. Theraband ms hyper. There you go. Now try to pull up against, yeah, don't push down.

Pull the thigh muscle up towards your pelvis. There you go. There you go. Different, Huh? Yeah. You are using your hammies. Warn your hamstrings here and last one and coming in. Whoa. Do I feel that? Yes, I'll. Huh? And come all the way. Bring your feet up onto here. Let your knees just go simply side to side.

Just easy. Now originally when I trained with eve, she would just have me go straight into hundreds with footwork weight. But she did have extra long straps. But I am going to give you a little more weight than normal for hundreds you the weight would be easy, right? So I'm going to take some of it down our tie. Cruel. All right, so reach back, grab your straps. Yeah. And come up for hundreds. Yeah.

So it's a little light for you. Roll your upper body up off the floor and begin. Is this a little heavier than you're used to? Yeah. So you just really have to ground in there, right? I didn't count. Did anybody count? Nobody did so well. This will say this is number nine and the next one is number 10 how's that feel?

Right and come all the way in and rolled out and relax. What I had dealt with Yoshiko was basically she has the heaviest weight and then the medium weight and he has two medium weights. The difference being that she needs a little more wait into her joint than you do because your joints are just there when you're tight. I'm tight so I know that an effort to make range of motion, you will get strong. When you're loose, you don't have a wall, right and the body just keeps going, right? So you have to add more weight to get stronger. But we're going to do short spine next and this is not the place where you add more weight.

You absolutely do not go beyond to red springs because of the back. You know your back is vulnerable, you add more weight for legs if you are a little arm work shoulder but not in the back. And at least in Pilati. So for you, I'm going to draw you back down to two reds. You're on two reds already. So your F yes. So you're fine. Put your feet in the m straps and put your head rest down. Both of you, once you get there and just do the short spying version, you know, so leg straighten, you take the legs overhead, roll up onto your shoulders where you feel bend your knees and roll down.

Good, nice and straight. Now good. And again, so again, when you're doing spinals, I do not add more weight unless the person's quite big. And then there's a question of whether they should be doing a spinal at all. There's a lot of weight and rolling up on the shoulders and that's questionable. Yeah, Ben? Yeah, basically spinals and they're doing slightly different versions.

Both of them are doing their versions beautifully. So pick the one you like. But again, I'll just repeat, you can add more or less weight for hundreds. You can add more or less weight. For footwork. I would not for any of the spirals, I'd stay medium to medium weights, open up and just stretch both for a moment to medium weights so you're not putting extra weight on the body when you go up onto the shoulders or on the lumbar spine when you come down. So it's just real simple. So then take your feet out. We're going to coordination and I am going to ask, add a little more weight for Yoshiko so she has to use her arms a little more. I'll just put a half weights.

Bring on coordination is the one where you're up to like a bug. Elbows down, knees into chest. So roll your head up off the floor and straighten the arms and legs open. Close, open, close, bend the knees, bend the elbows. Good. And again, open, close, open, close, bend, bend, and again, open, close, open, close, bend, bend. For both of you guys. Put your feet down for a minute. I would, I'm going to do a foot thing. You can watch.

You can just hang your things up for a minute. I'm going to do the resistance, resistance and pole. Yeah. She knows cause I've done it to her before so you get a chance to see. So come in, roll the upper body up off the floor. So she goes out, I resist, push out, I resist. Push in, I pull, pull, Bend your knees. Come on Ben. Ben, Ben, Ben. Okay. She can always pull me over and go out. Push, push, pull. That's it. Go out. Push, push, pull. There you go. You see the work, but you can try it, right. Bring, bringing elbows into your chest. Roll your upper body up off the floor. Go out. Push, push, pull.

Yeah. And come down. Come down. When you pull in. Good. Come up. Push, push, pull. Yeah. Does that drive you into your belly more? I'm trying. I was, yeah. So what you were doing? Yeah. You didn't even think you'd come up into a little ball. Cause now straight now towards me, pressing into my hands, pressing together, pull in. There you go. Right.

Because people called Tonto is totally right. You know, it's like, oh, this is easy, right? Yeah. But you really want to feel in coordination that as you go out, you're going through mud, you're squeezing a ball, you're coming in, right? So that it's just not a thrown away gesture. Okay, hang your straps up and let's, where should we go next? Let's do a modified rowing. So come all the way up.

Yoshiko go to a red and a blue. Two reds. Okay, you're going to turn around for work is fuck, fuck. Head rest is down and you're going to come in for a modified rowing. Real simple. So you hold on to the straps, bring your hands, palms facing you. That's it. And roll back. Bringing your hands to your chest. Now hold this position, straighten the elbows, Ben, the elbows. There you go.

