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The dolphin play outside while we work hard inside. This class is taught in the style of a BASI Flow™ class. It includes a few variations Kristi doesn't teach that often, as well as a slightly faster pace than is common if you are accustomed to taking her class. Exercises to be practiced include Rollover, Neck pull, Side bend, Swimming, and Boomerang. (Scroll to 5:42 and see the baby dolphin jump out of the water).
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Sep 26, 2010
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Let's start standing. Okay, so I trust you're going to take care of your bodies. Let's face, um, yeah, go ahead and stand on your mat facing inward and we're off. So looking down, feet are parallel. Standing up tall, right up off the bottoms of your feet. Organizing yourself. Take a deep breath in from the side, just reaching up. Xcel at the arms go and one more of those. Inhaling up, bring it in. And as you exhale, let the arms come down by the shoulders.

Let your head fall forward. We'll do a standing roll down, drawing in on the abdominals, rolling all the way to the ground, releasing tension. And then inhale, draw from the inner thigh. Exhale, roll back up, protecting the spine by drawing the abs up against it or near it as you stack. And just leave the arms down. Inhale, we go again. Exhale, we go forward. Imagine drawing in and up. We're going to let the hands get to the floor even if the knees need to bend.

And from here, everybody bend your knees. Roll all the way down to lift the heels high. Stretching out the bottoms of your feet. Exhale, press heels down and straighten your legs or get as close as you can. We're bending again. Three more. Inhale, bend, lifting up to the balls of the feet and exhale, keeping your head basically down, looking up toward the S, the abdominals and bend. Inhale, exhale and press the heels down to the street. One more time. Inhale, bend and exhale from here. Bend about halfway and roll up.

That's it. And now come to the front of your mat. Cross one leg over the other arms, fold one over the other and have a seat with the knees together. Once you get there, stretch your arms forward. We roll halfway down. Feel free to hold onto the back of the leg. Shoulders are down, and inhale. Exhale, come back up. Let's keep it curved. Inhale, exhale. Squeeze the glutes.

Try to find the back of your body as you roll halfway. Inhale and exhale forward and inhale. Exhale right from the beginning, even though we're curved road, noticing a straight line across the collarbones. Exhale and kind of using the breath to heat us up a little bit. This time, we'll go all the way down, all the way. Let the hands come by your side, draw the knees in a little closer. Our feet are slightly apart. About four pelvic curls. Inhale and use it to sort of Mark your precision for the class rolling up.

Find the hamstrings, find the stretch through the front of the hips. Inhale and exhale down all the way. Placing your spine back to neutral. Inhale and exhale. Adjusting the position as needed, meaning right here, most of us are going to let the shoulders creep up a little if we don't redraw them or re glide them down the mat on the way and again, inhale, exhale, sink and hollow the abs, drawing the hips toward the heels a little bit as you go up, come on Marina, all the way up. That's it. Inhale and exhale down and so at a somewhat faster pace than I would normally do. A pelvic coral. You're going to hopefully just use it as a way of loosening up and down we go.

And from here, just draw the knees and feet together. I'm coming up high on the balls of the feet. Take the arms is flip them over so you're on an external rotation. You're going to reach the knees toward the front of the room. Inhale, you might have a subtle curve to the low back, but hold onto the abs. Exhale and drop center. Okay, so both the knees together so that opposite foot does come off so your feet are stacked and exhale back to center and inhale.

It's as if you're pointing the knees up on the diagonal and exhale center, so drawn totally together so that when you go to the back, they are wa pick up this bit. There we go. And exhale so it might not be quite as far as you think. That's right there and exhale and stay a little rotation around the waist, getting you prepared for the action. That's going to come one more per side and back and last one reaches over and back from here. Bring one knee up to tabletop. Other knee comes up and let's just recurl up into the a hundred position.

Palms are still up reaching them. Take the arms up, way up. Turn them back over, reaching forward and it's inhale and exhale, five, three, four, five and in. And I would finding a nice calm place to do the a hundred HiTA and two three, four, five and in and for setting the tone. It can be strong, it can be intense, but it can still be calm. And inhale, two, three, four, five and six and email. Feel the reaching of the side body out and blow out all the air so you can take a deep breath coming in out. Can we give it one more full cycle and exhale, two, three, four, five. Pull the knees in, weigh in, let the feet come to the ground, slide them out, pick them up and bring it back.

