Class #2667

Mat Workout

60 min - Class


Breathe big and shed tension during this full body Mat workout with Rachel Taylor Segel. She continues the theme of using the hands to connect more to your belly so you can understand how it works when you are on the Mat. She uses cues to remind you to work less hard, to breathe with ease, and to move with efficiency. She also invites you to play a bit and to feel how your hands make a difference to your internal connection!
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights, Pilates Pole


Welcome. I am Rachel Taylor Siegel from the Palati Center in Boulder, Colorado. And this class, this math class is going to be a continuation of some themes that we've been working on,...

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well done
beautiful class
perfect cues
thank you PA for bringing me the Taylor´s sister.
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Rachel this was a great class. Love the reminders to shed tension and find the connection somewhere else. My goal this past year. I could see the visual connections your we making when your cues changed the bodies. Lots to take away. Thank you for your thoughtful and curiosity for movement.
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Another enlightening bunch of information from you. Rachel. Thank you. The "Bucket" is a great image. I use a related image of asking my students to "prime the pump", that is, get the exhale going and then do the gesture.
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So much fun and enlightening. Thanks Rachel!
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Loved this Rachel! Thank you.
Enjoyed this class! Thank you!
Super class, great to take time and break down the exercises. Loved in particular the use of abdomen to lengthen and create space in leg stretch and circles.
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Lots of gems in here....thought there would be a bit more use of weights. Regardless....loooved the draw of shins to ears, opposing pressure to fire up the abs, RLB to ext (yum), "don't work so hard" w OLR, castanets, grasshopper, and the continued reminder on arms!!! thank you
Thank you Rachel, I remember my Body, the work, it was a great feeling!

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