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Create buoyancy in your body with this restorative Mat workout with Lisa Hubbard. She teaches a gentle class designed to release unwanted tension. She works on creating while also grounding and rooting you so that you feel great when you are finished.
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Hi and welcome to the restorative Pele's class, incorporating the Swiss ball. Uh, we're gonna start sitting nice and tall and bringing your feet in a parallel position, a 90 degree angle. Hands just on your thighs. Good. We're just going to take a breath. Inhale. And then just exhale everything out. Just softening the sternum, lifting in the abdominals. Inhale through your nose, relaxing any tension in the shoulders, and exhale through the mouth. One more time. Inhale here and exhale.

Good. I'm just going to have you do a little bouncing, just kind of creating some buoyancy in the body and some relaxation, relaxing, any tension. Let the arms kinda hang down now. Good. And just bounce for five more for a little bouncing. Just just have fun with it. Three good. And slow down. Good. So we're going to now slow down. We're going to shorten the arches of our feet.

So we're going to create space where grounding and we're rooting. So, and by doing that, we're going to shorten the arches. So I'm going to have you lift your toes and kind of shorten by pulling the ball of the foot and the heel towards one another. And that's going to help engage all of these muscles in the hips and legs and then go ahead and let everything go. So you should have a sense of length and lift and release everything good. And again, in health, floating upward, thinking about going up an inch and release and one more end lift creating space. Now keep that space and add the buoyancy.

Just go a little bouncing. So you should feel the hips and the glutes and the inner thighs, uh, connecting. Good and slowing that down. Good. So there is a difference between the two by just hanging and bouncing or creating space and having that inner buoyancy. So we're going to start sitting. Inhale here. So find your, find your length XL. Release the head down, neck and shoulder.

So you're going to just do a sitting roll down, excelling as you go forward and letting the arms just relax next to your ankles. Inhale at the bottom and XL, finding those feet and those hamstrings, inner thighs, hips to roll back up to a sitting position. Good in hell. We're going to just do three XL, release the head down, releasing the shoulders forward, lifting up in the diaphragm. Exhaling. Just let the arms glide towards the feet. Go a little bit lower if you can. Here. Inhale and use those legs. Exhale, creating the space.

Articulate your spine. Shoulders over, hips. Open the chest. Inhale, but don't let go of those ribs. Good. And one more. Inhale. Exhale, release. Releasing the arms down. Good. Nice. Relax a release in the low back and roll it up slowly articulating through the back. And good. Now we're going to go put your hands on your hips.

So we're going to take our hands here. We're going to, uh, make sure the shoulders are directly over the hips so you're not hindering forward. Now I just want you to just curve your low back so your pubic bone scoops forward and then just find neutral. So let's do five. So XL, just the low back and neutral. Good. And three exhale, really pulling back. And neutral. Good. And to rounding and releasing the low back. And one more. Scooping the tail under.

Good and neutral. Good. Now Scoop. Let the spine kind of round with it and lift. Opening the chest. Good. And let's do five XL. So now your your spine is emulating what the tail is doing. So Xcel, curl the pubic bone forward and inhale and arch.

Good. Three more. Three C, curve. Shoulders over hips and a balanced arch position. Exhale to rounding. Good. And Arch. One more. Exhale. Curl the low back. Inhale and arch.

Pause here. Find your neutral position. We're going to rock the hip side to side. So sway right sway left. Ready. Inhale here. XL and one tilting. One good. And two and two.

Let's do three more and three. Right and left. So you're, you're creating mobility in the pelvis. Good, right and left. So you're contracting and contracting. Good hold center. Nice long position. So now we're going to combine these. We're going to roll through the body. So you're going to roll through the pelvis in a circular direction. So, so go forward, side, back, side, front five in each direction.

So really circling, finding all of that space and last to use your abdominals, use your feet to create that space and find center. Hold here. Good shoulders, ride over the hips and going to the opposite direction. Scoop the tail, go to the opposite direction, arch and around for five. Good. And just feel free of tension and two. Good. And bring it around. And what? Nice work.

Good. Let's take the hands behind the head. Good. Create your space with your feet and your legs. We're just going to open the elbows up just a little bit and we're going to just spine twist to the right one, two and center and create the space before you rotate too. And inhale. Exhale, twist and twist a little deeper. Inhale, rotate, rotate an inhale. Last two to the right.

This should feel nice on the spine and back. And exhale. Exhale, inhale. And one more. Okay. And hold good. Let's go lateral tilt to the right, so open the chest, tilt and then bring it up and to the opposite direction and exhale. Good and tilts.