Try not to let your back rock so you might have to pick your knees up a little sooner than before when you get straight. And again reaching down to pick them up. One more time. This time when you come up, bend the knees, let your head come down from here, toes to the ground, stretch your legs out again. Reach the arms overhead. Here comes your roll up, palms face each other. Let's go. Inhale, head, neck, shoulders up, exhale to lift up. Keep the curve. Inhale and exhale. I like to point the toes, but you really don't have to. If you do, flex them.

Use it as a means for encouraging your hamstrings. But having said that, if you don't need to use them, make it look a little prettier maybe and keep them pointed. And if you need more challenge, what we're going to do instead is bring the arms up a little sooner. So coming with me now we lift head, neck and shoulders together. Keep the arms with the ears and exhale, and then they come down. Hold, inhale, exhale, roll back. Arms come up a little sooner, staying with it.

You lift a little and then the arms will drop his shoulder level trying to take out any snapping or hopping with the body. And down we go. Last one up. Smooth, smooth, smooth. You can make that smooth. And Marina. Yeah, yeah. Let's do one more for Marina. You can make that smoother. So I'm going to give you a second to do it. Once you come to your shoulder blades, pause everybody.

Wherever you take your arms, start exhaling. What you're going to do is lower your arms, bend your knees a little start. Exhaling. Thank you. I know it. All right. Hands by your hips. Move forward. Draw your feet up. Tight ball tonight. Tight, tight, tight. Here we go. Inhale back. Exhale up, hold, Ooh. And inhale back, keeping the connections, trusting the breasts.

It's amazing how different surface means that all the world. So again, keep it tight. Don't let the legs kick. Here we go. Keep them in, in, in, and no kicking. None whatsoever on your head. Doesn't touch. One more time. Much hands up to your knees, lower yourself down for the double leg. Stretch goes like this. Inhale, open. Exhale, close. Hold. Stop for a second and make sure your low back is fully down. And inhale, open. Exhale, close. Reach the arm straight back by the ears. And then they circle around and let's go.

Four and around and three good and aura two and around. One more time, one and around, holding onto one knee, holding onto one week. There we go. I know, aren't you glad you came and change legs where you go one and two. Good theory and making it all come here. Right there in the middle. That's it. So act like you're going to get up. Keep that intention that you're getting up rather than hanging out knee to you.

Just like did we start with that one so far? 32 and both knees in hold. Take your head down. Curl your head. Neck and shoulders out. And from here, hands behind your head. Rotating towards the front room, extending the other leg and change. Oh two keeping the spine. The thing that's moving the arms, the head, everything else goes with it. Two more sets. One more set.

Come back to center, bending the knees, extend the legs up, rest your head, heavy in your hands. And then let's see if you can curl up a little bit more. Make sure your back is arrested. If it isn't, you should talk a little. Here we go. Lower the legs. One, two, three, pull upon who? One and two to three and three. Reach long, two, three. And if it goes to your back, it's not.

It's time for break, right? This is not an easy little set I'm throwing at you, giving you one more. Listen to your body and bend your knees. Everybody take the head down, arms out to a tee, and reach your knees off to one side fully for a stretch. And so the knees will touch the ground. The feet will touch the ground and then fold the feeding closer to you to change sides, right? Bring it back, curling your head, neck and shoulders up. Yet again, we're doing the hamstring pull, so I'm gonna start a kind of small one. Leg up. Others, I guess out on a diagonal, making sure your low back is absolutely down shoulders too, please. Then if you can, you lower that leg all the way.

I'd rather even you bend the top knee if you have to so that your back is down and it's pulse pulse and check it. Go slow for a moment. Pulse, pulse. And here we go. And death switch, pull, pull, pull, pull. Make that pull come from somewhere deep in the trunk so you get that lower leg and you encourage the depth of the abs. Let's get four more. One, two, three, and four and that's going to do a bring both legs up, head down for the rollover. Inhale, prepare arms are by your side XL up to go over finding that horizontal line. Inhale, flex the feet, separate the feet and roll down your spine. Encouraging. Now that hamstring connection, circle the legs around onto a diagonal and in Hilton 90 exhale up over.

You want to feel the glutes here. You want to be protected in the middle body. Inhale, flex, separate, lower from the chest, reaching down. Oppose through the bottoms of the feet. Circle point and close. Inhale. Exhale. Up to go over. Inhale, flex, separate. Lower. Now from your chest are rolling down.

Abdominal. Squeeze the glutes just a little bit. There we go. So point to toes, circle and close. Inhale, start. Exhaling now. Great. Inhale, flex. You okay, so free and that's why I didn't know. Now you don't want to just slowly roll down, right? It's intent on squeezing through the glutes and the last time up to over for the next and bring it on down. That's it. Bending the knees. Set the feet down, pelvic curl distance apart. Inhale, exhale, rolling of through the spine. Finding that stretch.

