Class #2866

Mixed Equipment Workout

70 min - Class


Focus on your alignment in this Mixed Equipment workout with Alan Herdman. He teaches Nicole, who is a reasonably new client, giving her detailed cues so she can make sure she is working correctly. When you work with proper technique, you can make sure you have a good foundation for your Pilates practice.
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Cadillac, Reformer, Mixed Equipment, Towel, Fitness Ball


Hello, I'm Harold Herdman. Today we're going to do a class for a reasonably new client. Uh, we're going to work on the trap table, add the reformer and the chair. And my victim is Nico...


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its perfect that you just took the video just as you are in a studio giving private lesson to a client, with all the corrections, breaking the routine and doing what she needs, teaching her how to use the right muscle, I believe there should be a series of videos like this here in pilates anytime for new instructors, its you Alan, love you, miss you :)
I liked: "think of your toes as tassels on the bar" Thank you!
Alan Herdman is the teachers' teacher. Love the cueing! Can't wait to see more videos from him.
This was fabulous
Wonderful. Thank you Alan.
Thank you Alan for such great tuition class I have learnt a great deal - Antonio
A true Pilates Mentor! Excellent basic cueing for building wonderful health for the body. I would call that fine tuning the motor....

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