Center and lift. Good. Stretching out that side and working the opposite side simultaneously. And let's just do one more and tilt and lift and hold here. Reach your arms forward. Good. We're going to open them out to a t. Good. Let's open the legs out just a little bit wider and kind of an external rotation. We're going to do a sitting sal variation, so let's start inhaling.

Rotate the body to the right. Inhale, rotate to the right XL. Go forward with the left hand on the side of the foot. Now just reach out, hinge up, find the shoulders over, hips equal sitting bone weight, and then exhale center. So let's do that again. Rotate to the opposite direction. Exhale, hinge forward. Reach out, lift up. Find the shoulders over the hips. XL Center. Good.

Now that we have our position, we could go a little bit quicker. So let's go. Inhale, exhale forward. Inhale, lift up. Exhale, center. Keep the hips lifted in health spiral. Exhale forward. Reach out, lift up, bring it center. Let's just do one more. Inhale, rotate. Exhale, go forward. Inhale, lengthen out it up. Pull up your core. Exhale center. Last time. Inhale, exhale here.

Reach out into a flat back. Try to get a little further and release. Walk your feet back in. Parallel the hands on the thighs. Now we're going to incorporate all of the spinal movements with an arch in the curl in the center. So, and then we'll reverse it. So we're going to inhale, create this space. Come forward with the sternum roll back, find neutral, and then the upper back, arch and XL.

Forward role, neutral and upper back extension. Three more. Inhale, round your low back. Really undulate through the spine arch and lift. And two more. Inhale, exhale back working all the muscles of the posture. And last time curl back and inhale. Good. Now let's reverse. So you're going to dive down, diving the head down in between the legs. Now I'll start from the tailbone, your sacrum and lift up arch. Good.

Now dive. Rounding in the upper back, diving the head forward. Good. Now lengthen out through the low back. Keep reaching up. Good. Three more. Inhale, exhale up. Good job. And to curve round and lift. One more. Exhale and inhale and find neutral. Good. Okay. Nice work. Okay.

We're going to now go onto our mats supine on your back. So let's go ahead and have you ladies, uh, position yourself with your legs over the ball. So this is going to be a supported spine twist. So Marta, actually I'm gonna have you face this direction. You faced that direction, Billy? Yes. Okay.

So Nice. Okay, let's take our arms up towards the ceiling, reaching the fingertips. Long. Good. Just open your arms out wide to a tee. Good. Palms up. Good. Pull the knees in towards you, Billy. So your ball is directly underneath your hips and your hamstring. So pull those in.

So we're going to spine twist over to the right. Inhaling, go ahead. Inhale, rotate, hold, exhale, bring it center and opposite direction. Inhale, rotate, stretching out the waist. XO, bring it center. And again, inhale, just relaxing the legs over the ball. Exhale, center, and inhale, twist, Xcel center. Let's just do one more time. Inhale here. Exhale, bring it back. Last one. Rotate. Feels so good and bring his center.

Okay. With your feet. Just push the ball out so your legs are straight. Nice supported position. And now bring your arms to your side. You're going to use your arms, your hamstrings. For this next supine series, we're going to hinge the hips up. [inaudible] on a diagonal line. Okay, so you're working all kinds of, uh, ex, uh, extensor muscles here and hold here for balance at the top. Good. And then articulate the upper back, mid, low back, and find your neutral. If you want more of a challenge, you just pushed the ball a little bit further away so you have left support.

Now exhale as you roll through the back, lift up and roll down. Good. I think I'm going to adjust my ball back with a little more support. And let's do three more. So lift up, rolling. Use your arms. You're going to find a lot of instability here because we're on a ball and now you're going to roll down, but it's nice and gentle.

Let's do two more and lift it up. Lyft, Lyft, Lyft. Find the back of the legs and use your abdominals. Oh, bleaks curl the spine. Back Down. Rounding into neutral. And last time. Let's just do one more. Roll through the back.

Press down. Inhale here and round your spine and back to neutral. Bend your knees, separate your feet, just hip distance apart. So now this is where it gets very challenging. So, um, I'm just gonna warn you now if it, if it's too much, just go back to the straight leg version. So we're gonna hinge the hips up and then roll down. Okay.

Little bit deeper in the hamstring as you feel a deeper connection there. And you're going to hinge up stretching out those hip flexors and working the hip extensors, your hamstrings, your inner thighs, and all those oblique muscles that are helping you stay square and not rotating. Let's do one more here. Lift up, lengthening those knees out and articulate down. Rounding in printing one vertebra at a time. Good. Find neutral. Good. Now let's move on.