All right, we take it into the shoulder bridge. So you take your, uh, just take your right leg up. Hips are level reaching along and we go. Exhale, kick Owen and pull up to everything else is still [inaudible]. One more come up, stay up and no, no rolling. Just hinge. Touch your hips to the floor. Press up horn and press up to like you're pushing the ceiling away. Three PRS. Four hold up, five point the toe.

Replace the foot, readjust. In fact, go halfway down. Please. Roll halfway down. Roll right back up, left foot up and it's reached down one and come up and reach. Do [inaudible] four to go. Precision like you're cutting through a six solid. Next one comes up, stays up, keep the flex foot and we lower to push up hole one and down Bush to feel the backs of the arms reaching into the mat. One more time. Appointed to replace the leg. Inhale and down we go. And with that rowing the legs to tabletop.

Squeeze inner thighs or glutes or both is preferred. Curl up, holding onto the backs of your legs slowly keeping your shins parallel. Roll up, squeeze the pleats again, let go if you can or not. It's absolutely fine. If you don't like go, I'd recommend pressing the backs of the legs into the hands as you roll down to the shoulder blades. Yeah, enough is when you get to the top here and I'm not rolling beyond the sit bones, I'm sort of behind them a little. Turn to the front, turn to the back to the center. We're going down again. All right. Only to come right back up. Take your time to the back, to the front, to the center and down.

Things that help squeezing the glutes to the front first hole. Swing it to the back due to the center and down. Last one. Hang on to it and be done with the feet on the floor to the back to the front center. Pull the feet in, extending your legs. I know I have no idea. Okay, so if you don't feel stable, you'd be far better off with your knees bent and holding closer, far better. It'll feel better. Here we go. Inhale, squeezing. Same areas of as usual.

Exhale, trusted breaths and straighten and inhale back. Exhaling and back extensors. So try to do it in half the time and I'm only saying that because we don't want to swing and then yank like that. Keep it smaller, smoother. Don't even worry about going. I don't want you to go nearly as far back. It's not as important if you don't get up as it is. There you go.

That's exactly, that's better. And back to come up and we'll go for one more please. All right, holding it there. Let's just bend the knees sitting on top of your hips and your flat feet with the hands behind your head. For the first set of these towards the front of the room, we inhale, rotate, backhand to knee and more spine than arm. Exhale, assist a stretch in how return your arm and center to the back.

Inhale, growing tall, opposite hand to leg or outside growing upwards. Return the hand and center and inhale. I just want you to feel how the spine does all the work or most of it. We can assist a little and I inhale, return hand and back. Last one. Inhale, rotate. Exhale, hand on left or turn your hand and back to center. From there, stretch out your feet.

You may decide you want to keep your knees bent for this version of spine stretch. That would be fine, but in any case, the feet are about why as wide as your mat. Here we go. Inhale, we exhale, roll down and give yourself that sense of lifting up to round forward. We're going right into the back extension. Inhale from the base of the spine on the diagonal. Come into a long line. Head is the last thing to come up. Exhale, extend your arms. Inhale, getting longer. Return the arms. Exhale, go forward and roll back up in here.

Exhale, everything kind of working for you without too much strain. Exhaling, rounding forward. Then inhale as you come into the diagonal. Do you have a right to leave your hands there for a second? Just grow into it. Yeah. Benji's a little Marina. There you go. That's going to feel better. Exhale, arms, shoulders. Inhale. Return the arms. It comes from a right there, and now exhale forward to roll up. This imaginary wall is a ton of words. I know. That's why I'm showing it to you.

So come here. Inhale, exhale, round like you're going over the ball. Now from the low back, we go into just a long spine and heel. That's XLV arms. Mary, you get a little longer, not more forward. There you go. And how return the arms as gorgeous and forward. Marina and roll up. Beautiful. Let's do one more like that. Exhaling forward.

Inhale to the long spine. Exhale, go into those arms and leave them there. Maybe rotate thumbs toward the ceiling and from there it's a gentle reaching back with the arms or maybe forward with the diagonal of the spine. Three. So keeping your spine in place for, get back there, Marina. Back to the up hard part right there. Six I shadow know. Keep going. Seven, that's right here. Eight sit up. A little taller towards me.

Nine diary go and Holton. Big inhale. Fabulous. And just keep your arms straight. Round over at a Royal Hough. Whew. Yes. Close the feet. Palms are out. Yeah. Good idea. Good idea. Cross ventilation. I know you know that. That's a variation that we got from rail and the arms is our friend Aaron and blah blah blah. I know it's a lot, but we got it.