Straighten the elbows. Bend the elbows, straighten the elbows, bend the elbows, straighten the elbows, Ben, the elbows, and coming all the way up. Now I've got George on two reds. I have on her own, two reds and a blue. Now I'm going to really drop them down to one red each so they can feel the difference. And then rolling back, pull in and straighten and bend. Now the arm work is easier, but you really have to pull into your belly more, right? So it's more about your torso. Do you need to move to your left a wee bit or there you go and cross your left leg over just for the heck of it. See if that makes a difference. Good.

There you go. Now you're straight. Or do you feel that big difference? Yeah. Good. And come all the way up now. Both of you roll forward, put your head towards your knees, put your hands to the sides of the reformer, palms facing back and do a w like a rowing straight arm back and forward and back and forward. Each time you go back, pull your belly in and forward, back and forward. Now just go back and stop your arms at your hips. So you come to your hips and straighten your spine. Good. Now lift and glow. A lower the arms to the side, up and down without moving the machine. So you're really firing all of this back here. Nice. Three.

And for two more and five and six. And then bring the carriage home, hang your straps off and step off and get along box, which is at the end of your machine stickies. Okay, so I got sticky so we can put them on here. We're going to do a modified swan and some pushup stuff. So what you're going to do is you're going to be lying on your belly with your hands on the bar. So the ribs could be at the end of the box or slightly off the box. The first thing we're going to do some arm work.

So you're on a red spring, turn your fingers to face one another and straightened and bend. Now what we've got is a lower bar here and a higher bar here. Isn't that correct? Yes. So come in for a moment and let me move this bar. Or you can move the parking and you slide this in and bring the foot bar up and they're good. Now straighten and bend fingers facing one another.

Yeah. Now I bet you if I put an extra spring on, you'd be fine. Right? Easy, Huh? Yeah. Wouldn't say easy. Okay, good. All right. Yoshi, go off you go. Oh yes. Challenge for her. Yeah. Just two more spray. Two more. No, no, no. Two more repeats to where springs to be awful, right?

And come all the way in. I'm going to take the blue off. I had a red and a blue on and I'm going to let them do it with the elbows down. Fingers up. So it's triceps now. There you go. One more. Go out and stay out both of you. Now you're gonna do a very slow opposite arm and leg lift.

So keeping the carriage steady, lift the opposite arm and leg and put it down and lift the other side and put it down. Good. Lift the first side and put it down. Lift the second side and put it down. Come all the way in. We go. Waggle a little bit. Loosen up your back and then put your hands together on the bar. Does that make sense? Yeah. So your fingers are here, your elbows are down.

Straighten both arms and stay straight. Now you're out there straight. You want to twist and look underneath your right arm and then twist and look underneath your left arm. So what trying to do, come back again and I'll go out again. And you're trying to rotate through your chest there and back and rotate. Good and back and come in one more time. Push back and rotate and back and rotate and back and come in.

Nice. Step off to the side. Just put your hands on the box and round your spine for a moment. Fast round your spine. Breathe easy. And now you're going to come back on the box in the same position for a Swan, a very passive swan. So your hands are on the bar, elbows into the springs. You straighten both arms, holding the of what I call back of armpit muscles here. Now keeping the elbows straight, bring the chest up, dropping these down. Good. Push back, bend your elbows and come in. Good.

So you find these muscles as you straighten your elbows, you hold the connection here as you lift the chest to bring the carriage in. You push back and you bend your elbows and really reconnect in all these muscles here and then you straighten, you lift the chest to bring the box in. You push away and you come all the way in. Last one, you straightened both elbows and you lift the chest, push away, and you come in Nice again. You can step off, put your hands on the box around your spine, up to the ceiling. So even somebody with a really flexible spine finds that a Nice Swan, Huh? Yeah. Yeah. That's really helpful. Good.

Let's put the box away. [inaudible] we're going to do the long stretch series for Yoshiko. What we'll, we'll do the version that you really need and for you it will be easy. Does that make sense? So two red springs, high bar, head rest up, I think high bar, you know, I can think not, not on these machines. Keep your bar where it was. Yeah, everybody's machine different. Okay.

Long stretch. Very simple. What you're going to do is you're going to go back and come in. Then with your feet, you're going to push the carriage back and come in. And then you're gonna do push up, push up and down. Does that make sense? Yep. Great. So foot, foot.