We're going to roll up. So you're going to articulate your backup roll up. Good. Hold here. Now just push the legs out. Tiny that and then pull them in and to last three, three, two and what? Hold at the top. Roll Down with control. Slowly articulating and find your neutral position.

Good. Go ahead and stretch your legs out. Take your arms overhead. Good. Now connect your ribs into the mat. Inhale, lift your head and chest hold here. Sweep your arms up and lower all the way down. Good. We're going to do five, so this is like a supported teaser. Inhale here.

Exhale. Okay, and good. Just one breath pattern and curl up. Hold. Reach the arms up by the years and length and away from the legs. Last two curl forward. Retreat, retreat. Float the arms up by the ears and lengthen away. One more time.

Lift up, hold. Reached the arms up and lengthen all the way down. Good. Take your arms down at your side. Just go ahead, take your feet off the ball and hug the ball with your legs. Kind of like that. Good legs are all the way down. Let's just reach your arms up forward.

Inhale, round your spine. Up to a seated position. Good. All right, I'm going to inchworm myself back a little bit. We're going to do it sitting spine stretch. So take your hands on the side. You can open your legs up just a little bit here. So let's go finding your connections in the hip.

We're going to roll forward. So first the head, so it's just the spine stretch. Roll forward, reaching the ball away, keeping your hands hugging. Flex your feet length and out. Inhale and roll up. Start articulating low back, mid back. Upper back. Head is last. Making sure that that Chin is parallel to the floor. And again, let's just do five. Exhale forward, head, neck, chest, lengthen, all the way. Good. Find the stretch in the hamstrings, maybe the inner thighs in the low back. Roll Up. Use your hips, use your waist, use everything. Inhale. Last three.

Exhale forward, rolling down. Good. Using that ball for support. And now roll it back in. And two more, right and good. And XL. Head, neck and chest. Good. Stretching out that low back. Roll it up. One more.

Inhale and exhale. Fold. Reaching the arms out, lengthening the crown of the head towards the ball and articulate back up to a seated position. Good. Okay, now for a little kneeling work. So let's go into a kneeling position where your hands are on top of the ball. Just make sure you have some space to roll forward. A little cat stretch with the ball. Place our hands on the ball, find a kneeling position, neutral spine. Shoulders are open, so we're going to articulate the spine. So inhale here. Exhale, release the head, neck and chest.

Go ahead and use that ball rounding for a try to keep your, you're going to have to inch warm your hands. Now I want you to find that arch here. Hold and then round back. Exhale, pressing the hips forward and back to kneeling. So there is a fair amount of shoulder and abdominal support here. Inhale, exhale forward. Just walking your hands out on the ball, going out on that table position, tabletop position and then arch a little bit, a little bit deeper. XL, roll back, bringing the ball in, pressing those hips forward and up. And let's just do three more forward. Exhaling.

Inhale, arch. Okay, Xcel back. Make sure that your abdominals are supporting you here and last to head, neck and chest. Reach forward. Lengthen the seat away from the crown of the head. Find the stretch in the abdominals. Pull back.

Really use your shoulders for support. Good. Roll it up one more time. Nice job. XL, head, neck and chest. Round forward. Good. And rely on that ball for support. Stretching the shoulders, the back, and exhale. Rolling back up to a seated position. Good. Nice work. Okay, so now you're going to face me and we're going to do a little lateral work.

We're going to do the mermaid variation. So, um, yeah, let's just bring the legs together. So go ahead and face me and one hand on the ball. Okay. Breasting this hand at your side for the mermaid. We're going to take our arm up. Inhaling, just use the ball for support, stretching the latter line and bring it back to the center. Good. Inhale, reach up and over and exhale back. Good. Last three. Inhale, stretch the waist. Good.

Keep the shoulder pressing down. Good. And up and back. We're going to add on. Inhale here. Good. And exhale back. Rotate towards the ball. Good. Now we're gonna push the ball away, lowering our body down towards the Mat, and then you're going to pull the bar ball towards you as you are at your back. Inhale, I always feel this lovely stretch in my spine. I imagine kind of a, just a little bit of a detox here.

It's ringing out the spine. Reach forward. Draw the shoulders down and rotate, twist and release. Good. Let's do the other side. So just sweep the ball over and the legs over. Get that nice comfortable position. The arm is pressing down into the mat. You're out of the lat and we're going to sweep the arm up and over. Inhale, exhale, bring it back to the center. Good.

