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Tower Workout

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Look at the different personalities of the joints in your body with this Tower workout by Jonathan Oldham. He focuses on the concept of stability and mobility in the hips, pelvis, and thoracic spine. By working on this in each of these areas of the body, we can help to combat the epidemic of immobile thoracic spines in our world.
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Hello, everybody. I'm Jonathan Oldham, here at Pilates Anytime with the lovely Jackie and the lovely Amy. We're going to do a pole class today, and we're going to start, actually, the ...


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love love this class . Thank you!
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great class, especially on a Monday. Aligning my spine felt awesome.
Thanks Jonathan! Awesome class! I did this on my cadillac and the top uprights really gave great feedback with the final standing/leaning into plank with bar lift. You knew right away if you were centered because as you lifted the bar, if one side hit the top upright than you knew you were not centered or the upper body was not working symmetrically.
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Wow, this class really made me appreciate being a vertebrate! Thanks so much for a great tower class. That sequence was perfect!
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Perfect class for me today. Felt wonderful on my spine. Thank you!:)
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This felt really good. Thank you so much.
Such a nice balance of balance, control, strength and stretching. I feel very good -awake and aware- after doing this class. Thanks!
What a lovely teacher! I really enjoyed the pace, clarity and verbal cues - fabulous!
What a fantastic class! This vertebrate's spine feels like it has unfurled. Thank you! The cues are excellent, and I love Jonathan's approach.
Loved the variations, your pacing and cuing. When the time flies by, I know I'm enjoying and engaged in the workout. Thank you!
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