Here we go with the arms and I'm going to say if you to just be careful. You're all right. All right, so coming toward the front way to double exhale center and eh. So again it's, we're looking good I think, but let's think about the spinal rotation and we're just extending through the arms. One more here. That to the center, reaching up, fold the hands behind your head, reach the feet out a little further as you hinge back and now roll down slowly owned by bone. Heap your connection so you don't have to start fully over. Inhale, lift, head, neck and shoulders. Exhale to come up. You can let go. You can let go. Good job. Oh all the way over. Inhale, rolling up to a flat spine, hinge back. There's a subtle tuck here.

That's what gets us flat. And then encourage the full flection of the spine coming from the pelvis end of the body and inhale, exhale its neck pull all the way over. Having said that, do not pull on a neck. Please email roll up. It's just the name. Inner thighs hinge back and now row. And inhale stacking the spy. It's attempting to look really high here, which is not a huge problem as long as you don't get into too much of an arch of the back that you're not prepared for.

So we just spend a hinge a little one more. The breath helps and we rule up. Oh the way. Separating your feet. Again, arms are out, wide, palms facing forward for the saw toward the front. Inhale, let's leave the back flat as possible. Hinge forward and encourage that hamstring stretch. Reach the back arm as well, sitting up tall and hae and back to center. Other way we inhale, grow, exhale, reach. Inhale, sit up and center. That's the pace.

Inhale one reached to backup three and home four and we're rolling tall and then we think reaching forward you'll notice or maybe you won't notice, but I don't, we don't look behind so much cause that's not quite how far we're rotated. That's my logic for not doing that. More or less looking somewhere around the foot, the knee out of the eye, something like that. And I've given you two more. Make them, make them good. Hit each point, 0.1. Now hit two back up three then back to center and on reached here.

Three and home. All right, feet are slightly apart. Bench for a little tricep situation. Fingers facing your heels. Before we do anything, let's come up out of the shoulders. Super beautiful. Beautiful. All right, lift up and for the moment tuck the pelvis. So we're going to look forward. It's a tricep rather than the tabletop.

So I'm very rounded. Bend elbows one and up and two good. Three four. I'm shooting for 36 and seven. If you need a break, you'll take it eight and nine if you'd like. Pick up a leg. One and two and three. These can be [inaudible] burn out quick. So listen to your body. Five and up fully six and up. Seven change legs. You want eight, nine and change. We go and you bend in the elbow or take a break, dude.

Sorry. Looking at through the neck and [inaudible] who, who? I feel these tonight. Eight, nine and 10 and good news. Feet down. Let's just stretch forward for a moment. Yes. All right. We roll ourselves up. We're going to turn to face the front. So just face front from where you are and come onto your, the tip of your elbow. So this is sidekick. Yeah, just like that. Exactly.

And if you haven't done it in a while, you might prefer to do it on the form. But otherwise you're on the tip of the elbow. Before you unload it, make sure the bottom shoulder is down. So this is going to be a new one for you to probably just, the exercise won't be just the elbow. Move the elbow out a little bit more and then gently pull that. Yeah, yeah. Good, good. All right, the legs slightly in front for today.

All right. We take the top leg up and I just have the fingers there. Make sure you're not flexing at the risk cause that puts you in a weird spot. Everything straight here we go. Kicking forward for to kick, kick and reach back. I'm exhaling forward for two and retool and three, three and four. Four. It's about stability. Five, five. So you keep the trunk still. The leg might be inhibited a little, but that's okay. Rather the leg move and nothing else.

Even if the leg doesn't get to move as much as you think it should given you three more. Pulse, pulse and reach and pulse, pulse, energy, pulse, pulse and reach. And that's enough for that. Bring them back and we are going, Hmm. We're going to do it here. Yes. Cross the top leg in front. Heading for side bend, top leg in front. You're going to want weight on it. Shoulders still protected arm. Get that arm out there a little more. Thank you. Here we go. It's a lift up.

Use your legs and we'll find the line. We'll all help each other out. Put the top leg in front. Much easier. [inaudible] and a squeeze. The inner thigh. Squeeze your butt, hits your friend and then up and over. I forgot what we were doing. Then you lengthen out against, you're going to feel the hips drop a bit. Engineer's to come away from that arm up we go again.