Inhale, press back. Exhale. Come in. Inhale, flex the feet or point the feet and back in. Push up and up and back. Yeah, and forward. Careful and feet and feet. Push up without. There you go. And up. One more. Back and forward. Feet and feet. Push up. Wow. Whoa.

And knees down. Great. Wonderful. Both of you down stretch. So actually I'm going to change all of this. Start with a round back, knees stretch. So your feet are against the shoulder pads. Your spine is rounded up to the ceiling and you sit back a little bit towards your heels just a little bit. And do three of these. Very simple, just three back and forth. Push the carriage back and forth. Last one, three. Good. Now stop here.

Go into down stretch position. Lift your chest, go down, stretch, do just three back. Come forward, back. Come forward. Last one, back and forward. Now you're going to combine. So you start with round back. You go back and round, back, push, drop your pelvis. Come forward and down. Stretch, push back and down, stretch round your spine and come up. So George, watch, I'm over here helping hers. You didn't. So you stay here, you go back. Pelvis comes down, you go forward, you go back and you around. Forward. Okay, so you combine them. Does that make sense? Back until you have to do a bigger push back the first time than you're used to. Okay? Ready? And Go back, pelvis down, come forward, go back and come in. Good.

And Go back. Pelvis down. Come forward into your chest. Stay in this position. Go back and round. List those ribs. There you go. And Go back and come forward lifting the chest and go back and round your spine and come all the way in and relax. Nice, great. Stand up for elephant. Just simple elephant heels flat and just round back and forward.

Little tiny income forward and push back and come forward. Push back and come forward back. Okay, now you can step off for a minute and I'll tortures you a Yoshiko and then you can follow. She brings one foot forward and Benz the back knee. Now this is the challenge because with that knee bent you want, you've got to keep this knee straight. Whoa. Right? So you're right into that calf. You feel that in your round back there.

Now Change, bend your front knee and straighten your back knee and go back and oh, this is really hard to keep the pelvis flat. Yeah, you can see right now a little bit of choreography right back and forth. Okay. All right, so you're coming up. What you do is as you change, you bend the front knee and straighten the back knee and then straight in the front knee, bend the back knee. There you go. And push back. This is a little bit like patting your stomach and rubbing your head or vice versa. Right? And push and come in and last one and come in. Nice change legs. It really shows that tightness in your calf, Huh, Huh? And back. Yours and everybody else's.

Straighten this knee to begin with and bend this one. Try to keep real square here and now push bend and change. There you go. And Bend and change. It really reveals where we get tight in our calf and one will be different than the other. It might be outer calf, inner calf, et Cetera. Okay. And step down. Nice.

Nice and hard. You okay? Everybody's all right. Okay, let's get short box. So you want to put the box over the shoulder pads. Head rest down. [inaudible] red springs on the box. Foot bar down. Oh, sorry. Let's have box in front of the shoulder pads on these machines. Yeah, put the foot bar down.

Oh, she's [inaudible]. Oh yeah, she's given you a weighted car. I'll grab it. You okay? And you don't have a weighted bar, so be careful. Okay, so bend a separate your feet and bend your knees slightly. So you need to move to the front of the box a little bit. A little differently than you normally do. Round back. Okay.

So as you start to roll back, your bar stays in front of your chest. You straighten your knees and you roll back in. The carriage moves. Roll back into space. Now don't bend the knees. Roll Up. There you go. Roll back and roll up. Roll back. Look up with your head.

Head comes down, roll forward, roll back, keep your head forward, bar up, head forward, bar up, bar down and roll forward. Now you lift head, end bar and roll back. Head Bar, lift head bar, forward, roll forward. Nice one. More like that. Roll back, head and bar. Lift head and bar. Forward and roll forward. Nice. Take the bar up. Okay.

Tiny lift and tilt and come center. Lift and tilt and come center. Lift and tilt and come center. Lift and tilt and come center. Bring the bar too. In front frontier.

We used to call this serving pizza I think, but don't ask me why anymore. So you roll back through your spine, you rotate, keeping the bar parallel to the floor. Come back center, rotate the other way. Keep the bar parallel to the floor. Come back center and as you come forward, lift the bar. Roll back, rotate center, rotate, center and lift. So you goes, it's got a heavier bar, right? Rolling back because she can just rotate the other way.

Center rotate center and coming up. Yeah, you feel it carefully. Step off, bring the carriage in. Step off. Put all your springs on, put the bar. Hey, you can just put it in front of the box if you like. Yeah, you're going to do a side over. Okay. Yeah. So you're going to sit at the bar you don't use right now. Just leave it there. You're going to sit facing in this way.

