Class #288

Reformer Workout

50 min - Class


Kristi teaches this challenging reformer workout that features side lying footwork, some of a clam series, stomach massage, side splits and assisted breast stroke.
What You'll Need: Reformer

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Oct 07, 2010
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Thanks for the "Dancin Clam", reminder. I love this Site :D
I loved the fluid movement and cueing of the breast stroke. Keep more Reformer classes coming.
Great class, great cuing and nice choice of exercises. Thanks Kristi!
GREAT class, great pace..Love the way you cue getting on/off the reformer for side splits, breaststroke, etc : ) Thank you!!
Very good to hear you are enjoying this class. Thank you.
Lovely workout! I appreciate the fact you give options to people who have a different reformer :)
Thank You Tania! What kind of Reformer do you have? Just curious
Stamina's aero. No different color cords but I've had it long enough that I can gage how many springs I need for a few of the exercises.
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