We're shooting for four Oh two lift up over can be done on the forearm. Back to straight and good and Ooh and I think this is three. Take a break really or go to the forearm. It's the same exercise. Is that three different? That was four. Oh good. Stop with that. Switch sides to for the elbow. For the side kick.

So again, protecting yourself by making sure the elbow is stable first and it's out kind of far, so a little bit more, more than a year, somewhere in between. Okay. Now the big difference is this bottom shoulder, perfect top leg up and hand. Here we go. Kicking forward a one, one sweep, hold and two when you get back there, feel blue bloot and three, three, sorry. Exhale. Exhale in here. Sometimes I pay attention actually to the top elbow just because if it's moving a lot, chances are so am I is arresting me. Try and keep it rather still. And breath, press sweep, press, press. Go on one more here. Duh, duh. And there we go. Bring it.

Help yourself out. Top leg in front arm is that stretched out away from you? A little bit with that same protection on the shoulder. So let's do this just for my sake. Gently relax into it and then lift away from it. That's great. I think that's great.

You might need a little more room right now with your arm and now lift away. Okay, here we go. You can use the top arm initially and were, yep. Lift from the waist to go directly over, then lengthen out again. You bend the knees and lightly touch and go again. Number two. Then you bend, come back to the straight line and, and three, I don't know, over to this last one to progress to the side and down, right. Good. Hands and knees please. And the knees.

Hands are right below your shoulders. All right, heading into a plank. So straighten out those collarbones and go ahead and extend one leg back and then the other body nice and long and you want to shoot energy out the top of the head as well as your heels so your arms don't have to work so much, which is going to feel a little like that. Now flex your feet and to your right to have. Yeah, there we go. There we go. All right.

Either stay there and I'm hoping the glutes are engaged or pick up one leg. Just just the leg, not the hips or the head. And lift one, touch down. Lift to touch down three, four, hold it up. Five flex that foot, take it to the side. One way out there and cross maybe over the center to the rest of you is still hit up a little. There you go. One more time. And then from there, lift up to the ceiling. With that same leg head goes down, body goes up way up, way up, ribs in and come back to a plank.

But that light stays off the ground as if someone pulled you by the leg. You go up again and bring it back down. I'm gonna give you one more and lift, pulling weight out of the arms, up into the air. And then with that leg you're going to take it forward. Step forward and lower the back knee. Release the toes. So this forward foot is under the ankle.

So adjusted however you need to to do that. Then what we try to do is, uh, attempt towards a poster tilt or tuck of the pelvis and maybe lift up. It's up to you if you lift up or not. Good looking for that hip flexor stretch on the leg that's behind you. A bit. Reminding ourselves to lift up through the front of the body as well as the back of the body so there's no sense of collapsing on the back.

All right. And then from there, use the forward leg and I'll do hamstrings later. So let's curl the back toes under and head back into a plank. Good things that'll help you is if you, if you think about the inner thighs and in fact if you have to put the feet together, it's a little harder on the next part, but it might help point the other foot and it lifts up on and and two and three, four keep that leg straight. Five flex it, hold, take it to the side one and maybe it'll cross the mid line to trying to keep the weight. Three, four and five. And from there we lifted up, we lifted away. You can even lift the heel of that other leg if you want an lengthen back out into your plank and lift up to you. If you can get the heel down, you can do that too. That's nice and back one more time.

We're reaching out and then come forward for your stretch stepping through. You can move the hand to do that. Back knee goes down biasing towards the attempt to bring the pubic bone towards the sternum to lift up. [inaudible]. Alright, hands go back to a plank. All right, so here we are in our plank.

We're going to take the uh, hand closest to the back of the room and place it right in the middle. And let's do the bathroom right in the middle. Yep. Swivel your feet to the toes. Point towards the front of the room. You're on the side of your feet. Feet should be far enough apart. If they weren't that when you do that, they're not going to land on each other and open.

That's all right. And bring it back back to plank. Hand closer to the front of the room because in the middle, swivel and open and back to plank comes from the middle. See if you can swivel again. The hand doesn't need to be perfectly placed. I just wanted to give you that sense and come back. I know one more time. Okay. Take it. So come out right. You got to protect that. That's right.

And come back. And with that we're going to just walk the hands back to the feet, hands back to the feet or feet to hands if that's what needs to happen. And now we start thinking a little bit about the hamstring stretch. So I'm going to encourage you to bend your knees first. And I do have my feet apart.