All right. Hooking whatever the top leg is underneath that strap. So you're facing me, George? Yeah. Okay. Now everybody does side overs differently than I do. I do side overs with this underneath leg, which in George is the right one.

And use your left hooked around this calf and sitting right on the side of my hip. So I'm at a diagonal when I start. Does that make sense? Yeah. Then you put your hands here and what you do is you go over straight over here and then you come right back to your diagonal. There's your diagonal, and then you go to parallel to the floor and then diagonal, and then parallel to the floor. And I agonal parallel to the floor and I agonal stay in the diagonal. Rotate. Look at the floor, come back center, look at the ceiling.

Come back center, look at the floor. Come back center, look at the ceiling. Come back center and hang. Just hang over, put your hand down on the shoulder pad or on the wood or whatever and just stretch and then climb up out. Use Your hands to come up out and switch to the other side. [inaudible] so you want to start already on a diagonal, right? So you're way over on your greater trocanter. So I actually have this knee almost off and this foot hooked way down there.

This foot here, there. Yeah. So you're really sitting way on the side of your hip. So you start, that's you already start ready to fall. Now go to the side over and come up and over and come up over and come up and halfway down. Stay there. Rotate, center, rotate up, center, rotate, center. Rotate up. One more rotation. Set, rotate, center, rotate up, center and hang. Just release. Let everything relax.

Good. And then can push yourself back up. Step off the box and move the box a little forward of your, uh, what do you call shoulder pads and bring the bar up and hook it in. So the bar should be, we can take that pole. Put it down in there. I would say high bar high. Yeah, there, I think that might work right. There you go. Maybe one down. Given the heights of the box. There you go.

So you're going to do extension. So you need to figure out, you kneel here, your feet are under here. Yoshiko you demonstrate and you put your pelvis on the box. So watch this George. So you're all the way out. You might, yeah. You where the box goes depends upon your comfort zone. Yeah. Now separate your feet and hope from underneath the bar under there. So you need to slide up more. Your legs have to be straight. So this box has to be up all the way. There you go.

Legs straight underneath the bar underneath. So you push up, you push up here. Yeah, no right there. The bar right there. So your feet are under the bar. You lean forward. You bought, you're pushing up on the bar. So the bar on the releases and then you come up with your back in town. Yeah, yeah. There you go. Scoot your button body way out. Don't move the carriage body where there you go. Now separate your feet.

Put them underneath the bar. There you go. That's it. There you go. Now put your hands here and now and let your body go forward and let your body come up. There you go. And forward. You're looking at like, oh my gosh, this is torture, right. Go move your buck. There you go.

There you go. Now try and separate the feet like this. Yeah, you catch onto the bar. Good. And now just do some back extension. Go down. Yeah. And go forward and round your spine. There you go. And come up and lift your, so you've done enough, Yoshi. So come back down one more. After this, George stepped down. Take your box off. Good. Yeah. Step down and take your box off ball. You know nothing like throwing something at you that you've never seen or done before, right?

Yeah. Oh Darn. So she did it again to red springs for you to do knee lean chest expansion. Uh, we can leave the bar here where it is, so it puts your knees against your shoulder pads to begin with and reach up on the straps to above the rivet or above the tape. Okay, good.

Now just I'm going to come back in. George, I'm going to give you one spring because I'm going to give you Eve's version in a minute and you'll, you'll want really only one spring. You too, Yoshi. Okay. Pull the straps back, turn your head, turn your head, center your head and release. Pull the straps back, turn your head, turn your head center and release one more. Just like fat turn, turn, center and [inaudible] to release. Now you're going to pull the straps back to your hips and then you're going to sit on your heels keeping your arms right at your hip.

So sit back on your heels. Flat Spine. Don't move the carriage when you stand up on your knees. So when you stand back up onto your knees, you have to reach your hands behind you. Good. And then bring the carriage forward. Nice. So pull back to the hips. Sit. Keep moving the carriage.

Don't stick the butt out. Just sit flat. There you go. Stand up. Don't move the carriage and bring the the straps forward. Good George. Nice. All the way forward. There you go. Now hands back to your hips. Now sit back. Moving the carriage with you. Don't move the carriage when you stand up. Excellent.

And come forward. Beautiful. So hands to the hips. Move the carriage as you sit back. Don't move the carriage as you stand up. That's it. And release the carriage. One more. Move the carriage. Move the carriage.

Don't move the carriage and re lease. Yeah, hang up your straps and carefully step off. Good. Nice. Let's just do plain only stretch, right knee. Stretch one knee stretch too.