Inhale over retreat, reach. Exhale back three more. Sweep the arm up and over, pressing that hip down towards the floor so you get that opening in the lateral line and stretch shoulder down. And one more before we go into the spiral. Inhale over. Good job XL center. Rotate towards the ball. Good. And you're just going to push the ball out, lowering the chest towards the mat, and then spiral upward.

Shoulder down. Keep lifting so you're rotating arms remain straight, pushing the ball away. Inhaling. Exhale, press down. Lift your chest. Oh yes. And let's do three more. Reach it out. Articulate up from the crown of the head and open. Good. Reach it out. Lift up.

I might be doing an extra one, but that's the right inhale here. And exhale, lift all the way up and good, nice work. Okay. For some back extension we're going to begin with the ball, um, at your hips. So go ahead and extend your legs out. Go ahead and have a wide stance here. So open your legs, flexing your feet. So we're going to just take our arms down. Palms are gonna face towards your body. Okay, so you, we need, we're shoulders are down so we're going to bend the elbows up. Good.

Flip the palms forward, reach the arms out. Good. Bend them in, fingertips down and then lower the arms. So you're going to keep in this chest lift position or back extension rather. Elbows band wide. Like a goalpost. Now flip palms up. Externally rotating. Extend the arms up. Try not to elevate the shoulders. Bend the elbows back, palms go down and reach three more. Inhale, flipped upon Sa. Exhale, this is a toughie and lower and inhale.

Last two palms up. Reach for pull back one more time and breathe. Inhale here. Good flip. Reach forward, bend and lower. Good. Nice. Now take the hands behind your head. Interlacing the fingers low or your chest all the way down.

Rounding over the ball. We're going to end how long the diag? No. And XL to lower. Five of these back extension or a swan rather and lower and lengthened out. Lift, lift, lift and lower. Let's just do two more here. Articulating through the back and lower mid, upper shoulders down and exhale as you come all the way down.

Good. Okay, we're going to reposition for a couple of additional back exercises. So you're going to support yourself here. So you're going to, your legs will be off the mat and your hands underneath your shoulders. So we're going to start with a double light kick variation. So we're going to lift the legs up as high as you can. And then you're going to pump three to one n stretch.

So let's just do five. Inhale and go. [inaudible], double leg kick Marta, and one two, three n n and last to kick, kick, kick, and shoulders down. So your arms are really, really, really, really straight. And one more. And kick, kick, kick, and stretch. Good. Now we're going to go into single leg kick variation. So we're going to start with the right leg and kick it. One, two and stretch. Good and left. So your arms are really strong here.

Your shoulders are down and your lats are engaged, your abdominals are lifted, your hands during's in, but is working. So everything is working. And one more right, left and rest. Okay, good work. Rest your legs down. Good. And now we're going to conclude the class with a nice little back. So having a hard time getting there. So this is what we're going to do.

You're going to just sweep your arms. Oh, stretching your legs and then bend. So the higher up on the shoulders you have, the more support you will, um, you will be given. So make sure your like in between the shoulder blades. I think it's probably the best position. So heels under, so legs 90 degrees.

So you probably want to make sure both feet are on the mat. Good. I know. Okay. So let's stretch the legs, float the arms overhead, circling around, and then bend your knees. Reach the arms forward. Let's do that again and stretch arch. Curl forward. Bending the knees. Good. Now we got the feel for it. And stretch. Lengthen. Let the head release.

Good reach. One more. Inhale. It's for a tree tree. Tree. Reach and circle. Bend and Nice. Come to see seated and you are done. Thanks for joining me.


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Loved this class Lisa, it feels wonderful on the hips and spine, I really like all the back extension variations.
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This sequence felt SO good in my body. Thank you Lisa!
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Just what I needed today! Love your yellow pants! Where did you get them?
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I just love fitness ball workouts and this one in no exception! Thank you for a gentle beginning of my morning.
Lisa Hubbard
Thank you ladies for joining me for class & for all your generous comments. Hope you'll come back again & try some of my other classes as well!
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very good ..─▒ love exercises with ball..thank you...
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Wonderful class thank you Lisa, I did this after a road trip and my spine feels so good now!
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What a wonderful way to start the week! That was amazing, thank you!
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Love this class! Felt so good on my back. Feels less tense and more relaxed! Thank you:)
Lisa Hubbard
Awesome! Connie I got the pants in Seoul Korea
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