I think it might be a little bit easier for where I'm headed. Um, so I've bent the knees. I am trying to reach the tailbone to the sky with the bent knees, tailbone to sky with bent knees. So that almost will take us into a flat back. In fact, let's let it take us into a flat back. So I'm coming up to fingertips. Then keep the tailbone up, keep the knees bent, but allow your body to roll or fold into the thigh bones. Head will drop down. Okay, so to get more hamstring, keep everything you have, but encourage of course the straight leg.

If you go towards straighten, you feel your hips rounding or your low back. Rounding more, you're just going to miss the stretch. So rather than make sure you have a straight leg, keep the knees bent probably and encourage the tail into the sky in the head. Okay. Then if you've gone and done all that and it's not enough at that point, you start to come into a flat back position and then fold again.

All right. With that we are walking our way back out again, walking back out towards plank. Either do a push up, lower yourself down in the pushup position or bend the knees, knees to the ground and lower all the way down like so. Okay, so you're on the ground turning your faces toward the front for double a kick hands go behind your back, nice and high. That's it. Trying to lace the fingers or you could grab a couple of fingers either way. And then with the abdominals pulled up food together if you can. I'm just cramping. That's what you're seeing there. Bend the knees, hover the knees before you do anything else.

See official does could be further away from your ears and we draw the heels to the glute. Yeah, that's it. Three times. Kick. One, two, three. Straighten the legs, straighten the arms, lift your backs and change sides. You fold the elbows, bend the knees and kick. One, two, three and stir and change. Not worrying about how high you come. Two, three and stretch. Chained. Little lower and more. Pull the abs up a bit more. There you go.

And change where you go. Kick. Go. One and two and three and stretch. Looks nice, Deborah, and change and kick. Go. One and two and three and change. This one's got a lot to it. When you come through the middle, let the elbows rest and a one and two and three. Enter each two. Mar, one, two and three and stir. Last one. Nice. Your neck and stretch. Hold it there.

Feet on the floor. If they're not already, draw the abs up even more. Had somewhat down and lift the arms on just the arms too as if you're being pulled. Three, don't let your back move for releasing your pen. Five, take them overhead. Let your upper body lower a little bit in this swimming. So the legs hover and it's inhale two, three, four, five and exhale two, three, four side. Inhale, two, three, four, five and exhale, softening around the neck muscles, right, or the shoulder, the shoulder muscles lasting. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Stretching everything long and release to the ground. From there, let your hands come by. Your shoulders. Lift up and press back to a rest position.

All right, we come onto our side. Once again, seated though please. Facing front. Top leg is in front and [inaudible]. Sorry, that's an so I said top like in front of changing my mind or into the lower leg is out in front with the shin. Parallel to your mat. All right, for a little mermaid, we reached the rib cage out. We let the handle land. Maybe it'll slide a little further. If you want. Hold the hips back a little bit and rotate the ribcage.

Following it with your eyes. Reopen. Inhale, and as if someone pulled you with that top arm, you lift up. I'll go right for the stretch up to go over. Let this feel good. If it feels crunchy, rather stop high. Let's go again. Inhale, reach up. Exhale, rotate. Inhale, open and lifting up. Exhale. Inhale, somewhat trying to anchor or wait that opposite end.

XL rotating somewhere around mid body. Inhale, open to lift and inhale, find the light. Exhale, sweep. [inaudible] open it. [inaudible] and stretch. I'm going to come back to upright for a moment and then with the arms back to a T, rotate sort of, you'll be going towards your, your feet go that way and then set your hands down wherever it's comfortable and gently pull away. So I'm rounding my back to pull away. That's it. Exactly. And then extending a little bit and let the arms come out and we will change sides. You unwind and change. Okay. Upright. Sit and tall.

This opposite hip isn't full. Well, it's pretty close actually. It's not fully down from me, but I am kind of trying until I reach out. It's coming up there a bit. Let the hand come to the ground and exhale, pulling in. There's a little bit of a curve here that would be expected as opposed to an arch back here. Inhale, reopen and lift to stretch up. Then over if you're going over and inhale and exhale. Let's this one. Feel good. Inhale, reopen, exhale, lifting up, finding all those ranges in the spine and then challenging them, but also being friendly with them up again.

One more out of the deal. Stretching along. Find your spot. Find the rotation in that exam. Reopen to come up. We'll hold this stretch moment and release it. Spiral. We're coming toward, we're all coming towards center this time. Come towards center. Yep, and hands. I like it like foot shin, but I don't suppose it really, Oh no, I went sigh last time. That worked better for me and then I'm just ducking to lean back away from that leg. You can play with it a little bit.

Where does it feel better? And then we went into a gentle extension. You can even still be leaning back and do the extension and then we freed the arms. We unwound ourselves and let's just swing our legs back to the center. Please say feed her in the middle. Not my best transition but going into back support.