So you're kneeling to red springs, head rest up, feet against the shoulder pad. Round the spine, up to the ceiling. Sit back towards your heels. Slightly. Hold this position and push back and in and back and in. Back and in. Back and in and back and in and back.

In and back. And in last one back and in. Flatten your spot. Yeah, sit back towards your heels a little bit and same thing back and in and back and back. And last one. Good. And come all the way in and step down and off. Go to one red spring and let's do a side bend. So come up with both feet towards your shoulder pads.

There you go. And Bend over to the side and coming up just this side and just this way and come up. No, stay here without moving the carriage. Just rotate and come back and just rotate and come back. Now do a side bend and push and rotate. Put both hands on the bar. Stay there for a moment.

Stretching out that side of your back. And now do you rotate or come back to your original position and sit back up and bring the carriage in. Do that one more time. So you go over to the side, you rotate, you separate your hands. Easy. Just breathe into that side of your spine. Then d rotate, come back into the side and coming up. And now just turn towards the shoulder pads. Hold onto the shoulder pads and give you a give yourself a twist in the opposite direction. Just try to be as straight through your spine as possible.

Just breathe good and then change to the other side and do the same thing. Good. You know, is it more comfortable for you to put that foot underneath that by the right foot under the left Cli? Is that more comfortable on the hip? Really notice a difference. Okay. Then just go with what your cuff, what you're used to. So one hand is on the bar, other hand is out and now Ben sidewards and coming up and again sidewards and coming up. Then two rotations, rotate, rotate towards the bar and back.

So you're really trying to put as much twist into your spine as possible. That's easy and back. Now you go side bend, rotate, touch the bar. D rotate or come back to center. So you might have to send her your hand and again Yoshi and come back up and again, side bend, rotate side bend and come up. And now rotate towards the shoulder pads and just find your [inaudible]. That rotation.

Let go with your right arm and just reach for your shoulder pads and just find that twist. You're on one spring. So I'd like you to come back, put your footwork weight back on and lie down for running. So three reds for Yoshiko, three reds, and a green for George. Does that feel right? My memory serves me and you go up, you're on your toes and out to go and off you go. And the run has got a low is really his F as the weight.

Okay, great. So you're really trying to be as fluid through your ankles in your Achilles. So don't hit bottom. Okay. You need to come in and center yourself. That easy. Run easy. There you go. Really fluid through those ankles.

And now stay down with one heel down underneath the bar and just stretch out that heel cord for a moment and then come back up and go to the other side and then come back up and bend your knees and come all the way in. Hug your knees into your chest for a moment and circle them around your pelvis in the same direction. Just roll around, change direction. And then you're going to come up and you're going to do an Eve's lungs, right? So Eve's launch I really want you to do with a curl. So you start here with your foot against the shoulder pad, both hands on this side of the bar. So on the side you're on the, the left knee is off all the weights on the right foot.

Now round your spine, up to the ceiling like a cat. Now as you straighten your left leg, bend your right knee and look forward. Inhale and then exhale and fold and think head towards need. Bring the carriage back. Come back in, head towards the knee. Okay, come up there. Take this knee off there.

Now push back, keep the knee off. Open up your chest, look out the window and now around and round, round, round, round, round. Perfect. And push back and round. Yeah, one more push back. That's it. And round in. So I'll give you a little more to do an ease lunch besides stretch from the other side. Yeah. Good. So you start with your knees on the same plane, so to speak right there. Even your standing leg or the one on the rug is on the floor is straight, the other one's bent and you're rounded and you change.

You straighten the back leg, you bend the front leg and you open, pull up the whole front of your body [inaudible] and then you round and thinking you're bringing your head and your knee towards one another. That's it. And then going out there, you go. And you come in and then going out and then in and out and then, and good and step away. And you're done. Easy class. Thank you. Yeah. Yeah.


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Awesome class!! Loved the variations
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Thanks Michele Larsson for thinking out loud as you offer variations and tweak the movements.
Paola Maruca
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there is always so much to learn from masters like Michele Larsson
Wonderful cueing and modifications. Would love to see more of this type of routine, with adjustments for different type of clients.
Paola Maruca
Me too Holly
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Great class! Our studio has so many different body types this is very informative!
Wonderful- thank you Michele
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That was a great class. I watched to look at the 2 body types. It was fun to watch without teaching! Next, I will take the class! Thank you so much!
I really appreciated this class. As a teacher, we all work with so many different body types and it was helpful to hear from one of the masters how to modify to best suit the individual. I learned so much from this!
Loved this class. Great insights into working with different bodies. Appreciated learning some new combos to add to skill builiding for beginners. Thank you Michele.
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