So fingers are facing the feet. A modification for this if you want to, maybe for shoulders, I heard you say something about shoulders. You could bend your knees just as well and and still get the exercise. Main thing is you squeeze your glutes and hamstrings. Now arms are straight. A little lift up and hold for a moment. Think of open chest, strong glutes, hinge to come down lightly going up again and lift up and I am exhaling up using the power of the back side of the body to come down.

Being mindful not to throw your head back just because you want to get higher. Keep your eyes somewhat forward at least most of the time and down. And one more time lifting up. We're going to hold this one. If you don't know like pull back, just hang out for amendment minute. Otherwise if you want to play with it, you're gonna lift one leg just a little and put it down. Switch sides.

Other side little what? A down switch. Again, up. Hips are still one more and whole lifting hips. Set yourself down and take a stretch forward. Flexing the feet. Yeah. All right. I'm here. We're crossing the right leg over left.

This is a boomerang and I'm going to teach the spider finger version first. It feels spare me one second. You're going to start here with a straight back. Okay. Um, from here, I'd like to see if we can sit tall. It's as if you're going to scoop. Well, it's not as if you do, you scoop the S, the spine, the belly backwards to lift your legs. So see if you can do that part first. I know exactly. Exactly. So use the fingers, scoop the belly and seeing the one leg without moving the body. Let's do that and feed on the ground a separate, I'm sorry, scoop.

I am using my fingers at the moment. One leg, put it down. Inhale. Exhale, press, scoop. And the other leg. Okay. That has to happen for a boomerang to be done while you can't throw your body to do it or it's not worth doing a one more time. So try crossing one leg over the other. Now it's heavier of course. Right? So you're going to have to maybe move your hands forward just for now.

And scoot belly to lift. Try not to throw shoulders back. I now, so we're going to go back to this one for you. Yeah. Do it the one leg. Okay. So Hmm. You two are doing the full deal. Okay. So it's um, inhale. Go ahead. XLU to yoga. Rolling back. And we're right here. Inhale, they'll switch the cross of the legs. XLU, they're rolling back up into teaser. Inhaling arms. They circle around. All right, how are you doing?

You're with me. Are you in your hip really deeply. Okay, so now what we're going to do is separate the feet, lean back a little bit, scoop the belly and lift one. Okay. And now lift your hands. Two, three. That's boomerang right there. Four. Keep going once a five, six, former ADI. Okay, good, good. And ready to keep going. I'm going to follow them on these last two. Where are you in the area? Um, let's wait for Mary just for a second. Deborah. So now Debra and Mary, you will not do spider fingers. We're going to act as if, and we'll be right there. Marina. I'd rather you not do this one yet.

We rollover, we switched the cross. We're coming back. Keeping the scoop the whole time that Marina's worked so hard on. You're fine. If you're done, you're done. I'm with you. That's, that's plenty. Yeah. And would that make an even number for you guys? You need one more? Okay.

I think it's fine. All right, so with that, let's come to um, stay kneeling. That's what I meant to say. Come to kneeling. It's for a little thigh hinge. We go tuck the pelvis underneath. And I actually do want the spine effected by that. So it's not just the direction of a tuck, it's an actual tech from their hinge back, hamstrings, closer to calves. Doesn't matter how far. Be nice to the kneecaps. Inhale, exhale.

We come forward and hold in. How? Recheck pelvis. Exhale, hinge back, hold. Inhale. You can use the shins a little to help you out of it and inhale. Exhaling, hold there. Inhale. Yeah. And one more like that. And then I'll change it a little. You've must have the glutes involved here and forward. All right, so changes, it'll involve that a little bit.

We're taking the hand closest to the front of the room up. You've done your, your scoop tuck of the pelvis. Start to follow that back and touch the foot. As the other foot hand comes up, then you lift up and windmill and back. Okay, so hand closest to the back of them lifts up, starts to windmill, the other arm comes out, lean back touch either your foot or the ground and come back. So there's not as much thigh hinge in this one unless you want it, in which case you'd have to lean back further. Okay. But I am trying for extension here, so I want that upper back more than we want the lean and come back. So we just want to make sure we're holding through the glutes. Okay.

If you want a challenge to it instead of leaning further back, I'll show you as we go. We lift up. We were reaching up. Once you reached a landmark with the hand that's down, you would bend it. Don't lean though. You'd bend it to encourage more upper back extension. Okay. Then lift up and come back. Last one to the back. Once you get there, send the chest wall up. You can bend the elbow, but keep the hips forward and we're turn right.

Hands down, curl the toes under feet. Come flat when it feels right to step forward or walk hands back. And once again, stretching the back of the legs, soften the knees and begin to roll yourselves up. Showing abs in an app nice and tall. All right, I'm going to suggest we all step to the back of the mat. Yup. And for some balance taking. Come forward just a little, I think, although you're probably fine taking your what?

Take your back leg behind you or a leg. It doesn't matter, I guess. All right. And, and reach it so much that you feel where the leg and the glute meat so that now when we hinge forward, Oh, grabbing that you can, you feel energized. Like someone's behind you helping you with that foot. Arms close to the body. I got to change feet cause my foot's cramping. So even here you feel the arms reaching down the side. If you can go perpendicular to your leg, you're standing on great but not necessary either. To get good work, feel the back of your neck long. If you need more work out of this, you would take your arms overhead by your ears or to a T position.

Expect some wobbling in the leg. You can even bend that knee a little. That's fine. I'm going to have you lower your upper body. So just hinge forward. Hands to the ground. Like we'll go up into the air that you can open the hip now so you can get more range and chest gets closer to your body. So let the hip open. Yeah. And raise the leg even higher bend the leg is standing on a little, close the hips up. If they were open.

And start to think about extending your spine, reaching your legs. You're gonna come back up. You can walk up the leg, you can put the back foot down if you would like arms back by your hips, reaching long. Bend the leg. You're standing on a lot and lower the position you're in. Exhale, straighten it. Three of those number two and number three. This time come to an upright position. Bringing the back leg down. Yeah, change sides. Nice job. So energize.

I went back to my original leg cause I had to switch halfway on you and hinge. Okay. Now you've gotta be mindful of the knee joint here. Not to mention the hip joint, so you don't want to just fall into them. Have some muscle contraction around them. It's all right if they're slightly bent even, or the knee long neck, arms reaching. If you'd like more intensity, you re re reached him overhead or into a T hinged down. If you're going to, once your hands are down and your head is down, you can open the hips so the front hip bones face the side walls, raising that leg up as much as you can, enjoying hopefully that stretch. Then Ben, the leg, you're standing on a little, close up the hips, extending your spine, but don't forget to reach the leg.

If you just do the spine, you're gonna be top-heavy arms. They'll end up by your side. Again, bend and straighten three times. It's down to straighten one long neck energy at both ends of your body. Two and one more. [inaudible] the re to slowly bring yourself back to upright feet together. When you get there, inhale for a roll down. Exhale, bending the knees. Inhale, we rolled roid up to the balls of the feet in the beginning of class.

We'll do it again now. Exhale, push the heels into the ground as soon as you can to fold in half. We're doing three more of those and Ben rolling through the feet and stream and bend. Line yourselves up so if your feet are together, your knees are together, your ankles are together. One more. And with that, I like to leave a slightly bent knee at the end of class.

Squeeze through the inner thighs, draw the adds up. Shoulders are still on your back and a roll as you stack yourself. Hopefully a little taller. Take your arms forward and easily down the side with a long front of your body, long back your body. Let's go up the front again. Inhale and exhale, and one more up front. Grab onto your right hand and reach over to the left side. Grab on to the right and you're reaching over to the left. That's right.

You can even reach the hips out if you want, and then press your hips back to center to help you up. Switch the hand you're holding and other side. Now lift yourself up, releasing the hands behind you. Lace the fingers together behind you. First reached down, keeping your chest up in your eyes. Basically forward. Bend the knees a bit. You can either just stay here or if you'd like to do one more.

Roll hinge forward first flat back, letting the knuckles reach overhead, forehead near the knees and then rolling the spine up to keep the arms up nice and high. So if you're being pulled directly up to the ceiling, then when it feels appropriate, start letting the arms reach back behind you. Let your shoulders reach down, your head comes back on top, free up the arms, and one more deep breath in front, and exhale. Let it go. Now you're done. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks, sir.


Another great class. I really enjoyed the faster pace, which made me work hard!! It's so great to be able to receive this standard of pilates in your own home 24/7. Thanks for a great site. And yay to the dolphin!!
Love this class and site. I am a new-ish instructor, and find the workouts challenging, and creative. Cueing and variations on excercises are inspiring and so helpful to me. Thanks so much.
I seem to be working my way through every mat class by Kristi because she is just my favorite instructor. I loved the faster pace of this one.
Thank you so much Catherine! I hope you continue to find classes of mine that suit you and I always welcome feedback.

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